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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 13, 2015 2:00am-2:31am EST

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aung san suu kyi's n.l.d. was a majority in the election but who will become president? with the world news from al jazeera. also ahead a double suicide bombing in beirut killed a lot. i.s.i.l. said it did: the ue has done democrated the ongoing violence in burundi. nephews of venezuelan president appear in the new york court
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accused of conspireing to smuggle cocaine into the u.s. aung san suu kyi's opposition party has won myanmar's londe mark election, the country's election commission confirms. it has released more results that show the n.l.d. has gained more than the two-thirds it needs to control parliament. aung san suu kyi's n.l.d. party has secured more than 329 seats, gaining control of both houses of parliament, but the quarter of the seats are allocated to the military which means it will remain hugely influential in myanmar's con decision also bars her from becoming president because she married a british citizen and her children have british passports. wayne hay live from yangon, so an important moment for aung san suu kyi an her party. talk us through it.
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>> reporter: yes. certainly a big day for the n.l.d. a day that comes incidentally five years ago to the day that aung san suu kyi, the leaderer of the n.l.d., was released from the military from her latest spell in house arrest. now she is on track to form the government on her own. her party will be able to fill most houses in both those parliaments. 3429 was the magic number that the n.l.d. needed heading into today. remember that vote counting has been ongoing since sunday's election. it has been a slow process. they've easily passed that 329 mark that they needed to counter any combined total that the ruling union i don't know solid art and controlling party might be able to muster combined with the milt tree that you mentioned which is guaranteed a quarter of all seats in parliament. so far the ruling party has only won 40 seats. it is a huge win for the n.l.d.
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votes still being counted what about who becomes the next president? >> reporter: that is the big question. aung san suu kyi so far as refused to say who her nomination for the presidency will be, but because they have such a big majority now, because they will be able to fill most of those seats in parliament, it means that the next president will come from within the n.l.d. they could appoint someone from outside. it doesn't have to be a member of parliament, but we've been told by senior members of the the n.l.d. that it will be someone from within the party. they're certainly not confirming that. it still comes down to a parliamentary vote which will take place next year. as they have such a large majority now, it is certain that the next president will be someone of the n.l.d.'s choosing thank you for that. a bomb has exploded in southern thailand killing four people. it happened in a village in the
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muslim majority province of pattani. the bomb was planted by rebels w. lebanon has declared for the 43 people killed in sued bomb attacks. two blasts went off in the south of the capital controlled by hezbollah. that's the armed group fighting in neighbouring syria alongside government forces. i.s.i.l. says it carried out the attacks. reporting from beirut. >> reporter: a popular marketplace became a scene of carnage late on thursday. civilians were killed and injured and the ones who were targeted. this is mainly she that neighborhood in beirut's southern suburbs. it is also where supporters of the movement has lived. suicide bombers on motorcycles debt oneighted-- detonated minutes apart.
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>> translation: a large number of those injured were severely wounded and a number died in hospital. i also know body parts of the two suspected suicide bombers have been found. we may have escaped another one because the explosive belt of the third suicide bomber didn't go off. >> reporter: people here have seen scenes like this before. there was a time when similar attacks were frequent in this area of the lebanese capital. >> reporter: people are angry, but there's also a sense of defy answer. this is not the first time they have been hit by an explosion, but the last time it happened was over aer ago diabetes an explosion. just like the attacks in the past, the people here believe this was a message to hezbollah which has sent troops to syria to help the government there in its fight against the opposition. hezbollah has earned itself enemies. one of those groups is i.s.i.l. which claimed responsibility for
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the attack. >> translation: they've targeted this place because they don't have any other way to fight us back. they have run out of options and let me be clear, they've targeted this area because we are shia, but we won't be phased. >> reporter: hezbollah has long insisted that its decision to fight in syria was a strategic choice and just like in the previous round of attacks it is unlikely to change the position and supporters say they back that stance. >> today before and tomorrow, we will keep following the same principle. we will not like feel weak or something like that. no. we have always been like that and we will stay like that >> reporter: behind the anger there is fear that this is the beginning of another cycle of violence kurdish forces say they expect enter the town of sinjar soon as they attempt to take it from i.s.i.l. it has launched an offence to
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several obviousliages. sinjar is important as it sits across the main highway between raqqqa and mosul. both are i.s.i.l. strong holds. launched air strikes in sir targeting the prelateish i.s.i.l. fighter known as jihadi john. the pentagon can't confirm if he was killed in the strike. i.s.i.l. strong hold in the north, his accent made him recognisable in a series of i.s.i.l. videos showing the mers of at least six civilian hostages. european police have broken up a group. at least 13 people were arrested in the series of coordinated raids and three countries. italian police say the group was plotting attackss on no rrngs weigen people.
