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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  May 16, 2015 1:00pm-1:31pm EDT

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>> u.s. commandos launch a raid inside syria killing a senior isil leader. ♪ >> hello i'm barbara serra you're watching al jazeera live from london. an egyptian seeks the best penalty from ousted president mohamed morsi and more than 100 others on the ground and from the air iraqi forces step up their fight against isil in the city of ramadi. and not backing down, protests resume in burundi in the president's plan for re-election re-election.
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plus? >> we're at the cannes festival where the hollywood hype has been performing well. >> hello, welcome to the program. the u.s. said its special forces have killed an senior isil leader. he is said to have died in the oil field. he was in charge of oil and gas for the group. the raid was authorized by president obama and carried out by forces based in iraq. well our correspondents are live with full coverage. kimberly halkett is in washington, d.c. and let's go to go to kimberly first in washington. it was released by the white house in a statement. what more details did they give us about what happened, kimberly? >> we know that this was ordered by president obama as well as the defense secretary ash carter but it was in close consultation with a national security team, which was
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unanimous in its decision that this should be carried out this operation, an operation conducted by the very elite delta force. kind of a precision-targeted attack, if you will. an attack that we know involves some hand-to-hand combat. apparently there were women and children present possibly even being used as human shields, and it was during that engagement, as the military refers to it, that he was killed. now i can tell you that women and children were present. two of those women were captured. one, sayyaf's wife, and then a yazidi captive. she was a slave that umm sayyaf may be complicit in holding her captivity. we know that that woman is being
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held in detention, and we're told she will be returned and reunited with her family. >> what do we know about sayyaf, and how important his role was? >> we're learn morgue and more, barbara. we know that while we were not that familiar with his name up until this operation the u.s. certainly was and has been following thinks activities very closely for a number of weeks. we do know that he has in the last minute before this operation did change locations. that meant that the u.s. observation and intelligence gathering needed to be stepped up a number of weeks before this could be conducted. we was very prominent in the isil structure in terms of what of oversaw. not just oil and gas but really the kind financial officer we're told, overseeing the funding through those revenues for the military operation. i can also tell you too this was done in consultation by the united states with the iraqi
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authorities, but not the syrian authorities, we are told. however, the u.s. defending its actions saying this was done in accordance with the u.s. international law. >> kimberly halkett with the latest from washington, d.c. thank you. let's go to beirut and speak to our correspondent. omar, if we look at the fight against isil in the past few days, it's not a good time because isil has managed to capture most of ramadi. in light of that how big of a coup is the fact that they've got abu sayyef. how key is he in the isil structure? >> well, he is quite influential and key figure for isil and possibly neighbor in iraq. we're told by activists there that sayaff in particular has more authority for isil in that area. he is quite a big shot, if you
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will. however, given the structure of isil, i think this serves them a big blow. it will not end there their ability because they is how they operate. they always anticipated an attack against their leaders so therefore we have they have alternatives. let's put that in a wider context for our viewers. the leader of al-qaeda and iraq and. there was a leader killed in 2006, and then in 2010, two leaders were killed in 2010. however, that group formed the origins of present day al-qaeda in iraq and syria. this is how they operate. so targeting a leader or targeting an influential member of the group will certainly not end their threat, barbara. >> omar live for us, thank you.
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now turkey's military is insisting that it has shot down an syrian aircraft after it entered turkish air space. activists have sent al jazeera these photos showing the downed aircraft that crashed just inside syria. turkish military source said that a helicopter was shot down when it breached the country's air space twice on the western side of syria. but syrian tv is denying the reports saying that a surveillance drone was brought down instead. >> now let's go to egypt where a court has sentenced former president mohamed morsi to death along with members of the banned muslim brotherhood group. morsi was convicted of killing and kidnapping policemen taking part in a mass jail break during the 2011 up rising, which forced his predecessor hosni mubarak
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from power. well it will now be up to egypt's grand mufti to decide on the decision of the death sentence. if he rules against it, the case will be returned to the courts. >> egypt's first elected president has been found guilty of breaking out of jail and sentenced to death. the muslim brotherhood is called by the morsi was imprisoned a few days after the egyptians started a movement. in 2012 morsi became the country's first elected president. then he was overturned by el-sisi, who is now president.
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he appeared in court wearing a blue uniform worn been convicts. many were given the death penalty including the former leader of the muslim brotherhood and popular scholar. several palestinians were sentenced as well, including some prisoners in israeli jails. egyptian human rights groups say that since 2013 as many as 41,000 people have been jailed. amnesty additional said that short trials and mass sentencing violates people's rights. human rights watch say that they're convicting without establishing guilt. in two verdicts 1200 were sentenced, most of them given the death penalty. >> the egyptian courts during the last two years in this specific case there are many legal bounds to refute.
