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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 12, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm EST

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that will do it for us. you can always check us out at our website, >> this is al jazeera. >> and this is the al jazeera news hour, live from our studios here in london. and this is some of what we are looking at in detail. >> twin suicide blast kill at least 37, and a strong hold in the lebanese capitol pay route. pay beirut. >> on the isil retreat as fighters retake iraqi villages in an offensive to recapture the town of.
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>> african leaders approving a $2 billion plan to stop the flow of refugees from africa. two of the venezuelan presidents nephews indicted in the u.s. for conspiring to smuggle cocaine. >> with all the latest sport including two of football's biggest rivals go head to head as argentina faces brazil in the world cup qualifier. >> we begin the news hour in lebanon. two suicide blasts there, the southern suburbs the countries interior minister says 37 people are now known to have died in the explosions. which were almost simultaneous, in the southern suburb of the city, near the area. it is a strong hold of the armed group hezbollah, or at least it's supporters.
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this has been no immediate claim of responsibility for the blasts. al jazeera is there at the scene, and described what you have seen what has happened there? >> chaos. the security forces quartenning off the area, the people are in the streets. very angry, but at the same time, you feel the sense of defiance. like you mentioned there were two explosions. what we understand from security sources. is that two suicide bombers were responsible. they approached the area on foot. they detonated their explosives just two minutes apart. and the two bombers were approximately 100 meters away from each other. now uh, this is a very crowded area. a narrow street, a residential area, and as we understand most of the civilian -- casualties the min industry saying 37 killed
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and many others wounded and they are expecting the casualty toll to rise. now, like you mentioned, this is the southern sub pushes of pay route. it is considered to be a hezbollah strong hold, but it is also a place where he is pole la supporters live. it is a mainly shia area, and it is not the first time that explosions have gone off in this area. but it is the first time since over a year. looking at the pictures this appears to be a residential shopping area? >> yes. very narrow streets. a residential area, popular neighborhood. there aren't many security measures in place in these areas pause there's a lot of side streets. now we know that hezbollah as well as the army, they have stepped up security, in beirut, southern suburbs over the past few months. there are check points a it
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is main vances but we know how difficult it is to stop a suicide bomber. but you talk to people here, and what they tell you is that we see this a message. that is message to hezbollah, and those that support he is pole la, we have to remember that hezbollah has gain add lot of enemies because of the position in the conflict. it isn't just support for the president, it is fighting a long side the syrian army, in syria. and hezbollah officials have said in the past, when these bombings used to happen, that this wouldn't shake their resolve or change their stance. for them, this is a strategic choice. so like i said, there's a lot of anger, but at the same time, many people here come up and tell you we remain defiant, and this is not going to shake our resolve or backing for this movement. >> thank you, still in beirut we can talk to the political analyst. why this area, why now. >> well, this comes as a
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major offense is taking place in syria against this area the hezbollah area, and other revenge, i guess. this is the situation where those who suicide bomber decided to take the life of people in the street of beirut. i think i am going to say that no your that belongs to hezbollah is safe, and the fact that they chose an area is heavily populated at a time where everybody is determining all a hospital run by he is pole la and an area is actually major supporter of hezbollah. so the terror hand really -- there were attacking p innocent people, a lot of
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deaths and injuries. again, the cycle of violent, this is not the first time and this won't be the last time that beirut will be attacks especially where you have actual people just carries out the bomb, and desided to take their live, and take innocent people. >> thank you very much indeed. apologies to those of you listening the audio quality is not good enough that we are able to continue, but we got the gist of what he was saying. thank you. >> kurdish forces say they capture add number of villages from isil. the islamic state of levant, after launching an offensive, it is a town of huge importance, and the battle against islamic states and
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iraq and the levant because it sits across a main road between ratka and mosul cities which are isil strong holders. the operation involved about sent .5000 special forces and fighters supported by u.s. led air strikes. well isil captures the town, they killed thousands of men, and kidnapped the women and girls. that who escaped fled to sin jay mountain. >> in the early hours of thursday morning the operation to take back began. overnight, air strikes hit targets in and around the town, which isil has controlled since august of last year. the operation is on three fronts. the south, the east, and the west. >> today it is our duty to liberate from injustice, and this is the duty of every citizen, we are fully
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aprepares to attack and liberate it soon. >> while the morale may be high, this operation is far from easy, the importance has been underscored by the arrival of regional president on the front line, to monitor progress. it is considered kurdish territory, and success here will be seen as victory. but isil fighters have proved resilient, and have bobby traps houses with explosives and rigged car bombs. it is important because it is also home to the community that practice an ancient religion. when the armed group took control, it killed between two and 3,000 men. >> that puts the u.s. to launch air strikes in arrack and then a month later in syria. taken north in the mountain in december. if this operation is success, it could cut off held racca and syria.