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>> translation: there were now be - there will be requests. it is the court that in the end will decide if the terms of the extradition are met. if the court decides that it is, which will be known on friday, he will leave norway for italy soon the u.n. security council is making plans to send u.n. peace keepers to burundi as political violence there continues to escalate. it's condemned the killings, torture and human rights violations and also threatened sanctions. at least 24 pa people have been killed since april. that's when the president began his bid for a third term which he controversially won. catherine soi is in the capital purge. talk us through to the response now. >> reporter: absolutely. i just spoke to the foreign affairs minister here.
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broadly he is happy with this resolution that was passed by the u.n. security council. he says that the u.n. is happy that the u.n. recognises the need for a dialogue between the different political parties, whether in the country or outside the country. if you remember, the regional talk had been initiated by the east africa community, just before the presidential election. in those talks, the president of uganda came here and launched the talks. then the elections happened and we haven't seen any forward movement in those talks. the minister is saying there needs to be a national dialogues. talks need to be jump started to pacify this country and unite people. he says he is happy that the u.n. recognises that. he says that he is happy also with the tone of the draft of this resolution in terms of
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sanctions. original proposals by france talked about targeted sanctions, but in this resolution that was passed, they talk about unsatisfied measures. so the minister told me that really targeted areas is not a solution. what the government is doing is trying to deal with a rebellion ion trying to get the country safe talk us through that underlying violence that's constantly bubbling away. i gather that the police are moving into certain areas and clearing them out. >> reporter: yes, jane. i'm in one of those areas where the police are already carried out operations to get guns that they say are in the hands of civilians. it's a joint military and police operation. yesterday we were in another area as well. police, like i said are saying
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they want to stem out a growing rebellion. people are very afraid. they're saying that police are arresting them. they're saying that some of these people are being tortured, police are torturing them and arresting them, arresting innocent civilians as well. we talked to some people who had said their homes had been looted and buildings destroyed. people are keeping away from this neighborhood which is more or less opposition strong holds. they're concerned. they want to go about their business and saying that the government really should tone down, but the police government officials say they're just doing what they need to do to keep this country safe and to get weapons out of hands they're not supposed to be in, to get illegal weapons out of this neighborhood thank you. refugees trying to enter sweden are facing tougher border
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controls. did dozens of people were barred from taking ferrys from germany an passengers arriving by train were interviewed by police. they're the first large scale controls in sweden in 20 years. about 90,000 people have applied forra syme eh sigh lumbar. the highest rate in europe compared to its population. >> this is not a fence. we need to make sure that we have control over what people comes into sweden because it's a matter of both the border control but also that we have to identify yourself on the ferry before you enter the ferry. this is not an issue for one or two or three countries. it is an issue for the whole european union still to come, anger as israeli forces in disguise raid a hospital and shoot a palestinian man. greece comes to a standstill as the left ruling party feels the
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heat of protest. >> this is a serious problem. >> an undercover investigation reveals the real cost. >> there's no way of knowing what minerals are coming in. >> "faultlines". >> what do we want? >> al jazeera america's hard-hitting... >> today they will be arrested. >> ground-breaking... >> they're firing canisters of gas at us. >> emmy award-winning, investigative series.
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>> the only live national news show at 11:00 eastern. >> we start with breaking news. >> let's take a closer look. a reminder of the top stories on al jazeera. aung san suu kyi's n.l.d. has won myanmar's election. the election commission says the opposition n.l.d. gained the majority in both houses of parliament with more than 80% of votes counted. lebanon has declared a nation day of mourning for the 43 people killed in suicide bomba tabbings. two blasts went off in the capital controlled by hezbollah.
