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tv   News  Al Jazeera  March 30, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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fault lines al jazeera america's award winning, investigative series... on al jazeera america >> good, good to have you with us. this is the news hour coming up. a camp housing internally displaced people was hit. nigeria elections.
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and iran nuclear talks with major divisions remain. the co-pilate of the crashed germanwings plane reveals that he was treated for suicidal tendencies. >> the game's most famous player drops out, we have more later in the program. >> a saudi-led co-riggs in the campaign against houthi fight necessary yemen. coalition forces also imposed a blockade. a separate airstrike hit a camp with internally displaced people. there have been conflicting reports of who were killed.
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the camp is in the northern hajjah province. the saudi coalition has been bombing houthi rebels, backed by forces loyal to former president ali abdullah as sellah. al jazeera's hashem ahelbarra has more. >> these are the victims in the camp. dozen mrs. killed or injured. it's the highest death toll since the start of the intervention in yemen. the houthies say the victims were civilians who were forced
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out of their homes in the past. saudi military officers say the houthies are to blame. houthies have moved their weapons and fighters to areas where there are civilians, and we reply to a source of fire we have no confirmation this was a refugee camp. >> the saudi-led airstrikes targeted movements of houthi fighters in southern areas. the aim was to prevent them from advancing towards the sea port city of aden. ammunition depos and aircraft batteries were also hit as was this command center run by the houthies. houthi supporters took to the streets of the capital of sanaa to denounce the airstrikes. >> this aggression does not effect us. it only increases our
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determination and strength because we are a strong people. >> the coalition says it's military campaign will continue until houthi fighters and soldiers and join talks for the political solution to yemen's crisis. >> and in the past few hours footage has emerged of more airstrikes in yemen. this was in the capital of sanaa. military officials from both sides of the conflict said that airstrikes were targeting areas east and south of the third largest city taiz. with me now to talk about yemen is thanks for joining me. both sides are blaming each
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other, but eyewitnesses are talking about airstrikes with the number of civilian casualties, of course, if this is and shown to be the work of the saudi coalition, it's presumably the first collateral damage in this war, how damaging is the credibility of this coalition and the integrity of this coalition. >> i think it will be damaging to the coalition where there are been numerous attacks and airstrikes tonight. in other parts of yemen they say the south and central yemen which are more accepting of these airstrikes, and welcoming we might see not as much in terms of anger at the attacks and perhaps they will point to the houthis and blame them for the attacks that happened. >> a p.r. coup, you called it a question, of course, as the allegation was leveled at houthi
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fighters, are they likely to be storing arms, weapons and being in the around civilian populated areas, despite being around the displaced camp of this sort. >> the houthis have shown anti-aircraft weapons and various other ammunitions and military equipment in civilian areas. the problem is in these big cities, in these populated areas, you have a lot of military bases, a lot of security bases which have been attacked, and for example the attack in sanaa in a heavily populated area. densely populated area. those images were widely spread. >> the two other major developments through the day. a bombardment from the sea and allegedly from the egypt
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warships, the first time that's happened trying to hit houthies marching down south towards the port city of aden. and in pakistan news that the pakistani may be willing to join forces. what is happening, is it expanding? escalating? is it working? >> i'm sure the saudis want to join. it shows that they have support from other countries. having said that, it's quietly quite clearly dominated should there be ground forces, but i want to raise a point when we talk about strikes yemen from the air the yemeni airlines are announcing they're not having flights any more. people can't get out and a lot of people now, they want and
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there is nothing much they can do about it. >> i think the houthi in the north, the saudi to attack. in the south many southerners are secessionist, and they see him as a southerner who supports unity. now that the military, the yemeni military has been designated by the airstrike, he won't have a military to return to. what forces will he have on the ground? trials forces that will show themselves to be weak.
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>> well, coming up on this news hour from london, closing in on tikrit iraqi forces continue their advance on isil-held territories. more money needed. the u.n. calls on the international community to do more for syria's long-suffering refugees. and in sport with the first major of the season less than two weeks ago find out which golfer is in great form ahead of the masters. >> well, early results suggest that opposition challenger has a slight lead over president goodluck jonathan, but the results are far from conclusive. list get the latest from yvonne
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ndegi, thanks for joining us. we read that three-quarters of states have been counted now. where does that take us in terms of the very complicateed election arithmetic, as far as you see it. >> well, jonah so far what we're seeing, sitting at the high table in the back is that the main opposition presidential candidate, the candidate, the former military leader, he has managed to win 10 out of 16 states so far. president goodluck jonathan has six, but there are 20 more states to be announced including lagos nigeria's most populated states.