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denying them a vital supply rout. right now they are in villages on the outskirts of the town, and will use them as the final push. isil fighters have dug themselves in and are prepared for a long fight. at the time they say they have captured the town. progovernment forces have reportedly taken full control, the rebels there have fled elsewhere in the province, the army aided by russian aerial pomming is also fought it's way into an air base the move break as near two year siege by isil. military personnel are holed up inside. >> let's bring the international of security services institute. and i said this was strategically important, is
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it vital for isil to control this? is. >> i mean i am not sure that it is the sort of critical strategic importance that will really change the fate of the group. but it clearly does help the connections. but at the same time, there are other routs that the group can use to get around, it strikes me this appears to be one that is very symbolic and important in the symbolism terms. but the curds in particular, they are famously the ones that weren't able to rescue the acidities. but they have taken parts of it before, back in desks there was an initial offensive states and territory, and now we are seeing them trying to push in. >> if they manage to take sinjar, would that allow them to move into areas of mosul that they would need to take because the most damming in all that area there. >> i think it would have a staging point, and launch in that kind of direction. whether it would make a key
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difference is difficult to tell, and i think time will tell. we don't know for sure, they haven't competely pushed isil out of this the city yet. so there is still some conflict to be doing, so we have to see where the conflict goes. >> as i mentioned after reading that story, first of all about sinjar, and hearing about that, over in syria, government forces are written. gains in and around aleppo. is it a question of the tide going one way in favor of the portions. in iraq, but are there other people in that area? >> i think this is a conflict that is going in ebbs and flows. and be that in terms of for the government forces in terms of isil, in terms of iraqi forces are doing, and other group whose are fighting with the regime. s i think this is a conflict that is continually moving and shaking and i think what
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we haven't seen yet, is a sort of definitive offensive which is putting isil in particular on the back foot. what we are seeing is two victories of groups against isil. and then clearly are going to have an impact on it and we have seen this before, we saw it there were stories they were pulling back forces so clearly the group feels it is under pressure, put i think we are still far away from saying there's a strategic victory. >> in materials of the stories reported and the way that the offense in syria, in particular, appears to be conducted over the last six to eight weeks we are effort aring more and more about syrian government gains. we are reporting gains but these are gains that are going against all sorts of groups. i don't think it is just against isil. they are scoring victories against some opresyrian army brigade, some of the affiliated groups that are anti-regime that are fights in syria. they have been scoring a few
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victories against isil, not necessarily nearly as many, so we are seeing a government that clearly feels strengthened and on the offensive, put i still don't think that we are seeing a momentous turning point quite yet. >> come and tell us when we do. >> thank you. >> this is an extraordinary shoulder, israeli soldiers in dystopias, here breaking into a hospital and shooting a palestinian man dead. as the doping scandal grows. and in sport, who has and whose hasn't been approved to run in the fifa presidential elections. for years it's been held up
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as the most generous question, now swede season getting tough. it has introduced border checks and i says it is temporary at the moment. the prime minister says sweden needs to bring order to it's system to stop people staying on illegally. now everybody who cross it is border will have to show identification. >> this is not a fence. we need to make sure we have control over what people come into sweden, because it's a matter of both the order control but also that you have to identify yourself on the ferry before you enter the ferry. this is not an issue for one or two or three countries this is an issue for the whole union. we need to manage this together. >> while the leaders have met to talk about a new razor wire fence that is going up between the two countries. soldiers here are continuing to build it, as a way they say of controlling the influx
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of refugees. slovenia more that are 180,000 refugees are said to have entered slovenia since the middle of october. while that meeting was on the sidelines of a summit. there african leaders agreed to plan to deal with those trying to get from one continent to the other. the u.n. eggs mates about 1 million refugees will arrive by sea this year. so far, more than 142,000 have taken this particular rout, making the dangerous crossing from north after caup to italian armies and to the small island in the south. at the summit, $2 billion european farmers announce the aim to tackle poverty, and conflict that may well be causing people to try to leave africa. the money they off isn't just enough.