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i.s.i.l. says it has carried out the attacks. the security council has adopted the resolution to condemn killings in burundi and also planning to send peace keepers to end the violence there. u.s. hall holocaust museum says the target of people in iraq has been rape of thousands of women and girls. >> reporter: more than 17 months after iraqi forces lost the province, it's the yizidi people becoming the starkest example of devastation committed by i.s.i.l. hundreds of thousands of people displaced thousands killed or enslaved. whilst i.s.i.l. have persecuted, a report by the u.s. holocast memorandum, says the yeas have
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been terminated. >> you don't need to destroy the entire group. it is the intent that is the critical factor. in this case that intent exists. >> reporter: i.s.i.l.'s attacks on these people follow a long history of oppression at the hands of both sunni and she' extremists. >> we believe there were warning signs of the potential for this type of violence in iraq going back decades that has put minorities at risk. >> reporter: facing displacement from their homes, they will need both humanitarian aid and physical protection. one activist says when i.s.i.l. is defeated, its victims must not theic action into their private hands. >> individuals who have lost their family members not to think that they will go there to have an advantage over the military to take revenge. >> reporter: bringing i.s.i.l. to justice will require hard evidence of their atrocities and
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gaps in the do you means documentation. this is an important step to bear witness palestinian authorities issued orders to create a joint force to protect hospitals in the occupied west bank. it's in response to the killing of a palestinian man by undercover israeli forces at a hospital in hebron. >> reporter: have a look at the second row to the left. what looks like a man dressed in an abeya and in next row someone else disguised as a pregnant woman. the lead doctor says that's the ploy they used to get in. >> translation: what do you think when a unit of under cover security raid a hospital. they came undercover, not even as soldiers, to arrest one of the patients who was laying injured in his bed. the crime became uglier when it
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surprised the companion of the patient and shot him with five bullets and executed him in the hospital. >> reporter: the companion, it turns out, was the patient's cousin. he died of his wounds. the suspect is then wheeled out of the surge cal unit. he is accused of stabbing an israeli man. his brother was in the room at the time. >> translation: the first thing they did was to handcuff my hand to a bed. he was walking out of the bathroom as he was preparing to pray. the undercover security man asked him to stand at his place. as he was looking at them, they shot him. >> reporter: but that version differed from earlier reports which say that he was trying to stop the arrest at the time he was shot. emotions in the city of hebron are already very strained. the last few weeks have been marked by protests and reprisal
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attacks from both sides. separating facts from opinions or even emotions isn't straightforward. news of the raid is spreading. there has been a somewhat muted response from the israeli side, although it has confirmed that the arrest did take place russia says the irregularities around its drug testing system were down to the sports old leadership hoping to prevent its athletes being banned from next year rio olympics. the former head of its athletics federation stepped down from the executive committee. the world anti-doping agency is accusing russia of state-sponsored doping. more from moscow. >> reporter: this will be the second resignation since this crisis started at the beginning of the week.
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this first person to go was the director of the moscow anti-doping laboratory. the laboratory that was right at the heart of the w.a.d.a. report into doping in russian sport. this man is a bigger fish. for more than two days he was the president of the russian athletics federation. he began his job in 1991. he resigned in february of 2015 just after the german broadcaster ard put out its documentary, the one that kick started the w.a.d.a. investigation. he resigned as the president of the athletic federation, but he kept a position on the executive committee of the russian olympic committee. that's the position that he is now being asked to resign from. interestingly, though, he is also the treasurer of the i.a.a.f. that's the position that he hasn't performed professional duties for since he also
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resigned from the russian athletics federation. it's also the organisation that on friday is going to make the very, very decision about whether or not russian athletes should be banned from international competitions rallies in greece have turned violent after police fired tare gas at protestors. more than 20 thousand people gathered out parliament in athens to show their anger at cut to pensions. also strikes to cut down schools and public transport. >> reporter: it's a wake-up call for the first general strike since it came to power resulted in violence with police,a a sign of continuing anger. many people believe the party ignored workers on the left when it reversed its anti policy a month ago. the government is stuck at 25%