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the judiciary itself is unconstitutional. also many other things like this testimony given by the former chief of staff during the trial of former president mubarak in which he negated all the allegations of hamas the borders, and breaking free the prisoners. >> he's referring to a recording of the chief of staff. inhe now denies there were any borders crossings by hezbollah or hamas. the death sentence has been referred to egypt's graft mufti who is due to rule on it. in just over a week egyptians have seen the man deposed by a popular up rising, freed from
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jail and an elected president sentenced to death. al jazeera. >> the head of the egyptian revolutionary council and organization uniting several groups that are opposed to the egyptian military's overthrow of morsi in 2013. she said that the sentence is illegitimate. >> i think it's a travesty of justice. what we see today and through the courts of egypt since 2013 is the military regime executing it's overarching power to insure that the democratic process in egypt is killed once and for all. in reality what we're seeing also is the first freely and democratically elected president of egypt being sentenced to death and international community being silent. this silence has very serious repercussions. both politically and morally. there is no rule of law in
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egypt, and as we all know with the cases of journalists that were imprisoned in egypt the al jazeera journalists and others we can't speak of a judiciary system that is either independent or one that can really pass laws or adjustments that are not farcical. this is another farcical trial that has no legitimacy. >> staying in egypt three egyptian judges have been killed by unidentified gunmen in the sinai peninsula. three other judges were wounded. they were traveling for a court hearing. there had been a series of attacks targeting police and soldiers in sinai since the overthrow of mohamed morsi in 2013. however, this is the first time that judges have been attacked. isil fighters have moved position inside the government compound in the iraqi city of ramadi. it follows airstrikes by the iraqi force by the government's
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headquarters. more soldiers have been sent there earlier as i city is almost completely under isil control. it would give a stronghold just 100 kilometers were baghdad. and it's now from baghdad that we have reports. >> the iraqi military said that it's fighting back in ramadi. it's released this video of what it says are aerial attacks on the islamic state in iraq and the levant. the government promised a tough response and is promiseing to recapture territory. but there is not much evidence that the security forces are on the offensive. many say it will not be an easy fight unless there is a clear strategy. >> they are serious to do what they have to do since long time. we know everyone, we know that since one more isil starts to attack every day, and the action of the government was very weak.
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[ gunfire ] >> on fry isil's message was one of defiance. fighters use all kinds of weapons along with suicide car bombers in a complex attack to penetrate the compound in ramadi. the u.s. which leads the coalition against isil played down the significance of isil gains. it says that the armed group is inflating the importance of its successes, and says that the coalition strategy is working but there are those who disagree. >> we need to give the weapons to the tribes. the sunni tribes are unable to defeat isil. the government should approve the plan to create the so-called national guard. that means local people joining security forces. >> earlier this month the government said that hundreds of sunni fighters were the province would now fight along side the security forces. but anbar's influential tribes were not among the men. they want to fight the battle alone. they want the army to give them
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weapons. anbar was the greatest challenge to u.s. forces when they were in iraq. they lost a lot of men in years of fighting. they were only able to succeed after they received the support of the local population. a military solution alone failed. and sunni leaders believe it will fail yet again if the iraqi government does not bring the people to its side. >> until then the human suffering is only getting worse. with many people trying to escape. for years now there has been no peace between the mainly sunni province of anbar and the shia led government in baghdad. many people say that restoring confidence and trust between them should be part of any military strategy if isil is to be defeated. al jazeera baghdad. >> more still to come here on al jazeera. yemen's fray in cease-fire even as leaders prepare for talks the fighting goes on. plus, a separatist movement or
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political infighting? al jazeera visits the macedonia town that saw violence in security forces and an armed group. >> on hard earned, what would you do? >> the army is the last resort but i will do anything necessary for my family... >> when you're running out of choices... >> maybe i should become a nun... do nuns smoke? >> and your back's against the wall... >> i have a problem... i don't speak english... >> hard earned pride... hard earned respect... hard earned future... a real look at the american dream hard earned only on al jazeera america >> part of our month long look at working in america. "hard earned".
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>> time now for a reminder of the top stories here on al jazeera. the u.s. said its special forces have killed senior isil leader in a ground attack in syria's province. he's known as abu sayyef and was in charge of oil and gas for the armed group. and former president mohamed
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morsi was sentenced to death. and the iraqi government has sent extra soldiers to the city of are a are a are a ram ramadi. activists are reporting that both sides have sent reinforcements to palmyra. dozens have been killed in taiz with fighters on both sides ignoring a humanitarian cease-fire. the truss is due to end on sunday. that's when regional political leaders will try to end the crisis. but the houthis will not be there. ♪
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>> pro government fighters recaptured rounds in the city of taiz. reinforcements have been sent to the city. a crucial link of the supply route to the south. >> all of taiz is the resistence against the houthis. the resistence has a lot of support. >> the houthis have given territory over the last two weeks. convincing people to support them is not easy. these protesters are demanding that the rebels leave their city. and this is where fighting could escalate. that is because the province is yemen's main source of oil and gas. soldiers and tribesmen loyal to the president of abd rabbuh mansur hadi are defending the city.
