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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  May 16, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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>> hello there i'm barbara serra, this is the news hour live from london. an egyptian court seeks the death penalty for ousted president mohamed morsi and more than a hundred horse. u.s. commandos launch a raid inside syria killing a senior isil leader. iraqi forces step up their fight against isil. protests resume against
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burundi's president. >> and in sport one of english football's most prominent figures says good goodbye to his fans. gerard is making his final appearance. >> thank you for joining us. we begin the news hour in egypt where a court has sentenced the post presidentthe ousted president mohammed morsecy mohamed morsi. he was convicted of a jail break which forced his predecessor hosni mubarak from power. and it will be up to grand mufti to decide on the validity of the
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death sentence. if he rules against it, the case could be returned to the courts. egypt's disdemocratcally first democratically elected president has been sentenced to death. morsi was imprisoned a few days that eventually overthrew hosni mubarak in 2011. in 2012 he became the county's first elected president. but then he was overthrown by the chief of military el-sisi who is who is now president. in court he appeared in the uniform given to convicts. many were given the death penalty including the former leader of the muslim brotherhood and a popular scholar.
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several palestinians were sentenced as well, including some prisoners in israeli jails. mass convictions and sentencing have become common since the military takeover, and since 2013, as many as 41,000 people have been jailed. short trails and mass sentencing violates human rights. in april and may of last year, in just two verdicts more than 200 people were sentenced most people were given the death penalty. >> in this specific case there are many legal bounds to refute. for example the judiciary itself, the court itself is unconstitutional. an also many other things like this testimony given by the former chief of staff during the
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trial which he negate the all the allegations of hamas the borders, and breaking free the prisoners. >> he's referring to elite audio recording by the chief of staff. they now deny that there was any border crossings by hamas or hezbollah. saturday's mass death sentence has been referred to egypt's grand mufti who is due to rule on it by june 2nd. it was handed down after a former ruler hosni mubarak was sentenced but freed because he had already served time. many had been jailed and an elected president was sentenced to death. >> in egypt, three egyptian judges have been killed by
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gunmen in the sinai peninsula. they were traveling to a court hearing. three other judges were wounded. previous attacks had targeted police and soldiers since the overthrow of mohamed morsi in 2013. this is the first time that judges were targeted. >> now in other news the u.s. said that it's special forces have killed a senior isil leader in senior syria. he is said to have died of the oil field. he was in charge of oil and gas for the group. the raid was authorizeed by president barack obama and carried out by forces based in iraq. what else did they say kim letter by? >> we know that this was something that was carefully planned for many weeks in advance. we know that president obama did order this to take place after much consultation with his national security team. we're told that the decision to
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instigate this operation was unanimous. and from there we know that the defense secretary ash carter is the one who pushed this forward. we know as well that this was carried out by elite delta force operation. they traveled in on osprey and black hawk helicopters and there was some hand-to-hand contact. there may have been a number of women and children present possibly being used as human shields. it was then that we're being sold that abu sayyef there was this engagement back and forth but there were two women capped. one was abu sayyef's i've, umm sayyef. as for the other woman, she was held captive and she's being reunited with her family. we're told that she's i can'tcy did i. >> and kimberly how much
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success has this been. >> this is really a drop in the bucket when you consider how many isil fighters there are now there would have to be raids upon raid raids. he did in fact have control of the oil and gas revenues, but that's important because that's what is funding the wider military operation, the hostage operation, the united states working in conjunction with the iraqi authorities in order to carry this out. but we do note that this was not in any way in consultation with authorities. saying this was something carried out in its view in accordance with the u.s.
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international law. the u.s. claiming it was a victory of sorts. and it happens as isil takes over the anbar province only 100 kilometers up in baghdad. what reaction are we getting on the u.s. with that. when it comes to the overlook overall look, it's not a great time for the coalition fighting against it. >> what is important to note here barbara is the fact that the u.s. there has been talk, in fact, that this may not have been the target the united states was after. we do know that abu sayeff in the weeks just before this operation occurred that it changed location and the u.k. had to find itself to pre-position and delaying it slightly. what is going to happen now not only were two women retrieved from that operation, but reams of data, and now that is being studied. this is something that the u.s.
