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tv   News  Al Jazeera  May 6, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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be responsible. there has been too much deceptions and lies. >> hello. i'm barbara serra. coming up in the next 60 minutes. yemen appeals to the international community after 40 civilians are killed trying to escape by boat. and striking a deal with the coalition government. and the last day of complaining before the u.k.'s election.
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we'll tell you why none of the major parties are likely to governor alone. >> i'm robin adams with all the sport. and as the spanish football season draws to a close they drop a bombshell. details coming up. >> in the hast hour the yemen the last hour yemen has asked to send land forces in to fight houthi rebels. in a letter this write: the wording of the letter happened any the yemeni ambassador to the u.n. security council. let's go to gabriel elizondo.
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what reaction if anyone to the letter to the u.n.? >> well, little context. this letter, as you mentioned just in the last hour or so, this letter is not necessarily sent out bubbly public, but it was sent from the yemeni ambassador sent to the lithuanian ambassador. so far there have been no reaction. they have been reached out to feverishly in the last four hours or so. i can tell you it has been taken very seriously at the u.n. because this is really only the second time we have a had a letter of this nature, of this caliber coming from the high level of the yemeni government since the airstrikes the key
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point this all comes about under two things happening right now that are very important. number one the u.n. has a special envoy to yemen. he's currently in paris and he's on his way to riyadh, saudi arabia. we have no reaction from him on this letter as well. when we get that we'll bring it to you when we can. the time something very interesting. it comes as increased calls of the humanitarian situation deteriorating in yemen. so things such as the airstrikes against the airport and what have you are called within the u.n. and elsewhere saying that is impeding some of the necessary relief getting into the country. clearly this letter is
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reverberating through the halls in the u.n. as soon as we get any reaction were top diplomats we'll bring it to you. >> there is a new envoy to yemen. what more can you tell us? >> he's currently in paris, france where he's dealing with talks there and on his way to riyadh. he's trying to restart the talks. this is something that the u.n. security council has been pushing for in security council resolutions over the past weeks and months here as well. the security council has met several times on weekends, on sundays to pass urgent security council resolutions. it gives you an idea of how important or how critical this body the u.n. thinks this is. really the main mission of this yemeni envoy this new u.n. envoy to yemen is to try to get the peace fashion and these talks kick started again. but that's going to be a very
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difficult process most likely because the houthis have said all along they do not plan to take part in any peace talks that happen to be held in riyadh. the houthis just say that they are against that. that they feel that's not the right form or not the right place to hold any sort of talks. but clearly the u.n. says beyond anything else the u.n. has said all along the only way to reach some sort of conclusion of this is through diplomatic means and not military means. >> gabriel elizondo with the latest from the u.n. thank you. well the yemeni ambassador appeal to the united nations cone side with the visit from the u.s. secretary of state towsacky arabia. john kerry arrived and is there to push for quote humanitarian pause in the fighting. considering a temporary truss to allow aid deliveries. kerry has praised saudi arabia aid agencies trying to reach
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civilians. the timing is interesting. it has ban day of spiraling developments itself. 100 civilians thought to have died. across board attacks. do you think it's a coincidence that it was sent now? >> it is a coincidence because secretary of state john kerry is coming to ask for humanitarian truce. that goes contrary to the ground invasion that the yemenis have just asked the u.n. to do. we have two situations that go against each other here. the need for the airstrikes, so the victims of war can be reached, and the need saudis and yemeni government to go ahead and go beyond just the airstrikes we have seen the
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houthis being defeated. we've seen them gain ground, and remember aden was on the list of priorities when they launched the airstrikes. they wanted to make aden available for the government to be able to move there. they called on the houthi toss draw from aden,. very dangerous there and also for the civilians and the houthis are gaining more strength. their performance is getting better by the day. iran is wielding it's just a few
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days ago. the deputy foreign minister of iran saying that iran will not let regional powers jeopardize in yemen. these are very strong words. if you look at the houthis getting better, probably getting weapons in acement of the saudis and yemenis. it's getting dangerous and the saudis want to move ahead. because the airstrikes have been going on for more than six weeks now. as i said, they haven't achieved any of the goals that have been set now that we have an united nations security council resolution at 2216 under chapter 7 at least from the point of view of the u.n. the environment
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is ripe for them to ask for more. and we'll have seen countries outside of the we don't know if they have asked for this green light. now they want to move them to the u.n. that's very interesting interesting. >> interesting development indeed. mohammed vall. thank you for that. the appeal comes after 120 people most of them civilians were reportedly killed in heavy fighting across yemen. at least 40 civilians died after shells fired houthi rebels hit a fishing boat that they were using to leave the port city of aden. >> these people are flee forgive their lives. they were attempting to leave the potter. speaking from the saudi capital
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they blamed the houthis for the attack. >> they will never violate ored any law. this is to cleanse the city. the rebels loyal to former president saleh are carrying out attacks against those who are defense am and unarmed. >> the houthi's latest attack seem to to be not far from aden 's port. this is important for control over the coast. but forces are putting up a fight. in the north of aden there is
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also battle in the city of taiz, yemen's most populated province. over the last weeks fighting has destroyed many parts of the city. those defending the city accused houthis are carrying out random shelling. fighters in the city and they have declared enemies of the houthi and their allies, and that could turn the tide against the houthis. the sawed coalition carried out more than 30 strikes in the last 24 hours hitting houthi targets in the provinces near the saudi border. those airstrikes seem to be on to hit the area.
