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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  May 10, 2015 1:00pm-1:31pm EDT

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don't try this at home. >> "techknow" - where technology meets humanity. only on al jazeera america. saudi jets target the former yemeni president's house, but prospects for a halt in the bombing take a step forward. mel remains hello. you wash remains watching ashingsdz life from london. also coming up: heavy fighting in syria as both sides try to take control of supply routes into lebanon. nato calls for calm after gun battles between police and armed fighters in northern macedonyoo remains i can't. the pope and the remains remains and the president. he remains the cuban leader says
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the pope could sper him to return to the church. hello. we begin in yemen. it appears the opposing forces are inching closer to a cease-fire deal. houthi rebels say they would respond positively to efforts to end the suffering of the yes, ma'am remains yemeni people. a proposal for a 5-day humanitarian force starting on tuesday has been made by the soughted remains saudi-led coalition. the fighting continues. the latest airstrikes hitting the compound of yemen's former president. heific remains escaped unhurt and for the first time announced his alliance with the houthi rebels. more: star. >> reporter:
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>> it's the first time of the former sally was targeted. he remains unharmed and remains de. >> you should continue caring your arms, ready to sacrifice your lives in defense of these lee remains belligerent attacks. i can describe this as an act of records remains cowards. far remains if you remains if you are brave enough face us if he battlefield. we will be at aur reception. shellings cannot enable you to achieve any of your goals the most of the international airport was struck by coalition jets. houthi fighters who control the capitol said it was to prevent the landing of aircrafts carrying aid the saudi-led coalition intention fivedfied its military campaign pounding normal remains northern yemen.
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remains. saudi army commanders say this is an ammunition depot the howe ohios were planning to use to shell saudi villages. saudi arabia has offered a 5-day humanitarian truce starting tuesday. the thou remains remains houthis remain skeptical. they say they are also urging aid agencies to send immediate relief to the people the remains it is hoped the fighting, this will lead to the humanitarian crisis in yes, ma'am ten, will help humanitarian aid so the houthis will stop. let me make sure the saudi -- i don't think that they will stick to this 5-days cease-fire. >> the u.n. has announced it
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will start delivering aid when all parties have committed to a cease-fire. >> we need to be given proper structure for this agreement to allow the u.n. to expand operation on the ground. we are ready to do that. a certain condition has to be made, that we hope they will be made in the coming days. there is no time to lose. every day that we spend in the remains civilian lives are lost. >> fighting shows know remains no sign of abating. this is a village which was attacked in the central prove incident of ib. local people say there are no fighters in the area. the continuing remaining war undermines the chances for a political settlement in the country that was ravaged by years of instability. the houthi rebels say they are open to political talks if they take into account their growing political influence across yemen. >> joining us live from doha with the latest on this. hashim still some acremains
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ambiguity around the proposed truce. how close are the warring parties actually agreeing on this? >> it's really difficult to tell whether there will be a cease-fire and whether that cease-fire will hold for the simple reasons that the houthis issued a statement attacking the saudis, accusing the saudis for what they described as crimes against civilian people in yemen. at the same time, they are willing to welcome any attempt by the international community to allow aid in to yemen. the remains remains at the same time, the saudis over the last 48 hours attacked top houthi commanders at the same time as the former president abdullah sala. all indications that we might see more escalation in the coming days. >> hasham we were seeing there in your report former president speaking in sanaa after the
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bombing of his home. he struck a very de tone in those comments, but tell us more about exactly what he was saying, particularly in terms of if the nature of the relationship with the howe thousand remains remains houthis. >> he is the most powerful man in yemen for two reasons: he has a loyalty of the most powerful well-trained army units, particularly the republican guards and he is the chairman of the most organized political party in yemen, which is the general congress party. saudis know that to reduce this man from the most powerful into a pariah in yemen, they have to undermine the elite army loyal to him and reject him from the political remains establishment. this is why they sent him that message. target of his compound -- they targeted his compound to let him no that he is no longer accepted as a political leader in yemen. in his reaction to the attack he said that things will change on the ground.
