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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  June 27, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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>> we will be able to see change. >> i.s.i.l. says it was behind an attack on a tourist beach in tunisia - at least 38 are dead. hello from doha this is the world news from al jazeera. greece's big gamble. the prime minister puts a bailout deal to a referendum ahead of more crunch talks with e.u. members. the u.s. secretary of state is in austria with a deadline days away. ♪ amazing grace ...
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president obama leads the singing and calls for change at the funeral of a pastor shot dead at a black church. hello, i.s.i.l. islamic state of iraq and levant, claimed responsibility for friday's attack on foreign tourists in tunisia. 39 were killed in a resort town popular with european visitors the gunmen opened fire on a beach outside two hotels. his gun had been hidden inside a beach umbrella. people had been arrive at an airport. thousands of british visitors are being flown home. thomas cook started to evacuate its customers and arrived for a special plane. >> our travel agent, jet air, told us to come to belgium. it was mandatory for us to leave the country.
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>> i'm scared. i have seen the video and images. it was a shock. we were close to the tragedy. a few hotels away. >> and this is the scope the day or the attack on the hotel. very few tourists remain as you can imagine. security has been stepped up on the beaches which are pretty much deserted. the prime minister ordered 80 mosques to be closed down for inciting violence. >> we would like to emphasis that the war on terrorism is ongoing, and requires cooperation between all parties. it's not only the responsibility of our security forces and army but our national duty. we should unite to fight terror itch. >> lots to discuss with martin he's in the studio vice president of the consultancy group. let's start with the disclosure of 80 mosques, is it a knee-jerk reaction. what do you take of that. >> it's a necessary rehabilitation. they are being selective. with the switch to democracy and
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the democratic reform since 2011, it has given an opening for a lot of - more conservative, some would say radical imams in the mosques, putting out the message of extremism. first bardo in march, and governments made the decision that it had to. it will be selective, going at the mosques and the imams, where they feel the extremism is passed. >> we talk about the success of tunisia, as far as the arab spring goes. you see these hanks. -- things happening. does that cancel out the good with the good comes the bad? >> it doesn't cancel out the success. it's a success story. they had a peaceful change of government last fall. they had to have a balance, a strike between coming up with the government reforms that
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people want and providing security that the people demand. >> tunisia takes these actions itself. it will likely need outside help as well. what form do you think that comes in. if this is an i.s.i.l. attack and you think about the reaction to i.s.i.l. and other parts in syria and iraq what rehabilitation do we see here from the international community? >> probably what you will see is training offer of training the sale of weapons, police-type equipment that they could use. also, perhaps, a change with the police tactics going to more community policing where you are reaching out to the community and working with them not necessarily against them. as far as having foreign troops present in tunisia, i don't see that. >> that's a step too far at this stage. the problem tunisia has, you have tourists leaving. this is a big problem, an economy almost built on tourism. you don't want to shut the place down and scare people off.
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you have to be safe as well. i don't see how anyone wins in this situation at the moment - the tourists, the government, anyone. >> this is a strategic aim for i.s.i.s. they may not have coordinated the attacks, they put this out. tunisia is the birthplace for the arab spring. what a better way to make it go back to where it was. >> good to talk to you, talk to you later in the day. martin reardon talking to us. >> to other news. the greek prime minister wants voters to decide whether to accept a debt deal. next sunday they are expected to call for a no vote saying the companies imposed by creditorsers humiliating. months of talks failed to produce an agreement and the debt repayment deadline is days away. >> tomorrow with a letter i'll ask officially from the european union leaders and institutions an extension of the programme for a few days so the greek
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people can decide free of pressure and blackmail as the constitution of our country dictates and in the democratics tradition of europe. >> john joins us from athens. tell us about the question put to the greek people and why alexis tsipras is choosing to do this. >> as we understand it there'll be a yes or no question do you accept the plan or not. therefore that plan will be made public at some point today. parliament is convening at this hour, and for the next five hours will decide on how to put the question. five hours from now we hope to have the full wording of that referendum. we know that alexis tsipras said it was an ultimatum, what the creditors propose will add unbearable weight to the
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shoulders of the greek people and will undermine the recovery of the economy, by fuelling equality and called it humiliating austerity without end and asked the greeks to send a message of austerity. we know what side the debate the government stands on and that will have an effect on how the government votes. >> with the words you used. dig nit why and humility that's emotive. how does that go down with the people in greece. they don't want to be humiliated or want the country to fall apart economically, either. >> quite right. well, mr alexis tsipras, himself, enjoyed high approval ratings, the latest polls putting it over 60% across the board, which means he must pick up support from opposition voters as well because his party received 36% in january.
