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tv   News  Al Jazeera  August 12, 2015 1:00am-1:31am EDT

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>> these are all different strains. a shock resignation announcement from libya's prime minister followed by scan fusion about whether he's really going. ♪ ♪ you are watching al jazerra. coming up in the next half hour, a suspected boko haram attack kills at least 47 people in northeast nigeria. chaos on the greek island of cos. an attempt to register hundreds of frustrated migrants. a report from colorado where the very agency responsible for protecting the environment has poisoned a prison teen river
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system. ♪ ♪ libya's prime minister harassed announced he's stepping down. leader the country's international recognized government made the shaka announcesment if a television interview within minutes his spokesman was trying to stay it's all a mistake, rob matheson has the details. >> reporter: this is the moment abdullah says he will resign. during an interview with a private libyan tv station he's asked what he would do if people from all over the country come out to demand his resignation. he replies people don't need to protest because if he is an obstacle to the protest of libya, he resigns. that is likely to have an impact here in geneva where libya's two rival parliaments are face-to-face again. the u.n. wants both sides to
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merge in to a single government. the deadline is only two weeks away. there have been positive signs. >> translator: for a peaceful solution to the crisis in libya we are now heading to geneva in order to reach a political solution that will be reflected in the economic and political situation. >> translator: the continuation of this situation will only lead to more disasters, libyans, neighboring countries and the international community will not tolerate this political and security vacuum that exists now. >> reporter: he has stepped down before in april 2014 only to stay on as a caretaker frame minister. four months later he's dismissed by the rival general national congress based in tripoli. reinstated by tobruk law makers and order today form a crisis government. his internationally recognized government in tobruk has been accused of having little influence, it's already tried to
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play down the prime minister's announcement. but the latest resignation could have baying immaterial pa pact to bring trace to battle peer weary people here. gaining more ground from houthi rebels. most of the south is now held by forces loyal to the exiled president they have being backed by saudi-led airstrikes. joanna reports. >> reporter: government troops or the offensive. closing on the city of with checkpoints around it. houthi rebels have held it sense may when they swept across yemen with soldiered back by former president saleh. >> our message to the houthis is the following. you have 48 hours to withdraw or you will be killed. >> reporter: supported by saudi led air strikes they made a
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syrian gain and took delivery of new weapons and vehicles from the saudi and e.u. a. now now control several towns. if they take here it will pave the way for advance on is that. it's controlled by houthis who staged an anti saleh rally on tuesday. accusing it as a proxy to destabilize the region. on the ground a desire for the vie lips to end. >> translator: we condemn these atrocities against us and ask for peace and stability. these attacks have led to the destruction of the infrastructure and economy. >> reporter: it's also led to the di destruction of any kind f normal life for most yemenis. the u.n. says 80% of in need of humanitarian assistance. and around 1.3 million have been forced to flee their homes. the u.n.'s humanitarian affairs chief visited a cam top displaced people near the capital sanaa. >> the best solution for the country of yemen, for the people
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of yemen, for the future of yemen, is for all of the parties to realize that there is no military solution, there has to be a political dialogue in order to resolve the differences and to maintain a durable peace. >> reporter: but any peace seems far off. these pro-government forces are celebrating gains made in taiz, the country's third largest city remains a crucial battle ground. if the houthis lose here, it seems they will have no option but to abandon the south and dig in to their traditional strong holds in the north. joanna blundell, al jazerra. in syria, 48 hour ceasefire began at sick a.m. local time in a town close to the lebanon border. the ceasefire also applies to two villages in idlib province. earlier at least 15 people were killed in syrian-government air strikes in the northern city of idlib. the attacks appear to have targeted a market.
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hundreds of people in gaza have attended a hamas military parade. its military wing displayed weapons including anti--tank and antiaircraft rockets, israel says that it limiteds hamas' capacity after the gaza war last year which willed are killed more than 2,000 people. at least 47 people have been killed in a suspected boko haram attack in northeast nigeria. a bomb exploded in a market in the village there, about 135-kilometers south of the borno state capital. mo managed is rid has more. >> reporter: the female suicide bomber was looking for maximum chaos, hospital sources are saying the fatalities may go higher than already registered because of the severity of injuries. she targeted a very busy market. today's market day which lies
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between areas that have been attacked severely by boko haram in the past. this attack was coming a the a time when the jai nigeria military along with troops in niger, cameron and chad are stepping up against boko haram. boko haram did not claim responsibility but fingers are being pointed. we have seen over the last two months how they are increasingly resort to this use of suicide bombers and the planting of improvised explosive device on his highways and busy locations like markets, churches and mosques, killing hundreds of people over the last two months. the president of nigeria came to power on the promise of competing boca huh ralph the military a -- boca huh ralph and the military is stepping up operations and increasingly pressuring them in to a corn in what opinion people see as the final onslaught against boko haram. we have seen also over the last two months how they increasingly resort to bombing rather than taking the military and troops on directly.
