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tv   News  Al Jazeera  August 27, 2015 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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get their lives back, so they go to work and pay taxes, and they can have an opportunity. >> and that's the show for today. i'm ali velshi, thank you for joining us. overwhelming crisis, a truck full of dozens of dead bodies highlights the desperate measures taken by a record number of refugees seeking asylum seeker in europe. >> city of hope. >> i have never been more confident that together we will get to where we need to go. >> 10 years after hurricane katrina, the president celebrates new orleans's remarkable recovery, but acknowledges more need to be
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done. >> bargaining boost - a controversial federal labour warn makes it easier for some to join unions and them to negotiate better pay and residence the biden factor a poll sheing them doing better than hillary clinton in a match-up for president. what it means for democrats and the campaign good evening, i'm antonio mora, this is al jazeera america. more grim signs that the refugee crisis is escalating. leaders gathered in vienna to discuss the crisis, as they met there was tragedy. austrian police say the bodies of dozens of refugees were discovered in an abandoned truck in the south-east of vienna. and in the mediterranean dozens drowned and are feared death after a boat sank. the deaths are a reminder of how
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dire the situation has become. >> reporter: it looks like nothing out of the ordinary, a truck parked on the side of the road. but this is the scene of a crime. when police approached the vehicle, the driver was nowhere to be seen, they saw blood seeping out of the back. they were overwhelmed by a terrible smell. inside they found the decomposing bodies locked in. and suffocated. we don't know the country of origin, counting them is a slow gruesome task. >> translation: how many people were in the truck at this point in time i can't tell you, we fink it may be more than 20 people, 20 to 50 transported in the truck, and all the people have died. it's likely they are refugees, and highly likely they are
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people trafficked from east to west. >> reporter: the summit in vienna was likely to be dominated by the refugee crisis, the latest tragedy drought an -- brought a grim urgency to these talks. >> translation: we are very much shaken by the news that up to 50 people lost their lives in a situation where criminals facilitated illegal border crossings did not care about them, even though they were on their way to places they thought would be safe. it admonishes the need to tackle the issue of migration and the spirit of solidarity, there are more refugees than ever since the second world war. the austrian and german chancellors want to move to a quota system, whereby european union countries commit to taking in certain numbers of refugees according to size and economic capability. such a system, says angela merkel, would be fair. certain e.u. countries such as
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denmark and u.k. say they'll have nothing to do with european refugee quotas. the plan for quotas was first suggested by the european commission back in may. at this summit e.u. officials called for governments to have the courage to take difficult political decisions. >> these people come to europe, and come to europe to for protection. they need europe to protect them, and we need to live up to our standards of human rights and respect of international obligations to protect them. we need a european approach. everyone says so. >> the leaders also discussed ways of helping the boarder countries to cope and stay in the country of origin, that's a
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long-term solution, there's no immediate remedies to the crisis this saturday will mark 10 years since dzenan catic devastated northerly -- hurricane katrina devastated new orleans. much of the of big easy bounced back. today they saw how many people rebuilt their lives, his message, their resilience is an inspiration. >> because of you, the people of new orleans working together, the city is moving in the right direction, and i have never been more confident that together we will get to where we need to go. you inspire me, your efforts inspire me, no matter how hard it's been, and how hard, how long the road ahead might seem, you are working and building and striving for a better tomorrow throughout his campaigns and
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presidency, the president promised to help new orleans recover from katrina. there are those that say not all the changes are for the better. jonathan martin reports from new orleans. >> reporter: rolling up his sleeves walking through new orleans historic neighbourhood, president obama was greeted by a crowd eager to show off areas. >> you are seeing an example of state, local partnerships that helped to revive the community. the president acknowledged what anyone can see. there's large parts struggling. 50% of black men are unemployed. many remember 2008 when canada said the city of new orleans was
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failed. >> the fact he singled us out as a priority allowed him to separate himself from the bush administration. >> university of new orleans political science professor says across party lines most feel the president kept his promise. he can point to the billions used to rebuild the flood ceiling system. that took a lot of work to convince congress to fund it. >> reporter: full scale health scare coming back to the city was largely built with the funds. the white house taps 100 million, set aside to overhaul the system. today, more than 90 are charter schools. they applaud games and test scores. >> through the federally funded
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road home programme, residents applied for the rebuilding grants. this is a critic. the residents had money on p pre-katrina prices. >> $30,000 to build a 2-story house, and you have to bag a lender to give you the rest to finish state senator says federal help has been critical. >> if we didn't have the dollars from president obama and the commitment from the department of education, department of housing and urban development, the department of energy, we would not have been able to galvanise and collaborate as citizens to get it done. >> but, she says, it took plenty of work on the grounds to force the hands of the government. >> civic engagement is in the resiliency of citizen on the ground, pressuring officials. >> bobby jindal, often a critic,
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acknowledged the assistance from washington. >> i don't always agree with the administration. it's a time to come together, put aside differences and celebrate the fact we had help from the federal government. the state and local government. the population is 20% less, damaging 70% of stock. thousands of homes are abandoned. part of the goal is to make sure that we recovered from the storm. and looking at the inebbing watties long before the storm happened planned parenthood told congress that controversial video discussing the sale of foetal matter was heavily
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vetoed. planned parenthood submitted results of the videos. it concluded that it was edited to distort the context a vigil in virgin for a television reporter and cameraman shot by a former colleague during a live interview. people gathered outside to remember alison parker and adam ward, and called for stronger gun laws. police in china detained 12 people in connection with massive explosions. the blast happened in tianjin. the government raised the official death toll to 145. adrian brown is in beijing with more on the investigation. >> in a sense those that you expect to be arrested have now been arrested. they include the chairman, vice chairman and three deputy managers of the warehouse where all the dangerous chemicals were stored and twin explosions happened two weeks ago.