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i think that the mood generally on the streets is calm. people, i think, see it as a moment of clarity, and people have been wanting the opportunity to express themselves and reassert their sovereignty. for the last five months the fact is the feeling built up cumulatively that greece is being humiliated after a victory marking a departure from the policies of austerity followed in the last five years. greeks sensed that this message that they sent in jap was not heeded by -- in january was not heeded by creditors, but sense there was a neglect of that messages, and the sense of huge ill -- humiliation has been the greater. it's a welcome moment of clarity, catharsis. especially since greeks have been saying we'd rather have our
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sovereignty over the euro even though we'd like to remain in the euro. that's the sense i get from the streets. >> john is in athens. a day of mourning in kuwait after a suicide bomber killed 27 in a mosque. the government will wage an all-out confrontation with terrorism after a group linked to i.s.i.l. claimed responsibility. we have report from the scene of the explosion in kuwait city. >> reporter: at the imam mosque violence snuffed out lives of the faithful. a suicide attack during the muslim holy month of the ramadan shattered a society's sense of security, leaving dozens dead hundreds wounded. >> some pictures have been shown of the suicide coward that walked into the place of prayer today wearing the same robes that i'm wearing now.
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it's difficult to stop that type of activity. we are investing, or will be investing in metal detectors and the like. but even that can be overcome with, you know the use of different types of technologies. >> this is the third such attack of its kind within a rely dively secured -- relatively secured gulf nation. suicide bombers killed dozens of worshippers in saudi arabia on two fridays in may. now kuwait. an attack meant to show sectarianism in a country where sunni and shi'a co-exist harmoniously. the country's amir said the bombing violated islamic law and calls for continued national unity. a message reinforced by the country's cabinet. security officials have been placed on heightened alert and officials vowed to do what is
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necessary to ensure kuwait and kuwaitize are protected. reassurances taken to heart. >> by day's end a display of solidarity. shia and sunni, side by side in worship. praying, it would appear for peace. kurdish forces say they have pushed i.s.i.l. fighters from kobane. activists say battles are ongoing south of the syrian border town. a local kurdish media reporting 150 people have been killed since i.s.i.l. stormed the town on thursday. hostages were taken, i.s.i.l.'s attack coming five months after they were driven out of kobane by kurdish forces. >> this is fighting between i.s.i.l. and syrian government forces. activists say three suicide bombs exploded on friday killing 20 government soldiers. the town is coming under heavy
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bombardment from government jets. the u.n. estimates 60,000 flet the fighting so far. syrian rebels are making gains against government forces in deraa. activists say fighters are taking over cities. part of an offensive by 51 rebel groups to rest control of the city. activists say syrian jets have been dropping barrel bombs in the area in the news ahead, a filipino radio service broadcasting out of beijing, likely to face tough times in the months ahead. plus... >> the sounds and fury of a country enraged. honduras - thousands are marching call are for the president to resign.