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ers in the northeast of nigeria where seen increasing pressure on boko haram. human rights group amnesty international is calling for an investigation in to allegations of rape and murder against u.n. peacekeepers in the central african republic. amnesty says the troops have been linked to the alleged rape of a 12-year-old girl and the killing of a 16-year-old boy and his father in the capital earlier this month. the group says that it's interviewed 15 witnesses and one of the alleged victims. the u.n. says the claims will be thoroughly examined. >> we are very much aware of the latest, very troubling allegations of abuse by peacekeepers in the central african republic, which were raised today by amnesty international. the second general is preliminary dismayed and disappointed, not just by these latest reports but by the series of allegations that his surfaced in the central african republic mission in recent months relating to both the period before u.n. peacekeepers were deployed in that country and
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since. we would like to emphasize once more that no misconduct of this nature can be tolerated and that every allegations will be taken extremely seriously and investigated vigorously. around 200,000 migrants have arrived in europe this year, fleeing war and poverty in the middle east and africa. the majority are refugees from syria. but the second largest number of asylum seekers come from the east african country of air try a thousands of eritreans also make the dangerous trek across their boar border to find a plan ethiopia. >> reporter: there is no let up in this steady stream of eritreans who flee from their country. this hilly disputed border with ethiopia is about himming a favorite he is -- becoming a favorite escape root from them. we found this family at one of 20 crossings on the northern bored ethiopia has with air tray a they had to walk for three days to get here they say.
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>> translator: life has become unbearable in air try a. i never want today leave my country. i am a simple shep hard who has no interest in politics but the government officials kept harassing me. >> reporter: the u.n. says at least 300 eritrean refugees arrive in ethiopia every day. there are first sent to clinic center where they are officially registered before being sent to camps. most fleeing are young people who say they want to avoid conscription, a compulsory exercise for both men and women who are finished school. while military service for school is supposed to last 18 months, many of them are forced to serve for decades. tomas is 21 years old, he's been trying get out of eritrea since he was 14. >> translator: the conscription has no age limit. as long as you can carry a gun you belong in the military. even my father who is partially blind is in the army. i don't want to lead that kind of life.
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>> reporter: young children have also been leaving air tray a thousands of young as six and seven have made to to keith open i can't unaccompanied. this is their section of the camel in ethiopia. chairman of the refugees community. >> translator: chirp are as affected by government policies as the rest of the society. they are forced to flee when their parents are conscripted or arrested for refuse to go join the army. >> reporter: some of the refugees say they want to go to europe. >> of the refugees who have been returned or departed after having reached as far as even egypt, in a bid to cross over in to europe. >> reporter: worried by the number of people who are leaving. the eritrean government recently asked the u.n. security council to help bring human traffickers to justice. it says it's smuggling groups not human rights abuse that are forcing aerotrains to leave. many here would disagree.
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attempts to register hundreds of migrants on the greek islands of cos have resulted in chaos. the you were says 124,000 people have arrived on greece's eastern island since the beginning of this year. neave barker reports. >> reporter: it's a scene of panic and desperation. 1500 migrants were gathered in long queues to be processed. but after a long wait in the heat, scuffles started. a man collapses on the ground. this woman begins to lose consciousness. there are children here too. only a handful of police were on
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duty to carry out the registration and keep control. they were quickly overwhelmed. give us papers, they chant. many migrants on k.o. s have been camping in the main town's parks and squares. they are frustrated at how long it's take to go process their documents. it's an anxious wait. >> i don't have money, please, help me i want to go. i don't want to say in grease, i want to go. >> i can't say we are in europe. i think we are in third world countries. no toilets, no water. people have been waiting for more than 10 days. what can i say? is this europe? if this is europe, we are going back to syria. >> reporter: the greek government charity groups and local people are struggling to
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help the migrants. every day more arrive in boat loads from nearby turkey. for many migrants escaping war in syria and afghanistan, arriveing in kos was meant to be the start of a new life. [ cheer ] >> reporter: for many europe's doors remain closed. neave bark, he al jazerra. still ahead on al jazerra. some of the poorest people in the indian state say a land redistribution scheme has failed them. >> reporter: i am in colorado where we are investigating that toxic plume that spilled in to this creek and end at the animus river last week. authorities say things are now returning to normal of but how great is normal?
