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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  October 25, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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>> a lifetime without the honor they deserved... >> some say that it was discrimination... >> revealing the long painful fight, to recognize some of america's bravest... >> he say.. be cool... >> ...proudest moment in my life.. >> honor delayed a soledad o'brien special report only on al jazeera america >> this is al jazeera america i'm randall pinkston in new york. a look at tonight's story. tragedy at sea. a boat sinks, and the search on for survivors. 17 european countries agree to cooperate in a plan to deal with the refugees streaming into
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europe. clinton versus clinton, an in depth look at hillary clinton's policies versus president clinton's policies. we begin with brake being biking news off the west coast of canada. a fran th frantic rescue missioa whale watching boat sinks. four people are confirmed dead, ten others pulled out of the water and they are getting medical treatment. but there were 27 passengers on the ship. melissa kai joins us now by phone in victoria, british columbia. what can you tell us about what happened? was there rough weather? any idea what caused the ship to tip over? >> at the moment, the cause of the sinking is still under investigation. but what i can tell you is that
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at about 5:00 p.m, local pacific time at about eight nautical miles northwest of tofino, the loviathan ii did sink with 27 persons on board. >> is this a normal route as far as you know for this particular whale watching ship? >> as i don't work for company i can't fest speak to the routes but whale watching was a very popular pastime for british columbians. >> can you tell us anything about the tour? >> since i don't work for company i can't tell you how long the tour takes but i will tell what you the royal canadian navy and armed forces and helicopters were tasked to the scene as well as three canadian
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coast guard vessels as well as vessels of opportunity in the area to search for survivors when the ship was confirmed to have gone down and we can confirm as well that there are four people who are recovered without vital signs and the search is still underway to recover the others. the survivors were located by the vessels that were in the area. so either canadian coast guard vessels or other vessels of opportunity that were called or hailed by the joint rescue coordination center in victoriabeck. >> i would assume it is now night fall. will the search continue through the evening. >> the search will continue until we can account for all 27 persons that were still looking for. >> melissa kai of the royal canadian public affairs offers. thank you very much for joining us. we will switch over now to chris mcclellan, he is joining us by phone. he witnessed some of the
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rescuers arriving on the scene. can you tell us what you saw please? >> well, just ambulance april ambulance coming down tafteramb. you are used to seeing one or two but not nonstop for two and a half hours. after the fourth one you turned on the vhf to see what's happening and then you heard the boat had gone down. right now can you see flares over in the distance, search and rescue commands, as well as three police cars, and they have a blanket up and some lights on. i can't tell what they're doing. maybe another body is down at the dock. >> are you familiar with the whale watching operation? >> not that particular one. most people out here have been on rides with most of the companies.
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i've never been on that boat on that route personally. i've been on that boat for other things but -- >> do you know if it's standard operating procedure for those kinds of boats to issue life jackets for the passengers? >> the life jackets are there. you can grab them. you're not required to wear them on a boat of that size. it's almost like a small ferry. >> and do you know anything about the length of time on average it would take from the time you would depart shore until you would return, would it be an all-day kind of tour or four hours or -- >> if -- it depends whether they're on a whale watch or hot springs. it could have been a drop-off at the hot springs hangout, come back all day or it might have just been three-hour type that will whail watch.