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wednesday, it was announced that the man who headed the country's work safety regulator had been sacked. he was a former deputy mayor, a post held for 12 years, you sense that this investigation is going to be more open than previous similar inquiries. in the past they tended to be opaque. this time the authorities have been open with the information they are releasing. but we still do not know the answer to key questions. one, why is it that so many dangerous chemicals were stored less than 800m away from where people were living. chinese law states such kim calls have to be stored 1,000 metres away. most dead and injured were firme, were they trained to deal with a chemical disas er, why
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did so many die. and there was a promise to tighten regulations regarding the storage former pro-basketball star, darryl dorkins, known for backboard dunks has died. he had powerful dunks that changed basketball and rims. he died in a hospital in pennsylvania, his family said he suffered a heart attack. he played 14 seasons in the n.b.a. with philadelphia, new jersey, utah, and played with the harlem globe trotters. >> another presidential poll is overturning conventional wisdom. how voters are reacting to a run by the vice president joe biden. and a ruling that could make it easier for fast good workers to unionize and negotiate for higher pay. higher pay.
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for the third time since the supreme court ruled against marriage equality, a county clerk refused to issue a marriage licence.
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kim davis was told to grant the licence, but she says she should be exempt because of her christian faith. new polls suggest joe biden may do better than hillary clinton. the b.p. is seriously considering a run. a poll out is likely to encourage him, indicating he would be donald trump, jed bush, marco rubio in head to head. showing him doing better against them than hillary clinton. >> joining us, a political analyst and the author of what makes it worthy. good to have you with us. >> that's correct for having me. >> a lot of interesting stuff. most is biden, he is doing better. this has to worry campaign and encourage him. in many reports the biden performance is a mirror upon hillary clinton's problems, reflecting how badly she mishandled the email scandal and
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how much recovery she has to do within the base and at large. >> if you look at the same poll, and when they ask democratic voters who they prefer, hillary clinton is ahead. on the other hand, her numbers are dropping, bernie sanders is up some, and joe biden is at 18%, despite the fact that he has not jumped in. >> we have to separate a you few facts. democratic women are holding. she still has 50% of report. bernie sanders is at 16%. that fire wall is keeper her well ahead in the primary, she's in a strong position, if the email scandal never occurred. there'll be a moving and mainstream candidate. bernie sanders is the moving candidate. and exists in the traditionful howard dean, gary heart and
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bradley. with or without the scandal. hillary clinton would not have the problems. the problem for her is a general election problem. she can't say to the movement candidate "you are less electable, because bernie sanders and joe biden, who is not in the race are polling as well or better against the republicans. >> and she doesn't want to anger the folks. >> i find, and the poll confirms that the two candidates polling the best within their party have by far the highest negatives, donald trump extended his lead. >> that's a fascinating point. >> in some bays they are in for different reasons. hillary clinton has the highest negatives, because they are poor among independence and republicans. that said, 30% of her party don't trust her.
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>> if you look and ask about the words people associate with hint, the top three were liar, dishonest and untrusts worthy. >> clearly it's impacted her. als i wrote last year, hillary clinton has been around longer than the internet. what she has going for her is the focus make history, the problem is what she has against her is the baggage. trump has his own baggage. a lot wouldn't vote for him at any point according to his things, and the words associated with him is arrogant blow-heart idiot. fine question - do you think biden will jump in, given the encouraging numbers? >> i don't. the reason is as encouraging as they are, i think ultimately hillary clinton, if he steps back and advisors remind him, is historically strong democratic nominee within the email
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scandal. i think joe biden will say he had a place history, it's probably not going to improve. into we'll have interesting months ahead. >> thank you for having me. >> another big day on wall street, the major indesies were up 2% following rallies in asia and europe. oil futures surging up 1%, a barrel of crude surged. a major ruling is making is easier for fast food workers to unionize. for the first time workers will be entitled to bargain with corporate personalities such as mcdonald's. before they could only deal with the franchise where they work, which could lead to wage changes on a national level. >> protests called attention to the flight of fast food workers, leading to minimum wage increases. now a victory could help for a fight for higher pay.
