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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  August 8, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm EDT

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ing. oo a consequence ever a high profile military modernization programme. despite the money spent, conditions for serving soldiers are perilous. last month, 23 young men died when a section of barracks collapsed. in the middle of the night. this is a militaristic country that reveres the service of soldiers past. a respect it doesn't seem to be giving for some serving now. i'm erica pitzi in new york. the news continues next with del walters good evening, this is al jazeera america, and i'm del walters in new york with a look at the top stories. we go back to ferguson, missouri a year after an unarmed black teen was shot and killed by a white police officer. >> what i say is what i say. and honestly if you don't like
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it i'm sorry a new focus on the republican party and women with donald trump smack dab in the middle. >> it will affect about 175,000 vehicles and that is stunning. a record number of autos recalled last year more than 74 million. tonight we take a deeper look at your risk on the road. typhoon souderor downgraded but packing a punch. we begin tonight in ferguson, missouri. a year ago tomorrow michael brown, the unarmed black teen shot and killed by a white police officer sparking a nation-wide debate on how the minority are treated by police.
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it became the epicentre of a conversation on race and race relations. diane eastabrook joins us live tonight with a look at how the city is reacting a year later. evening. >> hi as you remember ferguson erupted in chaos last year and went on for months after michael brown was killed. slowly the community is healing. today is a day to remember michael brown and what his death was remembered. >> at a makeshift memorial. there were proirs. >> and proud words from a still-grieving father. >> my son is a legend. everybody knows that he was done wrong. it's difficult out there. i'm just standing up for what is right for my boy.
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[ chanting ] >> reporter: demonstrators set out through the streets remembering the teen whose death last year from a police officers bullet sparked national debate over race. >> i'm worried about all of us. it's not a white or black thing. >> i'm from ohio but go to school in michigan. >> reporter: what took you down here? >> trying to change the world. i didn't want to be anywhere else for the memoriam it didn't seem right. >> the parade was peaceful even though some protesters chanted insults at police. others reached out top great them. this weekend is about more than remembering michael brown. the event organizers say it's about improving the lives of all african-americans. >> what industry are you interested in right now? >> the city sponsored job fair
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is aimed at training and for those looking for jobs. a lack of opportunity sparked most of the rage after the shooting last year. >> 27-year-old unemployed father headed to a booth sponsored by a health care facilities hoping to land a job paying more than minimum wage. >> the department provides a vehicle to get out of the situation and circumstance. to secure the home environment, the family unit. >> brown's death a year ago ripped ferguson apart. the community hopes it will bring it together. tomorrow there'll be a march through ferguson it will begin with a moment of silence at the time diane eastabrook in ferguson, missouri. thank you. earlier this evening, we talked to patricia bynes, a democratic
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congresswoman about what holds for the city. here is what she said. >> i think that to make it through the wnd we have celebrations and protests about our plan and panels. the future, i think, looks bright when those two care about the future, want to get active and involved. you have various activist groups planning things this weekend, but also the city of ferguson is planning something. so it depends on how engaged the community wants to be, and we can't get tired, we have to keep going. we think that change is hopefully around the corner. one longstanding complaint about ferguson deals with how minorities say they are singled out for petty crimes. we look at the courts later. >> a police officer in texas is on administrative leave after killing a well-known football player, at at car dealership in
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arlington. witnesses say the man crashed through the showroom window. there was a fight between the officers and suspect. officer shot christian taylor killing him. the officer brad miller is placed an administrative leave. he's with the arlington police department donald trump is in the news uninvited from the red convention following commentators of the debate moderate jor, megan kelly. she pressed about his treatment of women, trump said when she questioned coming there was blood coming out of her eyes and whatever. conservatives distanced themselves from trump. >> i'm already in trouble with donald trump, i can't be in trouble with the wife. >> tell you what my friend from the side of women, i'll take your side of that. >> thank you, i appreciate it.