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♪ ♪ welcome back. the top stories al jazerra. libya's prime minister has announced his resignation but there is confusion as his spokesman later said the prime minister will not be stepping down. the u.n. is trying to get libya's rival factions to agree to a unity government. at least 47 people have been killed and over 50 others injured in an explosion in northeastern nigeria. a suicide bomber attacked a market in th the aville village. attempt to recommendingster hundreds of migrants on the greek islands of kos has resulted in chaos, police used
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batons and fire extinguishers to maintain order after fight broke out amongst the crowd. on wednesday thousands of people will protest over an successful land redistribution scene. the zero handles initiative was launched to provide land for poor households. once their application was approved. each family would be allotted 121 square meters of land. so far, just over 10% of the applicants, and that's 36,491, have been given deeds. with even fewer receiving their plots. a report from the district which has the least amount of land allotted. >> reporter: he had never imagined being given a piece of government land would cost so much despair. with her low income and blind husband to take care of, they were prime candidates for the government scheme. >> translator: for 12 years we tried hard to get the land and we finally did, but it's not in
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this area and we can't move. we don't have money to build a house there. and now our landlord wants to evict us. >> reporter: the lands is in a fishing area. moving would mean losing her job as a roadside cleaner and grass cutter. though they say they can't ford to move and the lands is unlivable. many here would consider them fortunate. 14,000 people in this district have applied for the land scheme, and only 150 so far have received land. the zero handles project was launched by the government two years ago to help poor families. these women were given papers confirming the applications were successful a few months ago. but they haven't got the plot yet. >> translator: if we don't get it soon we will protest and we will commit suicide. that's the only way, we can't carry on like this. we are all very poor. >> recent years social unrest overlapped ownership has become
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common. in thin the state here a progree lights land bill was process ed in 1957 and promised fair distribution of land. yet about 70% of households don't own land one of the highest in india. activists say the zero handles scheme is ineffective and just gives the impression the government is tackling the issue you. >> the land is existing. that means land existing might be a white elephant. it may be a land occupied by some other person. sometimes that land may be removed. sometimes it may not be usable. >> reporter: the district is one of the most densely populated in the country with a thousand 500 people for every square kilometer. state land reserves are used in the scheme but they are limited. >> better the government gives us a fund to purchase from those who have surplus land. >> reporter: she has been asking
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for help from the government to build a house but has had no response. she now says life was better before she got the land. divya, al jazerra, india. officials in colorado say they are hopeful the toxic waste that leach ed in to a major river in the state has not made any lasting damage, the plume of heavy metals made its way in to colorado mexico and ute. shihab are you tans i reports. >> reporter: the animus river no longer looks like this, the plus tarted color a result of the iron that leached from an abandon mine upstream of. the toxic plume use kind arsenic, led and cadmium. now it's as if it never happened the governor of colorado and state officials are keen to stress preliminary testing showed the river has already returned to notice despite the new sediment that has sunk to the bottom. >> we have not found any wildlife mortality s this a
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definitive answer to whether the water is takes i can? it's not toxic that's what you are saying to fish or humans? >> i am not a wall water quality expert i am not qualified to make that call. >> where did the doctor go. she's qualified to make that. again, i am not sure you can make anything did firn in materials of what will satisfy all your viewers. >> reporter: a local environmental group agrees that things are looking hopeful. >> the fact that this guy is still is encouraging, but without the full analysis of this community we can't say a lot more. we can say half 100 hours they are surviving, we'll continue to monitor and see how the community is doing and then neek week and on in to the fall and probably no years. >> reporter: the environmental protection agency was working on stemming toxic seibel i think from the mine here in the hills above silverton, about
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80-kilometers upstream from durango, instead millions of liters of waste were unleashed remember the abandon mines above the hills have been leaching toxic chemicals for about 100 year. this is cement creek and you can see the toxic nettles mergeing in to the river. it will all be diluted by the time it gets to durango but this is normality. estimates suggest several hundred and perhaps several thousand of the u.s.' 50,000 abandoned mines are constantly leaching in to the nation's rivers. >> the mines have been leaking up there for over 100 years. the water quality and the animus river all the way from silverton to new mexico has been compromised in some respects for many years. >> reporter: last week's still a reminder of how difficult it is to recover from the unregulated gold, uranium and mineral rushes of the 19th and 20th centuries. shihab rittansi, al jazerra,
