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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  October 11, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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>> sometimes that means risking death. >> getting the story, no matter what it takes. >> that's what the fourth estate is all about. that's why i'm risking my life. >> this is al jazeera america. i'm randall pinkston in new york with a look at today's top stories.israelis and palestinians continue exchanging deadly attacks as the latest round of violence extends into the ten 10th day.
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jason rezaian has a sentence. republicans try too secure a candidate to replace outgoing speaker of the house, john boehner pchejohnboehner. we begin with washington, expressing deep concern about the escalating violence between israelis and palestinians. late saturday secretary of state john kerry reached out to both israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu and palestine palestinian president mahmoud abbas trying to restore calm. this was the scene just a few hours ago outside the coastal city of hidera, a palestinian soldiers rammed into a israeli
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soldier. several people injured by a palestinian woman who detonated a bomb inside her car. >> there was an explosion that took place inside the vehicle. the female terrorist was injured seriously. >> two civilians were killed including a pregnant woman, israeli authorities say i.t. was in response to palestinian rocket first deadly strike on gaza in more than a year. hoda abdel hamid reports on why tensions are boiling over. >> reporter: with each funeral the rage increases. here, the body of 27 years old abraham howard being taken to its resting place. those accompanying him vowing
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his blood was not spilled in vein and they will continue to protect the al-aqsa compound. the protest called by a university, despite israeli's show of force, undeterred. israeli's retaliation was fierce. more than 50 people were hit by life ammunition, doorgd medicalo medical sources. >> nothing will stop us protecting al-aqsa and the intifada. all in the name of al-aqsa, the airbus should helarabs should h. all muslims should. >> spreading to areas of the west bank. to bethlehem and hebron. so many of the youth who joined these protests and
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confrontations on a regular basis is not all about eventualitying their frustration to israel but also to show sell sol dater to west bank and gaza. 22 years old man often joins the protests. he says the accords are despicable and should be scrapped. >> translator: our leadership is calling for calm. why? who does it benefit? the pee people of israel not us. your car is searched you get humiliated just because you want to go out of your city. sometimes you're turned around for no reason. it's a prison. >> reporter: like many of the youth, he is affected by many videos that have gone viral, showing palestinian suspects
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shot dead by israeli forces. these iedges give h images gives brothers reason for force. hoda abdel hamid, al jazeera, west bank. today the iranian parliament voted in favor of moving forward with the agreement, the vote came after a heated debate in which one lawmaker called the deal a disgrace. the deal also allows the government to withdraw from the agreement if economic sanctions against iran are not lifted. another announcement from iran concerned imprisoned journalist jason rezaian. today a judiciary spokesman said a verdict has been reached in his case but did he not say what the verdict is. did indicate it was not final
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and could be appealed. the executive editor of the washington post responded. this vague and puzzling statement by the government of iran only adds to the injustice that is surrounded jason's case since his arrest. baron also called on iran's leaders to demonstrate justice that could only lead to jason's exoneration and re. lblgz's kimberly halkett has more. >> reminding passers by that 400 days one of their own newspaper reporter jason rezaian has been held in captivity. his editor says, his time in cap tiflcapactivity has tiftcaptivi.
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>> all were eventually released except for rezaian who was charged with espionage and tried in secret inside this tehran revolutionary court. his family has always maintained rezaian is innocent. >> since he was a little boy my son loved iran. his love for iran has been so infectious he has made a career of shaig it sharing its beauty h others. >> joined iran's bureau in 2012. appealing to a united nations commission for help. >> jason has been imprisoned in tehran for nothing more than writing about the hopes and fears of the iranian people. >> there was hope with negotiations with world powers to limit iran's nuclear powers,
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that rezaian and others held in iran would be freed with that deal but the white house has maintained that those deals are separate. rezaian's time behind bars has been troubling for washington's foreign editor. locking up journalists. >> the governments arresting and holding journalists for the crime of doing nothing more than acting as journalists. >> and paying a substantial price for attempting to tell the stories that governments often did not want told. kimberly halkett, al jazeera. >> some support for hillary clinton. president obama down played her
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idea. >> she made a mistake, she acknowledges it. the way it's been ginned up has because of politics. maybe she could have handled the original decision better and the disclosures more quickly. this is one of those issues that i think is legitimate. but the fact that for the last three months this is all that's been spoken about is an indication that we're in presidential political season. >> the president said he learned about the e-mail server after clinton left office. a former congressional staffer who investigated the benghazi attack said he was fired for trying to be objective. he says he works for house select committee oning benghazi for ten months. he said he was fired when he refused to focus only on hillary clinton's role in the incident. he said the secretary of state
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was clearly the target of the investigation. >> i'm trying to be orvet about the incident, hillary clinton does have a lot of explaining to do. we didn't need to deexcis deexcr individuals. excise some to deemphasize other individuals. >> raising questions in a statement the congressman said "one month ago this staffer had a chance to pair hi bear his so. >> gowdy said his committee has always been focused on the four american citizens who died in the attack.
