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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  May 10, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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incorrect on wikipedia, you should correct it. >>. >> we are out of time. until next time, we will see you on online. i am martin dennis in doha. coming up in the next 60 minutes. the house blown to bits yemen's former president formally announces he is siding with houthi rebels against the government and saudi arabia. eight police officers have been killed en massedonia in a battle with an armed group.
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signature africa's man opposition party elects it's first black leader. thanks for your help with the united states, cuba's president meets the pope at the vatican. first, yemen's former president has announced his alliance with houthi rebels for the first time. he spoke after the saudi-led coalition hit his house with airstrikes. hashama mubara reports. >> reporter: it's the first time the saudi-led coalition targeted the former president, the former saudi ally was unharmed in the attack and remains de. >> you should continue carrying
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your arms, ready to sacrifice your lives in defense against these belligerent attacks. i can describe this aggression as an act of cord icy. if you are brave enough face us on the battlefield. we will be at your reception. shelling by rockets and jet fighters cannot enable you to achieve any of your goals. >> this is the moment of the international airport in sanaa was struck by coalition jets. houthi fighters who control the capital say the attack was to prevent the landing of aircrafts carrying aid. the sawedudi-led coalition intensified its military campaign pounding targets in sanaa province in northern yemen, in aden and many other provinces. saudi army commanders say this is an ammunition depot the houthis were planning to use to shell saudi villages.
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the united nations humanitarian coordinator for yemen says no civilians are trapped because of a fuel shortage. johanes vanderkloud said the bombing of populated areas is a violation of international humanmanitarian law and that issuing warnings is not enough. saudi arabia has offered a 5-day humanitarian truce starting tuesday. the houthis remain skeptical. they say any step to alleviate the suffering of the yemenis will be welcome. they are also urging aid agencies to send immediate relief to the people. >> the attack they are the one who started the fight. just hope the fighting this will lead to the humanitarian crisis in yemen will help let
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mae make sure the saudi -- i don't think that they will stick to this 5 days cease-fire. >> reporter: fighting shows no sign of abating. this is a village which was attacked in the central prove incident of ib. local people say there are no fighters in the area. the continuing war undermines the chances for a political settlement in the country that was ravaged by years of instability. the houthi rebels say they are open to political talks if they take into account their growing political influence across yemen. al jazeera. we have been speaktology pao limba. he explains what he thinks is required to reach a cease-fire deal in yemen. >> my understanding is that there has been an innitial and
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official positive response but we need to have an official unequivocal acceptentions of this cease-fire proposal. and this acceptance needs to be transformed into an agreement. in the is to be negotiated. we need to be given proper structure to this agreement to allow the u.n. to expand operation on the ground. we are ready to do that. a certain precondition has to be met. we hope it will be met in the coming days. it was no time to lose. every day that we spend, innocent civilian lives are lost. >> there has been heavy fighting along syria's border with lebanon. hezbollah fighters have intensified attacks on rebels in the kalamin area. meanwhile, opposition fighters in idlib prove incident are trying to get a town on the -- grip on the town of isr al isr al shugar. >> the suicide attack on this hospital was powerful. plumes of smoke covered the do you know.