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will be looking at very civilly. perhaps plotting the next strategy of this ongoing battle, but right now i think there is a lot of reflection taking blaze not just at the pentagon but also in conjunction with the white house. >> kimberly halkett with the latest from washington, d.c. thank you. >> we're getting reports that turkey's military has shot down a syrian aircraft after it entered turkish air space. activists have sent al jazeera these photos showing the down the aircraft that crashed just inside syria. a turkish military source said that the plane was shot down when it breached the country's air space twice from the western side of syria. but syrian state tv is denying reports saying that surveillance drone was brought down instead. in the past few minutes we've received reports that isil fighters have withdrawn from a government compound in ramadi. the government sent extra
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soldiers there as the city was almost completely under isil's control. if the city falls it would give the stronghold just a couple of kilometers were baghdad. it's from baghdad that we have this report. >> the iraqi military said that it's fighting back in ramadi. it's released this video of what it says are aerial attacks on positions of the islamic state in iraq and the levant. the government has promised a tough response. it's also promising to recapture lost territory in anbar's provincial capital but on the ground there isn't much evidence that security forces are on the offensive. many say it will not be an he said fight unless there is a clear strategy. >> they are serious to do what they have to do since long time. we know everyone, we know since one month isil start to attack ramadi every day. and the reaction of the government was very weak. [ gunfire ] >> on friday isil's message was one of defiance.
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fighters used all kinds of weapons along with suicide car bombers in a complex attack to penetrate the government compound in ramadi. the u.s. which leads the coalition against isil played down the significance of isil's gains. it says that the armed group is inflating the importance of its successes and says that the coalition strategy is working but there are those who disagree. >> we need to give the weapons to the tribes. the sunni tribes are able to defeat isil. the government should approve the plan to create the so called national guard. that would mean local people joining the security forces. they can fight with the iraqi army. >> earlier this month the government said that hundreds of sunni fighters were the province would now fight along side the security forces. but anbar's influential tribes
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were not armed. >> military solution alone failed. and sunni leaders believe it will fail yet again in the iraqi government does not bring the people to its side. >> until then the human suffer something only getting worse with many people trying to escape. for years now there has been no peace between the mainly sunni province of anbar and the shia-led government of baghdad. many say restoring confidence and trust between them should be part of any military strategy if isil is to be defeated. al jazeera baghdad. >> well still to come on the news hour, africa's leaders turn out for the signing of a historic peace deal in mali. but rebels refuse to attend. plus we're on south africa's cape coast where overfishing has
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put the continent's only piece sees of penguins at risk of extinction. >> and find out if the world number one was able to make it. >> let'slet'slet'slet's go to yemen now where dozen of people have been killed in taiz with fighters on both sides ignore the cease-fire. thethere is a meeting to end the crisis but the houthis won't be there. >> pro government fighters recaptured rounds in the city of taiz. but the houthis are sending in reinforcements to surround the city. the crucial link along the
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supply route to the south. >> all of taiz is with the resistence. everybody is supporting them. >> the houthis have expanded their territory over the last few weeks. supporting them is not easy. these protesters are demanding that the rebels leave their city. and this is where fighting could escalate. that's because the province is yemen's main source of oil and gas. oranges loyal to abd rabbuh mansur hadi are defending the city. >> we control this area. we're tightening the noose around the rebels. they're shelling us with heavy weapons despite the cease-fire. >> in five days the truce
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expires on sunday. they include tribesmen military commanders and political leaders. golf countries are worried that the violence in yemen could spread to their countries. in is the envoy to yemen for the gulf cooperation council. his job is to convince yemenis to a political road map. >> the gcc will support all the decisions that the political leaders will agree on during the riyadh conference. it will be the talk between the different factions. the. >> houthis have refused to send anyone to the meeting in riyadh. they say they will not join talks in a country that is that
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is in saudi arabia that has been attacking yemen for six weeks. >> they plan to share a power- power-sharing agreement that they insist is the only way to save yemen from civil war. al jazeera, riyadh. >> let's go back to our top story now, the best sentences issued in egypt. madam, thank you so much for joining us here on al jazeera. obviously of those that sentence is issued the most high profile first of all your reaction to it and also do you think that it would actually come to pass? >> well, i think this is more evidence that the executive
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branch is using the egyptian people to do its dirty work. you're seeing the politicianization of justice. these are highly profile because of lack of evidence to prosecuting a president that was elected, and if those actions had been illegal he should have been stopped from running in the first place. andand the fact that he was sharing intelligence, counties do that all the time many of these claims are borderline ludicrous. >> and if and when this sentence was supposed to be carried out what impact do you think it would have on egypt? how destabilizing do you think it could be?
