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tv   News  Al Jazeera  August 11, 2015 12:30pm-1:01pm EDT

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to a location where it will be analyzed and destroyed. that location is being kept a closely guarded secret. you can find much more on many of our stories over on our website. that is what the front page looks like at the moment. the address is after 3 million gallons of toxic waste leak into a river. as demonstrators resume acts of civil disobedience today, and we take a look at the race riots 50 years later, how they define the view of protests.
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this is al jazeera america, lye from new york city new questions about possible long term threats to the water supply after more than 3 million gallons of toxic waste leaked from an abandoned gold mine in colorado. the sludge has now traveled more than 1,000 miles. so far, park officials say preliminary tests on the river have found little if any danger to fish or wild life. now the epa is testing the water downstream from the spill site. a process that could lead to san juan rivers close for another week. residents and businesses should still remain cautious. >> avoided showering any type of body contact with that water. don't let livestock drink it.
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>> where i li, living off the well. >> 95% of my business has been swept away, and we have about 23 employees that are currently out of work. today colorado river paid a visit to one of the areas. there are thousands of abandon mines in his state, he is working to make sure this never happens again. the state will work with each one, and bring those assessments up to date. there are over 20,000 mines the frame of the problem, it is significant. he says abandon mines in the west have been wreaking havoc on the environment for years. >> it is also important to understand that this pollution is something that our community has been dealing with for really decades. the head waters is a historic mining district, has been
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undermediated in terms of old mine, and mine tailing piles. so this pollution has in some sense been happening for a very long time. it was trying to clean up those sources of pollution, and then trigger this very massive. i can't say way are surprised but we are saddened economically, this is a very difficult time to be suffering this type of event. and we are worried aability the long term impacts will be. >> it is not the only place in the area where problems like this can occur. >> this is an example of one disaster shine the light on a bigger problem, because it is estimated about 55,000 abandon mines like there one, many containing that toxic mix inside, slowsly leaking out into our waterways so there's already an estimate that about 40% of the headquarters of western waterways have been contaminated from mine run off.
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these spills send heavy watt zero the waterways this one just happened to be a big spill, where everything was released kind of at once. because of it, led concentrations over 3,000 types overleafs one tested arsenic was over 800 times safe levels. and contaminanting like this, that can be links to cancer, birth defects even brain damage, that's the big concern. i. >> so already some of these contaminants being tested in new mexico, eventually, on to utah, and a as, toward lake powell. the hope is because the metal is heavier than the water it will settle out in a slow area we don't know how much will settle out and how much will continue on, if it gets into lake powell, the colorado river connects up that can cause other problems. now i mentioned all these mines there uh the area, the reason we have this problem, they weren't well
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regulatorred until the 70's. with practices not being very environmentally friendly, and that's why there are there is so much of this toxic water in these abandon mines. even long after this spill is cleaned up, this is a widespread problem. that the government has already been working on for years, and will continue to do so, to try and improve this problem. a fourth night of demonstrations marking one year since the death of michael brown turned ugly, at least one police officer used pep ever spray monday was dubbed the day of civil disobedience, when protestors shut down a highway. good afternoon to you, andy,
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given yesterday's unrest, what because the police presence like there now, what are protestors planning there today? >> during the day here, it has been quiet. only during the nights when you get these inning goes protests that can go either way. but last night, did get a little hot, but not as bad as it was the day before. last night, police told us they took a much more proactive approach, to shutting down the protests there were a number of bottles thrown at police, and some rocks thrown as well, but they managed to shut it down quickly, and calmly under the circumstances there were 23 arrests last night, but they got it under control fairly well. and during the day as you mentioned 63 people arrested when they tried to block both lanes. during rush hour, and then another 57 arrested when they tries to block the federal courthouse in downtown st. louis. those were organized day
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protests nothing like that today. he thinks things are getting better, but obviously the protestors disagree. >> i wouldn't say it has t goen better, because there's been multiple incidents like the one that happened last year, mike brown's -- so i wouldn't a i it has gotten better, we just -- just going day biding living. >> we will be watching tonight to find out how the protests get, erica. >> what is the latest on the man police shot early monday morning. >> . >> an outing on sunday night when he shot, police say he was shooting at them, they fired back, and he is facing ten charges. if he survives, erica. >> all right, live for us in
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ferguson missouri, thank you. new poll numbers show donald trump is still leading the pack. post debate polls show him with 23% support up 2 points since last thursday. ben carson in third, with 11%, mac coe rubio and carlie ferine that are tied at third. presidential historian is not one of them. he says his political rise is not without precedence. >> gary gold water in 1964, he was a very conservative republican. considered far too right wing to get the nomination. like donald trump, he was accused of saying outrageous things. such as considering the possibility of using a nuclear weapons in vietnam.
