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tv   News  Al Jazeera  June 30, 2015 10:30am-11:01am EDT

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44, and with so few works, they are highly valued. organizers say it is unlikely so many of them will ever be gathered in one place again. and for all of the latest news analysis, and opinion pieces, you can always check out our website at greece is back at the negotiating table as the clock ticks down towards a huge payment to the imf, and possible default. >> we're just working and it's too early to make any judgments. working passed the deadline over iran's nuclear deadline. and new jersey's outspoken governor is announcing his presidential run, but will his political past be a detraction?
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♪ this is al jazeera america live from new york city. i'm stephanie sy. the greek government is in last-minute negotiations with its creditors with just about seven hours to go before it faces default on a nearly $2 billion debt payment. government officials proposed a two-year deal that covers financial needs and restructures its debt. the current deal to keep the country afloat expires tonight. the greek finance minister sayings their main goal is protecting the greek people. >> translator: the most important thing at this time is to secure with sobriety and harmony the right of the greek people to express themselves on the referendum. the that is our goal to allow
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the greek people to express their view. from monday we'll start the building of a vie l solution for the greek social economy. >> the greek prime minister and his party are pushing for a no vote. >> reporter: right now stephanie all eyes are on these last minute talks because greece is hours away from becoming the first developed economic to default on an imf repayment. the country has until just after 6:00 pm eastern time that's 1:00 am in athens to transfer the money to the imf. if greece fails to pay up the country will immediately lose access to the funds resources, and imf chief has already stated they won't be a grace period. which begs the question is the imf treating greece differently from other members? not really.
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as a rule the imfdoes not renegotiate payment schedules, it stretches the window slightly, and has done that for greece by allowing athens to rebound l all of its payments into that one lump sum tonight. they could be expelled from the european union, but that has only happened once in history. >> all right. this is a story i know you are going to stay on top of. puerto rico's government is said to approve a new budget one of the main questions how much to put towards the massive $73 billion debt. the island is unable to pay much of what it owes officials say. >> reporter: puerto rico has been in recession for close to a decade but it has to pay more
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than $70 billion of debt. the publicly run power company alone owes $9 billion, but the governor's admission that puerto rico stands on the edge of an economic death spiral has brought things to a head. the governor told the nation hard decisions will need to be made. >> translator: the only way we'll get out of this hole is if we join together as a country, and we are all willing to assume some of the shared sacrifices today, so tomorrow we can share the benefits of a growing economic. >> reporter: at the campus of the university of puerto rico students reacted angrily to the speech. many peel budget cuts will unfairly target them. >> the people that suffer is us. the students. the students that will follow us, that is the generation that will have to pay for all of the past consequences.
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>> reporter: but attempts to cut spending and restructure debt has so far failed. the sign behind me reads people before the debt but for puerto rico there is now no golden ticket what happens in the negotiations in the next days or months this island faces years of hard times. puerto rico is a territory of the united states. but it doesn't have the same status as other states and it has been made clear it won't get financial help from the mainland. >> there is no one that is contemplating a federal bailout of puerto rico but we remain committed to working with puerto rico and their leaders, as they address the serious financial challenges that are currently plaguing the commonwealth of puerto rico. >> reporter: legislators will now attempt to defer the debt and drastically cut spending. but deadlines are looming and
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time is running out. the u.s. and five world powers have some major obstacles to overcome before they can reach a deal with iran on its nuclear program. all sides say the self imposed deadline will not be met and talks will extend into july. the foreign minister is back in vienna for negotiations after returning from tehran. he said he thinks a final deal is possible. ali velshi has more. >> reporter: folks in tehran are coming around to the idea that there may not be an agreement on iran's nuclear future by the deadline med night tonight, 2:30 am tehran time wednesday morning, but it is all over the news. this newspaper, probably a more centrist newspaper, nuclear zero hour is the front page and i will tell you, having read this story, it's very much the same
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reporting that you are hearing elsewhere around the world, the logistics of the deal what is happening, the foreign minister having returned to tehran for consultations with high-ranking officials and gone back for discussions. a more conservative english newspaper, no reference whatsoever to the nuclear deals. there's actually a conversation about greece and itself deal but below the fold a small analysis article no particular news. iranians want the sanctions ended. they are less clear to me about who needs to do what to get the -- the -- the deal done and to get those sanctions lifted. they have told me about the suffering they have felt because of the sanctions, the lack of medication, the inability to raise foreign currency to buy goods from abroad and sell
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products across. i spoke to somebody who said up until a few years ago they were shipping a 40-foot shipping container of persian rugs to merck, and now that is not happening. there are restrictions on even what tourists can bring back from iran. there are parts you can't get for cars. you see a lot of cars that have been on the road for years and years and years and jerry rigged to fix them. you can buy these brands. they are very popular here in iran, but they are smuggled in. they are in on the gray market. iranians are used to them. iranians with money can get access to them but the economy has dropped, the currency has fallen inflation has risen, and as a result many iranians don't get to partake of luxuries or anything but the most basic necessities. so as far as they are concerned, they don't want to talk about the politics of it about who is
