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tv   News  Al Jazeera  May 7, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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mellow, i am lauren taylor, this is the news hour. coming up. >> as fighting rages on, a five day cease fire in yemen but the houthis agree. >> fears of fighting in the mountainous region will spill over the border into lebanon. more deaths after the president insists he will run for a third term. britain votes in it's
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tightest elections in decades. will they win enough seats to secure a majority. >> hello there robin adams live from london. keeps signing those big checks details on the latest purchase coming up. also fans prepare for the worst in spain as the game looks set to grind to a halt. in the coming days. saudi arabia has offer add five day cease fire, in the campaign it is waging against houthis fighters but only if the houthis also stop hostilities. that announcement was welcomed by the u.s. secretary of state. he has been in the capitol holding talks with saudi leaders as well as yemen's president. late on wednesday the ambassador toe the united nations asked the international community to send land forces urgently to fight the houthis. that was propertied by a
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upsurge in fighting which is still raging where many residents are trapped. mohamed has more from riyadh. >> this is the southern yemen city after weeks of air strikes and fighting. the scene of chaos destruction, and misery. hundreds have been killed and thousands have lost their livelihoods. but there may be an opportunity for a temporary break in the violence. today we particularly welcome a new saudi initiative. to try to bring about a peaceful resolution through the announcement of their intent to establish a full five day renewable cease fire and human pain pause. no bombing no shooting, no movement or repositions of troops. >> u.s. secretary of state has been meeting saudi
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government officials. and if the houthiss and loyalists of former president respond favorably his proposal could change the situation on the ground. the five day truce is renewable, which means if the initial cease fire holds there's a likelihood of a longer truce to come. the purpose is not only to facilitate the release supplies but also to open a window of opportunity for talks to start. king solomon has announced a conference in riyadh which the foreign minister referred to to which he is inviting all yemen parties. and we support that. >> the two ministers pointed out after the initial conference, which will be held on the 17th of this month. the saudis and the government of yemen encouraged subsequent talks to be held with the help of the u.n. the houthis say they are open to talks and negotiations but
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will not attempt any that are hosted by countries that support the saudi led coalition. >> they will never ever ever go to riyadh because riyadh has attacked us, riyadh is not any more neutral, and neither any country in the gulf except oman. >> but the foreign minister insists the ever the talks to begin the cease fires hold. >> this is all based on the houthis complying with the cease fire there will be a cease fire everywhere, or a cease fire nowhere. >> if this offer holds it is the biggest step yet. >> mohamed al jazeera. within the last hour, the head of the saudi led coalition, has promised a strong response if the houthis continue to cross the red lines in attacking saudi areas, he said there would be a painful response to attacks
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on saudi areas with no limitations or boundaries. let's have a listen to what the spokes mapp said a short while ago. >> it was a high price because the security of the saudird boors is the top priority of the coalition forces and of saudi armed forces this is a red line that has been overcome, so there will be huge operations that will start from now and will never end until the objectives made by the political leadership of the country are done and fulfilled and met. in the saudi capitol riyadh. do we have any clearer idea of what they mean by that operation which seems to be so big in it's scope as they put it. >> it attorneys out not to be
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as brief as expected and then weeks later they try to deescalate there the hopes that that respond and some other areas that the sudden days indicated. now that phase two seeminglies han't work according to the military spokesman, so now we will see phase three, which is probably either a combination of one and two or probably even a return to phase one. another storm. he promised an intensification and that because he said the houthiss have crossed another red line that are not just insisting and continuing to occupy more territories of take more territories in areas but they are also now beginning to
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strike inside saudi arabia. and this comes at a time when the saudis have just tended or offered that five days truce which is renewable accord dog the statement today. to send ground forces in, how likely is that in the short term. how likely is that in the short term? >> the yemenis have asked for ground troops to be sent by the u.n. to protect civilian in yemen. to reverse the advance on problems in yemen, and they have used chapter seven and that -- and the united nations resolution 22 security council resolution 2216, which warned the
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houthis of continuing their campaign and also given a deadline that deadline was passed two weeks ago now. and the yemenis are relying on that situation saying they now have the right to ask the u.n. to deliver on it's promises and to treat the houthis according to the resolutions however, in terms of facts on the ground, we don't see enough preparation for a ground invasion any time soon, the saudis are amassing their troops, yes but they haven't given any indication that they will send troops inside yemen which seems countries even from outside the region offering to send troops we know that egypt and other countries like morocco and jordan have already announced. we have seen even announcements in the last few weeks of a major exercise ground exercise, but it hasn't materialized so if a ground invasion is going to happen, it is going to take
