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tv   News  Al Jazeera  August 11, 2015 1:30pm-2:01pm EDT

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property by a foreign government. al jazeera, washington. >> you can find out more about many of our stories over on our website, that is what the front page looks like right now. and the address toe click on is environmental disaster, governors in three southwestern with states measure the toll after millions of gal longs of tockic waste leak into a river. scores of arrest put ferguson on edge again, demonstrators plan -- and we with take a look at the watts race riots. 50 years later how they defined the won't century protests.
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this is al jazeera live from new york city. more than 3 million gallons of toxic waste have now leaked from an abandoned gold mine into colorado rivers. and that is raising all kinds of questions about long term threats to the region's water supply. the sludge has now traveled more than 1,000 miles. contaminating tributaries in new mexico, arizona, and utah. preliminary tests on the river have found little if any danger to fish and wild life. now the e.p.a. is toasting the water downstream from the spill site. and residents and businesses should still stay cautious avoided showering any kind of bodily contact. don't let livestock drink it. >> 95% of my business has
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been swept away. and we with have about 23 employees that are currently out of work wail, the state of emergency has been declared in colorado and new mexico, today, colorado's governor pay add visit to one of the areas there are thousands of abandoned mines in the state, and he says he is work withing to make sure this never happens again. >> with with the e.p.a., the state is going to go through each one, and bring that assessment up to date, some of those are 20 years old, there are over 20 with thousand mines so we are clear the frame of the probable it is significant. >> dan olsen is the executive director, and he says abandon mines on the west have been wreaking havoc on the environment for years. >> folks are saddened by what has happened buts the something that this community has been dealing with with for decades. and it's been undermostuated in terms of old mine so this
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pollution has in some sense has been happening for a very long time, the epa was with trying to clean up some of the sources and triggered this very massive release, i can't say we with are surprises but we are very saddens this is a tough time to be suffering this event, and we are were withries what the long term impacts will be. >> the gold king mine is not the only place in the area where problems like this can occur. >> this is an example of one with disaster shining a light on a bigger problem, because it is estimated there about's about 55,000 abandon mines like this, many containing that toxic mix. slow he leaking out into our waterways. so there's already an estimate that about 40% of the head wattersoners have been contaminated from mine run off. these spills such as this one, send heavy metals into the waterways other contaminants as well.
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this one just happened to be a big similar, where everything was with released at once, because of it, led concentration, over 3,000 times historic levels. and compartment nantz like they can be links to cancer, even brain damage that's the big concern. already some of these being toasted in new mexico, specifically on to utah, and arizona, toward lake powell, now the hope is because the metal is heavier than the water, it will settle out in a slow area but we with don't know how much will settle out, and how much will continue on. if it gets into lake powell, the colorado river connected up, that can cause other problems. i mentioned all the mines the reason we have this problem, they weren't well regulated until the 70's. before that, decades before
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that, it was a free for all with practices not being environmentally friendly, and that's why there's so much of this toxic water with all these contaminants. so even long after this spill is cleaned up, this is a widespread problem. that the government has already been working on for years and will continue to do so to try and improve this environmental problem. nicole thank you to ferguson missouri now, where a state of emergency is still in effect. doesens of arrests on monday, at least one police used. er spray to break up the crowds last night, monday was dub add day of civil obedience. >> good to see how, how would you describe west florence avenue at this hour.
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>> quiet, now, there are no plans of protests of disobean yens. tonight, of course, we expect another round of protests anything can happen at these things as we saw last night, it can get dicey, although not as violent as we saw the night before, and that's basalis say they took a proactive approach that shut things down before it got too hot there was some water bottles and rocks as well, but they moved in quickly to break up the crowd, and protect the businesses get it cleaned up, and so in the end there were 23 arrests but far less violence than the flight before. >> what can you tell us, about what police are telling you, about this far right militia group, the oath keepers showing up last
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night? >> police are not happy, tony. the st. louis county police chief tells us that he thinks the appearance last night was unnecessary and inflammatory. they showed up late after this was winding down, these were four white men, heavily armed with assault rifles wandering around, they said they were there to protect businesses and the second amendment, but police said they had no business being there although they support them, and are sympathetic for their cause, they think it was ridiculous that they showed up last night, and in fact, prosecutors here will wondering if they will file charges against these men, because they had these weapons out during a state of emergency, so their presence is not really welcome here. >> one more for you, what is the latest on the young man shot early monday morning. >> that's 18-year-old tyrone harris, at last check he was in critical condition.
