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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 13, 2015 4:00am-4:31am EST

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only on al jazeera america. kurdish forces say they have taken control of the town of sinjar from i.s.i.l. fighters. this is al jazeera live. aung san suu kyi's n.l.d. wins the majority in myanmar's election. the u.n. security council passes a resolution condemning the ongoing violence in burundi plus. >> reporter: i'm reporting from south korea's chopstick
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festivafestival kurdish forces say they've taken full control of gin jar from i.s.i.l. fighters. -- sinjar from i.s.i.l. fighters. it sits on a highway which links two important towns. it is on the second day of a long waited offensive. they surrounded the town on thursday, cutting off supplies from both the east and west. several strategic facilities in that northern iraqi town have been secured in the islamic state. in an effort to defeat the group according to those in the know, i.s.i.l. defeated and is on run
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according to the news agency. in northern iraq. what's the latest? >> reporter: i can tell you that from the north the kurdish peshmerga went into the town of sinjar. they are in control of all of the town. we were expecting a retort, but that hasn't happened. intense fighting yesterday. it is actually quite unusual. you have i.s.i.l., they on the back side. iraqis forces went in a few months ago. what happened is they do had attacks against them. what is happening at the moment, it's very unusual, pro i.s.i.l. tend to be on blackout.
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that's very interesting because normally they're the ones that could give you accurate information as to the movementment of i.s.i.l. they left the town on 11 november. none of that is confirmed by any source. it does suggest that i.s.i.l. are in the town and that's the impression will the taking of sinjar, if it is secured and cleared completely, open the road to mosul and raqqa. >> reporter: that is exactly what it will do. it allows sinjar to be reconnected with the rest of northern iraq. i'm on the road between these three areas. as we were coming in, i saw about a thousand people waiting to come back in to the mountain.
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they're fed up of living in those towns and they want to come back. this road is opening up. it will take a week or so for the kurdish peshmerga to clean it up. already people are queueing up at the border of this thanks for that reporting from northern iraq. the u.s. says it has launched air strikes in syria targeting the i.s.i.l. fighter known as jihadi john. they don't know if he was killed. his accent made him instantly recognisable in i.s.i.l. videos showing the murders of hostage. european police have broken up a group fighting for i.s.i.l. at least 13 people were arrested in a series of coordinated raids
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in three countries. italian police say the group plotting attacks. it's suspected leader is already imprisoned in norway but he could now be extradited to italy to face new charges. >> reporter: the request for him to be extradited to italy will be met in decided. he will love for italy for soon the leaders ofity lee and croatia have met to discuss security measures. razor wire is to control the influx of refugees. croatia says the barrier is in disputed territory. more than 108 thousand people have crossed into slovenia since the middle of last month. refugees trying to enter sweden
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are facing tougher border control. dozens of people were barred from taking ferries. people arriving by bus were interviewd by police. around 190 thousand people hava applied for asylum there. that's the highest rate in europe compared to the country as population. >> reporter: this is not a fence. we need to make sure that we have control over what people comes into sweden because it's a matter of both the border control, but also that you have to identify yourself on the ferry before you enter the ferry. this is not an issue for one or two or three cups. this is an issue for the whole european union syria says it has made advances against rebels in aleppo. the army backed by russian air strikes has seized the town of alhadda. the opposition says that it is
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still defending the town. it is 48 hours since regime forces broke the siege by islamic state group in the east of aleppo province. aung san suu kyi's opposition party has won myanmar's landmark election. it the election commission has shown more results showing them getting more than two-thirds, but it needs to control parliament. aung san suu kyi's ndl party has secured 329 seats. it is in control of both houses of parliament. remember a quarter of the seats in myanmar are allocated to the military automatically, which means that it will remain hugely influential there. myanmar's constitution also bars aung san suu kyi from becoming present because she married a british citizen and her children have british passports. wayne hay reports now from yangon. >> reporter: the magic number of
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for the n.l.d. was 329 seats kind with the upper and lower houses of parcel. that is the total it needed to win to be able to farm the next government to enjoy a so-called super majority for the next government on its own and counter any combined total that may be won by the ruling party and the army, remembering that the army is guaranteed a quarter of all seats in parliament. as far as parliament goes, that doesn't matter now. the u.s.d.p. has performed so badly in this election, has won only a handful of seats compared with the n.l.d. the n.l.d. will be able to govern on its own and will be able to dictate who the next president will be and we will fine that out next year. we do not know who the n.l.d. candidate for the president will be. we know it can't be the leader, aung san suu kyi. she is prevented from being the president of myanmar because of a clause in the constitution. we don't know who that will be
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next year. we do know it will still come down to a parliamentary vote because the n.l.d. is going to have etch say huge majority in both houses that it will be able to dictate who that president will be. we also know we have guarantees from the president and the head of the armed forces, they have issued statements saying that this is a peaceful transition of power to the n.l.d. and that they will acknowledge the wishes of the people of myanmar the u.n. security council is making plans to send u.n. peacekeepers to burundi as political violence escalates there. it has condemned the killings, tore tune and human rights and also sanctions. the president began his bid for a third term which he controversially won. >> reporter: i just spoke to the farn affairs minister here-- foreign affairs minister here.
