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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  August 16, 2015 10:00am-10:31am EDT

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at least 67 people are killed after a string of air . coming up on the program, a suicide attack in pakistan killed 10 people. protecting our natural heritage. we follow the trail of suspected
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poachers. >> hello n. syria government air strikes have killed at least 67 people they say 200 were wounded in the attack in dumba. they carried out the strikes in duma and a nearby area. a lot of attention togethereted. >> the opposition is calling it a massacre. at least 67 were killed and dozens of others wounded. they feel the death toll will
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climb higher because the people are in critical condition. douma is a rebel strong hole not far from the city center of damascus and is regularly targeted. what happened is what we understand from activist, the syrian government targeted a market place. when people helped the wounded more air raids were carried out and why the high death toll. this area has come under ah tack over the past months this. is seen as a message from the government to the opposition. various opposition groups promised to, quote, ignite all front lines with the government. now why did they say that? they said that after they decided to cut off all portions with the government on two other front lines in other place places in syria the opposition
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saying the ceasefire there on those two fronts collapsed and they wouldn't engage in talks with the government and accuse iran of trying to partition the country. this could be the government answering back and telling them we still have the advantage thai. still control the skies. the targets were were hit where a ceasefire has collapsed. it has become difficult to protect them. that is why it wants to transfer them to safer areas as part of a deal. s the rebel group that was negotiating on behalf of the opposition says iran wants to partition the country. over recent days there were
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talks to give rebels trapped inside the town safe passage. according to the opposition iran demanded the town's residents leave as a way to get muslims out of the countryside. >> we have seen some time now pro-regime forces have been focusing on secures their most strategically valuable territory territory. we have seen since 2,013 that policy beginning to take shape. >> reporter: the town is important. re-captureing would secure the international highway and consolidate their control of an enclave home to many of the
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country residents who are loyal to the president. the forces have been withdrawing to lines they are able to defent defent. there is a lack of manpower, which means they have to pick their battles in areas of strategic importance. syria separating people according to sects and loyalties loyalties. the fact that a population swap was on the negotiating table shows there is a new syria emerging. one with different borders and where forced migration may become policy. >> the home minister has been killed after a suicide attack on
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his office. 10 other people were killed. the bomber was seen shaking hands with the minister in his office. so we know that he has died in that attack. >> absolutely. it is now confirmed. initially the powerful explosives brought down the entire building and that led to a massive operation with the military team and rescue sniffer dogs trying to look for signs of life. hours later it was discovered that he was killed in that deadly attack. the suicide bomber able to detonate his device inside of the political office. >> tell us about the group that
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has claimed responsibility. >> first of all, just last month a senior leader of the ally to al qaeda and taliban one of their leaders with two sons killed under custody. they were spearheading certain organization -- he was a high profile target. he was a military man initially. he even served as militaryat chai but man into was a member of the provincial assemly and the minister. very important minister. important questions as to how he was targeted with seech ease.
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>> thank you for that update. thousands of protestors have taken to the streets across brazil demanding for the impeachment of the president there. calls have been growing for months whose administration has been crippled by cryption scandals. the president has seen her approval ratings plummet to historic lows. let's have a look at the major issues facing brazil. plummeting commodityis proos have sent inflation soaring 10%. unemployment 6.9% the lowest in five years and the devaluation of the local curnessy by 20%.
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on what are the people behind you hoping to acheech? achieve? >> they are angry because of a shrinking economy. if you look at the banners they are carrying are for the workers party. it is for the demonstrators and president. you have to the march in rio and in 100 cities across the country. the turn out is going to be very important. that will really signal if there
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is a momentum to take the road of impeachment for the president or not. certainly the approve at rate at seven-point seven% and less than a-- 7.7% and that's less than a year after taking office. whether that will lead to impeachment or not is not enough. low popularity is not enough. there is no proof she was directly linked to any of the scandals. the organizers are hoping for a huge turn out, she is hoping for a lesser turn out. whatever happens after today it is not going to take this country out of this problem, it will be problematic. if she stays in power and no momentum that leads to her
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impeachment she will have a difficult second term that already has a rocky start. >> people power is one thing, but what about people around her in the party? what murmurings have there been? go encouragement for her to go? >> it is a mixed bag, really. even the opposition is not favoring impeachment at this point. they say she is a democratically elected president and at the moment there is no legal wrongdoing and to go down that road of impeachment practice zilians fn of -- brazilians know of already when you need some sort of stability, you have people in the party who are rallying with her. you have people in the party now being investigated.
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certainly a mixed bag within her party. this approval rating approval rs plummeted in six months has shocked many people. she was a person they were counting on and had the support of the former president when she came to power. she is being accused of absolutely everything here. >> thank you very much for that update. pro government forcing battling rebels the and hold
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five of six provinces across the south. >> just to bring you more concerning the plane missing in indneed thesia. it is confirmed that plane that had 54 people on board the remains have been found crashed in the country's eastern pappal region. it lost contact with air control after it took off. let's get the latest. very quickly, what more do we know about this? >> so far they haven't actually physically found the plane. the ministry is basing their
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conclusion on what they heard from the people in the area they saw the plane crashing against a mountain before it was landing near papua. inents before it was -- 10 minutes before it was to land, there was no contact and people in the area saw it fly against a mountain. the area is remote. tomorrow as soon as it starts to get light, it is already evening in the area, people will try to search for the plane and send more planes to look for the exact location. it's a long walk up into the mountains to the place where they think the plane has crashed. >> we are just looking at the plane on our screens. what do we know about the air
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fleet? >> it's a small airline and they have been operating since the early '90s and operate in these remote areas and using mostly 42 planes, smaller planes but a very old plane. this was 27 years old. most of the planes are very old. they use them in these remote areas where small air strips. in papua it is dangerous to fly. pilots say it is very spooky and unpredictable to fly in this region. the weather was also very bad today. >> we'll leave it there for now. just waiting for confirmation. those reports coming from local people saying they have located that plane that has crashed, but
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we're waiting for the government to actually locate that plane. a hilly and remote area. still to come: pressure builds on south sud sudan's rivl camps. and more bodies pulled out at the massive blast site in china.