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shot numerous times they are saying this young man was out on an outing not armed when he was shot by police. he does have a criminal record, it comes down to he said he said a lot of times. when he is released he will be facing ten charges in that shooting. >> andy for us live from ferguson, missouri new poll numbers show donald trump is still leading the pack of presidential candidates. an online poll conducted by nbc news, right after the debate found trump support at 23%, that is up 2 points since last thursday, ben carson is third, with 11% marco rubio and carlie -- are tied for fourth, with 8%, now despite the latest polls some critics continue to question trump's ability as a candidate.
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but presidential historian is not one of them, he says the rise is not without precedence. >> barry gold water in 1964, he was a very conservative republican. considered far too right wing with to get the nomination. like donald trump, he was accused of saying outrageous things. such as considering a possibility of using nuclear weapons in vietnam and yet, there were people that would walk through walls for barry goldwater, and he barely captured the republican nomination, beating the establishment candidate of his time, governor nelson rockefeller, of new york. who like jeb bush, has certain appeal, that nobody but nobody was willing to walk through brick walls for nelson rockefeller, and no one with is going to walk through brick walls for jeb bush. >> he says he is leading the
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race, because he is taking direct aim at government probables so later today, jeb bush plans to go on the offensive with a foreign policy speech that addresses fighting isil, and attacks hillary clinton, now according to excep from the speech, he plames the fomenter secretary of state, he says after the troops left iraq, clinton quote stood by as that hard won victory was thrown away. in all her record setting travels she stopped by iraq exactly once. he also adds it was a case of haste to get out, and to call the tragic consequences somebody else's problems. bush will make his speech tonight at the ronald ragan presidential library in california. and speaking of helicopter h a democratic candidate is taking on student debt, on monday, she rolled out her
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multibillion dollars proposal to get access to state tuition grants and a chance to refinance their existing loans. if you work hard you can get ahead. >> hillary clinton with a plan designed to make voters sit up and listen. she is proposed $350 billion of new federal spending to pay for colleges and no need for a loan. or if you are already saturdayleed with with one, a chance to lower payments. >> it just makes sense, if you can refinance your mortgage or your car loan, you should be able to refinance your student loan too. states that guarantee students would haven't to take out loans would get $175 billion over ten years, that's $17 billion a year, in return they would agree to stop secondary education cuts increase college spending over time, and work to slow the rise in tuition. that money is out there and
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available, and when a state meets the criteria, they get that $17 billion and along with the money that would with kick in, without go straight towards the schools to the grants or tuition for lower income kids. >> he plans to make college not just debt free, but tuition free. i think her claim is more realistic, bernie is asking for tuition free, totally tuition free, which sounds like a good idea is a littleless reasonable than what hillary is proposing. now used by many well with thy families the issue suicide bombings a growing problem, but many say it is drivenning the economic recovery, the latest figures show $1.2 trillions is owes in student debt, 40. people owe student debt, and 11.1% of it is delinquent.
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i believe our success isn't measured by how much the wealthiest americans have. >> the clinton campaign release add i have owe shows what it says is real life examples of those burdened by student debt. student loan expert hilton smith says the plan is bold, but might not reach every low tore middle income student it wouldn't work for some people that need to use their summer earnings that aren't able to use that money to put thwarts tuition with is what the plan expects so there is some share of people that would have to take out some debt or parents have to kick in more than they could another hushedle getting through this once the election is over. al jazeera, new york. >> all right, staying on the campaign trail a bit longer
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u.s. senator drew large crowds on monday where he pledged to end institutional racism 7,000 people packed into the los angeles sports arena, to hear the candidate. there is no president, none, one year after the death of michael brown, no president, who will fight harder to end institutional racism. who this campaign is agent to bringing people together, black and white, straight and guy, men and women, immigrants, when we with stand together, when we do not allow our opponents to break us up, and divide uds, when we stand united we with can create a new america. >> okay, just a day earlier,
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sanders was heckled by black lives matters demonstrators. a fed ram appeals court today upheld the corruption conviction for former governor bob mcdonald in july. guilty of doing favors for well with thy executive he was sentenced to two years in prison, but has been free pending appeals. and ohio supreme court says judges should not refuse to perform same-sex marriages based on personal or religious believes. the. opinion which is nonbinding comes after a number refuse to marry gay couples. big changes for google, why the internet search giant, is changing the way it does business, and will it effect your online searches.
