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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 9, 2015 11:30am-12:01pm EST

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leaving a legacy of 6,000 works all carefully balanced to glide in the air providing hours of entertainment. jessica baldwin, al jazeera london. >> much more on the website, the address, >> he calls it the right thing to do. th making amends, president obama meeting with benjamin netanyahu for the first time. and a sweeping victory, the opposition in myanmar appears to win in a landslide, ushering in a new chapter for that nation.
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>> this is "the word network" live in new york city. i'm del walters. just a few moments ago the president of the university of missouri said he is resigning. tim wolf making that announcement after he was filed to appear before the board of governors, and they were called into emergency session to address the recent protest against recent acts of rayism on campus. >> i'm resigning as president of the university of missouri system. my motivation in making this decision comes from a love, i love mu, where i grew up, the state of missouri. i've thought and prayed about this decision. it's the right thing to do. >> al jazeera's andy roskin is live for us.
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this just happened moments ago. what led up to the decision? >> just a few moments ago there was a huge roar from the crowd. they're behind the tent city that has sprung up in the last few days here on campus for people demanding that president tim wolf resign. it's an emotional cheer from the crowd. we saw lots of tears. one person yelled out he can eat now. that was reference to the grad student named jonathan butler who had gone on a hunger strike since november 92 to protest president wolf and demand that he resign. this leading up for several years where there have been several racial incidents, the use of the "n" word but it blew up over the past weekend when 30 members of the university of missouri's football team said they would not practice or play any more until the president resigned and they were in support of that grad student
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jonathan butler on his hunger strike. that's what really blew this up. that's what led to the board meeting today. that's when president tim wolf resigned. he had long said he was in support of working on these issues, these racial issues on campus, but he said his plan was to go into neglect of april of next year. protest he iprotesters said that was not good enough, that he was cold and indifferent to their demand demands. he now moves on. they'll figure out who becomes the new president and what demands do they want? they want more accountability to racial incidents on campus. they want greater diversity to the faculty on campus. they want diversity training for all students and incoming faculty members. and we'll see if that president will initiate things as quickly as protesters want. we'll have more coming up from the colombia missouri campus. there are big celebrations coming up in the next hour.
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>> we should point out it is 100 miles south of ferguson, missouri. a lot of students upset over what happened in ferguson, but the football team threatening not to play this weekend and walk out. the fact that he walked out as well. was it the football team that wound up being the straw that broke the camel's back? >> it really was. you're talking about millions of dollars in revenue to the college. if that many student-athletes were going to walk off the field, well, this coming weekend, the game against byu on november 14th. there is a contract between byu and university of missouri in that game. the contract says if one team backs out of the game, they have to pay the other school $1 million. there is a lot at stake here. that's when the national media swooped in and took notice. members of the football team has not been talking today. they've been talking on social media yesterday. they do have a media day today
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which they assume to be opened to the public and the media, and we'll hear from them about how they feel about the development that tim wolf has stepped down. >> andy rosen for us live in colombia. thank you very much. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is at the white house. he sat down at the oval office with president obama a short while ago. this is benjamin netanyahu's first visit to the white house in more than a year. he and president obama had a rather frosty relationship. mike viqueira is at the white house. mike, what are those leaders expected to talk about today? and could we see any fixing of those frayed relations between the u.s. and israel? >> you called it a frosty or afraid relationship, and you're right. it's been going on for seven-some years. the coldest point came last march when benjamin netanyahu made that bold gambit going before a joint meeting in congress and making a speech trying to talk them out out of allowing the iran deal, the deal that president obama was in the
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midst of negotiating at the time and netanyahu trying to talk them out of voting for it. it incensed people at the white house, it was a dramatic breach of protocol and came at the end of a series, shall we say intense encounters between president obama and benjamin netanyahu. now the incentive is to patch things up, put things behind them. there are a number of things on the table further extending u.s.-israel security, a memorandum of understanding. israel asking for sophisticated hardware in the wake of that iranian deal. there is also the continued unrest now in the west bank between israel and the palestinians. some 70 palestinians at least have lost their lives in the last month or so, and ten israelis. that casualty count is mounting by the day. they met in the oval office. both leaders go out of their way to praise the other. here are the two sound bytes we've chosen. first from president obama, and
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then from the prime minister. >> this is going to be an opportunity for the prime minister and myself to engage in a wide-ranging discussion on some of the most pressing security issues that both our countries face. it's no secret that the security environment in the middle east has deteriorated in many areas. and as i have said repeatedly the security of israel is one of my top foreign policy priorities. >> i want to thank you for this opportunity to strengthen our friendship, which is strong, strengthen our lives, which is strong. i think its rooted in shared values. buttressed by shared interests. it's driven forward by a sense of a shared destiny. >> now on the eve of this visit,
