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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  June 21, 2015 3:00am-3:31am EDT

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>> police in the u.s. investigate a possible link between a racist manifesto and a man accused of shooting nine people at a church. hello and welcome you're watching al jazeera i'm fauziah ibrahim. al jazeera calls for the release of its journalist arrested. implementing the mali accord
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may prove to be a challenge. and marking the first world yoga day but not everybody is at peace with the idea. a u.s. church which was the sight of a deadly deadly shooting is set to reopen later for services on sunday. it will be the first time when the services are eld held in emanuel africa episcopal methodist church. dylann roof was shown on a
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internet site to bes to deliver a manifest toe. manifesto. >> protests in the capital columncolumbia south carolina. civil war era and most recently the flag has been associatewith the ku klux klan the racist group here in the u.s. on sun this church is planning to reopen again for first time since this terrible shooting. it promises to be an emotional moment. you see signs and symbols harkening back to a much
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different time in u.s. history. he had to stay a picture of it. the confederate flag, long a symbol of racism, still flies as a memorial on the south carolina legislature. allegedly buy white man with racial grievances. the flag was used by the confederate army who fought to secede from the u.s. for among other things to keep slavery in the 1860s. it was adopted 50 white supremacist group the can ku klux klan. dylann roof also posed with it. >> i think it's despicable that we still have this flag flying on our state grounds. >> reporter: the flag can only be removed by the state legislature. supporters say that keeping the flag flying is about free speech and honors a part of american history.
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but the killings in charleston trigger the debate whether it is an appropriate symbol. >> i see disrespect, i see racism. >> reporter: on the other end of the capital, there is a monument honoring strom thurmond. he is seen as an official who blocked the blacks from using public facilities. here in the states there are additional statutes that call for additional punishments for crimes motivated by hate. here in south carolina, there is no hate crime legislation. it is part of a racially segregated past that still moves often. >> people who hate, people who have no real tie into humanity, they believe freedom of speech
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gives them a right to say anything and not account for it. and we have to change that. >> reporter: but other residents here say race relations have improved. >> i can't speak or the a black person. but we've been dealing here in our store for generations dealing with blacks and whites, together. and we've never seen anything that you know kindness. >> we shall overcome ♪ >> back at the scene of the crime, hopefully better understanding and end to any symbols that might prevent that. gabriel elizondo, al jazeera colombia, south carolina. german police say a warrant accuses ahmed mansour one of the world's most respected
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journalists must be released immediately. kim vanel has the story. >> german police say he has been accused of many crimes. mansour's arrest may be part of a secret deal paid during abdel fatah al-sisi's latest trip to germany. >> this is fabricated and it's too weak to succeed in bringing the german government into this. >> reporter: mansour's lawyer says. >> all he was doing is his job. he needs two leading programs on al jazeera. >> reporter: sisi has largely suppressdissent in egypt. arrested prosecuted and in some
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cases sentenced to death since former president mohammed morsi was.arrested. peter greste, baher mohamed and mohamed fahmy takes a retrial. release mansour. the acting director general said in a statement the crack down often journalists by egyptian authorities is well-known. our network as the arab world's most watched least of all those that respect freedom of the media as does germany. ahmed mansowr is one of the world's most respected journalists. in 2015 mansour was sentenced in absent ya, on charge of in 2011,
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mansour dfned the denied the charges against him. his supporters say his arrest is a worrying sign this president sisi is extending his crack down on dissent beyond egypt's borders. vaight. are victoria gatenby, al jazeera. >> the interior ministry says forces have taken control of the base, no security forces were killed. u.n. secretary-general ban ki-moon has welcomed an alliance between mali's government and the touareg rebels. the deal will be monitored by the international community
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including france, but it stopped short of getting the full autonomy the rebels had long been fighting for. now the people were affected by the conflict in mali will hope the peace deal lasts. many people are at risk of starvation. mohammed vall reports now from the nomads that aren't able to reach grazing land because of the fighting. >> a cow that can't stand up anymore doesn't have long to live. chances for survival for one of his last remaining cows. hen can't afford to buy fodder. there is no hay to graze on. two years without rain in this part of northern mali have killed his only source of living. a younger nomad is facing the
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challenge different. he troams land along with are roams thehe roams the land in search of grazing land. after each trip in the scorching heat of june, mohammed's wife puts up the family tent again. their children are hungry and thirsty and so are the young cows. they all have to wait for an expedition to try to find water. far down a well, water is found. a camel has to walk hundreds of meters to draw just one bucket. nearly half of the people of northern mali still live as livestock holders. they have been facing severe drought for years. born the brunt of the war between rebels seeking seeking seeking
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autonomy. >> the army there kills our people. there is no grass in mauritania. our animals are dying here. >> not far from here on the mauritanian side of the border, livestock herders face the is similar condition. used stock the last results for these mauritanian herders, they can't go there anymore for another reason which is the lack of security. instead it is malian herders who cross over into mauritania, knowing they can't find grass but at least security. mohammed vall al jazeera on the mali-mawrmawrmauritania border.