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he is broadly he is happy with this resolution that was passed by the council. the u.n. is happy that the u.n. recognises a need for a dialogue between the different political parties, whether in the country or outside the country. the minister of foreign affairs saying that there needs to be a national dialogues, talks needs to be jump-started so as to pacify this country and unite the people. he says he is happy that the u.n. recognises that. he says that he is happy with the draft of this resolution in times of sanctions. the original proposals by france talked about targeted sanctions, but in this resolution that was passed, they talk about unspecified measures. so the minister told me that really targeted sanctions is not a solution. what the government is doing is trying to deal with the rebellion. it is trying to get the country off illegal weapons and trying to keep the country safe
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anti-austerity rallies in greece have turned violent after police fired tear gas at protestors. more than 20,000 people grouped to show their anger at cuts of benefits and pingss. there was a strike that shut down schools and public transport. >> reporter: it is a wake-up call for cesar the first general strikes since it came into power resulted in violence of police a sign of continuing anger. many people believed the party ignored workers and left when it reversed it's anti-austerity policy. most don't believe the promises to reduce poverty. the economy is to shrink. no group of pensioners is more worried than the self-employed because their fund is bankrupt.
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>> translation: the problem is broader policy. when small business are closing and professionals find themselves on the street, the puns fund can't gather enough contributions. >> reporter: the burden on contributors is already header. there's four workers to every 1 pensioner. almost 60% goes to taxes and social security. the highest margin in the developed world. like many self-employed people, this woman has fallen behind in payments and is trying to catch up. >> translation: i don't know if i will ever have a reward for the money i'm paying now. it is as though i'm throwing down the toilet. if there were a choice i would opt for private insurance without question. >> reporter: these people are both at this march unhappy in work and in retirement. >> reporter: a year ago the labor unions were behind cesar. they thought the left was greece's besta chance of breaking the cycle of spending cuts and recessions.
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it is hot just about pension. he promised no new taxes and would restore minimum wage to $800 a month. now it has caved in the unions are turning depends it. pensions have already fallen by 45%, it is said. the government should crack down on undeclared labor. >> translation: you can't cult pensions and allow six billion euros to go uncollected. businesses are in arrears to the system. if someone works 25 days a month, they declare 15 days worth of contributions. >> reporter: penalalizing employers could leave to severity without justice, pushing to a further spiral of bankruptcy and unemployment still to come here two suicide bombings in beirut kill at least 43 people. i.s.i.l. says that it did it. we will take you to the lebanese
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capital. a new report from the u.s. holocaust museum. we will tell you more.