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of whale watch. >> where are you physically located? >> well, right now i'm physically about 150 feet from the dock. just over on a little green clearing at the end of the dock. the police are stopping pedestrian traffic and vehicle traffic from heading out there so you can't really get much closer. >> well thank you very much for joining us on al jazeera america, we will have more on this story throughout the morning. sinking of a whale-watching ship off the coast of british columbia. european union leaders have announced a 17 point plan to cope with thousands of refugees arriving to the continent every day. they are deploying hundreds more guards to their borders, coordinating humanitarian aid and trying to control people's movements between countries. it all begins within a week. today, leaders warned they need
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to act fast and that their own fate hangs in the balance. >> translator: there won't be any miracle solution. shutting the borders is not a long term solution. the solution is to behave as europeans with toll dater and responsibility. by agreeing to join our legislative, financial and operational policies, europe does not build with people working against each other. europe builds by working with each other. >> al jazeera's david chater has been following meeting at the european headquarters in brussels. >> so the emergency summit here in brussels has decided on a 17 point action plan. and the short term, the main measure they're adopting is to try and increase the coordination and delivery of humanitarian aid to the tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of refugees pouring along the west balkans route trying to get into the european union. that is one of the main priorities. that will be the main thing they
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try to do in the next few days and within the week. they do not want to see any more pictures of these refugees huddling in no man's land without proper shelter, without proper blankets, sanitation food and warmth. that is main thing they want to tackle in the short term. but in the longer term, they've been saying also, at the summit that it's very important to try ocontrol what is at the moment an uncontrolled flow of refugees. and that means that they're going to tighten the border controls, they're actually going to make sure that the processing of these refugees at the eu borders takes place much more quickly. this is the finger printing, the identification and asserting exactly where these refugees have come from. and if they're economic migrants, if they are not genuinely seeking sanctuary from war in syria then they will be sent back home. these are the people that they
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want to make sure are repatriated to allow through those who are seeking genuine sanction wear. at the samsanctuary. at the same time they will be heading 400 more border guards to slovenia wii has been o whicn taking an unbearable strain. unless action is taken the european union and europe as a whole would start to unraffle. unravel. well, humanitarian short term basis and also trying the process the refugees when they do come through much faster than they are at the moment. so this action plan the 17 point action plan will be implemented and will be under review every week to make sure that the right pressure is supplied, the right humanitarian supplies are delivered to those who need it. to try and uphold europe's position, the eu's position as a
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by the wabeacon of human rightsd sanctuary. they have delivered at the end of this 12 hour long series of negotiations in brussels this action plan is going ahead. >> david chater in brussels. there is a threat of heavy rainfall across the southern united states. that's not the only thing. the national weather service said a tornado touched down near new orleans. hurricane patricia, once a category 5 storm, touched down in texas and created flooding. 50 miles south of dallas a freight train derailed, on washed out tracks. a san antonio man has been missing since early saturday. he was apparently swept into a drainage ditch while walking his
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dog. al jazeera's jonathan martin has the story from houston. >> reporter: for most of the day rain did continue to come down in houston although not as heavy and abundant as some predicted. the good news is according to the mayor and other officials the storm seems to have moved out of the houston area however there was a threat of flooding. some areas are flooded around galveston and houston, san jacinto river has known to flood and cause problems in the past. you might remember during the memorial day flooding, thousands of homes were damaged and more than 20 people lost their lives. this storm was flog like that, in fact, the rain totals were close to nine inches. while the rain has continued to come down here in the houston and galveston area, the worst of the storm has moved on to plns so ilouisiana and the area has d
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better than many have expected. >> kevin corriveau, what's the forecast? >> things are going to be clearing up for houston very quickly but for the rest of eastern texas, very heavy rain across that region. our focus is going to go towards louisiana and mississippi, very, very heavy rain there and flooding as well as these thunderstorms where you see the red is popping up with the echoes. we are now looking at some severe weather and the potential for tornadoes in the area. i'll show you that in just a second. first of all let's talk about the flooding threat here across eastern texas as well as louisiana. this is going to continue for flash flood warnings all the way to 2:00 a.m. central time so we're watching that. but i do think the flash flood warnings will starts to move more towards the east. look at the flood warnings encompassincompassing louisiana,
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mississippi and florida. these will stay in effect for next two days, very heavy rain across that region. i did mention tornadoes. we have tornado watches and warnings in effect for parts of new orleans, as well as sneer the southern mississippi coast, gulfport and biloxi. tornado warnings are in effect for the next several minutes, we'll see the they are going to be extended there. over the next 24 to 48 hours we do expenditure to see very happy rain across that region and here in mississippi we do expect to see over 12, probably 12 inches of rain there. we do expect to see some other spots in louisiana where we do expect reaf rain a heavy rain a. east it's not just those southern states that will are affected because by the time we get towards tuesday we'll see very heavy rain pushing up towards the mississippi river
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valley as well as the ohio river valley. torts atlanta very heavy rain there as well. the -- towards atlanta very heavy rain there as well. houston will be dry and clearing up the rest of the week. >> thank you kevin. today mexico surveyed the damage from hurricane patricia. enrique pena nieto toured the area. flash flooding in alexandria, egypt. residents of egypt's second largest municipality struggled to get around amid power outages and flood he roads.
