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tv   News  Al Jazeera  May 29, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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d-winning investigative series. monday, 10:00 eastern. on al jazeera america. protests in zurick regarding governing futbol's body fifa. ♪ hello and welcome to al jazeera, live from our headquarters in doha, i'm rochelle carry and ahead back to the future nigeria prepares to inaugust rate -- inaugurate. bangkok and tie land call for a
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united response and closing the digital divide and plans to give millions of low-income people free internet access. ♪ fifa, 209 members preparing to vote in a presidential poll in europe as corruption deepens and people are at the fifa headquarters and the current boss bladder is refusing to resign despite calls to do so and this is after seven officials were arrested and 14 indicted in the u.s. on corruption charges. meanwhile 150 palestinian protesters gathered outside the fifa headquarters in zurick and going to suspend fifa over restrictions on the movement of palestinian players and we are
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live with the latest and we have heard the opening remarks yesterday to get this day going from president blatter and tell us what he had to say. >> reporter: it is absolutely amazing 24 hours ago it seemed that blatter was enormously vulnerable yet now on the day of the votes he seems as impregnantable as ever and he wasn't very quiet yesterday and turned up with the opening ceremony and opens the congress this morning with a lot of the same talk as last night with transparency and unity and togetherness and yes it's tough days for fifa but we all need to move forward together. and frankly i think he is going to get reelected now. the way the voting procedure works his opponent prince aly of
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jordan would get a third of the votes in the first run in order to force a second run and that would mean we would need almost all european votes and 20 or more votes from other futbol federations around the world and i don't know if that will happen even though last night the prince said it would and had a quick chance for a word from africa or asia getting off the buses to go to congress here this morning and every single one we spoke to said the support for blatter was absolutely un undiminish undiminished. i can't hear say it again. are you supporting mr. blatter today? sgllt supporting blatter. >> he is the best president.
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>> the whole of africa wants to vote for blatter. >> he has a lot of chance to win. >> reporter: how many votes from your confederation will he get do you think? >> i'm not sure. >> reporter: but you think he is going to win, what in the first round? >> yes. we do expect that vote to happen in the next few hours and we will continue to cover that part of it through the day and there is something happening in zurich near you and protests about the inclusion of israel in fifa and expulsion of israel from fifa and tell us more about that. >> it's one of the key planks of an independent state that they have a national sporting team and you can probably hear them and we have pictures of their protest and their central
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complaints is they are not allowed to deal with fifa as independent country and have to deal with fifa through israel and say it's a breach of fifa's own rules and accuse rounding of sporting apartite to youth and the national team to conduct futbol activities with litany of allegations and complaints they are making with the closures and blockades and inability of palestinians to access what few sporting facilities they have and say that young palestinians have been shot and shot at by members of idea and say members of the national palestinian team have been arbitrarily arrested and in prison by israel. their main aim is to get them ejected from fifa to get it and three quarters of a motion and
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that won't happen and there is another theory during the rounds here and the reason the f.b.i. arrested these people is to shift attention from the protest in a way to protect israel and it sounds like a conspiracy and maybe not and trying to get voices heard and two protesters managed to get in to heckle blatter during his address and they were quickly hustled out. >> live from zurich and thank you so much. former fifa vice president among those accused of corruption has left to jail and trinidad by ambulance and complained of ex shun and did not take questions from reporters and surrendered to reports on wednesday after he thought extradition and granted bail and said warner solicited bribes worth $10 million from the south african government to host the 2010 world cup.
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they captured the last government held town in idlib province and borders turkey and has access to assad's province of the coast and latakia and heavy shelling and rocket fire before it was stormed by rebel fighters and the government vehicles were seen pulling out. security council briefed about the continuing barrel bomb attacks in syria and some of them allegedly containing chlorine gas and ambassador told al jazeera she has no doubt the regime was possible and made it clear the u.s. position on setting up a no fly shown was changed. >> you can assess if going to war with the regime will bring results you seek and it's an extremely complicated enterprise and it's one ultimately that if the assad regime tested would
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include shooting planes out of the sky and they refer to a sky zone as if it's a soft option that we will turn a blind eye to and it's a very complicated enterprise. >> you can see that entire interview on talk to al jazeera at 4:30 gmt on saturday. car bombs at two hotels in iraqky capitol baghdad killed at least ten people and attack appeared to be coordinated and the first bomb was at the babylon hotel where they often hold meetings and the second hit the sheridan. to the war in yemen now where the saudi-led campaign against the houthis is now in the third month and residents flee coalition led air strikes and fighting on the ground and left 40 houthis and allies dead on thursday. in the latest round of bombing coalition planes targeted sanaa in the north and the southern port city of aiden.