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come on. give me a break. do we want to win. do we want to insult 50% of voters, what trufrl donald trump said was wrong much after that rescinded the invitation and invited megan kelly to speak paige is the political leader had the the houpt -- huffington post. drama at a sanders meeting. >> if you do not listen to her, you are shut down right now. right now a handful of protesters from "black lives matter", storming the stage at a rally in west lake. sanders allowed him to speak, but he eventually left without speaking to the crowd. he's in portland and los angeles this weekend it's been a year since air strikes against i.s.i.l. this
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iraq. there's 3,000 troops on the ground to train iraqi forsers. $2.4 million, 9 million a day secretary of state john kerry is in vietnam, meeting with the deputy prime minister and foreign minister of that country to talk about relations between those two counties and regional issues as well. they called on china to halt a land reclamation programme in the south china sea until disputes are resolved legally. improving human rights will lead to deeper ties in the u.s. and vietnam. >> is there room for improvement, yes. profoundly so. we'll continue to urge vietnam to reform certain laws that make the news to arrest or convict somebody for expressing a peaceful point of view. that is something that we
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believe should not occur. >> gordon chang is a contributor to "" and joins us. thank you for being with us. can you explain the strange bed fellows between the u.s. and vietnam, vietnam key to the president of asia. >> the united states and vietnam would have had reconciliation anyway it wouldn't be this fast or steep were it not for china. china, as with the provocative as sort of created a coalition against it from india in the south all the way up to japan in the north. and basically vietnam is looking for big power sponsors. they've had a great relationship with india and wants a better relationship with the united states. >> is there an indication that all of this captured the attention of beijing?
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i am sure beijing watches everything closely, not only would the chinese be looking at kerry's visit to hanoi, they would have seen a visit from the generatery to washington. this is a meeting that broke protocol because the general secretary has no government post, but had a meeting with president obama in the oval office. the chinese would have noticed that the united states was willing, really to go beyond diplomatic niceties and establish a relationship with vietnam and have the meeting. the chinese have got to be concerned. hanoi and washington are going to work closely together. >> secretary kerry says the human rights situation in many. countries that the united states is reaching out to or embracing are improving. is he painting a rosey picture of things?
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>> he certainly is painting a rosey picture when it comes to burm a which is a big pivot to asia working with governments that we have issues with on the human rights front. we've been willing to do that to take down sanctions, i am sure the vietnamese have seen that. this is a part of the united states working with countries in the region especially countries reaching out to washington as vietnam has done. there's no country in asia that stands to gain more from working with others than vietnam. vietnam is the one most threatened by china. >> i'm curious it took decades before we realized the fruits of china and others. how will history records the proportion of obama. >> i think it probably will view it quite well. apart from china, there has been
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this issue of secretary kerry talked about building on and the next part of that is developing a long term partnership. >> everybody acknowledges that the country gains the most from the establishment of the training block. they'll export to the united states japan, canada and bring vietnam into the region in a way that it hasn't before. this will be important, i think, for hanoi, and so i think the united states out reach will be viewed favourably doing something everyone in the region wants. >> on a personal note what does this say about secretary kerrry he was a soldiers in the war with vietnam, and they were vietnamese? >> well i think that it's
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important. the interesting thing is going to be john mccain who paved the way for reconciliation between anhoy and washington. >> thank you for being with us there are new questions tonight about the safety of the cars and trucks you drive. >> actually it affects 175,000 vehicles and that is stunning. that is the largest number of vehicles that have been subject to a buy-back programme. >> next we'll take a look at the record number of vehicles recalled by the world's largest automakers. we'll be joined by the safety experts. she is known as a car coach. we'll be right back.
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it is saturday night and time to take a deeper look at your car. how safe is it. do you have a recall notice sitting in four mailbox that could saviour life.
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there were 74.2 million vehicles recalled in 2014. that is a number that occurred this year alone, added to that, 35.4 in the list. bottom line - one of the cars or trucks belonged to you. a bad radio or something dangerous. bisi onile-ere with coverage from mo town car-makers and the government are at odds. chrysler is fined $1.5 million for failing to address safety defects in some vehicles. it's the largest sill penalty imposed by regulators. 23 safety recalls affecting more than 11 million vehicles prompted the fine. the highway traffic administration says they admitted to violating federal rules requiring recalls to owners dealers. fiat chrysler agreed to take
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action to get them off the roads or repaired which requires them to buy back some of their own vehicles. this is an auto reporter. >> the buy-back involves over 500,000 vehicles. it will affect 175,000 vehicles and that is stunning. that is the largest amount of vehicles that have ever been subject to a buy-back programme that nicea has been imposing. fiat could find itself in the hot seat. it was revealed the automaker could impose a flaw in more than 1 million vehicles. it allowed hackers to seize control. fiat chrysler is not the only auto maker to be find.
