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tv   News  Al Jazeera  May 29, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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the chronic despair that condemn of their people to a life locked up. >> this is al jazeera. ♪ >> hello there i'm julie mcdonald. this is the news hour live from london coming up. >> let's go fifa. let's go fifa. thank you. >> seth blatter is in charge of world football despite the corruption scandal gripping fifa. >> in sport we'll have reaction from the footballing world as it faces for more years of blatter. >> also ahead after losing it's last town in idlib syria's
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government hits back with airstrikes. >> mohammed to crush boko haram as he's sworn in as nigeria's president. and the u.s. formerly removes cuba from its state sponsors of terrorism list. >> hello there a warm welcome to this hour. seth blat, r has beener has been voted in as president of fifa. he received 133 short of the 140 votes. now fifa is in its worst-ever crisis targeted by u.s. and
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swiss authorities in separate corruption investigations. >> well, in his acceptance speech seth blatter spoke to the dammed reputation. >> i'm not perfect. nobody is perfect. but we'll do a good job together i'm sure. i thank you so much for the confidence together we go, let's go fifa. let's go fifa. thank you, thank you so much. thank you. [applause] >> earlier his defeated challenger thanked supporters as he we drew from the race. >> it's been a wonderful journey in terms of knowing you working with you seeing the challenges you have. i want to thank you in particular those of you brave enough to support me. but having said that i'll be
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withdrawing from the race. thank you very much, i wish you for the best of luck in the future. [applause] >> and our correspondent in zurich analyzing the day's events. >> the vote clearly shows that the sense has drifted inside the walls, he has effectively created the world's most lucrative and powerful football club and for many on the inside the last thing they want is for meaningful change. but there is a sizable minority who do want change. the majority are from europe, and they have a big decision to make whether they're going to push through on the momentum they began yesterday in seriously discussing the idea of pulling out of fifa. they'll have discussion in berlin in a few day's time. there is a huge step to take for the european continent to pull out of the world cup. that is where fifa is.
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blatter has talked about unity. while he does have sizable support if is by no means the overwhelming support he has had in the past. >> many officials and businessmen who have been caught up in the fifa scandal. we're joined live from buenos aires. hi there what has been the reaction to another term for seth blatt er? >> in santiago chile where copa america kicks off on june 11th. the problem with that is the football federation should have been there along side michelle bachelet, but some have been arrested many are on the run. it will go ahead as it was always going to go ahead
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questions will be asked about south america's role in this latest fifa scandal. >> now obviously the american football association was behind blatter, now he has the tough job of negotiating fifa through what comes next with quite a lot of division behind it. >> julie, it's going to be very difficult. south america has always been behind blatter one of his staunchest backers is from argentina, he died last year. several of those who took over feel differently. many say there is time for change. they voted for the main rival. how that will pan out in the weeks and months ahead having
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lost that to blatter we'll have to see. >> thank you joining me live from santiago, chile, thank you. a blast in saudi arabia, the blast went off during friday prayers killing four people and wounding four others. a man wearing women's clothing is said to have blown himself up and it's the second bombing by isil in the kingdom in just a week. last friday a suicide-bomber killed 21 people. well isil forces have been making gains in libya. the rest of the city is mostly under isil control. in syria activists say that rebels from the al-qaeda-affiliateed al nusra frond has captured the last
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government-held time in idlib forcing forces to withdraw from the area. government forces executed 60 detainees as they withdrew. the government is now targeting the town with irstrikes. idlib is strategiccally important because it provides access to other areas. >> the fighters are coalition of rebels that include ael news are a front fighters allied with al-qaeda. it is thought to be the last region stronghold. [ gunfire ] >> thank god we liberated the town in just few hours. i swear they ran like rats.
