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tv   News  Al Jazeera  September 9, 2015 1:30pm-2:01pm EDT

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been steered into a new era of popularity. emma hayward, al jazeera, london. >> much more for you online on our website. the address for that is and you can watch us by clicking on the "watch now" icon. >> the house postponed it's debate over the iran nuclear deal. a day after the senate democrats gave the white house a major victory. open for business, the kentucky clerk's office is issuing marriage licenses but their boss kim davis is not there. and questioning planned parenthood. congress looks at ho how the group operates even though it was not invited to the discussion.
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>> this is al jazeera america. live from new york city. i'm erica pitsy. the iran nuclear deal debate was expected this afternoon but it has been postponed. why have the debates been postponed. >> some of the caucus and how say they haven't had the 60 days allowed by law to review all the materials related to the iran agreement. that's because they say iran has struck side deals. the iaea with the initial atomic agency. washington said these are not side deals. this is a normal part of the process when you go over inspections and procedures. but republicans say if they
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can't see the fine print they won't vote. this puts the can yous can at odd because the clock is still ticking. john boehner came back and spoke to reporters today. he believes that the republicans are on the right side of this issue. >> at this point i think that the president has lost this debate with the american people. he lost it the moment that he agreed to a deal that allows iran to stay on a path to develop a nuclear weapon. >> republicans have some choices do make, and they'll glare behind closed doors this afternoon to figure out a way forward. do they go ahead, start demade and take a vote. or do they wait. the 60 day clock starts to run out next thursday, and the white house does not need a some members have heard today from the chief negotiator of the iran deal. secretary of state john kerry,
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what is he saying? >> he met with senate democrats. he's pleased by the news that 40 senators are supporting the deal. the question for democrats will amen those 42 senators filibuster and prevent senate republicans from bringing a bill to the floor. we don't yet know. here's what secretary kerry has to say. >> but we are deeply impressed by the fact that 42 of them have publicly come out and made it clear that they support this agreement. they believe that it makes israel, the region safer, it reduces the threat of a nuclear weapon. it provides extraordinary inspection, and it with stands scrutiny. >> the secretary of state was joined by the energy secretary today on the hill. moniz said he's pleased that 30 senators only three dozen have come to his office over the last couple of weeks looking for more information hoping to understand this better. >> and libby, we know that going on right now there is a rally
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against the deal with some republican candidates. what can you tell bus that? >> absolutely. there is a rally on the west lawn of the capital building. senator ted cruz leading the charge on this. also presidential candidate donald trump in attendance this afternoon. and the group will hear from the likes of sarah palin, in an effort to come out and say they are against the deal, they don't want to see it move forward. because there are so many moving parts on capitol hill we're waiting to see how republicans and democrats will choose to proceed. it's going to be a really interesting couple of days. >> all right, libby casey, life for us on capitol hill. thank you. and now let's go outside of the capital building where senator ted cruz has taken the podium at this opposition rally. let's listen in. >> the electro magnetic pulse would take down the electrical yesterday on the entire eastern seaboard and kill tens of
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millions of americans. we can stop that. but if senate democrats decide that party loyalty matters more than national security, and if republican leadership decide that a showboat is more important than stopping this deal then the single most important issue in 2016 will be stopping iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon. [ cheering ] and any command center chief worthy of defending this nation should be prepared to stand up on january 20, 2017, and rip to shreds this catastrophic deal. [ cheering ] any commander in chief worthy of defending this nation should be
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prepared in january 2017 to look into the eyes of the ayatollah khomeini say under no circumstances does iran ran under ey ayatollah who chants death to america will have no chance of acquiring nuclear weapons. [ cheering ] and if iran will not stop it's nuclear programs, we will stop it for you. [ cheering ] i want to thank everyone here at this rally. i want to thank tea party patriots. pro israel groups and national security groups. i want to thank my friend donald trump for joining us today. >> and you've been listening to presidential candidate ted cruz. one of the headliners at this
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rally against the iran nuclear deal outside of the capital building there in washington, d.c. you heard him mention donald trump, a fellow g.o.p. presidential candidate who is expected to speak as well. the board that oversees spending in baltimore has unanimously approved a $6.4 million settlement for freddie gray's family. gray died while in police custody. his death sparked protesting and rioting. six officers have been charged in the case. critics say that the settlement could be seen as a sign the officers are guilty before they stand trial. >> if any of the officers believe they have been negatively impacted they can opt out of the talent and face civil liabilities individually. >> the deal does not acknowledge any wrongdoing by police.
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the kentucky clerk's office is open today. but kim davis is not there. she tried to avoid giving marriage licenses to same-sex couples. john terrett is in the clerk's office in kentucky. >> there is a folk festival going on here. they're singing religious songs and hymns behind me. penal who are against same-sex marriage and protesting that kim davis was locked up at all. we expected her to return to her position as county clerk. but she has not come. her employer said that she'll be here on friday or even monday. but the issuing of marriage licenses to same-sex couples goes on. when asked if cler as clerk
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deputy would they continue to issue same-sex marriage licenses? they said they would. >> if i want to get married here. i want to get married here. >> he does not think that the jailing of kim davis is right, that it makes her a martyr, and something in his view is something she's certainly not. are these marriage licenses legal or not? the attorney general said that they are. but kim davis' team say intoer they are. here is her lawyer. >> the licenses that were issued were issued out the authority of the clerk of the county, and they're not valid. >> we're just going to have to wait and see. it must be very destabilizing for people who are getting marriage licenses at the moment not knowing for certain if they're legal or not. they'll have to wait like the rest of us to see how this plays out.
