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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  May 30, 2015 10:00am-10:31am EDT

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>> well, 4,000 people are rescued from the mediterranean in just 24 hours. i'm jane dutton. you're watching al jazeera. also ahead. [ sirens ] >> more than 70 people are killed in northern syria by barrel bombs dropped by government helicopters. nigeria's new president takes charge we talk to people in the troubled north about their hopes in the future. plus... >> i forgive but don't forget when it comes to persons.
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>> blatter comes out fightings he begins his fifth term as fifa president. >> we start with a massive rescue effort in italy of 4,000 migrants who processed the mediterranean in the last 24 hours. the cost guard said that distress calls were made from 22 boats on friday and 17 bodies from profound. another 217 people who were on board were rescued. and there's been no let up in the past few hours. more than 700 migrants have been taken to the port in southeast italy. they were rescued off the coast of libya. we have more from the sicilian harbor of catania. >> good afternoon.
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throughout the night there will be poets docked on island. we know that there is another rescue operation. this one led by the german navy. we don't have details but just to give you an idea of this numbers. 4,000 that we're talking about now. in a few hours that number could have raise on it 5,000 5,000 6,000, 7,000. theresince the weather has improved the calls have increased dramatically, and they're expecting that to be the case for the next few days. >> more than 70 people have been killed in northern syria after government forces dropped barrel bombs in two areas of aleppo province. medical sources say the worst
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attack was on the marketplace in the town of al bab under the control of the islamic state. that attack killed 55 people alone. >> the scene this morning is grim. activists say government helicopters have just dropped barrel bombs on the district. this ambulance is rushing to help survivors, many people are dead including women and children. many groups fighting in syria is in aleppo. the province of idlib next door syrian rebels have overrun. >> fighters of coalition groups including al nusra front fighters are reported to have plans to attack the these
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militaries are said to be heading to hama and the coastal areas and beyond. they could be the next crucial battle for the rebels in the syrian government. it's in the province of hama and lies in the power base and the rebel-held province of idlib in the north. but on the other side of the country there is a fast-moving battle between kurdish fighters known as the people's protection units and fighters from the islamic state in iraq and the levant. the kurds say they cleared the village from isil. activists posted this video shown the destruction which was recently overrun by isil. kurdish fighters backed by u.s.-led airstrikes drove them
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out. this syrian woman said that she lost everything. >> i built this house with my sweat and blood. i don't have anyone. i'm barely surviving. they don't fear god. >> many syrians have lost their homes and livelihoods during this four-year war. as fighting continues millions more could face the same fate. >> the saudi-led coalition has bombed two positions across yemen. early on saturday morning planes targeted an air base in the capital of sanaa. coalition planes hit two compounds. houthi fighters were reportedly killed in those attacks. meanwhile two civilians were killed by houthi shelling. there is heavy fighting in aden. seth blatter said he does not
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fear arrest. the fifa chief denies he is to blame for the scandal. the fifa president also said it was his job to restore the reputation of world football. he faced fierce questioning about the corruption crisis. >> if somebody are making investigations, they are all right to do so. if they do it in the correct manner and if they do it as it is usually done, i have no concerns about that. and especially no concerns about may end my person. >> let's talk with phil lavell. it was a pretty hostile press conference. >> you could sell sep tell sepp blatter did not want to be there. he had to appear before these
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journalists. he was doing it as president not like a president who was about to lose his job. he said what he thought about the americans. he spent days talking about how he feels this is some form of campaign against him. he requested the fact that this story broke that these arrests were made in zurich just a couple of days before he was do due to stand for re-election, he was potentially at his most vulnerable point in his career. he did not take long before he started saying things like isn't it a coincidence the fact that there were american journalists there when these arrests were made. he feels this is a conspiracy and for him it was personal. >> who else did he bring to the fore? >> well, jack warner was mentioned. jack warner, the former fifa
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vice president. he and sepp blatter let's say there is not much love lost between these two. jack warner is currently on bail in trinidad, and he's accused of taking bribes in the region of $10 million over dozens of years. now he has gone on record over the last few days, he said, look if i'm accused of taking these millions of dollars worth over these years then gave me the money insinuating sepp blatter was involved. he was asked that directly. journalists said did you authorize bribes to jack warner. he said he could not comment on a statement by someone else. as far as that allegation he said there was an ongoing investigation and he left it at that. he was asked do you fear being arrested yourself? the irs in the u.s. has said it is confident there will be more documents, although it has not confirmed or denied that sepp blatter was on that list. he said arrested for what?
