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tv   News  Al Jazeera  August 20, 2015 12:30pm-1:01pm EDT

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that you can always find much that incident and this one the more on most of our stories over right way. >> an area that has been plagued on our website. that is what the front page is by violence, been plagued by gun looking like at the moment, violence. police officers were there doing leading on the crisis in yemen. a job that we all asked them to catch up with the latest in news do to keep our community safe. a group of protesters came and sport, do log on to together and started to do acts of violence directed at law enforcement and the neighborhood. >> reporter: police used tear gas to clear the streets. >> reporter: when an individual blocked traffic, it was okay for president jimmy carter police officers to make arrests. starts radiation therapy today. they are impeding traffic. he says doctors found cancer on they are marching through king's his brain. greece is heading for a new highway which is a major election with the prime minister set to announce within hours thoroughfare to the trauma that he is resigning. center. they are impacting lives. and heavy response from police washington state today is in st. louis when they square asking for help from the federal off with protesters after an government after three firefighters were killed, armed black teenager is shot and another four injured battling a killed. ♪ wildfire. several wildfires in the state have quickly grown in size and intensity, triggers new evacuation orders and
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threatening more homes. stephanie sy has this report. this is al jazeera america >> reporter: the flames overtook live from new york city. a vehicle carrying a group of i'm randall pinkston. former president jimmy carter is fvrts. the country sheriff describes getting radiation treatment this afternoon for cancer that has horrific conditions. spread. the 90 year old spoke candidly >> the bottom line this was hell about his illness earlier today in here. >> reporter: dozens of homes at the carter center in atlanta. were destroyed across washington state and the northwest region. after surgery to remove cancer more than 290,000 acres burned. from his liver tests found four small spots of melanoma on his more than a,000 firefighters are on the ground along with the brain. >> i just thought i had a few national guard trying to help weeks left, but i was contain the flames and protect surprisingly at ease. homes. >> the past ten hours, we're up you know, i have a wonderful here. it's hot. you know, i got new boots life. i have had thousands of friends. yesterday. i'm breaking them in. and -- and i have had an getting blisters on my heels. >> reporter: nearly 100 fires exciting and adventurous and with burning across the west from california to oregon, satisfying existence, so i was forcing thousands to evacuate. surprisingly at ease. >> obviously we're going to have much more so than my wife was. to find a place to live for probably a couple of years, [ laughter ] >> but now i feel this is in the because just getting anything done up here -- and then we're hands of god whom i worship, and going to start working on this.
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i will be prepared for anything cleaning up, and take it one day that comes. at a time at this point. >> reporter: president carter >> reporter: stephanie sy, al called his pain so far very slight. he also said it is still not jazeera. >> winds are expected to calm clear exactly where the cancer began. down over the next two days the 39th president says which should help fire crews. radiation treatments will continue for the next couple of a competition on prep school months. campus being detailed in court. earlier i spoke to a physician we'll analyze a rape case in new and medical journalist about hampshire. where prosecutors say high carter's diagnosis, and asked school seniors prayed on her if there's any way to know underaged students. how long this cancer may have ♪ begun to development. >> president carter announced that he had a very slow-growing malignant melanoma. so with slow-growing cancers this could have been something years in the making. president carter has been monitored very closely for the possibility of pancreatic cancer. he has a father, brother, and two sisters who died from pancreatic cancer. but the screens he went underwent for that may not have
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detected slow-growing melanoma in the body. >> he said he had a bad cold, and from that they discovered the cancer? >> it's hard to know was the bad cold early symptoms or just a red herring and when they worked him up, they came across the cancer. >> do you know how long he has been under that monitoring for pancreatic cancer? >> so when somebody has a family history of pancreatic cancer, we consider family history to be at least two first degree relatives -- >> he has four. >> he has four first degree relatives. so we do have these patients enter what are called family registries, so essentially it is a research protocol. they get scans on a yearly basis. unfortunately none of that kind of screening or for that matter blood tests has really been shown to detect the disease
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early enough to make a difference in terms of the treatment and course of the disease. >> had it been pancreatic cancer what kind of life expectancy would he have had. >> that's why we're so relieved to hear it's melanoma. the survival for pancreatic cancer for somebody especially in their 90s would have been six to 12 monk -- months. well wr as with melanoma, may still have a few years ahead of him. >> we'll get his first treatments today. they will directed towards the lesions in his brain. he indicated there were four. how tricky is that? >> he also mentioned he had been in this headgear during -- having a scan done. so they were trying to actively mark where they want to target the radiation. so it is a little bit tricky in