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the mayor of alexandria resigned after being accused of not being prepared for storm. the forecast is for more rain on monday. the suspect of the crash in oklahoma state will be charged with seven counts of murder. driver was arrested at the scene. police say they are awaiting blood test results to determine if abacia chambers used drugs or alcohol before getting behind the wheel. >> i saw bodies flying through the air. probably 20 to 30 feet in the air. i thought it was part of the show at first. >> we have some of the best in the country and to have an idiot just get behind the wheel of a car under the influence and murder so many innocent people it was just a tragedy. >> the victims in saturday's deadly crash were remembered today at church services near the campus in stillwater
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oklahoma and a makeshift memorial has been set up near the crash site. her lawyer says the suspect may have blacked out behind the wheel, attorney tony coleman says did he not smell any alcohol when he met with chambers and he suggested other factors may have caused the crash. >> her behavior was not consistent with someone who was coming off of a drunken stupor if you will. and in my opinion ms. chambers suffers from a mental illness. >> coleman says he will request a psychiatric evaluation for his client. the hunt is on for a man accused of shooting a police officer in tennessee and attacking troopers in kentucky. officials are searching for floyd ray cook. police say when they pulled cook over in his car on saturday he started firing a gun. the officer survived because he was wearing a bullet proof vest. when troopers spotted him later in kentucky cook allegedly fired more rounds, escaping a second
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time apparently fleeing into the country side. with the strike deadline just hours away talks continue tonight between general motors and the united auto workers union. gm spokeman saying negotiations are moving at a fast place and the company hoping to have an agreement on board before midnight. on saturday, the union informed gm that it would be ready to strike after its contract expires tonight at 11:59 eastern time. when al jazeera america returns new video of the raid that got an american soldier killed trying to free hostages being held by i.s.i.l. plus former british prime minister tony blair admits mistakes were made in the u.s. led invasion of iraq. and we'll tell you how a group of fishermen saved the life of an infant refugee stranded at sea. randed at sea.
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>> israeli and palestinian leaders are expressing skepticism at installation much video surveillance of the temple mount as a way of assuring israeli transparency. neither side is convinced. >> there was no direct agreement. there is talk about the status of the blessed al-aqsa mosque. we await what will happen next. >> translator: i made it clear in my talks with secretary of state john kerry there will be
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no change in the status quo. the temple mount will remain administered the way it is administered today. they will not undergo any change. >> secretary of state john kerry applauded the surveillance cameras situation. israelisrael agreed to maintaine tradition that only muslims were allowed to pray at the al-aqsa mosque. palestinian attacker stabbed an israeli man in the west bank, happened near the settlement of ariel. so far no suspects have been arrested. a video posted online appears to show a firsthand raid, u.s. soldiers and kurdish peshmerga fighters. the raid resulted in the release of about 70 captors.
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joshua wheeler was killed during the operation. the video was uploaded 50 kurdish regional are council. securitsecurity council. the video shows the building being startinged and hit by an air strike. the exie entire complex was destroyed. former british prime minister tony blair said mistakes were made that helped lead to the crisis of i.s.i.l. atoday. blare told an interviewer, quote, i apologize for the fact that the intelligence was wrong. i also apologize for certain mistakes in planning and certainly our mistake in understanding what would happen once you removed the regime. iraqis themselves say blair's statements come too late.
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>> translator: saddam hussein's regime was bloody to the iraqi people and toppling it was a favor. but after that what did they offer? a lot of chaos and more destruction. >> translator: they made it easy for other countries, whether western or arab countries to interfere so this apology came really late. subject of a six year inquiry in britain which has yet to publish its findings. syrian president bashar al-assad told officials that only agree oit if the syrian people support the idea. al jazeera's mohammed jamjoom reports. >> reporter: throughout the past week in stateroom after stateroom diplomats discussed and debated. a war as bloody as any in recent memory. one that millions are still desperately trying to flee no matter the cost.