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>> welcome to the signing ceremony, of the agreement -- >> so this is europe's offer to africa, about a tent of what europe provides in aid every year, signed by the e.u.'s leaders. in return, they expect african nations to help repatch rate many thousands who europe sees as economic migrants. rather than refugees. even hungary signed it even with something of a smirk that he had made clear what many think, africans should be made to stay out of europe woe don't speak openly about it, so we should change the language of the discussions and do not consider migration as a positive thing, because it is against the impression of the european citizens. yet imbecame clear how large
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the gap is between what europe is offering and what africa says it needs. they demand entire reform between the two continents on crucial issues like agriculture, in western giants have undermined local economies. based on that, 2 billion euros looks to many like chicken feed. the needs are far greater, that's whey we have requested our partners to do more, beyond that we don't just want aid we want reform. >> while europeans increasingly make notice tings between asylum speakers african leaders here have reminded their hosts the money. >> it look as little like
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revenge. >> african countries have found themselves overpowered in trade negotiations by european money and influence. but not here because the african delegations here knew that the once this was not a crisis for africa, but a crisis for europe, and that seems to have given them courage to demand more. >> and so when the leaks emerges of the action plan, there was but scant mention of what the europeans wanted most, help in repatch races. africa, was getting it's own back. >> i think they are hoping this will be a start, but no one cannot say that they have achieved this goal, and this goal was definitely one of the main planks of what european negotiators came here for today. perhaps some hope may come out of the tragedies but if europe is genuine about
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wanting them not to come, lit take more than what was on offer here. lawrence lee, al jazeera. >> the palestinian man has been shot dead by undercover soldiers inside a hospital. according to health officials in the occupied west banger. these security camera pictures you are about to see apparently show israeli forces entering the hospital. have a look at the second row to the left. what looks like a man, dressed in the next row, someone else disguised as a pregnant woman, believed doctors say that's the ploy the elite israeli unit used to get in. >> so what do you think when a unit raids a hospital, they came under cover, not even as soldiers to arrest one of the patients that was lying injured in his bed. the crime even when became
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uglier, when they shot him with five bullets and executed him many the hospital. >> the companion was the patient's cousin. he died of his wounds. the suspect is been wheeled out to the surgical unit, he is accused of stabbing an israeli man. his brother was in the room at the time. >> the first thing they did was to handcuff me to the bed. he was walking out of the bathroom as he was preparing to pray. the undercover security asked him to stand, and as he was looking at him, they shot him. >> but that version differs from earlier reports. which say he was trying to stop the arrest at the time he was shot. emotions in the city are already very strained. the last few weeks have been marked by protests and reprisal attacks from both sides.
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separating facts from opinions, or even emotions, isn't straight forward. news of the raid is spreading, there's been a somewhat muted response from the israeli side, although it has confirmed that the arrest did take place. al jazeera. >> there are new developments in russia's doping scandal. a man called valentin has been asked to leave his position, and as on the executive committee of the russian olympic committee. that's not his most important role, or certainly not what his most important role used to be, because he used to be the head, the president of the russian athletic federation and he did that for a very long time. he was severely criticized in
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the german documentary, that triggered the world anti-doping agency to launch it's investigation, which culminated in the reports which we are now talking about the reports that have created this doping scabbed call so in won't 15, after that documentary was published he steps down, from his position as the president of the federation, he still maintains a position on the olympic committee, that's what he has been asked to leave, he also interestingly has a position as fresh sure err, in the i.a.a.f., he hasn't been fulfilling any duties since the aid documentary was aired but it shows quite what a complicated web of connections this man has and why he he is important and why he has been asked to leave. >> this is not just about athletics is it, because it was said to be state sponsors doping so what are we hearing from the authorities about it
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all now? well, what the russian authorities are very very concerned about, is being banned from the olympic games in 2016 next year. they are essentially saying that they are going to reform. and hopefully, that will mean that the i.a.a.f. when it convenes on friday, for it's teleconference, won't press the nuclear button, won't take that option of a blanket ban, for the russians including the olympic games. there are some other options for the i.a.a.f., they could offer russia a temporary ban, that would allow them to do that reform in time for being allowed back into the olympic games to compete in 2016. or they might take a more selective approach and target certain athletes.