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and yet, there were people who would walk through walls for barry goldwater and he barely captures the republican nomination, beating the establishment candidate of his time, governor nelson rockefeller of new york. who like jeb bush, or scott walker, had a certain apeople, but note but phone was willing to walk through brick walls for him. he says the reason why he believes he is leading the race, is because he is an anti-establishment candidate, and taking direct aim at government problems. later today, jeb bush will go on an offense, that addresses fighting isil and attacks hillary clinton. bush blames the former secretary of state for isils rise in the middle east. in his words he says, after u.s. troops left iraq in 2011, clinton stood by and
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that hard won victory ally forces was thrown away, and all the record setting tramps she stopped by iraq, exactly once. he also says it was a case of blind hate to get out, and called the tragic consequences somebody else's problem. bush will make his speech tonight at the ronald ragan presidential library in california. the democratic candidate is taking on student debt, she rolled out her mull billion dollars proposal if you worked hard you can get ahead. >> waya plan designed to make voters sit up and listen. she is proposed $350 billion of new federal spenting to help pay for college. or if you are saddled where a loan a chance to lower payments. >> you should be able to
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refinance your student loan too. in return they's agreed to increase college spending over time, and work to slow the rise in tuition. that money is out there and available and when a state meals the criteria, they get that $17 billion. that will go straight to the schools to grants. >> clinton's plan doesn't go as far as her opponent. how plans to make college division free. >> he is asking for totally tuition free which though it sounds good, is maybe a
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little less reasonable than what hillary is proposing. >> clintons plan would been paid for by putting a cap on many issues. many economists think is crimping the u.s. economic recovery, post the financial collapse of 2008. latest figures show $1.2 trillion is owed in student debt. and 11.1% of it is delinquent. >> i believe our success isn't measures by how much the wealthier americans have. >> release add video showing what it says are real lifer examples of voters burdened by student debt, unable to buy homes or cars. student loan expert hilton smith says clinton plan is bold, but may not reach every opportunity. >> it wouldn't work for some people that need to use their earning to pay for their own
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living experiences. there's some people that would have to take out some debt. >> another hurdle he says getting all this through the congress. once the elections are over. u.s. senator drew large crowds monday, where he pledged to end institutional racism went 7,000 people packed into the los angeles sports arena to hear the candidate. >> there is no president, none, one year after the death of michael brown, no president that will fight harder to end institutional racism. what this campaign is about.
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is bringing people together. black and white, straight and gay, native and immigrants, when we stand together, when we do not allow our opponents to break us up, and divide us, when we stand united, we can create a new america. in july a jury found mcdonald and his wife guilty of doing favors for well think executives. mcdonald was with sentenced to two years in prison, but has been free pending appeals. he can still appeal the case to the supreme court. an ohio supreme court says judges should not refuse to perform same-sex marriages based on personal or religious believes. the opinion, which is
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nonbinding comes after a number of judges refuse to mary gay couples. still to come, remembering watts. a look back at the riots and how the six day uprising impacted los angeles, and the nation. and some detroit residents say even with new streetlights, they are in the dark, we will explain, stay with us.
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as the unrest continues the nation is marking 50 years since one of america's most modern race riots. brought death, and destruction to sought los angeles. did they bring about change? a look back at the fires of protests that engulfed america's city. >> all this would not have happened if people have been treated differently, instead if you treat somebody like a mad dog, they will behave like a mad dog, is that too extreme for you? >> i have to go along with that. >> a why highway patrol officer pulled over a motorist he suspected oz
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drunk driving, on lookers rushed in believing they were seeing another example of excessive force, by a police department, many viewed as an occupying force in the predominately black area of watts. before on, buildings were being burned, blood spilled. the riots would last six days and cover more than 46 square miles of south l.a., 34 people would die. more than 1,000 would be hurt, more than $40 million of property damaged about 300 million-dollars in today's dollars. many in the black community called what happened a violent reaction to years of second class treatment, at the hands of whites. >> you can go along with a person if they don't go along with you the whiteman have not been going along with us, in the aftermath, author of the current governor, appointed a commission shared by a former c.i.a. director. to find out what led to the
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week of violence, and suggest solutions to prevent a repeat. the investigation found that police brutality and disrespectful abusive behavior created a deep and long standle schism between the negro community and the community. >> recommendations that 50 years later sound as familiar as the racial unrest that continues to plague american cities. al jazeera. >> earlier we talked about the significance of the watts riots with african-american study professor. now he is also the author of the book fire this time, the watts uprising and the 1960's. we asked him if the disparities in education, have led to the recent periods of social unrest we have witnessed. not only so they person cyst, there are further larrys of
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complexity. as you know, south los angeles has turned into a largely latino area, and bilingual education has become a persistent issue of the day, at the same time, with the attacks on immigrant populations from latin america, there has been a squeeze on funding. i think it is fair to say, there's before a mixed bag of results. after aux 1965, there were steps towards affirmative action, the los angeles times for example, decided it would be better to cover such conflict with an integrated force, the l.a. fire department thought it would be better to fight fires with an integrated labor force. university of california the california state universal system, moved from halting affirmative action, but as you know, the supreme court has thrown roadblocks in the path, roadblocks that will probably become more much significant in the coming spring term.
