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tv   News  Al Jazeera  June 9, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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this is al hello there here, this is the news-hour i'm lawyer, coming up in the next 60 minutes, more than 100,000 might go grants have landed in, europe and, we talked to some who said they were beaten and burned by smugglers and egypt sentences 11 people to death over the worst football riot, and some say justice is not being done. one of the biggest banks
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announces plans to cut thousands of jobs. driving the world's first 3d printed car. they are showing no sign of slowing down, more than 100,000 have arrived by sea. greece has seen the most dramatic increase over 46,000 migrants and most of elm them from syria and afghan, and it's 10,000 more since the whole of last year. 54,000 in italy, on boats and most are them are from somalia any free ria and syria, and many have had to be rescued by naval
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ships and commercial vessels the italian coast guard has brought the latest arrival 447 have been taken to italy, they have rescued at least 7,000 migrants in the sea over the past few days. now, once the migrants arrive, they still face an uncertain future. he met some of them, on the italian island. their first steps on the soil they arhode island in the dark not knowing where they were and haggard tired and hungry, and very relieved they left war behind them. this is the center they were brought to on that nate when they got off the ship and, we came back to check on them, and see how they're selling in and to see or some have already moved on. many of the women were rescued just a few days ago
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have been relocated to sicily, to another center and she hopes to join them soon. it's over, thanking god. at sea i was really tired the water was coming in and the boat was rocking. i kept my eyes closed the whole time, i add headache and i was dizzy. they had been stranded for 20 hours and they were terrified and disoriented when the rescuers found them. in the men's quarter we meet him and his companions. he has been smiling ever since he saw the i a yens come to his rescue, at the time he said he would celebrate drinking ten pepsis. i don't have a pepsi.
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he didn't. but is happy anyway. they were very scared in libya. they were forced to drink fuel and, had food once every three days. he shows us the marks on his back, he was beaten with an electrical rod, by the smugglers, and his friends have marks on their stomach and cigarette marks on the guard by the guards. and they have seen several similar cases. and he says he did not have a shower for 40 days. soon they will move again. but he wants to stay in italy, in rome. i still don't know what freedom means exactly i have to discover it, i need to learn the language, and the laws of the
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country and, its traditions and how to respect people. he left his wife and two children behind. he hopes to bring them over soon. by plane not across the sea. ♪ ♪ ♪ fate proud these young men together, and their dramatic or deal created a bond that can never be broken, and one that gives them strength. rebels have taken over one of the biggest bases in syria which is in the south of the country. there are are number of bases and, headed by rebel forces since the beginning of the civil war.
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egypt has sentenced 11 people to death over the worst football riot in, twrefl twelve. families say egypts court vest not done enough to punish security forces. they have been waiting for justice for over 3 years and they are angry these are the relatives of some of the people killed in the riot and some accused them of those that took part in the revolution and many blame police. we were told that since his arrest the head of security has not spent an hour, he's been staying at the hospital for the past pour years. he appears in his shirt and shoes of. today, the police have only
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a few more months to go until they were released, they abandoned it, and when we were to get the children, we saw that they were leaving they should have secured these kids. there's no president. 70 fans were killed, and the riot began between a match between rivals, and, most of the dead happened in a stampede when thousands tried to leave and now the verdicts are being criticized. in recent weeks egypt has been criticized, of handing down mass verdicts and they called the presidency, abusers. and the government said it is inaccurate. for the families of those whether say the trials haven't
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been fair, and the calls for equality isn't seem fair. a top prosecutor, is asking for an investigation that yemen knew about a suicide attack before it happen. a car bomb exploded. a al-qaeda informant said he warned security agencies before the attack and, he said he was ignored. spain closed the case in 2011 when yemen deny provide the information it asked for. joins us here on the set. good to have you with us, what this operative told them- he was a al-qaeda operative. and in 2006 he was sent back after a brief arrest, he was sent to yemen and, what he alleges is that during his work
