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tv   News  Al Jazeera  March 22, 2015 1:00am-1:31am EDT

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>> we will be able to see change. >> gripping. inspiring. entertaining. talk to al jazeera. tomorrow, 6:30 eastern. only on al jazeera america. >> the u.s. said its pulling out remaining military personnel from yemen because 69 deteriorateing situation. >> welcome to al jazeera. we're live from our doha headquarters. also ahead libyan peace talks appear on the verge of collapse as fighting rages for control of the capital. a warning that indonesia's population is a demographic time bomb. and celebrateing a title
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festival. >> the united nations security double is to hold an emergency meeting later on sunday. houthi rebels call to arms. the state department says that the deteriorateing security situation has forced a withdraw of the remaining military security couple. >> people in taiz gather to protest the arrival of pro houthi forces in their city. they want to drag us into war and we refuse.
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>> a helicopter was a sign that pro houthi forces might be closer. president hadi has been trying to hang on to power since he was forced to leave the capital. >> there are those who are opposed to the houthies but they're not military. they're not armed they will not fight the houthies. >> as people grapple with the mass bombings that killed 137 on friday, president hadi appeared on television. he said the bombings were an attempt to push the county into sectarian war. >> my job as president is to do that, and to invite all of the political powers and components,
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including those who count out who carried out the coup d'etat and those things that will help along the targets of our people. >> but negotiations are in trouble. al jazeera has learned the u.n. envoy has left the country. saudi arabia has offered to host peace talking, but the houthi spokesman said that they'll only agree to meetings in sana. >> it will lead to more problems. we need to ask what are the result of the talks in riyadh. who will implement these results? >> with talks on hold and the houthis on the move, the question is whether escalation is inevitable. al jazeera. >> it appears that libyan peace talks on the verge of collapse while the u.n. tries to get the competing factions around the table for talks is being fierce fighting in the capital and along the mediterranean coast. we have reports from the talks
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in the moroccan capital of rabat. >> libya's factions are still divided and unable to reach a compromise. as delegations in the moroccan capital rabata, fighting has continued in libya. the attack was repelled by forces loyal to tripoli based gnc government. but one of the syrian commanders was killed. the united nations envoy brokering the talks is concerned. >> we have a new military operation. the military operation against tripoli. precisely the moment of the talks, it's as strong as it was in the past. this is not only military
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activity undermining the situation in libya and preventing the unity in fighting terrorism. it is also an operation that we condemn in the strongest terms. >> the gnc top military commanders gave orders to defend the capital. now the situation is under control and tripoli is safe. >> but the delegation for the government in tibruk insists that a deal is still possible. >> our biggest concern is to stop violence, the fighting and the airstrikes. there are those who want to undermine dialogue. we are determined to go ahead with talks. >> after weeks of talks and months of fighting. libya remains deeply divided in the east. there is a government backed by the international community. in the west, a government
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reinstated by the country's supreme court. talks have been oversad overshadowed by the crisis in libya, that could lead to a full blown civil war. >> tunisia has released camera footage of the bardo museum attack on wednesday. the two men seen entering the wednesday were killed with security forces. tunisian officials say that they crossed in for weapons training. 22 people are detain in relation to the attack. a group calling itself the hacking division of isil has posted names and photographs of 100 u.s. military personnel online. andy gallagher has more from washington, d.c. >> reporter: well, this is a group calling itself the islamic state hacking division. the group has not been verified,
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we don't know what the source is but they've posted 100 u.s. military personnel. i'll read a quote that says kill them in their own lands. stab them to death as they walk their own streets. it's clearly something that is very concerning to officials here. the group says that what they did was military sites to get this information. and much of this information those names and addresses were made available on things like social media. some of these people were even in up in articles. many of the personnel were in air campaigns in iraq, jaar and yemen, but clearly this is something concerning officials. all of the families involved have been contacted by authorities, and military
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personnel have been reminded to be careful on first footprint on social media and make sure that their privacy buttons are selected. >> president barack obama said it's not hard to find a path of peace between palestine and israel. prime minister benjamin netanyahu said that a two-state solution will not happen while he's in office. >> we believe that it's the only way for long-term security for israel if they want a stable jewish state and democratic. i indicated to him given his statements prior to the election it will be hard to find a path where people are seriously believing the negotiations are possible. >> u.s. secretary of state john kerry has played down reports of division between the u.s. and france over a nuclear deal with
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iran. kerry has met with his count parts in heathrow v.i.p. terminal. >> with a deadline to reach a framework with iran just ten days away, this was an effort to re-establish an unified position. u.s. secretary of state john kerry and his european counterparts. there have been persistent reports that they want to take a much hammer line with iran. he called his team urging them not to allow any further concessions. before he left switzerland though mr. kerry was stressing there was no division mock among the international negotiators. >> this is and remains a p5+1
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we're united in our goal, our approach. our resolvering and our determination to insure that iran's program is entirely peaceful. european union has continued to play a pivotal role and facilitate the talks. >> in iran it's the biggest holiday of the year. on national television president are you rouhani said that a deal will be reached. >> there will be a deal of understanding to benefit all nations. >> in the city the country's supreme leader spoke to the crowd raising one of the sticking points. >> the discussions are about the nuclear issues and nothing else. the american objectives on
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regionalare different than regional objectives. >> they know that the clock is ticking ahead of the deadline for framework agreement before the end of the month. one certain french diplomat said that itself is counter productive and dangerous adding that a deal has to have concrete guarantees that will stop iran from getting the ball. >> an iraqi armed group backed by iran said it will shoot down planes. the group says that planes are supplying weapons to isil. this video comes from the group group's own tv channel and claims to show its fighters setting up ground to air missiles systems philip smith specializes.