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and results are yet to be announced. even when one of these men get the clear majority, there is still another stage to this process. the winner has to get at least 25% of the vote in two-thirds of nigeria's 36 states. that has to be won by one of those before there is a clear winner. if the candidate fails to get that, then there will be a run-off in a week's time. it is a complicated process because what we're witnessing here at the international conference center are representatives from the commission stepping to the podium and going through quite a bit of detail about each individual state and the election. they'll have to announce the number of registered voters and credited voters, the number of people who showed up, and the number of people who cast their
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ballots, rejected ballots. it's quite a lengthy process and it's expected that it could be many more hours until a definitive result is released. so far from the results we've seen both men have won their heartlands states where they are strong politically no huge prices for muhammadu buhari, and similarly president jonathan has won landslide victories where he was expected to win. i think it's still early to tell if lagos goes in the direction of muhammadu buhari it's difficult to see how he's not going to win this election. but so far they're urging people to be patient and wait for official results.
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>> well, yvonne, i know you'll stay on it. yvonne ndege. thanks. two al jazeera journalists were held in their hotel in maiduguri, al jazeera is demanding their release. thomas greenfield, the assistant secretary of state for african affairs she hopes that the two are released soon. >> we were very surprised by that and very concerned as well. as you know, the u.s. is committed to freedom of the press, and a free media. the media has played an important role here in reporting on the election, and your reporters were part of that process. it is our hope that the nigerian government will release them
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soon. >> iran and six major world powers are struggling to reach a deal on the country's nuclear future before a self-imposed deadline on tuesday. u.s. secretary of state john kerry has told al jazeera that foreign ministers are working very hard to reach an accord, but talks will stretch deep into the night. we have more from the swiss town of lausanne where the talks are taking place. >> the talks are in their last, most difficult leg. >> how is it going secretary kerry? >> we're working very hard, we're working hard. >> secretary secretary of state john kerry has been trying to hammer out a deal. kerry and foreign minister zarif have been joined by the p5+1 countries. china u.k. germany france,
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russia. it shows that there is no deal ready to be signed yet. russian foreign minister love roof decided to leave again. he may be back before the deadline on tuesday. in a break from negotiations in the middle of the day with chinese foreign minister went for a jog along side lake geneva. later he told reporters the positions are narrowing. i'm cautiously optimistic we can reach a deal. in the high security of this lake-side hotel other foreign ministers apart from mr. lavrov, are left to reach a deal. secretary kerry and the u.k. foreign minister took a walk presumably discussing the remaining sticking points. >> in the negotiations of such complexity and with such high stakes it is not unnatural for
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brinksmanship to go on until the last hour. each party is waiting for the other to budge at the last minute. but negotiators understand clearly that they're running out of time, and this process is no longer sustainable. >> talks are continuing, and the future of iran's nuclear research and development and the lifting of international sanctions, but time ahead that have deadline is fast running out. james bays, al jazeera, lausanne lausanne. >> the germanwings co-pilot suspected of deliberately crashing the plane into the french alps has been treated in the past for suicidal tendencies. game's state prosecutor said that investigators are still yet to find any clues as to andreas lubitz's motivation but includes that he was in therapy up to the
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crash. >> in düsseldorf it is confirm that andreas lubitz did suffer suicidal tendency. it is something that has been speculated for some time. we know that he battled depression in 2009 for witch he received treatment. but now we know at that point he was experiencing suicidal tendencyies. that's important because germany wings and it's parent company lufthansa insists that he passed tests and he was 100% able to take the control of the plane. now we know that he did take control of the plane looked out the captain and plunged that plane into its fatal dive into the alps. president françois hollande will meet with chancellor angela
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merkel to talk about this issue. they would talk about this disaster and confirm fatalities on the day of the accident of last week. and we also know that there will be a memorialnal to be held in germany,. the chancellor and president will be in attendance to mark the memorial of the 149 innocent victims that andreas lubitz took to their deaths on the day he plunged the aircraft. >> there has been an attack at the entrance gate at the headquarters of the national security agency. two men in the vehicle were shot by guards and one was killed as they tried to ram into the gates. they were disguised as women and were driving a stolen vehicle. the fbi does not believe this is a terrorism-relateed incident. ross jordan has the latest.