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>> joining us live from new york new york we heard how the situation has been escalating in yemen. do you think this could be the precursor to a saudi ground invasion. >> not a soundy ground invasion but an arming of their allies and tribal factions in yemen that would be fighting the houthis. i think that would endanger the situation there. and probably widen the conflict lead to go a full fledge civil war. that's the change that i think is worrying the americans and other members of the security council, and precisely i would think that the yemeni ambassador would want to put the security
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council in front of its own responsibilities. if it's not going to do something immediately to stop the bloodshed in yemen. that yemen and it's allies would do that, and that would mean either troops or most likely arming the opposition there or the legitimate force there is, and that would mean serious conflict. >> they're asking for-- >> i think we're way beyond that today. certainly the united states and others would not send troops to yemen. this is a major problem for any serious power to send it's own shoulders into a place like
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yemen. what happens as we see secretary of state kerry ask a number of things of the saudis and their allies. one, there would an quick move to the diplomatic. two, the diplomatic would not be limited to the parties that saudi arabia like but would involve the houthis themselves third, that there has to be besupervision . afourth, that iranand fourth, washington is concerned about bringing houthis to the negotiation table. and they want to make sure that
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it dud not lead to strengthening al-qaeda. all of these combined means diplomacy. what we would see today is a rehearsal for what we would sea next week when president obama meets the saudi monarch and other gcc leaders in camp david. >> when you put it like that, it's a pretty impressive list of how complicated it is in yemen and how many are involved. how wired would you say the security council specifically the u.s. is worried about the destabilizing of yemen? >> what you've seen over its last few days are certain incidents, for example for the iranians taking on a ship, even though it was under an american flag, it was an american ship. and iranians accepting their flow telltel las. any incident of that nature between the saudi airport and
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iranian naval forces or between the americans and iranians, any kind of incident would lead to a major confrontation or would heighten the tension in that part of the world it is an important strategic area that no one in the security council would like to see deteriorate within a full fledge war. certainly within the middle east. >> it will be interesting to see the diplomacy develop over the next several hours. manuel. thank you. still to come in the news hour the afghan refugee who is have given up hope of ever returning to their homes. in limbo the female migrants who made it to libya hidden in the backs of trucks only to to end
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up in detention centers. and an nfl cheating scandal points a finger to one of the sports' biggest names. >> syria's president has describe discussed losses as mere setbacks. the area was taken by rebel fighters by the the the al-qaeda-linked al nusra front.
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we talk not only about dozens or hundreds of battles but thousands of battles. >> heavy fighting with isil fighters who have been trying to retake the oil refinery for months. if government forces want to retake iraq's largest city, they must secure beiji. much of isil's funding has come from selling oil on the black market. wills that been a spike in bombings in baghdad in the past few days. of a afghan judge has sentenced four men to dead for the beating and death of a woman in broad daylight. she was wrongly accused of
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burning a copy of the qur'an. concerns have been made about the speed with which the verdicts were reached. caroline malone reports. >> reporter: the murder trial has been closely watched in afghanistan. the trial was broadcast live on national television. 49 people including 19 policemen were accused. four of them have been given the harshest punishments. >> we have sentenced each of you to capital punishment, death. our decision on these four people is not definite, they have the right to appeal. >> 27-year-old was wrongly accused of burning a qur'an. she was brutally attacked by a mob in kabul. they beat and kicked her and then set her body on fire. hundreds of people watched. some people even recorded it on their phones. that evidence was used in the case. her family were in court. her brother told al jazeera that justice has not been served.