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top white house officials briefed the press last friday and said quite openly they do not expect any sort of peace deal, any final status deal which had been pursued by secretary of state john kerry. it collapsed last year. white house officials pretty much throwing in the towel that any kind of agreement can be reached now in the remainder of president obama's term at the white house. >> mike viqueira for us at the white house. thank you very much. also we're learning that the pentagon could issue a plan to show the detention center at guantanamo bay also known as gitmo. there are possible backups that include the centennial prison in colorado. removing those prisoners does require congressional approval, which many say is unlikely. president obama also talking about the deaths of two americans in jordan. take a listen. >> we take this very seriously, and we'll be working closely
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with the jordanians to determine exactly what happened. but i want to lit everyone know that this is something that we'll pay close tension to, and we're at the point where the families have been notified. obviously our deepest condolences will be going out to them. >> five people from shot and killed by a jordanian police officer that officer reportedly open fired inside of a training center near aman and that center is used to train security forces there. we have our story from washington. according to the state department they say that jordanian investigators are working along side u.s. investigators to figure out what did happen, they may have additional information available about this incident later on monday. i can tell you that this training center was first set up back in 2023 in order to train
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about 30,000 or so iraqi police officers, and then once that mandate was completed it was then expanded to train military--police personnel from places such as the occupied west bank and other countries across the middle east. so their first mission was really to work together to apply international policing standards to the new iraqi police force. many people who work in the police training industry here in the united states do go there to provide assistance during the 12 week-long courses. they're supposedly very thorough although there has been criticism whether the programs are fully funded, fully equipped, and turning out police officers who are capable of doing their job. all of that aside the questions are going to be about whether the person who allegedly killed the two americans and the south
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african and the jordanian at the facility was someone who was known to them or whether this person was one of the people who was supposedly graduating from this program when the incident took place. >> roslind jordan for us at this hour. myanmar's government is conceding defeat in the general election. the opposition led by aung san aung san winning almost all of the votes so far. mascot controversy, why some people want this man in the
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history books for good.
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>> every monday night. >> i lived that character. >> go one on one with america's movers and shakers. >> we will be able to see change. >> gripping... inspiring... entertaining. "talk to al jazeera". monday, 6:00 eastern. only on al jazeera america. >> two louisiana police officers are facing a judge at this hour for a bail hearing. both men charged with killing a six-year-old boy as they were chasing his father. it's unclear why that little boy was killed. this afternoon he is being laid to rest. al jazeera's jonathan martin has more. >> why did officers pursue this vehicle, and why did they open
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fire? a six-year-old was strapped in the front seat of the suv driven by his father. geremi was killed. his father wounded when police officers open fired on a dead-end street in louisiana. both officers have been charged with one count of second-degree murder and one count of attempted second-degree murder. the father here was unarmed, and despite initial reports he had no outstanding warrants. why were these officers pursuing his vehicle. the two officers charged reportedly at this point have not been cooperative with police. so investigators say that the key evidence has been body camera footage. they say that it has been key so far in telling them what happens. also key in these arrests over the weekend. >> that is jonathan martin reporting for us from new orleans. by the way, the boy's father is still in the hospital in serious condition. there is a controversy growing at amherst college over
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their unofficial mascot named after lord jeffrey amorce. he was a revered british commander from the 18th center but also known for the killings of native americans. we have that story. >> amherst football team on the field. it's parents weekend here and everyone is dearing on the lord jeffs but not everyone is keen on the name. >> in western massachusetts, one of the most prestigious and ethnically diversed college in the region. but it was jeff amherst who was in favor of wiping out native americans by giving them blankets infected with small
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pox. >> it matters enormously to applto alumni. it matters tremendously to students. and there are alumni on both sides of the issue and students on both sides of the issue. the discussion is what is important. >> but the leader of the native american students organization on campus, she said while the discussion is important, sometimes she thinks that's all the college does. >> why can we have just the same discussion. i can tell you how many meetings i've been to without a. >> the controversy is not new. the red skin football team is mired in controversy regarding its name. there is a team called the midgets, and adidas announced it will help financial help and design resources for any high school teams that wanted to transition away from a
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controversial name. thomas said he's conflicted about the mascot issue. >> i do realize with the lord jeffs there is negative historical con know facing, but for me personally i've just seen it as just the mascot. >> the name lord jeff does not come up that often. the teams tend not to have it on uniforms. you can find it on t-shirts and other items found here in amherst. virginia is spea spearheading an effort to have those lord jeffs removed. a poll has been held in september so students can vote on the issue. >> do you or do you not want to keep lord jeff as the unofficial mascot. >> then you'll know. >> we will have concrete evidence. >> a few years ago a moose