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>> well, it's going to make morsi a political martyr. if he's executed he'll become close to a model for violent extremists. what the egyptian state is doing is giving them what they want a political martyr. it will make youth frustrated with this military state and start to be empathetic to the muslim brotherhood. and, indeed, we're starting to see that. more youth are realizing that maybe the muslim brotherhood was not that bad now that we see the military state rise up and give our harsh crackdowns. >> just today three egyptian judges were killed by gunmen in the sinai peninsula, do you think that could be linked?
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or do you think we'll see more violence coming from this verdict? >> well, we don't know if these particular murders were connected to the morsi death sentence. it would be no surprise if judges become targets of violence because many people are seeing the judiciary as a political actor as opposed to an independent check on the executive and legislative branch. once they engage in this type of political retaliation they'll be viewed as fair game by those who are inusing violence to oppose policies that they see take place. this just shows that the egyptian judiciary are going to be the losers, and they're using it to engage in doing dirty political work.
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>> associate president of law at texas a&m university and a member of egyptian rule of law. thank you for sharing your views with us. in other news a suicide-bomber has killed four people in a bus station in northeast nigeria. the blast is said to have wounded 41. the victims were mostly women and children. the bomber was a young girl who blew herself up outside of the bus station's gates. five generals have been arrested for allegedly plotting a failed coup. lawyers and family of suspects say that 17 people have been taken to the high court. meanwhile 100 protesters defied the ban on demonstrations in the capital, and they vow to continue their opposition to burundi's president's plan to run for a third term.
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>> these protesters are determined to continue protesting against the president's bid for a third term. many of these people cheered when they when the coup was to happen. they said they'll continue until the president stops his run for president. >> he can try to kill us all but we won't stop until he accepts he cannot run for a third term. >> the president has said the process must stop so the election can be peaceful. he said those involved in the coup attempt would stand trial. the outcomes of the coup certainly seem to benefit the ruling party and the supporters of the independent radios and
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tvs are now all off. activists are fleeing and going into hiding. but still these protesters continue. and the song that they are sing something a familiar sound on the streets over the last few weeks. and the lyrics are that it's time to change, it's time to change. >> malcolm webb. now mali's taureg rebels have backed out of signing a peace accord with the government and other armed groups. the separatists have signed the initial deal but now want greater guarantees for more autonomy in the north. we have the details. >> it was lated as a decisive step. the precedentthe president and african dignitaryies were there to witness the signing.
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but those who were there to see the taureg absence said that they're moving forward. >> we salute the international integrity who stood by mali and the issues in the north. we've suffered for three years now. >> the fight is for greater autonomy in the north and supporters denounced the agreement. >> we're against the deal. we're ready to fight to the day of our victory. >> we don't exit the signature. it's not in our interest. if our demands are not being met we do not want it. >> continuing fighting in northern mali is casting doubt on the peace process. taureg forces exchanged fire with pro-government groups in the northern town.
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and they have seize the two-thirds of northern mali in the 2012, and their boycott of the peace deal is further proof that tauregs have not abandoned their struggles. >> overfishing is threatening to kill off africa's own species of penguins. er witherica wood went to the western cape to see what is being done to save them. >> this is a penguin hospital, a place where distressed, injured or orphaned birds come to rehabilitate. >> in 2014 we had 942 penguin checks. >> some of them are being nursed back to health. others are permanent residents. like skipper. he'll never return to the wild. he's too tame. >> the education team are
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training him to be an ambassador bird. which i think he'll be amazing at. >> 10,000 children come through here every year to learn about penguins. other lessons are carried out over the internet. >> is it a boy or a girl. >> we don't know yet. we're still waiting for the lab results to come back. it will show us if it's a boy or girl. >> indicating younger generations are important because numbers of african penguins are low. there are fewer than 18,000 breeding pairs left in the wild. over fishing is the biggest facet due to the decline. >> it means that they have to travel further afield and expend more energy to find enough fish for themselves and their chicks. >> when oil spilled near the coast it remains a don't
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constant threat. occur >> this island used to be home of hundreds of thousands of penguins. the combination of overfishing and oil spills means that there are only 600 breeding pairs left. >> in february a new facility opened up to the closest mainland point to dyer island aside from rehabilitating birds research will be carried out here. the staff say we need to pay more attention to what the declining numbers are telling us. >> birds are an indicative species. we should have taken note a long time ago that there is something seriously wrong. >> like many of the world's indangerred species saving that's penguins is a race against time and environmental issues and most of all the destruction caused by humans.