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the turkish government has afforded a team of inspectors to investigate saturday's twin bombings. 95 people were killed in turkey's capital city, at least 160 others were wounded. turkey's prime minister met with the country's opposition minister in the wake of this bombing. rival political factions are now talking about how to prevent more attacks from rebel groups. as al jazeera's mohammed jamjoom says the entire country is in mourning. >> emotions were raw as the day was sat, the mourners raged and cried in equal measure. mothers and aunts. unable to believe and unwilling to accept their loved ones were gone. about to bury the bodies of those activists who were attacked even as they called for
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peace. the day after, people here in ankara are still stunned. thousands gathered, leftists unionists and pro-kurdish activists made up most of the crowds. with carnations to commemorate. lost one of his best friends in the bombings at first he could barely express himself. >> translator: i just don't know what to say, i have no words. >> reporter: but then he like so many others began to question why this happened? >> how can anyone carry out this kind of massacre? we advocate peace. who exactly fears peace? if anyone should fear anything it should be war, not peace. >> reporter: some are frustrated with the government. frustration that could be heard in chance, accusing president recep tayyip erdogan of having
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made the country less safe, especially for members of its kurdish population. many at this rally are venting their anger, many more are overwhelmed with grief, still shocked at the attacks that happened and fearful that more could happen in weeks to come. but dread they say won't sop stowon't stoptheir demand for p. >> translator: i'm afraid but the more we know the situation worsening in this country today we want to fight if we want to leave the country the better for the next generation. >> reporter: a continuing conflict with the kurdish armed group pkk, more and more say it's unity that's needed, even though political divisions seem to grow deeper every day. mohammed jamjoom, al jazeera, ankara, turkey. tonight there is little
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doubt about who the beneficiary is, today syrian government troops launched a new offensive behind a series of russian air strikes by the middle of the country. by the end of the day, was in striking distance of rebel forces. the russian attacks did not appear to target position he held by i.s.i.l. vladimir putin says his goal is to stabilize the syrian government. putin says that will help bring about a political compromise to the four and a half year compromise. but the russian strategy runs countertcounter to that of the e house. as a al jazeera's al jazeerr reports. >> the syrian army says its force he have taken ground in the hama country side. this is the first majority coordinated assault by the syrian army and the russian air
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force since the russian government intervened into the conflict tropical storm rebels are losing because they are coming under attack by the syrian army, i.s.i.l, as well as the russians, the opposition is no longer advancing just now trying to hang on to territory especially in aleppo. >> reporter: and in aleppo the opposition has lost ground to i.s.i.l. whose fighters stormed into the northern country side and captured villages along with a military base. it was the most significant advance by the armed group in months. the opposition says i.s.i.l. launched the assault while rebel forces were focused on reenforcing their defenses on other fronts. this is the only road leading to opposition control districts in aleppo city. the army and its allies are within firing range of the the road, kit cuttin cutting it offm
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besieged areas in the country. >> syrians in general and people in aleppo in particular feel the war has abandoned them. russia is hitting the rebels and not i.s.i.l. the so-called friends of the opposition are providing little help. we need immediate help to stop i.s.i.l.'s advance and russian strikes. are. >> reporter: on the ground opposition groups are fighting back, they promise hama will be the ground for russian armies, it wants to end the presence of the opposition. before the campaign, the rebels had the upper hand and were threatening the government on a number of fronts. especially in the province of latakia. the campaign has now put the rebels on the defensive. they are facing pressure from many fronts, and from many enemies. zeina khodr, al jazeera, beirut. >> up next: bad news from the
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government for social security recipients. the family of tamir rice is slamming investigations which say a cleveland police officer was justified to stop tamir with shots.
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in >> tennessee authorities say a suspect is now in custody.