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to be stories here. kurdish forces in iraq say that they've pushed i.s.i.l. fighters out of sinjar and have taken full control of the town. it is important because it tips on a - links a high which links two strong holds. aung san suu kyi n.l.d. has won
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myanmar's historical election. the country's election commission says the opposition n.l.d. gained the majority in both houses of parliament with more than 80% of votes counted now. lebanon has declared a day of nation mourning for the 43 people killed in suicide bomb attacks. the two blasts happened in a suburb of the capital controlled by hezbollah. i.s.i.l. says that it carried out the attacks. going back to imran kahn in northern iraq which is long one of the main sly routes for that offensive on the town of sinjar nearby. what's the latest? >> reporter: i can tell you that the last few hours kurdish peshmerga forces walked into the town of sinjar. they first took the governor built there and declared that the rest of the town was in their hands. the north of sinjar mountain has been in kurdisher peshmerga
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hands allowing those to flee from the town, the majority of the community in sinjar. they haven't come in through the south-east and the west and that's where the major pushes were coming and the fighting that took place on thursday, but they do say they are in control of the town. we were expecting i.s.i.l. to mount quite a major fight back. that seemingly hasn't happened. there is something odd going on that we are seeing through social media. a lot of the media, particularly linked to i.s.i.l. here in iraq have been on blackout. there has been no news coming out from them. i've spoken to a pro i.s.i.l. journal afloat who told me that i.s.i.l. fighters left on november 11. that doesn't quite tally with what the kurdish says. they were monitoring radio transaction missions and they heard the soldiers were told they need to stay and face. that hasn't happened and the
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kurdish peshmerga say they are in control of the town many thanks. the u.s. museum. the group's target of people in iraq has many killings and kidnapping of rape and killings of women. >> reporter: more than 17 months after forces lost ninevah province, it is these people that have become dive stated. hundreds of thousands of people displaced, thousands killed or enslaved. while i.s.i.l. has persecuted many, christians and other non-muslims, a report by the u.s. museum has said the minority has been targeted for ex-termation. >> you don't need to destroy the entire group. it's the intent that is the critical factor. in this particular case that
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intent exists. >> reporter: i.s.i.l.'s attacks on these people follow a long history of oppression at the hands of both sunni and shia extremists. >> we believe there was early warning signs of the potential for this type of violence in iraq going back decades that has put minorities at particularlia cruet risk. --a cute risk. >> reporter: these people will need both humanitarian aid and physical protection. one activist says when i.s.i.l. is defeated its victims must not take justice into their own hands with reprizals >> individuals who lost their family members not to think that they will go there to have some advantage over the upper hand of the military to take. >> reporter: bringing i.s.i.l. to justice will require hard evidence of their atrocities and campaigners are worried about gaps in the documentation, but this report is an important step in the effort to bear witness
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lebanon has declared a day of mourning for the 43 people killed in suicide bomb attacks there. they targeted a beirut suburb controlled by hezbollah, the armed group which is fighting in neighbouring syria. i.s.i.l. says that it carried out the attacks. live now to beirut. is there anyway of verifying those claims of responsibility? >> reporter: no. they did claim responsibility. it also promiseed more attacks against the shias. that is the statement that appeared on social media. as you can see behind me, the destruction, being described as one of the deadliest attacks in lebanon in years. the aim of this attack really was to inflict as many casualties as possible. as you can see behind me, this
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is a residential neighborhood. civilians live here. this is also a marketplace, a very busy marketplace and the bombers detonated their explosives during rush hour. what we understand is that there were two suicide bombers, they detonated their explosives seconds and metres apart. we understand from the lebanese army is that there was a third would be suicide bomber who was not able to detonate his explosives because he was killed in the bombing. more than 40 people killed and 200 injured. the people here are used to seeing scenes like this, but it has been a while. it has been over a year since the last attack targeted this district in the lebanese capital in 2013 and 14 there was a campaign of attack against
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hezbollah supporters. they targeted strong holds, but it's the civilians who are being killed. the aim, really, is to try to ensure that they stop supporting the group, but you can see they're putting up posters hearing saying that that they won't bough. so a lot of shock-- bow thank you. live in beirut. the palestinian authority has issued orders to create a joint force to protect hospitals in the occupied west bank. it's in response to the killing of ail palestinian man by undercover israeli forces at a hospital in hebron. cctv video shows a group of men in disguise entering the hospital ward. the democrat tea president of south africa has been summoned by lawyers for questioning. it is over the 2012 killing of 34 miners by the security forces in the americaana region.