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human rights activists agree that not everyone was brought to trial. >> the real criminals are still free. and i don't believe that it was a fair and free trial. announcing the death penalty or imprisoning or freeing most of these people was a very hefty decision. >> despite it's failings the trial has successfully convicted some people involved in mob justice against women in afghanistan. >> it had a big influence on the public perception. this case was taken very much seriously, that we have lots of cases. women were killed, and everybody watched and no one was brought to justice. >> there is a shrine is built on the liver bank where she was burned. women carried her coffin at the funeral, breaking with tradition. many are calling for justice. many of them were angry not only
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at the crime but that it happened in public while the police were present. 19 policemen are also on trial. some of them say they called for back up, but that none came. their verdicts and possible sentencing are due on sunday. >> an afghanistan scholar at the university of london in school of african studies. thank you for being with us. that report struck me is the victim's brother who said justice isn't served. that he seems to think that of the culprits have not been tried. but there was film there that people saw so what do you make of the verdict? do you think just has been done? has it been a good fit for justice for women in afghanistan? >> well, unfortunately for like this family, like her brother everyone in afghanistan is concerned. what we saw as a result of the primary court nobody is satisfied with this procedure
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because it was rash. it was not very clear and people who are--they did not have their lawyers their defense lawyers. there are some really grave concerns that requires much more attention and much more thorough processes in the next steps so that we can have a better justice. >> i suppose the good thing there has been an outcry of afghanistan itself. do you think this could have happened to a man? what do you think the difference would have been if a man would have been accused of burning the qur'an. the accusation itself, the woman was not accused of dressing improperly. what do you think the difference would have been if it had been a
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man? >> well, the accusation is such that it could not be largely different. but the reason that those men those culprits who were there they find the opportunity to show and perform their masculine masculinity is something that displayed harsher. the first thing that these attackers did they grabbed her scarf, so there were very important factors that showed that because she was a woman she suffered more in the hands of those who were perpetrating the crime. >> from a security point of view from the police, is the situation for women in afghanistan getting better?
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if they do suffer violence is it easier now for them to get the help they need? >> unfortunately, it's not. for the last 12 to 14 years we have a series of assassinations and killings of women. by the way the killing was not an assassination. a political type of assassination. but this is one of the first ones where you have the killers right in front of you. but still on video and there is evidence that cannot be ignored. but the greatest concern now are the people who are running away, and there is a need for an international call on the afghan government on the police and it's judiciary systems or police particularly to find those people who were the perpetrators and they're still hiding. >> where are they and why are they not arrested. >> if you can, do you think or hope that this killing will leave a legacy? >> there is a strong hope in afghanistan. the outrage that we saw nationwide and globally on this case is providing a lot of inspiration and hope for people
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that they're awakening and they're realizing that this injustice is not fair, and there should be an end to it. but then it all defends very much on how the government of afghanistan and how it's international supporters are going to respond to this and watch this process being fair. >> thank you so much for sharing your views with us. we appreciate it. now israel's prime minister has managed to form a new government. benjamin netanyahu has got the numbers to form a coalition with a series of right-wing parties. he had to make some serious compromises along the way. let's go to mike hannah, who is in jerusalem. what are some of those compromises? >> we learn that benjamin netanyahu has security the
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majority in the parliament. he now has up to a week to decide on the exact competition of his cabinet but he has a very slim majority despite all of these compromises, and it was the majority that was reached in the last hour before his deadline. it went to the wire only at the last moment was an agreement reached within the jewish home party. it's leader securing concessions before throwing in its eight seats the full extent of the concessions made will only be apparent in coming days. but it's clear this will be a government of extreme right-wing senseibility. jewish home has its homes in the settler movement.