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>> talking about big subjects. >> telling human stories. >> rising waters taking their toll... we go to the threatened marshall islands... to talk to the peole affected most
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top stories for you again on al jazeera. the tunisian government is dismissing i.s.i.l.'s claims that a group is behind the beach hotel. 38,000 were killed. the prime minister ordered the closure of 80 mosques for inciting violence. i.s.i.l. claiming for bombing a mosque in kuwait. 27 worshippers were killed. the government announced what it calls an all-out confrontation with terrorism the greek prime minister wants the people to died whether to accept a deal from debtors. we'll talk to vicky price, chief
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advisor at the center of economic and brisbane research. what do you think of a referendum. this is syriza saying party of the people how do you think it will go. >> it has been mooted for some time. it comes as a shock. make we thought we'd get a deal after the meeting today. i don't know what it will talk about about. i only discovered it myself at night. people were watching football matters in greece and it was interrupted for that statement. it was unexpected in terms of timing. is it a clever thing to do or not. we have to bear in mind that a similar thing happened back in 2011 when the leader wanted to
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have a referendum. and a technocratic government took over to create a bailout. it's a gamble. it's a worry. in the meantime we may have the banks getting into trouble, if the european central bank stops liquidity, and already, and i don't know if your correspondent mentioned that. people are finding it difficult to get money out of the banks. it's looking chaotic for the referendum. >> it may be a clever idea in the sense that the greek people feel empowered, and they are having a say. you flip it on the other side and say the e.c.b. and european union and i.m.f. will be wondering what will happen next they have to lock it down and get it sorted. >> absolutely there's a lot of uncertainty. the p.m. alexis tsipras will ask for a delay in making the
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1.6 billion that needs to be made on june 30th and an extent of the bailout so it can carry on for longer. if he gets that the bank may supply the cash that's out there. that greece needs. the interesting thing, of course is that the vote could go any way. either way. so we are not sure at present - people want to stay in the euro of course, but the initial reactions i'm getting from people i'm speaking to they are saying "we don't want our potentials to go up", we have the questions we'll be asked. we know what they are, but the way they'll be portrayed is one side you know wants more hardship, and we are offering less of it. the reality is both measures whether the break ones put forward or the european ones they differ in terms of where the cuts fall. there's austerity continuing measures whether we like it or not. it's not explained to the population.
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>> thank you for your talks. vicky pryce joining us from london the bombing of a mosque in kuwait city and we are live to our corporate there, day of morning, mohammed which is expected. what does the government do next? >> well, the government continues to reiterate that they will do whatever they need to do to protect the citizenry of this country. the shock of the attack will be hard for kuwaitis to get over. all the kuwaitis and other residents say they never could have imagined that something like this would have happened not during ramadan, not at a shia mosque and not on a friday. now, today, as you mentioned,
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it's a national day of mourning. there will be a funeral, a mass funeral held later today at the state mosque. and then there'll be prayers held for those that perished in that attack. there's speculation about whether there'll be more arrests, how many may have been arrested, we know from last night that several suspects linked to the attack were questioned. we don't have names or nationalities that have been released from the government. officials say that they are resolute, and one thing that they have been veriesing is that this is a united country, the people are unified in a resolve to get past this and this is a country where sunni and shia live and will continue to do so. >> the thing is the horrible realisation for the kuwaitis and you made the point that they are surprised that this would happen on a mosque at ramadan. it looks like we could be dealing with i.s.i.l. in which
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case all bets are off. >> yes. very quickly, after this attack i.s.i.l. took credit not just i.s.i.l. but a sell affiliated with i.s.i.l. now, this group says that they are based in saudi arabia they claimed responsibility not just for this attack on a shia mosque but two attacks that happened in the past month in saudi arabia on two conservative fridays, targetting shia mosques in that country's eastern province this is a group that is trying to sow sectarian discord. saudi arabia perhaps, because there had been attacks in the past, perhaps it is a more obvious tart for this kind of terrorism. kuwait - nobody could have anticipated this least of all the commentators security officials, that is why they were worried. they never would have thought kuwait would have been targeted. this is something making people question how long is the arm of
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i.s.i.l. in this region if they are able to plan out these attacks. we know that security has been heightened, not just on land the maritime borders. people are concerned that kuwait may be targeted. but as i said before the officials quick to come together in a show of solidarity yesterday you had sunni and shia praying together trying to show that they are not afraid they'll continue to support one another, showing the unity in the face of the attacks which officials labelled as terrorism. they say they know they are a target, they'll wage a war against terrorism here and are concerned that the attacks might happen again in the future. >> live in kau wight, mohammed jamjoom top officials meeting to
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thrash out a deal on the nuclear negotiations with iran. john kerry arrived on crushes following a bike accident. followed by iran's foreign minister. they want sanctions lifted. major world powers want to limit the ability to enrich you rain yup the u.s. supreme court declared same-sex couples have the right to marry in any state. the white house where are was lit up in the colours of the rainbow to mark the legalization. now 14 states will have to end bans on gay marriage. >> president obama son the hrnm "amazing grace" and paid tribute to those that died in the charleston shootings ♪ amazing grace ♪ ♪ how sweet the sound...