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reality in the region will completely change as if a thinly veiled threat to saudi arabia that is remains fighters are ready to retaliate against the kingdom. >> hasham thank you very much for us in doha. to syria where activists say opposition fighters including members of al-qaeda have stormed a complex where 250 government loyalists have been trapped for the past two wreekz remains weeks. the syrian observatory for human rights says the fighters are captured the complex in the town of shahur. elsewhere in syria there has been continued heavy fighting especially in the area on the border with lebanon. gaining control of it is seen as vital to secure supply lines for both the assad government and the opposition. omar reports from the bukar valley in lebanon. >> at a time suicide attack on
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this hospital was powerful f mrooumz of smoke covered the town. remains followed by heavy fighting as rebels closed in. more than 200 civilian army soldiers are besieged. a co add list of rebels set which includes a remains al nusra fighters al lied remainslied to al-qaeda overrun the town around two weeks ago. the town is crucial to the syrian government. there is remains it is not far from aleppo and ataki which is the strong hold on the coast. another crucial battle is taking place on syria's border with lebanon. video from hezbollah, the lebanese group fighting alongside syrian government fors show fierce fighting in the calamoun mountains. hezbollah says its fighters are making gains. here in a remains and in a number of areas. question standing the where the
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attack started. we have remains we use medium and heavy wednesday. our ground troops are advancing under the cover of our heavy fire. a ski remains key supply route for the government. the regime wants to secure a key road connecting the capital remainstol damascus with hommes and on to president assad's stronghold on the western coast. it is vast and rugged. syrian rebels are adapting guerilla warfare tactics and using the mount nance terrain as a hideout. >> could prove hard for hezbollah fighters to clear the area. they are vowing to fight back. the battle is going to be a long
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one. deep en the political fighting and somethingtarian tensions there. al jazeera, near the city and board -- syrian border. >> turkish prime minister has angered syria by briefly crossing the border to visit an ottoman tomb. the new mausoleum is 200 meters inside syria after being moved closer to turkey. the leader greeted troops stationed at the site which contains the remains of the grandfather of the ottomon's founder, os remains zman i. it was described as clear aggression. at least eight people have been killed in car bombings in iraq. the worst attacks happened north of the capitol baghdad. remains by security -- five security force members were killed while three civilians died in taji. five people have been found dead after a shooting in northern switzerland. it happened near the german
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border. the gunman is thought to be among the dead. police say they believe the killings were caused by domestic dispute at remains as some of the victims were related. nato urged restraint after a day of violence that will killed .22 people. police say they defeated add group of ethnic albanian fighters in a gun battle in the northern town of kumonovo. tim friend has more. >> reporter: main part of the opposition is over but gunfire could be heard on the streets on sunday morning. most of the armed group believed to number about .30 are reported to have been arrested but some about remains were refusing to surrender. >> you can see it's terrible terrible. >> this is an area that saw fighting during the remains during an ethnic albanian insurgency in 2001. but the mayor said the group had no local backing.
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people want to keep the piece. they hope this reaction will the bring a result, real remains removal of this group. i am appear to go our citizenship to remain calm to keep peace and stability and not to be provoked. >> the interior ministry said that the fighters entered macedonia from an unnamed neighboring country and intended to attack government targets. >> this group was well armed and well trained for such circumstances. special forces had strong resistance from the tear analysts who attacked with automatic weapons, bombs and time? remains snippers. >> but the opposition says the government is using the events to heighten ethnic tensions as a disremains distraction from its own difficultics.
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demonstrators accuse of wiretapping and abuse of. 30% of macedonia's two million people are ethnic albanians. there is remains there are remains there is evidence of threats of further violence. tim friend al jazeera. still ahead for you on al jazeera. thousands of migrants risk their lives crossing the mediterranean. we reveal the shocking fate so far of them remains remains remains some of them s.u.v. remains remains suffer. new life in the midst of national tragedy. the challenge of caring for nepal's newborns.