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after that, he warned of several attacks, two attacks in particular, this one in july, and he warned about it several times and the government did nothing. and same happened again the following year, in september 2008 during an assault on the u.s. embassy which according to him, he had warned about three months before. again, the government did nothing. they are going to to investigate again, who are they going to investigate. well, in this case, because of the information of our source the judiciariry have asked the police to investigate these allegations and the credibility of them, so they'll be looking into whether what he says is credible, and, they will most likely want to speak with him. he has said that he's willing to
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give testimony to any international panel, so there is as chance that the spanish will be sitting there with him. when it goes to investigating it into yemen it's in x-ray os, and there's a war going on. when the spanish closed the case, that was one of the points that they reportedly put, in that final write up was it's very hard to investigate in a country caught in such turmoil. things have gotten worse and i think the prospect of the spanish investigating in country, in yemen is very far. so instead, they'll be focusing on what our source says and how credible it is. they have to act on your investigation. thank you. more to come here on this news-hour, people take the south
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korea off their travel list because of murs. and many say they fear for their lives. we have money. and the two bidding cities state their cases for hosting the 2022 winter olympics. iraq question forces have opened supply lines, to the oil refinery despite the progress, the pen that gone is not ready to claim it under iraqi control and isil continues to make advances in other parts of the country, it has taken ramadi, and thousands have been
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displaced and they've been trying to tariq control. and, they also took minavah. they made advances in north and, kurdish forces, have held back isil from taking more areas. it has forced isil to retreat, including the strategic city of tikrit. over a year ago, when i was sill attacked mosul and, the army retreated will and why the group is proving so hard to defeat. the speed with which they took such huge parts of iraq surprised many, the army ran. in less than 4 hours, the city was under their black flag and the impact was felt across iraq.
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it was a huge shock to the government and its people when i was sill took mosul and exposed a lack of trust between the people and the government. that hasn't changed even with a new government. in the immediate aftermath they began to blame the former prime minister, about the policies. policies that the next prime minister has found difficult to remove despite promising to do so. he tried to control the power and that alienated many people including the sunni community. he lacks power because he has been left with many problems including massive budget deficit and powerful lobbies and it's going to be tough to run things around. the iraqi army, and militia fighting about them having a
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tough time. when the capital of anbar fell to the radical group in may, it exposed how tough it is. there is a lack of iraqi command and control, we don't have discipline within the ranks, and reinforce men and strategy, to win and, we need better co-organization over airstrikes. four months is a significant time-frame for isil, they're using it to remain, and expand their territory. there are others that say they're just taking advantage after disjointed strategy. here in baghdad, people are worried that the current way of dealing with issel just isn't working. syria is a concern because they can use it as a base and sen reinforcements into iraq. isil will remain a problem in iraq.
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now, more on this, and good to have this. u.s. a. has no complete strategy on isil. and it was caught offguard, when i was sill took over most sell. amazing, and, president barak obama says these things in public. he said that a couple years ago when he was asked about syria and, he was falling apart. and he said we don't have a strategy and everybody was astonished and how could the united states not have a strategy having seeing things devolve. well, same thing unlike syria iraq is an american issue. it was the american invasion of iraq 12 years that created this dim minnation of the country the break of the country. so, you would expect that the
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united states have been training iraqis and second, as you said, over the last year, they have been talking about training and we haven't seen a lot of that. what president barak obama is saying, it's not completed because iraqi partners are not giving us the right guarantees, and effort, and, president barak obama is putting the ball in the iraqi corner saying it's their responsibility. is that fair. some to degree it is and some not. so, let's look at this picture, in a more global way in iraq, and the united states what is solution? we're been talking about it here for 5 years and now everybody talks about it. we know that the government needs to recharter the sunni majority, and, the united states will come together, and against