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officer terrence oldridge was shot multiple times today. he died later at a nearby hospital. he leaves behind a fiancee who is four months pregnant. the fourth memphis officer shot to death in just four years. the family of contaminateir rice is questioning two independent investigation is who say a cleveland police officer was reasonable when he shot the teenager last year. al jazeera's allen fisher explains that prosecutors say they released the reports in the interest of transparency. >> reporter: it was a video that shocked the u.s. and the world. a 12th-year-old playing in a park in cleveland, ohio with a toy gun. it was missing the orange cap that would indicate it was a
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toy. but it was enough to scare someone. the man sitting in the background, into calling the police. he said it was probably fake. but that wasn't passed on to officer tim lowman. he had no idea the victim was just 12 years old. >> shots fired, male down. black male. maybe 20. >> reporter: anger brought protesters onto the streets across the country. it was seen as another case of excessive police violence. >> i want to thank everybody for supporting my little brother. i don't know why they did that. he was only 12. he wanted to play basketball for nba. >> reports have just been released. former denver prosecutor lamar sims wrote, there could be no
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doubt that tamir's death was, when considering his age, heartbreaking. however i conclude that officer lowman's belief that rice posed a serious harm of death. fbi officer kim berle crawford said, his response was a reasonable one. he had no information to suggest the weapon was anything but a real handgun. tamir rice's family says the reports are part of a white wash. find out whether the police officers are to be charged. allen fisher, al jazeera. million man march staging another event in washington. thousands of african american men and women came out for saturday's justice or else march. >> all the answers were given to
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the problems we have, we wouldn't be here 20 years from then. >> we did not have a pronounced sense of injustice experienced at the hands of the police. it seems like the past two or three years that has just been a main stain within our psyche. >> during his remarks louis farrakand says these are america's next civil rights leaders . >> eants woul wouldan >> antibiotics. al jazeera'al jazeera's tarek by reports.
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>> antibiotics sold in the united states now used on animals. the overuse of the drugs on animals is a problem that can result in so-called superbugs, strains of drug resistant bacteria that can be used on humans. >> the use of antibiotics as ogrowth promoter is something we discourage, because at the end of the day, the antibiotic residual in the meat in the seafood, that you are buying, will also you know, give you, over time, the problem. >> reporter: think of bacteria as e. coli. we all have e. coli in ou our g. penicillin causes the cell membranes to rupture, job done.
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the problem arises whether patients don't take full course of their antibiotics or the antibiotics are of poor qualities. this gives the disease to mutate. the drug resistant bacteria can become dominant. >> from january the 1st, 2018 antibiotics will only be allowed to be given to animals for disease prevention not to fatten them up. ant pottics will have to be ordered buy licensed vet and the drugs will be monitored. two million are infected with drug resistant bacteria, about 22,000 die as a result. the problem is a global one. the effects will be felt most in developing countries. >> if we don't turn the tide on
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this in 2050 there will be 10 million deaths a year, more than we have dying of cancer every year and that will be predominant in the developing world, india, china they will all suffer. >> the rules planned in california oar necessary first step but they need to be adopted and enforced more broadly if they are to be an effective global response to this threat, tarek bazely, al jazeera. no cost of living this year for social security. 70 million americans will be affected by social security stagnation. the only other time there were no cost of living increases were in 2010 and 2011. republicans scrambling to replace john boehner.
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up next in our week ahead segment how can a fragmented gop get its act together? plus, the first democratic debate is just two days away. a look at what the candidates need to do to distinguish themselves.
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>> welcome back to al jazeera america. i'm randall pinkston. here's a look at your top stories. tensions are boiling over in the middle east, this was the scene just a few hours ago, outside the coastal israeli city of hidera. a female rammed her car into
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israelis and stands them, a former congressional staffer says he was fired by trying to be objective about the benghazi investigation. worked for the house select committee on benghazi for ten months. he claims he was fired for refusing to focus solely on hillary clinton's role in the tragedy. a verdict has been reached in a case against jason rezaian, the washington post iran bureau chief was charged with espionage in iran in july 2014. today a spokesman said the iranian judiciary had issued a ruling but did not say whether rezaian had been convicted or acquitted. it's sunday night and time to look at the week ahead. with just two days before the first democratic debate.