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>> you're watching al jazeera. a reminder now of our headlines. the fbi is investigating an online racist manifesto apparently written by the man accused of shooting nine in a charleston church. the church said church is said to
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open its doors for the first time on sunday. al jazeera is calling for the release of our colleague ahmed mansour. the government accuses him of several crimes. giving the rebels more rights but not full autonomy which they have been demanding. a group linked to i.s.i.l. sool, islamic state of iraq and the levant has claimed responsibility for bombing in sanaa yemen. southern city of ta'izz, hundreds of families have been displaced by the fighting there.
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u.n. sponsored talks in geneva clapped on friday. people in the iraqi city of tikrit have started to move home three months after government forces recaptured it from i.s.i.l. much of the city has been left in ruins. jane arraf reports. >> for displaced iraqi families there are few occasions to celebrate. this strip home was one of them. 200 families who found refuges in samara, have returned, first of whom officials hope will be a wave of residents. >> we don't want anything from the government except disabilities and peace of mind. >> reporter: tikrit is less than 50 kilometers from samarra but it's a journey that
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residents haven't been ability to make in over a year. there's been so much destruction that some people don't have homes to return to. for the rest, there's not much, except a roof over their heads. there are no shops. no bakeries. the jassam family is the only one on their block to return so far. they admit it's difficult. >> translator: we couldn't stay on the move forever. we spent an entire year not knowing where to go. the people of samarra embraced us but we need all the people in our neighborhood to return. >> city workers have restored electricity but tikrit needs a lot of expensive reconstruction. and no one is offering to pay for it. it's not just rebuilding of course. more than 3 million iraqis have been forced from their homes because of fighting. most of them won't return until they're assured i.s.i.l. won't
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come back again. the front line has shifted time and time again with i.s.i.l. retreating and returning. a ridge captured from i.s.i.l. last week, with so much equipment seized by i.s.i.l iraqis fashion their own materials. sending in nor advisors to train sunni recruits at a basis near anbar. not new to fighting, it's a different battle. >> translator: we fought in the old army then we fought al qaeda in 2006, 7 and 8 we were victorious and we smashed them completely because we had the initiative, the weapons and the support. nowadays i.s.i.l. is using
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armored vehicles and filling them with explosives so how can i fight them? >> reporter: fewer iraqis will be willing to take the chance of going home. jane arraf, al jazeera baghdad. the french has warned israel and the palestineians that the risk of setting the ass matter ablaze. trying opromote a french led peace initiative and fabi ufergs is set to meet israelis and palestinians on saturday. roads blocked at demonstrators marched through central london opposing austerity measures. neave barker has more. >> it's the biggest and boldest
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precisely the global banking system that these protestors blame. a system that is propped up by prime minister david cameron's government. >> there are people from every different cause people complaining over health and housing and education. we're saying we want an alternative. >> through the center of the city past downing street, here to the very greats of parliament. of -- very instigates of parliament. conservative party plans to introduce further spending cuts to pensions, public services and social welfare has enraged the country's left wing.