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and they've called for more settlements not less. the government will also be at the mercy of two ultra orthodox religious parties which have been demanded the pledge of the benefits for the ultra religious. it could tack the withdraw or support of one of the coalition parties to bring the government down. so at the end of weeks of negotiations benjamin netanyahu is left with a slim one-seat majority in parliament. it will be a weak government that's essentially at the mercy of the settler movements and two small religious parties. ♪ and coincidentally on this
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evening there is added spring in the step of these daners as she dancers also celebrate the resurgence >> from west jerusalem. there is a government now. there is going to be one very soon. what impact do you at this that's going to have on the negotiations or lack there have between israelis and the palestinians? >> one must remember that during the reign of the previous government was a lot more moderate than this one. as i mentioned in that piece this is essentially an extreme right-wing government. it has the members of the likud who were in the previous government but the presence
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within the government of jewish home and the massive influence that it will wield will have a major negative impact on relations with the palestinians. one must remember that naphtali bennet is a person who says there should be more settlements than less. he has called for the expulsion of palestinians from certain west bank areas. he has stated's not interested with negotiations. nothing could be more clear than how different this government is from the last one than the person who is expected to be the justice minister. she's also from the jewish home. she was the subject of those last-minute negotiations. now she's known to be extremely right wing. she'll be in charge of israel's just system. so certainly from the point of view of relationships with the palestinians even in the absence of any form of negotiations this is likely to deteriorate in the days and weeks ahead. >> mike hannah for us in west
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jerusalem. thank you. there is still more to come on al jazeera including we travel with one nepal nepalese ex-pat as he copes with the earthquake. and is he serena williams snatches victory from defeat in the madrid open.
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>> sunday on "hard earned". losing control. >> 50 and broke. i live with the consequences every day. >> harsh realities. >> i did two tours in iraq, when i came back i couldn't find a job. >> fighting to survive. >> bein' a man and can't put my family in a home that they deserve... that's a problem for me. >> hard earned pride. hard earned respect. hard earned future. a real look at the american dream.
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"hard earned". sunday, 10:00 eastern. only on al jazeera america. >> part of our month long look at working in america. "hard earned". >> a reminder of the top stories. an appeal to the international community to urgently send in ground troops to fight houthi rebels. in other news benjamin netanyahu has struck a last-minute deal to form a coalition government with israel israel. the agreement came two hours before his deadline. and four men have been sentenced to death for their roles in the murder of a woman when was beaten in broad daylight.
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let's going about a to the ambassador with the u.n. who asked the security council to intervene by sending land forces. thank you for joining us on al jazeera. you had a chance to look through the letter. it's clear. they're asking for land forces. what do you make of this request and the timing? >> i men at this point it appears to me to be a clear sign much desperation. we've had this attack, but more importantly i think from the hadi government standpoint this led to the loss of one of the most strategiccally important neighborhoods that until recently was under control of anti-houthi fighters. now at this point we're looking at a situation where the houthis and their allies with the military are looking at this point it would some this is a sign of desperation.
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>> a desperation in the sense that they want to justify a saudi-led ground invasion. >> we've seen recently senegal has committed 2,100 troops p roughly 10% of their military in fact to a potential ground invasion the key countries that i think saudi was banking on, we're talking about pakistan and egypt, they have not committed the troops yet. this is a question if this is an attempt to get western countries either involved or to pressure countries like egypt or pakistan to get involved. >> it's interesting that u.s. secretary of state john kerry is in riyadh right now. but his reaction will be interesting. the u.s. is already taking
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action in yemen because they're worried about the al-qaeda presence there. >> this call for a ground invasion in yemen comes as secretary of state john kerry has arrived in riyadh calling in an attempt to negotiate some sort of humanitarian pause in the fighting. needless to say that this call to the ambassador in the u.n. will call to issue the fact that kerry is hoping to push saudi to put men in the fighting and then calling for a whole new level to be taken in terms of an escalation of fighting. >> people will be pushing for diplomatic resolution. considerings long as it's gone, it could go a little longer and do you think the chance of a diplomatic resolution is moving further and further away? >> i think whether you were to ask me this question a month ago, three weeks ago.
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it's in the interest of all parties. since this conflict has started that reality has lipped further and further from all key sides' mine minds. we're looking at those who would have agreed to a solution are now more inized incentivized to fight. >> thank you visiting fellow specializing in yemen. thank you. >> thank you. >> nigeria's military said that it has rescued more women around chin from boko haram's stronghold. it's unclear if they include some of the school girls
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kidnapped a year ago now from chibok town. president of purundi said that if he's elected for a third term next month that he would not run for office again. his run for a third time has sparked violent protest as the constitution only allows for two terms. more than a dozen people have been killed over the last two weeks, including members of the police. nearly 100 migrants have been rescued off the italian coast after 12 days at sea. the border patrol said that they spent two days adrift without food or water. they were rescued as they tried to reach europe. many were trying to reach europe but sent back to shore. thousands risk their lives trying to cross the pedestrian
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mediterranean, but it's women who risk the hardship. >> they didn't know each other before and now they're living together. this is the only space available for women at the detention center in misratha. outside the men are outside of the corridor. there is nothing for them to do. 17 years old set off for mogadishu with their younger sister. >> they killed my father. i don't know where my mother is. i want to live a better life. >> to get this far the women have crossed several borders without travel documents and little money. their last leg was the sahar raw desert in libya. most of them hid no one the back of a truck like this one.