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>> "inside story" takes you beyond the headlines, beyond the quick cuts, beyond the sound bites. we're giving you a deeper dive into the stories that are making our world what it is. >> ray suarez hosts "inside story". only on al jazeera america. >> welcome back. the top stories on al jazeera.
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target strikes have skilled 67 people according to activists saying more than 200 others were wounded on a crowded market in doumas. >> in pack stab the home minister has been confirmed dead with 10 anothers in a suicide attack on his office. >> indonesia's transportation office says a plane has crashed in the eastern papua region. an iraqi parlimentary investigation says the former prime minister is responsible for the fall of mosul last year. earlier the prime miner ordered commanders who abandoned their
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positions to face trial. ro made trial. theisil pushed forces out and tk over the city. anyone officer grade or above who left their most must be court court martialed. >> reporter: coming on ratifying recommendations that had conducted an investigation into officers having abandoned their post when isil took over rama di. they say anybody officer grade or above who was a member of the ike
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iraqi and left their post will be court court martialed. this is following up on hours and hours on investigation who came up with this recommendation. it was previously recommended by the previous prime miner that those who leave their posts should be court marshaled. an isil suicide attack has killed 17 security personnel. two trucks filled with explosives targeted a group of soldiers soldiers and soldiers. >> south sudan will push on with talks to end a 20 mention civil war.
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rival camps are facing international pressure to strike a deal before the deadline on monday or risk possible sanctions. they. they are both veterans of the conflicts. under his leadership rebel factions captured a string of rebel town including oil hubs. theseveral ceasefires are been broken since the conflict began.
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the mediation attempts are not promising. >> the rhetoric we are seeing and language we are hearing at the moment is not one that i consider very positive. or indicative of either of the sides willing to lay down arms and move forward in a peaceful way. i don't see that sort of real commitment, language of reconciliation or peace out of either of the talks or the leaders. while i would like to think it would have added some pressure, i doubt much is going to dmaince in south sudan. there is a steal mate between
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the parties -- stalemate between the parties. i don't think anybody trusts anybody. that's a big challenge to the process. in china people living near the chemical blast site want more answers from the government. there is fear toxic chemicals are leaking into the area from a warehouse used for storing sodium cyanide. >> reporter: some survivors have compared this disaster to a nuclear explosion. closeup that's what it looks like. the toxic cloud is covering this zone. the lethal chemical sodium cyanide was stored here. there was an added added urgenco
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the search as the toll of missing and dead continues to rise, along with the anger of the families of the missing and those made homeless. they continue to protest outside a hotel where officials were briefing journalists. >> we want them to tell us the truth and help us find a proper home. >> what we need most now is for the government to take care of us and keep us informed. >> reporter: the government still doesn't know what caused wednesday night's explosions but now admit sodium cyanide has been found at two locations but insist the readings in the air are safe per those outside the exclusion zone. >> if you are outside the two kilometer zone, these be ins should be within normal standards. this should not have any affect on people's lives. >> reporter: gas masks are now the most precious
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dmoddity in tianjin and they don't protect from sodium cyanide. >> this is not professional. yoafn, i don't think it can do that jooshts china's well-oiled volunteer machine moved into action. thousands of volunteers have come to the city from all over china and here they are handing out water, food, clothing, all of it vitally needed. the list for the missing is getting longer. the majority of those yet to be found are firefighters and police. officials say the explosions were so powerful so far only a few bodies have been identified. a hunting reserve in the colonial era in 1926. attitudes toward hunting have
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changed. the legal trade in wild life is worth billions and led to large scale poaching. in the final part of our series of on preserving global heritage heritage. >> reporter: this is an exceptional operation inside an important world heritage site. it is home to rare animals and plants. the park is just under half the size of belgium so finding poachers is difficult. this morning rangers receive a tip off. on the grounds, some clues. fresh bicycle tracks and signs of wild animals. these are the latest pictures used by a nearby camera to track movements. here the west african lion. virtually extinct. it's worth hundreds of thousands on the black market. on the last picture, one of the poachers in front of the camera.
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local tribes were forced out of the area to protect animals from being hunted. rangers say some tribes men are known to work with traffickers. >> locals have the best knowledge of the park. >> reporter: we slowly approach the spot where the pictures were taken. the poachers are probably armed. rangers worry about a gun fight as well as being attacked by dangerous animals nearby. suddenly he spots them. they launch an ambush. as expected local villagers. on them weapons and food rations
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rations. he says he was hunting bush meat, but the park rangers don't believe them. most of what they kill is smuggled to asia. they are after big cats like this. this is a rare panther. rangers found him when he was a baby after poachers killed his mother and all his siblings. despite all thests put in place to prevent prevent poaching thee a number of an mals like this on the verge of extinction. the united nations says this world heritage site is in danger danger. none of spared -- are spared. rangers say poachers kill indiscrim nately, even using automatic machine guns. >> it's disgusting and we feel responsible. >> reporter: worth an estimated 19 billion a year, the global trade in wild animal
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system booming and despite efforts like this, it continues to grow. >> to let you know you can keep up on to with all our top stores on al in a


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