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tv   News  Al Jazeera  April 4, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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and at 9, get a global perspective on the news... >> sending their government a message.... >> organizing themselves... >> people say their finally fed up... >> weeknights on al jazeera america primetime >> hospitals in the yemeni city of aden running out of crucial supplies. the fighting there rages on. this is al jazeera live from london. also coming up. >> i stand before you with profound sadness at a time of great sorrow for kenya. >> kenya's president addresses his mourning nation after al-shabab fighters killed 148 people at an university. violence in australia as anti-islam protesters clash with
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rival demonstrators. and the plan for these creatures to roam free in britain again for the first time in 1400 years. >> the u.n. security council is in a closed-door meeting to discuss the situation in yemen. they're debating a russian proposal to halt the fighting there and allow humanitarian aid to be brought in. first let's look at what is happening on the ground. the port city of aden has been the scene of intense fighting. much of it has centered around the crater district. and to the east lies the port city of mukalla on the outskirts of that town fighters linked to ali abdullah saleh. >> the streets of aden have become a battleground.
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and the people of this city are caught in the cross fire. >> aden has been without water for the past 20 hours or so. also supplies have been cut off from the district of crater after going through an intense battle on thursday. this is getting more difficult in hospitals as well where doctors have these shortages of supplies that cannot treat the injured. and a lot of people are dieing in hospitals as well. >> days of fighting has destroyed much of the city center. the battles are fierce. hospitals are overwhelmed and the people are desperate for help. >> we urge all countries and organizations to help us. we need them to help aden. and we declare aden as a disaster zone.
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>> forces loyal to and abd rabbuh mansur hadi are putting up a fight but are struggleing to cope. saudi forces have dropped in weapons and ammunition. >> we thank our brothers for dropping supplies. we'll be victoryious as continue fighting as heroes. >> to the east fighters allied with ali abdullah saleh stormed the jail on thursday. some of those fighters are known to be former members of al-qaeda. and there are reports that tribesmen in the area are mobile izing their forces to drive them out.
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saudi-led coalition air airstrikes force forces loyal to ali abdullah saleh to leave the presidential palace just 24 hours after taking it. forces loyal to abd rabbuh mansur hadi are well equipped, but forces for ali abdullah saleh are strong as well. the fight for aden, and all of yemen could be a long one. >> we have not yet been able to get in the medical supplies that we need in order to distribute them for the hospitals and also for the ministry of health so
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they reach all their health clinics and those who need it. we have not been able to receive those medical supplies. we're still negotiating we're still talking with those concerned, and we have hopes that they may have them. but at this date we have not received it yet. >> the war in yemen is driving thousands of foreign nationals out of the country. among them 300 people who were airlifted out of sanaa by russian aircraft. but now there are complaints that return planes are supplying houthi rebels in the capital with equipment needed to repair weapons. >> interest is information on the russian planes that they were carrying commitment spare parts and technology that would help fix missile batteries and other weapons still under houthi control. these weapons don't require a complicated technology in order to make them operational.
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we ask that anything that lands to evacuate any foreigners is checked before heading there. >> we'll have more on the conflict in yemen a little later in the program when the saudi-led coalition holds it's daily briefing. al-shabab has warned that it's preparing to launch more attacks in kenya like the assault on garissa universal college where 150 people died. the armed group said it's avenging the killing of its fighters in somalia. one student was able to escape the attack. we went to hear her story of survival. >> a survivor has just been rescued. many are describing this as a miracle. she's taken to hospital. two days ago cynthia hid on top of a wardrobe and covered herself in anything that she could find. she heard the gunmen shouting taunting their victims
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shooting. at one point they came in and took two of her friends. she's happy to be alive. >> they were shooting everywhere so i just continued hiding. when i got hungry i would eat some body lotion that was there. >> investigators have been at the university. those who have been inside talk of a violent and bloody end of those who died. the gunmen were keen to the government decided to display the bodies to prove to kenyans that the gunmen had, indeed been killed, and to try and build public confidence in the security forces. police say that they have also made some arrests. >> there are quite a number of arrests done today as we speak. we have arrested another three and i think the total number can
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reach about five. but we will confirm that when we get to more details. that continues to develop. >> the frustration in garissa that has been attacked before. there were reports of an imminent attack in the country. >> all these guns, all these weapons they're using came from where? it is not sold in garissa. these people must have passed through several barriers being controlled by the police. >> al-shabab fighters have issued a state warning of more attacks in kenya people hearsay they're afraid, they don't trust government assurances to keep them safe. al jazeera garissa. >> in the hast hour kenya's president has declared flee days