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time not going to happen too or tomorrow, and also probably the yemen and the saudis are going to seek the blessing and probably a u.n. even for any ground invasion. >> thank you very much indeed for that live update there with me now is the journalist who spent several years living and reporting in yemen. i want to turn now to the humanitarian situation. what are they telling you about kind of the situation there at the moment? and whether they would welcome a pause in the fighting that's been suggested. >> they certainly have been very desperate to get aid in. they have been having to negotiate for every boat that's been going in, for the planes that were going in, until the runway was hit which prevented any more flights. but they are feeling really about this corporate cease fire and what they decided to strike as the humanitarian cause, they are not necessarily agreeing with that they feel this would give the family a green
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light, kind of leeway to carry on, straight afterwards with what they were doing before and almost legitimizes their military campaign. and they are also concerned that there has been a finding in this supposed cease fire, and the human karen cause that goes with it, and very little fuel in the country so even they say manage to get some aid in, trying to get the aid out to people, is obviously an issue and the logistics of how this may work is very short notice, is something that hasn't been arranged. so the n.g.o.s i have spoken to, aren't necessarily supporting a humanitarian cause. >> presumably, they are having difficulties with both sides in that the houthis are blocking areas access to aid in certain areas. >> i have been speak ton aid agencies down there as well, and that has been far from easy as well. and with some of the commanders that are still loyal, so the problem is at
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the moment is that medical facilities and the infrastructure was there before has completely collapsed because of the lack of supplies and fuel to be able to run hospitals even. >> even with extra fuel coming coming in we could run out of supplies or an aid program within days. are are we at that point. >> it is getting close to that so that includes the food program because only three bulk carriers have been allowed to dock in yemen since this offense started in march. and also bring in rice and wheat. and yemen imp.o.s 90% of it's wheat, so they are talking about basic food stuff. because of the conflict. >> thank you very much
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indeed. for talking to us about that. >> an iraqi soldier has been killed. in the city of falujjah. security forces say a rocket propelled grenade fired by isil hit military headquarters. three were also killed in a drone attack. >> syrian activists new chemical attacks in the country. claim to show several people in hospital with breathing proms after a strike. and they say government helicopters dropped barrel bombs filled with chlorine gas over several villages. in the next hour, they are due to discuss attacks in syria. the u.s. military has started training syrian fighters to take on the islamic state of iraq. they have reported to have started in jordan and will
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soon launch in turkey. there are fierce battles for control of the border could spill over into lebanon. the mountainous region has seen intense fighting between opposition forces and fighters who support the president. the battle in the mountains has intensified, this is the western parts where the the coalition of syrian opposition groups says it is pushing out the government, and hezbollah fighters. it is on the lebanese border. it is consider as strategic supply rout for hezbollah fighters and syrian opposition fighters know it. against isil and the syrian government. be uh the groups fighters are adamant about maintaining control in areas they have taken. the syrian air force has been targeting positions to prevent any interruption in the crucial support it gets
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from hezbollah. the government denies losing ground to the opposition, and recent gains in other areas in the country are. proking rare acknowledgements of set backs and promising to raise the morale. to eradicate terrorism. >> in neighboring lebanon funerals will held for the commanders killed during battle. hezbollah says it has also inflicted losses on opposition fighters and prompted to clear the area. but the battle near the divided part of lebanon where tensions run deep, is a cause for concern for others as well. the alliance says it is worried that the advances can track the army into syria's war. early intervention protects
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outside the country create as threat for the army itself, and for the whole society. >> the syrian opposition says it does not want to cross the board e, but fighters insist on battling hezbollah considering a vital lifeline keeping the government in power. the army has already been deployed where they can't operate because of sectarian issues. in a fight so close to home where people may take sides is seen is a threat for lebanon, which is already struggling to contain that divide. al jazeera. >> coming up this news hour, an entire generation of men wiped out, one community in north eastern nigeria that is reeling from a string of attacks. you're fired. we will fell you why chili's president has sacked her entire cabinet. and mires is given the green light to realize a 100 year
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olympic dream. robin has that and the rest of sport coming up. three more people have been killed during political violence in the capitol. protestors have been on the streets for almost two weeks now, demonstrating against a decision by the president to run for a third term, which they say is illegal. however, a court this week ruled that the president could seek another term in office. since the second day of protests against the president pierre bid for a third term. the army says it is supporting the police, but it's soldiers have not joined in the violence, and the protestors like them. >> the soldiers are always protecting us when they shoot at us.