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in may mitt sea fined general motors $35 million for failing to report defects leading to recalls. in 2010 and 2012, the agency levelied two multi-million fines aobtains toyota 64 million vehicles were recall that's a record in more than double the record set over 10 years ago. some want to go further in order to make sure automakers follow through. making sure that the issue does not remain on the road. >> this is part of a group of lawmakers calling for more legislation of car recalls. >> the prop is that n.h.t.s.a., a federal agency it doesn't have a lot of power to implement recalls. one of the parts of the legislation is to say that if
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there's an imminent hazard to people, they would have the right to do a recall right away. >> reporter: they explain how the recall separates now. >> as soon as or quickly after the automaker nose it has a safety problem, it's obligated by law to inform nitsa and initiate a recall. once it does that it will be obligated to send notices outs in the mail to owners informing them when dealers - that they can take their car to a dealer and get it fixed for free. that's the ideal situation. customer complains may have an impact. >> nitsa will monitor the industry and collect complaints from customers. if it gets enough complaints one is not going to do it. if they get enough and see a
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trend on a particular vehicle or issue with a vehicle, they'll launch on investigation, and they will then research it and determine and mandate a recall. >> despite the recalls, it had not affected all sales, 16.5 million vehicles were sold. the industry hasn't seen figures that high since before the 2006 recession. nitsa's fine impacted the bottom line the automakers provisions falling 3% last quarter clarence ditlow heads the center for auto safety and joins us from washington d.c. and also our guest from lancaster new york. when we first met in the 1990s, a recall was issued, and auto
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makers jumped. is that still the case? >> unfortunately it's not. automakers slacked off as government regulators slacked off and vehicles have gotten complex to the extent the government doesn't understand how they work. it's only been in the last few years that the government woke up to the fact that there are defects in vehicles that are killing americans, they have imposed fines and we'll continue to see this for the foreseeable future. >> i ask you the same question. are automakers i guess, not concerned about recalls that we are hearing about? >> they are very concerned. they want people in safe cars, they want retention, and want them to come back and love the brand. we are talking about new technologies coming into play as well as old technologies. this is where the recalls are coming in sometimes they are not reacting as quickly as they
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should. needs is nitsa. they are far from equal to blame. we want have had the problem with air bags ignition switches and unintentional acceleration. >> you and i go back to the '90s, and the issues were air backs, why are we still having air bag issues in 2015? >> we are having them because the government didn't spot the government quickly enough. in addition the manufacture simply can sell the defects from the government and because the systems are complex, they didn't get to the bottom of it until with the g.m. ignition switch there were 124 people killed. >> it took a decade for g.m. to acknowledge that that many people died and the problem was that deep. in the decade the united states bailed out some of the autostrip. is there a problem with the fact
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that in this case politics make strange bedfellows. >> politics do make strange bedfellows. when they bailed out general motors the ignition switch problem was in play. people in the organization were aware of it. some had been let go some are there. the documentation was shovelled around. unfortunately, people in n.h.t.s.a. saw that there was a trend, brought to some of the executives and it was put into a desk draw. we still hear that the government wants to dig a little deeper. >> is there actuarial liability coming into play. in other words are car-makers involved. >> unfortunately, for far too lodge, it's cheaper to stone
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wall than to recall. if you wait out the government you don't get a recall. you see millions of dollars. and losses are hard to bring, hard to prove. they will pay off a few people who are persistent. what we were seeing now is with the toyota fine of $1.2 million by the justice department. chrysler fined $105 million. n.h.t.s.a. the calculus is changing. we hope that it will change to the extent that it will be cheaper to recall than to stone wall. let's fix the vehicles and let the auto companies go on and sell as many cars as they can, but they have to be safe cars. >> with the percentage of cars rolling off the assembly line how many would be problem free.