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the state's news agency said that government forces have pulled out to the outskirts to regroup. >> some people are say that the regime will destroy the town. becausing barrel bombs. >> rebels have moved onto the village in the country side killing a number of government soldiers. days earlier rebels captured the town last month they took control of idlib city, the province's capital. the next major battle for these fighters could be president bashar al-assad hold on the area on the coast. these photos show a glimpse of syria's notorious prison. inmates were moved before they
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fled. from the south, a war is taking place. fighting between hezbollah lebanon group, hezbollah announced it made big gains in the corner of lebanon but with fighters carrying out hit-and-run attacks. more than 40 hezbollah fighters are said to have been killed since fighting started earlier this month. crucial for hezbollah in the government. it's where both sides get weapons and reinforcements. fighting in syria's multiple battle fronts continue to intensify. two warring factions of differing agendas it's not clear who will win. >> well, iraq is continuing effort toss retake the city of ramadi and anbar province.
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it fell to isil forces on may 17th. united nations say that the iraqi forces are preventing many displaced of reaching safety. >> for ramadi the scene was frighteningly reminiscent. the black flags raised by isil last week, an eerie echo of the ones raised by insurgents a decade ago. >> it feeds into this notion that assist on the march and that it's march is inevitable. it's a sunni majority city in a sunni majority province. it's significant because it's one step close for baghdad. >> for the capital of anbar province this type of threat is nothing new. between 2003 and 2007 the strategic city is said to become a base for foreign fighters who wanted to exploit sunni muslim anger for the shia-led government.
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until sunni tribes supported by the u.s. turned their weapons on insurgents and largely drove them out. this year it was iraqi security forces being driven out. with the fall of ramadi isil controls an open supply route with its fighters and weapons one that spans all the way from strongholds in syria through mosul in iraq to within 130 kilometers were baghdad. analysts say it's no surprise that iraqi army soldiers were ill-equipped to fight and pointed to the fall of saddam hussein and his baath government. >> for the last decade or so, they have been pushed out of the armed services and into the
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private sector. many have those have gone and joined isis. >> experts say repression of sunni attempt between 2011 and 2013 was for many a breaking point. >> all of the calls for unified government goes to anbar demonstration two years ago. when anbar asked for their rights and their calls to be part of the unified government. >> during that time sunnies accused prime minister nouri al-maliki of depriving them because of sectarian policies. protesters were killed as government forces fired at them. since then anger and animosity has only grown. now, the situation is even worse. as the united states and iraq engage in a war of words of who
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is to blame for failing to stop isil both wage war on the streets against their common enemy, one still very much on the march. al jazeera. >> u.n. has called for measures to combat the growing height of foreign fighters heading to conflict jones. secretary general ban ki-moon said that thousands have joined organizations, and more are on their way. james bays now has more now from the u.n. >> this was an important meeting and an unusual one because most of those around the security table were interior officials related to homeland security, and they discussed the problem of foreign fighters some six months after a security council meeting was presided over by president obama which said that countries needed to do much more to stop the travel of foreign fighters. it was clear from the u.n.
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secretary general that he believes so far enough has not been done. >> since the adoption of the call 3178 the fall of terrorist fighters that have joined the ranks of daesh and other terrorist groups continues to crawl. there has been an estimated 70% increase in ftfs worldwide between the middle of 2014 and march of 2015. this trend means more ftfs in the front lines, a bigger pull of expertise are available to terrorists and monies to their country of origin. >> some of the talk was very technical, talk of tracking systems, software airlines can use to stop people from traveling to places like iraq and syria. one offer came from the united states the homeland security
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secretary jay johnson said he was offering free of charge to all of the countries of the world a new software system to help them track individuals that they believe may be headed to conflict zones. >> coming up this news hour. learning under fire. the conflict in yep. and in sport could roger federer remain on course for a second title. we'll have all the details hater in sport. s. >> killing seven people at a we hadding in a remote town in nigeria borno state. it comes just before president buhari's inauguration.