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al jazeera the western cape south africa. >> well, still ahead on the program, a separatist movement or political infighting? al jazeera visits the macedonia town that saw violence between security forces and an armed group. also coming up... >> look in the mirror. you put on five kilos. you think you would be happy but then you want to put another kilos on. >> we look at a condition of big bigrexia. >> we look at the sport of athletics.
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>> welcome back. here's a reminder of the top stories. an egyptian court has sentenced the former president mohamed morsi to death. the verdict relates to a mass jail break in 2011 during the revolution that toppled hosni mubarak.
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turkey's military honoredly shot down an aircraft. syrian state tv said that it was a surveillance drone. and u.s. said that special forces have killed an isil leader in a ground attack. he's known as abu sayeff, and was in charge of oil and gas for the armed group. well, let's explore this in more detail now with political analysts. so abu sayeff held a key position in isil. how key of a figure was he? >> well, i have two issues that can define what has happened. number one he's key for oil and gas. which means that he's responsible for the supplying of
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forces on the ground with petrol and's also responsible for buying oil to the others. and by others it could be anyone. and secondly an important issue what's happened in ramadi, and the major attack that happened on the city of ramadi it makes you know that how much this person--in fact, it looks like it's a revenge. it's revenge forces killing to taking over the city, causing humanitarian crisis by that display displace 500 families, and killing 500 civilians and the military crisis because the troops are throughout the area, and at the end mr. abad then
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they said they would announce a victory that would happen in ramadi and other place in the area maybe he was referring to what is happening and killing. >> the americans now have his wife presumably also he would be able to access some data, you think that would be an asset for them? >> receipts talk about families in the area. the social family in the area is that the wife does not always know everything that he is doing. i don't think it will be a victory from the wife because this is a tradition in the eastern world that the wife are
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always second behind the man. secondly the important thing that if he is a man responsible for oil and gas we must also capture the persons that he is in contact with. and i told you before isis boying buying isle--selling oil for everyone. and selling oil it means that there are some governmental and none official personnel attached with this issue. and there are reports telling us that maybe the governments inside the middle east are buying oil from isis, even the western countries and so on. i don't know how much the wife knows all these details, but the most important thing, he was
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killed so maybe he was killed because the secrets that he had are now buried in the ground. >> in other struggles the americans have been involved with we've often seen that the killer of the leader is something that has been hailed that would be stabilized and so often from the grassroots. do you see that happening? i'm assuming that a abu sayeff was important for the group? would that destabilize the whole organization and grassroots support that they have in iraq? >> this i said, the attack that's happened in ramadi, it makes us as iraqis give isis give us a message. we're not in contact to the killing of our leaders. we're stronger than that. secondly, the man that has been killed is actually not a
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literary man but someone managing the economical issues of isis. say on any basis that you have now is going forward is that it's easy to be replaced. he's not a military man killing someone like him will destabilize isis analysis they stop the attack of isis. on the other hand this man was very important. he was responsible for the most important issue that isis would goo forward with. especially that isis are very interested to have the factory there in beiji and to control it. so replacing someone like abu
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sayeff. it would affect all the contacts that he had made. but at the end there will be some let's say impairment in other issue on the economical issue. i think if the coalition plus the iraqi forces made a real effort, they will have the intelligence effort. they will have another victory. this is the issue. if you assist people on the ground they will help you to get more information about isis. this is the simple thing. >> interesting to get your views. thank you for your time.
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>> you're most welcome. >> the taliban launched it's fascinating fighting in afghanistan. jennifer grassjennifer glasse has this report. >> these villagers are standing up against the taliban who are so close that they have to crouch behind the wall to keep from being shot. >> the enemy right now is about 100 meters away. do you see them in the trees? they're there. they're lying in ditches. >> he has about 170 men against taliban force nearly twice that. they only have basic weapons and fight from trenches and mud bunkers.