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it was a rhetorical question. he did not wait for the journalist to say what the arrest could be for he just moved on. he was asked about the fa vice president. sepp blatter said that he did not bother to turn up no notice should be taken. he wasn't happy but he got the press conference out of the way. >> you know it's not over yet. phil lavelle, thank you. while blatter faced strong opposition in europe he's viewed much more positively in other parts of the world. the fifa president is popular cross the continent. >> it's not the pitch or the beach where football champions are made in senegal but this dry country finding a grassy full-sized pitch is almost impossible. skills are picked up by experience rather than formal
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training yet the african continent is a breeding ground for talent. playing in the big european league is not just a dream but an ambition. >> most of us have never played on a full football pitch but that has not stopped us from playing in a club and earning a living doing something we love. >> senegal's brand new training ground built thanks to fifa funding. there is astro turf so players can train on a proper pitch year round. it's so special that no one including us, are allowed in. fifa agreed to build several other synthetic pitches and promised investments. the announcement was made just days before the fifa elections. >> decades of fifa funding has not changed the way football is being played here yet for many commentators the re-election of sepp blatter is seen as a
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victory for african football. it's discussed as the west failed attempt in africa's long-standing friend. >> africa has 54 votes. all of them went to sepp blatter. why? because africa in organized programs to help youngsters and develop football all under blatter's watch. >> blatter' re-election could mean more funds for african footballing confederations. how much will benefit them is unclear. football continues to be played barefoot with an old ball. here skills set them apart. >> coming up in the bulletin brush strokes of change. why protesters in guatemala are
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blaming paid politics. >> right behind me is 83-year-old leo budwell she's carrying on a musical tradition of mississippi blues music. the question becomes after men like lee are gone, where does this music go from here.
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>> hello again here are the top stories on al jazeera. italy's navy has helped to rescue nor than 4,000 migrants trying to cross the mediterranean in the last 24 hours. they were found on 22 different boats.
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more than 70 people have been killed in northern syria after government forces dropped barrel bombs in two areas of aleppo province. 55 people were killed in the town al bab under isil control. sepp blatter said he does not fear arrest and denies he was to blame for the recent corruption scandal. he said it was his job to restore the reputation of world football. to other news in nigeria ten people have been killed by boko haram in the north. the armed group attacked a village near maiduguri. it comes 24 hours after the new president announced plans to relocate military to maiduguri. he said that the army is to be based there until the group is defeated. security in the north is not the only challenge the new president will be facing. he has been inheriting a
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struggling economy and a fuel crisis. we talk to people there and what they hope he'll achieve. >> this family was forced from their home in borno state. now they found refuge here trying to reorganize their lives. he wants one thing from the government: >> security, security. it is not simple. without it we cannot achieve anything. that's my expectation and for people like me. we've been through so much. >> six years of unprovoked violence has left tens of thousands dead, more than a million displaced and rise in poverty. >> six days after his graduation graduation that man is still
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looking for work. >> like millions of nigerians he puts his hopes in this man muhammadu buhari. >> youthey expect him to resolve insecurity, corruption and fuel crisis. but buhari is inheriting a country in crisis. security corruption and the economy all need urgent attention. observers know that it will be tough. >> it will be difficult because people have gone through a lot of things. it will be difficult because people are expect it. i don't know what kind of plan they have, but most important is to carry people on board.
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>> the drop in the price of oil has left the country desperately short in cash. that will limit buhari's options, and no one knows how long people's good will will last. al jazeera nigeria. >> thousands of people in south sudan has been displaced by violence. they have escaped fighting between government forces and rebels. some of them are accusing government soldiers of abuse. well in kenya the county's northeast has been hardest hit from the threat of al-shabab. the government said that the region's education sector is in crisis. schools have been forced to close and there has been a massive exodus of professional leaving few qualified teachers behind. >> until recently this was some of the safest areas in kenya.
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>> bills is bad. this town is empty. people have been fleeing. >> it's here that al-shabab has had free rein. >> some areas remain open. hundreds have left, vowing never to return. >> time is running out and the clock is ticking. >> this man has taught high school for the last seven years. he's some of the handful of teachers who decided to stay.
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>> my colleagues have only been here. they don't know anything about somali culture. when they see a somali they think he's a terrorist. >> to insure the continued operation of the schools teachers have been forced to recruit some of the best performing students who graduated last year. they say the only way to recruit teachers and avoid closing the schools. al jazeera. >> humans rights activist who was on hunger strike in an egyptian prison he's headed to washington, d.c. after the u.s. security release. the citizen of both egypt and u.s. he was arrested in 2013 when police came looking for his father. a member of the muslim brotherhood, he did not eat solid food for 100 days. chinese claims a larger part of the chinese seas has been dominating a maritime meeting in
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singapore. they say they have rights to different parts of the disputed waters. u.s. defense secretary ashton cartser has criticized china for the way it has been marking out its territory. >> angering the chinese a u.s. patrol plane flies over disputed waters over the south china sea and captures just a portion of the chinese reclamation in the area. china has built at least seven man-made islands over 800 hectares where once there was only rocky outcrop. the u.s. calls the activity unprecedented. at an asia pacific security conference ashton carter, the u.s. defense secretary criticized china's aggressiveness. >> with its actions in the south china see china is out of step both the international rules and norms that underscore the asia pacific security architecture and the regional consensus that
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favors diplomacy and opposes coercion. >> china disagrees and has ignored please for corner instruction to stop. as far as china is concerned it is the united states who is causing trouble. >> it is wrong to criticize china for construction activities since china has never taken any proactive measure, in fact the disputes of the china sea has been there for decades. over the decades the region has been stable just because china's great restraint. >> the philippines vietnam and malaysia three of the five claimants of the disputed waters will have their own installations but nothing on the scale of china's reclamation. china has refused to participate in proceedings maintaining it has historical sovereignty.
