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tv   News  Al Jazeera  August 10, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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♪ a wave of attacks across turkey, security forces and the u.s. consulate in istanbul are targeted. ♪ hello, this is the al jazeera live from london. also coming up, [gunfire] syrian rebels say they made more advances against government forces. pl plus. i'm nicole johnston in pakistan and coming up, we will be reporting on the biggest case of child sexual abuse in the country.
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and on the trail with hunters in south africa who are making the controversial case of killing wild animals. ♪ turkey has been hit by four separate attacks blamed on two different groups and istanbul a squad officer and another were killed in a gun fight after a vehicle packed with explosives was used to attack a police station and elsewhere in the city two women fired shots at a u.s. consulate and one woman wounded was arrested and reports to be a member of a ban left wing party and in the southeast a soldier and four officers were killed in two separate attacks in the province and the warning of the report contains strong images from the start. >> reporter: chased down to a back street near the u.s. consulate in istanbul a woman
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who earlier opened fire on the building refuses to surrender, i did it for my party she shouts before being shot and wounded by a police officer. her party is the extreme left wing and anti-american revolutionary people's liberation army frount the d.h.k.p.c., a second attacker also female escaped from the area. in 2030 the d.h.k.p.c. said it was behind a suicide bomb attack in the capitol ankora and now said they are behind this attack. >> translator: i saw this woman and the police shouting stop. they fired warning shots and then someone in an apartment threw a chair from the balcony at the woman so the attackers shot at the balcony. >> reporter: a van with explosives detonated outside of a police station on istanbul eastern edge, attacker was killed. several civilians and police officers were wounded and then as forensic and bomb squads
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searched the team and they were killed in the shootout and further violence in southeast turkey and four officers killed by a roadside bomb and a soldier was killed when a rocket was fired on a helicopter, attacks blamed on the separatist p.k.k. they carried out air strikes on p.k.k. and i.s.i.l. across the country the security forces have arrested hundreds of people suspected of being members of banned organizations. the turkish government has previously said it faces security threats on a series of fronts, not just from i.s.i.l. the events of the past 24 hours would seem to backup those concerns. and bernard can join us live from istanbul and can you start telling us a little more about the far left wing group believed to be responsible for the attack on the u.s. consulate?
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>> they claimed responsibility on their website this afternoon for that attack on the consulate. they are yet an extreme left wing group, uniquely turkish and particularly fanatical supporters and you don't hear from them a lot but apart from the attack in ankorer there are other attacks they claim responsibility for and this one against the u.s. consulate general here in istanbul. currently there is an anti-american group as well and one of the groups there have been a series of raids in turkey in the last two or three groups where they arrested people suspected of being members of banned groups and members of this group or one of them there were some people gathering outside of the hospital where the wounded woman was taken and this evening having sympathy with this group and also
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detained by the police this evening. >> bernard these attacks proving that turkey faces many security challenges both at home and in the wider region. >> well the government says it proves it and three weeks ago they had about turn in domestic and foreign policy when they had them start using basis in turkey to launch assaults on i.s.i.l. targets in syria, those americans m 16s are now in turkey and we seen them taking off particularly and at the same time turkey has been launching attacks on the pkk positions in iraq and southeast turkey and said it's not the only threat and faces threats from a variety of different groups and these events over the last 24 hours and they bear that concern out on behalf of the turkish government.
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>> the latest from istanbul. thank you. ♪ syrian rebels say they made advances against the assad government and have taken villages and mountains in the central hana province and have taken most of idlib province and fighters are now pushing to the assad's family strongholds of latakia and we report. >> reporter: [gunfire] opposition fighters say they forced out government forces from many areas in central syria. this is the plane in hama province and fighters see it as an important vantage point to the government's stronghold of latakia and the coastal city is home to bashar al-assad. >> translator: there is no red line in our advance. the next fighting will be on the coast and we are almost at the coast. [gunfire]
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the alliance which calls itself the army of conquest has been making steady gains against the assad government in resent months and includes el nusra and the affiliate group the u.s. considers a terrorist organization and it's effective force against the syrian government and i.s.i.l. and has over taken most of idlib province and moving to latakia from the north as well and activists show villages in the town. iran state t.v. says they pushed back fighters in the area close to the capitol damascus. as opposition tanks roll into areas signs of the fighting are everywhere and major parts of syria have been reduced to rubble in the war now in the fifth year.
