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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  June 21, 2015 1:00am-1:31am EDT

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hat character. >> go one on one with america's movers and shakers. >> we will be able to see change. >> gripping. inspiring. entertaining. talk to al jazeera. only on al jazeera america. >> racist manifesto revealed. the website carrying photos of the u.s. pan charged with church shootings. live from our doha headquarters, i'm shiulie ghosh. journalist arrested in germany under a warrant issued by egypt. mali's touareg rebels can they be experiencing peace.
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the fbi is investigating whether a racist manifesto found online was written by a man accused of pass shooting in the united states. a website shows pictures of dylann roof holding a handgun and visiting a confederate cemetery. charged with murdering 9 people in a charleston, south carolina church. it will reopen for first time since the shooting. gabriel elizondo has more. >> in south carolina people continue to mourn over this terrible massacre that took the lives of flynn people. we saw people march -- of 9
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people. marching showing solidarity to the wider community as well. we also saw protests in the capital, colombia, south carolina. a flag many people associate with a racist period here in this country harkening back to the civil war area and more recently it has been associated with the can you clerk will unlock the machine. pgh klan. with the queue clerk will unlock the machine. can you clerk willunlock the machine. .kukluxklan. , south carolina just days after nine african americans were
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killed inside an historic clack church essentially by a white man with racial grievances. for among others to keep slavery during the civil war in the early 1860s. it was later adopted by the white supremacist group the ku klux klan. >> i think it's a symbol of hate ret red. ihatred. i think it's despicable that why have this flag still flying on state house ground. >> reporter: keeping the flag flying is about free speech and honor. but the killings in charleston have again fueled debate whether it's an appropriate symbol. >> i see disrespect. i see racism. >> reporter: on the other side of the capitol is a monument
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honoring strom thurmd. thurmond. then there is annal issue of current laws, the u.s. attorney general is investigating the shooting as a possible hate crime. but here in america most states also have additional statutes that call for tougher sentencing and statutes that bar hate crimes. >> people who hate people who have no tie into humanity, they believe their freedom of speech gives them the right to say anything. and not account for it. and we have to change that. >> reporter: but other residents here say race relations have improved. >> i can't speak for a black person. but we've been dealing here in our store for generations
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dealing with blacks and whites. together. and we've never seen anything but you know kindness. >> oh we shall overcome. >> hoping that out of tragedy can come healing and a better racial understanding and an end to any sphwols any symbols that might prevent this. gabriel elizondo sharlts, south charleston, south carolina. one of the world's most respected journalists must be released immediately. >> reporter: staying in cut until he appears before a judge on monday. german police say he is accused of committing several crimes.
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mansour says his arrest may be part of egyptian president abdel fatah al-sisi repeat trip to germany. mansour's arrest his attorney says is politically motivated. >> a man an nent man all innocent man was doing programs on al jazeera. >> political opponents have been arrested prosecuted and in some cases sentenced to death since former president mohammed morsi was deposed years ago. three al jazeera english journalists, peter greste, was
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released without charge and his colleagues mohamed fahmy and baher mohamed still face charges. the crack down by egyptian authorities on journalists is well-known. other countries must not allow themselves to be tools of this media recession ahmed mansour is one of the world's most respected journalists and must be released immediately. he was sentenced to 15 years in prison by cairo's criminal court on the charge of torturing a an individual. rejected egypt's request for an international arrest warrant against him. his arrest is a worrying sign
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that president sisi is extending his crack down on accident dissent. victoria gatenby, al jazeera. military says fighters were preparing to launch attacks against security forces in the area. (t) is israel and palestine to resume talks. french led initiative investigation. consisting of arab states the european union and u.n. council members. u.n. secretary-general ban ki-moon has owner greater recommendation for rebels in
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contested northern areas. the deal would be monitored by if international community including france but it stops short of giving the full am autonomy. >> first of all the northern population is very diverse. and so a certain segment of it has joined in on this peace accord. and if essentially this peace accord is very important step towards peace without it, mali would not be able to achieve peace. however, that being said there will have to be very quick and immediate implementation of immigration of different populations in the government integration of security forces up north and without that,
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groups will get frustrated and certain groups will claim other groups in the north are being privileged over them. it is really murky waters at this time but again it's an essential step towards peace in the country. >> members of the group al shabaab, police say they later tracked down and killed ten of the gunmen. a group linked to i.s.i.l. has claimed responsibility for a car bomb attack in the yemeni capital sanaa. seven others were injured. it is second attack on sanaa claimed by the group within a week. street battles have continued between forces loyal to president abd rabbu mansour hadi in the southern city of ta'izz. u.n. sponsored talks in geneva between the country's warring
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factions ended on friday without a deal. the united nations is warning of a dangerous new era of refugees. syria is the biggest contributor to that number. in the past week, hundreds have left tawmed. tawbled. tal abyad. >> findings itfinding it difficult to feed their children. >> there are hundreds of families like ahmed's who are now camped out in the streets of the turkish border town. yet another decision to the
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millions of syrians who have lost their homes because of the of the war. back in the town of tal abyad administrative buildings used by i.s.i.l. still have its signs on the entrances. this one reads islamic state membership office. even though the expulsion of the armed group was welcomed by many, there are reports that some kurdish fighters are now targeting arab residents in the area. at least two two arabs were killed on friday. accusations are untrue they say. the situation in tabilityd tal abyad is are similar to that crease syria. homes continue to be destroyed and families displaced. left to seek refuge in a foreign land not knowing when or if they will return.
