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tv   News  Al Jazeera  April 30, 2015 1:00am-1:31am EDT

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. the u.n. lowers angers those,. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ welcome, headquarters also ahead, the u.n. sus spends the senior aide workers. and, accuses peacekeepers of child abuse. arrests in new york city, when people are rallying
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solidarity over the death after blackman, while in police custody. and 4 years since the end of the vietnam war. ♪ ♪ ♪ the u.n. have launched, an ap peel to help people affected by the earthquake, maybe 5-and-a-half,000 people are dead and many people have said they haven't received any food or supplies, and, they are frustrated by the lack of of emergency relief getting through and, they are forced to camp outdoors and they have no homes left. dramatically footage has emerged showing the moment it
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struck and a man and narrowly avoided being hit and security cameras, from katmandu, and clears rescues crowd around to help the man but alive. well even credible stories survive are in nepal. and now a report. the pain in his eyes, the lies and he lucky he feels. i had to stay under the rubble for four days with no food. trapped for 80 hours, in a hotel, he watched friends die in the surrounding wreckage, and had to drink his own urine to stay alive, and now after having his leg amputated he has no idea how he'll make a living. i hope people will help me, i'm too young.
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like so many men 8-year-old was on his way out of the country, so he could make enough to support himself and his his family. i wanted to go, and the accident happened on april 25th. and, kaatman do you is in desperate need of survival stories. people can survive for days and, many of those trapped must still be alive if they can be rescued in time they would live, many believe there should be a lot more of them. with moral as decimated as these truckstures. rescuers have grown used to seeing the worst. here, on the outskirts it is very grim, we're at the site, of the building, and there's two bodies that have just been pulled out of the rubble. that have been removed. husband and wife, one
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wedding ring visible. it looked as though they were reaching out to each other. some of these buildings could collapse at anytime. so neighbors trauma tizes look on while standing far back. as a sibling negotiates the release of his brother's both dishes he wants to take it back to india. only those will have lost families and understand my pain. that pain is growing and fear spreppeds and the sun is about to set and rain is about to fall, and the rescue efforts will be hampered, and the crewed pack up for the day and everyone knows time is of the essence. and now a senior u.n.
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official has been suspended, on the alleged sexually boast of children. and, the explotasting of children by french peacekeepers, and, the children's at the center and said they were sexually abused, in return for food and money. and, it was leaked by a senior official, who believed that the u.n. had failed to a take action. james has more from the u.n. headquarters in new york. it's claimed that the abuses were carred out by the french forces. but the human rights office, starts a investigation and its one member who now has been suspended, and the u.s. says that's because he didn't follow proper procedures.
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he didn't remove the names of the victims from that copy of the report. there's a requirement to redact information that could place victims, at risk. and, what the office of the high commissioner is going to be investigating is what, how this information was handled by their side just so their own system of these protections which are an important issue are respected. the french military say an investigation is underway to try and find the soldiers two are responsible for carrying out the abuse, but this whole ina don't is embarrassing for the u.n. because until now, the only person who has been punish said that u.n. human rights official who raised the alarm. the u.s. says it is disappointed that he plans to run for a third term.