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bernie sanders took jabs at hillary clinton. the two will take stage together in las vegas along with lincoln chaffee, a number of republicans are openly courting former republican vice presidential candidate paul ryan to take the job. john terret with the drama on capitol hill. >> reporter: as bl republicans scrascramble to find another candidate for speaker of the house, paul rhine' ryan's name s coming up . >> he's already sort of mentally committed to many of the same things that we want. if he can convince us of that, i
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think we can deliver an overwhelming majority. >> reporter: so far he remains noncommittal saying he's not running for speaker because the job requires too much travel and fundraising and less time with the family. >> i think i shocked some of you hmm? >> ryan's name rose to the top of the list after kevin mccarthy's statement he was dropping out of the race. >> i can't unite everybody it's better to find somebody who can. >> it's not clear whether the freedom caucus could live with paul ryan either. it would look favorably upon him. >> i think our group would be favorable towards him but we're not there yet. >> reporter: others are in the running in case ryan says no. jason chaffetz is another front runner. but for now the election for speaker is on ice. john boehner still holds the gavel and this week it's all
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eyes on paul ryan to make the next move. john terret, al jazeera new york. >> let's dive into the topic, david heller, an al jazeera's political correspondent michael shure joining us from lang. first question to you mr. heller, will paul ryan accept the request to throw his hat in the ring? >> i don't know whether he will or he won't. i think there's probably a lot of questions for him as to whether he can really do what needs to be done which is to unite the republican caucus. i don't know if anybody can really do that. i'm not shush he's their guy and i kind of expect that there will probably be somebody who comes out of the woodwork who is not being talked about today as the ultimate republican speaker. >> let's get your take on that michael shure, what are your
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sources telling you about whether ryan will or won't? >> one of my sources on this was paul ryan. i cornered him in d.c. ten days ago before mccarthy dropped out of this. i was asking him, will there be that loin lyndon johnson statemi don't want the job, i tend to agree with david, there maybe somebody if ryan doesn't want this job, i think it's going to go to somebody we're not talking about. i don't think it is going to go to jason chaffetz, or daniel webster. a congressman from oregon, who is not a lightning rod, who will accustomly usher this party into an attempt to be united but it is a tough challenge randall. >> ryan said absolutely not
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doing it, hard no quote unquote, then no comment. sit your sense that he is at least listening to speaker boehner, listening to other top republicans who are calling on him to do it for the good of the party? >> you know randall i think he is listening to speaker boehner because if you are a member of the caucus you listen to the speaker, he is a friend of the speaker's so yeah i think he is paying attention and he knows there is this clamoring. it started from the very moment that john boehner said he was leaving on the 30th. the first person that was approached was paul ryan he said he didn't want it then. paul ryan has to pay attention because it's not just the speaker. it's the national party and its other members, senators mcilroy saying he woulmitchmccoa fine candidate. >> are we going to see a more
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conservative house in the next term or are the republicans in total disarray? >> you may see both. i think republicans are in disarray now, i don't think anybody would dispute that. and you may well see a more conservative highways, only in the sense that if republicans lose seats, it's not most conservative members that are going to be losing those seats. the republicans are the most conservative are from engineery magerrymandered districts. it is the bob doles are on the bubble, charlie dents, of more moderate persuasion. that would move the republican caucus further to the right, as you're saying randall. >> let's switch gears to the democrats and their upcoming presidential debate. representative bernie sanders appeared on meet the press. he tried odifferentiate himself from hillary clinton. listen. >> from day 1 i owned the
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keystone pipeline. , that was my -- i opposed the keystone pipeline. i think they have been a disaster for the american worker, allow corporations to shut down here move abroad. so people will have to contrast my consistency and my willingness to stand up to washington corporations, big corporations with the secretary. >> and of course there michael shure, he's referring to the fact that hillary clinton had supported the transpacific partnership and now she says she's against it. she had supported not establishing a no-fly zone in syria now she says she wants one. how will these flip-flops you think play out in this first debate? >> well you know, it's smart politics if a little bit disingenuous on the part of bernie sanders. because what you have in hillary clinton is someone who is part of the administration, the obama
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administration and there's always a tacit kind of you know, you have to agree with the president. if you don't agree with the president as part of his administration generally speaking your voice won't be heard anymore. that's the way it goes. it's why the vice president is in the same sort of bind. it gives an opportunity for sanders to say she got to this late she got to this late she got to this late but couldn't stand up and go against her president in that way too but it is good politics and you'll hear a lot of it in the coming weeks and certainly in the coming days. >> but wait a minute wait a minute wait a minute come on. it's not fair to say that he's being disingenuous that way. she fulshe voted for iraq war we was in the united states senate. when she was in the administration she was one of the most hawkish voices in the