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>> well, muhammadu buhari vowed to irradicate boko haram and rescue the kidnapped women and girls. buhari drew cheers when he announced he would take personal charge over fight of the group in the command center in miydugari. he'll be expected to improve nigeria's electrical output.
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>> heads of state from across africa including the leaders of south africans, zimbabwe and the u.s. secretary of state attended. including other the outgoing president goodluck jonathan sat next to buhari. buhari thanked him for accepting defeat after elections in march. after being sworn in the new president gave his inaugural speech. he said that the world expected the worse from nigeria but he promised to fight corruption and unemployment and improved security.
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>> he'll change the image of africa. i think there is a sense in the u.s. something that frustrates me that nigeria can't have a democratic transition or election. i think those days are over. >> outside of the venue thousands of buhari supporters try to get in to watch the ceremony. >> today we need to show our happiness. this did not allow the masses to be there. why? >> celebrations to mark this historic occasion is taking place across nigeria. but oh among those is the hard
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work and putting the country on the right track begins. nigeria. >> joining me from new york is john campbell, former u.s. ambassador to nigeria, who is now a senior fellow on the council for foreign relations. a very warm welcome to the program. mr. buhari has quite the "to do" his and one that will take lots of skill. >> that's exactly right. it's going to require the highest of political skills to maneuver through a very ambitious agenda, but an agenda that has to be addressed. >> people of nigeria presumbly feel ready for change right now. i can see being ready for change right now and appreciating a lot of the things on his "to do" list will take years and years. how do you think he'll navigate people's expectations? >> well, he has been appealling for patience from the nigerian people pretty much ever since he
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was elected. but i think he will be helped by the fact that his agenda is transparent. his inauguration address is a remarkable document. it's only some 19 words long yet it is full of substance. it is full of specifics. for example he addressed the question of human rights abuses by the security forces directly. he said that essentially the rules under which they operate have to be changed. so as to preclude human rights abuses. and he also said that those who are convicted of human rights abuses will be disciplined and punished. in other words very specific. >> do you think the strategy will be regarding ridding the country of boko haram?
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>> i think essentially he is in the process of reforming the security forces. the move of the headquarters for the struggle from abuja to maiduguri is symbolic but as a practical matter and the against the military further of boko haram. further he thanked chad, niger and cameroon for thinks assistance in the struggle against boko haram so i presume that that cooperation will continue. not today but at other times he has also talked about welcoming assistance from nigeria's traditional partners, friends and allies that would include the united states and the united
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nationsunited kingdom. >> mr. campbell, it was interesting to hear him say i belong to everybody, yet i belong to no one. was he giving there to tackling this problem of systemic corruption? >> he was indeed. he was making it perfectly clear he does not belong to anybody except to the nigerian people. and to the nigerian people as a whole. he is deliberately appealing to a renewed sense of national identity. he is saying in effect i am a nigerian. i am more than someone from the north. i am more than a muslim. i'm more than a former military man. buhari is in that sense an old fashioned nigerian nationalist. >> mr. campbell joining me live from new york. thank you very much for your time. thank you. now the u.n. refugee agencies
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says that fighting between armed groups has forced almost 60,000 people from their homes in the last month. now the government and it's allies signed a cease-fire deal with separatist groups last year. violence escalateed since they seized the town threatening to derail peace efforts. the united states has formerly dropped cuba from its list of state sponsor list. it's a ski step to restoring diplomatic ties between the two countries which have been suspended for 54 years. let's get more now in washington, d.c. hi there patty, a major step forward. >> it is. it was an expected step because we know that u.s. president barack obama said he intended to take them off the state sponsor terrorist list, cube, that is.