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followed by heavy fighting as rebels closed in. more than 200 civilian army soldiers are besieged. a coalition of rebels which includes al nusra fighters al lirnlingd to al-qaeda overrun the town around two weeks ago. the town is crucial to the syrian government. it is not far from aleppo president bashash'st assad's strong hold on the coast. another, video from hezbollah, the group fighting along syrian government forces show fierce fighting in the kalamoun mountains. hezbollah says its fighters are making gains clearing a number of areas. >> we are standing on the hilltop where the attack started. we use medium andhe weapons and ground troops are advancing under the cover of our heavy fire. >> syrian yes, sir were also
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providing aerial support hitting a number of targets. it is a key supply route for hezbollah and the syrian government. the regime also wants to secure a key road connecting the capitol, damascus with homes and on to president assad's stronghold on the western coast. it's a hard battle. the kalamoun mountain range is vast and rugged. syrian rebels are adopting geurilla warfare tactics. it could be hard for the syrian government jets to fully control or clear that area. despite hezbollah's attacks, syrian rebels remain powerful in the area. they say they repel the number of attacks and are vowing to fight back. this battle is going to be a long one. it could easily spill over into lebanon and deepen the political infighting and sectarian
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pensions there. omar alsad, a valley near the syrian border. >> in afghanistan, three people have been killed in a suicide attack on a government bus. 18 others were injured in the capitol, kabul. government workers and civilians are among the casualties. it's the second attack on afghan government employees in a week. police in northern macedonia have been battling an armed group all weekend in a town in the north. eight police officers were killed in kumonova where many ethnic albanian people live. the operation is over as victoria gatenby reports. >> sporadic gunfire could be heard on the streets of kuminovo on sunday morning. a few hours later, the two-day battle between police and gunmen ended. the interior minister said one of the most dangerous terrorist groups in the balkans had been in his words, neutralized. the police action began early on saturday morning in the city
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about 40 kilometers north of the capitol, skopia an area that saw fighting in 2001. >> we are sending a message to those who want to divide us. leave us alone. let people carry on with their lives. they do not know how to run the state, the least they could do is let us so we can live in peace. >> the government says the attackers entered from an unnamed neighboring country, some police involved in the operation were killed and several more wounded. but it's unclear how many casualties there were on the side of the armed group they were fighting. the events will deeper than en concern over macedonia. the government is facing opposition allegations of wiretapping and abuse of. >> the most important thing now is to help the population and to provide and guarantee their security. this dark scenario will not succeed. >> in the past week there have been street protests demanding
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the resignation of prime minister nickla guresky and opposition leaders are calling for more protests. the fear is political leaders on either side will use the events to further heighten ethnic tensions. it's estimated 30% of macedonia's two medical people are ethnic albanians. they won greater rights after a peace deal but frustrations often flare because implementation has been slow. victoria gatenby, al jazeera. >> we can speak now to vladimir makeshky. he joins us from the capitol, skopia. tell us about this group. the gochltsdz have krooibd them as a terrorist group. who are they? >> well as before in the report it was yes, heavily armed macedonian police launched opposition against this area after give information about armed terrorist group operating in ace area. the fighting lasted for
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something like 28 hours and was declared officially over this afternoon. eight policemen died in this operation and bodies of 14 uniformed men wearing insignia of former national liberation army were found in the rubble where the fighting took place. this group according to police sources was considered a couple of dozen men which, according to the police was killed in warfare and known to the security forces from the kosovor war and macedonian conflict in 2001. additional 30 men were arrested after they surrendered to the security forces and, also we have to mention that additional judge police officers were wounded in these arrests. >> so they are thought to belong to some -- to an outfit called the national liberation army. what sort of cause are they linked to? do they have a cause? >> well they used to because they were part of the fighting that took place at the end of
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the 20th century in 1990 in kosovo wars and after in 2001 in fightings en massedonia in 2001, but now, it's very hard to statz if they have a real political cause or more lucrative, let's say, financial interests? because we have to be honest that these events are likely to be concerns over the stability of macedonia. the country is in political term oil. they show enrollment of high ranking members of the ruling party including the current prime minister in corruption and illegal election fraud. the question is: who would gain from this kind of operation here in macedonia? let's say officially and unofficially, they mentioned that these people were paid by someone, by some you political
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circles en massedonia to do what they have done. we could say that they were something like mersnaries although this is not an official story. they are called terrorist. >> thank you very much indeed. >> there has been a defendant change at the top of south africa's main opposition party, the democratic alliance which has a reputation for being dominated by the white minority has elected its first black leader. harry mutasa has more from port elizabeth where the party has been holding its annual congress. >> musi minani know some see the party as representing the interests of white people. he stood up and said you can't look at me and not see me as a black man. this means that the fact that he is there, a young black man could show up in the country.
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he is trying to get as many black voters to try to support the democratic alliance. he is hoping to do that as early as 2016 next year when the country has local government elections. it will and other parties have done well in the past getting support in previous strongholds. we are watching it close he is young, only 34 years old. the fact he is the first black leader, he has made history. would that be enough to vince more black people to vote for the deal? >> more to come on this newshour including deep into a forest in thailand, a hotbed of human trafficking. plus we meet the nepalese babies born prematurely struggling to survive after the deadly earthquake. in sport find out if anyone can keep pace at the spanish formula one grand prix.