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>> well, we do know now from the nsa authorities a fort meade maryland, that one person, indeed was killed, and another person was injured in an incident that took place. it's not clear why the two were trying to gain access to the national security agency or the nsa, but they were using an entrance ramp that was only reserved for nsa employees and official contractors. according to multiple media reports in the washington area, they apparently did not want to turn around and leave the premises, and apparently the nsa police that guard that particular entrance, apparently open fired. the fbi is now the lead investigating agency, and is trying to figure out criminal charge should be filed against the surviving person in this
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incident. >> the syrian government has reportedly sent one of its top military commanders to recapture idlib. they will head the offensive against the coalition of rebel factions that took control of the northwestern city after four days of fighting. it's the second provincial tall fall in rebel hands. and syrian refugees need urgent aid. caroline malone reports. >> reporter: in 2004 the united nations appealed for $7.7 billion in aid to help civilians in syria. but only 63% of the money pledged was donated. in a new report they analyzed what developed countries should be able to donate compared to what they gave.
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some of the worst offenders including australia japan south korea russia. this year even more people need help, an estimated 18 million people requiring a total of $8.7 billion. that would provide each person only the absolutely minimum at the equivalent of $1 u.s. a day. so far only 10% of that amount mass has been pledged. many of the refugees are in turkey lebanon, egypt and iraq. they found that 2% of the people are offered any kind of permanent resettlement to places like australia canada, germany sweden and switzerland. countries that have signed the u.n. convention to the port refugees like poland, spain russia and the united kingdom need to offer more openings and gulf countries like saudi arabia qatar and uae could help more syrians seeking asylum and relaxing visa
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restrictions. >> at least five people were killed in a car bomb in baghdad. the blast happened nery the entrance gate. and security forces are leading an assault on a hospital in tikrit also in iraq. they brief fighters from the islamic state in iraq and the levant are hiding there. now they report that bombs and booby traps are making their fight even more difficult. [ explosions ] >> another barrage hits government forces and militias are closing in, in tikrit in the hometown of saddam hussein. they make up 30,000-strong force and they have been saying they're close to take tikrit for weeks. >> we'll take tikrit today. we hope that it will be today.
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>> it was launched on march 2nd, but progress is slow. >> our advance is slow because of the ieds and boobie-trapped roads. there is some resistence from the enemy but it's mainly due to the boobie-trapped set up of the roads. >> last week the u.s. air force joined the negotiations. some say they left the front lines because they don't need help from the u.s. government. now taking credit for when they push isil out of tikrit is important both for the military and the shia militias. >> we're talking about the future of iraq, and the united states and it's partners does not want to see it become dominated and controlled by the shia. >> the distrust is not just the
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militias. >> this video posted on social media shows charges being lit in a house reportedly in a sunni area taken over by shia fighters. it was posted by links of the shia militias. the fighter said he's with the brigade. al jazeera cannot independently verify these images, but they are reported to be in sunni areas controlled by shia forces. iraqi army continues to say that tikrit is not far away. but with people stuck in a war fueled by sectarian hatred, peace is a distance hope.
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>> following >> we have the details from west jerusalem. >> despite being acquitted in this case in 2012, being spared a $19,000 fine, and suspended prison offense, this case was revived after mr. olmert's former aid and secretary presented new evidence to the court as part of the plea deal for herself. the eched was secretly recorded conversations. this appears to have been enough to convince the courts to
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convict mr. olmert. mr.olmert who said he will appeal this latest ruling, but in the background is another major case that he is fighting just last year he was sentenced to six years in prison in a separate corruption case. he has been appealing this ways with the supreme court who will ultimately decide his fate. >> a bangladeshi blogger has been stabbed to death. the second of such attack in five weeks. [ protesting ] >> protests have erupted following the death of the second blogger. he was attacked with knives in a city center. the attack follows the killing a prominent atheist writer last month. still ahead on the program. fighting for life, terminally ill patients in the u.s. rally
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for their right to try approved drugs in. >> in bolivia we're seeing colorful architecture. >> and high drama on the ocean waves. problems for one crew in the volvo ocean race. details on the way. >> al jazeera america international news. >> people here are worried that this already serious situation may escalate. >> shining a light on the untold stories. >> believe in yourself and you might get there.