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administration. she didn't move one way just to apiece obama people. >> absolutely she was in the united states senate. i was referring mostly to keystone and tpp. and keystone martyed when she me was part of the administration. but the president's cabinet is going to be supportive but you're right on that point. >> we take your point there mike. just before we leave we got to get you to talk about mr. o'malley, martin o'malley, what has he got to do to get some sort of traction which so far he hasn't been able to find. we'll gif you the last word on that. >> he's in a very difficult position. he's trying to move to the left of bernie sanders. when you are trying to get to the left ever a socialist
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there's not a lot of ground there. he's going to be doing equivalent of hail maries throwing long into the end zone. i don't know if there's a lot of place for him to move in this place. >> webb is certainly the one that no one remembers. >> well webb at least has some room. webb has staked him out to the right wing of the democratic party. i don't know if there are a lot of people to the right wing of the democratic party. you can say you are a moderate to a moderately conservative voice. certainly with bdges o with bers and with hillary clinton. >> will kyle hill be on the attack or make nice so no one accuses her of not being nice? >> i think she'll have to play
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off what happens. david knows better than i on these things, advise some of these other candidates to sell themselves rather than to attack hillary. in those cases she'll sell herself a little bit more. if she's going to be attacked she'll have defense, her mind is on the benghazi hearing much more than the debate. >> her goal here more than anything is don't make a mistake. don't be argumentive, don't be condescending or dismissive to the bernie sanders people. because at the end of the day, she needs those left wing democrats to win in november, assuming she's the democratic nominee and she probably will be. >> mike just mentioned the benghazi debate, she has an appointment if you will before the house. how do you think that will impact her chances david heller? >> i think that's a verve important day for her -- a verve
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important day foverve-a very, vy for her. if it goes badly, that's when joe biden really starts to look hard at this race. >> we haven't talked about the quote unquote political elephant in the room, joe biden. do you think he's going to run? why don't you take that? >> my gut is that he is not going to run randall. but if something were to happen the scenario in which the benghazi hearing blows up, something else heaps that we don't know from the e-mails, he is certainly the pinch hitter from the democrats. it's not going to come from bernie sanders or any of the others ton stage tuesday night but i don't think he's going to run, no. >> month heller what do you think? >> is he definitely the next man
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in line and if she stumbles he will be the person the party all coalesced behind but she has to stubblstumble first. >> thank you for your time. david heller from miami and al jazeera's political correspondent michael shure in los angeles. i'm sure we'll hear more about it on tuesday. >> good to talk to you randall. >> oklahoma was rattled by several earthquakes this weekend. up next a look at the disturbing trend in that state.
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>> no injuries are reported following a series of earthquakes in northern oklahoma. nine small earthquakes were recorded between saturday night and sunday morning. they follow two moderate quakes on saturday, a magnitude 4.4 earthquake near medford and a magnitude 4.5 near curbing. oklahoma has now spaed
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california as the most earthquake prone state in the u.s. and as al jazeera's heidi zhou-castro reports, many are triggered by fracking operations. >> before fracking picked up in 2009 the state averaged less than two motherhood 3 quake maga year. now they're having them daily. unprecedented and man made. >> clearly now when we're almost 600 times what we consider the normal background rate, we have moved beyond what could be explained through a natural process. >> reporter: he says disposal wells are most likely to blame. in this part of the current each
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barrel of oil pulled from the earth comes up with as many as 20 barrels of naturally occurring saltwater. companies dispose of the water by injecting back into the ground under high pressure. if that water touches a fault line it can cause an earthquake. office maintained the quakes could still be blamed on natural causes. >> we did what we could when we could. and how the path played out i can't change. >> reporter: a past dictated by political and industry pressures. in 2014 as holland studied the link he was suddenly summoned to a closed door meeting with his boss, university of oklahoma president david boren, harold hahn, one of the richest men in america and a major donor to the
11:48 pm
university. both declined to be interviewed by al jazeera, holland said to be careful, what he said in public. >> i was given talking point through the university and my employers, right? and so -- >> reporter: and the university does get a significant amount of donations from the oil and gas industry? >> yes, they do. >> reporter: it wasn't until april of this year that the oklahoma geological survey reversed its stance, declaring in writing the connection between disposal wells an and earthquakes. >> do you regret that now? >> yes. >> a 4.5 magnitude earthquake in crescent oklahoma. >> i don't believe the oil field has anything to do with it.