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some of those who came back say their homes in hama have been destroyed. >> translator: they left nothing for us. they have damaged the houses and stolen the belongings. thank god we have returned safely. >> reporter: beyond these mountains there is rare discontent in datakia. these protesters gathered against president assad and reportedly killed an airforce colonel over a traffic dispute last week and a crack down on protests and opposition as the assad control shrinks in syria demonstrations are happening in the vast of support, al jazeera. a car bomb exploded outside the airport at afghanistan kabul at the civilian entrance and five killed and 20 wounded and taliban says it was dehind the attack and they were guarding the airport and among the dead and injured and jennifer glasse
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sent this report from kabul. >> reporter: taliban claimed responsibility for the car bomb and said the target was a military convow and nato says it's not one of theirs and it was at the civilian entrance to the airport where vehicles must stop to be checked and get out of their vehicles to be physically checked. among the dead and injured are afghan civilians and afghan police and security guards at that check point as well as foreigners and comes three days after a series of deadly attacks across the afghan capitol killed more than 55 afghans and injured more than 250 in attacks on the police academy, attacks near the airport, outside the airport as well as an attack on the eastern edge of town in the middle of the night that brought windows shattering and building collapsing on afghan civilians and very much on edge right now about security in the capitol
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and the chief tells al jazeera the reason the attacks are going on is the attackers and taliban want to show they can strike here in the capitol. police in eastern pakistan say they arrested seven men accused of sexually abusing hundreds of children and selling videos of the alleged crimes and the case is centered on a small village in punjar state and nicole johnston reports. >> reporter: he says he was raped by three men four years ago. we are using a different name to protect his identity. at the time he was 11 years old. afterwards he said he had to pay the men not to reveal what they had done to him. >> translator: they made a video out of it and started blackmailing me. and they told me to bring them more kids and my family is poor, i had nothing to pay them. so i left school and worked in the fields. i gave them everything i made. >> reporter: over the last month reports have come out that
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at least 284 children in this small village in punjab state was sexually abused and people in community say 400 videos of attacks were made and sold across pakistan and overseas. you would nt normally see a large gathering at the village in the middle of the day but neighbors are coming out and talking about the case and all demanding one thing and say they want justice and whoever was behind the abuse either be stoned to death or to be hanged. and he agrees. a week ago he started a protest march with victims' families. it was stopped by police firing tear gas. and he has been charged under pakistan antiterrorism law and says some of the child abusers are well-known. >> translator: they are influential people and work for the courts and are drug inspectors and because of the threats everyone was afraid of
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them. they harass people everyday. >> reporter: some people in the village say police were paid bribes not to investigate. the police deny it. >> translator: when we heard about the allegations i sent out an over to the village and we announced on the loudspeaker if there are any cases of abuse they should tell us but no one came forward. >> reporter: he shows us injuries he says he received when the police beat him for publically protesting against the abuse. >> translator: because of dignity and honor some people are not coming forward and they are worried they will lose the respect of society. >> reporter: he says after what has happened he has nothing more to lose. nicole johnston, al jazeera, pakistan. still to come on the program what lies beneath, the threat to yemen civilians from unexploded land mines. he led the hunt for the 43
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missing mexican students and now has lost his own life. and they delivered everyone else's mail for years and we will meet the retired postal workers with a special address of their own. ♪ >> enough people have decided that the gun lobby has too much power for too long. the nra is not invincible.