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>> making the connections to the bigger picture. >> shouldn't you have been tougher? >> feeling the real impact. >> separatists took control a few days ago. >> get closer to every story. >> how easy is it for a fighter to get in? >> get the international news you need to know. al jazeera america.
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>> on al jazeera america ali velshi looks at the issues affecting us all... >> we're taking a hard look at the most important issues out there that get you the answers that you deserve. >> real money with ali velshi only on al jazeera america
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>> welcome back the stop hires on al jazeera. airstrikes hit an encampment of internally displaced people. there are reports that outy fighters are also among the dead talks aimed at finding a way into the nuclear stand off with iran go along into the night. secretary of state john kerry said that foreign ministers are working very hard to reach an accord before tuesday's deadline. results are trickling in from apology near i nigeria's
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election. buhari is slightly ahead of jonathan in the vote. we'll have more analyst on this in just a moment. but first we have reports from lagos on security concerns surrounding the election. >> grace worries about the next few days. she works at a market in the commercial capital of lagos. now that the presidential and parliamentary elections are over she wants one thing. >> i want peace. i don't want fight. no fighting. people in lagos appear to be getting on with their life. the streets look busy but residents tell us it's quieter than usual. the next few days are crucial. many nigerians say they don't
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want election violence. they just want their violence to move on. there is anticipation in many parts of nigerian, but most people remain calm saying they'll only believe official results from the electoral commission. >> i want the ruler to rule us well. >> post election violence is very real. the same two men want to rule africa's nation and now it's africa's largest economy. now people will wait and they'll find out soon who has won. >> well, for more on those results coming in from nigeria as we speak with you in the
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studio the publisher of the pan african briefing. thank you for joining us. we have two men in this election. one is an incumbent and the other is a military leader, muslim from the north. two very different people. two different directions for nigeria. >> yes buhari is known for his very strong anti-corruption stance. in the 80s as military leader, he nigerians generally are fed
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up. with military credentials. he's in better place to put down the insurgentcy by boko haram. thatharam. the current perception has-- >> as you say this is a country driven by corruption. economic crisis, slump in oil
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prices. >> exactly. >> do you get the sense that people are ready for change? >> people are ready for a change. and this has been the most clearly contested. people want a change. and we are nowhere near the end are we. we'll eventually get a result, get a name, but nigeria's election history since 1999, there have been violence and there are signs of it this had time. >> it is incumbent on the
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president incumbent jonathan and hubari. >> a pleasure to talk with you as always. we all await the results of the nigerian election. thank you very much. the ugandan prosecutor in the trial of al al-shabab members has been shot in the middle of town. a woman said she was attacked by two men following her on a motorcycle as she was traveling home. more in the fighting of yemen, pakistan telling all 3,000 citizens to leave. it's also the non-arab country.
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>> on sunday night 500 pakistanis arrived home in yemen. they were flown out of the red sea port during a two-hour break in the fighting. >> at night there was a lot of bombing. it broke our windows. the houthies were the main threat to us because they were saying why is pakistan back backing the saudis? >> pakistan has announced it will support saudi arabia, but it has not complained how. >> it's security is crucial for pakistan. that's why we're sending a delegation to saudi arabia. >> pakistan and saudi arabia have long military ties.
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and it has ties with iran as well. last year saudi gave pakistan $715 million in aid. and pakistan's prime minister lived in exile in riyadh for almost eight years. entering the conflict in yemen is a difficult balancing act for pakistan. while there is a strong relationship with saudi arabia, it also has good ties with iran, which has backed yemen houthi fighters. iran and pakistan share a long border and trade with each other. and the government in islamabad does not want to create tension with its shared community. >> pakistan is a sunni country. 20% of its population are shia muslims. >> it would lead to sectarian tension in pakistan. the assertion is that pakistan is siding with the sunnies and in saudi arabia.