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cuba, that is. there was some in congress who threatened to block it, but what we saw here was the business community, a very powerful lobby come out and say no, we want this deal. that could be important in the future. the u.s. has embargo and plenty of sanctions on cuba, something that the leadership in the house say they have no intention of lifting, but it does move the process forward. this has been a key demand of cuba officials to reopen each other's embassies and restore normal diplomatic relations. now as a practical matter it does not change all that much. it carbs out some of the ex-searches allowing things like agriculture, equipment building materials, and that does not change that. but what the white house is saying that companies were going to be reluctant to work with cuba and in a state sponsored terrorism list. there are very few countries on
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that list. one of which is syria. that could have brought reluctance on the part of the companies, and now that it's off the list many companies may want to create business with cuba. >> there have been widely differing views on so much. >> 55 years of this cold war sort of stand out. so in that time we know that the u.s. has done several things to try to interview with the castro regime castro government, trying to in essence destabilize cuba. now they're coming to the table trust us, let our diplomats rome freely around the country and reduce the security now seen at the u.s. embassy. now we'll see what kind of freedom the u.s. officials will have. and what kind of foot britain footprint will they have in cuba
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and what kind of footprint will cuba have in the united states. they're hoping that this designation being removed from cuba could serve as an impetus to get deals done. >> patty culhane thank you. nick clark is in havana where he talks about the future of u.s.-cuba relations. >> something that had to happen as far as the cubans work and said there would no progress coming off that list and everybody here is relieved that the whole presence of reconcile reconciliation can continue. it sent a cautious optimism here. over all the cautious optimism remember this only incremental step. that is a long way away from now.
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in the meantime, the next step is the embassies. opening the cuban embies is and here in havana. the old u.s. embassy shut down in 1961 is five kilometers in that direction. it now looks after u.s. interests here in cuba but it's very dilapidated. it needs renovation. there may be new renovation around the corner as people are saying there could be announcements in the next week or so. and remember that the united states is just 90 miles over there. >> still to come at this hour, myanmar is seen as a boat full of migrants as they set up search and rescue efforts. plus. >> i'm in western kenya where they are just starting education education. i'll be telling you why. >> and one down, two to go, barcelona continue their preparations for a trophy travel.
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>> on hard earned, down but not out, >> i'm in recovery i've been in recovery for 23 years... >> last shot at a better life... >> this is the one...
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this is the one... >> we haven't got it yet... >> it's all or nothing... >> i've told walgreen's i quit... >> hard earned pride... hard earned respect... hard earned future... a real look at the american dream hard earned only on al jazeera america >> part of our month long look at working in america. "hard earned". >> we're here to fully get into the nuances of everything that's going on not just in this country but around the world. getting the news from the people who are affected. >> people need to demand reform... >> ali velshi on target weeknights 10:30p et >> a reminder now of the top
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stories here on al jazeera. seth blatter has been re-elected for an another fifa term. muhammadu buhari sworn in as the new president of nigeria. and al nusra front expand into villages after capturing the last government-held town in idlib. the fighting in yemen where many schools are forced to close. a large number of students are still able to attend, but the challenge of learning in a war
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zone are immense. >> english language teacher makes his way to class. he teaches at a school in sanaa but since the war began student numbers have fallen and working conditions have become more difficult. he says that power cuts, a lack of fuel, airstrikes and bomb attacks are just some of the problems facing teachers. >> the situation has worsened. many teachers are undergoing many difficulties once they're working to get over them. as we can see the war has inflicted serious impact on the way teachers are teaching. >> one of the student she's taking english language classes but said studying in a war zone is not easy. >> we're students. we are under pressure.
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>> before the war this classroom would have been packed with students. now there is only nine. the drop in numbers has meant a cut in teacher's pay and many say they're struggling to make ends meet. >> they look at teachers because of the lowering of students and work, fewer students, that's why fewer teachers. teachers may barely have a class. >> the fighting continues and education of students is disrupted. for many students going to school or college is no long arrest option and won't be until the war ends. al jazeera. >> italian coast guard has coordinated the rescue of more than 3,300 migrants from the mediterranean on friday but says it also found 17 bodies.
