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tv   News  Al Jazeera  June 5, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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century-long thirst for glory. >> that's our report for this hour. i'm david shuster. ♪ ♪ . >> this is al jazeera. hello there. and this is the knew hour. hive from london. coming up. one of osama bin laden's most loyal dies in prison. the same rate, despite calls from the industry. to push prices higher india bans the sale of the hugely popular maggie news after dangerous levels of led are
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detected in some samples plus the fake whale being used to scare off hundreds of sea lions. >> the sports news, into the 40. and a swiss man still standing yes stand on green cup, to the french open finals. hello. he was the international face for saw saddam hussein's arrack. he is became foreign minister during the iran iraq war and developed a profile. when sudan evaded kuwait, he was a staunch defender in the media of baghdad's position. he surrendered to u.s. forces in 2003, and was sentenced the death in 2009, although
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the penalty was never carried out. al jazeera looks back at his life. >> traveling the globe meeting world leaders he defended his boss' policy set every turn, even after the gassing which kills some 5,000, he deflected the blame. but it wasn't iraq. >> he is a christian came to the party in the 1950's. by the time the baptist came to power the former english teacher was already a prominent figure. in 1970 he was named information minister and a number of the revolutionary command council. he became foreign minister
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tasked with strengthening relations between baghdad and washington. >> he had to face the world and condemns arab leaders for not standing up to the u.s. few iraq the results were devastating the army defeated and the country suffering harsh international sanctions. the loyalty was never shaken and he was named deputy prime minister soon after the law. he condemned what he described as constant u.s. hostility against iraq, but that loyally couldn't keep osama bin laden in power, and in 2003, under the guise of searching for weapons of mass destruction, the u.s. invaded.
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in 2003, he turns himself in, sentenced to 22 years in prison, the next year he was sentenced to death by the iraqi supreme court for the persecution of religious parties. he remains in prison and loyal to osama bin laden until his dead. >> how is iraq marking the death of him? >> it's been seen by most people guests appearing on state t.v., talking about him, there's no eulogies in any of the media, he was seen at a member of the regime, and for that reason he was hated but his legacy is slightly more complicated than that. he was a fluent speaker of
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english defending iraq, including the run up to the 2003 invasion he'd often say this was due to oil and israel, and that won him a lot of fans back home, however, he was still a member of the regime, and that's why he won't be celebrated here, but his legacy as i say is quite complicated. there's a lot of iraqis that say he wasn't a member of the inner circle, he wasn't responsible for the brutality, that he was simply an iraqi loyalist trying to do the best he could. >> we know of course that he was sentenced to death back in 2009, and that death penalty that sentence was never carried out why was that? this' a lot of speculation oz to why that us withn't carried out. he was a loyalist, all the way to the end. he never stopped saying that life was better, however
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probably one of the main reasons is as i say he was seen as an iraqi loyalist. and he wasn't part of the almost brutality and the murderous regime of the former president sudan pseudosane for that reason, it was never carried out. >> let's go to rome now, he is a professor of history thank you for being with us on the program. how do you think iraq and history will judge the man. >> he wasn't implicated in a lot of the hue moon rights abuses. such the assassination
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attempt, on which sudan was charged or the chemical weapons attack which chemical ali was charged. he wasn't very much hated but he was still implicated with the former government. >> he was of course very well known in the west, because he spoke fluent english and was easy to talk to to interview huh much influence did he have in the actual government of sudan hussein? or was he very much just the loyal servant? >> you are correct. he rose through the ranks because he studied english. he was a journalist. more importantly close relatives.
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was ray involved in the background talking but not put forward his own opinion. >> the most prominent case of him negotiating on behalf of the pseudodam hussein government was on the've of the gulf war. so in that case we knew he was relaying messages. that if he would use chemical weapons during the gulf war the u.s. would retaliate with nuclear weapons. >> one interesting fact about him is he was the only christian in the iraqi cabinet.