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>> reporter: he gave the eulogy for pastor clementa pinckney. and asked everyone not to accepted racial hatred and equality. >> once the yule anies have been -- eulogies have been delivered, once the tv cameras move on to go back to business as usual. that's what we so often do. to avoid uncomfortable truths about the prejudice this still infects our society. to settle for symbolic gestures without following up with the hard work of more lasting change. that's how we lose our way again. >> in honduras tens of thousands of anti-government protesters demanded president juan orlando hernandez step down calling for an international commission to investigate a widening corruption scandal.
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>> reporter: this slogan shouted through the capital, out with the president. tens of thousands marching. they say they are hoping to illuminate the darkness in a corrupt violence country. >> we are sick of all the corruption and sick of the president who did not win fairly. >> we want an international anticorruption commission here. they are the only ones that can put the house in order, because the government can't. >> the wave of marches began in the wake of a corruption scandal over the social security system. officials made off with hundreds of millions companies provided detective drugs. those linked to the scam donated money to the president 2013 campaign. 11 women died from taking tainted medicine. young, old, rich poor and even clergy out in the street protesting against the corruption here. >> regardless of the short-term
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impact of the protests in the long run it is clear that the nation can no longer tolerate corrupt politicians, criminals in control. >> the leaders of the most are on a hunger strike. apparently such a threat that dozens of soldiers have been called in to keep them reaching the presidential palace. they have been cordoned off from the public. they have drawn hondurans together in the streets, and power felt. earlier this month the vice president of the congress was charged with fraud and other crimes in the scandal. >> thousands of protesters here and the latest demonstration in a wave of protests going on for more than a month. it's the largest upheaval here in honduras since 2009. >> a movement with the president in its sites. whether they get their tart. the marches every week say the country will never be the same.
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>> in indonesia farmers are refusing to abandon their crops, despite the threat of a major eruption, mt sinabung has been active after erupting five years ago, before that it was dormant for 500 years. the philippines government is trying to stop china constructing artificial islands in. some filipinos in china want to see more friendly relations. >> translation: broadcasting from beijing in filipino. this service from china international is 50 years old but is facing challenging times. >> translation: it aims to bridge cultural divide among chinese and filipino people. and to enhance their friendship and mutual understanding.
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it might be the mission at cris editorial meetings but the divide between china and the philippines has never seen wider. china is shaking up the region by building islands in in disputed waters in the south china sea. along vital trade passages claimed, among others by the philippines. >> it's been over a year since the philippine government brought the maritime dispute for arbitration before an international tribunal. china refused to participate insists that it has indisputable rights over the waters. so far as china is concerned, the only way to work through the matter is to speak country to country without outside interference. filipino classes have been added to the curriculum at the beijing foreign studies university. a school known for creating diplomats and aims to development a course in philippine studies. >> reporter: to master the language of another country, you
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can understand the culture and communicate with locals. if there's a dispute. it will be easier to stop the problem if you speak the local language. when he's not at work at china radio, this man teaches his native marshall arts to students in beijing. doing his bit, he says for bilateral relations. >> this is not so pleasant yes. so focussing on the more cultural aspect is focussing on beautiful things of human life. if we only focus on the things we enjoy more the things that we could agree more then we can resolve the political differences. it's an optimistic perspective not shared by many. beyond the walls political relations fray. attempts at diplomatic communication flounder as mistrust grose, and out in the
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ocean china is still building islands in unconcerned about what its neighbours have to say. plenty more news online at all the headlines, the social media feed the indepth reports, get it when you want 24/7 at >> reporter: the supreme court didn't just rule narrowly that same sex couples have the right to marry but broadly. by a very slim margin. the majority said the 14th amendment require states to issue marriage licenses to same sex couples but the dissenting vote, it's just marriage now and


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