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just a day after russia called for new elections in syria, president bashar al-assad met with russian lawmakers in damascus and declared he's willing to take part in new polls. if the syrian people supported the idea. in capital after capital, talks turned again to transition. even though, at times, it has sounded as though diplomacy as deadlocked as ever. in cairo after a meeting with his egyptian counterpart, declared assad has no role to play in syria's future. >> translator: egypt's stand on syria is similar to that of saudi arabia. we both wish to see a transition taking place in syria and both the countries civil and military institutions preserved and above all to see the syrian people determining their own fate in the future. >> reporter: syria's opposition meanwhile says they're not opposed to
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compromise. provided it's not al assad they would need to compromise with. >> the problem is, this is not abouting assad he is now a war criminal or at least alleged war criminal because of the destruction he has brought to the country. i don't think a foreign power would have made as destruction as he has done in syria. so there is no possible for syrian to consult with the one that killed their kids and destroyed their cities. >> reporter: on the ground in syria the situation deteriorates more by the day. many of the families who have managed to escape the fighting haven't yet been able to escape hostility. as syrian children too young to understand the war they fled have become far too accustomed to both injury and humiliation. while aid groups haven't stopped warning about the papers o peria
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lost generation, now devoid of hope, they face fences that won't let them pass and governments that won't let them in. mohammed jamjoom, al jazeera. >> two turkish fishermen saved a baby from drowning, adults separated from their 18 month old baby but the fishermen scooped the boy out of the water and resuscitated him. because of those fishermen the entire family survived. the fishermen met with the family on saturday where the mother thanked them for saving her son. when al jazeera america returns our week ahead segment, a look at hillary clinton versus bill clinton and how their policies stack up against each other. and the week ahead for republicans as they elect someone to replace outgoing speaker john boehner.
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>> "inside story" takes you beyond the headlines, beyond the quick cuts, beyond the soundbites. we're giving you a deeper dive into the stories that are making our world what it is. >> it's sunday night and time to look at the week ahead. it's a big week on capitol hill. on wednesday, house republicans will meet behind closed doors to select the man to replace john boehner as the next speaker. after some initial resistance paul ryan did agree to become top candidate for the job. thursday ryan is expected to be elected when the full house takes up his vote. ryan did mention his intentions,
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david hopp servings a former aid to house conservatives. hoppe will likely give ryan leverage dealing with the freedom caucus and other conservative house republicans but not everyone is ready to fully embrace ryan. >> he is one capable of putting together a bottomed agenda. the fight to washington and to president obama and he will find very, very strong support if it's going to be the same and more of the chamber of commerce not so much. >> on the democratic side, the presidential candidates are moving off their campaign, fresh off the jefferson jackson dinner, hillary clinton taking some:00 off the campaign trail to celebrate her 68th birthday. star studded fund raiser for her
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campaign. the president made his first appearance on the campaign trail for hillary stumping in iowa. the president praised his wife on a range of issues, saying america has learned a lot about her in recent weeks, indirect reference to the house committee appearance, and also defining her own space, taking on a stance on some issues that are at odds with policies adopted during her husband's administration. al jazeera's michael shure takes a look at how hillary clinton is try to distance herself from president clinton. >> i've lost more sleep than all of you put together. >> after 11 hours fending off republicans on the house benghazi committee -- >> i have been racking my brain about what more could have been done. >> the american people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn e-mails. >> thank you. me too, me too. >> coming on the heels of a
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debate which saw her poll numbers spike and the decision by a formidable rival, vice president joe biden not to run for president. >> unfortunately i believe we're out of time. >> hello everybody! >> hillary clinton now returns to the campaign trail with the wind at her back and her husband by her side. >> i'm back. >> the many challenges hillary clinton faces include the complicated democratic record of president bill clinton's eight years in office. >> you set a new direction for our country. >> on issues such as welfare, bank deregulation and trade, hillary clinton has either distanced herself from or in some cases directly opposed the positions of her husband's administration. one that often shunned liberal policy in favor of compromise or triangulation. >> when bill talks about triangulation he means finding a
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middle point between the liberal democratic argument and the conservative argument. >> bill schneider sees triangulation as the key to the success of bill cloipt's thecy. >> every one of his major he achievements was passed with republican support. republicans passed the american free trade agreement. he couldn't have done it with democrats. republicans supported the balanced budget deal that bill clinton made with newt ging gin. >> we are going to build on the progress we made under president obama. >> while also appealing to a left leaning democratic base. >> i'm not rubbing for president obama's third term. iementd noi'm not running for bl clinton's third term. i'm running for my first term.