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>> four boats carrying 574 people have washed ashore in western indonesia, in ache prove incident at the northern end of sumatra. half of the people are thought to be rohinga, a community that has phased decades of ethnic discrimination in myanmar. the others are thought to be bangladeshis. we get an update on the situation from jakarta. >> we were notified earlier by indianesian authorities and initially details were quite sketchy. we have learned there are at least 574 individuals that came on a total much four boats. they landed in achi. they are a mixed group mixed women and children within the group. there were 54 that needed
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medical treatment. they have been treated mainly for dehydration. the local authorities have done an excellent job taking care of people. they have been transferred to a local police station where the police are screening them and will transfer them to act as a shelter. the local government will need to phase with the national government and hcr will come. there will be a screening for refugee status. people will need to determine first whether they are refugees. if they are not, maybe some of the bangladeshi can go home. the rahinga, it's always a difficult story. >> thailand has been one of the main escape routes for the community to escape ethnic persecution. once they get there, trafficers often hold them in jungle camps demanding money to get them across the border with malaysia. scott heidler reports from southern thailand on the rahingas' desperate journey. >> this section of the andaman sea is an area frequently used
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by human trafficers. we are told by someone connected to these networks there are four boats out there who have already made their week-long journey down from myanmar. they haven't come closer to shore because of this new operation launched by thai officials one week ago. those boats can stay out there for up to a month. >> over the last few years, the trafficers have been bringing them ashore by the tennessee of thundershowers. it's estimated 60,000 have been trafficked through thailand in the last seven months. >> human cargo is loaded into smaller boats out at sea, a few dozen in each. they then make their way up these inlet waterways. this is one of the drop-off points. they do it at night so no one can see. then they make their way to the jungle camps. some are bundled into the back of pickup trucks. others trek through national forests. if there are children in the group, it could take up to two days. this is where they end up in hidden jungle camps. this one was abandoned just hours before we arrived. in some cases, they are held for months waiting for ransom money to reach the trafficers.
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>> this is a group of about ten soldiers. they are going to hike up into the jungle and put barbed wire along the border between malaysia and thailand. this is the first time they have done it. they are going to stay there for a week. >> it's a remote area where people can come and go across the unmarked border. sol there are two provinces that border malaysia that the army is focused on. these operations searching out for these camps and the trafficers who run them, that's because this area here is a known route tot for the rahinga going from thailand into malaysia. but that's just a small part of the 144 kilometers of border area where the trafficker camps are thought to be. thailand's government has called for three-way talks to deal with what they call a crisis situation. un one that has ended with hundreds in custody for illegal entry like these here or those who had to buy freedom after being held for ransom in the
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jungle camps or those who were killed by the captors or died along the way. scott 450idler al jazeera near the thai/malaysian border. >> the my grant crisis in europe too, german navy ships rescued 200 more found adrift in the mediterranean of the. most from somalia and aretrea. more than 400 have been rescued since friday. defense ministers from five european countries are due to meet on meet on talks of how to stop the flow from migrants from north africa and their trafficers. libya's ambassador to the u.n. has rejected a plan to try to tackle the growing migrant crisis. he bra him dibasha says libya has been left out. thousands of people depart from libya's shores for europe with many of them dying at sea. a warning some of the images are
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disturbing. >> some called the crossing of the mediterranean the journey of death. thousands and thousands are willing to take their chance. >> he tells me there were kills. people were shouting. the boat capsized. people fell into the water. he doesn't know what happened next. he was thinking of himself. he was rescued by the libyan coast guard, but often, dead bodies are forgotten at sea and they float back to libya. he says he has never seen anything like it. he is the driver of misrata's only refridge rated ambulance. he transported dead fighters and seen all sorts of wounds. >> it's horrifying. there is a terrible smell. the bodies were in the water for 20 or 30 days. some were eaten by the fish. some bloated or dissolved by the salt. others are found floating and fishermen bring them back. >> the corpses are taken to the
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morgue in misrata's hospital. it's in poor condition. look at how they keep the fridge closed. it's not cold enough. the smell of rotting bodies is overwhelming. >> the bodies were found randomly on beaches. nobody knows for how long they have been floating in the sea before they were washed ashore. some are so disfigured it seems they have been in the water for a while. there is even the body of a child and by the looks of it, he was between 3 and 4 years old. >> they were found on the beach in january. since, they have been lying here slowly decomposing. nobody knows their names or where they come from. somewhere, their families are wondering what happened to them. >> it's very painful to see these dead bodies. no one asks for them. we don't have means to take a dna sample. the fridge preserves the bodies. it does not freeze them. we say death is an eternal test. not in this case. they stay here for months. sometimes six or seven. they suffer in death as well. it is really painful. >> they are given a number. only the location where they
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were found is registered. it can take a long wilehile to bury them. theres little money and in a country at war, dead migrants are not a priority. their bodies will eventually end up in this cemetery tucked away between the sand dune downs. it was once used for members of gadaffi's security forces who died during the uprising in 2011. 37 migrants were finally buried here recently. those at the morgue will join them one day. the story of these bodies will go unnoticed by the thousands of migrants waiting in libya to cross the mediterranean. any one of them rungs the very real risk of ending his journey here in misrata's nameless cemetery. at least five people are dead in two separate car bomb blasts in iraq. the attacks happened north of the capitol baghdad. the blasts hit the towns of tamimi and taji.