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hello again reminder of the top stories on al jazeera, turkish security forces have been targeted in a number of deadly attacks across the country and four officers killed by a land mine and istanbul they opened
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fire on a u.s. consulate building and made advances to the assad government and taken villages and mountains in the province and the taliban says it's behind a car bomb that exploded outside the airport in afghanistan's capitol kabul and at least five people were killed. pro-government forces in yemen have retaken the district south of the capitol sanaa and taken the border district and houthi positions nearby and people wounded between factions have been flown to jordan for treatment and 100 people arrived in annan on saturday and hospital workers say it includes gunshot wounds and broken bones and the head of the international committee of the red cross called the situation catastrophic and a threat by land mines and people loyal to hadi drove the houthis to the city of aiden and face a major
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challenge disarming mines to make the city safe for local people and lee barker reports. >> reporter: as the front line in the battle for control of yemen moves north certain dangers remain. many land mines have been transplanted by people who were loyal to president saleh and the district of aiden the conflict has moved on but life is far from safe. this car was thrown into the air by a powerful blast and pro-government troops have now sealed off entire neighborhoods. >> translator: we discovered antitank mines among residential neighborhoods and we will continue our operation to clear land mines from this area. >> reporter: pro-government forces have diffused hundreds of land mines and are working without proper equipment. >> translator: we need tools, food and uniforms, weapons and everything and engineers have not been provided with basic
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needs. >> reporter: this brother and sister were seriously injured in a land mine explosion, the same blast killed five members of their family and an elder relative tells what happened. >> translator: hit by a land mine on the way to the village, the mother and son and three daughters were killed and three others were injured. >> reporter: officials in aiden say they are struggling to deal with the threat posed by land mines and calling on the saudi-led coalition which has been conducting air strikes against houthi rebels to send in specialist teams to help restore safety to the city streets and lee barker al jazeera. the iraqi prime minister plans to reform the government has been backed by his predecessor malaki and abadi had a series of plans to abolish senior posts including deputy prime minister and vice president and follows weeks of demonstrations over corruption and a lack of basic services. now there were five reports of
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fraud and plenty of frustration in haiti as people voted in the country's long delayed parliamentary elections on sunday and some would be voters say they were not able to cast their votes and we will go to port au prince. >> reporter: voters streamed in haiti to take part in parliamentary elections. there were problems. but there didn't appear to be serious or widespread violence. at this voting station many people complained their names were not included on lists of eligible voters. that led to shouting and angry confrontations between disappointed sister citizen workers and many went home without casting their vote. >> i feel i'm not hatian and that is the idea to me. >> reporter: several polling places in port au prince were trashed leaving ballots strewn
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about and said dozens of the 1500 voting centers nationwide were shut down due to various problems. observers expect a low turnout. and she heads the eu elections observer mission. >> there are some incidents, some incidents in some poll centers but it's not the general rule. the rule is we think it will be maintained all along the day. >> reporter: one voter who had no trouble was hatian president michelle. >> a lot of problems here and people saying they are not allowed to vote. >> reporter: he wasn't taking any questions and he is not eligible to run for another term, these elections are about much more than filling empty seats in parliament. haiti has many problems, without political stability the country won't be able to attract international investment to grow the economy and continuing
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projects meant to raise the standard of life for haiti people will suffer if the political situation deteriorates and many polling places are in the remote countryside and must be taken to port au prince to be counted by hand. it will be 6-10, days before the results of the election are known and expected to be a second round, a runoff election in october and in that month the votes will be cast for haiti's new president, port au prince. a man is in critical condition in ferguson after what was an exchange of gunfire and happened at the end of the day of peaceful demonstrations to mark the death of teenager michael brown a year ago and he was unarmed when he was shot by a police officer. one of the main activists looking for mexican students has
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been shot dead and he was the leader of the group calling itself community police of the state and the 45-year-old help lead efforts to find the bodies of students who disappeared in september of last year and presumed to have died and john holman is in the city of vera cruz and sent this update. >> reporter: he was killed this weekend, shot dead in his taxi and he had been spearheading an effort to find bodies in the southwestern state and this really started after 43 students disappeared by gangs and also in conclusion with the local authorities and bodies still not found and they were searching for the students and also found 120 other bodies buried in graves in the rest of the state of guerrero and this is an important leader in civic society especially in that part
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of the country and has been gunned down and he said to al jazeera he was threatened and followed and intimated and definitely a very uncomfortable figure not just for organized crime there but also for the government that for a while now has been sort of hoping this will just sort of go away this situation with the students and in general the situation with organized crime and impunity in that part of the country. so he was an activist and he was also a member of the community police which was an organization which was set up to police towns that felt they weren't being given enough security by the government. so this is another case really in mexico in which someone from civil society was taking on the mental and perhaps in another country you expect the government to take on and it's now gone. south korea says two soldiers were wounded by land mines planted by north korea and says the mines were in the so called di military zone that
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separates it from the north and carrying out a routine inspection when the mines exploded. the debate about the benefits hunting can bring to conservation in africa continues after a famous lion was shot and killed in zimbabwe last month and calling for changes to laws that regulate hunting and others say the practice helps the animal's cause and raises millions of dollars for local communities and we report. >> reporter: winter in south africa brings with it the hunting season. we are at a private game reserve in the province home to thousands of wild animals. the local hunter and team are on the look out for the first kill. >> i think this is the right place to start. and normally occur the abuse occur in this area. >> because it's wintertime now and there is a flat area going through this mountain. >> reporter: it can take days to find the right animal. >> that is an old mature one.