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isil succeeds and everyone knows it. is there a will to do that? is there the leadership do that? there is no american leader ship and, there's no iraqi will because clearly they find it very hard not to reconcile, they need someone from the outside and, it would be the americans and u.n., just like they did in libya. we're not seeing that. it would seem that those problems are so vast, that they're felt to be insurmountable. can it not perhaps be taken apart, and look at at at mosul and that is one city and get it back. the problem is that, is they just tried that, and they failed. and when they succeeded in particular create they failed in ramadi. and it is necessary in the
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short-term. perhaps the other way of looking at it, not discounting, is the macro. the dealing with the mess so, the midway and everything is enter connected. the maac co way there's the problem, and iraq and syria and lebanon and it requires real leadership because everyone knows that isil, is not only there, in syria and also need to address that question. and you need leadership on the part of the region, and those who intervened in the region. that would be u.n., and we haven't seen that at all. pretty big issue. thank you. now, teenage girls abducted by isil being sold in slave
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markets. girls who escaped. she says in markets girls can be traded for as little as a pack of cigarettes and now, they tell travel there to see how they can help the victims. south korea has another death from murs. and now 7 are dead. the defense ministry have started checking visitors, entering their building. more than 2,000 people have been quarantined. it's the largest since saudi arabia and it's affecting the economy. it's a lovely day, one of the fanciest districts and, we come here, for a walk and usually, we will be joined by plenty of well to do residents and foreigners as well, and, we
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don't have the place to ourselves and, this is as close as you get in a congested city. 30 40% fewer visitors are coming here, and that's been the case in south korea. they are reporting fewer customers, baseball games are seeing about the same drop, and each for more essential things, the weekly shop, and the two biggest supermarket chains are reporting 12% drop, and online grocery shopping has gone up. some 50% as people stay home and avoid unnecessary travel. this is having an economic impact and they say that the first priority is to address this as a public health concern and eradicate the virus and murs crisis, will only happen
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happen when the economic impact is addressed. the opposition is rejecking the choice of the u.n. as mediate tor. protests began in april when the president announced a bid for the third term. the government accuses the media for causing unrest. the radio and television stations are destroyed. they're working on line. it means we're in danger, and, beheaded, and be hated by those who are supposed to protect you and let you do your job. and at the risk to be killed. the station was closed.
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it's now calm but you can still seat battle scars. that's the radio station that was destroyed the police are not allowing anybody inside. some have left the country and others are in hiding. governments are different now, and journalists shouldn't be afray. we want to let them know that the government is ready to allow the journalists to do their job as they used to do. we continue to believe this is a country for all of its citizens including the journalists. other media houses were targeted before and after the failed coup.
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independent journalists say they won't be silent and hoping that the access to the internet can help them get the story. the province is imposing a curfew on women they won't be surf in restaurants internet cafes, of an 11, unless they're with a man. it's an attempt to reduce sexual violence and critics say it's discrimination. 200 of the urban decision makerses have arrived and cities have grown faster than any other areas in the world. now, reports from hong kong, one area of the center of battle against development. the selection of tin roof
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houses seems unremarkable and you have to understand the unique history. just ask any of the shopkeepers like it one, who has lived above his family store for a decade. there were dairy fares and we would milk the cows. this was the site of the first dairy farm which employed thousands. we know that the market was already in place in 1868 and some people are saying it may have been there before, and, the people who are living here either farm he or raised cattle. he is part of the campaign group which managed to get the village on the world monument watch list as a threatened site. a high density apartment
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complex has taken over the pastures and here, an apart men goes tor a million dollars and fewer than 3,000 live in the village and many feel its days are numbered. many are targeting this spot of language, and they actually remove the village, for them, it will be a golden opportunity. the government for land development has acknowledged the cultural value and has no legislation to save it. we only preserve individual buildings and, thought at zone and, it is important for us, to visit the existing policy, to see about a special protected area. this is the only chinese village, in hong kong, with the pattern and its winding past.