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georgia malel shael, al jazeera syria. >> still ocome. going from bad to worse why brazilians are losing faith had their national football team. stay with us. very hard and you will remain poor. >> what's the cost of harvesting america's food? >> do you see how it will be hard to get by on their salary? >> yeah >> fault lines al jazeera america's hard hitting... >> today they will be arrested... >> ground breaking... they're firing canisters of gas at us...
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>> welcome back. i'm shiulie ghosh. let's remind you of the top stories now. the fbi is looking into a racist manifesto. a man accused of a mass shooting in the u.s. the website also shows pictures of 21-year-old dylann roof.
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he's accused of killing nine people at a church in charleston. south carolina. (f) al jazeera's acting director general, says a well respect journalist has been taken into custody and he asks for his release. now, we're getting some news out of somalia. the be islamist group al shabaab is claiming responsibility for an attack. according to al shabaab's military spokesman he says we attacked the national security training base, we killed many intelligence forces and we captured the building we're now
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fighting inside it. we'll try to verify that and get you more details as we get them. people in the iraqi city of tikrit have started to return home three months after fro-governmentarepro.government forces haveafterprogovernment forces technique it. >> boarded these buses for tikrit this week. the first of what local leaders hope will be a wave returning residents. >> translator: my children didn't sleep yesterday out of joy when they heard we are going back. we don't want anything from the government except stability and peace of mind. >> reporter: tikrit is less than 50 kilometers from samara, iraqi forces and shia fighters
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recaptured the city from i.s.i.l. fighters in april but there has been so much destruction many don't have homes to return to. for others, there is not much but a roof over their head. no shops no bakeries. the family is the only one on their block to return so far. they admit it's difficult. >> translator: we couldn't stay on the move forever. we spent an entire year not knowing where to go. the people of samara embraced united states but weusbut we needed to return. >> reporter: no one is offering to pay for it. it's not just rebuilding that's needed of course. almost 3 million iraqis have been forced from their homes over the past year because of fighting. most of them won't return until they are reassured that i.s.i.l. won't come back again. it is not an easy promise to
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make. the front line has shifted time after time with i.s.i.l. retreating then returning. these informs make a point of rehoisting a flag on a ridge recaptured from i.s.i.l. last week. with so much equipment seized from i.s.i.l iraqi force he have started designing their on vehicles. spray covering fire without putting a fighter in danger. the u.s. has spopped responded by cautiously resuming. these are the sons of tribes. they're not new to fighting but it's a different battle. >> translator: we fought in the old army then we fought al qaeda in 2006, 7 and 8. we were victorious and we smashed them completely because we have the initiative the weapons and the support. now adays i.s.i.l. is using
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armored vehicles and filling them with explosive so how is am i going to fight them? >> jane arraf, al jazeera baghdad. a road side bomb has killed at least 14 members of a family in afghanistan. no group has claimed responsibility. the number of deaths from tankerred alcohol has risen to 90. funerals have been taking place for some of the victims. at least 40 are still in hospital. police have made some arrests. the worst poisoning of its kind in decades. mumbai dowj down downpour has
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caused flooding. fez georgia mill jamil has the story. >> the day after things aren't much better. >> translator: yesterday it was range so heavily that water entered in my home and i was not able to go to work. today it's the same but i'm trying to go. >> reporter: limited public transport resumed but officials are asking people to use trains for emergencies only and are advising them to stay indoors this weekend. the rain has let up but much of the flood water remains. making it another difficult day for people living here. >> there are no cars or taxis and even the bus he are not stopping. how well illhow how will we walk on
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roads that are flooded by water? >> a high tide alert has been issued for the city. the government has asked emergency teams and the navy to be on stand by in case an evacuation is needed. forecasters expect more rain in mumbai for at least the next five days. fez jamil, al jazeera, new delhi. more cases of middle east respiratory syndrome or mers. 25 people have decide so far. it's the biggest outbreak of mers since it was first discovered in saudi arabia three years ago. myanmar opposition leaders awngsaung san suu kyi.