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>> the deregulation poses a problem for her in the democratic primaries. that's probably the principal issue where the liberal democrats, the elizabeth warren wing, bernie sanders wick, that's where they would pick a fight with her. >> bill clinton's position on gay marriage, puts her in the position of a progressive. >> i'm a progressive that wants to get things done. >> michael shure, al jazeera, los angeles. >> joining us now to discuss more is o'brien murray, a political strategies and democratic strategist christine pelosi, the daughter of house minority leader nancy pelosi. she's joining us from san francisco by phone. first question to you and thank you for joining us ms. pelosi. all of the pundits have been
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commenting on clinton's show at the last debates. what do you see as hillary clinton's biggest challenge going forward? >> thank you for having me. good evening. i think the exciting part is that we have seen the candidate we knew her to be all along. tough, strong, fair, with the judgment, the contaminate that e wisdom to lead our country and be an excellent president. her challenge would be to win the nomination and the general election uniting people around her vision for the future and fighting off some pretty negative attacks not only from the republican party but from the media itself. present company secluded of course. >> here is a question. it is a question that her critics are going to be raising throughout this campaign that a vote for hillary is a vote for
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bill. true or false? >> a vote for hillary is a vote for hillary's first term. not barack obama's third term not bill clinton's third term. her own first term. i also think it's important to look at evolution. i'm a progress, i'm a san francisco democrat so i had a lot of progressive ideas 20 years ago, that bill clinton triangulated against. he has since strostled my view w which i appreciate but we hope for our future rather than a candidate's past. we want to know how somebody evolved, what they learned and where they're going to take us going forward. but i think my future and my children's future is far more important than someone's past. >> ms. pelosi, hold on for a minute. cacan you give us mr. murray yor
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views? >> an important point that was brought up it's a great week for hillary because she had such lousy previous months. what was good about it is the republicans questioning her and she did better than people expected, she beat that expectation, and a former governor who was a republican independent and now a democrat, if that's a big win for hillary it's amazing for it to get to this point for her to call that a win. >> back to you christine pelosi. there are some democrats who are seeing hillary begin to reposition herself separating herself if you will from some issues that her husband supported such as issues on bank regulation, issues on prison incarceration, welfare, trade, so ken, how much of a liability is her connection going to be in the minds of voters who didn't
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like some of those positions that president clinton took? >> i think that bill and hillary clinton make a very formidable team. she's the one running for president. she's the one who's going to be commander in chief. she's going to be making the decisions. i would also point out that both of them have evolved over the years from where they were 20 years ago, as have all of us on one issue or another. again to take one example on marriage equality most of us in san francisco have been for marriage equality from the start. the rest of the country have now caught up to us, the majority of the rest of the country have caught up to us but i don't criticize people for their evolution, i praise them for reaching a influence conclusion. and i think when it comes to president clinton remember it was he was one of the most powerful surrogates. since his presidency he has always drawn in crowds, the explainer in chief and did a tremendous job most recently in
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helping reelect barack obama. ithink he had strong support in the democratic party, strong support among independents. voters are going to be judging hillary clinton for what she's going to do for our future and i think her husband is definitely an asset but she's the boss. >> let's talk about the republicans for a minute o'brien miller -- >> filibuster by the way. >> good position on her part. you now have still have 14 republican presidential candidates trying to get the primary nomination. how in the world are voters going to be able to focus in on anyone who will be able to stand against the likely democratic nominee quhirm. nominee hillary clinton? >> the only one they could put forward was hillary clinton. you had a vice president that was thinking about running for
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months and decided not to. watching the republican message it's fabulous, the energy in the party now is terrific. as some of these candidates drop off it becomes a unanimous decision who's going to be down the road it's going to be terrific for party. >> what are the likely nominees that pundits thought would be doing very well was jeb bush. we have heard he is trimming his sails, going in cars and buses and not private aircraft does this signal a problem for what many had thought would be the likely front runner? >> i wouldn't say it signals a problem. i was in the army and we all look at the military historically. you never know what happens in combat until you make contact with the enemy. they thought they could do certain things and then donald trump came in and it took wind out of the sails. >> do you know who the nominee is going to be?