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woe thank the soldiers and their commander. he should deploy more soldiers on the streets. >> that protest was then broken up. police fires tier gas and guns this time nobody was injured. >> the protestors here say a that a lot of the people in police uniforms aren't, in fact policeman, but members of the youth wing. and the protestors say much more likely to shoot with guns but they say as long as the soldiers are out from the streets too then they are safe and much less likely to get shot. it is not normal to hear police here chanting and singing songs on the street. but police and the ruling party deny that they are involved. many people say the army as being neutral, the peace deal defended 12 year civil war in 2005 states the military should be ethnically balanced and inclusive of all former
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rubble groups. some say this is not fully happened in practice, but it is trusted and known to be professional nonetheless. the soldiers have been trained by the u.s. and some militaries too. they serve in peace keeping missions. in spite of fears of political violence, the army spokesman told us it can keep the p polling stationslation safe. >> they know what to do. they know how to operate how to cooperate. and they are doing their job. >> some of the activist whose called for the protests don't want the army to wait. they say a they want it to take control. he thinks it could happen as soon as for the violence continues. in that situation i can even see a coup-de-ta, so that stability and normality can
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be displayed throughout the country. >> it is hard to see how the situation will be resolved, neither the president nor the protestors show any sign of backing dune. malcolm web, al jazeera. >> france says it is officially opened a case against 14 french soldiers accusing of raping children at a refugee camp in the central african republic. the alleged abuse took place last june, at a center for displaced people. the government has also said that will announce it's own investigation against the claims. to niagara. say a generation of husbands, brothers and fathers are being wiped out in the country's north southeast. they say the armed group often are going to ledges and kill all the men before kidnapping women and girls. to meet some of those
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communities effected by six years of violence. sad and broke before boka haram met the town. the father of 14 had houses 20 farms and more than 100 head of cattle. now these two are all the he has. >> people still come to ask neighbors. i loose so much. at some point, even the will to go on. but i am still hanging in there. >> but the pain he feels most is a loss of two adult sons both killed by boko haram. after the death, 500 others fled to settle here. since boka haram ran out of town in march some are thinking of going back. but overseas he sees in future there. >> i think when we eventually
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go back, most of luis be going back to our graves. what is the use. how can we cope. some of us have depression. >> and there are several farming communities like this, that have been displaced. for now they live on handouts as they have beneath territory money nor the strength to farm. or trade. >> there was a systemic targeting of young men decimating the population of many villages. the group is also accused of using rape, as a weapon of war. even women were not spared. >> in many communities most young men and women have either been killed or have left.