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a reminder the top stories for you now on al jazeera. opposing forces in yemen could be inching closer to a cease-fire deal. houthi rebels say they would respond positively to efforts to end the suffering of the yemen easy people. the fighting continues with the latest airstrikes calling the remains remains of the compound of the former president. in syria there has been cotted heavy fighting in the area on the border with lebanon. it's a streetegic region. gaining control col remains. police in northern macedonia say they have defeated ethnic albanian fighters after a day of fighting that left 22 people
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dead. targeting ships used to send my grant across the mediterranean. the move is the latest step to try to curb the riding number of migrants leaving for new shores. if he had reek a margorini is to address the council on mod. the sea route is the most dangerous migrant route in the world. thousands of people have already been killed this year as they try to reach italy and a better life. many of their bodies are never found buff visiting the morgue in misrata where some of the bodies that wash up on shore are stored. some viewers might find images in this report disturbing. >> some called the crossing of the mediterranean the journey of death. thousands are willing to take their chance. he tells me there was chaos. people were shouting. the boat capsized and people fell in to the water. he doesn't know what happened next.
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he was thinking of himself. he was rescued by the libyan coast guard, but often dead bodies are forgotten at sea and they flowed back to libya. >> he says he has never seen anything like it. he is a remains the driver of misrata's only reference remains fridge rated as remains ambulance. he has transported dead fighters and seen all sorts of wounds. >> it's horrifying. there is a terrible smell. the bodies were in the wall remains water for 20 or 30 days. some were eaten by the fish. some remains others are found floating and fishermen bring them back. >> the corpses are taken to the morgue in the hospital. it's in poor condition. look at how they keep the fridge closed. it's not cold enough. the smell of rotting bodies is overwhelming. >> the bodies were found randomly on beaches. nobody knows for how long they have been floating in the sea before they were washed ashore. some are so disfigured it seems
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they have been in the water for a while. there is even the body of a child, and by the looks of it, it was remains he was between three and four years old. they were found on the beach in january. since, they have been lying here slowly decomposing. nobody knows their names or where they come from. some remains somewhere, their families are wondering what happened to them. >> it's very painful to see these dead bodies. no one asks for them. we don't have means to take a dna sample. the fridge preserves the bodies. it does not freeze them. we say death is an eternal test. not in this case. they stay here for months. sometimes six or seven. they suffer in death as well. it is really painful. >> they are given a number p only the location where they were found is registered. it at that remains can take a long time to bury them. dead my grants are not a priority. the unknown bodies will eventually end up in this cemetery tucked away between the sand dune downs. it was once used for members of
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gadaffi's security forces who died during the uprising back in 2011. three 7 migrants were buried here recently. those will he remains at the morgue will join them one day. the story of these bodies will go unnoticed by the thousands of migrants waiting in libya to cross the mediterranean. any one of them rungs the very real risk of ending his journey here in misrata's nameless cemetery. hamyd, misrata. >> bullits remains remains boats carrying 574 people have run aground in western indonesia. the boats were washed ashore in ache remains remains eh prove incident. at least half of those on board were remains are rahinja, an ethnic community that has faced decades of discrimination in myanmar. the others are believed to be bangladeshis. the international organization for migration says there are between 500 and 550 people, men
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women, and children among them who arrived on several boats in north aceh indonesia early on sunday morning t local time. authorities are industrial trying to verify where these people came from. they could have come from bangladesh or, perhaps, myanmar where the majority of rahinja lives. the u.n. considers them one of the most persecuted minorities in the world. human rights groups say it is the government policies that make so many desperate to escape. they are surge remains subject to restrictions including the right to travel freely in some parts of the country. local authorities try to limit the number of children these rahinja people have. the government does not recognize them has not given them any lem remains legal status. three years ago, their conditions, living conditions got worse for the rahinja where communal fighting between another ethnic group and remains broke out in rakind state where the majority of the rahinja people live. 140,000 people were displaced. they had to live in examples. they are still living in camps
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unable to return to their jobs their homes. children are unable to go to school. and things are unlikely to improve for the rahinja in n remains myanmar until gols policies change. if that doesn't happen many will be demented to remains remains tempted to make the dangerous journeys to leave the people. >> the pakistanitable is claiming to have remains remains -- table is claiming to have shot down a plane. a vida is said so remains to show fighters firing a missile which hit the tail of the helicopter t more from pakistan's capitol islamabad. >> reporter: the remains a video has been released showing at least three members showing different components of a russiansam 7 missile that they say was used to bring down the helicopter in which several diplomats were traveling now. according to the military and, also exclusive footage obtained by al jazeera shows that the remains the helicopter was,