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>> i don't know that anybody knows who the nominee is going to be. challenge right now jeb bush, christie, rubio, duking it out, other side you credit carly fiorina, carson, cruz trying to figure out what they're going to do from that side. those groups you're going to see somebody rise up from the top and it's going to to be either trump or somebody is going to nip at his heels and bring him down. >> speaker of the house of representatives looks like it's going to be paul ryan. there are some members of the freedom caucus who don't trust paul ryan still, they have not given him the endorsement that he asked for. can he unite them something boehner wasn't able to do? >> first off boehner did unite them. at what point do you use the political capital and run out of it? i think over time boehner had
11:42 pm
overused political capital and what they were able to do is say wait a second, we don't want things to happen. the number of times boehner had to go to the floor and make democrats vote for issues became tougher at that point. boehner going to set records raising money, he's got political capital he will bring conservatives along. you will still have some conservatives not voting with him, they want to be further out to the right possibly but you will have enough men and women supporting the agenda that last to be passed on the house without going to the democrats, to put this ship right back ton track. put men and women back to work as ms. pelosi was talking about and not taking the country to the progressive issues that frankly destroy the police officers in the city now, atrocious, they were marching in this city anti-cop marches the
11:43 pm
same week we lost an nypd officer, that is atrocious. >> that's going to be a conversation for another day. let me get to ms. pelosi before we run out of time here. on the issue of mr. ryan becoming the speaker, the likely speaker what does your mom think about working with paul ryan and does she think she's going to be more successful working with him getting democratic issues passed than she was with boehner? >> first of all i wouldn't predict anything happening in the republican caucus until they actually have to vote. if paul ryan is speaker i would hope that the family time he wants for himself he will offer americans by passing a paid family leave. i would hope that this week they will get on the xm boorchg the create jobs, the highway trust fund bill which will create jobs, passing a budget which will reflect american values which will create jobs and making sure that we honor the full faith and credit of the united states of america by making sure that they raise the
11:44 pm
debt limit to cover authorizations already approved by the congress months ago. so i think there's a positive way forward if paul ryan is willing to forgo some of the more several elements of his budget which by the way, all but a small portion of the cause ofs has voted for. a very conservative budget. i hope the democrats will be working with republicans to pass some of our agenda which is the xm bank which is the highway trust fund. efforts to put americans back to work and that the majorities of the republicans will come along with us this week. >> people back to work, we're not going to do the progressive way which is to tax and spend, under this president has nearly doubled it. >> actually he's lowered the deficit quite a bit and the xm bank will use the
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[simultaneous speech] >> i use the word debt you can take the word deficit if you know what i'm talking about. >> structural deficit [simultaneous speech] >> under the president -- >> wait wait hold on just a second, christine pelosi, o'brien murray we thank you for participating in this conversation and i assure you we will have more opportunities for you to continue the discussion when you are not talking over each other but to each other. which we do all the time on al jazeera america. thank you for joining us. when we come back an update of our story of a whale watching ship off the coast of british columbia has capsized. the search for survivors continues. we will have details.
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>> back to our top story tonight. we're learning more about a whale watching boat that capsized off of vancouver island. at least four people found debt, nine getting medical treatment. there were 27 people on board. earlier we spoke with two people, an official with the royal canadian navy who was helping with the rescue and a witness who was watching it all take place. >> canadian armed forces planes and helicopters were tasked to the scene as well as three canadian coast guard vessels and other vessels of opportunity
11:49 pm
when the ship was confirmed to have gone down. and we can confirm as well there are four people recovered without vital signs and the search is okay going to account for the unaccounted for. the search will continue until we can account for all 27 persons we're still looking for. >> just ambulance after ambulance coming down to the dock and heading to the hospital. you're used to seeing one occasionally two but not nonstop for two and a half hours. you can see flares in the distance where they're still searching, a search and rescue truck command center still down at the dock. >> witness chris mcclellan told us life jackets are not mandatory on these types of tour boats. and we're also following breaking news of a shooting at north carolina's central university. this is in the city of durham. al jazeera confirms one person has been shot. no word on their condition. police say the shooter's ton run. they're looking for him.