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that h that's right. and that perhaps explains why he is one of the longest serving members of the government. he wasn't purged he was never executed because saddam hussein knew that he could never represent a population base that could take over the government. there was no potential of him launching a coup, because they would haven't a minority number of the christian state ruling the nation of iraq. thank you so much. >> members have faced increased rivalry from other supplies but also from the shale gas industry. let's get more now mohamed. >> there was actually no
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suspension going into today's meeting and certainly no surprise coming out of today's meeting. the result exactly as analyst had predicted meaning that output would remain the same, despite the glut in the oil market despite the lowering of the prices especially the gulf countries here. decided to keep things exactly the same take a luke at our report, and all the ins and outs of what happened today everything went exactly as expected at opec headquarters. resolve to maintain the 30 million gallons and member countries to adhere to it. >> defending the organization commitment to stick with output levels decided upon last year, if secretary general sounded a confident tone. >> the action we took in
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november of all member countries. >> that stance may seem like a unified one but analyst say it is one being driven primarily by the cartel's wealthiest members. countries such as saudi arabia. on the other end are countries such as venezuela whose economy has taken a severe beating. in the past they have made no secret of their irritation at output levels. now the oil minister stays silent. >> i don't think they are interested at this time in accommodated from what we have seen. they just want to hold on to the market share which is more important to them when prices are low. >> the price of crude is at 62 to $63. countries like angola, ebbing qaadir, and nigeria would like to see a price of at least $75. then from's the question of iran the the country is crippled by prices. they insist they will most
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definitely get the oil back on the market, when and if sanctions are lifted. >> we know this market. >> other members would rather wait and see what happened. >> iran has an already steadily raising it's products exports have been up. so absolutely iran is ready we still don't know what the decision will be in june experts say opec is doing ought it can to reflect any doubts that it is as strong as ever. now one particularly interesting development has been the softening stance of opec member states towards u.s. shale oil, of course, in the last year, you saw opec trying to drown shale oil out of the market all together but now they are saying that they basically learned to
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live with it, one analyst i spoke with was telling me it's pretty simple, it is a cynical yet realistic calculation that they have learned now that fracking is something that they are going to have to learn to live with, it is a new reality, it is out there and that's just the case. live from those talks thank you. >> she is the editorial director of global oil news, thank you for coming into the studio so is this essentially saying well it can't now control the price of oil by reigning in the production of it's own members, it is passed that stage now. >> right and i think it is fair to say that things have changed, and they are not going to go back to the old way of quickly manipulating the production as a proactive move. what they are going to do is they are going to watch and keep their production going
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the way that it is. they say they are going to stick to the 30 million-barrel per day ceiling and the price is -- it's showing a little bit of a rebound. so what you are going to see and what has been brought up during the meeting is that the higher priced oil development is what will be hurt by this, so you are going to see the u.s. and canadian productions still under the gun but you are going to see opec retaining it's market share as best it can. >> how are those market share battles going to pan out, do you think? given that they are remaining with the status quo. >> well, we have seen a a lot of activity going on in asia, and even some interest in moving barrels over to brazil. the u.s. was a big importers of crude oil for a long time. and no that's been backed out, so the biggest battleground i think for market share right now and what will be in the future is rally asia.
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>> iran and venezuela are both hoping that sanctions will be lifted how will they come into play when they can sell their own. >> that's a good question, iran during this meeting said that as soon as sanctions are lifted, they can increase their production by 500,000 barrels per day. within another six months, they can add another 500,000 which is a million barrels per day and takes them back to presanction levels. so the question is if that all comes true, if sanctions are lifted, if they increase their production, how does that play into opec's overall 30 million per day ceiling. >> well, your every day car driver of course, is how does this effect the ordinary person? how does that all trickle down to me when i am paying my gas bill, or putting fuel in my car. >> well, i say right now oil prices are certainly down from the triple digits. and oil is obviously the feed
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stock for the gasoline that is created. the u.s. may not be exported it's crude oil in bulk, but it is certainly is exporting it as something else, and that is product. so the diesel is being september to europe a lot and that can't -- that certainly can't hurt. as far as supply to consumers. still to come, as the u.s. experiences it's ever government data, it is going to explore who might be responsible. >> al jazeera uncovers new allegations leaking the former government al quaida's chief bomb maker. and as sport revelations about the fifa construction scandal continue, the women's world cup tries to get focus or get the focus back on football quo will be in edmonton canada for the opening game.