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it will be difficult. the countries recovery as soon as possible. although fighters are on the run, few show much desire to return home, the question most of them are asking now is a return to what? al jazeera. nigeria. israel's new government has already approved 900 settler homes. which is strongly backed settlement building and opposes a palestinian state. the details from jerusalem. the palestinians have
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described it as extreme right wing composed of people who have no interest whatsoever in seeking a two state solution. yet they may take comfort in the fact that the government may not last long, some analysts contend it is inherently self-destructive. and a number of members of the coalition were brought in with a promise of increased government expenditure on their interests. however, another of the partners is headed by a man kept to be the finance minister who has insisted that he will cut government spending clearly the interests are very divergent. there has been speculation too, that benjamin netanyahu may within months if not weeks invite the leader of the union to join the coalition, making it a stronger government, however they have made clear from the beginning that he is no interest in joining a coalition headed by benjamin netanyahu, and is even less likely to join the coalition
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composed of parties whom he would regard as even more unsavory. less than three hours left now for people to cation ball t los in the closest election in decades. sew lawrence, doe with have any indication as to the our nut. >> the weather, by and large has been okay. and that's bound to help, and obviously all the parties will have had every activist they can get their hands on trying to bring out every last vote in all of this, as you see it is almost half past seven in the evening here the polls have been open for over 12 hours.
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and they will close in 2 1/2 hours time and that's when we will start to get the first indication of what has happened. so what happened after 10:00 o'clock, well, they are exit polls that's the first thing that will happen, and then within about 12 hours from now by six or 7:00 o'clock the majority of the results will come in, and at that point, we will get a clear idea of how britain's voted. an extra complication as well. they will all have to gather together just down the road to remember the second world war so a very exciting friday ahead. >> lawrence lee, thank you indeed. the cabinet ministers are waiting to learn their fate.
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by saturday evening the popularity is lower than ever after a string of corruption scandals and increasing unhappiness the governments performance. care line malone reports. the president of chili needed a shake up to save her helpation. >> a few hours ago, i requested the resignation of all the ministers and i will take 72 hours to decide who will stay and who will go. president's popularity is at an all time low her son resigns as director of cultural affairs after being accused of using connections to get his wife access to a $10 million loan. her company is being investigated for buying land with that loan and reselling it. there's also been scandaling over campaign financial which they tries to address with new measures on how politicians can raise money. but results show that 67%
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disapprove of her as leader. >> the disapproval rate having a negative effect on what has already been achieved. and throw as lot of doubt on what can be taken forward. >> explained the timing of her announcement on national television. why didn't i do this earlier? well because we have been dealing with very hard situations and. chef had severe floods in the dessert, and a vol can eruption in the last month. the president has also been trying to push through a number of retomorrows including on elogy case and labor. yet, she is facing more criticism than recognition that's earned her some sympathy. she same back with very good intentions but everything has been awful.
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she has had to deal with catastrophes things that had nothing to do with her. >> the shake up has been welcomed by politician within her party. some of them may replace the ministers that have had to resign, it is a dramatic move but some see it as long overdue and necessary. carolyn malone, al jazeera. >> still to come, a u.s. court rules that the mass collection of phone records by the nsa is illegal, this is germany's top intelligence agency says it won't be as open in the future, why the bad blood? we will tell you shortly. chaos in oklahoma after several tornadoes ripped through the city. and in sport, tiny that could mean big trouble for one of the worldest greatest boxers. more later. just because i'm away
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aljazeera america. >> it's two days on this boat just to get there... >> unspoiled... unseen... under threat... >> macaws, they're at risk of disapearing in the wild. >> the new fight to save a species... >> we're looking at one of the most incredible wonders of the natural world. >> techknow's team of experts show you how the miracles of science... >> this is my selfie, what can you tell me about my future? >> can affect and surprise us. >> don't try this at home. >> "techknow" - where technology meets humanity. only on al jazeera america. >> hello, again. the united states has welcomed saudi arabia's office to pause attacks for