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give me a percentage. >> that's a good question. you don't know. a manufacturer produces a new brand and model and update. and spects is to be free of problems. sadly we can't control the electrical problems every model that you never saw before is going to have a glitch. and some may have recalls, and it's up to you as a consumer that when you do get the recall notice tore the tactical service bolt that you don't wait you go and get the vehicle fixed immediately. most people don't. it goes all the way back to ignition switches air bags and everything that we talked about. you'll see that the rate is low. a role that the government would love every vehicle to have an ignition switch replacement. the problem is you can't reach everyone because not everyone
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watches television listens to the radio or checks it on the internet. >> i want to look at an issue that car manufacturers are dealing with. they were able to take control of a jeep a chrysler and drive d off the road from remote locations. allen schauffler explains how it happ. >> i'm allen schauffler i bought the car. it's a mod irn vehicle, it does a lot more than get me from here to there. it talks to me gives me entertainment, helps me navigate a course tells me when i'm too close to the kerb or keep me between the lines on the highway. i don't have to keep my hands on the wheel. my wife and i named it hal. open the pod bay doors, hal. >> sorry, dave i'm afraid i can't do that. >> named for that hal, the flat-talking computer in space
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odyssey. my hal, in hal is a 2014 jeep cher okayee, imagine my delight when i found out come future security experts were able to hack in and control from their basement. they changed the channel on the radio, turn the car off, release the breaks fun stuff like that. here i am driving around seattle in the same model of car that they were able to hack into on the same day i'm going to interview people at the company that employs the hackers. we'll find out they do a lot more than expose vulnerability in cars security in all kinds of other every day household products. >> i don't know if cars have cash raters but i know they have computers. are they making the cars safer or more annoys. ing. seems every time i pull out my
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driveway a light comes on. computers and cars are being made safer, they are behind the air bags crash avoidance, the problem with computers is just like your computer at home and credit card it can be hacked and we need to step up things for computers and cards, to step up prevention ape gains being hacked and increase reliability. now the government has almost no electronic capability to paying sure we are getting safe computers, making them as safe as we can be. >> are you convinced they have a handle on it hearing about general services administration hacked employees information hacked. the pentagon being hacked. now we hear about the car being hacked. how concerned should we be about the car being hacked? >> i'd like to qualify when you
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are talking about a past vehicle that is hacked usually it's because vehicles have wi-fi, and a you connect system specific to the jeep that they were referencing. that is because they have wi-fi, and there are passwords like home wi-fi, if you have the password as 1, 2, 3 or password. if you change it from the vehicle when you get it which should be in the owner's manual manual - a book no one reads in the glove box - you can create a fire wall if you do that. when you hack in through the wi-fi, it's through the audio system. you may change a station or turn the volume up or down but it will not change the volume of the vehicle. when you look to do something intentional, you have to find a vehicle like an ip address on your home wi-fi. i'll say there's a consortium of all the manufacturers.
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domestic have their own, other countries and manufacturers, and nada is working with them to create fire walls so there's not the same technology it doesn't make it easier for the people to repair it but it's easier to protect consumers. >> let me ask you this - is the system too complex. it's a generation that have the flashing 12 on the vcr. the government website wants the consumer to do all the work from the vein number a sharp contrast when it comes to some cars ads are all over the place. should the government urge audio makers to advertise recalls just as much as selling the car. >> absolutely. i'll give you an example of how far behind the consumer is. we may have keyless fobs. many consumers by - they are
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hard wired, it works like the old mechanical key. it doesn't. consumers are walking out with their car, leaving the cars on. we really - you can't educate every consumer we have to make the cars more compatible with the consumers. >> what about car rentals, are they safe. i'll ask you? >> i do know for a fact now, senator blumenthal and markey put up legislation wanting to make sure all the rental cars are checked. i rented a car and had a choice of a vehicle i didn't want to rent because i knew about the air bags. so with that thought i went with a hyundai. and this model did not have a recall. it made me feel comfortable. i'll tell you how many people get these vehicles. that concerned me. i uned that rental car companies
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are really about making revenue. each vehicle bringing revenue, and they don't want it in the shop. it's our safety. this is a time where i backed this legislation. they shouldn't sell cars that aren't repaired. you are putting drivers on the risk. one. things that changed is nowadays a lot of people sell their own cars. are they responsible for problems with the call recall notices, if they are ignored and are they legally liable. >> well unfortunately, the law is not clear in that area. what we want to see is before any car sale can go through or before you get it registered you have to do a check, on any outstanding recall and you can't register the vehicle unless the recall has been done clarence joining us from wash d.c. and lauren from new york. thank you for being with us. >> thank you. >> thank you
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it is no secret - the republican party has problems with women. >> up call women you don't like fat pigs dogs slobs and disgusting animals. your twitter account... >> only rosie o'donnell. >> next we talk about the uneasy relationship between the g.o.p. and american women. watch this. >> when you look at what's happened in light of this that's not justice. >> shock and anger in colorado after james holmes is sentenced to life instead of getting the death penaltiesy. >> and typhoon soudelor made three down falls a lot of flooding is going on and we'll update you on the heat across the united states. more of that after this. after this.