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>> we're dealing with direct irani proxies. when america was occupying iraq, and they're casting the narrative that the only reason that they're in the region is to slate the islamic nation, and under that ideological header theecy that all muslims are going to adhere and follow his rule. and of course the west is trying to split that by aiding groups like isis and other extremes. this was when they cast all syrian rebels were sunni extremists. >> they would provide a threat. they've been used against the aircraft in iraq before. they demonstrated back in 2010 that they do have a the
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capability to attack aircraft. they do pose some level of threat. putting it out there send a very strong message of iran that they wish to call the shots in iraq. >> jailed leaders of kurdish leaders call for their fight tours lay down their arms. crowds come flocking to france. 7-eleven >> we lost lives. >> that make a difference. >> senator, we were hoping that we could ask you some questions about your legal problems. >> that open your world. >> it could be very dangerous. >> i hear gunshots. >> a bullet came right there through the window. >> it absolutely is a crisis. >> real reporting. >> this is what we do.
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>> hello begin. these are our top stories on al jazeera. the u.s. state department said that the deter deteriorateing security situation has forced them to withdraw from the country. libyan peace talks appear on the verge of collapse as fighting rages for control of the capital. there has been fierce fighting in tripoli and along the mediterranean coast. tunisia security has released footage of the bardo museum attack. the kurdish rebels leader is calling on his party's end of the armed struggle. bernard smith has more. >> reporter: in the earth of kurdish turkey celebrations to
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mark the start of spring. the jailed leader of the kurdistan workers party the pkk, used the event to end a three-decade-long armed conflict with the turkish state. >> we regard it historic for the pkk to hold on to the struggle and decide on strategy and tactic in line with the spirit of this new era. >> the call is to kick start a stalled peace process that began two years ago. amongst other things, they want a new constitution and a new notion of citizenship currently based on turkish ethnicity. >> the end of conflict is here for sure. and actually in the post conflict stage, and the it has replaced the conflict and from
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now on we will have competition based on politician rather than weapons. >> 40,000 people have been killed in the armed conflict between the turkish state and the pkk. few people believe that the pkk will restart that fight. but it seems unlikely that the pkk will disarm, give up it's weapons or even burying because the kurds are fighting isil in syria. so the turkish government will need to persuade its supporters this peace process will endure. >> the threat of boko haram attacks means security in northern nigeria is a huge concern for people ahead of the presidential election. it may determine the way people
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vote when they go to the polls saturday. we have reports from maiduguri. >> until recently this was boko haram country. the fighters may have left the streets of maiduguri but it's threats hasn't. it's extraordinary that people are turning out for last-minute campaigns. defying the real risk of suicide bombs to better understand who to vote for. after six years of violence which has left tens of thousands dead, there is a thirst for children. children--change. >> this man had a thriving business in maiguduri. then boko haram took over and he lost everything. >> three of my sons were killed. i lost everything in my houses,
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my stores, and my cars. if the people in charge of security cared we wouldn't have reached this state. >> the government points to recent victories by multi national forces against boko haram. but the mood here is skeptical. >> they have taken too long to recognize the enormity of the problem. right now before the elections. >> and this anger is shared by many. many people were killed and injured. most people in the north of the country security is the priority. if any party is going to win here, they must convince the borders that they can deliver on any promise to protect lives and property. >> in the last few weeks troops from niger nigeria and it's
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neighbors have dislodged them from the areas they have occupied but fundamental questions remain. >> there is this one aspect. the territory is now security. what the military has done is winning all the battles in many places, but they have not yet won the war. >> the government may score a point by claiming territories it lost to boko haram but what is not certain is whether there is enough to win back support here come election day. >> thechosen to be the democrat party's candidate. indonesia's facing a serious population crisis. the government is warning that living conditions will deteriorate if the number of people continues to grow. we have reports in the capital
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of jakarta. >> population experts call it a crisis. too mean people live on too little land with too little resources. every 25 years 100 million indonesians are added to the population and they could have the world's largest population after china and india. >> we can't back off. this isn't only a threat to our country or to our people but to all of us, including the country surrounding us. if our population continues to grow so fast, there will be a moment living conditions will be under threat. we'll face shortages everywhere. what will people eat. >> if an effort to stop this boon the government has reintroduced the family planning program that was very successful