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>> some say that the sectarian violence can't get any worse than it already is. >> yemen or no yemen, we have been beset with mercenaries creating sectarian problems in pakistan so it does not make a difference, we would live with it. >> behind-the-scenes its deeply concerned. nicole johnston, al jazeera, islamabad. >> the u.s. government is under pressure to speed up the way that new drugs are approved. there are terminally ill patients when say they'll be dead before potentially life-saving drugs are tested. kimberly halkett has this report. >> reporter: ten months ago jay smith was at the height of his career as ceo of a music technology company when he was diagnosed with als. it's a form of neuromotor
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disease suffered by similar to the decease effecting stephen hawking. >> the hands aren't working. the speech is going. >> the food and drug administration is the body that regulates pharmaceuticals in the u.s. they want them to pass the drug that they hope would save jay's life. they also want access to experimental drugs before they are approved. >> we're told that the status quo is not good enough. they need to do everything in their power to speed the search for a cure. >> the approval process could take more than a decade.
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the average als patient lives three years after a diagnosis. >> the right to try movement is pushing for legislation that would dramatically alter the way medicines are regulated in the united states, allowing for potentially life-saving developmental drugs to be fast tracked for the patients who need it. >> ten states have already granted terminally ill patients access to developmental medicines without approval. 25 others are considering similar laws already in place in other countries. >> in europe drugs tend to get approved earlier. and in this country they could be approved earlier for serious life-threatening illnesses. it is doable. >> the usa government aebola patients to receive life-saving medicine.
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the smiths say they just want the same opportunity. >> iftive wait i won't be around. >> they say they're already in the fight of their lives and they don't want to fight their government too. kimberly halkett al jazeera, washington. >> and aninvestigation into the malaysian airlines plane that crashed last year is looking at the scenario that the plane was downed by a missiles. investigators are asking witnesses to? forward to prove that theory. so that are they've only been able to saw that they were hut by high-level missiles. in indonesia two convicted
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for drug-related offenses, a verdict is expected shortly. after lawyers present their final arguments on the first of april. staying in indonesia, a landslide has killed 12 people in the district of sukabumi. nearly 300 people were evacuated from the area on saturday night. rescuers have already recovered most of the bodies. and in the cashmere region of india the water in the main rivers has risen higher than danger level with further heavy rain pro addicted. hundreds have ned their homes. camps and rescue teams have been deployed. >> bolivia is undergoing an indigenous renaissance.
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>> there is no mistaking it. there is something different something changing. iserit's a new kind of building. it's been called cholett. it's something that the architect does not much like. he prefers the term andean architecture. >> i've come up with a new tendency breaking old rules. they don't teach us this, only to preserve traditional architect tour so i'm proud to present this new style. >> it may be new but it's rooted in traditional tastes and colors. freddie was influenced.
5:45 pm
his order book is full. >> it's very bolivian. we're bolivians so we wanted the house to reflect that with lovely bright colors. >> the colors and design reflect taste among bolivia's indigenous community, which makes up half of the population, enjoying an increasing asserted voice with the election nine years ago with the country's first indigenous president, symbolized here in bricks, paint and mortar. it may not be to everyone's liking, but it is very bolivian incorporating styles and colors from a rich bolivian heritage. >> it costs two to three times more than traditional
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structures and often take longer to build a reflection of the material and workmanship. >> in five or tin year's time my aim is to paint the city of al alto in colors. full of colors. >> some would consider that it could only improve but now it's surprising many with the assertive and very bolivian style of architecture that is changing the skyline. al jazeera la paz. >> general chancellor angela merkel said that greece has a certain flexibility in it's reforms, but still has to satisfy it's european partners. merkel made the comments in helsinki where she's holding talks with the finnish
5:47 pm
president. >> there were can be variation as far as which measures the government opts for, but in the end the over all framework must add up. we saw this in ireland when a new government changed parts of the program. but in the end of the country must be restored. >> and britain's prime minister david cameron has formerly asked queen elizabeth to dissolve parliament before the general election on may 7th. they have been setting the tone for the campaign to come. >> you can dues an economy that grows, that creates jobs, that generates the money to insure a properly funded and improving national health service, a government that will tut cut taxes, and a country that is safe and secure. >> david cameron used to campaign to save europe: now he
5:48 pm
keeps quiet about treaties in europe. >> and sport is next in al jazeera. we'll tell you how tunisia will be able to compete in the africa cup of nations. we'll have all the details.
