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tv   News  Al Jazeera  May 1, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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>> hello, i'm lauren taylor, this is the news hour live from london. coming up, nobody in our city is above the law. this must apply to all of us. >> strong words from the mayor of baltimore an as it's announce announced that six police officers are charged with the death of freddie gray. and earthquake survivors move back indoors in nepal.
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an airstrike hits the yemen's capital. >> i'm rob lynn adams with your sports stories. we're edging closer to the boxingthe biggest fight in boxing history. we'll look at the las vegas showdown in the los angeles program. >> criminal charges are being brought against six baltimore police officers over the death of an unarmed black man. freddie gray's death has been declared an homicide and his arrest illegal. he died from injuries in april. police who drove him in the police van have been accused of murder inned second-degree. >> we come in peace. if you are not coming in peace
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please don't come at all. because this city needs to get back to work. the last thing freddie would want is to see the hard working people of baltimore lose their jobs and businesses because of his death. you know this would defeat the purpose of what we're trying to work towards. remember, without justice there is no peace. but let us have peace in the pursuit of justice. thank you. >> today is a momentous step on the road to justice for freddie. in losing freddie the gray family has been put through real
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hell. one can only imagine the tremendous pain and suffering that this family has endured. for the past parents' loss of a sun and the sisters' loss of a brother. freddie was taken too early and too horrificcally. the worst of the gray's family days in the history of this family has been the last three weeks. today has given the gray family a measure of hope. we thank the state's attorney and her team for their unprecedented courage and their measured and professional response to this crisis. they have our gratitude in their pursuit of justice.
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however, we must be mindful that this is a first step, not the last. but while the state's attorney's office continues to their this work this community and communities like it all over the country have much work to do of their own the overwelcoming number of people protesting these many days have not known freddie personally. but people in philadelphia, new york cincinnati, and numerous other cities, numerous other towns and numerous rural areas are expressing their outrage that there are too many freddie grays. and if freddie gray is not to die in vain, then we must seize this opportunity to reform police departments throughout this country so there are no
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more days and times like this. it is time that all citizens of this country are treated with human dignity uneffected by color, gender, or other irrelevant differences that wrongly exclude them from the human family. let us make this the overarching meaning for justice for freddie. freddie's family is gratified that the ministers elected officials and others have stepped in to the streets to counsel peace but the family is especially gratified that the young people in america are showing us the way.
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they have firm in a mission for change. our young people have friends classmates relatives spouses coworkers from all races, all colors all sexual orientations, all religions and all incomes who want an unmistakable unprecedented clarity that we're all members of one race, the human race. with every ounce of their being they express this universal desire for one country, one people we will fight peacefully until that goal is realized. with all these unprecedented experience comes enormous responsibility.
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because most of us have never been in a place like this before. young people must show us the way thoughtfully, creatively, peacefully. as leaders in recent history gandhi and nelson mandela have taught us the only lasting response to evil is love. freddie gray's family thanks you for the love you have shown them. now let us all show them the fruits of that love real and lasting progress. the lasting changes we make will be freddie's legacy. and the changes in baltimore can
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set the example for this nation. we can start with body cameras. we can continue with tough and enforceable regulations for the on switch never to be turned to the off switch inappropriately. we'll show better hiring, better training, a new culture of policing. yes, a new culture of policing where good policing is with with rewarded and bad policing is punished. where bad policemen fear committing misconduct because good policemen no longer fear preventing it correcting it, reporting it, or prosecuting it. the blue wall of silence which
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makes policemen wrongfully conspire to conceal evil must come down. in the days ahead we will be inviting police experts community leaders rank and file officers and others who have seriously studied what must be done to join us in what we hope will be a new baltimore to create and implement these reforms so they will be a model for the nation we must seize this moment only this kind of lasting progress, a truly lasting progress. a permanently lasting progress will assure freddie gray's family and the rest of us that freddie's death was not in vain. let us pray for freddie's family
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family and let us pray that god will guide us to do his will in the pursuit of justice so that this country will surely be a place where everyone, regardless of their color or whatever difference may be superficially apparent can get liberty and justice for all. thank you very much, and we'll take your questions. >> we're listening to a news conference given by the family and attorney of freddie gray. react together fact that criminal charge have been brought against six baltimore police officers in the death of