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look at these images one the active volcanos it erupted sending ash and smoke 10,000 feats into the air. so far no evacuations have been ordered. an emergency landing in denver after a plane was caught in a hailstorm, the delta jet windshield and nose cone was damaged. it was on its way to boston from salt lake city. passengers said they were holding hands and crying. the f.a.a. is looking into the distance tif soon soudelor will make land fall in china. six people were killed more than 100 hurt. winds clocked up to 125 miles per hour. millions are without electricity. the storm weakened but it's the most powerful typhoon this year. kevin corriveau has been tracking this stom. it was a monster on the
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satellite. >> it was. we were tracking this for a while, developing in the pacific and it crossed over taiwan and made land fall. three countries there. this was an image of the typhoon before it made landfall. it domed more before landfall. it was a powerful category 3 at that time. what we are looking out now is heavy rain across china, i want to show you the video and go back to video that has come in from taiwan the destruction that we have seen. do we have the video. a lot of the flooding in this region we have seen storm surge along the eastern coast, anywhere up to 20 feet high in some locations. as dell said the power is out. 4 million people across the country. in terms of rescues, many people are to be rescued across the
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country, we talked about flash flooding across the area. we saw 5 to 5.5 feet of rain in certain areas, that meant some people had 10-12 feet of flush flooding across the region we are looking at better conditions across parts of taiwan and the rain totals - this will cap it out. about 51 inches of rain. when it's funnelled, we'll see a bit of flash flooding there. now the problem is heavy rain across much of south-eastern china, we are talking about a tropical storm. it still has a bit of rain in it. for parts of the united states it will be the heat here across. we are looking at warm temperatures look at this. dallas 100 degrees. the heat index 108. >> i was in austin last week it is hot. >> in denver they are reacting
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to james holmes sentence. he could have been given the death sentence for opening fire in the theatre center. courtney kealy explained the decision angering many and the victim's family. >> at the point where we knew one was a hold out we ended the deliberations because that person was solidly in favour of life sentence. >> reporter: juror 17 explains how the lock up of votes lead to life sentence. for james holmes. >> is that what we want. if you think of a crime big enough, evil enough heinous we'll give you life. >> reporter: an angry prosecutor says it demands a death sentence. >> who in their right mind concedes killing hundreds of people and go and act. especially after detailed planning. that in and of itself invites some discussion ever mental
8:40 pm
health. anyone that does something like this is not eligible for death, is that the standard we want. >> reporter: the jury of five men and three women refused to send james holmes to death for the murder of 12 in a colorado movie theatre. holmes' mother had pleaded with the jury to spare his life. >> i understand he has a serious mental illness. he didn't ask for that. schizophrenia chose him. he didn't choose it. i love my son. we, the jury, do not have a final sentencing verdict on this count, and we the jury understand that as a result the court will impose a sentence of life imprisonment with without the possibility of parol on this count. >> reporter: several families of the victims remain out raged. >> at least one juror who did not vote for the death penalty is going to give colorado a very ugly face. >> our lives are forever altered
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and the thought that this monster gets to have visitation with his parents, and gets to receive mail and pictures of the his strange girls is very hard to accept also tonight - donald trump has been uninvited from a conservative convention in atlanta, following comments about fox news anchor megan kelly, some suggesting it raises questions about the g.o.p. and women. erica pitzi has more. >> reporter: donald trump continued to take aim at fox's host meg job kelly. >> i don't have a lot of respect for megan kelly, she's a light weight. she started to ask ridiculous you u louse questions. you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes
8:42 pm