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>> as promised here is raul with sport. >> cricket first many of the players who won the world cup
5:50 pm
final on sunday are expected to form the main parts of the party. michael clarke, clarke and the rest of the team have been celebrating their fifth world cup finals. they celebrateed in melbourne after beating new zealand in the final in front of a record crowd of 93,000 people. in the semifinals the previous holders michael clarke clearly emotional after playing his final one-day international for his country. >> i think the fact that there was expectation and added pressure at the start of the tournament being a home world cup was something that we embraced from the first of the tournament, and the boys should be proud of what we achieved. we've had tremendous support and throughout every game in the tournament we felt like we have been at home, and it's made such a big difference. >> staying with the cricket
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world cup, south africa demanded the selection following the loss to new zealand. at that point abbott had the best at anyone at the world cup. they had four colored players in the match. it comes a few days after the country's sports minister said that the national teams in cricket and rugby faced expulsion from official south african sport. now the play featured in the world cup investigated as pakistan's new one-day captain. the 30-year-old features 40 as a batsman. he prayed for pack--played for
5:52 pm
pakistan two years ago. >> i'm thankful to the pakistan chairman what has shown confidence in me. it is definitely a big responsibility, and i've already played with these players, and some of them have played under my leadership. i don't think there is any problem, i think they're good players. i hope they will support me, and i will support them to the best of my capability. >> tiger woods has dropped down to the 100 world golfers for the first time in his career. he dropped to 104 a combination of poor performance and injuries has seen him slide down the rankings, but he's hoping to be fit for the masters next. a rollercoaster ride for the american the past few years when it comes to his rankings. tiger woods way back in is the
5:53 pm
in 1996 when he won the las vegas invitationcal. it gives you an idea of how dominant he was. the closest who is greg norman. in 2010 tiger woods would take a lengthy break. he had another injury last year that caused him to miss the rest of 2014 season. >> jimmy walker he only lives 35 minutes away from the oaks in san antonio. they still took the title by four strokes.
5:54 pm
>> russia's football yawn has appointed an anti-racism official ahead of the hosting of the 2018 world cup the first time such a post has been created in russian football and comes after a series of high profile racial incidents by its fans. earlier a member of the 2018 bid there were monkey chants. there have been 200 incidents of behavior linked with russian football. >> threatened with expulsion if they did not apologize by tuesday, claiming the official was biased earlier this year.
5:55 pm
the referee awarded a controversial late penalty that caused it to go into extra time, they were incomed out 2-1. >> egypt's premiere league returned to the pitch. play had been suspended where 19 people were killed last month. there was heavy security outside of the stadium. they said that the premiere league play would continue without fans in attendance. in next year's championship, if they can beat belgium on tuesday they would be at the top of their pole. wales in first place after saturday. they are expected to win the group after making it to the world cup quarterfinals. the top two are guaranteed to go through to the finals in france.
5:56 pm
>> they were nine points ahead. they tried to win against wales and now they want to make up because of that loss, so we expect that "a" strong israel tomorrow and we're prepared for that. >> a player who made hiker his name in england will line up with italy on tuesday. they'll start with the man of the moment who with a score on his debut in the you're owe qualifier win against lithuania on friday. >> well, he's the player of the day in the united kingdom. the other goalkeepers and i saw videos, and he'll be the one to fear. >> and the oklahoma city thunder have their biggest come back since 2008. 20 points down against the phoenix suns, but they recovered
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thanks to 33 points from russell westbrook. they are eighth in the final playoff spot in the western conference. there was a disaster for the chinese team in the volvo sailing race. it happened in high winds 240 nautical miles west of cape horn at the tip of south america. no one was injured but it's a major blow to their race hopes. they are out out of race, the rest of the boats are due in brazil for the latest leg at the weekend. pretty windy yesterday but maybe not as windy as that. >> thanks. don't forget as ever the website address the top story nigeria as we wait for the results. that's it for this news hour. don't go anywhere. i'm not going anywhere. we'll be back in just a moment with the rest of today's news.
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see you then.
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>> saudi jets target houthi weapons stores and defenses across yemen.hello i'm jonah hull, this is al jazeera live from london. also coming up: counting continues in nigeria as a result of the president election draws closer. we're working hard. >> talks on iranian nuclear continue into