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five days. the cease fire -- proposed cease fire would be for deliveried of humanitarian aid. an activist in syria's prof vince appear to show several people in hospital with breathing problems after a chemical attack. government helicopters dropped barrel bombs filled with chlorine gas. and at least three people have been killed in the capitol, two dies when a grenade was thrown at a rally. another man was burnt alive people have been protesting against the decision to run for a third term one of the senior officials has been killed in an air strike, appears in several videos including one claiming responsibility for the charlie hebdo attack in january. judging me again based in
2:33 pm
yemen who can tell us more. the fact they have put this out there, they are pretty sure they have been kilted. >> there have been rumors coming out on april 22nd in which the spokesman was killed. but there have been no confirmation. it does take quite a long time with the videos to come out. was carries out in the first place, and it was kept quite secret, butt it appears he was probably killed in that strike or killed with injuries in the previous strike. >> an interview kind of directly with him can you tell us more about him and what he represents. >> he is a senior figure. >> . >> he has been but in we men more recently, they have been
2:34 pm
pushing their propaganda, he did the first ever what they called remote press conference with foreign journalists. there offense a hand full of us that were approached that was killed last month and also put forward questions and then in response, they released the video answering the questions that we were posing to him. >> . >> benounsing the use of beheadings. >> thank you very much indeed. >> . >> located what they think is the fishing boat that capsized last month with anest militaried 800 migrants onboard. thousands of people make the dangerous journey every day to escape war and poverty. in their own countries. a migrant the syria is among them. he used forged passports to buy tickets from greece to
2:35 pm
italy for his family. it was a journey that ended in tragedy. here is his story in his own words. >> we got to the port and passed through several check points at the check point they saw my fake passport and seized them, they ed ma us leave the port. i phoned the family and told me not to worry they will deliver my son to germany when they get there, i stayed in a hotel for the night then i haded back to athens then i saw the t.v. news show as rescue operation of a ferry on fire at sea. it was the same blue ship i was going to get. the norman atlantic, i saw them rescuing children, i waited for a few days so see if he was on the list of
2:36 pm
survivors, but he wasn't. the wife and daughter of the family that took my son had died. after 45 days of searching the greek authorities told me that my son's official missing presumed dead. but i believed he was still alive, and fairly sure he is still alive. i can't explain why the father's feeling. he might be with some people, he might be in shock. i will waited 15 days before telling the boy's mother, can you imagine the reaction, a parent losing a seven-year-old child. imagine the reaction. of course i regret it, but let me ask this question, what kind of options did i have. they can't give me travel documents. what choices were given to me before i kill my son. this is the crime i committed against my son.
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it estimated that a quarter of the 8 million people need food tents and medicine. the army medics are working to stop the spread of disease. a tyne of architects and conservationist from the culture heritage agency has begun assessing the ruins at the heritage sites. it is estimated the earthquake has damaged 200 sites. it will take teams 12 month just to complete the drawing for the rebuilding plans. a court in canada has decided to release a former detainee on bail. once if you think yoest prisoner, they have spent almost 13 years behind bars. he was convicted of five war crimes.
2:38 pm
the judge rejected requests by the canadian government to stop his release while he appears his war crimes conviction. al jazeera has been following developments from edmonton. request the words mr. cotter you are free to two, the judge ended nearly 13 years of captivity, he was 15 when he was arrested in 2002 in afghanistan, detained by the u.s. military after a fire fight that left one u.s. army ranger dead. he was eventually convicted after a period in guantanamo baby a military commission in 2010 he pleaded guilty to five war crimes he now says that plea is thrown into doubt because he just wanted to get home, to serve out his sentence.
2:39 pm
several of those have been overturned so he will be free for at least the next four months while various legal matters aric thatten care of. he is going to stay with his lawyers family, not allowed to use the internet, or really have much contact with his family, however the main thing is and his lawyers are emphasizing this, he is a freeman at least for the next few months his case still has time to run but omar cotter in an ordeal that has lasted nearlier ten years it is now over.