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in a sense it is these narrow alloways that are protecting the village, part is owned by developers and construction is impossible as there's no way for vehicles to get through. and the government has already approved planning documents and the buildings are a constant reminder that development may not be far away. please stay with us here, still ahead. in an election year, argentina's pow movement is in dispute. we visit the largest rain forest six months after an oil tanker was here. mountain biking is hitting new heights
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hello again here's our top stories, u.n. says more than
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100,000 migrants have entered europe by sea and almost all of them italy and greece. egypt shant court has sentenced, 11 to death from the biggest football riot, many were crushed to death and victims were throne, and, it was the deadliest. and top prosecutor has asked for an investigation that yemen knew about an attack before it happened. there was a car bomb. al-qaeda informant said he warned them before the attack, and he was ignored. h.s. cb has announced the
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cutting of jobs. it plans to refocus on asia, and cut annual costs up to $5 billion and considering moving its headquarters out of london, and, reducing its invest mens and pulling out of turkey and brazil. now, a common lecturer. and good to have you with us, why are we seeing these massive cuts? well 9,000 job losses in the u.k., and, as you said, this is a part of a more global strategy, and the plan is to shift the headquarters back to asia, this is as strategy which has been announced because of that. and. what they are doing in the uk is trying to move this move, to
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blame the bank heavy, for its problems in terms of the prophet. and as we all know, in fact, the bank heavy, which is small tax on the total balance sheets of the debt, is really not the biggest problem that he have. they face fines and compensations that they have to play because of criminal and illegal activity because of money-laundering and financial markets, and turning around and blaming this in the case of the u.k. is really rather opportunistic. is this going going to benefit it? the restructuring for the u.k., this is a global restructuring but for the uk it's not a bad thing. the uk is relying far too much
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anyway, and moving away from just having very large bank might be in the end a good thing. so the question, that is on the mind is how can they convince hsbc to stay, and the actual question should be, how can he convince them to actually pay its tax to the u.k.? and pulling out of countries like turkey, and brazil, what does it say? it's refocusing to asia. well it's pulling out that's going to be mainly, investment banking, in terms of retail banging, same thing is true for u.k., it's hard to pull out all of that activity, since it is dependent on your local
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branch, for your activity, there will be stay within the country although, particularly in the u.k. the retail arm all of these, pieces, will be upset because they have very little to do with the illegal activity of the bank. eva, thank you for joining us. now, the government in libya has rejected a proposal to form a government. it's been trying to reach a deal, and now the details. libya's rival facts -- faction is then pressure for a
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national unity government based in tripoli and it recognizes the house of representatives as the legitimate body. create a council of state to serve as the highest body with a power to resolve dismoots and creates a national army, and calls for army of militia a cease fire and a constitution. they have the right on you that you save your country and people from conflict. but, the country's rival factions remain skeptical they each have their own government and, armies and the government
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has the back of the u.n. not waiting for the answer now and after each of the stakeholders has had time for council station. we will do our best to bring our country out of the crisis and, we'll study this draft and we hope that this draft will be the last one. this is the man at the center of libya's political divide. the general is the most powerful military man. last year he launched operation dignity a major military offensive and backed by the tripoli based congress. for tripoli will only happen if it is sacked by government and most of those in the east are loyal to him and they say any move against their leader will be met by force.
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hundreds of people in texas are call for a policeman to be fired after he was caught throwing a girl to the ground. dozens of protestors, march he commanding let's go swimming and you can see him waving a pistol. and this is pending investigation. the judge has ordered the release of a man kept in confine men for 43 years, he was convicted for the killing after louisiana guard in ann goal will a. some of the most powerful trade unions, in argentina, have a general strike, they're calling for changes and job insecurity and not all the unions agree.