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freddie gray after he was arrested and injured during police custody. they say they were satisfied with the charges. they talked about the unprecedented courage of the state attorney, they have called for police reform and urged people to keep their protests peaceful. let's go to debby hines live from washington, d.c. what did you make there of the reaction there from the family of freddie gray? >> william murphy laid out everything that needs to be done in order to change the system. we need more body cameras for police officers. we need to have more training for police officers. he laid out the steps for the future. what he wanted to say and what he did say is that maybe this will be the change in america that this case of freddie gray in baltimore will start the change in our nation toward
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better policing. >> now you've written in the past as a former states attorney you said that i know the police and prosecution work together on a daily basis. it must be quite difficult to see the case through an object objective lens. are you surprised the charges came more quickly and do you see this as a separation between the two as a result of this. >> i was surprised to see the charge brought so quickly but that's a good sign. the state's attorney who is in office now. this is new to her. she's been in office for a very shorted short period of time. hopefully this is the beginning of change that we want to see. normally charges are not brought against police officers whether it's in plat mother or other cities across the country
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because as they said there is a code of blue. >> this has been described as an egregious rush to justice. and the president has said there should be a due process followed here. do you think there is a danger of starting to act like you are tough and then skewing the process. >> the officers are innocent until proven guilty. this is not really a rush to process. this is how the system works in every other case when it does not involve a police officer. there are not these long, drawn out jury processes when it's
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citizens who have committed a murder. the system is in the a rush to justice. it's just how the system in america works with anyone else who is not a police officer who has committed a murder. or charged with committing a murder. >> we learned that a task force that president obama set up to try to come up with measures that would improve the situation. what do you think from the initial reports what do you think will be the most useful measures that will take a difference. >> i think there are several things. one, i go back to body cameras. the only way we'll know about silence against citizens by police is through video cameras. we need to have body cameras on all of our police officers not just in baltimore but throughout the nation. number two not all police officers are bad, i want to make that very clear but there needs
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to be training, retraining, and training again for those officers who are not following the law not following their own police departments' policies, they need to be let go. it's just that simple. there needs to be training so when officers go into areas like west baltimore that is predominantly african-american community, we see them as human beings. that is what needs to have happen in the training and retraining. >> you said it was difficult to understand how many people die at the hands of the police. how quickly even if it's just decided that that needs to change how quickly can it
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change? >> well, that's a really good point that you mentioned because that's what i forgot to say. the other thing that needs to happen in america throughout all of the police departments there is no system for even knowing the accountability of how many people have been injured killed by police officers in their line of duty. what we need to start is a national david beckham database where where--national database where they don't have to rely on people videoing. that will go a long way. >> thank you for taking time to talk with us. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> still to come, a shake up at saudi arabia estate oil company as the kingdom looks to change its energy strategyies. i'm charlie angela in sicily
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where fishermen are taking on the burden of the search and rescue mission for migrants. >> still ahead in sport one of real madrid's star players come out from injury to bail out their league title campaign. >> the death toll from nepal's earthquake has reached 260 with 14,000 people injured. those figures keep rising as rescue workers search homes that have been flattened from a week ago. those who can are beginning to return to their homes. there is a growing disease because of shortage of clean water and toilets.
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>> around the area locals line up to get treated by a team of doctors. this is the first medical team in the village since the earthquake struck on ate destroying most of the houses here. these women have been suffering from stomach ac cramps. >> the water is thick and smelly with you we have to drink it. >> some people are vomiting. some seem to be dazed. besides diarrhea this boy has skin conditions. army doctors have come to help out the nepal army. >> we're providing support so one week or more, this is the long time to lock out diseases.
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>> the army has been coordinating national medical teams which have come to help. >> now the foreign medical teams that are here in nepal they'll start moving out in a week or two. but other medical teams which can come here and stay for long durations three mod in the months. >> those who are not physically sick are in shock. they are afraid to sleep. they open to get medication from the medical doctors but once the medical team leaves they'll be left to themselves.