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in say yeah, forces have launched more air strikes in aleppo province. opposition fighters are also reported to have taken control of the town south of aleppo after heavy fighting with syrian government forces the. >> referee: skirt council is calling for the cease fire in eastern ukraine to be fully respected. it follows the first bout of fighting since a deal was brokered in february. the emergency session convened amido fear of a presumption of large scale hostilities with russia and ukraine trading accusations. nadine barber has more details. >> you cranian army troops in the center, they say this town in eastern ukraine is now firmly under their control after two days of fierce fighting. >> it has left many 30 dead, and some of the worst
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violence known as the minsk treatment, which ukraine and russia signed in february. you crane's president has told a news conference that 50,000 troops have now been deployed in the conflict zone. reacting he says to a huge russian build up. >> the aggression possible or not? i can tell you the amounts of troops to the ukrainian border and the amounts of tools by territories today is unpress debited. since all, there's never been that many troops deployed near our borders. >> that teem was taken up bip united nations envoy at a special session of the security council in new york. clearly indicates russia's intentions to escalate the confrontation, and disrupt the process the recent assaults to exert pressure on international players.
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on the e, havee of important events for his part, russia's envoy accused of killing held by pro-russian separatists. >> i won't go into a discussion with my ukrainian colleague. and international law international humanitarian law either. too many positions of which is being violated by the kiev authorities and the so called anti-terrorists but in fact a punitive operation in east of ukraine. >> but addressing the session via video the deputy head of the monitoring mission urged both sides to take steps to avoided more fighting. developments are varied suggesting that the military track has not been abandoned in favor of the political one. these events underline the need to break the cycle of violence now before further
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exploration takes place. >> the leader of the self-started donetsk people's republic says the latest fighting has killed about 400 soldiers. whether or not that's accurate some people calling a low level war is clearly far from over. nadine barber, al jazeera. >> india's food safety regulator has beened the sail and production of maggie instant noodles after samples are found unsafe to eat. >> the swiss manufacturer nestle has been asked to recall nine types of the widely popular food. the regulators said dangerous levels of led. they also accused mislabeling about the products. they insist maggie noodles are safe to eat. al jazeera sent this report from new dell li. >> they have made the noodle
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their own by creating 50 different dishes. but their business has dropped by 50% since they found samples were unsafe to eat. question have dropped the name maggie from our menu board we have also substituted maggie noodles in our recipes we will not use maggie at our shop until the government says that they are adhering to food safety standards they say the noodles are safe to eat. from small corner stores to super markets maggie noodles have disappeared, nestle india has stopped selling them nationwide. but consumer rights activists say the decision is too late. >> the effects of led on children and the fact that this is high levels of led in blood in children is already a problem in india i think
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they should have shown more concern, and acted far more quickly for decades millions of indians have eaten foods made locally. in the past brands have also faced scrutiny over their production processes. this case has raised questions about india's food processing and safety standards. >> while governments and regulatory bodies are facing experts win this is part of a much bigger national crisis. it's about soil, it's about water, it is about the air. comes from batteries there could be mercury there can be so many thing which is come from different sources.
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that's a worrying sign, whose bread and butter business is maggie noodles. al jazeera, new delly. thank you for coming in, if the indian regulators believe that these noodles are unsafe it varies all over the world how regularly foods are tested. so i don't know enough about the food testing situation in end yeah. i h also put the blame on the companies themselves. who is leading on the food safety and was always crossed about the lack of attention.