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often hidden under bails of hay. some were robbed. others raped. exhaustion is etched on faces. this woman traveled with her two children. she just arrived here but won't talk to us. it's 16-year-old aicha who explains things to us. >> we haven'tad anything to eat. just water no food. they beat us sometimes. they think we're animals. that we're not people. >> the women here have different reasons for their or deals. for ayam it's about getting an education and feeling safe. >> i want to study and an doctor. but it won't come true. i'm 5 and i don't know the alphabet. where should i stay welcome there is no place for me in this world. where every i go there is war. i think time is going by and i still haven't gone to school.
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now i'm in prison. >> theyer these women do not know where they are in libya but the difficult part is not knowing how long they'll be held in this room. many complain that they have not been able to speak to their families for days. sometimes weeks. they worry no one knows where they are. >> every people here have problems. every people here, every people have problems. we need just to go. >> the uncertainty that the migrant women here face is enormous but they are resilient. despite everything they'll continue to wonder looking for safety wherever it may be. al jazeera mistrata. >> there are 38 million people who have been forcebly displaced within their own countries. the norwegian refugee council has released a report showing a 15% increase from last year. 15million people were newly
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displaced. that's 30,000 every day. for the first time in more than a decade europe saw large numbers of displaced people. nearly 650,000 were displace from ukraine. in afghanistan nearly a million people are forced from their homes. as jennifer glasse reports that number is expected to increase. >> brutal fighting forced this man out of his village. >> at least we're safer here. there is no fighting. it is calm here. no one will bomb us, but life is very hard here. >> he said that there isn't enough work to earn enough to feed his family. a common problem in this
5:43 pm
sprawling camp on the edge of the capital. many thought this would be a temporary stop. >> i didn't think we would be here for long. i thought i would be here for a month or two. now we don't even think about going home. >> there is no school. most of the children are illiterate and for many this is the only home they've ever known. the united states united united nations says that afghanistan begans are displaced because of war. about two weeks ago this woman with her two daughters and two sons fled fighting from helmand province with only what they were wearing. she said that the fighting made it too dangerous to stay. at about the same time in northern afghanistan hundreds of taliban fighters fighting afghan
5:44 pm
soldiers and police, and the civilians are caught in the middle. >> our entire village has fell into the hands of the taliban. >> there are no displaced candies in this city so people have moved in with relatives and friends. some living 20 to a room. local officials say no aid has arrived yet. the united nations anticipate 150,000 more afghan also become displaced in their own country this year. where there is conflict, there is displacement. >> reconstruction work is underway in nepal following the earthquake that has killed more than 7600 people. in the historic town workers have started the major task of saving buildings before further ruin. nearly 200 heritage sites throughout the country have been
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damaged about work is going on to restore essential services to restore power and water supplies. officers leave the group may have been plotting target mosques in centers used by people. investigators believe that the germany co-pilot that crashed the germany germanwings plane into the alps had practiced. all people on board of the plane were killed in the french alps. on thursday voters in the u.k. will cast their ballots into the general election. throughout five weeks of campaigning the polls have suggested that no single party will get enough votes to win the election outright.
5:46 pm
that could mean days of horse trading between the parties to decide who will form the next government. lawrence lee reports. >> in north london, wealthy and liberal. in this new era of coalition politics some labor supporters don't like the idea of their party doing deals with those who would shop down the united kingdom. >> would you vote labor if they didn't have to get the support of the scott dish nationalists? >> yes. >> but you don't want them to deal with the nationalists? >> you hit it on the head. >> they're forcing together the parties that are like apples and oranges. if the opinion polls are right there is almost no electoral mathematics that would allow the former coalition that would give them the majority in parliament. yet the labour party coo but only with the support of the
5:47 pm
scottish nationalists, and they're wanting independence from the united kingdom. and they're leading the conservatives to employee the moral authority or legitimacy of that arrangement. >> the newspapers are full of talk of constitutional crisis, the scottish enemy holding the leavers of power. >> opponents of the scottish national party are take together airways. arguing that the public would prefer a public that keeps the u.k. together even if it can't get a majority. >> so that what gives cameron the moral high ground but he still has to have a healthy number of m.p.s. >> but senior civil servants have been hard at work. not only the majority in parliament is going to count in the end. >> the idea that you can exclude the snp very democracy scotland
5:48 pm
is voting for them. that's a fact of life that has to be taken into account. >> if all of this was simple and the party with the biggest gang would claim victory but the bookmakers are not sure that it's this simple at all. >> still to come on the program mission accomplished. why this marks a significant step for commercial space exploration. and barcelona expired in the champions league, but the spanish giant also have a massive headache at the moment. robin is going to tell you what that is.