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these static front lines are new this fighting season. when nato was in charge of security the taliban was usually on the move to avoid being hit by airstrikes or artillery. there are no risks of that now. there aren't even any government soldiers here. >> people sold their cows and their livestock to buy the guns. >> on this day it's quiet. the two sides negotiated a cease-fire so farmers could plant their fields. but neither side trust the other. the villageers feed them. most of the homes are empty. people say it's bad. >> we have never been this worried. even when the russians were here we didn't worry about it. there was fighting, but then the
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next day life was normal. now we're trapped. >> these fighters say that the government gives them no support expect for a little a munition. >> people are suffering now. they can't farm. most of them have left. we hope the government will bring peace. but the government doesn't care. >> these men say they will hold the front lines as long as they can. there is no one else there to hold their homes, their land and their honor. jennifer glasse afghanistan. >> thailand, malaysia and indonesia have been holding off
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migrants. >> they were on the boat for three months and their condition is very weak. they're here at a temporary shelter after being rescued by fishermen. now authorities are helping them giving them medical assistance. great relief when they managed to call their family and tell them that they're alive. they were very lucky that they met the fishermen first the indonesian navy. because the indonesian navy said that until now they will turn away every boat that enters their water. they'll give assistance at sea but not here. it's hard to imagine the ordeal that that's people went through three months on a boat and bringing their children on this dangerous journey where they were fating facing fighting,
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hunger and thirst. now they face an uncertain future in indonesia. >> 900 europe-bound migrants have ben brought ashore from city. three suspected people smugglers were arrested after their boat carrying 290 migrants was intercepted by the german navy off the coast. while most were in good health, 50 were suffering from scabies. the macedonia opposition is demanding that the prime minister step down. on top of allegations that he abused his power there is tension over a recent battle between security forces and an armed group. we have reports now where the fighting happened. >> this is what remains of the
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barbershop and his house behind. he's in police custody the hospital therapist is counseling his family. >> on tv they're calling my husband a terrorist. he's just a barber, says his wife. who is going to walk my son to kindergarten now. >> families like this cower last weekend as outbusts from what reports call albanian separatists. today there is only shock at the damage and resentment. at least four local men have been detained. >> everyone we've spoken to tells a similar story. they heard the shooting. they sought shelter wherever they could in their bakesments. when they came outside this is the scene that greeted them.
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psychologically this neighborhood has been absolutely traumatized by what happened. >> the violence comes at at a criminal moment for mass dean i can't. >> the opposition is leaking hacked phone recordings revealing abuses of power at the heart of government, prompting resignations. they even claim the violence was staged some how as the prime minister clings to power. >> don't succumb to black scenarios prepared by the government. >> that is flatly denied by the prime minister. he said that he has the trust of the people of macedonia. >> they decide who will be in power and who will be in opposition he told journalists on thursday.
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>> there is still bewilderment the worst violence that ended conflict between albanians and macedonians. this time they say they're united and the only divisions are between the politicians. >> two team have died and 20 are injured after a passenger train collided with a truck in northwestern germany. the vehicle was stuck on the track west of hannover, and the twain was train was unable to stop in time. three of the train passengers are in critical condition. >> find out if a shoulder injury can throw down this leader as the rest of in
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>> you we have reports from sydney it can lead to depression and eating disorders. >> training in the gym has been part of nathan's life since he was 13 years old. he was, he said, a skinny kid and he wanted to feel better about himself. but getting bigger muscles became an obsession which at one stage led him to using steroids. >> you look in the mirror. you put on five kilos.
2:48 pm
you think you would be happy. then you want to put on another five kilos on. you bench a certain amount, and then you have a new goal. >> hehe was suffering from bigorexia or muscle dismover i can't. it's reversed anorexia mainly effecting men in their 20s and 30s. sufferers can spend hours a day thinking thinking about the size of their muscles and the food they eat and their training. >> part what have makes this a medical illness is that it impairs their job performance or ability to hold down friendships or relationships and just to function in general. >> at least half of bigorexia sufferers use steroids in their quest of what they think is the perfect body.