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>> not everyone has toilets and people defecate openly in the streets. water has been contaminated in areas like this increasing the risk of epidemics. >> we have more from the capital of kathmandu and we have this report. >> well, teams have started to go out into the remotor areas and people are being found in desperate need of medical attention. but the great thing is that they're being found alive in another district about 150 kilometers from the capital of kathmandu. 67 people67 people were found alive. but this is just scratching the surface. there are areas that have had no access or communication since the earthquake struck on saturday. now the government has made
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appeal of the finance minister asking for the basic and many are still spending the nights in the cold. there >> these are necessities that still have not reached the people of kathmandu. they want the people to be aware of fraud. there are those when online and donations for money. several people are asking not to donate money but supplies because there is nothing here to buy. a helicopter was carrying
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soldiers and police officers in an anti-cartel operation that came under fire. in guadalajara vehicles have been set on fire and used to block roads. we're live in mexico city. tell us about the attack on the helicopter. >> well, gunmen fired at this helicopter that was performing anti-cartel operation. there appears to be coordinateed attacks. it has numbered in the dozens. most of them with burning vehicles. some of those with burning
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buses. this is a federal holiday here in mexico as it is for much of the rest of the world. this may be a media attack to show the power of the cartel, which is facing ongoing operations from the government. it has shown itself to be a strong presence. we're also hearing reports that these clashes and gun fights are spreading into neighboring states in the west of the country. we'll be looking to see if this death toll rises. >> you man towhy is this happening now. >> it could be that there is a power vacuum right now.
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a lot of people believe that the new generation has made incursions and if anything they're trying to dominate this area. what we do know is that violence is on the rise in this specific area and this in large part the people are fighting over the smuggling rights where crystal meth is manufactured, and also because it's in the major ports of mexico. >> fierce fighting continues in the battle of its main airport intensifies. mother than 400 people are believed to have been killed and further 3,000 injured.
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as fighting escalates. in this hospital only one of a handful still open, staff struggling to cope as more injured arrive, news of the death of a doctor killed during an artillery strike. two weeks later another doctor is killed by sniper fire. >> niles is not yet one years old. he was with his grandmother when a bullet pierced his head. surgeons managed to remove it.
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>> in the capital of sanaa war has led to the destruction of nine family members. >> this is our neighbors' home. the whole family died and also other neighbors when, children, and elderly all died. >> saudi military commanders strike outs and those loyal to ali abdullah saleh. this poor neighbor was hit. people use their bear hands to look for the dead and the injured. forces like to bring abd rabbuh mansur hadi back to power, but
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people continue to suffer. saudi arabia said that they will continue until houthis are diminished. >> at the u.n. security council kristen saloomey has more. >> they called the emergency meeting on yemen they received a brief not only on the security situation on the ground but the humanitarian situation which has gone from bad to worse. the russians wanted the council to issue a statement calling for an immediate cease-fire or at the very least a pause in the fighting to help the people on the ground. after the meeting they expressed frustration saying that council members had blocked what he considered to be a very simple statement. >> we'll see.
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>> a member of the united states delegation disagreed with the character station of theization of the meeting saying that they just needed more time to consult with people of the capital. the russians have been critical of the saudi-led air campaign and also of efforts by the gulf cooperation couple to hold peace talks in riyadh. the united nations for its part is planning to move quickly on yemen with the special envoy headed to the region soon. >> still to come on al jazeera
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burundi's president warn on sanctions on protesters. more than 400 have been arrested. plus stealing secrets airbus said it's suing the german government for spying. and roger federer in turkey secures the semifinal spot. we have more on sport a little later.