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the university's twitter site says anyone should seek shelter and lock their doors. minnesota timberwolves coach chris saunders has lost his fight againstin against cancer. he's best noa known taking kevin barnett from high school straight to the professional league. he was 60 years old. old.
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>> it appears that our television comic may become the next president of guatemala. jim mi morales is in a run off with sharon torrez. former president otto perez molina was forced to resign after he was charged with corruption. argentinaiaargentinan, maurm rarvetioncri will force a runoff with daniel scioli. aocandidate needed 40% or 10 points advantage over the nearest competitor. if neither of those things happened the two top finishers would have a rung jofer philosophy 22nd. al jazeera daniel schweimler has the story.
11:54 pm
>> inflation is a big issue, somewhere around 30% a year. people have learned to live with that. it's a difficulty, something that daniel scioli if he wins he says he will have to deal with. but it's not in many people's minds are the main issue. economy and the crime rate, when cristina kirchner hands over the reins of office, she does still have her support certainly in the area, industrial belt around buenos aires. the big question here is how much of that support is likely to transfer to daniel scioli and how much the argentine people are ready, demanding a different change, a massive change in approach to the way politics are done here, represented by the mayor of buenos aires maurice
11:55 pm
macri. >> the opponents of the affordable care act, pacific legal foundation is filing a new appeal, the group says the health care law violates a constitutional provision that requires bills that raise taxes to originate in the house of representatives. lower courts have already reject thread argument and threjected e u.s. supreme court, first in 2012 and the second this last june. drug makeers are under fire for skyrocketing drug prices, buying companies and jacking up prices to boost profits. al jazeera's mary snow reports. >> as opharmacy for more than 20 years, robert frankel has watched pills go from pennies to
11:56 pm
many dollars. now adavan. >> that one was crazy. >> crazy because the drug was first approved in 1977. he says it's part of a wave price hikes in brand name drugs including eye drops. >> ten to $20 a bottle to $120 a bottle. they still say bawsh an say baub but now it is valian. >> nitro-press and iso preller, when the cleveland clinic which widely uses the drugs noticed a
11:57 pm
price go up 600% and nigh nitrol go up 300%. >> the only thing changed is the name on the label of the company owning it. >> scott knorr is the chief financial officer at the cleveland clinic. he says nine individual drugs alone will cost the hospital an extra $11.2 million this year. five of them balooning to valian. >> you have to give them credit. financially it was very creative. however for health care i don't think it's very ethical. they determined that wait a minute, no one else makes this drug and the price is relatively low, because it's been around forever. if we buy it, we can basically charge whatever we want and
11:58 pm
price-gouge which is what we've seen. >> valian pharmaceuticals is not a company known for innovation but buying obscure drugs and jacking up their prices. that's invited scrutiny not only from doctors but from federal prosecutors. >> valeant has been questioned about how it prices and distributes drugs among other things. ceo michael pierce declined a request for an interview pearson wrote that a pricing consultant determined there was considerable room to increase the price of both drugs without unduly depleting the funds available to hospitals from payors. even though patients may not see an immediate impact of prices of
11:59 pm
drugs in hospitals, there is a ripple effect eventually through higher insurance cost and taxpayers through medicare and medicaid. >> all this does is enrich the executives of these companies and raise the cost of health care for everyone. >> mary snow, al jazeera. >> and now for some price news that helps consumers. gasoline prices continuing to drop. the average price of gas fell 10 cents over the past two weeks to $2.24 a gallon. prices have fallen 63 cents in the last 19 weeks. the lowest average price of gas in charleston, south carolina for about $1.85 while the highest gas prices were in los angeles $2.87 per gallon. the largest halloween parade for dogs took place this morning in new york city. thousands of dogs strutting their stuff for the 25th holiday parade.
12:00 am
characteristics from the movie, back to the future. the grand prize going to day of the dead. thanks for joining us. ning us. the eu moves forward with its plan to help refugees and countries struggling to cope. ♪ hello. i am darren jordan with the world news. also head. from comedian to president, on his way to winning the election in guatemala. the syrian president said he is open to a political solution to end the war. there is a catch. >> at the century's old market in central baghdad where fathers & sons have for generations turned she o


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