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terms of the physics of it. and the idea is to shrink these ♪ >> the company behind medication tumors so that you are not for lack of female sexual desire having brain swelling or other is being sold just days after complications with respect to your thinking or movement. the fda approved the drug. >> and what is the likelihood for recovery for a person of his sprout pharmaceutical makes the medication. in that company is privately age with this condition? held and based in raleigh, north >> it's really reassuring that carolina. it is being purchased by a he tolerated the initial hurdle quite well. canadian company for $1 billion. so that speaks very positively we're expected to hear today from the two women who are to his overall health status. making history in the military. tomorrow they become the first somebody who is frail in their to graduate from the army's 90s, with heart disease, lung elite rangers school. disease, diabetes, that would be and this week the navy seals a very different story. announced they will also open jimmy carter is overall quite their doors to women who can get through their training program. healthy and very active still, and this bodes well for his ines reports how the changes recovery. >> he points out that he does could affect women's roles in not smoke and maybe that has the military overall. >> reporter: two women will make something to do with his history on friday, becoming the prospects. >> absolutely. first females to graduate from smoking is the primary the army's ranger school. controllable factor for 61 days of gruelling training
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pancreatic cancer and many other with a dropout rate of 60%. cancers, and has a tremendous this is one of the 26 women who ability on your ability to breathe and your ability to heal tried out. she made it through eight days. yourself, and that is a great >> what i have seen in the end is that your gender ends up not prognostic factor. >> she says the treatment on mattering. it matters what you bring to the table and what you are capable of doing. >> as the pentagon considered melanoma should bode well for carters recovery. whether any combat job should be closed to women. the greek prime minister the idea that you should meet will address the nation in the the exact standards as men, you next few hours and submit his should be able to do the same resignation. job is meeting with support. in that will clear the way for elections as early as next >> i think that's how we want to month. operate as we move forward. john psaropoulos has the latest from athens. >> this week the navy said it we'll get back to john in a plans to open its elite seal moment. in south korea today there team to women who can pass the is a high alert after an gruelling training regimen well. exchange of heavy artillery fire on the border with the north. with john greening telling the times: north korean forces fired at a south korean border town. the south responded with dozens regardless of any policy shift, those who advocate for women in of shells. this was the first hostile any front line say the work will exchange in five years. be far from over. to harry fawcett now with more marine captain is one of the from seoul. >> reporter: this exchange of people who sued the defense
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fire began shortly before 4:00 department three years ago to in the afternoon, south korean revise its policy to include women in combat. time. >> there's going to be the first the south korean defense ministry says the north fired a woman riding on a tank. that first woman in an artillery projaek tile, thought to be a rocket into south korean wrun it in. and every one of those women territory. will be held to a higher then there was a second round of standard. none of that is going to be firing, this time it is thought to be artillery. fair, but if she doesn't go and about an hour after that through that, the next women who come behinder won't have it just south korea fired dozens of a little bit easier. artillery back. >> reporter: but not everybody north korea says that south agrees. >> we should accept there are differences between males and korea has to dismantle prop ga females. females can contribute, but da speakers within 48 hours or unilaterally i think it provides further reaction will result. a distraction and weekends the force. >> reporter: the military has the south korean government says until january of next year to that it was really just trying argue if any position should to hide what was going on. remain closed to women. a teen who was accused an they are calling this a provocation. the south korean president was briefed, and she instructed alleet new england prep school south korea's military to graduate of rape is back on the
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maintain a state of readiness, stand today. and respond sternly to any prosecutors say the senior raped the 15-year-old girl last year. further north korean they say it was something called propagation. all of this is a result of a senior solute, a school ritual where upper classmen pry on land mine that injured two south younger students as sexual korean soldiers. conquests. the accuser testified witness the south korean side said that that he took her to a remote was a north korean attack, building, removed her clothing, that's why it began broadcasting bit her and raped her. across the border from these >> i didn't want any of this. huge arrays of speakers. i was so confused. north korea called that a i didn't know what else i could declaration of war. harry fawcett in seoul. as we mentioned earlier, do. i had already said no, and i greece is facing elections for a already moved his face second time. physically. i didn't know what else he could we'll go now to john understand. >> defense lawyers reject her spiropoulos. account, saying what happened >> reporter: what we're hearing was not intercourse. from syriza lawmakers is that st. paul's school has a long list of prominent alums, the government simply couldn't including secretary of state john kerry. proceed with the implementation officials there say the of the third bailout loan it allegations do not represent the negotiated last month. its original plan was to get culture or values of the school.