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and looking into the food safety aspects. that i should share that concern. very very regular check ups on these type of things and i am going -- and it's -- without any forwarning. it is absolutely essential another thing that is really quite worrying is that so many of the countries are involved anyway in the food checking. that seems to be crazy because they are asking the very countries that need to be checked. different around the world have different safety laws and different regulations. which is where we go
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regularly to try to make a safety standards strong enough. knob the trouble is 40% of the room of the food industry showed the standards themselves are weakened according to what industry will tolerate. >> of course you are relying on the individual governments. >> to then implement them, because the code of standards are voluntary so lit be a question of how much will people actually be worried about this, how confident they will be in the brand. if the advertising is so alluring you get confident. and with the nestle brands people are terribly competent about it, and i think why are they so competent they vs. and mas.s of money to tell they are marvelous. >> nestle denied there's inning wrong with the noodles and it is happy that. >> yes. >> that they are safe. but how is it going to effect
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the brand in india and internationally john, because we have been sort of exposing the lack of safety, the lack of care that necessarily takes over it's own brands on infant feeding so this area of maggie noodles is not my area of expertise so i don't know quite how bad these things are and how much nestle is telling the truth or not my experience is that this is a very dangerous thing for them to be doing they should be coming up clean very quickly because their reputation will suffer. thousand they respond to this will make a huge difference. i would have that was better for them. >> few they continually blame everybody else, then that's
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the same old arrogant nestle that we have grown to know for over many many years. >> a story that we will continue to cover. >> thank you so much. >> yes. still to come on the program greece's prime minister rejects international reform plans calling them absurd, but say as debt repayment deal is closer than ever. plus. >> i have tom to a small coastal town to meet the family of a man who changed the course of history. and in sport can the fifa scandal help football take offer from the united states. old demons... >> i am really really nervous... >> lives hanging in the
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balance... >> it's make or break... i got past the class... >> hard earned pride... hard earned respect... hard earned future... a real look at the american dream hard earned only on al jazeera america
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>> for 6 months, the road outside the us embassy in yemen was closed... >> two car bombs exploded this morning... >> three days before the attack it was re-opened without warning. >> they would not have been able to get the car bombs to the front of the embassy. >> did yemeni officials knowingly allow these attacks? >> did you prepare the bomb? >> former al qaeda operative reveals groundbreaking allegations... >> they'd be surprised if the fbi didn't wanna talk to this guy.... >> watch the investigation al qaeda informant only at a peck has decided to keep oil production at
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30 million-barrel as day that is despite the price of oil falling during the past year. because of oversupply by opec members. prices are again dropped slightly after the announcement. and in syria u.s. led coalition forces have reportedly launched more air strikes on the isil strong holds. in aleppo province. opposition fighters are also reported to have taken control of the town, south of aleppo. >> more than 45 people have been killed in a suicide bombing in the nigerian city. dozens of others were injured. the attackers walked into the main market for explosive strapped to their bodies. in recent weeks boko haram has carried out several attacks. no one has claimed responsibility for this. allegations made to al jazeera suggest that a marsally is at least one of seven officials who knew where al quaida's chief bomb maker was hiding,
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despite that he is still a wanted man. the former al quaida operative he became a government informative he revealed the whereabouts of the bomb expert. will jordan reports. >> ibrahim, one of the world's most wanted men. thought on al quaida's top bomb maker he reportedly built the devices devices in the most daring attacks. christmas day 2009. and explosives hidden in a printed on a cargo plane a year later. >> this informant says he is told the yemen government where he was hiding. >> he says he informed on al quaida from 2006, until
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2009. he had been a member of the group since the late 90's. he claims he first met aziri in 2008 in yemen. >> >> including president's nephew. deputy director of the national security bureau.
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he could not be reached for comment, he said he was fooled and so was the united states in many western governments today ibrahim has still not been caught. and the threat of an aziri made bomb on a plane remains. will jordan, al jazeera. you can waltz the full documentary on saturday. it is also online at quaida informant. there you will also find some extended interviews of course, and much more. now it's been called the biggest ever hack of u.s. government data 4 million past and former employees were hit by an attack.