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that the russians believe would be the best option, and they could take some time, really, from the deputy president of the i.a. a.m.f. who wants that to be the choice that is made, but it isn't his decision, it's a wider decision than that. and of course, it is a very very hard choice to make, because if you go after select athletes the dirty ones how can you tell who they are. how do you know that they haven't been mixed one the clean ones. because trust in the russian system has been so badly eroded by this scandal, that it is going to be a very difficult thing for the i. a.m. a.m.f. to conclude on. >rory, thank you indeed, we will return now to our top story, the explosions in a very crowded part of the southern suburbs of the lebanese capitol beirut. in the area more than 30
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people killed two suicide pommers we understand, and we now have a link to our correspondent zana close to where this happened i think. >> it is exactly where it happened, david. like you mentions, two explosions they got off the motorcycle, the first bomber detonated the explosives approximately 100 meters from where we are standing. and a few minutes later, among five minutes later. yaz you can see, people are still picking up remains that are on the electricity polls there's a scene of carnage, wherever you look you see
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blood on the side of the streets like you mentions, this is is a crowded area. this is a popular marketplace, beirut southern suburbs may be considered a strong hold of hezbollah, in fact, thes a strong hold, but clearly, the target were civilians the supporters of the lebanese armed group. and if you talk to people here, it is a lot of anger. we received that message, but we remain defiant. the effects of that has had on lebanon, is there a sense that there is still a will to protect these type of areas and if there's a will there's the built ability to do so. >> this is not the first time beirut southern has been
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targeted by explosions. it is the first time in other a year, over a year and a half ago, we were witnessing explosions and in this area, and civilians were being killed but the lebanese army, along with hezbollah managed to impose strict security measures. the lebanese army setting up check points around the southern suburbs. hezbollah also stepping up security. but as you can see, there are a lot of side roads. that can actually lead to this area, and they are approached by motorcycle, so it is very difficult to stop a suicide bomber. like you mentioned this is being seen as a spill over from the war in neighboring syria. and hezbollah has earned itself a lot of enemies because it has joined the fight on the side of the syrian president, and has sent troops to help the syrian army, so it has earned itself enemies people here know that. but uh like i said, you can ask anyone here, and what they tell you is we are not
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phased. this isn't doing to scare us, it has happened in the past. but undoubtedly a lot of people fear that this could be the beginning of even yet more pomming. >> give office sense of the geography? i know the back allies but you know the area so well, there's a refugee catch there, that is one of the massacres in the war. the police station, so tell us what that area represents. >> well, yes, the palestinian refugee camp is adjacent to the refugee camp. the whole area -- but like you mentioned this area does not include the camps premisses. there are a lot of side roads leading to the camp. and like i mentioned let's just walk down here, and you can see it's very easy for anyone to infiltrate this area. what we understand from people is that they approached on a motorcycle.
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so it is hard, david, it is quite hard, but like i mentioned it's been over a year and a half, and we haven't heard -- there hasn't been any pomming as you can see, people are started to chant. this is a religious slogan. this is rah mainly shia area, so they are chanting a religious slogan almost like defiant. very defiant mood here. >> thank you very much indeed. justifying our viewer as update, thank you for the interior ministry saying that there were 41 victims, 41 people known to have died in those two explosions about a couple of minutes apart. in the neighborhood of southern beirut. the united nations security council condemns the killings of human rights apewses and threatens sanctions against
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those responsibility. we will be looking at thigh these schools are standing empty, despite 8 million children being enrolled in the country. and in sport, search yeah garcia in shanghai, we have the rest of that and the rest of the sport, stay with us if you can.