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the director is accused of pressuring the minister of police to take action against the protesting miners. a bomb has exploded at a check point in southern thailand killing four people. it happened in a village of pattani. the police said the bombed was planted by armed rearms. two nephews of the the president nicolas maduro have been indicted in the united states on drugs charges. the suspects, efrain campos and francisco flores were arrested in haiti and appeared briefly in court in new york on thursday. they're accused of conspiring to smuggle cocaine in the u.s. it comes at a serious time for the president nicolas maduro facing elections in three weeks. >> reporter: in is the four-page indictment that the men face and they're accused of trying to import 5 kilograms or more of cocaine into the united states.
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the key words there are or more because some reports suggest it was as much as 800 kilograms. this is what we're told was a sting operation, that the men were invited to the hotel in the city on tuesday. there they were met by authorities who handed them over to drug enforcement agency from the united states. the men were put on a private plane and flown to new york on tuesday night. during that flight they confirmed that they were nephews of the president nicolas maduro. if convicted, both men face life in prison. now, there has been no official comment from the venezuelan mission in the united states. a question was asked at the white house briefing. the spokesman said he can confirm that two men from venezuela had been arrested but gave no more details. no comment from the presidential palace. what we did have was a tweet which says neither attacks nor imperilial measures will affect the people of the liberators. we only have one destiny.
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victory. you remember last year the former head of venezuelan head of the intelligence services was arrested. he wasn't deported to the united states but went back to venezuela and there president nicolas maduro said it was a plot to undermine destabilize and eventually try to over throw his government. these arrests will not be welcomed by the country. even though we have no official comment in the u.s. state of missouri three teenagers have been charged with making terror threats on social media. one man was denied bail who made racial threats against black students at the university. it follows resignation of the top two heads of the university. south korea has crowned its first chopsticks child prodigy. it was at the 2015 festival
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described as the first of its kind. from the city harry faucet reports. >> reporter: big sporting events require opening ceremonies these days, but the athletes can add to the nerves. four to six-year-old preparing to do combat in front of cameras broadcasting live to the nation. the weapons of choice, women, this is the first ever international festival devoted to chop sticks. some thrive, some wilt under the pressure. some enjoy the lime light just a little too much. one girl stands out. ice cool, a class above. six-year-old is crowned south korea's chopstick prodigy. >> translation: i practice with my mum a lot, so i was able to move lots of beans. i practice episode a lot. >> reporter: it's all part of an
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annual cultural festival linking south korea with one each in japan and china. officials decided to make the most of a shared culture going back two thousand years. >> translation: with culture, we can hoechlly open a new future to harmony and cooperation by overcoming conflict and confrontations. >> reporter: but chop sticks divide w divide as well as unite. korean ones are float and japanese shorter ideal with fish. in china, they're longer. for south koreans there's no contest of the medium size is the perfect compromise. some find unwieldy and slippery, but there is a saving grace that you can eat a lot of cree corean food with a spoon. in the hall, victory is sweet.
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>> translation: i'm so happy my body could fly away. each of us put in the work. we practiced hard >> reporter: with prize money of nearly a thousand dollars, they can eat well the u.s. has lifted economic sanctions against liberia that have been in place for a decade. president obama ordered the order. several steps have been taken towards democracy. the sanctions were to provide the former president of funding and weapons. just remind you of the breaking news this hour. kurdish forces in iraq have forced i.s.i.l. fighters out. they have taken full control of the town in sinjar. this could provide critical momentum in efforts to defeat the jihadist group say analysts
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which are, important because it sits in a highway which links two of the group's major strong holds. the security council said in a treat that i.s.i.l. was defeated, that is on the run. more real news from al jazeera along with analysis and comment on our website should teenage girls be forced to share a bathroom with a transgender girl if it makes them uncomfortable. and how the keystone xl pipeline brought out the worst in all. >> "third rail". >> we have run special ops. really, this is an extension of what we were continuing to do president obama insisting a raid by u.s. forces and fighters will not lead to american ground troops fighting i.s.i.l., known


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