wherever. >> the republican front runner was to give a keynote at but the head of that organization said the comments crossed the line. >> if you haven't heard, i disinvited donald trump. after all of this was over mr trump went on twitter saying i was a weak pathetic leader which is okay. i think it's weak and pathetic to take a tough question from a journalist and assume she had her period and that's why she askeded a tough question. >> she pressed donald trump about comments he made. you call women you don't like fat pigs dogs slobs. >> donald trump wrote: speaking at the
8:43 pm
he said comments that like hurt the party. >> come on do we want to win, instalment 53% of voters. what donald trump said is wrong, that's not how we win elections with a republican controlled congress threatening to cut funding, there's claims that the republican is waging wars on women, a label many want to avoid especially stins they may face a come on on the republican side. the only female former c.e.o. of hewlett packard had a strong showing. >> whatever your issue, cause, festering problem you hoped to be resolved the political cas failed you, that's a fact. that's what donald trump fans into. >> paige is editor at "huffington post", thank you for
8:44 pm
being with us. if donald trump were a playground bully, and he were taking aim at a woman on the playground are you convinced republican candidates would come to her aid? >> it is great to see after the remarks made about megan kelly, you see a lot of other g.o.p. candidates distancing himself. >> he didn't do so on the stage. >> you're right. they didn't on the stage. it's one thing to start with megan kelly, when you have a truly offense ef man, at the siment they say they'll -- offensive man, at the same time saying they'll slash funding to planned parenthood and making comments that don't seem to show that they have the welfare of people at their interests. >> is there a war on women? >> it's disheartening the way they talk about planned
8:45 pm
parenthood funding, equal pay, you know and carley - she is doing a little better now in the primary than she was, that's because she had a strong showing in the happy hour debate. i don't think it's because she's a woman, people are looking for a strong candidate. i don't think her doing well means that the g.o.p. is lightening up. i think that's a thing. >> let me push back on that and ask the question this way, how does a republican candidate opposed to abortion speak out on funding for planned parenthood without being branded as being antiwoman. >> i don't know if there's a way for them to do that honestly. it's not just about abortion and a lot of people make them seem that way, and abortion is a small percentage of what is offered. they offer a lot of breast
8:46 pm
cancer treatment and birth control can be used. so really it comes down to that making the arguments about the one issue. generally when they see things like planned parenthood it does a lot more damage to women. it's a little disheartening to go against things that would help half the voting population. >> after the last general election the g.o.p. said it needed to do something, change its image, it said it was a party of angry old men, looking up at the line of the debate. all male an hispanic and the front runner denounced by women and hispanics. >> after the 2012 election the r.n.c. p came out with the g.o.p. autopsy, where we had to admit to some things appeal to a broader set of voters.
8:47 pm
it didn't seem a lot changed. comments against women and trumps comments about mexican immigrants - he obviously was the sole person with that belief. i don't think that most of the republican party believes that mexican immigrants are racist. they damage the party as a whole. they could do a little more damage control than they have been. >> we have 30 seconds left. why should women vote republican. >> you know it's more than just social issues it's more than planned parenthood and a lot of people are fiscally conservative and may want to vote for those reasons. i can't say why people would, one way or the other. we have a lot of stuff, but it's part of the go candidate. it's yet to be seen what women will do. >> women point out that pocket books matter. paige lavender politics editor of "huffington post", thank you next a year after the riots
8:48 pm
in ferguson, missouri, there's a spotlight on the courts the judicial system. instead of giving out tickets unfairly. >> oh rsh, my gosh. a lot. all mixed together. i want to say about 50. >> we'll take a look at the court system a year later. year later. . >> hi i'm a resident of ferguson i realized that i was living in a bubble where i hadn't stretched myself to meet other neighbours or people within the community. i'm hopeful that we can stay strong as a community and keep
8:49 pm
that going so we can continue to reach out. i want people to know that we are a regular community like others, there are issues that need to be addressed, but it's more of a regional issue, with ferguson getting so much attention, it caused hardship in businesses and in people that wanted to move here to thing the community is made up of people that don't love and care about the community. that's not true. we honestly do. honestly do.