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indeed coming in for a normal landing and then crashed. it also shows the rescue on board and talking to some of the survivors who said that they did not actually witness any missile hitting the aircraft. this was totally a technical fall that developed on the aircraft. everything was going smoothly. according to aviation experts, if the aircraft had been hit in the air, it would have come down like a rock. however, it shows that the remains this was indeed an accident and that the crew members made desperate attempts to save lives on board after of remains the helicopter caught fire. german chancellor angela merkel has called on vladimir putin to help end the war in ukraine. she is in moscow to take part in commenrations marking the end of the second world war. she looked on as a wrath remains wreath is remains was placed at the gave remains grave of the unknown soldier as they remembered their victories. >> i have come to moscow during
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a different phase because it was important to me on the 7th remains remains 7th anniversary of world war ii to pay respects to those killed in the war together with president putin. >> it's not a secret that the relate remains relations between sherri remains russia and germany today are going through a bad period because of the differences in the assessment of the events in the ukraine. our bilateral trade in 2014, for the first time in five years, fell by 6.5%. >> cuban president raol castro tanked remains remains thanked the catholic leader for his role in the recent improvement in relations between the u.s. and cuba. the first south american pope mediated which will he to the resumption of diplomatic ties. castro expressed admiration for pope francis. if he speaks as he did remains does, tim return to the catholic
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church. the cuban communist party did remains did not allow it. it is allowed now. tas step forward. >> the main opposition party, the democratic alliance has elected its first black leader, remains in what's being seen as an attempt to shake off the party's image of being dominated by the white mon remains minority. a report. >> reporter: the first black leader of the democratic alliance. he knows critics of the party with its blue colored emblems thing it represents the interest of a white minority. in his ac-sant remains september answer speech, he tells supporters because he is in charge, change is coming. >> if you don't see i am black, you don't see me at all.
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it was evil and deplorable. and ultimately we cannot stay in that way of thinking. outed going lead ter described as a tough, tenacious and vibrant leader was praised for attracting more black voters. can he take the party to the neville remains next level? >> south africa's two most popular opposition parties have young black leaders. many people are asking the question: does the ruling african congress worried. >> a dominant feeling you do find within the electorate is that they have not done enough not delivered enough. so, you know, there is a shift in terms of staying amp.
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they should be able to capitalize. >> local government elections are due to succeed which could be the first real test for the now black-led democratic alliance remains wlieings. we are still coming for you. he is promising to create jobs tackle corruption and put the interests of the black majority first. so south africans are watching him and waiting to see had remains if his appointment is what the democratic alliance needs to attract black voters. port elizabeth. >> it's been two weeks since nearly 8,000 people were killed in nepal's earthquake. the priority now is rebuilding infrastructure and presenting the spread of disease. doctors are concerned about pregnant women and babies.
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fez jamil has more. >> reporter: it began to shake. >> first, i was told not to move. but then the hospital kept shaking, and an oxygen cylinder fell over. the doctors came and told me to get out. so, i ran down the stairs. she had to get an emergency ses sarnling separation 12 hours later because of the risk to her life and her baby's. doctors say several women had miss carriages. they are emphasizing the need to keep a close eye on their pregnant patients. >> in these kind of situations it is expected. we do know that women go through a lot of stress. women who are about to deliver are particularly vulnerable. they may lose their homes.
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they may lose a bread winner and that does cause stress. so they could be premature deliveries. >> some, however, didn't have the proper medical help available even before the earthquake struck. >> adding to the stress for some of these women is living in tents like these, coping with hot weather sundays and rain on the others. at least they are close to hospitals like these in the capitol. those in remote areas are even more vulnerable. the united nations estimates that there were 126,000 pregnant women in the quake-affected areas most of them in rural and remote districts. the focus now is to get medical help to them. it is concentrating on making services available. the birthing centers where women have remains can have the service. making advice from remains 24 by
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7. the after affect remains effects of the earthquake for them may last a lifetime. faz jamil, kathmandu. >> you will find more on that story and everything else ol [ ♪♪ ] hello, i'm richard gizbert, and you are the "the listening post", here are some of the media stories we have been tracking. risk any business in baghdad and beyond. journalism in iraq, i.s.i.l. is


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