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of morning mourning. >> we will respond to the al-shabab attack and any threat to us. thursday wounded kenya. thursday wounded families, friends, and communities of the victims of the attacks. despite adversity we have been, and will always be and we shall continue to build a strong prosperous and secure nation. that is the greatest testament we can offer to those precious departed that we have lost. >> to syria now where fighters from the islamic state in iraq and the levant have taken over more of the yarmouk refugee camp just outside of damascus. the camp is home to mainly palestinian refugees who have been there since 1957. isil is thought to now control the majority of the area and are reportedly being supported by
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fighters from rival armed groups al nusra front stephanie deck her has more now from beirut. >> this is the closest that isil has ever managed to get to the syrian capital of damascus. it lies only 7 to 10 kilometers away from the capital and people in damascus are hugely concerned about this. we have spoken to people here who came from damascus to beirut because that highway is open, and they're telling us that they're afraid to go back at the moment. it is a fluid situation but certainly the presence of isil so close to the capital is hugely concerning, and also in yarmouk, 18,000 people remain there. they're fully dependent on hand outs and aid. they have no electricity, they have no food. now with this fighting into its
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fourth day nothing has managed to get in. this is a message that we're hearing from activists there. a huge concern. >> in egypt former president hosni mubarak and his two sons have been in court on corruption charges. his sons still face a separate can trial for alleged stock market manipulation. in november hosni mubarak was acquitted of causing the death of 800 protesters during the up rising that forced him from power. we can now go to the saudi-led coalition press conference. let's listen in. >> stability towards the yemeni people and stability towards the region. when the coalition was formed it was fully aware of the responsibilities towards the yemeni people, it has been
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reported in the media about the ejection of various subjects and nationals and providing humanitarian assistance and relief aid to the yemeni people. from day one of the campaign we have been calling on all the organizations to keep relevant authorities in order to have their work and to simply insure that these communications wouldn't intervene or interrupt or disturb the operations taking place. i also would like to point out that the operation of eviction of nationals and providing relief aid should be carried out in a manner to guarantee that those aid are received by the
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rightful parties in need. not the houthis or other militia militias. this is quite natural. however, what has been over the past three days we have been invited to communications with a number of countries and a few days ago i declared that a number of countries managed to effect their own in a very organized fashion. that's why many of the media report maybe inaccurate simply for the reason that many of the relevant information is absent. that's why we're carrying a daily briefing like this in order to enheighten the media and public about the developments on the ground and off the field. we can't allow for media to
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receive militias or inaccurate information. as i mentioned these procedures for the convictions of the nationals were carried out by the foreign ministry as per the procedures. today the coalition has formed dedicated committee. this committee is formed in order to streamline the procedures and to make them more workable and practical so that the relief organizations and the countries willing to evict their own nationals can adopt the necessary channels. we cannot leave the entire operation open. that's why this particular committee was formed and we request all the relevant parties to contact this committee directly and the committee can be reached on the contact in
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particular of information displayed. and from tomorrow on the website of the saudi arabia foreign ministry a dedicated e-mail address in order to follow up with these procedures. on a number of occasions i mentioned that work fees in the ministries including those of the media are invited to contact the government authorities and relief agencies in order to insure that all their requests have been met and answered. many of the news agencies and television stations today reported that the procedures were crippled. 30 minutes ago we contacted the red cross and confirmed the
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scheduled trips planned for them and we established that the delay was attributed to the red cross themselves due to the mechanism of the relief aid. we also discussed the issue of delivering the aid through the skies or the sea. again, i request all the media representatives to duly verify before reporting and i'm here to receive any of your questions in order to provide you with the right and correct answers. todayer now i have a list of all the countries who manage to evict their subjects, russia, russia,--russia nationals were evacuated on a number of flights. when i speak of evictions i mean the nationals the subjects
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are evicted through the sea port by the sea or the nearest airport. tunisia, pakistan as well. it is demonstrating the organizations and the countries who are avowed to evict their subjects. i mean today tomorrow, and the day off. we have unicef, china djibouti, egypt, red cross and sudan. the red cross to plan flights carrying relief aid headed to yemen as scheduled. they'll drop the relief aid to subjects. we also have a list of countries who have presented certain pending applications simply for not scheduled yet.
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we have the united nations a second time as they were able to evict from day one. we have several e.u. states. we have germany and a second request for pakistan to evict pakistani subjects, we also have canada jordan and iraq. this is a list of the countries whose requests are pending simply for means of eviction is not yesterday determined or the timing is not yet scheduled. as i said, the subjects are evicted through airports. the nearest airports to them, the sea ports or they will assign the most appropriate means of transportation to them. i request the countries willing to have their subjects evicted to speed up their petitions
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speed up the questions. once again i present the contact details to the economy of evacuation and humanitarian relief aid. they're requested to contact. >> we have a hotline, which is in a direct number, which is 00966114736140. and we have the central line.