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to blame, and who needs to change they really want to talk about the fact they want sanctions lifted they want to trade with america, import the goods they need and export their own goods and services. they do believe this deadline is not going to be met by the end of today, that's the reporting we have sources coming out of vienna. but there is some expectation that this time maybe all of those groups will stick at it maybe for a few more hours or days, maybe even for a week but there is hope. cautious optimism that a deal will be achieved. president obama is posting his brazilian counterpart at the white house today. and as mike viqueira reports the two leaders hope to put an often icy past behind them. >> reporter: it's a high stakes visit by brazil's president. it came two years after she snubbed president obama in the wake of the scandal over nsa
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surveillance, not only of her personally, but throughout brazilian society. since then much has changed. brazil is going through tough economic times. there is scandal, involving the state-owned oil company where rousseff once served on the board of directors. so the leaders will be trying to move beyond past disagreements. and rousseff needs help her approval rating in brazil is at rock bottom. since arriving in the united states, rousseff has been in new york. after arriving in washington in the afternoon, she and president obama made a surprise visit to the martin luther king memorial. their meetings tuesday will focus on trade and investment and many will be looking for action on climate change. one focus, the rate of deforestation in the brazilian amazon. last night the two presidents had a private dinner at the
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white house. today bilateral meetings followed by a joint news conference. stephanie. >> mike viqueira thank you. we will bring you the news conference with president obama and rousseff live. a new jobs plan will expand pay for millions of americans. raising overtime. president obama says the move is, quote, good for workers who want fair pay and good for business owners who are already paying their employees what they deserve. the changes do not go into effect until 2016. president obama is expected to announce more details later this week. new jersey governor chris christie is announcing he is joining the presidential race. some teachers plan to protest outside his announcement over
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pay cuts. you are looking at that site live. our paul brennan looks at the controversies in style that so far has not held him back. >> a new jersey governor stands before you tonight. proud of my party, proud of my state, and proud of my country. >> reporter: that's chris christie delivering the keynote address at the 2012 national convention. at the time the honor was a mark of his popularity and power within the g.o.p. he is known for his combative style. >> you must be the thinnest skinned guy in america. >> reporter: and an infamous salty moment when he warned residents about hurricane sandy. >> get the hell out. it's 4:30, you have maximized
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your tan. get off of the beach. >> reporter: christie started here, and left the state to at trend college at the university of delaware where we met his future wife. he came back to attend seaton hall university law school. in 1995, christie ran for new jersey state assembly but lost. christie settled in as a lobbyist and campaigned for the bush family and served as a u.s. attorney for the state of new jersey appointed by president george w. bush. during that time he earned a reputation as a media savvy prosecutor. eventually he pursued the state's highest office and became governor of new jersey. >> hey, new jersey we did it. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: he took on teacher unions tax incentive programs and pension reforms. but his tangles became known far
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beyond the state's borders, he has often pointed out the ability to work with the state's democrats. and just before the 2012 presidential election he welcomed president obama to new jersey for a tour of areas ravaged by hurricane sandy. in 2013 he won reelection as governor but not without controversy. during his campaign, when two lanes of the george washington bridge were shut down it caused a massive traffic jam. prosecutors accused christie aids of orchestrating the traffic problems to punish the mayor of fort lee who did not endorse christie's candidacy. >> i had no knowledge of this of the planning execution or anything about it. and i first found out about it off it was over. >> reporter: the u.s. attorney in newark said his office would no longer bring charges in the
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case but still the controversy has taken a big political toll. two years ago, before bridge gate christie's popularity was at an all-time high now his ratings have plummeted to an all-time low. >> that's okay. what happens, though is each one of those people who write the obituary only have one vote. >> reporter: but key activists and donors say the governor who was once considered a presidential front runner has been hurt by the controversy and his outbursts. but he plans to head straight to new hampshire after his campaign announcement. >> the christie campaign sent out a blast email saying he is indeed running. he will bring you his live announcement in the next hour. the state department is releasing more of hillary clinton's emails today. they go beyond the initial 850 pages of emails released last
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month, those were linked to the 2012 attack on the u.s. diplomatic compound in libya. the state department says it will take at least until january of next year to review all of the emails. wildfires wage in washington state. more than two dozen homes already burned. and a measles outbraek leads california to push forward with new legislation. but it is a knee jerk reaction?
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♪ welcome back to al jazeera america. it is 10:48 eastern, taking a look at today's top stories. all 113 people on board an air force transfer plane are dead off it crashed in indonesia. the plane went down just two minutes after taking off. three people on the ground was also killed. the plane was carrying soldiers and their families.
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liberia is reporting a new death from ebola. the first since may. a 17 year old was infected not far from mon robia. more than 11,000 people died in the recent outbreak. and the two convicts who escaped from a new york prison were originally planning to head to mexico. they changed course after prison worker joyce mitchell failed to show up and gave them a ride. sweat was recaptured on sunday near the canadian border matt was killed by police last week. dangerous news for crews battling a growing wildfire that has already destroyed dozens of homes and buildings. >> 3,000 acres have already been scorched but crews will keep battling the flames.