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>> we control this area. we're tightening the noose around the rebels. they're shelling us with heavy weapons despite the cease-fire. >> the humanitarian truce expires on sunday. that's when some of the main factions will begin a three-day conference in riyadh to solve the crisis. they include tribesmen, military commanders and political leaders. gulf countries are worried that the violence in yemen could spread to their countries. this is the envoy to yemen for the gulf cooperation council. his job is to convince yemens to agree on a political road map. >> the gcc will support all the decisions that the political leaders that key on in the riyadh conference. it will be the basis for talks between the political factions.
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>> the houthis have refused to send anyone to the meeting in riyadh. they say that they'll only join talks in the country that isn't part of the coalition led by saudi arabia that has attacked yemen for more than six weeks. the riyadh conference is expected to give president hadi a significant boost. his supporters are expected to reach a power-sharing agreement that they insist will be the only way to save yemen from civil war. >> it's been reported that five generals in burundi have been arrested for allegedly plotting a failed coup. a total of 17 suspects have been taken to the high court. meanwhile around 100 protesters deified a ban on demonstrations in the capital earlier. they vowed to continue their opposition. the president'sto the
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president's plan to run for a third term. they were at a demonstration. >> these protesters are undeterred by the violence of the last few days. they say the coup say they want to carry on. >> they have closed down the radios because they want to kill us without people knowing. if they want they can kill us all, but we won't stop until he accepts that he cannot run for a third term. >> the president has said that the protests must stop so the election can be peaceful. he said those involved in the coup attempt would stand trial. >> the outcome of the coup has seen the benefit of the ruling
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party and the supporters of the president. the independent radios and tvs are now all up while activists are fleeing and going into hiding. but still these protesters are continuing. the song they're sing something a familiar sound on the streets of burundi over the last few weeks. the lyrics are that it's time to change, it's time to change. >> malcolm webb in that demonstration. now investigators in the united states say that the amtrak train that trashed crashed in philadelphia may have been hit by a bullet or rock or other object. it was running at twice the speed limit when it crashed. eight people were killed and many injured. there will be an examination of the train's windshield. a passenger train collided
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with a truck in northwestern germany. the driver of the truck was not hurt. the police say three of the injured train passengers are in critical condition. the macedonia opposition is calling for mass protests on sunday demanding prime minister nicole la gretzky step down. we have reports now from ku kumanova, the town where it happened. >> this is what remains of the barbershop in kumanovo. and the house behind. he is in police custody. the hospital therapist is counseling his family. [ sobbing ] >> on tv they're calling my husband a terrorist. he is just a barber.
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who is going to walk my son to kindergarten now? >> families cower as security forces battle what the government alleges were albanian separatists. in this ethnic albanian neighborhood officially eight police and ten gunmen died. today there is only shock at the damage and resentment. at least four local men have been detained. everyone we've spoken to tells a similar story. they heard the shooting. they sought shelter wherever they could in their basement. when they came out this is the scene that greeted them. psychologically this neighborhood has been traumatized by what happened. >> the violence comes at a critical moment in macedonia. >> the opposition is leaking hacked phone recordings revealing abuses of power at the
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heart of government, prompting resignations. they even claim that the violence was staged some how when a prime minister clinging to power. >> the citizens of macedonia and other ethnic communities. don't succumb to black scenarios being prepared by the government. >> that is flatly denied. the prime minister said he has the trust of the people of macedonia. >> they decide who will be in power and would who will be in opposition. >> in kumanovo there is still be bewilderment. this time communities insist that they're united, and that the only divisions are between the politicians. al jazeera kumanovo.
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>> during the past two days 900 europe-bound migrants have been brought ashore in italy rescued from boats setting off from the african coast. three suspected people smugglers were arrested when their boats were intercepted by the german navy off the libyan coast. now a black cod di about life on the gaza strip is being shown at the cannes film festival. the film degrade is based on events in 2007. the territories have established no film industry of their own and often reline on foreign funding. we have more now from cannes. >> set in a hair salon in gaza, this is the story of 12 women and how they unravel over the course of the day trapped inside because a lion is on the loose and hamas forces have the salon surrounded. >> it's ait's a black comedy,
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say the twins who directed the film. born in gaza, they decided to become filmmakers even though they they have never gone to gaza. >> this is something beautiful. for this we have the idea of the salon. the idea of the salon to go there, to cut your hair, to talk about many things, relations their life, but. >> dark humaner is a recurrent theme in palestinian films. the films "the time remains" is a particularly good example. >> it's directed despair and
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humor is often the last resort. >> iwhen i see a palestinian film its basically another territory liberated. that is poetic, and that poetic is something that arrests. >> cannes is known for launching careers. while the flashy hollywood movies backed by the big bucks command a lot of attorneys the festival is fascinated by the artistic talents coming from the middle east. >> it's extraordinary. you have a number of very good men and women. >> many stand out in the crowd at cannes.
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despite challenges they face, the palestinian filmmakers, the fact that they have to rely on foreign funding, it's cinema is alive and well. al jazeera at the cannes film festival. >> much more that we're covering on our website. there it is, the address that wealth is precious rubies which fetch a handsome sum especially when smuggled across the border. i'm steve chow. on this edition of 101 east, we look at the lives of afghan ruby miners who are risking it all chasing crystal dreams.


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