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at least nine people were wounded. well the iraqi government has been relying on iranian-backed shia malitias in its fight against isil particularly in in anbar province. now, it's trying to create a local force made up of mostly suni fighters. as zana hodr reports, not all are on board. >> the iraq government says the recruitment drive is the first step to creating a non-sectarian force to fight the islamic state of iraq in anbar province. hundreds of suni men are now officially part of the government backed popular mobilization force. >> means they will fight alongside iranian-backed shia malitias and government rules in the mainly sunni province. >> today is different. there is a state which is standing behind all of your efforts in providing all of the necessary resources. iraqis have put behind their differences. >> the governor of this province
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supports the government but anbar's society is did i have zid,000. there are other influential tribes who want to fight isil alone. >> we wanted the government to address sunni grievances. for years, we suffered from the government's sectarian policies. we won't accept iranian control room. they are trying to extend influence in anbar. we won't accept this. they want to eliminate sunnis. >> isil controls of this prove incident. the government announced the military operation to recapture anbar in early april, but it made fuad vansz on the ground. iranian-backed militia did say they are ready to help. the prime minister is trying to avoid inflaming sectarian tensions. who should wage the battle in anbar has been a defendant con tentious issue. government forces have not been able to recapture territory from isil without the help of iranian
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backed shia malitias and u.n. airstrikes. many sunnis in anbar do not want the malitias in their prove incident. they prefer weapons. the government is reluctant to provide them with ammunition. >> so, the sunnis who were already fighting isil on their own may have no other choice but to fight alongside the government. they are hoping they won't have to answer to the pera military shia forces >> translator: we will defend iraq as a nation. we are hoping that this force will eventually be part of the so-called national guard. we will be under the defense ministry. >> isil exploited the situation in anbar which has long been a defendant symbol to shia led rule in baghdad. this is a battle that cannot just be won on the battlefield. this is a battle that is at the heart of iraq's sectarian and political divide. zana hodr al jazeera. >> pope francis has welcomed cuba's president to the vatican.
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castro thanked the pope for meeting during secret negotiations. it led to the surprise announcement in december diplomatic negotiations were being restored after 50 years of tension. live now to latin american editor lucia newman. cubans readying themselves for the third papal visit in what? 16 years? >> reporter: in 17 years action marin, it's extraordinary. this is perhaps going to be one of the most widely expected of all of the visits of all because this pope has done something really historic. he brought together the united states and cuba who seem to be on the verge of renewing diplomatic relations. the first pope was john paul. the second when he came in 1998 called for cuba to open up the world and the world to open up to cuba. now, it looks like this is coming full circle marin. >> lucia newman there live in
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the cuban capital, havana. we have more to come here on al jazeera including pressure from greece's international creditors is leaving pensioners out-of-pocket, plus: an indigenous language in venzuela back from the brink of extinction. in support, find out if golf's world number 1 can stay in contention at one of the sport's richest tournaments. ♪
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hello again. you are with al jazeera. i am rafin dennis. these are our top stories. the saudi led government was unharmed in the attack in the capital sanaa. now, for the first time, he is announced his alliance with the houthi rebels. macedonia's interior minister says one of the most dangerous so-called terrorist groups in the balkans is being neutralized. eight police officers and 14 fighters were killed during gun
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battles in kumonovo, a town where many ethnic albanians live. south africa's main opposition party has elected its first black leader. he suck seized helen villa in what's seen as an attempt to shaking off the party being dominated by the white minority. ambassadors from norway and fill europeans were among .7 people killed in friday's crash which the pakistani government blamed on technical failure. a taliban failure is said to show fighters firing a missile. kamil hider has more from islamabad. >> athree members are shown of a russian sam missile that she say was used to bring down the helicopter in which several
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diplomats were traveling now. according to the military and, also exclusive footage obtained by al jazeera shows that the helicopter was indeed coming in for a normal landing and then crashed. it also shows the rescue on board and talking to some of the survivors who said they did not witness any missile hitting the aircraft. everything was going smoothly aircraft. if the aircraft had been hit in the air, it would have come down like a rock. however, it shows this was indeed an accident and crew members made desperate attempts to save lives on board after the helicopter caught fire. >> 360 migrant workers from m myanbar are waiting to return home after being rescued by indianesian officials. the men, many of whom who are
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victims of trafficking were held captive on fishing trollers and forced to work long gruelling hours. al jazeera has managed to speak to one man who went through a similar or deal. florence louie reports from yangon in myanmar. >> after years of working awe broad, he is happy to be home. hislant stint as a migrant worker is something he wants to forget. he was made to work 20 hours a day on a fishing boat off of indonesia. but he was lucky. he managed to escape with the help of a fellow myanmar worker. one of my friends tried to run away. he was given a series of electrical shocks. his fate got swollen. i tried to report it to the police when we docked on an island. they beat us. >> these men were working in appalling conditions on fishing