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>> john terrett for us. the european union has announced a new policy for dealing with the influx of rages and migrants, including a quota system for each member state as thousands more of people push their way towards western europe. but some countries are more welcoming than others. >> at this reception center on the board with serbia we've seen hundreds of refugees here today. many of them from syria, from iraq, some from even afghanistan. they've all said that they're concerned about what is going to happen to them next. in the last few hours there were hundreds of refugees in that area behind us. buses in the last half hour, we're told they're taken to a refugee camp nearby. the refugees are extremely worried. they might be held here in hungary. they want to get to austria as soon as possible. they don't know what the political is goin--what the policy is going to be.
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so they're really concerned. so concerned that when we were just on the board earlier this morning where the fence is being built, in fact, we saw dozens of these refugees actually turned back, turned back into serbia because they're worried about what is happening in hungary. everyone desperate to try to make it into germany as soon as possible. >> mohammed on the border of serbia. well, looking into planned parenthood. months after undercover videos are released, a house committee investigates how the group operates without inviting planned parenthood to the table.
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>> a special panel is looking into planned parenthood, examining the board's abortion practices, some on the panel want to see planned parenthooded defunded. lisa stark with us. what have the lawmakers been saying? >> there is a clear divide between republicans and democrats. the republicans pushing to defund planned parenthood and cut off federal funding because of the videos that surfaced, and it appeared to show that planned parenthood was illegally harve harvesting tissue from fetal bogues. but the hear was not just about those videos. it was about organization rights
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and women's rights as well, and there was an emotional statement on both sides of the aisle. i know that many on the committee will hold to the standard line but i beg you to open your own hearts and ask yourself what is so liberating about brutally and dismemor dismemberering little babies. >> this hear ising is not about the videos. the videos have been doctored, and they're not what they're supposed to be. it's show business. the hear something about a woman's right to choose. >> planned parenthood gets federal funds but by law those funds cannot be used for abortion services. they're used for contraceptive care, well visits, things like
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that. but a very heated debate on capitol hill. >> lisa, we know planned parenthood is not at this hearing today. what has been their response? >> right, they were not invited to this hearing which some see as an attempt to really roil the agency without letting them respond. they said that the videos have been totally discredited, they follow the law, and there have been nine attempts since 2000 to try to discredit them about undercover videos and so-called evidence like this, and each time that evidence fell apart. >> lisa stark live for us in washington. thank you. new details today about a cyberattack against the pentagon. the head of the ncaa and the u.s. cyber command admiral michael rogers say that the attack was progressive, and sophisticated. still no word on who was behind the attack. the national transportation
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safety board will investigate what caused a british airways jet to catch fire in las vegas. flames and thick smoke began billowing from underneath the plane. the fire forced the pilate to aboard. >> there was a look of panic. >> all 172 passengers and crew escaped. no one was seriously hurt, but 20 people were taken to the hospital for minor injuries. passengers praised the pilot for getting everyone off the plane quickly. police near san antonio are considering whether to file criminal charges against two high school football players who tackled a referee during the game. those players are leveling accusations of their own against of referee and one of their
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coaches. john henry smith has more. >> well, the incident happened last friday in a game between two san antonio area schools. and the two players involved are telling school officials what they did was not unprovoked. >> the incident is shameful to us and is deeply trouble to go all of us. >> the fall out continues on the behind-the head attack. now they're deciding whether to charge the players with a crime. they say that the refugee directed racial slurs to them. >> we'll discuss the racial slur allegation. >> on the website, it is reported as saying, libel and
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slander has been committed against me. and the austin football football association said that they're wanting to press charges. the john j players were angry about perceived slight committed against them in last friday night's game. >> during the game the players were feeling lots of frustration by what they perceived to be missed or wrong calls by the refs. the two accused players said that led one of their coaches to tell them to take revenge. >> the students alleged that an assistant coach said that guy needs to pay for cheating us. >> that assistant coach is 29-year-old mac reed, a former john y star and college football player. he is now on made administrative leave while the district looks into this allegation. >> i won't speak for the coach right now, but allegedly maybe the emotions got the best of him. >> texas is one of 23 states in
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a has criminalized attacking referees. it's a misdemeanor punishable by up to six month in president and a $2,000. the president of the austin football association says that he hopes these two students never play football again. >> john henry smith reporting there. up next, a sister showdown. there could only be one winner in the match up between serena versus venus.
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>> hello, i'm lauren taylor. this is the news hour live in london. coming up. >> no retorics. action is what is needed for the time being. >> rebels capture a key military base after a two-year long battle. a bad deal, protests take place


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