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fire crews worked overnight in central washington. >> probably a 40, 50-foot wall of flame. >> reporter: about two dozens homes were swallowed by flames in the hillsides around town. >> embers were going from one house to another catching the roofs on fire. >> reporter: in the light of day you can see some of the damage. this burning warehouse sending black clouds into the air. >> the fire hit the outside of the subdivision, and that's when it was -- what we would classify as a fire storm. >> reporter: what started as a simple brush fire exploded over the weekend. rainfall provided relief on monday, but high temperatures and winds kept some areas burning. across the west nearly 75
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wildfires are burning from alaska to arizona. investigators in washington state are still searching for the cause of the wildfire. several firefighters have suffered minor injuries. a controversial vaccination bill is sitting on the california governor'sest desk this morning. it would make vaccinations a requirement by eliminating exemptions based on personal or religious beliefs. earlier i spoke with a doctor who says the bill is necessary for public health. >> i think what we're really dealing with is the culture war. vaccines are safe and effective, the benefits of vaccinating far, far outweigh the risk. but where things get controversial are the cultural political, economic implicationsover that science. >> should that be taken into account? >> absolutely.
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absolutely. and this is a debate between personal freedom versus public health. we have restrictions on personal freedoms, for example, drunk driving, and when there is an implication for the safety and lives of others i think we do need to step in. >> the bill was introduced after a measles outbreak linked to disneyland that made 150 people sick. they have been accused of leaving students in debt and without an education. but some lawmakers are still defendings for profit colleges.
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♪ allegations against for-profit colleges are piling up, so has the debt for many students who say their degrees are worthless. now the government is taking steps, but many say it should be doing more. michael shure reports. >> reporter: turns out they have friends in high places. >> we are corinthian colleges. >> reporter: the senator is talking about for-profit colleges, an industry he and
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others say is rife with fraud. >> they overcharge. students get so deeply in debt they drop out, or get worthless diplomas and can't get a job. >> reporter: he says it's an epidemic of fraud and deception. >> 10% of high school graduates go to for-profit schools. 20% of all of the federal aid to education goes to those schools. they charge so much tuition. 44% of all the student-loan defaults in america are students from for-profit schools. >> reporter: vivica novak is from the center for responsible politics. >> a lot of people think lobbying money is spent to get action. as often as not it is spent to stop action to stop negative action against the industry and i think that's what you are saying in this case. >> they have taken federal pell grants and instead of subsy
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subsidizing students education, they have taken the money to make the shareholders rich. the reason this will be difficult to get anything done is because of the influence of financial contributions by these people to both democrats and republicans at outrageously large levels. >> $43 million can buy a lot. >> reporter: the biggest chunk of those $43 million has gone to minnesota republican john cline, chairman of the house committee on education and the work force. he has received more than $400,000 from the industry over the courseover his career. >> that's a lot for one industry to give a member of congress especially an industry as small as this industry is. >> reporter: we asked representative cline how he felt of being the biggest recipient of this money.
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>> i don't sit there and try to evaluate, how much money did i get from this sector or that sector. that's not how it works. >> reporter: is giving money back an option? until now members of congress like john cline have stood behind those schools, but senator durban says change may come soon. >> we send $600 million in student loans to corinthian after we knew they were failing. we let them sign up new students after he knew this was a failing corporation, and now these kids are stuck with the loans and dhet, and we're stuck explaining why we continued to funnel money there. >> reporter: and more than 1.3 million students are paying attention as well. michael shure, al jazeera, washington. a preliminary deal to get rid of data roaming charges across the european union. it is set to happen by 2017.
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it will require most internet traffic equally. but will allow companies to block phones in some cases, such as to counter terrorist attacks. a leap second will be added to clocks at midnight tonight. last time it happened in 2012, several companies crashed. a clash of soccer titans tonight in canada. team usa faces off in the women's world cup. >> reporter: you see it so often in sports a semifinal matchup that seems sure to outclass whichever matchup materializes in the championship finals. that's the scenario that seems destine to carry out tonight when team usa takes to the pitch against top-ranked germany.
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at steak the right to advance to the 2015 women's world cup finals. this is not unfamiliar territory for either of these squads. with two wins apiece both sides have won four of the six word cup titles since this competition began in 1991. tonight it will be strength directly against strength. germany brings high-powered offense, team usa brings lockdown defense, having given up only one goal in the world cup so far. third baseman usa goalkeeper has got an american world cup record 423 minutes without giving up a single goal. she'll certainly be someone to watch tonight. kickoff is 7:00 pm i'll have reports throughout the evening from here in montreal here on al jazeera. back to you. thanks for watching. i'm stephanie sy we're back next
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hour with chris christy's presidential announcement live from new jersey. ♪ >> announcer: this is al jazeera. ♪ welcome to the news hour live from al jazeera's headquarters in doha. coming up in the program, more than a hundred people are killed after a military plane crashes in indonesia. egypt's president promises a major crackdown one day after the chief prosecutor is assassinated. and a meeting to discuss a last-minute gre