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a day earlier the german navy found 96 people floating adrift in a rubber dinghy. now the maritime rescue coordination center then dispatched the aid to another 70 men on a sinking boat. myanmar's navy intercepted a boat a week after it found a similar boat carrying 200 migrants. myanmar's information ministry describe those on board as bengally. that's the term they use for the minority rohingya that does not consider citizens. it has warned against finger pointing to discuss the growing migrant crisis. more than a 4,000 migrants have landed in indonesia malaysia thailand myanmar and bangladesh.
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it has been asked that they step up the rescue efforts. and they have approved a list of recommendations to tackle the root causes of the crisis including promoting full respect for human rights and investing in economic development. scott haidler has more from bangkok. >> thailand planned this meeting weeks ago just after the migrant boats were discovered adrift. packed with desperate rohingya and bangladeshi migrants. many are still out there. nations indirectly involved and directly came together to meet. they agreed to an anti- anti-migrant trafficking task force, but there were disagreements on the root problems behind the migration. myanmar accused the u.n. of inaccurately placing blame.
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>> it will not solve any troubles. >> but the u.n.'s refugee agency said that it's focused on stemming the illegal and deadly flow of people for the long term. >> we are not in the business of finger pointing at all. we are looking at this situation comprehensively, and that includes also looking at some of the root causes. >> the meeting according to those who set it up, gave nation who is have criticized the actions of regional players a chance to participate. >> people who have expressed concern, this is an opportunity to help in finding a solution. >> the u.n. and australia together donated $6 million to help with the crisis. so the agreement at the end of the day was focused on saving those in danger. but the more difficult task that had no resolution coming out of the meeting and that is how to improve people's lives so they're not willing to put themselves in danger in the first place. scott haidler al jazeera,
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bangkok. >> the trade of people has affected the whole region. one area that was safe for traffickers until the police started a crackdown. >> for years now tens of thousands of rohingya have been crossing the border from myanmar and setting sale sail, not any more. with world attention on boats packed with migrants off the coast of malaysia and thailand, the bangladeshi government has acted to try to put an end to people smuggling. three alleged traffickering kingpins were shot dead earlier this month. one of them, we went to visit his home. it's inside a large fenced compound surrounded by the homes of his associates. thosehis third wife said that
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she has six young children. his first wife is paralyzed and can't speak. most homes are made of brick and the walls are painted but associates say he was a poor man who was not involved in anything illegal. >> the officers came and took my husband from hour house and shot him. my husband didn't do anything wrong. he was just a poor, hard-working man. >> the police say that the alleged traffickers were killed when they accidently shot themselves while trying to escape from officers. that has had a dramatic affect on the community. the leaders say almost half of the men here worked in the trafficking business. many are now in hiding. >> the whole society changed. ordinary people could not afford fish in the market any more because the traffickers had so much more money to spend and they would intimidate everyone. >> pretty every section of society became involved in the trafficking. this is where the road breaks
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down. you need to get off your vehicle and walk over to the area over there which will then take you to the village. we're told by local journalists that they were involved in transporting the would-be migrants to the boats. the drivers deny that's the case. increased security forces trafficking appears to have come to a halt. that may not remain the case once the stop light has moved on. al jazeera bangladesh. >> chinese authorities have destroyed more than 600 kill grasp of confiscated ivory. authorities have gun taking tougher stand on the illegal trade. the demand for ivory continues to threat continue el populationelephant populations in africa.