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the national labour relations board handled down a ruling enabling unions to negotiate with large parent companies. such as edmonton, wendy's and burger kings, as well as those relying on outside contractors. >> these kind of business arrangements. contracting arrangements. franchise arrangements appear in a smult attitude of injure cies -- multitude of industries. whether it's hospitals, contracting out services, using staffing agencies. hotel often will contract out the housekeeping services. i don't think there's an industry that is not potentially affected by the ruling, and that means millions of employees. >> reporter: until now, they were only considered joint employers of workers if they had direct and immediate control over employment matters. however, many corporations argue that the ruling could destroy
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the business models, a benefit of franchising and subcontracting is to spread the brand name while minimising legal risks and responsibilities. some of them are looking at doomsday scenarios. i think their predictions are very overheated. >> reporter: the new ruling may affect the upcoming case nlrb filed against mcdonald's and franchisees. the bottom line of the decision is that all that said, workers' rights are important. >> franchise owners are unhappy with the ruling, arguing they would not we able to run their own businesses if they had no control over pay and benefits. business groups called on congress to overturn the 3-2 ruling. >> socki salmon is pushed closer
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to extinction by human action. the changing environment in i'd ror next. >> and the latest forecast for tropical storm erica as it threatens to hit the u.s. as a hurricane. hurricane.
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>> top architect david adjaye. >> for architecture to be
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tropical storm eriksson weakened, not before it pumedly a tiny island triggering land sides. erica is bearing down on puerto rico. it could hit haiti and the dominican republic. the storm is expected to hit the eastern united states next week, and by then it could reach hurricane status, but the nhc says there's high uncertainty with this storm
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n.a.s.a. is warning that global warming is taking effect faster than anticipated. the satellite shows the world's oceans are growing, sea levels are rising, threatening communities, they are up 4 inches in the last 20 years. two-thirds of the increase is caused by melting glaciers. another third is due to a rise in sea temperatures. socki salmon in idaho are dying off and could disappear entirely. the cause - river water warming up. that makes it tough for the cold water fish to survive. >> so it's 8:30 in the morning. temperature levels are almost 22 degrees, 21.9 degrees, which is above 70 degrees, the mort ate level. >> salmon send an important part of their lives, travelling up and down the river, the eggs
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become fish, returning to the ocean, making the same journey again. now the climate is changing everything. >> the hazy quality to the air here is wildfires. you can smell smoke in the air. a few miles from us is a 65,000 burn. one of many roaring across the west. it's a function of climate change, and it is having a terrible effect on the river. >> i monitored temperatures up to 78 degrees along the stretches this summer. at this point, from a scientists' point of view, and an endangered species act as an personally, this run is extinct. >> salmon are cold-water fish, they need more oxygen than other species. as water gets older it health less. salmon has been on the endangered species list since
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1945. man made dangers were the concern. climate change is a big problem for the fish, making the water warmer, harder to survive. some believe the dams are making it harder. it extends the travel time from two weeks to six to eight. during the time they do biological things, going from a fresh water fish to a salt water fish, requiring energy. when you have to blow the energy ever the course of a couple of months, it takes a terrible toll. by the time they reach the fourth dam, their official numbers dwindled from 1,047 to 114 fish. a drop of 15%.
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all the measures, and billions spent to allow the dams to stay, continue operating as they always have, has been to the peril of our fish. >> steve was head fish biologist for idaho fish and game, and spent 32 years to negotiate safe passage for salmon through the dams. >> you don't believe there's a way to have the healthy fish and dams. >> no, especially when you enter climate change into the picture. >> when the might tri seven ends, fewer than 100 fish are expected to make it. >> the river, that hosted life and death, could be entirely unlivable. finally tonight, the world's fastest man could not outrun a segue. usain bolt won the gold medal in a 200m race at the track and field world championship in
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beijing, where, as you saw there a cameraman ploughed him down. the star sprinter reassured fans he would be fine, and joked that justin gatlin paid the cameraman to run him over. i'm antonio mora, goodnight. , goodnight. [ ♪ ] as crime dropped pt the public turns its attention to millions in gaol for the past years. is the criminal justice system warehousing people or helping to rebuild them. some are using the time to earn high school diplomas and college degrees, does it work. classes for convicts. it's "inside story".