2:40 pm
they flipped cars and ripped off roofs. the storm system also brought heavy downpours the national weather service declared a flash flood emergency a first for oklahoma city. streeted were innone dated and forced shops to close for the day. >> distraught, disheveled. saddened but get it cleaned up and back to business. >> more than 10,000 homes in oklahoma lost electricity. people have also been advised to stay off the roads until debris is cleared and the severe weather passes a tornado watch remains in effect, for oklahoma, and other states in the greek plains and midwest. gerald al jazeera. >> the checks of millions of phone records by the national security agency is illegal. the ruling came in a lawsuit filed by the american civil
2:41 pm
liberties union against the nsa and the fbi tom ackerman has more. >> the nsa documents leaked by edward snowden reveal the dimensionses of the program that swept up hundreds of millions of phone records. the so called meta data collection provided information on which numbers people called when, and how long. but not the actual content of the calls themselves. >> the total 6,000 over the course of a year, u.s. numbers were implicated for fourth ther examination separate from the this program, and court orders under the federal bureau of investigation. >> but civil liberties argue that the government was wrong to store the private information of millions of innocent americans. that is the form of surveillance that the founders out so dangerous to liberty, and so dangerous to free expression. now a three judge panel has
2:42 pm
ruled against the government. the program went beyond the scope of the so called patriot act passed by congress after the 2001 al quaida attacks on new york and washington. two other appeals courts are also due to rule on the program so the u.s. supreme court is likely to have the final say. >> this comes less than a month before the spying expires. congress is debating changes but even if it fails to meet the deadline, the phone recorders program is likely to remain in force. al jazeera washington. >> meanwhile german media says where the n.s.a. because of public anger over their alleged joint surveillance. the govern coalition and their credibility but the poll on wednesday suggesting almost two-third of germans
2:43 pm
were unhappy. the u.s. monitoring is especially sensitive where memories of communist secret police are still fresh in many people's minds. it is thought the five day action by the union could cost the german economy more than half a billion dollars. from berlin, dominic cane sent this report. >> thousands have been on strike. on thursday, hundreds of demonstrators from their union, gathered outside berlin's main railway station. they want more pay and better negotiating rights. although hundreds of trains have been canceled and millions of passenger journeys disrupted the leader is unrepentant. >> we are striking.
2:44 pm
and everyone knows this impacts the whole country but it seems as though we the drivers are being made responsible while the management is hiding. >> for their part, the rail operators say they have tried to find an agreement with g.d.l. and it is the union that is being intransigent. >> negotiations the solution must be more confident between the two unions. in germany the smaller train driver union and the bigger and we have to speak. the cost of the and i a day is around $11.5 million.
2:45 pm
and in recent months it could be worth more than $1 billion to the economy. >> some people have pointed to similarities. while small unions can wield a power so disproportionate to their size. >> in the current league of frame work, they have a strong position. because although they represent a small part of the stuff of the company, they have a big influence because they can go into strike and they are at a crucial position. the way we need and without a driver there is no transportation at the moment. >> bring the time this strike is due to finish, it will have cost germany more than half a billion dollar. berlin. >> still athis news hour,
2:46 pm
nearly half a kilometer up, we take you to the super tall buildings being built for the super rich. more details coming up.
2:47 pm
a new category of super thin buildings. and while it is currently under construction, will be one of the tallest towers in the world. jacob ward explains.
2:48 pm
>> there's a flu kind of sky scraper going up in new york city. super tall knife like towers for the extremely rich. the tallest among them, boasts views of central park, the whole of manhattan this apartment costs nineties $5 million but we manage to get inside while it was still under construction. >> firstngineer behind every tall buildingnhattan. >> there are so many building i am looking around. >> . >> amazing looking at it right now. >> and for him the height of 432 park isn't the challenge the challenge is that in manhattan you have to make it very thin. >> the width of the building by 15, it is equal to the height of the building. >> that creates it's own set of problems. robert good win is designing another super slender tower for a turkish developer.