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boats for little or no money. their or deal ended when gone easeian officials rescued them last month. following reports of workers being held illegally and abused. many of the men are from myanmar. the main reason is lack of job opportunities. thet. they have no choice but to go abroad. >> my grant smuggling is reported to be worth $2,000,000,000 and growing. working and staying illegally in a foreign country makes them vulnerable to abuse calls are likely to become more urgent as it is set to rise assays the u.n.
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due to opening of boarders al jazeera. >> flat floods warnings real issued. winds gusting up to 220 kilometers an hour more than 3,000 people have been forced out of their homes into emergency shelters. the category 5 storm has knocked out pour in much of kariagan prove incident. it is expected to move slowly northwest toward southern japan on tuesday. two weeks after the earthquake that killed 8,000 people and injured more than 15,000 is, one of the prior prior did is to present the spread of disease. doctors are concerned about pregnant women under stress from kathmandu. >> the youngest affected by the quake, premature babies born in
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the hours and days after. >> lajana was 30 weeks pregnant and happened to be in hospital when it began to shake. >> first, i was told not to move. but then the hospital kept shaking, and an oxygen cylinder fell over. doctors came and told me to get out. so, i ran down the stairs. >> she had to get an emergency cesarean operation 12 hours later because of the risk to her life and her baby's. doctors say several women had miscarriages following the disaster. they are emphasizing the need to keep a close eye on their pregnant patients. >> in these kind of situations it is expected t we do know that women go through a lot of stress women who are about to deliver are particularly vulnerable. they may lose their homes. they may use a bread winner and that does cause stress. so they could be premature
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deliveries. some didn't have proper medical care available before the earthquake struck. adding to the stress is living in tents like these, coping with hot weather sun days and rain on the others. they are close to hospitals like these in the capitol. those in remote areas are even more vulnerable. the focus is to get medical help for them. >> concentrating on making facilities available in the district and even near the centers where a woman can have the service and making advice available in those tents 24 by 7. >> reporter: the next step will be to provide the long-term care premature babies feed. for them the aftereffects of the earthquake may last a
11:38 am
lifetime. fez jamil, al jazeera, kathmandu. >> the russian president says the peace deal disagreed in minsk to stop the fighting in eastern ukraine is moving forward. vladimir putin has welcomed german's chancellor angela merkel. there were deep divisions for russia's support for rebels and western sanctions have been imposed on russia. >> it's not a secret that the relations between russia and germany today are going through a bad period because of the differences in assessment of the events in ukraine. there is every reason to believe that although the minsk process has difficulties, it's moving forward. >> we have once again confirmed that the minsk package is what we have and that we should try to move forward on this basis. we don't have anything else and we want to work further. we are doing a lot to stop the civil war. the whole world is expecting us
11:39 am
to overcome the difficulties and my visit today shows that we want to act together with russia and not against russia. >> eurozone finance ministers are meeting in brussels as bankruptcy threatens greece it has to repay more than 700 million' euros but the government is refusing to scut spending. one of the biggest bones of contention is the pension system. john ciropolis reports from athens. >> leisure is perhaps the only luxury left to the pensioners these days. their money is usually spoken for. my children don't have work. i spend the rest of the money helping them and my two grandchildren as well as paying utilities and property tax. >> pensions now make up 17% of the economy and they have become a safety net for society as a whole but at $18,000,000,000 this year, they are also the government's biggest expense despite being cut by half to an
11:40 am
avenue of $900 a month. a quarter of employees workers are unrequested. funds were crippled when they were forced to accept al high court decision that is due next month could raise the government's bill by anything between had a half billion to 500 a year. some of them are expected to be ruled unconstitutional. that's likely to widen the gap 2 those who want further pension cuts. >> at the moment there are conflicting views in the talks. i won't pretend it's pretty year than it is. they have we said we won't make any more cuts. there is a clear confrontation between us. >> the government emphasis on welfare is still highly popular. it's just not affordable as the population ages. but there is a cash flow clawing
11:41 am
back some money from public works contracts and privatization among other measures. >> it says would make tensions viable for die -- pensions viable for decades. >> in theory that should also remove them from the negotiating table but similar, long-term planning for education and making the economy more productive appear to be absent the money he wants to earmark for pensions is money others want diverted to pay off the debt which is now higher than ever. athens. >> the president of colombia juan manuel santos has ordered an end to the spraying of cocoa plants with the controversial herbside. he said it may cause cancer. the columbian government will look at other methods of destroying the plants which produce cocaine. huge areas of the columbian jungle have been sprayed with the we'd killer over the past 20 years.
