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tv   News  Al Jazeera  June 9, 2015 1:00am-1:31am EDT

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>> we don't yet have a complete strategy. >> barack obama admits that the u.s. has no complete strategy to defeat i.s.i.l. in iraq. hello, and welcome to al jazeera. live from our headquarters in doha. i'm elizabeth peranem. ahead. israeli removed from the list of countries that harm children.
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an south korean mers virus. and fears over the fate of thousands of children. barack obama has admitted that the u.s. has no complete strategy for helping iraq deal with the islamic state of iraq and the levant. the u.s. president made the comments after meeting with the iraq prime minister haider al-abadi. despite months after months of u.s. led air strikes. >> when a finalized plan is presented to me by the pentagon then i will share it with the american people. it's not-we don't not -- we don't yet have a complete strategy because it requires commitments on the part of the iraqis as well.
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>> rosalyn jordan has more from washington d.c. >> it should not be surprising that president barack obama said the u.s. doesn't have a complete strategy for dealing with i.s.i.l. in iraq and syria but telling reporters on monday that the fight against i.s.i.l. in iraq is led by the iraqi government not by the obama administration so it would be inappropriate for the administration to try to dictate exactly how the i.s.i.l. fighters should be taken on particularly right now in anbar province. one thing that is also being stressed by u.s. officials is that the u.s. is basically trying to look at how to train fighters. it's already trained more than 8900 fighters in the iraqi military. however they say that one of the big problems is that prime minister haider al-abadi shas nothas notprovided enough recruits
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for additional training and as long as he is not providing enough recruits particularly from the sunni majority population it is going to be very difficult to take on i.s.i.l. in any comprehensive way. that said, the u.s. says it is committed with trying to come one a strategy and doing so as quickly as possible. but they're stressing it really comes down to the abadi government to make the fight against i.s.i.l. a success. >> while the u.s. ponders its strategy iraq comes apart with civil war and has trouble coming forward in a unified country. bezeina khodr has the story.
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>> she says she is tired. like others here have been displaced from mosul and many feel the government is not serious about recapturing their city from i.s.i.l. >> translator: there is a conspiracy against mosul and a conspiracy against sunnis sunnis . the baghdad government won't give us weapons to fight. >> the sunnies say they are unfacial treated looked upon as supporters of i.s.i.l. but by many kurds in the north. this is one of the checkpoints leading into erbil the capital of the northern iraq, sunni residents need a local guarantor to be able to enter as in baghdad. argue these measures are justified for security reasons but the people feel they are
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being singled out as a community. there are many front linings in iraq. the divide is not only sectarian. in northern iraq it is ethnic. arabs on wmp one one side, kurds on the other, 1,000 kilometer border. he says iraq no longer exists and it should be formally subdivided into sunni shia and kurdish states. speaking to him we hear evidence of the mistrust. >> translator: they are between the majority of them, they are i.s.i.s. fighter member. they are i.s.i.s. fighter. they -- we have to say the reality, they i.s.i.s not came from sky.
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>> iraq has been at war with itself for years. one that threatsens this country's unity. zeina khodr, al jazeera northern are iraq. >> zena bangura visited iraq in april, she said girls are being sold for as little as a pack of cigarette. to other news now a report on countries that harm children e-children has proven controversial. israel was removed from the report despite killing over 500 children in last year annals gaza conflict. james bays reports. >> the outcome is be overwhelming. recorded on video.
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in total the u.n. said 540 children were killed. yet u.n. gefnl ban ki-moon in secretary-general exphoob hasbeban ki-moon has not included israel on the list. original list drawn up by the u.n. special representative. >> the draft report had israel and palestinian armed groups on it. >> yes. >> the report you sent upstairs, when it came downstairs it didn't have it on any more is that true? >> yes but this means the decision of the secretary-general, we are supposed to prepare the decision of the secretary-general. we are not one to decide. >> reporter: al jazeera thrernd was high level lobbying of israel and the u.s., to keep israel off the list. >> there is really no
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explanation for it other than a political decision. because the overwhelming documentation really should trigger a listing. >> so did ban ki-moon bow to political pressure? >> member states have never been shy to express their opinions to the secretary-general whether it should be in or out of the report this year or the previous years. ultimately it's the secretary-general's report. he stands by it. >> reporter: you just need to read this full report to see the obvious contradictions. the report says the number of palestinian schoolchildren killed in 2014 was the third highest anywhere in the world. the number of schools damaged or destroyed was the highest anywhere in 2014. the list that's supposed to summarize it all listing parties or states that kill or maim children or engage in attacks on schools and israel's
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name is not there. james bays, al jazeera, united nations. >> u.s. supreme court has ruled that citizens born in jerusalem not have are israel on their passport. shiebshihab rattanzi has more. >> executive officer authority the need for the u.s. to speak with one voice when it came to foreign policy. in 2006, congress passed a law allowing americans born in jerusalem to list israel as country of birth on their passport, president obama has refused to enforce that law.