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this is a show of force by argentina's powerful truck-driver's union. they held their own. they're out again, along with bus and train drivers and port and airport workers bringing argentina to a standstill. we are holding the strike with hope that it will generate expectation and, ab show to the government that we're not prepared to surrender and, we'll keep fighting for what's right. however many trade unions remain loyal to the president. sailing things aren't that bad and the problems that they do have are not the government's fault. we believe that to hole this strike is to give or try to give the workers over to those who want to return to the old liberal politics. with presidential elections
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four months away, there are demon sprayings almost everyday. battling for influwins and a share of decreasing funds. the party in power was built with the backing of the workers and, stayed in power by a trade union and now with inflation and, job insecurity rising, they find themselves in conflict. instead it will be left to the electorates to make sense, and the relationship with the government. when there's inflation, the unions want their salaries to go up and you have this conflict going on, all the time. stop and go policy is where you turn to this group, and so nobody is quite happy. the uncertainty is the election's approach, argentina will be faced with more strikes
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and, protests like this one. the effects of the oil spill are still being felt, 350,000 beatters spilled when an oil tanker collided and sank. there were only 270 tigers left in the wild. the oil leaked into waters, and 2.5 million people live in villages and many of them are fishermen will. now, how they are dealing with the spill almost 6 months later. professionals, things are finally going back to normal. several months after an oil spill fish are start to go come back. some fish died right when it
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happen and, we couldn't catch much. and then the river started to recover and it's now about the usual amount of fish. environmental acta vitts feared the worst. fortunately, damage was limited, a u.n. report found that the tide had watched the oil out to sea but if it was minimal, so are the lessons learned. so this cargo vessel is going up the same route where the oil spill hit six months ago. the captain says he has no choice, he has to use it, because it's the only way to get the cement that he's carrying, into the rest of the country. with ships continuing to transport oil fertilizer and cement another potential it is asker seems inevitable- sure enough, on may 5th
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carrying fertilizer, sank. the damage is yet to be areceive. but, they are dismissed by ship owners,. i want to say this, with all due respect, what do these people do? they just protestify rallies, about the environment and, give speeches and, they have very nice cars and very nice houses. i don't know who is giving them the money. while commercial traffic no's through, they are no longer allowed access, the government has banned fishing. because of concerns about overfishing. they were among the first to join the cleanup after the december spill eager to save their waters. six months on, he doesn't see much after future for him in the rain forest which is not just the source of his life, but
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also his home. still to come, we'll be taking a ride in the first 3d printed car some say it won't take off. the man wanted, hands himself in to police.
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>> can affect and surprise us. >> wow...these are amazing! >> "techknow" where technology meets humanity. only on al jazeera america.
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the internet is down. he is not bothered, he's a law student and comes here to do research using something called the e. it doesn't require an internet connection. it has books, so that everyone within the institution can have access when there is no internet. it gives me an opportunity to look for information unlike the normal library whereby you go and read textbooks which are very out dated and with that it gives me a opportunity to access library pries outside nigeria mail. it began here in, nigeria
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an american non-profit gary's and installs educational materials that can be accessed offline at little or no cost,. it is helping institutions with no access to the internet, it's providing up-to-date material for developing countries, and funding for education is falling behind, and studentes like these can look at millions of books, and other research materials. access is improving learning for students and teachers alike. write in journals and sometimes we need on the street and, sometimes we save some of the pages and print them. still, traditional libraries remain relevant and this isn't
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changing anytime soon. there are some scholars that really are not too comfortable or not technology savvy and then, they feel much more comfortable. the founders had poor developing nations in mind, now from desktops, they want to expand their services to carry memory sticks that can be plugged into a computer, something that's bound to increase the popularity. here's robin. thanks. 7 weeks after the announcement of the 2022 winter game hosts the bidding have made it to the olympic committee and beijing and each of them given 90
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minutes, at this meeting. and ramadi, is hoping to deliver its first-ever, and its the largest city. what confidence are their chances? we have money. we have money. i will like to spend it for sports and i would like to bring it to the world society. this is a clear answer. we have money. if you have money, you have money, if you don't have money you don't have anything to say. beijing, they are hoping to become the first city to host both the winter, and summer games, and many would take place some 200 kilometers from beijing. it's a combination of temperatures and reliable snow
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making facilities and initiatives, because of 2022, to make it more sustainable, and that's one of our priorities. they were the only bidders for these games after 7 withdraw including germany and, os low pulled out, after the government won provide the necessary financial and. poland and sweden and the uncertainty in ukraine forced them to drop out. a man wanted by the united states, with regard to fifa corruption is turning himself in. he has been placed on the most wanted list as part of the group of those arrested.