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>> commercial space exploration companies spacex has taken another step towards putting an astronaut into orbit. it's fired a space capsule tearing a dummy high in the sky over cape cape canaveral florida. the test was to prove that the dragon could fire its passengers out of harm's way should there be any problems during launch. they hope to put astronauts into orbit by 2017. heaven for some people but not for others. robin here with sports now. >> barcelona beaten by bayern munich. the challenge could be at risk. the football federation
5:51 pm
announced they're suspending all domestic matches. the federation disagrees with a new law approveed last week sharing tv money more equally. it will effect the last two days of the spanish cup final. the title is highly unlikely to be decide bid then. we have more from spain. the spanish football federation announced it is suspending all games this season because of its dispute with the government over tv rights. the federation said that it was unhappy with the new law put in place, the law that breaks the monopoly over tv rights, remember they negotiate their own deal. no games will be played after the 16th of may that includes the do met domestic cup finals. this has been always a hot
5:52 pm
potato for some time. it's finally come to a head. of course, there is real chance that barcelona could be meeting real madrid for the first time. messi with the return they beat bayern bayern munich side. two from mes si and end with the 3-0 victory. let's get more analysis from the european football are we going to see them going through with the threat of suspending the domestic leagues? >> they hope that some sort of truth at least will be sorted in the next few days. maybe a promise of more talks in the summer after the season has ended. presumably that is really the
5:53 pm
hope for everybody. >> was anybody expecting this drastic action from the league? what are the reasons behind it. >> it's a very complex business. spain does not have centralizing selling of rights such as they have in england germany, so it's been the law of the jungle and they have creamed off most of the money. but they decided because they couldn't trust each other they had to under pin it with the law. now once you get a law then the federation objective in spanish football against the statutes of fifa uefa and so on, now you have this stand off. >> that's football expert sharing about the threat of the
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football suspension. thank you for your time. and of course, these are teams worth more than a billion dollars. four of them from england and 20 other teams are worth 11% more than last year due to tv and sponsorship deals. >> when you look at the composition of the list, i think it tells you really how much more tv deals are being valued. the english premiereship will pay an average of 2.3 over the three years. >> the nfl investigation says that the new england patriots are likely to have deliberately flattened football to gain the advantage in january. and the report indicated that the patriot star player tom
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brady in what is called the deflate scandal. they say that he was generally aware of two members of the backroom staff deflateing balls in the game. the patriots won the match to get through to the super bowl, which they won and deflateing balls making them easier to grip and throw. serena williams is playing her first claycourt tournament of the year. in the madrid open she was made to work hard by a former number one. azarenka losing three consecutive doubles to blow three match points. williams to win the tie break and win the match. pakistan are in good position after day one of two of the batsmen making centuries.
5:56 pm
they are still at the creases at 127, and will reach 232-3. 323-3. this is the first time that a teamthe team will play in pakistan. international cricket has not played in pakistan since march 2009. >> we complete our memorandum of understanding we've agreed to and we make these various announcements. we're excited to finish up on the security arrangements and then look forward to the zimbabwe team to play three one-day internationals right
5:57 pm
here. >> the world's best golfers are gathered in the united states for the championship in florida. traditionally the richest tournament in world golf with $10 million prize purse. rory mcilroy goes in as the favorite. jordan speith and much of the focus is on tiger woods since making an an encouragementing come back at the masters last month. >> thank you. and that is it. you can find more on everything we've been covering on our website. stay with us. you can see our top story there yemen sending the u.n. a letter about getting ground troops. we'll have more on that in just a few minutes.
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i hope you'll join me then. bye bye.
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>> yemen appeals to the international community to send in ground troops after 40 civilians civilians are killed trying to escape aden by boat. hello, i'm barbara serra you're watching al jazeera live from london. taking it to the wire, benjamin netanyahu strikes a last-minute deal to form a coalition government in israel. four men are sentenced to death over the mob killing of a woman, which sparked protest across afghanistan. and the last day of campaigning before the u.k. election.