11:42 am
a shoot-out a pregnant woman? reno reno in the territory in the cabellas. police have been pushing them out. next year's olympic games. protesters in guatemala are
11:43 am
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celebrating. two days ago, guatemala's supreme court called on congress to remove baldetti's immunity from prosecution paving the way for possible legal action against her. other senior officials have been implicated in the bribery ring including the head of guatemala's tax authority. president otto molino was elected in 2011 on the promising of it fighting crime with an iron fist. this suggests he has had limited success. he isn't standing for office this time but with four months before presidential elections some fear at a time damage has been done. presidential candidate has been withdrawn from the race and some protesters are calling for president molina to resign, too.
11:45 am
david mercer. guatemala. >> a success story where a language that was nearly extinct has been revived. the new indigenous group seeing how they have managed to keep their identity alive. >> the people in western venzuela say they are of the water and like the water. interconnected with the rest of the world. in the area there is some commerce and men continue to fish but their culture and their language nearly vanished. recognizing the importance language has in the process of self determination, anthro anthropologists like alise hernandez began work with the help of the 3 surviving anu who spoke it. >> even the existing literature made no reference to the anu language. crucial aspects of their culture that served to build the people's identity were not being recognized. >> the task was made even more difficult because the anu barely
11:46 am
spoke among each other. the three anu elders who helped fernandes have died but thanks to them, anu less options are taught in schools like these. enl the venezuela a lawn. >> it has helped the anu people regain a sense of yetty and greater political participation. >> a participation that many hope will help break a cycle of discrimination that have led many to abandoned their culture or their region. >> silva collects and weaves a local at least into thatch roofs for a living. she has five children. all have left in search of jobs. this job is hard. there is nothing else to do. all my life i had the same job,
11:47 am
collecting it to build roofs for the tourist spots. hernandez does not ig know the challenges. a great knowledge so that the children are proud to be who they are. but they also need to receive other tools that will allow them to defend themselves in the world. >> as the anu struggle to maintain traditions are changes all around them fernandeds and his team hope the efforts will help the anu decide their own fate. virginia lopez, al jazeera, venzuela. >> still to come on the al jazeera news hour: >> i will be reporting on how fabrics are an integral part of life but the industry in decline. >> i am denise thorpe.
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andy will be here with sports.