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>> this is the evacuation of and for humanitarian aid. you will be able to find the address and also find these particular display. you can find your request immediately. russia and india and algeria and indonesia and pakistan are scheduled to have their representatives and nationals evicted. these are to be evacuated under planned scheduled slides other trips.
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the third list is the request under process or pending requests. the second request for the united nations germany european union, pakistan for the second time requesting to have the subjects evicted,ed in and iraq. again we request those who require any information or schedule flights or trips today we have some news about special request about the red cross and the previous briefing
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communicated in order to provide all the information required by them in order to streamline the process. 20 minutes before this briefing we communicated with the red cross they have verified the flights, and we ask that those countries clearly observe the plans and the timings laid down by the coalition and in order to operate in yemen between 100 hours and 300 hours. this is to insure that the operation is security.
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>> once again this committee is dedicated to speed up and streamline the operations. the operation cannot cripple the humanitarian aid or the evacuation of other countries nationals.
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other countries will fly from different destinations and/or gin of countries and then we find out that the flight did not originate from that source. the more accurate and precise the information is, the more smooth the operation will be. >> well, you've been listening there to the saudi military spokesman given the daily briefing on what have of the saudi coalition conducting aerial bombardments in yemen. concentrating there on the dire humanitarian needs in yemen refuting claims in the media that the coalition has been preventing the work of aid workers, expelling some foreign
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nationals from the country say saying that humanitarian assistance has been central to the aims of the coalition but making the point that they must go through the parties in need and not some how be diverted to houthi fighters. joining me now to talk more about the yemen situation thanks for joining me. as i said a briefing focused on humanitarian issues. the need no doubt dire in that country, the icrc talks about hospitals overflowing in the southern to port city of aden and the country on the verge of total collapse. >> well, first of all i just want to say that the saudi press conference was talking about
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humanitarian aid but what i heard is that yemenis are being forgotten. they're about 26 million people in yemen and about 14 million people are under the poverty line. there are millions of families who cannot even put enough food on the table. most of the yemeni goods and food are actually imported. the ports are being blocked. the sea ports are being blocked. this is a real humanitarian disaster that the houthis are not addressing and even the international community. it is great that they're evacuating foreign citizens from yemen, yet there are thousands of yemenis who where stuck in places like egypt and airports like jordan and india. we're talking about thousands who were--who left yemen for medical purposes yet got stuck and don't even have the
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financial means to live or rent a place in egypt or jordan or india. these people are stuck. and no one is helping them. there is a big problem. it seems to me that the concern is about foreign citizens, but not yemenis. and this is a real serious problem. the air drop the saudis were diagnose-- >> let's remember as we speak in new york there is a resolution being discussed in the security council, a russian-sponsored resolution calling for pauses in the bombing to create humanitarian corridors. perhaps those may go some way to answer your concerns. let me move on if i may. >> yes i think that's-- >> let me move on if i may to other news. let's explore what is happening in yemen on the ground. i wonder what you make of a statement released by egypt's president. talking about an arab national security priority to secure the
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red sea off the tip of yemen, of course, a key water way do you get the sense that is under threat at the moment? >> well, i don't think so at the moment. there is obviously a struggle for power between superpowers and regional powers. the saudi and the u.s. and egyptian trying to maintain control over that canal as well as the suez canal where on the other side we have russia, iran, and china trying to, you know, struggle for power trying to some how got their hands on those important geographical parts of the world. i think there is a struggle. of course there is a threat. right now you know, there is a
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fight in aden but i think it could be a problem. most of the world's goods maybe 40 person of the world's oil goes through the canal and it's the canal that actually connects the east with the west. it is an important point for people who--countries that are struggling for power. it's obvious, it's clear and i think that's why iran was trying to basically back the houthis and yemen and pushing them towards aden to fight them all the way to aden so that some how the houthis can get their hands onhands on the canal and then they would negotiate with iran and russia with "b" that. so it's very clear. it's very--the struggle for power is there. the threat is there. and that's why i think the saudi
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led coalition-- >> okay many thanks for your perspective and insights from new york there. remember, you can find much more on our website at on all of our top stories. more news in a half hour. due stay with us. a show about innovations that can change lives. >> the science of fighting a humanity and we are doing it in a unique way. this is a show about science by scientists. . >> tonight "techknow" vets the virus hunters. >> we want to understand the evolution of these pathogens. >> this team deals with the