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thick smoke was sent high in the arrest. prime minister shinzo abe has instructed authorities in the area to do everything possible to assure the island of safety, for airlines and to divert flights. sensed to life in prison, while he was found guilty earlier this year in the u.s. charges which includeed conspiracy to commit drug trafficking, money laundry and computer hacking. let's get the latest from kristen saloomey. he begged the judge for leniency but in the end a life sentence was handed down. >> indeed, and in fact, it was a very emotional scene in the courtroom on all sides. in stark contrast, actually, to the trial which was very technical and dealt with a lot of details about how the silk
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road operated, and how the government had managed to identify the dread pirate roberts, the screen name for the administrator of the site, how they linked that to ross ulbrecht. they showed that what ulbrecht did was not a victimless drive. they brought forward families who lost sons to drug overdoses drugs that were bought on the silk road. one man was found with his computer open to the silk road and he had a package of heroin. it was a very emotional scene on their part, and the prosecutors argued that the judge should give a very harsh sentence in order to send a message that this kind of crime is not going
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to be tolerated by the government. >> kristen how did the police crackdown ulbrecht and all the things that the site was selling? >> it was a long investigation. the investigators from several different law enforcement agencies were trying to track him down. and it's still open to debate exactly how the government accessed the server that contained the silk road. that's something that privacy advocates have seized on. they have accused the government of overreaching and the use of illegal techniques to catch him. , lurks brecht spoke for the first time. he apologized to the families and said he never expected that to happen. he created the silk road to allow people to choose and find their own happiness but he acknowledged that he had made mistakes. he told the judge that he was
5:43 pm
quote, a little wiser more mature and also humble, more so than when he had created the silk road, but at the end of the day the judge said that he was no better than any other drug dealer, and while she said she struggled with the sentence she not only gave him hive behind bars but also ordered that he's suspect to the forfeiture of $180 million plus, which is what they believe was generated on the silk road site in drug sales. >> thank you. many grandmothers in kenya take care of children whose parents have died of hiv and aids. most have little money and skills to handle those responsibilities. one group of grandmothers in western kenya decided to head back to the classroom to get themselves help for future generations. >> values are today's lesson at
5:44 pm
this village kindergarten in western kenya. these children are orphans. most of their parents have died from hiv/aids, and a few classrooms away is a special group of students. grandmothers who have been left behind to take care of the orphans. they may be old and frail, with wisdom that could never be told in a classroom but they decided to get back to class to study arithmetic and writing and reading. this grandmother of 86 proudly shows me what he can do. >> this is very tiresome, but i have to keep coming so i can help my grandchildren. >> the volunteer teacher livens it up with music. here they sing about the importance of education. >> most of them know the
5:45 pm
benefits of education so they would ask their children to go to school to learn. >> after class some of the ladies slowly make their way home to wait for their grandchildren, who are still in school. this is where one woman lives with her six grandchildren. taking care of them is a struggle but she's able to monitor their progress at school. she's waiting for them when they return. their parents decide seven years ago and she is a sole provider. >> what brings me back fear is that i'm growing old and i won't be able to take care of them the way i need to. >> but they've created a business together and they still have the energy to prepare small rolls of dough for making. on this day they're making
5:46 pm
pastry that they will sell and share the profits. it's not much but it's enough to get by. >> still ahead this news hour, u.n. said it has serious concerns about the future of australia's great barrier reef but stopped short of putting it on a danger list. and in sport find out who gets to keep the pink jersey. we have the latest from cycling in giro d'italia.