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greater austerity is needed to start britain living within its means. students, civil rights groups, celebrities, some of the many thousands of people that have gathered here in central london united by one key aim: an end to austerity. >> there is so much wealth in this country that is not being shared proportionally. more can be done by the rich. >> many here is saying the conservative country is creating a society driving a distance between the rich and poor. navy barker, al jazeera london. >> in france thousands have marched in support of greece ahead of monday's euro zone summit athens have failed to agree on a deal. last chances to keep greece from defaulting on its loans and
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possibly leaving the euro zone, greece has to repay 1.8 billion that it owes the international monetary fund by the end of the month. but it has to reach a deal with creditors for bailout funds to make that payment. nigeria's slide in oil revenues triggered a decline and now central bank is unable to stem the fall. ahmed idris has the story. >> aol another quiet day at one of africa's largest textile markets. a few months ago this man stepped out of his shop during a long walking day. these days he comes to the market late and leaves early. business at the market has dropped by more than a third he says. >> translator: many trade verse closed shop and i amershave
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disclosed shop. it's useless coming at the time market and i'm afraid many lives are being destroyed. >> reporter: and his problem is compounded because local manufacturers cannot produce enough. despite a $500 million intervention to revive text titletextileindustries. makes it difficult to compete. and the manufacturers say monitoring intervention is thought enough. >> it is not only the finances that we need. manufacturing is still below 20%. that is one. secondly the environment the
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business is not allowed. it is not really sufficient enough for made in nigeria product to compete with the chinese. you cannot compete with chinese without protection. >> reporter: which means that is mustmost traders rely on import, which is smuggled. local currency was devalued. in the face of stiff asian competition, manufacturers are asking for government protection. traders, on the other hand, want a quick proving up of the local currency, the nira, to make imports affordable. until such intervention happen manufacturers will be at the mercy of suppliers. mohammed idris, al jazeera.
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mers, total number of cases has claimed to 169 and so far 25 people have died. it's the biggest outbreak of mers since it was first discovered in saudi arabia three years ago. the number of deaths from tainted alcohol in the indian city of mumbai has risen to 94. funerals is been taking place for some of the victims. at least 48 people still are in hospital. ten are in very critical condition. police have made arrests for the poisoning. the worth in ad a decade. first ever yoga day the event was proposed by india's prime minister narendra modi. more than 100,000 camps have been set up across india for people to take part.
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fez jamil has the story. >> international yoga day the very first aside from the regular and the new practitioners, just as yoga is more than a bunch of complicated examiners, international yoga day is more than exercises. are owner others including minorities are worried yoga is promoting the hindu religion over their own. the government says today's events are not mandatory and is simply promoting a healthy lifestyle with tens of millions of people set to join in on yoga events throughout the world.
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people in malaysia's capital rm kualakuala lumpur, took part. hoping it would striking a pose in taiwan's capital taipei. world cup pakistan not known for its football skills bagging a bronze medal has changed the lives of the young team. but kamal haydar reports. >> after scoring a third on the world cup in brazil, the pakistani team has received
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owner attention karachi a city ridiculed by violence, it was the effort of the assad administration, to participate in the tournament in brazil. abdel rashad says he is hopeful the team will also do well in the upcoming norway cup as well. this is an example if street children can be rehabilitated. if the government is willing to help them out. >> translator: if the government supports these boys then i think they can prove to the world that they ask owner improve theircan improvetheir lives. >> none of these children have been held by the government at large. >> translator: some promises were fulfilled but many were
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not. we have received only apart of the money. >> reporter: these children have not just won a great victory for football but for street children of pakistan. >> pope francis has viewed the famous shroud of you're the tur turin. the head of the catholic church is also said to have visited is the homeless and prison inmates in turin. >> a man had a lucky escape when his team mate caught him mid air. northern region of cambria on friday. video shows one parachutist catching another before they landed in water. >> as soon as i made contact with wayne from the back, i saw
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the parachute wrapped around cnld wasn't exactlywasn't exactly how we planned to do it. we always plan for every eventuality. >> you can always get the latest on our website >> this is "techknow". a show about innovations that can change lives. >> the science of fighting a wild fire. >> we're going to explore the intersection of hardware and humanity but we are doing it in a unique way. this is a show about science by scientists. tonight "techknow" investigates climate change. >> i can really feel it


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