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they spotted f.b.i. agents, and he is accused paying bribes in exchange for contact. the united states star, world cup they defeated australia, and she criticized surface saying it affects the way the ball bounces and leaves burns on the skin. it is playing on fake turf. japan began the 1-nil win over switzerland many. sweden were beaten by nigeria mail. spain and costa rica. and, co columbia tackled mexico. two days away from kickoff
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in the football tournament, and taking place in chill chill. your guy are defending champions, and against jamaica twelve teams will compete in the 3 week long festival of football chile has hosted it, but never won it. tampa bay has taken the upper hand, after beating the blackhawks. the lightning continuing their strong record on the road. four-straight wins. lightning goalie, after 36 saves on the right and he did put body on the line, in the 3-2 win. and cedric scored, with 3 minutes in the third-period. game four is on wednesday.
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the first period too many rebounds, and the guys did a great job and i felt better and, more comfortable and, you know some big blocked shots at the end and just a good team win. and probably wasn't our best first. but got better. win of the toughest races in mountain biking, it will begin in austria. the sport is still trailing behind road cycling. it is one of the most scenic and toughest events and but despite the area, this is mountain biking not road cycling and, riders are face by slopes
11:53 am
normally faced by skiers. they have to generate huge amount of powers, and there's four days, and 200 kilometers. once they're up there there's no time to enjoy the view. one time mountain bike a van, is a master at keeping rivals at bay. with money in the sport, he's one of the few to make a real living from his passion. since i got world champion, i'm earning good money and that is good. it's not all about the money. it can mean $1 million but average pay is more like $10,000.
11:54 am
olympics have not taken it out of the shadow, they have access to a road but not a mountain. it's all about to work with kids when they are young and bring them cycling together and for girls, the field of women in mountain biking is so small. it's very important to bring mountain biking in television, and you want to be in the public view. it's also a question of time road cycling, you think of tour de france, and mountain biking only exists for 35 years. evening if they do provide it latest boost they may have to be content with a steady climb to its popularity.
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put all the headlines on the website. thanks very much. do you think this is going to be a cool idea, a u.s. company, make room for their garages. it's the 3d printed car. 24 hours to complete, still being tested, and many customers, may just get behind the wheel in 2017. this could be the shape of things to come. but the point is, it could be any shape except for its wheels and suspension -- it is made out of mass sick, on a 3d printer. he believes he's in the middle of transforming the auto industry like ford did.
11:56 am
he never add internet, and never had fedex, and nobody the ability to design, the way we have today. if you had those tools back at the time when they created the industry, they would have created it differently. the car, with a motor and suspension is, expected to sell for $18,000 and 3,000. it is not yet approve for public roadways and faces some big speed bumps including taken seriously. it seems like a toy. it is a car size and something that you can drive around in and i don't know how many people would do it. they say that misses the mark. the whole point is it is a way of speeding up design and manufacturing, and this is one after infinite array of possibilities.
11:57 am
that is two seater electric model. and it could be anything t. could be a four seater car and change the power train, and the manufacturing process is faster, and when it's all over, it it is recyclable, and you can build another one. rogers foresees a ca expanding array of styles. we're pretty quick in making a single unit, and, we can roll they have off the line, 17 seconds and it takes 24 hours, and we're adding that tool to be able to make it instead of 7 years, we can change model line, down to about 4 months. if that happens perhaps one day, individual car owners could customize not just the options but the design of the car itself. please stay with us here,
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another full hour of news ahead four.
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>> the number of migrants reaching sea this year, passes 100,000. hello there you are watching al jazeera live from london. also coming up. for a unity government as isil seize as power plants. another set back, asaad rebels say they captured a major military base. hong kong issued a red alert against travel to south korea asmirs