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googles new c.e.o. will be long time executive, and google itself will be just one of several companies under alphabet's umbrella. is a reference to many parts of their country. it is the best bet they can make, they see this as the future of what google needs to be. >> page writes he and ben want to make the company cleaner and more accountable. google started as a search engine, but has ebbs panned into everything from self-driving cars to drone delivery efforts and glucose sensing contact lenses. >> the new slimmer google will continue to focus on internet searches mapping and youtube. al jazeera.
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it has only been a few weeks since president obama restores cuban ties melissa chen hair minute oemerging middle class so close, and yet so far away, a nation that took a different road from that of the united states. and for a time, cuba was with the poster chide for communism. after a time, cuba is seen as on the move once again. >> i came here 14 years ago, people expect to see a lot of change in the next few years but i see change already. there are a lot more cars people are better dresses and there are new businesses.
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>> a parallel economy has developed. we with merit roberto, his cell shop may look mod ohs but a country short on supply his services keep those with access to technology, connected. his business keeps growing and he hopes normalization between the two countries will soon mean he can import spare parts more easily. when asked whether he considers himself a captain list or socialist, he says more than anything, he is just tired. i feel like a cap list, i have no life of my own. i don't have the time to pay attention to anything but my business. >> from socialist to the
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drive of capitalism. officials would insist reforms have remained true to the revolution, and some might say cuba has had little choice but to do something different. but the changes will mean making way for a growing middle class, in a supposed class less society. melissa chan, al jazeera and you can watch the full report tonight, still to come. remembers watts a look back at the riots how the six day uprising impacted los angeles and the nation, then and now. and some detroit residents say even with new street
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as the unrest continues in ferguson missouri. >> the watts riots 1965, john
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henry smith take as look back at the fires of protests that engulfed america's cities. >> the man said to me today this would not have happened if the negroes had been treating differently, and if you treat somebody like a mad dog, he will behave like a mad dog, do you believe that. >> i have to go along with that. >> when a white highway patrol patrol officer pulled over a 21-year-old black motorist he suspected of drunk driving, as the officer got physical, on lockers roushed in believing they were seeing another example of excessive force by a police department many views a an occupying force before long buildings were with being burned blood spilled. >> the watts riots would last six days and cover more than 46 square miles. 34 people dies more than 1,000 would be hurt, more
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than $40 million of property damages about 300 million in today's dollars many in the community called what happen a violent reaction to years of second class treatment you can't go along with a person if they don't go along with you there the aftermath, governor pat brown, appointed a commission shared by a former c.i.a. director to find out what led to the week of violence, and suggest solutions to prevent a repeat. the investigation found that police brutality, and disrespectful abusive behavior create add deep and long standing schism between the community and the police department. police commissioners also encouraginged investment in better housing, healthcare,. >> recommendations that 50 years later sound as familiar
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as the racial unrest that continues to plague american cities. earlier we with talked about the significance of the watts riots we asked him if disparity in education led to tun rest, we witnessed not only do they persist, they are further layers of complexity, for example, as you probably know, south los angeles has turned into a largely latino area. and bilingual education has become a persistent issue of the day. at the same time, with the attacks on immigrant populations, there has been a squeeze on funding for bilingual education. it is fair to say there is a mixed bag of results. there's a halting steps towards affirmative action, the los angeles times for example, decides that it would be better to cover with a labor force, the l.a. fire
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department thought it would be bet tore fight fires with a racially integrated labor force. university of california the california state university system, the large nest the nation, moved from ale haing way with towards affirmative action, but as you know, the supreme court has thrown roadblockens in the path, roadblocks that will probably become much more significant after years of decay, a new light is shining on detroit. the city has installed tens of thousands of street larches. some residents say they are still in the dark. >> act two years ago, nearly 40% of all detroit streetlights were broken. leaving thousands in the dark. >> for long time residents the lack of streetlights made his community a breeding ground for crime. he says some even fears walking the streets after dark as detroit was with working to emerge from
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bankruptcy, the city created a public lighting authority and with with the help of bonds embarked on a $185 million project to repair and replace over 88,000 streetlights. so far, the and i is ahead of schedule. what impact does that have. >> the street lites it is not just about sticks and lightbulbens, it is about sense of place, a sense of purpose and safety, so it of coursely did not have a good impact from that standpoint. >> the lighting authority says the new streetlights are critical to the cities turn around but not everyone is pleased so far doubts why some are feeling in the dark. tony harris in new york, the news continues next, live from london.
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this is the news hour live from london, coming up in the next 60 minutes. dozens killed by a female suicide bomber. also, ahead. forces loyal gain ground in the south of the country. angry scenes on the greek island as officials struggle to deal with with the growing numbers of refugees and migrants. an