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>> at 9:30 - "america tonight" - top investigative reporting, uncovering new perspectives. >> everything that's happening here is illegal. >> then at 10:00 - it's "reports from around the world". >> let's take a closer look. >> antonio mora gives you a global view. >> this is a human rights crisis. >> and at 11:00 -
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"news wrap-up". clear... concise... complete. top new stories beirut and at least 41 people have been killed in what appears to be a double suicide bomb attack in the southern suburbs. a big offensive launched to retake the isil held iraqi meld town of sinjar. a summit between european and african leaders which has ended in the announcement of a $2 billion plan to tackle the courses migration from
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africa. >> two of venezuela's presidents nephews have been indicted in the united states on drug charges. time for the president parliamentary elections coming up in the three weeks. let's go to al jazeera live for us in washington, d.c. and the charges are what. >> you expect them appear in court. actual inindictment. both are nephews of nicholas madura, they were arrested in haiti on tuesday, handed over to the d.e.a., the american drug force on tuesday and flown to new york they were charged when they were landed and expected to appear in
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court sometime in the next couple of hours. >> the reaction down in venezuela, have you been gauged what has been said? >> here in the u.s. there is no reaction from the mission in the u.s. they were in custody, so he understand that it was related to drug charges that the de,a has taken the action that it did, but he would not name them nothing from the president except for a tweet just after midnight. >> that is victory you will also remember that last year, the man who was the former head of the venezuelan intelligence services he was arrested and he was accused of being involved in drug smuggling and eventually he returned to venezuela, but at that time, he said this was
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nothing more than a u.s. plot to undermine his government given the timing between the arrest and the election, we can expect he will make that connection this time around as well when he makesn official statement when he does. >> announced his attempt to get a third term in power. 100,000 we are told had to plea the area. the u.s. condemned the killings warned that if left to worsen the situation could resemithe 1994 rwanda genocide al jazeera in the capital. >> the military and the police have been in this but they have been conducting
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door to door they are also set up check points like that one searching vehicles, the upmost there in pass of the city, people are afraid. they have left their homes and gone to safer neighborhoods. boulders have been found on the streets. bushes and the security forces government officials are also being targeted, the government says it is trying to stem up a growing rebellion, and leave the country off illegal weapons. who has said that this is taking an ethnic mention, and also worries about the youth group whose members have been accused of carrying out some of this atrocities. the government here is down playing some things officials we talks to said all is well, the government is doing it's job, and just trying to keep the country safe, and any other country doing the same
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would not get as much international condemnation. >> kristen in new york for us, what is the u.n. planning here. >> well, earlier the security council pass add resolution that condemns the violence that is going on, and threatening to take further measures against anyone who continues to perpetrate violence or get in the way of peace talks. now, it doesn't say specifically what those other measures are, but we know here that that's typically code for sanctions. that it's a warning you keep this up, we come back at you with some targeted sanctions. the resolution also contains an interesting clause calling on secretary general ban ki-moon to come up with some recommendations for a u.n. presence in the future. and he is to report back to the security council in just 15 days. we know that western powers have been talking about the possibility of a peace keeping force there, we know from the peace keeping officials here in new york
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that they are talking with the african union, and the union is already looking to get the stand by force ready to go as one possible contingency. the u.n. is also talking about moving assets or considering moving assets from the mission in congo to this area, if the security council decides to head in that direction. now, either sanctions or a peace keeping force will require yet another. if the resolution is on the heels of an emergency meeting earlier this week, also combines with the statement that was issues by the union. just how concerns the international community is about the escalating violence there, and the possibility of it takes on an ethnic
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dimensions as well, concern this could lead to full scale ethnic violence in the region, and the international community trying to nip that in the bud with these measures. >> thank you indeed, in terms of the practical steps we will wait and see on that. families of 34 south african miners that were shot dead in 2012 have issues a deputy president with the court summons. seen her on the left is being summoned for accomplicety in the deaths of miners that were striking at the mine when they were gunned down. a director and shareholder at the time. he is denied accusations that he asked for a police crack down. >> 50 million ethiopians will need food help by january. crop yields are down by 90%,
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here is more from charles stratford. >> omar's harvest is ruined. every plant is dead, we have nothing now omar like hundreds of thousands is the victim of a phenomena that neither he nor his government can control. el nino, the hot wents originated in the pacific have wrecked the lives of millions of people. >> the agencies or the government. >> we have nothing to eat now, he says. we need food, and water.
1:42 pm
in some parts the livestock is dying he said he has begun to receive food aid. he said that 40 cows have died and he only has five left. >> the cattle die first, he tells them. now as the drought is getting worse, goats and camels are beginning to die too. >> this is the worst drought to hit ethiopia and other countries for decades, now the united nations says around 8.2 million people need emergency food aid here, unless the community steps up with donations. now the ethiopian government says the emergency food program is helping, but admits it needs urgent assistance. >> aid agencies tell us malnutrition cases in the area are rising. but they praise the government for what they say is it's crisis management, and fast reallocation of budget money.