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>> the chinese aren't quite trusted simply because on the face of it appears that the chinese will say one thing and in action do quite another and it doesn't quite square off. this is where the confusion lies and the mistrust really lies. >> the u.s. and it's allies fear that the struggle over ownership of the south china sea could destabilize peace in the asia pacific and effect trade and security in the rest of the world. no permanent solutions is expected at the security conference here but it is hoped that the talks will give all parties a space to share perspectives and find a way to work together. china has sent a big delegation, and that is being seen as a positive sign. al jazeera of singapore. >> an earthquake with a magnitude of 8.5 has shaken buildings in tokyo.
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these pictures from japanese tv shows signs swaying inside offices and streets cameras rocking as the quake hits. the epicenter was. to the southeast of japan. it struck deep underground and japan says there is no risk of a tsunami. in the u.s. more than 200 people gathered outside of a mosque in arizona in what they said was a demonstration against islam. protesters at the rally waived caricatures of the prophet muhammad. some wore military fatigues and carried semiautomatic weapons. thousand was people are expected to return to the streets of guatemala's capital on saturday. recent scandals are threaten to go bring down the president and the crisis was giving rise to guatemala spring. >> this is the sound of people
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power in guatemala. young people with brushes in hand painting over political party colors and logos. the 24-year-old, it's a way for guatemalan to express their opposition to a corrupt political system. >> the politicians painted it first, and they shouldn't have painted it. it's illegal for them to paint it. they get fined and they would rather pay the fines than paint over this or not paint at all. >> in the run up to national elections leading parties have painted roads rocks and bridges with political symbols actions that are against the law. now for the first time in decades citizens are fighting back part of a people's movement and sweeping through guatemala. two weeks ago 60,000 people gathered peacefully to protest
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government corruption, something they say is a national awakening. scandals have rocked the country, leaving it's vice president and several of the ministers to step down. calls for the president to resign continue. back in guatemala people say this arch is a way of showing solidarity that protesters in the capital. >> we're here to express ourselves and retake these public spaces and let the politicians know that we're here we're united, this is a peaceful revolution. >> in a country still scared by a bloody civil war the it has kept people quiet. people appear and try to intimidate the group for painting over their logos. but they are certain of their legal rights and stand their ground. >> it's not nice to have to fight with other people and what
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they're doing but yes i think as long as they don't have guns then we're fine and we'll keep doing it. >> blotting out symbols of a political system rooted in the past. a new generation of guatemalans looking towards the future. al jazeera. guatemala. >> blues legend bb king is being remembered in the mississippi delta where he first gained fame as a young singer. the area is known for its unique strain of mississippi blues that dates back decades. it's hoped that a younger generation will keep the genre going. we have reports from mississippi. [♪ singing ♪] >> on his front porch strumming his guitar his vocal chords in full throttle. he plays an unique strand of
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blues. for 60 years he was virtually unknown to the blues world playing only for his local church and for friends at home. a master of his craft, a dying breed of american blues music. a genre today mostly played by men in their 80s and 90s so there is a rush to preserve the music before it's too late. but two years ago welsh was discovered and signed to a small record contract. his first album came two days before his 83rd birthday. >> we can't die out. we're bringing it back now. >> leo tells me he's going to be singing and playing his guitar until his final days. he's still going very strong, as you can see but leo represents a whole generation of old-time mississippi blues musicians, and
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they won't be around forever. the big question becomes where does this music go after men like leo are gone. >> will be left to people like leo's son leo welsh jr. who learned to play by listening to his father. he's part of a younger generation who feels optimistic about the future. >> all the people, black white brown, japanese. >> self described blues aficionado said that it won't be easy for anyone to replicate welsh sr.'s music. >> not many people play thelous like leo play it is now. leo plays the blues like it was played on the farm before it was taken north and urbanized so to speak. >> leo wants us to hear one last song the lyrics are titled "a long journey." he's hoping that his style of mississippi blues is one with a
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journey with no end even after when he's no longer around. al jazeera mississippi. >> to find more about the stories on these bulletining log on to our website >> this is "techknow". a show about innovations that can change lives. >> the science of fighting a wildfire. >> we're going to explore the intersection of hardware and humanity, but we're doing it in a unique way. this is a show about science... >> oh! >> oh my god! >> by scientists. >> tonight, saving the macaw. >> i'm in the peruvian amazon and we're on the search for endangered macaws. >> now techknow is on a one


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