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news, go deeper and get more perspectives on every issue. al jazeera america. >> united nations heritage agency unesco has decided against putting australia's
5:48 pm
great barrier reef on its danger list. the environmental groups mr. hoping such a move would force the government to crackdown on the industrial development that they say is threatening the world famous reef. andrew thomas reportsow from sydney. >> the great barrier reef is one of the world's natural wonders. but it's one that is under threat. coal export ports are being built along the coast. dredged mud is dumped at sea. and farming has plutethe reef's waters. unesco has been asked to put the reef on its endangered list. the move would have been embarrassing to australia industries
5:49 pm
>> the action has been enough to persuade unesco for now not to declare the reef in danger. instead, it will keep the reef on its watch list, effectively deferring the decision. it still wants greater attention paid to the development and concerned about the loss of coral and fish australia's government has not been given the all clear and the endanger label could be applied. >> it has lost reef, half of the reef is gone. if the oprah house had been demolished there is no question we would be saying that it's in danger. >> environmental groups stress that governments have not been the given all clear. >> australia's government spent hundreds of thousands of dollars lobbying unesco members not to
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declare the reef in danger. it does have a policy to allow sustainable development and you niece co's draft decision suggests that australia's government has just gone up. but the custodian of the reef is still on watch. >> now here is sana with all the day's sports news. >> thank you very much. well after three days of high drama in zurich, seth blatter has won a fifth term as fifa's president. and he faces a stronger challenge than expected. but his election was confirmed when his only challenger withdrew. so >> blatter's career as fifa's
5:51 pm
governing body spans 40 years. he began as technical director and general secretary before the retiring president helped him into the top job in 1998. under blatter fifa's finances flourished finding money for popular global humanitarian projects. but throughout the years his own goals have made him infamous from remarks that female supporters need shorter shorts and a handshake in an al jazeera interview. >> it comes to a solution. what will they say bring two people together to shake hands. >> the move leaves most politicians in awe. introducing goal line
5:52 pm
technology despite years of personally resisting. but it's the corruption that leaves so many exposed and disgraced that has overshadowed his presidency so far. >> the dream is now reality and the african population are not only south african but the whole continent they believe in this cup. >> and blatter helped to take the world cup to africa, but the persistent allegations of wrong wrong doing left fifa facing damaging and unresolved ac mandarin youaccusations. his popularity particularly in africa has never been in doubt. and supporters have proven to be his saving grace. despite a vote overshadowed by arrests and allegations of
5:53 pm
corruption, seth blatter has weathered the storm and won a fifth presidential term. >> with the world now scrutinizing his every move whether he's given the time to do that remains to be scene. al jazeera. >> fifa secretary general has reiterateed that 2018 and 2022 world cup will go ahead as planneds despite the swiss investigation launched ohen wednesday. he also claims that fifa played an important role in bringing about the current legal action. >> what. >> what is amaze something people are talking about the investigation on fifa. investigation is more on
5:54 pm
individuals than fifa as an institution. i don't see why. it's always fifa as an institution which is accused and the swiss saying they would give it to the prosecutor. >> jack warner has accused the united states overwitch-hunt following his arrest over corruption charges. the 72-year-old left trinidad and tobago complained of exhaustion. he surrendered though authorities, but has been granted bail hours later warner was photographed dancing at political rally in trinidad. prosecutors say that warner solicitors say that the broken bribe was worst $10 million to host the 2010 world cup.
5:55 pm
>> i repeat, they will evaluate the world cup and if we have the world cup qatar will hold the world cup. >> they say they find the result hard to believe. they have called for the governing body to seriously consider the next steps.
5:56 pm
>> i can't understand that people want to continue like this. >> after claiming the spanish league title barcelona now have their sights set on the second part of potential trophy. in the final of the copa del rey on saturday. they will be crowned spanish champions on june 6th. the french open remains on course. the second seed claimed straight sets to reach the fourth round. federer only has won the title once and we have seen him play in his 18th grand slam. >> the wind was quite a factor
5:57 pm
today, once i got the rhythm it got better and better, and i was able to take more freely and mix up the game. >> in the women's draw, the second seed brushed aside australia, 6-3 6-4. claimed victory on stage 19 of giro d'italia. that's it for me. >> sana, thank you. that's it for me. julie mcdonald for this is news hour. i will be back in just a moment's time with much more of the day's show. we hope to see you in a few minute's time. take care. bye bye.
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>> i take the responsibility to bring back fifa. >> seth blatter wins another term as head of fifa despite the scandal gripping fifa. ♪ >> hello there i'm julie mcdonald this is al jazeera live from london. also coming up. [ gunfire ] >> news are aal nusra front rebels take over idlib province. u.s. formerly removes cuba from its state sponsor of terrorism list. the m