1:43 pm
with the approximate $100 million since october, is nowhere need enough. the u.n. says they could need at least five times that much in the next few months. they tell us this is a very different situation since the 1980's when the drought developed into a famine, and killed hundreds of uh thats of people during the previous drought, we lost a lot of lives and animals and now because of government action and progress, we as a country are more resilient. al jazeera, eastern ethiopia. >> in the united states, dozens of wild fires are
1:44 pm
still burning. widespread damage with one fire destroyed at least 20,000 acres. that's about 10,000 heck tars. there are fire warnings in the place in two counties. at least 13 people suspected of propertying attacks in middle east. >> a british diplomate in the middle east. security forces. other countries are involved in the raids. >> the founderrer of the islam group was served an arrest warrant in prison in norway. it is the court that in the end will decide, if the terms of the extradition are met. if the court decides that it is, which will be known on
1:45 pm
friday, muller will lead norway for italy quite soon. >> protestors were throwing bombs as they demonstrated. they were outside the parliament in athens angry they say about budget cuts instituted by the government. the party stand up to the cuts williams elected first of all in january. reports from athens been. >> it is a wake up call for caesar, the first general strikes since it came to power resulted in violence with police. a sign of continuing anger. many people believe the party ignores workers on the left when i reversed the anti-austerity policy three months ago. unemployment is stuck at just under 25%, and many don't believe the party's promises to reduce poverty. caesar is cutting $5 billion from the budget next year as the economy continues to
1:46 pm
shrink. half of that is to come from pensions. and in group is more worried habit the self-employed because their fund is bankrupt. the problem is broaderrer policy, when small businesses are closing and professionals find themselves on the street, the pension fund can't gather enough. >> the burden on contributors is already heavy, there are 1.4 workers to each pensioner in the self-employed fund, almost 60% of the pay goes to taxes and social security, the highest margin in the developed world, like many self-employed people, so fee yeah has fallen behind in payments. and is trying to catch up. i don't know if i will have the reward for what i am paying now, it is as though as i am suing it down the sewer. they are both at this march, unhappy in work in retirement. >> a year ago they were
1:47 pm
behind caesar, the thought it was the best chance of breaking the vicious cycle of spending cuts and recession, it isn't just about pensions. caesar promised no new taxes. and said it would restore minimum wage to $800 a month, now that it is caved in the unions are turning against it. >> social security analysts say pensions have already fallen by 45%. he thinks the government should crack down on undeclared labor. >> you can't cut pensions and allow to go uncollected since last year, that's the contribution right now. the businesses are in arrears to the system. if someone works 25 days a month, and declare 15 days worth of contributions. >> but penalizing employers can lead to severity without justice, pushing further down a spire of bankrupt and i and unemployment.
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india's prime minister is on an official visit to the united kingdom. after lunch with queen elizabeth, he met the british prime minister to talk about trade links. the trade minister says they are signed six deals with india. and they also addressed members of parliament. >> we have the reality and the experience of a long -- the residenting is impressive. it depends on the future of the global economy to remain strong. and mr. caesar india looks for hope and opportunity in the world. >> protestors were outside the street, the prime
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minister's resident as the indian and british held their talks there. >> the demonstrators saying he is guilty of human rights abuses as one time he was banned from britain because of allegations he play add role in the 2002 riots in which 1,000 people died. >> you might think a success story, afghanistan government says at least 8 million children are now enrolled at school, but activists say that many are who are officially enrolled never turn up, some don't even exist. in the last about three part series the forgotten province, jennifer glass reports on the ghost schools of. >> the children in the village say they want to learn. but snare tent school in this tiny hamlet ghor province is empty, they say they haven't been to school in weeks. >> the teachers come two to
1:50 pm
three times a week, but they don't give us anything to study. >> they do collect their salaries. the afghan human rights commission say there are 100 of those ghost schools in the province. >> i can not say it is seth or 80 pest, or more or less, but where i can tell you the situation of education is worries. we monitors one district, only three were working. in the as a result ladies and gentlemen the u.n. built school had a padlock on the gate, no sign of learning here. there are supposed to be six or seven teachers and dozens of students. the salaries of the 4600 teachers are being paid. in all he says he has 225,000 students in 812 schools, that none have been closed by violence. but he can't prove it. >> because of security, we are not able to monitor and visit in order to control and make sure that teachers and