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>> every day is another chance to be strong. >> i can't get bent down because my family's lookin' at me. >> to rise, to fight and to not give up. >> you're gonna go to school so you don't have to go war. >> hard earned pride. hard earned respect. hard earned future. >> we can not afford for one of us to lose a job. we're just a family that's
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trying to make it. >> a real look at the american dream. "hard earned". premiers sunday, 10:00 eastern. only on al jazeera america. >> part of our month long look at working in america. "hard earned". >> welcome to al jazeera. six police officers have been charged in the death much freddie grayof freddie gray. in nepal survivors are facing disease due to a shortage of clean water toilets and aid. in mexico police are taking part in an anti-cartel operation
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operation: cars have been set on fire and used to block roads. papapua new guinea has been hit by an earthquake. are no immediate reports of damage. the 6.7 quake hit the country on thursday. thai police have found graves, police suspect many of the bodies belong to are a hinnga muslims muslims.
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, but urundi's president has warned against protesters. demonstrations during the week have resulted in violence. hundred rights activists say 400 people have been arrested in the past several days. malcolm web has this update. >> riot activists say that the total number of people arrested by police is over 400. we haven't been able to confirm this by the place. there was heavy protesting earlier, but they have not been destroy much property. just one car burned here. over there is the whole garage
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full of cars, and making sure that the roadblocks are made out of property that has little value to others. in saudi arabia the oil giant will be run by a council head by the newly appointed deputy crowned prince. government forces in syria try to strengthen their control of the stronghold. they're concerned after losing grounds if idleb the battles are reportedly take place of the nabi yunus hill tops.
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if they manage to keep control they'll be able to try to advance to areas taken by al-qaeda fighters earlier. now we're joined by the director of middle east studies at the university of oklahoma. thank you very much, indeed, for being with us. what do you make of the latest push by the assad force that is taking over areas. >> so the rebels seem to be much stronger than they had before. they're getting money and arms from turkey, and saudi arabia. king salmon is on the same sal man. he wants to hurt the area.
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most alawites have been spooked by these losses because it puts the rebels closer to the capital of the coastal region. if they get this high mountain they can shell down on the cities and towns below these high mountains. so the regime really has to establish a new perimeter in order to stop the rebels from pushing down towards hama on one sides very vulnerable moment, and the regime has to reassure its people. >> tell bus this new alliance where they have gotten together, and that makes a difference to what they can achieve. >> indeed, the al-qaeda wing has had a dominant position around idleb in months previous. but it seems that the money is
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going to another big militia part of the islamic front. both isis. isis used to be fighting against these rebels. isis is terribly weakened, and most of its soldiers have been sucked over to iraq because of the offensive in tikrit. the moderate rebels hounding the area and funded by the united states have been destroyed largely by this new coalition. the coalition is all alone and they have convinced turkey and saudi arabia that the only people to destroy assad and weaken the area. they're getting the money. they're being unified and everybody else has begun to join them. and it's changing the battle of power slightly. we have to see how the regime responds and whether they can respond quickly and draft new soldiers and set a new prime perimeter line.
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>> what kind of figures are we talking about? where is the evidence come from that there is a flow of money suddenly? >> well, we don't know the numbers. nobody has talked about the numbers, but the turks have been fairly open in talking with journalists and diplomats says that saudi arabia is on the same page with them. and that something has to be done. they've decided that the united states is really awol and it's gone without--has pulled out. they can turn this towards syria, and the united states is not going to stop them from arming islam mists. but there is danger, of course, mostly activists and sunni syrians are excited by the new victories. but there is a darker under side. the powers are now arming islam mists who are tremendously good fighters.