2:49 pm
>> researchers estimate for the past five years in australia they've seen the rate of steroid use go up four folds. that's a rate being mirrored in the united states and europe. the irony while it's focused on improving their bodies, they're using drugs that could kill. it can lead to heart disease and most commonly depression. >> what social media allows us to do not just compare ourselves to the person in the room with us but compare ourselves with hundreds and thousands of people just from our couch. >> when he was suffering costello felt that he had no one
2:50 pm
to talk to. he hopes by going public others won't have to suffer in silence too. andrew thomas, al jazeera, sydney. >> and now here's andy with all the sport. >> thank you so much, barbara. the final appearance for liverpool anfield has not gone according to plan. after 17 years with the club one of english football's most prominent figure is heading to the l.a. galaxy. this was gerrard's 709th liverpool appearance. breaking records set by another liverpool legend more than 20 years ago. a scoring a hat trick in 2.56 as 24 team beat aston villa 6-1. the record coming in in 1994. the hat trick was scored in 4.5
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minutes. now one of argentina's most famous football teams face the prospect of being kicked out of south america's competition. it follows as boca junior fans appear to target rival players with pepper spray. just the latest violent incident to hit argentinian football. >> any game between boca juniors and river plate is intense and hard fought. but the bitter rivalry has never sunk this low. they were suspended after river players were blinded by pepper spray. footage shows a boca fan cutting through a protective fence.
2:52 pm
then followed nearly two hours of negotiation and indecision before the game was suspended. the players stranded on the pitch. >> what happened was an act of aggression. aggression directed at players. this causes such shame for argentine football and boca junior players as well. we have to continue working on this, and if the sanctions come, then the sanctions come. >> words will be spoken, but they've all been heard before. and there will be an investigation and calls for boca juniors to be strongly punished. but the fans, the clubs the police or the argentine football association are taking responsibility for the growth in violence the corruption, the four safety procedures or the growing number of deaths. the passion of argentine football fans is well-known. most simply want to watch the
2:53 pm
game. >> there are a few who cause problems. but there are those who pay the price. >> i think they should replay behind closed doors but the game should be played. boca may be thrown out but i believe they should keep playing. >> argentina has already suspended the domestic fixtures in the mourning of the accident of a minor league player. but violence is endemic usually involved organized gangs of supporters. >> it's difficult to see a solution unless there is a political solution. we live in a society which is going down hill where the laws are increasingly ignored. >> argentina continues to prose produce great footballers but they play in europe escaping corruption and violence, which only seems to get worse. al jazeera buenos aires.
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>> roger federer are in semi final action. the winner will face djokovic in sunday's final. djokovic extending his winning run. the three-time champion going through his match in straight sets. djokovic now has not lost since february. cycling hit the mountains for the first time this year with alberto contadore leading the race despite the fact that he has an injured shoulder. >> now the elect season has begun in doha in a year that has already seen two major
2:55 pm
controversies, and. >> the diamond league is back, and even with the enthusiastic crowds of the season opener in doha, and the impressive line up the sport of athletics is still trying to deal with two of the biggest doping scandals to hit it in recent years. last december a german program accused of doping. and >> some feared that the systemic nature of the russian and kenyan cases could result in track and field going the way of cycling during the lance armstrong era. but speaking to al jazeera
2:56 pm
earlier this week, the current double champion mo farrah is still positive about his sport. >> the sport still has to offer quite a lot as it did before. we do an one-hour slot that no matter where you are in the world you have to go in and get tested. as long as we can apply the same rules to what we're doing now it's changing a lot. >> the issue will be one of the main challenges facing the new president of the iaaf. two candidates are ready to step in when the president steps down. >> we must work very very hard, and very tough. and everyone should understand there is no excuse to anyone. it will be struggle and serious policy to clean sport and not
2:57 pm
accept any cheaters. >> the race will take place in beijing. one man with high hopes is justin gatlin. he had a stand out performance on friday, the sixth quickest of all time. gatlin has been banned twice in his career for doping. >> and the less surprising results mitt romney failed in his bid to knock out heavyweight champion evander holyfield. the fight was for charity which might explain the knock out. the definition of punching. >> absolutely. thank you. that's it.
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for now more news in a few minutes. bye bye.
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