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water cannons are used on demonstrators. and, they won't leave until he withdraws his xan todayy. the prime minister, and continue to front front the extrememism, and spoken to the first time since he fled, and inside and intense fighting. and. in the report you may fine it dirtturbing. this child is just one of the estimated 12 million people who need food aid in yemen and this this is what has forced thousands of people from their home and fighting. this area is just west of the airport, in the port city of aden and people say, the men
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who support them, took over their houses and at accused are facing heavy weapons. they shell places where they know women and children are sheltering. and they she would our homes, and robbed the people. five men say they're good constant sniper fire and, they don't have the right weaponry and, need help. we are peaceful people, but enough humiliation and oppression, we can't take it any more. the coalition says that's why it is bombing places and the strikes and, and the block indicates are worsening the humanitarian situation. they insist, that they will
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do the internal affairs and they call them extremists and say it is helping other hotline groups. we keep hearing that they claim their fighting al-qaeda, and they're fighting the yemen people, and they came to yemen and took over some areas because of the instability. the conflict is affecting almost all of yemen. and, the fighting has destructed and very little food. there's a lack of fuel and we have to go long distances to get it. much more expensive price. as the fighting couldn'ts they continue to pay the highest price. thousands of people marched peacefully across the u.s. --
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for baltimore demanding justice for freddy gray. and in new york, more than 60 people, were arrest. let's go home. meanwhile, in baltimore a u.s. congressman who represents part of the city, enforced the nightly curfew, he used the megaphone. the unrest in baltimore is bringing attention to some of the attention, the facts that few black people own businesses in their neighborhoods. he is teaching young people how to print designs on it. shirts in a rough neighborhood, he runs a program that's not
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only about making clothing but keeping kids off the street, and he hopes that they become business owners themselves and 30 people are part of the program at anyone time. he tries to set an example. he owns a sorbe store. our goal is to help empower the people, with the resources so they can provide for themselves, and then their community. 6-10 people in live in baltimore are black and 3-10 businesses are owned by black people. in new research study looked at data where they were increasing their business ownership there were positive results beyond the business bottom line. the growth of african american businesses was linked to row ducks in black youth violence and there's a whole host of reasons for it. because black business owners are seen as role models.
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this creates jobs, and opportunities. he directs the development center at morgan state university. so what are the key challenges that they face when trying to open a business. having access to resources so that their access to capital is big. whether it is a loan, and money from family friends or but access to that capital. people here don't want to be seen as living in a hopeless part of town, that needs outside help to improve,. and we need investment, to do those things, instead of having many of the government agencies and our properties, trying to manage it. they're trying to manage disaster and all the data, have not been transform make tough. that's why they continue to learn, in hopes of some day following the very stores that they want to shop in.
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still ahead coalition troops take back a town in nigeria and, there are concerns about the plight of civilians and, we'll tell you how one person from pakistan is attacking the problem.
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>> fall of saigon, forty years later. >> we have no idea how many were killed. >> unanswered questions, a botched withdrawal lives lost. examining the impact that still resonates today. a special report continues tomorrow, 10:00 eastern. on al jazeera america. the u.n. has launched, a $415
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million appeal and aid has finally reached some remote areas, and many have not received many needed aid. the french justice ministry says it's investigating allegations that french u.s. peacekeepers, abused young children. and a senior o u.n. official has been suspended. and police, made arrests over 60 people, were arrested, in new york, marching for justice for freddie gray. vietnam is marking 40 years since the end of the war and a parade is held, formerly known as saigon. the 1970 victory an
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estimated 3 million people died and, thousands more continued to suffer, as a result of toxic chemicals and its estimated that the u.s. dropped, tons of bombs and, that's more than the a bombs used in world war ii, and people in vietnam are still being killed by u.s. explosives. around 40,000 people have been killed since 1975. let's go, and a professor of southeast asia shan studies and he's joining us live, from singapore, very good to have us with. and, we're talking about the situation, in vietnam in just a moment has the united states firstly, made up, do you think for the brutality in vietnam
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which as we just mentioned is still affecting people there? no i think, i say this as an american, could still be doing more, in terms of aid and, in dealing with the medical effects of agent orange, and somethings are happening and but more are private and i think the government could be doing more. what about in vietnam itself? the reconciliation between the north and south does the reunification mean that a real one has taken place? well, as you realize it's two different things, things are probably a lot better, between the two halfs or the two sides than they were 40 years ago. and, they've had 40 years to move towards intake grations. and the sentiments and the
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particularly the sense of having experienced the war rather differently, those things are still there. how do people in vietnam what does it mean for them, who have experienced the war? and those who haven't? is it viewed as this anniversary view editsly? i think the younger generation would see it perhaps as in other countries celebrating the anniversary of the end world war ii. it was important for their parents. and, there's a recognition that yes, it is significant because, it meant the end of an internal conflict and it got the two halves of the country together. but it doesn't mean that it has all the prop propaganda value.