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we saw this in afghanistan assad did this in iraq, and it's backfired on the powers who have tried to arm the islam mists. they think they can push them aside when the job is done. >> just briefly do you think at the moment we're at a point where you could end up with a shift in the balance of power and they have to negotiated a settlement or it will end in some way? where do you see this going? >> well, that's the speculation. a lot of people think that is on the ropes and it's the beginning of the end. we're not sure. assad still has a lot of power. 65% of syrians perhaps even more live under assad rule and not under rebel rule. he has iranian backing. he has sent emissaries and ministers to iran and there is no announcement of new money and new loans. that's worrying the supporters because they're not sure how far
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iran will go to back them up. it's a real question about the sponsors what kind of perimeter assad can put up. there have been indications that alawites drews christians, the minorities who are terrified of islamic rule are not signing up. they've in a sense been bled white. that's what the sunni activists are saying. we don't know if that's true yet. i suspect that there's is a long battles that we'll see years more of fighting. >> thank you very much, indeed. joshua for your views on the stories. >> no a flood of migrants continue across the mediterranean from north africa, fishermen are those who discover and rescue migrants and often see them die in the water. we have reports where the fishermen are feeling the
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strain. >> returning to port. these men have tales to tell, but on this trip they happily only caught fish. this fisherman has pulled more than a thousand migrants alive from the sea and a number of the dead. >> when you see a boat in the distance you get a lump in your throat because you already know what you're going to see. we want to save everybody but sometimes rough seas make it impossible. you fell sick when you see somebody and you can't save them. >> they're regularly called on to to fill in the gaps at sea. the european union promised to send more boats immediately, but that was a weak a week ago and only one has arrived. >> this is how many fish were caught in ten days.
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it's a meager cash because the fish stocks are dwindling. the area is under strain and the extra refugees take their toll. >> emotionally our fishermen are exhausted every time they're involved in an operation rescuing men, women and children at sea. economically they're losing money. more than 3,000 euros a day. it's not fair. >> some of these boats stay within sight of the libyan coast, far thorough than the e. e.u. boats patrol, but this carries other risks. they have been detained by libyans three times accused of fishing in their waters. he tells me at the time his boat was hit by machine gunfire. >> it was the libyan coast guard telling us to stop, but we were in international waters, and i had already been kidnapped before in 1996 and had my boat seized. i spent six months in prison and
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lost 22-kilos. this time i decided i would not go even if they seize me. >> the town bishop believes there must be more sympathy for their plight. >> i don't feel italy and europe fully understand the issue. they're only dealing with the immediate emergency. they're not investigating the route of the problem. >> these men will soon be return to go sea and they'll readily play the hero perhaps europe relies too heavily on them. turkish police have used water canon and tear gas in istanbul. [ gunfire ] more than 10,000 police were deployed to the area, they were marking international today with tones and bottles. this is the first protest since the security bill that gave police more power to crackdown
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on demonstrators. the aviation giant airbus is to file a criminal complaint over allegations of germany's foreign intelligence service. they claim that they have been involved in industrial espionage. >> the suggestion that airbus is considering legal action over reports it may have been eavesdropped upon by the german security service the bnd follows on from annealing which suggested thatan article that suggesting that they have been eavesdropping on the conversations of large institutions in europe, the europe piano community was mentioned as were other large corporations, of which airbus is one. the questions that have been posing who authorized this, if, indeed it occurred. and the interior minister has
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been the subject of articles. they made clear that there was no suggestion of i am propriety by himself. he is important because he's considered to be a loyal left hand of chancellor angela merkel and she you had woo not want to see this attached to her. he is the last former chancellor of theeast germany. chief executive of electric carmaker tesla carmaker has set
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its sight on the electricity market. it's batteries can be used for solar energy and back up power. the battery might be too expensive for many costing a minimum of $3,000 u.s. >> what does this provide you? well it gives you peace of mind so if there is a cut in the utilities you're always going to have power. particularly if you're in a place that is cold. now you don't have to worry about being out of power if there is an ice storm. you could actually go, if you want go completely off grid. you could take your solar panels charge your battery packs and that's all you use. >> still to come ♪ when the night has come ♪ >> remember the life of r abandon bbb king who gave us
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hits like "stand by me. >> the countdown of the fight of the century. we'll be looking at the economic impact of north america's capital capital >> now available, the new al jazeea america mobile news app.