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also in 2002, menachem was born in jerusalem. his parents wanted israel listed as his country of birth. that is why the case came all the way to the u.s. supreme court. it's been the u.s. policy to not recognize any country having sovereignty over jerusalem. that is only thing that can be sorted out between the israelis and the palestinians. >> be draft being of a much delayed constitution. under the deal nepal will have eight different states. constitution was to be drafted in 2010 but the process has
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stalled because of political divisions. to south korea now where seven people have decide from the middle east respiratory syndrome or mers, schools across screa have been closed in an effort to contain the disease. harry fawcett has more from seoul. >> this latest debt establishes aa pattern in the type of people worst affected by this virus. another elderly person, another person with a preexisting medical condition. 68-year-old woman who had chronic heart disease and suffering from breathing problems already when she presented herself to the hospital. sung sung medical center in southern seoul which has been a site of more than a third of the confirmed cases of mers so far. she was there on maize the 27th and the 28th and she came in contact with somebody
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there who already contracted the disease patient number 14 in that this outbreak and it was later confirmed she had the disease as well and quarantined and now she has decide. as well on tuesday we're seeing the w.h.o. team that arrived in south korea on monday start to get to work. they've had a meeting with the vice-health minister, will be meeting with the centers for disease control to decide exactly why this outbreak had spread so quickly than it has in other parts of the world. second biggest outbreak in the world, the others were confirmed to the middle east. it is apparently so far just a hospital outbreak. these latest cases all said to have been contracted by patients when they came into contact with the virus in a hospital setting. so the government is saying as long as that remains the case, it may well be that monday may have been the peak of this virus
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and the number of cases new cases will decline from now on. that of course is still a big question because they admitted that they didn't act quickly enough in the initial stages we wait until it got out in the public at large in that stage. >> still ahead in the bulletin, libya's at the table once again for peace talks. and a car made on a 3d printer in just 24 hours. hopefully taking one for a smin spin for justin just a couple of years. rackets in children's hands... >> building the game... >>'s the limit for growing tennis in america.
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>> and expanding access to play... >> at the end of the day it's about the kids... >> every tuesday night. >> i lived that character.
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>> it's good to have you with us. i'm elizabeth peranem in doha. top stories it will barack obama has admitted the u.s. has no complete strategy in iraq, after meeting with iraqi prime minister haider al-abadi at the g7 in germany. another u.n. report on countries that harm children has proven be controversial. al jazeera has learned that israel was removed from the list. mers victims have reached 7. outside saudi arabia where mers was discovered. representative from rival governments in libya are considering a unity leadership as proposed by the united nations. they were giefn draft peace agreement to -- given a draft peace
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agreement in morocco. caroline malone has the story. >> fourth draft of the eun backed political agreement. >> today the people of libya have the right on this gathering on the hope that your country and your people from productive conflict. >> rival tripoli based government and the tobruk based government recognized by the intrrbledinternational community. >> not waiting for the answer now but after each of the principal stakeholders has had time for consultations. >> translator: we will do our best to bring the country out of the crisis. that's why we will study today and tomorrow this draft and we
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hope that this draft will be the last one. >> reporter: the proposal calls for a government to be placed in effect in tripoli. unified military. four years since moammar gadhafi was removed from power. many are hopeful this could be a turning point but even if a peace proposal is agreed upon there is a long way to go before stability returns to libya. caroline malone, al jazeera. >> turkey answer president recep tayyip erdogan has called for all to behave well, opposition parties say they will not join forces. omar al saleh has more from istanbul. >> i think turkey is set to face
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political uncertainty for days now. senior member of the ak party says his party is attempting to form a coalition. they need at least 18 seats in parliament. however given speeches of all parties, not wanting to join a coalition, i think it will thwart those plans. now the interesting point made by the main opposition party the chp, said it was open to a wide coalition mainly the mhp and the hdp. the problem of that is bringing together different ideologies, for instance, mhp is considered ultranationalist all of them need to agree with the kurds going to be very difficult and some say it will perhaps bring turkey back to the days of
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squabbling coalition government in the 1990s which brought turkey almost to the verge of bankruptcy. it is going to be a very tough few days for this country. >> the pro-kurdish democratic party was hailed as a triumph for the country. winning for first time 80 seats. bernard smith reports. >> there is hope that the people's democratic party into parliament will end the stalled three year peace process. 40 years of fight being between turkish state and kurdish separatists have cost thousands of lives. >> everything should be dorn done to establish the peace process. we all live under the same flag. is. >> translator: they should keep their promises for freedom of thought and religion and