2:49 pm
>> the nature of tall buildings even ones in the far less slender than this, because the tower will move in the wind, but for it moves very slowly, you don't feel it. >> is it moves. >> it is moving absolutely, but you don't feel it. >> at 5 points along the length of the power, there are no windows to let the wind through but in spite of that, it is still unnerving to be up there. >> i can't get used to it, my hands are sweating, but in neary people will live up here. in the end these buildings are about power super slender towers are the future of new york, and a select few very wealthy residents will see that future from on sigh. for everybody else, this new
2:50 pm
form of engineering only serves to elevate the rich, even further above the roast. jacob ward, al jazeera, new york. >> all right, robin is here with sport. >> good to have you along, in spain are facing the distinct possibility that the current might not be complete. in a dispute over a new law on t.v. money the federation are waiting for the government to make the next move how the world's big zest richest leagues manage to get itself into such a mess. >> the spanish league is second only to the english premier league as the most watched football competition globally. but it is their success that is threatening to bring all football to a halt, the spanish football federation say they will suspend all
2:51 pm
competition from may 16, a dispute with the government over t.v. rights at the heart of the issue. in spain, clubs have been allowed to negotiate their own deals. in contrast to the u.k. where the premier league are sold in one package as the two most popular clubs barcelona make the most out of televised matches while lower tier clubs struggle financially, the new law approved by the spanish government last week, would ensure a greater share of the money. the law is supported by which runs the top two professional leagues. they took on immediate legal action to block the suspension football is halted. >> urn decided with two games to play. they lead by only 2 points. but more widely. more than 600,000 players.
2:52 pm
they will gather all of their professional clubs for an extraordinary general assembly on monday. the power struggle over spanish football was not clear winners. the head of palestinian football is once again calling on fifa to suspend israel the accuses israel of being part of a racist occupation, and says the forces are restricting the movement of the players between gaza and the occupied west bank. they say they have no influence on the security forces a suspension would mean israel would be barred from the world cup qualifiers.
2:53 pm
uh we are committed to go for the -- to the resolution the the congress of fifa, there's no compromise, there will be no private deal. >> the premier league says manchester united have made their next move, they have agreed for memphis, the dutch international will officially sign with the window opens in june provided he pass as medical test. in 21-year-old who played -- at the world cup for netherlands will reportedly cost $38 million it brings suspending to an estimated $190 million. to bid for the 2024 olympic games the city council is approved the candidacy.
2:54 pm
the other cities in the running at the moment. they last hosted the games in 1924 that had three unsuccessful bids since then. an hour and a half in surgery, and the expected to be out of action for at least nine months. no suits have been filed. the two boxing fans that says he applauded them by not disclosing the injury. you request see that no box ticked from the question about the injuries. known as the king of clay on his favorite surface injuries and person tomorrowing the spaniard hasn't won either. that's almost unheard of, but
2:55 pm
he is showing some signs of returning. the world number one is showing a tournament of the season. she eased past the home favorite. to reach the semifinal still on course to meet maria in the final. >> i am excited to be in the semis. >> playing the best i have in the past couple of years. i still don't but i feel like playing myself into the tournament now i am in the semifinals so it is good. in barcelona, it is round
2:56 pm
five of the season so far. and mercedes, vettel has been the only real challenger. with malaysia is confident he can continue closing the gap. quite the mountain to climb in the second test. pakistan declared their first innings on a massive 557 for eight causing the home side bonus the biggest ever to make 228 bangladesh in early trouble, they resumed the play on 107 for five. that is the sport, thank you for watching more. >> thank you indeed. >> now, one of russia's new hi-tech tanks ground to an embarrassing halt the military parade will make it's long awaited debut. it is hailed as a the world's most advance tank, because of
2:57 pm
it's remotely controlled cannon and the protection it offers to the crew. cameras didn't catch the captain moment when the machine stalled but it did move on. the star in the world war ii victory parade on saturday. and within the coming hour, an out of control russian spacecraft is due to plummet back to earth. it fail today reach it's proper orbit. they say the capsule and cargo and likely to burn up in the atmosphere. and if there is some surviving debris, it is likely to come down in the ocean. that's what they say anyway, plenty more on our website the al dress for that is, you can also watch us on there on clicking on the watch now icon. that's it for me, david post her be hooner a moment.
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goodbye for now. a
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