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the u.s. suspects china be few china representative says those assumptions are irresponsible. the latest from washington d.c. >> we know that this does extend to every agency within side the executive branch, we know that it hasn't so far extended to the legislative or congress or the judicial, which would be the supreme court, but at the same time, we do know that there may be a corelation or connection with another breach that occurred for two very large healthcare companies in the united states that report around a similar time, they too suffered a major breach, of security losing or expose exposing personnel so the question now is really advising all of the former employees as well as tournament employees to check credit records financial records just to see if they have been effected. the concern being this wider
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spread than first believed. >> two people have died and minute than 100 people have been hurt at a rollly in the country's southeast just days. >> the turkish parliamentary elections the government has denied earlier report has the blast was caused by an electrical fault. turks will vote in elections it is an election that's been dominated be i the uncan's slowing economy and rising unemployment. the ruling justice department insists the economy has been the main success. not all voters are convinced. >> the produces fresh and abundance and this market each with it's price tag. the cost of living is on every vote's mind, we can't make ends meet, on a pension of 500 u.s. dollar as month we are happy with our income, at least prices aren't increasing every day.
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>> the party came to power in 2002 since then turkey has enjoyed strong growth, development, and renewed prosperity. major infrastructure bake the hallmark building more roads and airports including this one built on a man made island big projects multiply and the economy grows. turkey's gross domestic product reached $822 billion in 2013. annual income per person has tripled since 2002, to almost $11,000. but new indicators are raising concerns. >> if this is the first time in many years that annual growth rates have fallen and unemployment has risen compared to previous years. and the main opposition parties are trying. >> statistics from the government and international bodies say last year's growth
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rate was just over 3% while inflation was around nine. the currency lost more than 13% turkey relies too much on construction, no bosh rowing rates and debt say some. >> in 2010, and 2011, we have very high growth rates but it was with money that the turkish economy, the cheat credits, and we had 9%. the huge deficit. >> the government leaders say the slowing of the economy are promising sustained growth. they are also vowing to cut personnel debt and boost annual income to $25,000 in coming years.
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more than 55 million people are going to vote on sunday, and when they will be free to decide and make their own calculations. amar, al jazeera istanbul. 71st anniversary of d day the event that mark fire department beginning of the end of the second world war. but it might never have happened if it hadn't been for a determined span yard with a lack for lying and spying. virginia loupes went to meet the man's family in a tiny town in venezuela. it is hard to imagine that this unassuming man was a spy with a code name garbo but he was a dowel at, and the man credited by some with single handedly fooling the nazis and bringing world war ii to an end. but he retired in the small town, with no one not even his children knowing his
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secret seems to be in character. that his life was built on a lie doesn't. >> you couldn't call anywhere a liar. it took years for him to gain the german's trust but eventually he became one of their acts. he file add series of bogus reports for years. he even fabricated an elaborate network of agents. but his freeth triumph was in operation fortitude designed to convince the nazis that normandy beach would take place instead of further south. for american writer who retired and has since been researching his life, this uncanny ability to lie convincingly is at the heart
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of his genius. >> i think of him as a aren't maic. you think of 27 different personalities that he invented living in other places in england and canada, and india and places like that, and then having complete biographies it is like a victorian novel. >> although he helped change the course of modern history his life went almost uno tied. until the day british author nigel west tracked him down in 1984. my first call was saying i was calling on behalf of bucking ham palace and if he was the double agent would he like to come to london. >> it's hard to assess the full extent of his legacy. for some he is an undisputed hero for others he was the greatest double agent in history.