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colorado. in the united states, hillary clinton has handed over her private e-mail server for the fbi. the democratic presidential contender has been under scrutiny over her private e-mail account while she was secretary of state. critics say the setup was unsecure and designed to shield her communications from oversight. in texas a white officer who fat fatality shot a black teenager has been fired. he shot him four times after he was seen on cctv vandalizing cars at a deal are ship. he was still undergoing training at the time of the killing. >> i have serious concerns as to the rational articulated for the use of deadly force in this incident. these concerns, however, are best addressed through the criminal investigation process. however, based on a preponderance of evidence available to me, and the facts revealed by the investigative team, i have decided to terminate officer miller's
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employment with the arlington police department for exercising poor judgment. the u.s. coast guard has made it's biggest haul of cocaine and hair s heroin in a e mission. >> reporter: at first glance the palates look like the many millions of others shipped legitimately in to the u.s. every year, take a closer look and this cargo is pure being, ut and illegal. 32-tons of cocaine and two-tons of heroin for the u.s. coast guard it marks its greatest triumph to a single mission to crack down on drug smuggling. >> the wholesale value alone exceeds $1 billion. i am not in the market of selling this, but trust me on the street it would sell for much more. >> reporter: more because u.s. drug enforcement estimates the 32-tons of uncut cocaine alone could be convert ed in to around
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33 million lines that drug users would snort. this special operation ran for four months and involved three coast guard ships, among them the stratton on its maiden voyage. they were targeting drug shawingalers like these operating off the pacific coast to smuggle the contraband from south and central america and employing ever more sophisticated techniques to avoid detection. coast guard video taken during the operation in july shows the arrest of traffickers on board a 12-meter long submarine. that netted six-tons of cocaine. it's been a good year so far for the u.s. coast guard with almost 60-tons of drugs seized off the pacific coast so far. more it says than in the previous three years combined. this record haul has been moved to a location where it will be analyzed and destroyed. that location is being kept a closely-guarded secret. al jazerra.
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china has devalued its currency a midst fears that its economy is slowing down, beijing says it wanted to bring exchange rate controls close never line with currency market, china's partners accuse beijing of manipulation to make exports cheaper. in the battle against obesity the latest enemy appears to be our own bodies. researchers in british columbia have discovered a gene which could be linked to so-called white fat. the fat blamed for problems with weight and heart disease and diabetes. scientists say they have been able to block the gene in mice, reducing their white fat content by half. 10s of thousands of turtle eggs have been stolen from beaches in mexico. the eggs have been taken by poachers who make a profit from the shells and meat. environmental activists estimate that up to 80% of the turtle eggs have been taken since marines guarding the beaches were relocated last year.
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staying in mexico, and a neighborhood has explodeed with color in an effort to combat violence and crime. as john hulman explains, everybody gang members are putting down their weapons and picking up paint brushes. >> reporter: it's the biggest mural in mexico, a rainbow-colored makeover for a poor barrio in the city. graffiti artists have spent more than a year planning and painting 200 houses. together with young locals like francisco, better known as monkey. inevitably, he's the one climbing up the ladder. >> translator: i feel good. proud to be part of this. because in the future, my children are going to see this and how the neighborhood looks good now. >> reporter: the mexican government funded the scheme to turn around a neighborhood known for crime and violence. it's all about putting the youth to work and giving them a positive environment says ex-gang member and now project
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leader. >> translator: art with social programs can change people's lives. empower neighbors and generate social unity. murals wake up barrios like this one and get us working for a better mexico. >> reporter: mexico's well known as the cradle of modern muralism. great artists like diego rivera used it to expose the social and political problems of their time. in this case the painters are looking for project harmony and unity. it's a brave color scheme. and some locals aren't too impressed. others see it as a multi-colored game changer. >> translator: we are all surprised by the new colors. this was a rough neighborhood and now it's really calmed down. who knows how they have done it. the painters talk to the youngsters because they have come from difficult neighbors too so they understand them. >> reporter: 20,000 liters of paint later, and the new-look
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neighborhood monkey sees is a gift to his three young children is almost finishes. john hulman, al jazerra, mexico. and you can get the latest news and analysis on our website, the address is on your screen there, tomorrow. i'm on target. toxic politics, the blame game begins. plus, it's the economy, stupid. the 2016 election hinges on it. it may not be in the way you expect. pictures tell the story, a yellow stew flowing through the river in the northern colorado river basin.