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fighting in yemen forced many schools and colleges to close but for a small number of students attending lessons the challenges of learning in a war zone are immense. >> reporter: the english teacher makes his way to class and teaches in sanaa but since the war began student numbers have fallen and working conditions have become more difficult and says power cuts and lack of fuel and cuts are some of the problems facing teachers. >> the situation has worsened and teachers have difficulties and handicaps which they are working to get over them. as you can see the war has inflicted serious impacts on the way teachers are teaching. >> reporter: he is one of the students and she is taking english language classes but says studying in a war zone is
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not easy. >> we are students and we have bombingen bombing and explosions everywhere. >> reporter: before the war this classroom would have been parked with students and now there is only nine the drop in numbers men a cut in teachers' pay and many say they are struggling to make ends meet. >> teachers has fallen so badly and teachers had a modern class but nowadays because of the income and because of low number of students and fewer students are coming that is why few teachers are left. a teacher may have a class. >> with peace talks delayed the fighting continues and education of students is disrupted but she is one of the lucky ones many other students going to school or college is no longer an
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option and won't be until the war ends. victoria with al jazeera. nigeria's president elect muhammadu buhari is inaugurated and several are attending including the president of zimbabwe and south africa president zuma and secretary of state john kerry is also a guest at the inauguration and we are life who is there at the inauguration and let's talk about this. muhammadu buhari is now an elected president as opposed to the last time when he was a military ruler, what has he addressed about how things are going to be different now? >> i wassen able to hear your question can you repeat it again? again? >> reporter: now that he is a
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president from last time regarding military rule? >> people are hoping for tremendous changes and he has been a democrat over the last 12 years and has been trying to be president in the country and people feel he will rule differently and he has an image of being uncorrectable and highly disciplined and said what his affects were in nigeria and abroad and people have a lot of confidence he will be able to take on the many challenges facing this country. he campaigned on ending corruption and improving the situation and there is a feeling that he had obviously a greater deal of knowledge and understanding about the issues facing people in that region and he promised as i say to tackle corruption as a democratic leader and people feel because of his background and because of his character and because of his personality he will be able to
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tackle the many challenges facing this country. right now he is not far from where i'm standing and he is just behind me in one of the major seats or auditorium in the square and other leaders from the africa content and u.s. secretary of state john kerry is also here and the hope is that once the ceremony is over the hard work of governance and putting things right in nigeria will begin. >> evon live from abuja, historic event there, thank you. to bangkok where talks to tackle the migrant crisis in southeast asia are taking place and tension with countries remain with delegates from myanmar are angry about being singled out from the crisis and they are calling on myanmar to recognize myanmar people as citizens and stem the flow of migrants fleeing persecution and trying to see the causes of exodus by
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taking full responsibility for all of its people and released the latest census which makes no mention of the rohingya and we will go to bangkok. >> the ability of the government in the region to deal with difficult issues that is our trans national in a culture that has been based on noninterference. that is why the myanmar government responded very bluntly when the high commissioner for refugee says any vote for the crisis has to include citizen for man maryann myanmar said they are not well informed and the fact is this meeting is coming very late who are said to be still stranded at
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the hands of traffickers and had immense deprivation and abuse and there are bangladesh migrants involved on the boats with myanmar muslims known as rohingya but the myanmar government refuses to recognize them as such and say they are bullies and do not belong to myanmar. all the countries in this region have at some point or another turned them away but thailand is taking the lead by conducting this meeting and trying to find immediate humanitarian median and long-term solution with a comprehensive approach. much more to come on al jazeera hospitals in india are struggling to treat victims of a heat wave that has claimed 1700 lives in just over a week. ♪ [beeping]
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♪ thank you for joining us reminder of the top stories now on al jazeera, delegates began to arrive at the headquarters of futbol's governing body in zurich and said to vote at a presidential pole as the corruption deepens and blatter is refusing to resign despite calls for him to do so. muhammadu buhari is being sworn in as the president of nigeria. live pictures here as the ceremony is getting under way in
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abuja and south africa and zimbabwe are in attendance. myanmar says it has been singled out from the crisis in southeast asia and bangkok and blame persecution on western myanmar. brazil looking into possible corruption of fifa and this is one of seven officials arrested in zurich and anger over 2014 cup has not died away and many are angry about the amount of money spent on stadiums that now stand empty and lopez reports. >> reporter: for many this is an example of everything that was wrong with the 2014 fifa world cup and it costs $600 million to build, twice as much as originally planned and after hosting less than a handful of
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matches from the world cup it never has been filled again and it's mainly a parking lot for these buses. after seeing cases of miss management and disproportionate spending around the country, the sign of wrongdoing where the world cup are flaring and took few by surprise. >> translator: the brazil people never trusted fifa and some of us already suspected that corruption was rampid and the depth of the corruption scheme. >> reporter: it was such that thousands took to the streets in 2013 to protest what they thought were misused resources in a country where millions live on so little. >> translator: all these stadiums are unnecessary and in brazil they have no futbol culture and the money would best be spent on schools. >> reporter: brazil has no proterrible team and these days