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at al jazeera, venezuela. >> the greek prime minister says his government is close to reaching a deal with it's creditors. was needed which would put an end to talk about greece leaving europe's single currency. until the end of this month. we need a solution. five years on we need a conclusive solution both the greece and for europe. that will put an end to the discussion of greece leaving the bureau for good, a discussion that can work with a self-fulfilling prophesy, it is time for everyone to prove that they are working toward as viable solution, and not to subjugate an entire nation, because if that is what they are doing they should know they will have the exact opposite effect. >> life in the greek capitol
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for us right now, do we know where we are right now with this deal? >> at this moment, the greek government is in a tight spot. tonight's discuss was an attempt by the government to try and pull tot it's to pull together the country let them know how things stand, and offer some help that a deal will be reached. the truth, however, is that the only concession that the greeks have managed to win from their creditors after four months of talking is a roughly $11 billion discount in the amount of tax revenue that they will spend servicing the debt between now and 2018. but the greeks want it more. they want salaries and taxes and salaries and pensions any further, that is still and they are being asked to cut the salaries and being asked to cut pensions further. they were hoping -- particularly electricity, and
2:44 pm
medicine basic goods which will also effect the poorest of society particularly harshly. and there's also on the table, if the government proceeds with this plan, it will probably fail in parliament because it crosses promises that the government in it's preelects period but if it doesn't take this deal, it may have nothing else to offer the greek people, when the financial assistance program ends with creditors. so at the moment, i think they are hoping that something may change for the better but it doesn't look very helpful. >> very difficult situation thank you so much. >> still to come on the news hour, the glitz and glamour of india's film industries spreads to a global audience.
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>> the celebrated at the international indian film awards. al jazeera reports from kuala lumpur, which is hosting this year's event. this is more than just a song and dance. outside of india and this is because.
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hollywood music around the world. >> so now everybody wants a part of it, right. so they also want to attract fellow shootings in the country. we spend over $500 million on shooting the film. >> that's why countries bid to host the indian international film academy awards. sideline events are also organized to kate tore each country. for some, it's trade for malaysia it is tourism. >> according to the awards organizers thousands of people will be flying in, they are expected to spend about $20 million and that's just over the three and days oif ceremonyny. close that half a billion people will be watching malaysia showcase the event.
2:48 pm
>> what does bolly-wood get out of it. >> the objective i think is to take that's what we have achieved now. >> the event is held in a different country each year. >> you get not just the committed audience who are watching bolly-wood in any case but you also get new eyeballs which is what this award function should be aiming to achieve. so is it possible to stay in concrete terms whether it has increased the following abroad? it's impossible to say. >> indian born fashion designer says she believed in the appeal. >> now i am planning to open boutiques in malaysia. singh says there's also interest in her designs in the middle east. efforts to promote the film industry abroad are paying off. to the world of fashion, and
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bolly-wood let's move to sport. >> yes, thank you very much. let me start with updating you with the big match. playing number three and andy murray, djokovic took the first and two and sets. murray won the third and. but play has just been suspended due to rain. already through to the final was the swiss man who is still standing. the number eight and seed who knocked out roger federer beat frenchman in the semifinal, after sharing the opening two and sets he took the vital third and set on a tie break. the 2014 australian open took it 6-4 to reach that final. sought african police are now investigating the bribery allegations surrounding the 2010 world cup while sports minister has told the newspaper the decision to give $10 million to football development in the caribbean was made by the south african government, and the president
2:50 pm
at the time. this all comes after the emergence of a letter written by the chief to fifa general secretary. in it, he appears to speak an indirect rout to the transfer of $10 million to fifa. fifa has admitted paying $5 million, which we had to correct to 5 million euros to avoided a legal battle. this resulted in ireland not qualifying for that 2010 world cup the head of ireland's football association says fifa paid up to stop the issue going to court. well outgoing fifa president says he is working hard on reforms after his decision to step down. a decision forced by action in the u.s., taking the lead in trying to clear up the governance of the game, and could that help make the game more popular there? andy gallagher reports. >> now blatter, he is not going down quietly. >> it is not often that air time on u.s. radio shows is taken up with talk of