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establishing law in turkey. the akp disappointed us. >> though the image of hdp leader solomon denatash is hanging, it's example of how much faith people have in him. he led turkey into the modern times. >> we have to take care of turkey. we have economic problems with turkey and we have to solve that problem. if we don't solve that problem people will go into the street again. >> minority groups and ethnic turks were also persuaded to throw their support behind the hdp. that's how it bounty over the
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10% threshold and gained 80 sites. >> if no government is formed they will get new representation. be making sure that isn't short livid. bernard smith, al jazeera. >> eritrea play have committed crimes against humanity. says the government is responsible for extra-judicial killings torture sexual slavery and forced labor. it also accuses air traiz of shooting toeritrea ofshooting to keep people from leaving. women and children who walked for weeks to get to a united nations protected camp, from bentui state our
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correspondent catherine soy reports. >> it's been a long journey. they avoided the main roads walked only at night when they felt safe and ate water lillies. they will spend the night beside the road at bentu. they are heading for the where shelter. the conditions are already tough. this woman had children and grandchildren. trying to cope. before her house was burned, she was raped by men the military uniforms. >> i can't compare my grandchildren's life to my own. life not knowing where they are is not a life. i am afraid but i need to go back to see if they are dead or alive and hiding somewhere.
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>> children here cope any way they can but it's not easy. most of those who are coming are women and very young children. some of them have been here at this u.n. registration area for days, so they can get humanitarian aid. sometimes it rains sometimes it's too hot and the sanitation is also very bad. >> aid workers say they're worried there are you very few teenage boys and girls among the thousands arriving. >> we are deeply concerned about the add less entsz. we don't know why there aren't more, that may be because they are still hiding in the bush. >> those trying to escape the violence have accused government troops of murder, looting and burning their homes. but those have deniedfully human
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rights violations. >> i think if their houses being burned it would not be our shelling, it would be the cross fire actually you see? because the soiption is national army. >> almost all the children here have been through so much, for now this camp is the safest place they've managed to find. catherine soy, al jazeera bentu, in south sudan. >> nearly 6,000 migrants have been saved at sea and among the rescued were 50 children and dozens of pregnant women. hoda abdel hamid reports from the southern port of catania. >> 6,000 migrants were rescued over saturday and sunday, 30 different rescue operations, a huge challenge for the italian
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authorities. most of these migrants were brought to the reception center here in the city but about 500 will need to be scattered around anyplace there is some space for them to spend at least the first few nights on european soil. and all this comes in the middle of a huge political rowe. we heard from the northern league today that they were warning mayors against hosting and receiving more of these migrants. one of the leaders of the northern league, said there would be quote unquote repercussions. he didn't explain what he meant. italy is bracing itself to a continuous flow of migrants. this will be extremely complicated for the authorities to act as requisitely requisite swiftly
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as it wishes. >> parachute surveilled to inflate during a massive test of new technology, for landing larger spacecraft and eventually astros nawtsz on mars. >> a company has made the first car on a 3d principler. the car is still undergoing crash testing but the kerry hopes they will be able to take them for radio spin as early as 2017. john hendren has our story. >> reporter: this could be the shape of things to come but the point is it could be any shape at all. except for its wheels and suspension the car is created on a slim of plastic in this
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situation, henry forward never had an internet or, nobody had the ability to actually be able e-to design with cad tools. when they created the industry, they would have created it totally differently. >> this crar is opposed to sell between 18,000 and $30,000. it is not yet approved for street legal. >> i see the car being printed out, something you could drive in on, but i don't know what people would be doing so at least not from local environments. >> that misses the that is correct. the whole thing about speeding
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up manufacturing this design is an e-a advantage. >> four seater car you could change the cup holder or the poir straifn and when the manufacturing is over, it can be melted down and you build another one. >> foreseize an expanding list of styles. >> we're pretty good making a single unit and the rest of the units. we're adding that tool to the kickback, so we can change the model sometime to transfer about four months. >> e-
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>> reporter: when swuns orders one of these he can design the interior himself. john hendren, washington d.c. >> just a reminder, you can get caught up on all the news at fest com. fest provider offers products to people with no cable subscription, another company is offering viewers the option of creating their own channel line-up and millions of households are cutting the cord, dropping cable. once must-see tv - is cable television now unplugged from the