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and many don't believe the party's promises to reduce poverty. five million dollars is being cut from the budget next year. half of that is to come from pensions. no group of pensioners is more worried than the self-employed because their fund is bankrupt. >> translation: the problem is broader policy. when small businesses are closing, the pension can't find enough contributions. >> reporter: the burden on contributors, there are 1.4 workser to each pensioner, almost 60% of their pay goes to taxes and social security, the highest margin in the developed world. like many self-employed people, this woman has fallen behind in payments and is trying to catch up. >> translation: i don't know if i will ever have an ereward for the money i am paying now. it is as though i'm throwing it down the toilet. if there were a choice, i would opt for private without question. >> reporter: these are both at
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this march, unhappy at work and in retirement. a year ago the labor unions were behind cesar. they thought it was greece's best chance of breaking the cycle. it is not just about pensions. he promised no new taxes and said it would restore minimum wage to $800 a month. now that it has caved in, the union is turning against it. social security analyst says pensions have already fallen by 45%. he thinks the government should crack down on undeclared labor. >> translation: you can't cut pensions and allow six billion year's words the contributions to go uncollected since last year. that's the size of the contribution right now. businesses are ina rears to the system. if someone works 25 days a month, they declare 15 days worth of contributions. >> reporter: penalizing citizens
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could push further down the road of bankruptcys and unemployment two nephews of the venezuela president have been indicted in the united states on drugs charges. the suspects were arrested in haiti and appeared briefly in court in new york on thursday. they are accused of conspireing to smuggle cocaine into the u.s. >> reporter: this is the four-page indictment that the men face and they're accused of trying to import ah kilograms or more of cocaine into the united states. the key words there, or more, because some reports suggest it was as much as 800 kilograms. this is what we're told was a sting operation, that the men were invited to a hotel in tuesday. they were met by the authorities who handed them over to drug enforcement agency from the united states. the men were put on a private
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plane and flown to new york on tuesday night. during that flight they confirmed that they were nephews of the venezuelan president. if convicted, both men face life in prison. now, there has been no official comment from the venezuelann mission in the united states. a question was asked at the white house meeting. it is confirmed that two men have been arrested but no more details were given. no official comment from the presidential palace. what we did have a tweet which reads, neither attacks nor imperial ambushes will affect the people of the liberators. we have only one destiny. victory. the head of the venezuelan intelligence services was arrested. he wasn't deported to the united states, but went back to venezuelan and there it was said it was a plot to undermine, destabilize and eventually try to overthrow his government. these arrests will not be
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welcomed even though at the moment we have no official comment reputed mafia boss accused of planning one of the biggest robberies in u.s. history is now a free man. prosecutors allege vincent asora played a crucial role in a 1978 airport heist that helped inspire a film. >> reporter: it was the crime in good fellows. >> it turned out to be the biggest heist in american history. >> reporter: on wednesday, nearly 40 years after the robbery took place, the only person to ever stand trial for it, ageing mobster, was acquitted. >> there was a hold up of historic proportions. >> reporter: off screen, the 1978 heist gripped the u.s. >> authorities aren't saying more than they believe this to
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be the largest robbery in american history. >> reporter: armed robbers broke into a building in new york's ken deairport. investigators found an empty black van, but not the robbers or the haul. >> five million in undocumented cash, a million in gems and jewellery, which today would be worth over 20 million dollars. >> reporter: journalist spent his career covering the mob. >> the various mafia families had big pieces of action at jfk, the airport. everybody was involved, the banano family and others, the gam bino family. so when the mastermind of the job planned it, he had to give cuts to everybody >> reporter: that was jimmy bourke, a.k. a jimmy the gent played by robert deniro. >> never run out of your friends and always keep your
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mouth shut. >> reporter: bourk died in 1996. here is vincent asaro in one of the many pictures snapped over the years by agents. his silence has begun to crack leading to his day in court. >> most of the people involved in the case were either killed, bumped off or died of natural death. he is one of the last survivors. longevity in the long run did him in >> reporter: he was indicted last year. charges were going back decades, including 1969 murder of a suspected informat. in a three week trial, it was claimed he forged the plan for the airport hold up and got a hefty cuffed. several alleged mob sisters, including his own first cousin, but in the end the jury decided there wasn't enough evidence as the verdict was read, he pumped
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his fist and kissed his attorney on the lips. >> i got two years here and i'm dying to get home one lucky man. if you don't find any more on him on the website, there is certainly more on the story we've been talking about. our government are doing what they need to do in order to protect their citizens. i don't think this state is going to take this and appropriate manner until we're dragging dead bodies out of buildings good evening. thanks for joining us.


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