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get our exclusive in depth, reporting when you want it. a global perspective wherever you are. the major headlines in context. mashable says... you'll never miss the latest news >> they will continue looking for survivors... >> the potential for energy production is huge... >> no noise, no clutter, just real reporting. the new al jazeera america mobile app available for your apple and android mobile device. download it now >> now to. >> right the fight that is six years in the making. floyd mayweather and manny pacquiao are set to fight. they'll weigh in ahead of saturday's fight. they look at why it has taken this long for the honestly
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anticipated bought anticipated bout to happen. >> this has been a long and torturous route to see these fighters in the ring. they have 20 world titles between of two of them. mayweather had beat ricky hatton and then retired. well pacquiao then beat oscar de la hoya, a win that made him a global superstar. and then he demolished ricky hatton. and then mayweather said he was coming out of retirement.
5:51 pm
but in 2009 the negotiations brokedown after pacquiao was accused by mayweather's camp of using performance-enhancing drugs. pacquiao sued mayweather in court over defamation. and then a rayist rant by mayweather towards pacquiao. he eventually apologized for his outburst. mayweather's reputation in the ring is anything but tarnished but not so outside he spent three months in jail. in january. >> of course, it's expected to be the most watched fighting years and thousands of fans are in las vegas ahead of the bout. but what has the impact been? andy gallagher takes a look.
5:52 pm
>> it's the city in the desert, a police where just about anything goes. but even here the fight between floyd mayweather and manny pacquiao has las vegas excited. pound for pound they're considered the greatest boxers of their generation. this has been a fight years in the making. it's also bringing in thousands of fans who between them will spend millions of dollars. >> at the lucky transportation company business is booming. the firm has more than 200 vehicles. not enough to cope with the influx of people. >> i've been booked solid. the company's owner said that this fight has brought in the biggest impact they have seen. >> this has had an impact that
5:53 pm
vegas is back. it has been great for our community. >> but in shops across las vegas it's a similar story. it's estimated that $100 million will be wagered on the outcome and bookies say there is more than just money at stake. >> i'm rooting for one good thing to happen, a great fight. a great fight's first interest for another great fight. there is a dull fight or something that doesn't go right i think marketing is in trouble. >> for las vegas this is an event that is hoped to restore the city's fortunes. during the financial crisis las vegas was one of the hardest hit cities in the u.s. thousands lost their jobs, but this is a city uniquely built for larger than life events. certainly fans are getting excited about what is billed as the fight of the century. >> we're rearing to watch it. no better place.
5:54 pm
can't believe it. the atmosphere is amazing. >> boxing may not draw the crowd that it once did but this is expected to be the biggest money fight of all time. >> andy gallon der sent this update from a short while ago from the mgm grand. >> well, this does not get better than this. here we are inside the mgm arena. and it's there that these two fighters mr. meet. they're both considered the greatest of their generation. look at the crowd here. you have your pacquiao fans. you have your mayweather fans. they've all paid a fortune for tickets. the tickets are selling for hundreds of thousands of dollars. everybody wants to be part of this event. what has been called the fight of the century. >> well, now to football, and on
5:55 pm
saturday all eyes on la liga with all teams in action. the fight for the spanish title could go down to barcelona where they win their fifth title in seven years. every point will matter. this game lakers ten games since messi struck his first goal for the club. >> i'm here to help focus on winning the points we need. that is what worries me most as we defend on ourselves and winning the rest of our matches to win the total. if we do that, it doesn't matter what our rivals do. that is our goal. i hope real madrid struggle and lose points. but what worries me most is our match against core cordoba.
5:56 pm
>> bale well aware the threat poses, they're fifth in the league and and also in semifinals i think the team has reacted well to the injuries that we have. the players who have stepped in have done very well. now gareth bale is back. i think he's fresher than the others. he has rested and he's fresh for this time of the season. this could be very important. >> cricket now. alastair cook in the opening day in the third test against the west indies. cook's performance setting some of the tricky stuff for england who lost their top order. >> roger federer is through the istanbul open.
5:57 pm
the spaniard taking the second set on the tie break. and the grand slam champion managed to close out the match to set up. that's your sport. >> thank you very much, indeed, robin. >> bb king died of natural causes. his talent was discovered in his father's restaurant. his song "stand by me" is the fourth most broadcast song in
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ful. >> justice must apply to all of us. >> strong words from the mayor of baltimore >> justice must apply to all of us. >> strong words from the mayor