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there is little futbol being played at the second largest stadium and it's mostly empty except for an occasional concert and last year it played host to a mass wedding. attempts to look in corruption by members of congress had previously been boycotted but now approved from revelations coming out of the fifa scandal. >> translator: there is no doubt that the government works to avoid our investigation related to the world cup last year and it's all connected to the corruption scheme. >> reporter: building stadiums like this was men to demonstrate to the world that brazil was major economic power and critics say it has corruption and squandered resources. demonstrators clashed with
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police in chile as protests for education reform continue and students in the capitol santiago want better pay and perks for staff and accusing police of using excessive force at a protest last week. russian president putin band the release of information about deaths of soldiers in peace team and the kremlin denies accusation that soldiers are fighting in the east of ukraine and charles stratford joins me now from moscow and charles explain the significance of this law, the timing of it. >> well, that is right, as you say this is being described as an amendment to the state secret law and it basically makes the deaths of man power during peace time and during special operations a state secret and it is significant because it comes at a time where president putin
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has for months now been under attack from the west accusations being made at him that russian military personnel are actively helping the pro-russian separatists in the east of ukraine and as you say putin has repeatedly denied this. the presidential spokesperson press scott was asked about the amendment of the law yesterday and he said it had absolutely nothing to do with ukraine but at the same time the ukraine government is saying that it has captured two russian soldiers and that one of whom has actually admitted that he was an active serviceman with the russian military operating in ukraine territory and also comes at a time where we have seen certainly over the last few months we've had reports and seen journalists, human rights groups who tried to report on what they claim were the
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repatriation of dead soldiers from ukraine and back to russia and reported on that and beaten up and intimated and the new law is significant with regarding what russia is doing and the claims and actively using military inside ukraine. >> charles, what can you tell us about the reports we are hearing about troop build up? >> well, interestingly there was a report that the reuters news agency released a few days ago with respect to the law and according to the journalists it was reported that hundreds of military equipment, military vehicles were seen heading down towards the ukraine border being set up at a makeshift camp around 50 kilometers from the ukraine border. it was described, the equipment included tanks, rocket launchers
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and artillery. now, the defense ministry have refused to give comment at this stage over that reported build up. again prescott talking about an invasion said the question was completely inappropriate regarding this and get daily violations of the ceasefire and interesting today the news agency task reported that according to a member of the administration of the self proclaimed donetsk republic the separatists had been shelled 30 times in the last 24 hours so if you look at these reported troop build up in the context of this new law then it certainly seems that there are questions that are yet to be answered with respect to the future of the
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conflict in ukraine and russia's alleged role in it. >> charles live from moscow thank you. hops in india are struggling to treat victims of a heat wave that claimed 1700 lives in a week, the highest number reported in two decades and the southern states are the worst hit with temperatures reaching 50 degrees celsius and we report. >> reporter: funerals have been taking place across the southern india states. >> translator: most of the people who have died here do small jobs and they have no financial security. the government needs to help them. >> reporter: he has been hardest hit with a heat wave with the death toll at more than 1,000 and the metrologist department said temperatures
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raised quickly and unexpectedly and catching people in the hottest areas by surprise and people are doing what they can to keep cool and ngo trying to raise awareness of illnesses like heat strokes but there are fear these public service announcements are little too late. in other parts of india hundreds of million of people are also struggling in sweltering conditions. >> translator: i had to cover up well because it's easier with some people these days and try to go out either in the morning or in the evening. >> translator: the heat is great for my business and people are doing a lot more and drinking cold drinks like lemonade to stay hydrated. >> risen 45 degrees celsius and compounded misery and led to criticism of the state of country's infrastructure. and the rains of the monsoon
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season are not expected to hit until next week and almost a month until the forecast improves in northern india, new deli. >> reporter: united states wants to give new income families an access to the internet to close the digital divide. >> public libraries used to be all about books but in the digital age it's access to the internet that draws people in. this library in miami provides free on line browsing from jobs to educational and music programs and parents get their kids online it provides a vital service. >> a really nice library and we enjoy coming and my son enjoys coming as well. >> reporter: it's that kind of service that the u.s. government wants to get into people's homes and the idea is to modify a program called lifeline to help families pay phone bills and get
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them online. when people talk about the digital divide it's being information rich and information poor and figures speak for themselves and 5 million houses are without broadband and tend to be black or hispanic families. industry says if the u.s. wants to remain competitive it needs to give everyone access to the web. >> if you are not connected you run the risk of being marginalized and you are left out of the opportunities and job opportunities and your children are behind other children of their age. >> reporter: critics say the program is already wasteful expensive and ultimately could harm the people it hopes to help. >> the program is full of waste, fraud and abuse and unless we return to making sure that people have skin in the game that is just going to continue and what that means is really
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there there be higher broadband taxes for everybody else including people who are not quite poor enough to get the subsidy and there will be less subsidies for those who really need it. >> reporter: it's likely the new plan which will be voted on in june will cause fierce debate and they doubt access to the internet is essential, j a, miami, florida. as our machines got smarter and smarter technologyists said hey, don't worry, they on the know what they tell them. when certified smart guys like physicists steven hawking says wait a minute, you are playing with fire, is it time to be nor