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>> it is tult for the sports news how. here is andy. >> ro sp erg has won his first grand prix. dominant in spain in the last couple of hours, finishing more than 17 seconds clear of his mercedes teammate lewis hamilton. he started on poll. his lead was never seriously threatened. hamilton was passed by vetel on the opening lap but had more than enough pass to reel in the
11:50 am
german. he finished third. hamilton leads the overall title standings by 20 points now. it rangers have been relegated from the lien english premier league after a big defeat at man chester city. they needed to win to have a chance of staying upbeat en 6-nil. robert green was the fourth relegation of his career. a hat trill to city second in the table i thought the performance was our worst one for a long time. not for the majority of the game. the players are in a solemn mood in the back there and they know that they haven't done themselves justice. they know that. we feel sorry for the fans who have traveled all the way here. >> liverpool must beat champions chelsea if they are to have any chance of finishing in the top 4 and qualify for next season's
11:51 am
champion league. ha as chelsea 1, liverpool 1. steved gerard scoring liverpool's equalizer before the break there. pierce, the strike in memphis will be heading the next season has given man chester united fans a hint. the dutch forward here in husband farewell home game they have signed united in a $40 million deal. munich have slipped to a fourth defeat losing against al sp erg ahead of tuesday's champions league semi final barcelona. rana sent off in the 13th minute in what is a rare appearance for him. thing took the lead. called one for. trying to overturn the 3-nil
11:52 am
deficit in that tie with barcelona. for the second time in two days, an nb at that time. >> om the final buzzer. cleveland lost out. the hawks, jeff teague making sure the washington wizards knew he was on the court. he was the hawks' tying this one up through michael escala with foreign seconds left. wizards will take a lead. >> i wanted to make sure it got the shot off with no time on the clock. i have been in those situations many times. if it went overtime or if i missed a shot we didn't want them to have a chance to call timeout and advance the ball. so, i took my time. i not to my spot and i was is able to knock it down. >> very proud of that group, the way they competed and got back
11:53 am
in the game and there is a lot to work on, to look at from the first three quarters. but that's great. we will we will come back and be ready for game 4. >> one of the games, memphis beating golden state, grizzlies having a lead. zach randolph gesol added 15 rebounds. >> we understand what our strengths are. we are not going to pantie. we might make mistakes or make it slow but we are going to stay in the moment play next possession always. we are going to try to have good stops. >> just a few minutes, ravel nadal will play andy murray in the madrid master's final. :
11:54 am
nadal has lost three times this year. the spaniard hasn't dropped a set so far in this tournament. britain looking to win back to back clay court titles. the women's event is won with victory over knetsiva. earlierents saw her become the first to beat world number 1 certaineana williams, she dropped three games on her way to this title win. three time pj winner will take a 1-shot lead into the final gulf play championship the american hitting a round of 68 in his 10 under par for the tournament. a lot of players on his heels including world number 1 rory mcilroy still in contention the. the irissue men finished six under his, four strokes behind
11:55 am
the leader. >> it seems like half defendant tour have a chance to win this thing. this is so bunched. anyone that's sort of five or six shots behind, they can go out and shoot al knew one tomorrow an especially during the avenge the greens get a little firmer, conditions get a little tougher. nor sport ator on. >> ghana's textile industry is suffering, largely because of the ride of the cheap, fake important. government is encouraging people to buy local fab. a report from the cabpitol it's hard to find out exactly what is genuine when you shop for fabric in west africa, you find a tailor or seamstress to make an outfit. no store like this you can be sure the goods are genuine but local fabric producers in ghana say the industry is suffering from a flood of imported
11:56 am
imitation products also of inferior quality. textiles have been so badly affected, they are producing a quarter of the amount compared to five years ago. >> we don't mind cheap styles coming in to ghana and into the markets in west africa, but we object very strongly when people are copying our brands putting tickets on there saying made in g ghana when we know very well they are not. and, also the designs, which is an investment that will we have made. >> many people like to shop in the market because they think they can get a bargain, but you have to know what to look for. when you look at these two labels, it's impossible to tell the difference. now, this is the label on the fake brand, and this is the one on the original. now, the only way to be sure is to check whether the number on the fabric, itself matches what's on the label, and in this case it doesn't. the government wants shoppers to support the local fabric
11:57 am
industry as a way of almost promoting culture. it introduced friday wear when ghanians are encouraged to come to work. one of ghana's most famous musicians social security an out spoken supporter. >> we should wear african wear and on a friday wear the western wear because, you know, when you go to the west nobody wears the sfraj wear. >> traditionally, the type of cloth is supposed to show how a person is feeling. they all have individual names and for many people especially for funeral wear there is a spiritual attachment. but all of this is slowly disappear disappearing, and culture levels say it's up to individuals to hold on to it and support local industry. amua buata, al jazeera, akra. >> that's it from me for today. do stay with us here at al jazeera, marchium is coming up in just a little while. she will have a full news bullet and lots of updates on the main story. so stay with us.
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>> saudi jets target the yemeni house. halts in the bombing take a step forward. you are watching al jazeera live from london. also coming up macedonian police say 14 members of an armed group and eight police officers were killed in a gun fight in the north of the country. and the pope and the president, raoul castro said the catholic leader could persuade him to return to the


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