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after years of decay a new light is shining on detroit. some residents say they are still being left in the dark. >> about two years ago, nearly 40% of all detroit street lites were broken. leaving thousands of residents in the dark. >> for long time resident it is lack of streetlights made his community a breeding ground for crime. he says some even feared walking the streets after dark. >> as detroit was working to emerge from bankruptcy a few years ago, the city created a public lighting authority. and with with the help of bonds embarked on a $185 million project, to repair and replace over 88,000 streetlights. so far, the city is ahead of schedule. >> what impact does have that on a community? when the lights aren't working in. >> well, always say to folks all the time, the streetlights is not just about sticks and ligh
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lightbulbens, it is about sent of place, and safety, and purpose. and so -- obviously it did not have a good impact from that standpoint and new streetlights are critical to the city's turn around, but not everyone is pleased with the results so far. tonight, why some residents are feeling left in the dark. you can watch the full report during prime time tonight. still to come, big changes for google, how the internet search giant is changing the way it does business, and how it will effect your online searches.
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>> my name is imran garda. the show is called "third rail".
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japan restarted a nuclear power plant today.
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the reactor in southern japan will operate under new safety rules. the prime minister overturned the previous government decision to phase out nuclear power. he views the plant as an important part of his country's economic recovery plan. and china, devalued it's tightly controlled currency today. the central bank says it is trying to have the rate be more closely to the market. making chinese imports more expensive. >> the at thens stock exchange rose today. they say there are some small details to work out, that could be worth about $93 billion. google is creating a flu company called alphabet, to house all of it's businesses. now the internet search giant says it wants to keep inviting and stay relevant, and to do that the company says it needs to change how
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it does business. tech giant google is reorganizing. separating it's businesses under a new holding company called alphabet. co-founders larry page, will become the ceo and president. googles new ceo will be long time company executive. and google itself will be just one of several companies under alphabet's umbrella. >> google said that alphabet was a reference to the many different parts of their company, right. the other thing also is that they say it is an alphabet, it is the best they can make, they see this as really the future of what google needs to be. >> in a blog post, he writes they want to make the company cleaner and more accountability. google started as a search engine, but has expanded into everything from self-driving cars to drone delivery efforts and sensing contact lenses. >> a lot of people argue that google has gotten too big, and by dividing it into separate companies with the old google being there, makes
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eight little more entrepreneurial, and let bureaucratic, at least potentially. >> the new slimmer google will continue to focus on mapping, internet, and youtube. >> it's been less than a year since president obama restored dip lo t maic ties with cuba, but some are already reaping the benefits of the new relationship. more on the country's past. >> so close, and yet so far away. >> a nation that took a different road from that of the united states. and for a time, cuba, was the romantic vid poster child for communism. >> . >> but it became a place frozen in time, by a underperforming socialist economy, until now cuba is seen on the move once again. >> i first came to cuba back
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in 2001, 14 years ago. everyone expected to see a lot of change in the next few years but i see change already. there are a lot more cars on the road, people are better dressessagist estimate that more than 1 million now work independents who don't depend on the state, but make their own money. his cell phone repair shop may look modest, but on a country short on supplies the services keep those without access to technology connected. across town, he restores to perfect, cuba's well known retro cars. he hopes it will soon mean he can import spare parts more easily.
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alvarez says more than anything he is just tired. >> i feel like a capitalist. i have no life of my own, i don't have time to pay attention to anything but my business. they insist reforms have remain true to the err forplace. but the changes will mean making way, for a growing middle class, in a supposed class less society. al jazeera, lav vanna. >> you can watch the full report tonight at 8:00 eastern, thank you for joining us, the news continues next, live from london, and remember, the latest headlines you can go to our website at, have a great day.
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yemen advances forces loyal to the compiled president game ground in the south of the country. also coming up, accountability drive moves be i the iraqi parliament, that cuts corruption, as well as spending. poland agrees to take thousands more migrants but we will tell you why the deal isn't being welcomed by everyone. and the cuban exiles fighting for compensation, decades after their