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in the past 20 years, it has made huge strides and what are the ambitions as country? yes. well, i think it would like to be a successful example of a country that continues to have one party rule, but which is an economic powerhouse and one that is taken seriously on the world scene. i don't think it wants to be seen as strong military power but at least it wants to be taken seriously and respected and, to some extent trusted. bruce, thank you very much for your time. japan's army has become the first leader to address a joint meeting of the u.s. congress,
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and, expressed deep repentance during world war ii, and didn't address the sexual slavery and now the report. inside the u.s. congress, the jap that's prime minister prepared to address a special joint meeting outside, dozens of protestor gathered to watch. the dark chapter in japanese history, tens of thousand sands were forced indeed brothels for japanese shoal sers, and, she was one of them. i was taken by japanese army when i was 14. and they took me, and made me become a sex slave. downplaying history and
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japanese history expressions are recigarette are not enough many had hoped, that the prime minister would use his historic address, as a opportunity to apologize to the thousands of women who had suffered so many years ago but he did not. he could have gone much further, than prime minister, issued a landmark apology statement addressing the painful past, and the representative, a member of the u.s. congress abuses him of trying to downplay history. he could have talked about some of the atros a files that could have been avoided. and the kinds of things, that
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are necessary for them for the pows to feel like they can forgive, rather than. but he says that forgiveness can't happen without the current prime minister's support which she didn't have. again, there's no coercion, and, they send to, with willingness, and that's why. that's a lie. she says she'll continue to protest, and she calls japan's shameful past and refuses to let others forget. and there were girl rescued and, the group play include
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school girls who were kidnapped last year. the coalition troops continue to fight and a disturbing picture is emerging. hundreds of bodies being covered, and, it was recaptured a month ago. this is the town, in north eastern nigeriaa,. they occupied this town for month and killed many civilians. 1200 decomposing body were removed from here and many more have been buried. this is where the and the a cushions took place where they were executed, and they were taken two days ago and buried over there. the okay could you pacing of that town was brutal. this is the reality that
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they are waking up to, after they are pushed on the by troops and, their partners. the troops have been in charge here and, it as diverted town and, it was fears and, it came at a huge cost. we were faced with a lot of resistance and we lost some men but we managed to get the whole zone. today, we are starting to come back home, and accept that our mission, was to stay and protect it and they should be coming to take control of the city, but they haven't responded yet so we're here. as troops continue operations in the northeast. the army has launched a
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rescue. the fighters have attacked some areas, liberated by the army, a few months ago, an indication, that they are ever present. they have found evidence, that, it could lead to under weight babies, due to the pollution and, they started something. babies were born, 23 grahams heavier, in the years before and after. the birth waiting of 83 babies and they believe that the increase in weight is mothers breathing in lower levels of chemicals. they suggest the in-take of pollutants resulted in healthier
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babies. the doctor, is the associate professor. and he is the lead author. well, we have done some previous work, and looking at whether or not people that live in beijing if we marked things, in their blood and urine and when the air pollution levels were lower did we, in fact, see improvements. so we saw that there was this health benefit in even these young folks and we had done some previous work, and looking at them to, see if they may may be associated with bird weight being low and so we wanted had to do that again, in the beijing olympics and what was nice, we got to the see going against the way here we'll see if
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decreases in pollution cause an increase in birth weight, and providing some more convincing evidence. pakistan's shrinking rapidly and, with the threat of climate change one problem is, a massive tree planting effort. and now, the report. pack cast stand is a large country and, less than 5% is due to that, and the conflict in pack cast stand has encouraged the chopping of the forest, where the country had resources and because of the yet in of climate change, it has come out with a plan, to plant up to a billion trees. the plan will take 4 years to implement, and the dwovment has
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set aside 15 billion, which is 115 million dollars and, it is going to encourage the local nurse surreys to earn more money, because they have given them on target to grow more and more trees. this initiative of tree plantation will not only boost the business but bring more. more people to invest. the government is also encouraging local farmers, to come and take trees in order to grow more and more trees. it will change t. first the one billion trees it will change it in our province, and in our country. if the plan is successful, it will change the ecology of this region and minimize the effects of climate change.
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they have given pound a a russian base out of control shows it tumbling towards earth where it is expected to burn up. will the clinton foundation apology for sloppy bookkeeping well the controversy. jeb bush said, he's had a record fundraising, and he hasn't