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2003 years ago and encouraging families not to have more than two children. now the average is 2.6 children per family, but many have a lot more. this man has 11 children. doctors have failed to persuade him to use birth control. >> i don't want to use birth control because i'm against it. i believe that's you will to god to decide how many children i'll have. >> despite offering free birth control and mobile clinics the family planning board is fighting a uphill battle. >> if men are worried about vas vascetomies, we'll bring a religious teacher and explain to them that religion is not
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against it. >> not many here are aware of the looming danger. a population explosion is already hampering quality of life. if something is not done quickly, even basic needs will be at risk. >> family planning workers are trying their best to explain the urgency of birth control but they don't have any staff and a limited budget. many indonesias don't even know the program exists. >> what we see is that the government is not focused on controlling population growth any more. we used to have a minister for population control. we used to have strict birth control programs. but with democratization and reforms, it's up to the people themselves to choose how many children they're going to have. >> democratic experts surge the government to assign more money and manpower to promote birth control.
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30 years ago indonesia was recognized as having one of the world's best family planning program. and with the crisis looming they need to see improvement, and fast. >> on the island of south korea festivals celebrateing a national phenomenon. right now low tides and create a temporary pathway to neighboring island. rob mcbride is there. >> reporter: as the sea reseats people start moving from the shoreline. cautiously at first then finding themselves on the strip of land that stretches from the main jindo island. and then the fun starts. collecting whatever unlucky
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creatures got stranded by the departing tide. >> i just found it now. it's an octopus. >> the story goes that a family left behind their grandmother when they were chased away from the island by tigers. grandma prayed to be reunited, and magically the seas parted, so the legend was born. playing on both the natural phenomenon and local folklore the community has created a festival around the event that grows in popularity. >> we're get morgue and more international tourists and we hope one day this will become a major event that represents the whole of korea. >> it translate from the korean as miracle zeros. just a half hour ago this stretch of sea bed was below the part.
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half an hour from now it will be submerged once more. >> all the more reason to enjoy it while it lasts. for them, this is the first time they've come here. >> this is amazing and it's good for them. >> as quickly as they departed the waters returned. this time the people receding. back to dry land until the next time. rob mcbride, south korea. >> and in france thousands gathered along the coast line to witness what had been billed as the tide of the century. >> bewitching by night it's a magical silhouette. but for one day only the waters around this monastery are drawing the crowds. as the the sun rose higher, so, too, did the sea.
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and this islet is impressive. >> many what came early enough saw the surge from above. it's a coincidence of sorts thanks to friday's eclipse and the super moon, which is when the moon comes close for earth than normal. together they pull the ocean some 14 meters in and up. the tidal surge that won't be seen again for another 18 years. just as impressive was the usually low tide. the recedeing waters revealling vast sandbags and a truly emeasuresive experience. >> it's quite a sight tough on
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the feet but the stroll is nice. >> scientists say that it did not reach the peak it hoped. for how pictures will have to suffice until june 2033. >> in sport ireland has won six nations rugby championship. it went down to points difference on the final day and ireland's 40-10 victory against scotland proved to be enough. it sparked mastiff declaration as they claimed back-to-back titles for the first time since 1949. >> i think its social because of the way we hit the rebound last week. it's been so long spins we put six nations together. i think after this week the missing the record, it would
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have had a little bit of energy about it. >> that wonderful victory you can find in the sports section of our website or other news you can find there as well. just go through the pages online online. the address news in a half hour's time. >> hello, i'm ray suarez because they are local stories the abusive or just plain risky behavior of fraternity men rarely break the national headlines. but there's no denying, it's not all fraternities and sororities, mind you but colleges and universities have found it hard to shut down even the worst chapters. kaitlin flannagan spent a year chronicling the outrageous
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