11:49 pm
>> what makes you say that? >> it's been here for years but we're just starting to have the earthquakes. >> corey williams call for a disposal well moratorium. restriction on 15% of the wells is not enough. >> it appears at least from the state's vantage point that we're waiting for a catastrophic loss of life or property and i think it's a terrible way to be going. all in the name of economic development. >> reporter: heidi zhou-castro, al jazeera, stillwater, oklahoma. communities have to boil their drinking water, meanwhile, bridges along interstate 95 have been repaired. two hour detours around the
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road. kevin corriveau is here with the weather. >> well, the second round of rain in the carolinas have stopped. but we're still look at significant flooding. three inches of rain, didn't help the flooding. columbia to charleston, myrtle beach and, flood warnings are in effect. these aren't going to go anywhere very fast. i want to take you to the northwest, we saw quite a bit of rain through the area. so much remain that in tacoma, take a look at what happened at stadium high school, where the water really was flowing down the bleachers, onto the field, because of the very aheavy rain situation there. what happened was, down the street the drains plugged up and the rain had nowhere else to go. and of course the field saw not
11:51 pm
only rain but quite a bit of mud too. it's going to take a little bit of time for all that to be cleaned up. well, the system that caused that rain is now pushing into the northern plains. you could also see that frontal boundary, a lot of winds and cooler air coming in behind this but a big drop in temperature where we saw into the 90s later today, tomorrow those temperatures are going to drop anywhere from 20 to 30°. >> that's kevin. the skies over new mexico alive with color this weekend. several hundred hot air balloons taking part in the 44th yab albuquerque fifth. began in 1972 with just 13 balloons. up next, a look at which u.s. cities will not be celebrating columbus day tomorrow and why. plus.
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>> california has become the first state to officially ban the name re redskins for public school athletics. the term redskin is considered a derogatory name for native americans. california currently has four teams named the redskins. this year congress declared the
11:55 pm
second monday of october as a federal holiday to honor columbus back in 1934. but a growing number of citizens are seeking to abolish it, are clornt has th courtney keely hae story. >> it internals genocide in our people. i personally felt it myself growing up and it's just time to change it so they can be proud of themselves and not honor a man that murdered their family. >> reporter: in 1492, columbus arrived on hispaniola his own journal describes the enslaving and extermination of the local population. but italian americans argue that the day is the day of
11:56 pm
recognition of columbus as is explorer,. >> americans are intensely offended. >> the city of seattle is named by a native american leader. but the attempt to recognize the day as both columbus day and indigenous peoples day was shot down. south dakota has named it native americans today and hawaii is known as discoverers day, to denote polynesian founders day. as theresa vo explains, the fight for many to return to their ancestral lands continues.
11:57 pm
>> not far away from the picture of argentina's first lady eva peron, many indigenous communities are back ton streets of buenos aires. leading the fight for the return of his people's ancestral lands. >> our land went from 10,000 hectares to 5,000 hectares. we only have 3300 left. the argentine state is responsible for this. we have been tricked out of our territory. >> reporter: this is the second he time in three years these people have sought the intervention of the federal government. people have been camping in these tents for eight months. they are waiting for christina kirchner to answer but so far no one has given them an answer.
11:58 pm
in the last months, recognizing the rights of the indigenous groups in the country. it has also roosked the removede of christopher columbus. amnesty says that the fight for territory is one of the main problems affecting indigenous communities. >> there are 183 identified conflicts with indigenous groups. most of them are because of land or because companies were working near indigenous territory. >> reporter: argentina has had a brutal history during colonial times, millions were either murdered or enslaved. in modern time deforestation or lack of access to land have left most indigenous groups exploring
11:59 pm
territory. >> lost of territory to lack of food water and seclusions exclu. doctors didn't want to give service to indigenous groups because of discrimination. >> daniel fernandez says this government has done what others have not. >> translator: more than 7 million hectares have been recognized as indigenous territory. the second stage is to give them the titles. the argentine government has rectrecognized that the claims e legitimate. >> land, is only one of the many problems they face that needs to be resolved. teresa vo, al jazeera, buenos
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aires. >> thanks for joining us. i'm randall pinkston in new york. >> thousands of people in turkey, killed in saturday's sas amourn those killed in saturday's attack with memorialize. hello there i'm laura kyle in doha. also ahead in the program, israel is accused of using excessive force against palestinians. a journalist from america is sentenced in iran. more turmoil


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