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thailand has strengthened its antitrafficking laws to try to curb the illegal ivory trade. scierldscott heidler are reports from bangkok. >> reporter: 150 tons, part of a month long amnesty program earlier in the year, under the country's new ivory act that started in january. african ivory is illegal in thailand so if people registered their goods they would not be charged. >> translator: thai people see elephants as sacred. this makes them believe that any ivory products are sacred also. that's why we couldn't go to the extreme now of curbing the illegal ivory trade but we started with registration. >> reporter: strayed of asian
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ivory is legal but it takes scientific equipment to tell difference. elephants and their ivory are not only sacred to thais. only asian male african elephants grow tusks. the demand is much larger than supply. free land is a nonprofit organization that works to expose and combat illegal wildlife trafficking. they feel there should be a total ban on ivory trading in thailand because it's so difficult to tell the difference and it's a trade that's booming. >> we're seeing this kind of growing demand in luxury items that are often wildlife products and often products from everyone dangered species. because they are endangered they're harder to get and hold a
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higher status. >> reporter: some feel it will reduce the slaughter of elephants. >> we don't know the story behind the ivory we buy. someone wants to sell it, we just buy it. we don't know if elephants were killed for their tusks. you can't blame the buyers. >> reporter: in the last three months, seven tons of african ivory was seized. activists people this is a step down the path to curb supply but some feel the supply will continue the find its way to those who believe prestige can be purchased. scott heidler, al jazeera bangkok. >> now people around the world are celebrating the first-ever international yoga day. hundreds gathered in malaysia's exam kuala lumpur to honor the ancient process.
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yoga day was proposed by india's prime minister narendra modi. he has taken part in the ceremony. more than 100,000 camps have been set up across india for people to take part but opposition parties are not impressed. >> translator: i or anyone else or the country's citizens practice yoga in their homes or parks. chances are some bjp leaders have taken this day as a marketing and advertising tool. in austria a man has rammed his car into a crowd of people. six of the 34 are in serious position. investigators have arrested the driver, they say he was distraught due to personal
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problems. in brazil, this tournament fans are hoping for a come back. tom ackerman reports. >> reporter: on a rainy pitch inrio, since brazil's drubbing on home turf last year their pride has suffered some damage. the mother of one boy sums it up. >> we are seeing it as a hangover from what happened in the world cup. we're watching but not that enthusiastic. >> reporter: in last week's coppa america club, kicked a ball at an opponent and tried a head-butt on another but brazil had already lost 1-0. but still these kids have faith. >> out of the entire team, only
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namar shoots towards the goal. brazil had five shots and four of them were from namar. >> like their idol who is the star of fc barcelona they turn their attention away from brazil's shores. >> brazilian kids, there are really good brazilian players and they watch those players much more than the brazilian team. >> reporter: the sentiment was similar at a nearby bar where the brazil ecuador match was shown. >> if it was brazil playing we wouldn't feel 15 fill 15 tables. >> tom ackerman al jazeera. >> now one of the word's top divers has run the red bull cliff diving world series once
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again. reining champion gary hunt has won all four events this year. his compatriot blake aldridge finished second and orlando duke claimed the third spot. a british army parachutist has had a lucky escape after his team mate caught him when a chute failed to open. performing at at an air show on friday when the chute failed to open. one captured the other before they crashed into a water. both were safe. >> i looked up the parachute wrapped around, pretty much straight away realized that is not exactly how we planned to did it. we always train for every
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conveniently. whenvenlt.eventchattel. eventuallyeventually. eventuality. >> that's it. go to for the headlines. her. >> i wanted to be seen and have people hear me. it wasn't easy, it motivated me to keep pushing. >> sara hoy with the man known as freeway, a hip-hop artist dedicated to act vis. and spreading an inspirational message. also tonight - from the grass rots.


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