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wandered on the campus. some suggested that the moose replace lord jeff. one student dresses up as the moose during homecoming game, but today everyone is just supporting the team whatever the name of the mascot. al jazeera, massachusetts. >> the republican presidential hopeless are gearing up for a debate. low polling numbers knocking chris christie and mike huckabee off the stage. ben carson is pushing back against claims that he embellished his life story. he said the media is paying extra tension to him trying to knock him out of the race. >> of course i'm getting it special scrutiny. there are a lot of people who are very threatened, and they have seen the recent head-to-head polling against hillary and how well i do. they're worried. there is no question about it. >> now carson's closest rival donald trump helping "saturday
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night live" receive its highest ratings. but not everyone was laughing. protesters were protesting outside of the studio on trumps' position on immigration. >> i think that it might an--i know it's a crazy idea, but maybe we focus on the issues impacting the american people and what candidates are saying rather than just spending so much time exploring their lives of 30 or 40 years ago. the think the reason that so many people are turned off to the political process has a lot to do with the fact that we're not talking about the real issues impacting real people. >> ammaa. >> bernie sanders has wanted to focus on issues throughout the campaign. if you look at what bernie sanders talks about, he doesn't even talk about his own biography. it's more about the issues like
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income inequality that he finds is important. but focusing on issues is problematic for ben carson because he has had some issues on positions that are wacky about how the mirro pyramids are grain storage facilities and he has not put down position on other things. >> this is what happens. you write books. you layout all these facts. when you run for president people are going to look into them, especially when you're a candidate like ben carson whose entire run is basically based on his biography. and sort of his inspirational rise from poverty to be this named neurosurgeon. what he's going through is typical. if you look at what john kerry had to go through. he had to defend the fact that he was in vietnam and earned a purple heart. people were doubting that as well. ben carson blaming the media is what conservatives like to do and it's what the base likes.
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>> donald's trumps performance on "snl" probably won't effect his polling numbers but it did give attention to people who are protesting his stance on immigration. millennials are walking out on the issue of politician. they want politicians on both sides of the ail to help the country move forward. >> a new generation of voters descending on the nation's capital demand that their voices be heard by the lawmakers. these are students from across the nation who have come here fay because they demand change on race. they want proactive solution to all these problems that they say are corrected. >> they're not representing the people who voted them. we're taking action to get them
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to follow our lead instead of following the lead of the corporations and big money that they represent. >> the millennials are not just selfie-obsessed group of people. we're very much aware of the issues that are plaguing our country, plaguing the world that we live in, and that we are determined to make a change and the only way we can see change is if we implement it ourselves. >> by the way, you can see the entire report tonight at 8:00 p.m. eastern time right here on al jazeera america. when we come back, freezing your way back to better health. we look acryotherapy and the controversy behind it.
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>> volkswagen company said it will offer up to 1,000 to compensate for cars. they believe to have software on them that allows them to cheat on emissions test. marijuana is now legal in illinois. state regulators approved shipping the drug to retilers. more than 3,000 patients are qualified to take part. in nevada authorities are investigating a fatal case of cryotherapy, where a worker died after using one of the machines at a clinic. the treatment uses extreme cold
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to relief pain and other problems. but as al jazeera has found not everyone crees that cryotherapy works. >> it's the latest trend in the gray area between health and beauty. but a growing number of cryotherapy centers in the united states claim that their service does help medical benefits. they also claim that it boosts energy, reliefs pain, can jump start weight loss and helps with depression. >> there is nothing in the literature to show that it helps with depression or increases energy levels or decreases inflammation. >> athletes have long used ice to help their bodies recover but cryotherapy is not something that you can do at home. people pay to step into a chamber and freeze for three
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minutes. the machines aren't approved by the fda, but the agency says that the fda regulates whole body cryotherapy when the manufacturer promote the device for medical purpose claim. but the censors across the u.s. do market the benefits and they have direct access to the public. the nca told us it can take action against the centers as well but could not confirm if it was conducting an investigation. a woman was found dead in a chamber. she may have been doing a cryotherapy session by herself. the state of nevada has now expanded its inquiry into the
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industry. the center and it's employees insist that it is safe as long as the clients are healthy and supervisized. i went to kryo live in new york to experience it myself. it was like standing inside an air conditioner, although i didn't feel terribly cold, i did feel my toes going numb so i did the minimum minute and a half. i can't say that i noticed a difference, but manaen shoesasts across the country insists its benefits are real. >> your body feels invigorating. and your body feels wit wonderful. >> a feeling that they say keeps them going back. >> and we thank you for joining us. i'm del walters in new york. the news continues live in london next. and all our stories can be found
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on the president of the university of missouri stepping down. >> an unprecedented scandal in athletics. leading to the recommendation that russia be suspended from all competition. i'm barbara serra. you're watching al jazeera live from london. barack obama condemns the escalating violence in the west bank as he meets with israel's prime minister for the first time in a year. celebrations in myanmar as early election results show a possible landslide victory