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>> it's pretty fresh from the signs of it. >> yeah. >> it's a challenge and looking and stalking for the animal. >> reporter: 3300 hector family owned reserve they keep the numbers down and maintain an ecological balance and for this veteran hunting is also a way of life. >> we stayed on the farm and, yes, it's a part of life. you know the hunting scenario and we stayed on the farm. there was no meat available for us and yes, we loved the land. >> reporter: his target finally in sight he takes aim. more than 7,000 international hunters visited south africa two years ago, more than half of them are from the united states, the professional hunters association of south africa say they contributed millions to the economy. these lions are kept at a separate enclosure at the reserve for tourists and
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conservation. they are not hunted. but it's the killing of a famous lion in zimbabwe that caused travesty and many say hunting is cruel, unethical and threatens endangered species and says the hunts that killed cecil the lion was illegal and did not follow regulations governing the industry. to make important decisions about the future of wildlife, the future of the economic contribution of hunting, decisions regarding that cannot be based on emotion. >> reporter: zimbabwe community based wildlife conservation camp fire believes that contact can be managed. >> there can be a balance between hunting and conservation and from camp fire's experience you cannot hunt unless you made a direct contribution to the conservation of the species. >> reporter: while the sport and passion for many continues to be legal, this time it did
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not make a kill. al jazeera. at least one person has been killed in fighting in eastern ukraine. it happened in the rebel held town northeast of donetsk. residents say the shelling has intensified there in resent weeks and pro-russia separatists and ukraine military accuse each other of targeting residential areas. a third bailout deal for greece could be imminent and people from the eu and the international monetary fund are in what they call the final stretch of negotiations for a deal worth up to $86 billion euros more than $94 billion. if agreed it would help keep greece in the euro and stave off economic collapse. finally let's take you to the u.s. state of florida where we visited a town built specifically for postal workers. nelcrest was conceived in the 1960s and it's so popular there
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is a waiting list to retire there and andy gallagher has more there. >> reporter: florida is often referred to as god's waiting room, retirement communities are abundant in the sunshine state but this one is a little different. this town was created, designed and paid for by the postal workers union and almost everyone here spent years delivering the mail but even among these letter carriers the decision to move to nalcrest wasn't obvious. >> i blew it off as a place that carriers go to sit down and talk about the good old days and didn't do anything. so when i came to check it in 2003 i came in january it was total opposite and i just fell in love with it. >> reporter: the concept came about 50 years ago and the idea was simple, offer postal workers a cheap, comfortable place to live with neighbors who walked literally the same career path and it's something that paul
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thompson says it created a special place to live. >> they were in common with everyone and they can talk and just a sense of belonging and i think it's something that they cherish very much. >> nine of spade. >> reporter: nalcrest is not only popular with postal workers it's unique and the only community of its kind in the u.s. and its future seems assured. >> it's the best thing to do is to live here. it's a great place. as everyone knows it's a great place. okay. >> reporter: this place has everything you could ever need, a golf course, a swimming pool and library and the list goes on but there is one thing you definitely won't find here and that is the eternal enemy of postal workers everywhere and canines are band and for the most part it is an uniquely
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restful place for people who spent years on their feet delivering letters, nalcrest, florida, you have to be retired to go there and finds more on our website and the usual address to click on to is al, al gunfire at rallies in ferguson cast a shadow do over today's demonstrations to mark one year since the death of michael brown. six children shot to death in a houston apartment, a suspect in custody is now facing murder charges. and under fire in istanbul, the u.s. consulate and turkey's largest city is attacked and