8:50 pm
>> oscar winner alex gibney's
8:51 pm
back to ferguson. it's been almost a year since the unrest following the shooting death of michael brown. [ chanting ] hundreds marching in the
8:52 pm
streets of ferguson there to commemorate the police shooting of brown, the unarmed black teen. the march was peaceful led by brown's father and the rest of the family. the scathing report by the justice department finding ferguson's courts profited from the poor. reforms were promised. did they deliver. lori jane gliha vets. >> reporter: this was once deanna's home. and the car she was in when police arrested her. >> i went straight to gaol and stayed there for two weeks. >> reporter: it's not the first time she was locked up in st. louis county it was enough to make her stop driving. >> how many times do you think you've been to court, gaol gotten fines and fees? >> oh my gosh. a lot. all mixed together i want to say about 50 times. >> these are all the same cases.
8:53 pm
>> the 37-year-old says she is not a hardened criminal. >> you had a fee two years later. >> she's guilty of traffic violations and years of failing to pay the fines and fees that go with them. >> what would have happened if when you got your first ticket. you were able to pay that in full? >> i imagine my life being different. i imagine finishing my degree. i imagine being able to earn a living. i imagine i wouldn't be sitting here today. >> william's story is not unique in st. louis country, a region with 90 different municipalities within a few miles of each other. any one has their own local court, many imposing gaol time on people that failed to pay. in a march report the department
8:54 pm
of justice said revenue driven court systems imposed particular hardship on ferguson's most vulnerable resident especially those living in or near poverty. the city took actions to address reforms before the department of justice report was published, eliminating unnecessary administrative fees and punishments for failing to appear. a new court judge was brought in to manage reforms. >> i do not make my decision based on revenue, i make them based on justice. >> in a first tv interview he told "america tonight" he will make changes. >> i have a blueprint of the justice department and the supreme court, so i have the direction in terms of what needs to be done. some processes have taken place. >> i think a lot of people are
8:55 pm
just now learning power and are not going to allow the things to continue on. that's a good thing when we come back a local tradition threatened. >> it will be difficult to threaten the tradition. in time france will close the cock point. >> why the french government wants to phase out cock fighting. fighting.
8:56 pm
8:57 pm
respected. and human rights also need be pt ared by all people. >> reporter: in the department capitol, people were shaken by the video. maria says the soldiers acteds reunion island has been in the news because of the debris that could have been from mh370. tonight we look at a longstanding tradition that france wants to outlaw the sport of cock fighting. tania page reports. >> like boxers before a big fight, all the birds are weighed first, cock-fighting is a popular tradition on reunion island, which is a french territory.
8:58 pm
it's how these men spend their weekends. there's banter and betting. cock-fighting is under threat. the french government will not allow new venues to open and wants the fights stopped completely. >> in france, there's fighting between men. we don't want them to fight. if they don't want to, they can't. >> reporter: the birds are highly prized so these men say fights to the death are rarely allowed. the birds are evenly matched. unlike reunion and france. to some people, this suggests animal cruelty. here it's an important part of life a strong, proud tradition. these men do not see why they should change who they are for anyone. less than a million people live here. reunion is closer to african than europe. this could be any street in france. the lifestyle islanders enjoy is financed by the mainland.
8:59 pm
while these men may want the benefit of europe, they don't want all the rules. the cock's owner believes closure is inevitable. >> there are more people, neighbours are complaining. i can't move the venue. it will be difficult to change the venue. in time, france will succeed in closing all the cockpits. >> the sound of one tradition that is flourishing feels the air at night. it was the music of slaves. it used to be banned. it's important that islanders can practice their culture. >> i am french. how do i explain it. we are people of the world, we have a cultural wealth. before, people of my colour were not. my ancestors fought for the right. that's why i have to play. >> reporter: the island streets may look european, appearances are deceiving. on the slice of europe in the
9:00 pm
indian ocean, people move to their own beat. whether it's to the sound of a drum or the crow of a rooster, regardless of what paris is time for the sports news i'm del walters in new york. "america tonight" is next. on "america tonight", the weekend edition - racism, violence and clashes with the police, not where you think. >> nobody talks about the police deals with the police everyone is afraid of the police. >> stunning reports from south america and the community echoing the calls to make black lives matter also return to the flashpoint. a yea


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