2:51 pm
football. here they call it soccer, but it is perhaps as sign of the sports growing importance, that so much attention is being payed to the u.s. led investigation into fifa. >> sepp blatter seasonal the only person at fall here. >> the phone lines have been lighting up, but host andy slater says the scandal won't stop fans from watching a sport, that steadily growing in popularity. >> people expected it, they kind of knew that it was going on, and there's that side and then you have the actual sports side, which some people are into, and i think they do separate the two, and they care about the sport, those that are into it and the corruption is on the other side by itself. >> in many big u.s. cities these days sites like this are not uncommon, over the past few decades youth football leagues have witnessed huge growth. and during the last world cup, more north americans than ever tuned in to watch a sport that many perceive as struggling to gain ahold here. >> the world view of football in the united states is that
2:52 pm
something that could never rifle the sheer popularity of things like baseball or american football. but the demographics are changing quickly. cans expected a third of the population will be hispanic, and many here believe all this attention could help the sport grow. >> sepp blatter sort of resigning and maybe some new blood stepping in, may allow some of my nonsoccer friends fans of soccer be more open minded about soccer in general. >> maybe the chain will help the soccer world and that may help how sports grows in the united states. >> football is far from challenging main stream u.s. sports but few doubt that can soon change. a generation that was introduced to the game by so called soccer moms are growing up fast, and football is no longer many et with indifference the current scandal may be a distraction for now but it is unlikely to to believe football steady progress in the u.s., andy gallagher, al jazeera miami florida. >> well, the 7th women's football world cup is about
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to get underway in canada. 24 nations battling for the trophy won by japan four years ago. the built up though has been overshadowed by that fifa scandal, andy richardson in edmonton where the tournament kicks off on saturday. he has a lot of controversial relationship with the women's game. if the game were to market itself better, perhaps they could wear tighter shorts. oven more than one occasion, their own awards dinner, blatter has been in the same room as the female nominees. failed to recognize them or called them by their wrong names. there are two sides to this the argument. they have expanded out of it's traditional strong holds and this tournament, is
2:54 pm
evolved from having 12 countries to 24 countries this time around. awe though the corroded reputation those three may see the promotion of something of a mixed blessing. he has described himself as the godfather of the women's game but many involve willed be pleased that that particular relative won't be coming to too many of their future get togethers. although he is still scheduled to appear on july the fifth. >> bar luna goes head to head.
2:55 pm
they scored 120 goals between them this season. >> they are looking to crown their revival as one of the giants with victory it's been a long road to recovery, after they were implicated in a match fixing scandal. in 2005, and 2006, and relegated to the second division, despite being the most successful team, with only cup competition twice before. >> barcelona's attack against the strong defense. just like we did against them. fans are mourning the death of former all black captain and his wife who were killed in a car accident in france. it happened when their vehicle collided in southern france on thursday night. the couples two-month-old
2:56 pm
daughter survived but is in serious condition. they made their debut in 2001 and won 48 cups. there was one minute of silence as new zealand took on the highlanderred. has snatched a record previously held by hussein bolt in rome on thursday. the american banned twice for doping 9.75 seconds in the 100-meter sprint, eclipsing the time at the same venue in 2012 by .001 of a second. the century partnership has given the west indies hope in the a difficult position in the first test against australian. they had a first inning deficit of 170 runs and he is very first testing to australia at the age of 35. and they stand at 134.
2:57 pm
they are still there and they are leading by 19 runs at 2. back to sport later. >> look forward to it, thank you so much. >> a fake killer whale that was being used to scare off hundreds of sea lions crowded docks off the oregon coast has run into trouble. flooding the engine and putting it out of action. it was brought from neighboring washington state to address the area's sea lion problem. local fisherman say they have become a nuisance because they block access to dock and apparently a lot of salmon as well. please do stay with us, more
2:58 pm
coming up in a few minutes.
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also coming up. two dead and dozens injured after an explosion at an opposition rally two days before turkey's parliamentary elections. greece's prime minister rejects international reform plans calling them absurd, but says a debt repayment deal is closer than ever. >> an agreement to keep oil