1:51 pm
students are actually at the schools. >> he says security isn't a problem at the two we visited and that teams visit regularly. but when we showed him our video, he couldn't explain why we found them empty. >> where are the teachers? >> he plames the lack of classes on irresponsible teachers and parents unwilling to send their children to school that's not what the parents we talked to say. >> when we ask the teachers why aren't you educating our children, they claim our children are not coming, the teachers are not there. >> but the money continues to flow. teachers salaries alone are about half a million dollars a month. no one knows exactly where the cash goes but there are widespread allegations at least part of it enters unin the hands of the taliban or other fighters through extortion or corruption. >> the schools that do have students aren in areas that
1:52 pm
can be monitors like here in the capital. but in the province thousands of children have no schools and no teachers. local education officials have known about the problem for years and they don't seem to want to do anything about it. jennifer glass, al jazeera, central afghan zahn. >> time for the sport we joined now in doha. >> thank you very much. david, one of the biggest rivalries in international football resumes later. argentina hosts brazil in the world cup qualifier, brazil traveled to ben necessary aris on the back of a win of venezuela. having lost their opener to chile. their star player returns after suspension. having ten goals in the last seven games for barcelona. >> . we analyze the numbers he is showing that his performance has been superior. renaldo is being demanded
1:53 pm
with highn't andations and may mar is on a growth path. >> 214 world cup runners of argentina will be missing three fast strikers. the argentines have failed to win the first two qualifiers losing one and drawing the other. >> the teams outuh come is always tight, if the team wins the issue of depend doesn't exist, if the team losing then the team is depend on him. but the truth is winning or losing the absence of the best player in the world is of course important. >> the south american champion chili are also in action, they face columbia having won their opening two qualifiers. >> being the best team in the world would be a nice price. it is not the main thing at the moment, i think it is a consequence of our performances. >> qualifiers continue across
1:54 pm
asia as well on thursday, japan won 3-nil in cig pore back in june, cig pore has managed to hold on to the draw this result means japan top group met with 13 points. >> south korea 4-nil at home to remain atop the group with 15-point substitutions. with the goal of the night, in the south korea fifth straight win of the tournament. >> in was the same result as when the two sides met in kuala lumpur in june. they score add chat trick this time around, in group a. >> in about an hour, hungary is facing norway in the first leg of their euro 2016 playoff looking to qualify for the first time in more than 40 years.
1:55 pm
they are also looking to reach finals for only the second time, and they are only other appearance was back in 2000, they do, however, have a strong record against hungary, having not lost against them for over 30 years. >> a week of training and feel the energy is very good in the group, so this is two finals for the us, we have been looking forward to it so yeah, the atmosphere is very good. >> lay peer yeah has been excluded from the list of the presidential elections after failing an integrity check, suspending u.s. and also not on the list, but could be added if his ban is lifted before the february 26th elections. so here and a look at the find candidates the right hand man is in the running and had the support of u.s.
1:56 pm
back. there is also fifa president former advisors he made the big in the last elects, but couldn't get enough support. also made the list, hi currently heads the asian football confederation, prince ali of jordan is set for another crack at the top job after losing these elections and activists turn businessmen will stand he currently works for fifa and has a backing of south africa football association. meanwhile the suspended president is out of hospital after a small emotional break down according to his spokesperson. the 79-year-old was banned for 90 days by the fifa ethics committee last month. blat that is currently under criminal investigation for a $2 million payment made. a one shot lead after the first round of the b.m.w.
1:57 pm
masters the number 11 is looking for his first win of the year. he shot nine birdies on thursday to finish with an eight under par, six people, this is the ultimate event of the european tour's race to dubai series. the course is nice and i drove over well, and that gave me a lot of opportunities. and yeah, it was a nice run. >> that's it for now, i will hand you back to david in london. >> thank you very much. indeed, there with the sport world, that's just about it from me and our team. there will be more on those massive explosions in pay route in just a couple of minutes here on al jazeera. goodbye from me for now.
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>> 41 people are killed in two suicide blasts in a hezbollah stronghold in southern beirut. hello there i'm felicity barr and you're watching al jazeera live from london. also coming up: [ explosion ] >> sinjar offensive, claim i.s.i.l. is retreating after a majority supply line breach between iraq and syria. former head of


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