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through august bypassing further implementation laws that put the a psychologist says this case highlights the messages sent to third bailout loan into legislative effect. boys and girls about gender. but apparently there weren't >> this case is so disturbing and people want to focus on the enough syriza loyal lawmakers, individual perpetrator, and the we're talking about the individual school. this is really about our two-thirds who remained loyal in culture. it's about the toxic messages the last bill, not the one third that we send to boys and girls that has now decided to oppose about masculinity and the government on austerity, but the two-thirds who were supposed femininity, how to be popular. to be loyal. it's about the media, the even they didn't agree to into into the summer session, messages kids take in. where being a guy is about therefore the government was getting everything you can, and left with no option. there are positive arguments in where girls are told being a successful woman is about being favor of doing this well, as the the desired one, and you put prime minister's numbers are still high. that together in a context of the full effect of these privilege, in a context of austerity measures haven't yet been fully felt by voters, and whether maybe kids haven't been given the opportunity to really so the argument seems to have gained currency within the party unpack those messages and that now is the time to renew outcomes like this are unfortunately not surprising. the mandate, go forward with a >> she put part of the blame on unified syriza, one that doesn't the prevalence of pornography
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include the far left that has that shows women as sex objects. now decided to go its own way two years into the and form a separate party, and then try to form a new alliance affordable care act why millions within parliament. are still without health investigators in thailand insurance. today are trying to find a man and this western band gets they say was responsible for on the stage in north korea, the monday's deadly bombing attack in bangkok. first to ever perform there. he is seen in closed circuit video, leaving a backpack at the scene. police spoke with two other men nearby. officials say those two are tourists and were not involved in the attack. a massive explosion rocked cairo today. a car bomb designated this morning. at least six police officers were wounded. >> reporter: the blast came in the middle of the night in a small suburb of cairo. an explosion so powerful witnesses said it was heard and felt far beyond the small district where it was planted. >> translator: we were waiting at the traffic light.
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cars around us from all directions, and as the lights changed, the explosion happened from that direction. all i saw was the flames and the noise and the things flying off of the cars. thank god nothing happened to anyone, and this is the car as you can see. >> reporter: a group going by the name of sigh any province which has aligned its with isil, islamic state of iraq and the levant, is reportedly claiming responsibility. most recently it said it was behind a car bomb attack in july, targeting the italian consulate in downtown cairo. and then a week ago it said it had abducted and beheaded an engineer from croatia. sinai province is prominent among a number of groups which >> i lived that character. have claimed responsibility for attacks across egypt. it is the result of the
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crackdown following the removal of mohammed morsi. this latest bomb attack comes just days after the president ratified a law further expanding police powers. the head of the international atomic energy agency says an associated press report detailing an alleged secret agreement with iran, quote, misrepresents, unquote, the agency's work. the iaea's director general said: the ap has reported under the agreement iran will be allowed to select its own samples for analysis at a site where it has been accused of working to develop nuclear weapons. tensions are high? st. louis after another deadly police shooting. angry protesters confronted office herbs shortly after ♪
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california's extreme drought officers killed a man who is literally changing the allegedly pulled a gun son them. john henry smith has more on the landscape. 21 ground water base ins have story. been severely debleated by bump >> reporter: st. louis police released this dramatic video of pumping. an angry crowd over 100 strong nasa says that has the valley floor sinking faster than ever. confronting them in the streets. protests and looting erupted in areas near the california st. louis wednesday after police shot and killed an 18 year old. aqueduct have dropped up to 1.5 police say he pointed a gun at inches. today al jazeera is marking two years on the air with a look him as he ran. back at just some of the stories after they tried to serve a we have brought you in that warrant at a home on the city's time. to years ago the affordable care north side. a crowd estimated at around 150 act went into effect. yet more than 4 million people soon gathered at the scene. still do not have health insurance. [ gunfire ] >> reporter: many of them we met a cancer patient who fell reportedly had already been in the area protesting the one-year into the coverage gap. heidi zhou castro checked back anniversary of the police with her to see how she is doing shooting death of a 25-year-old now. >> i try to think a whole lot mentally disturbed man. soon the crowd was hurling glass into the far future. >> reporter: when we first met bottles, rocks and bricks. paula two years ago she was >> a car was set on fire and we're receiving numerous calls making less than $10,000 a year
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from businesses being and hoping her uterine cancer burglarized and officers are responding. >> reporter: tensions have been would stay in emission. high in the st. stvpt area as >> if it was to return, or if i would develop another type of protesters have been marking the cancer, i would just have to let one-year anniversary of the it take me out. shooting of michael brown. >> reporter: now two years late, police shot and wounded an 18 phillips remains cancer free, but her income is still below year old after five straight days of michael brown protests. the federal poverty line, and officials insist they handled that means she still does not qualify for government subsidized health insurance. about 1 million texans are in the same situation. they remain in the health care gap created when the u.s. supreme court ruled that states could ignore a mandate to expand medicare programs to cover everyone under the poverty line. obamacare is only available to people above the poverty line. >> it doesn't seem fair to me. >> reporter: so people who fall in the gap like paula philips
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are still in the gap today. heidi zhou castro, al jazeera, san marcus, texas. a slow vainian band has wrapped up its tour, where it was the first-ever western band to perform in north korea. they formed in the 1980s, and is one of the country's best-known bands. thank you for joining us. i'm randall pinkston. stay tuned for more news. ♪ reports greeks will vote again as the prime minister calls for
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new elections. ♪ hello there, this is al jazeera live from london, also coming up, safe landing, a ferry carrying several thousand syrian refugees docks on the greek mainland. cross border tension north and south korea exchange fire after a dispute of loudspeakers. three firefighters killed as the fire continues to burn
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