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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 15, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm EST

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firm and the two people who rented the cars were french nationals living in brussels. there has been a little con plugs exactly abo-- confusion at these french brothers we have heard a lot about. the name with a photograph has been officially released by the police. there were reports earlier on "the washington post" newspaper citing french judicial sources mentioning the name of another brother bearing the same surname. >> has not in any way officially been put out at the moment. as i said, there was the name of another brother cited in that newspaper article and that would appear to tie in with consistent reports that we have heard throughout the day that the belgian police and indeed the french police, as well, were looki looking for these two brothers, french nationals who have been living in belgium for many years.
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>> jackie, we are now at the top of the newshour. let's just remind viewers just joining in now that we have crossed live to paris because crowds had been seen running out of plaza de republic screaming and running. we are now hearing actually from the emergency officials saying people had run away from plaza de republic. some say they heard shots but as far as the emergency officials speaking to the rioters news agency, nothing has actually -- no shooting was actually confirmed. jackie roland still live for us, i think, at plaza de republic. jackie, we are seeing pictures now. what's the scene? what can you see there now? >> reporter: i am actually there. if you wanted to, i could walk in front of the camera and talk to you but we are at plaza de republic. i will walk in front of the camera in the chance you can see me. the situation here now is that people have been returning.
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there are dozens of people, 100 or more, who have arrived back here. they returned fairly quickly as soon as people heard that, in fact, it was a false alarm. to give you an idea of how sketchy people are, they are on the phone, ma, i heard about shooting. are you sure? it just seems that rumors are running around like wild fire at the moment. people are so afraid and so on edge. this is the way in which paris, the capital city, has been infected by fear and the fear is contagion now. you only need one person to twitch, almost, and you have several hundred people running for their lives. the the adrenaline kicks in. you run faster than you are aware you can. clearly, there is a lot of panic and lots of edginess and lots of
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nervousness for people all over the city now as we have witnessed here on plaza de reb republic. i can tell you, for example, when i finished broadcasting from here last night and i returned to the neighborhood in paris i live. it's a neighborhood that is very lively. often it's difficult to get through the streets because people are spilling out. restaurants -- >> i think we have lost the line to jackie roland. she was reporting live from plaza de republic. she was there when about twenty minutes ago or so, panic spread out. some people said they had heard shots. so really, the square which has been filled with probably up to 1,000 people who were there holding an informal vigil to mark, of course, the events of friday when 129 people were killed, well, the plaza de republic was effectively emptied in a matter of minutes.
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we have heard from our correspondent, jackie roland, she says that people are now coming back to the square and, also, an official from the emergency services says that as far as they know, there was actually no official report, no confirmation of any shots being fired. so it does seem that, i guess, the atmosphere of fear that has unsurprisingly gripped paris cause for panic there. let's get a little bit more now on the investigation surrounding the suspects of those attacks on friday. paul brennan is live for us in brussels. paul, brussels because obviously a lot of the better are leading from the par i seeian -- from the french scalptop to the belgian one. >> indeed, barbara, the more we know about the background of thestangers and the way that they went about carrying out that attack, at bataclan and
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restaurants in the center of paris, the belgian connection has become overwhelming. in the last hour, what we have had from the national police of france is a warrant issued and a wanted poster effectively publicized from the -- if we just correct that light there. it's just gone across. it means that prime suspect, that they want to find, he is outstanding. he is not currently in custody. he is not thought to be one of those people who were killed as part of that, those attacks. his name is sala abdalam. he is 26 years old, born hear in brussels although he is thought to have french nationality and as i think we heard jackie a short while ago mentioning "the washington post" reporting that he and his brother, ibrahim were involved in the attack. ibrahim, it is believed, was one
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of those who died while carrying out the attack and sala, it appears, is still on the run. i am told that there is an ongoing police operation, a police search operation, here in brussels tonight, very abreastive efforts are being made to trace this man. as i say, he is described by the police as extremely dangerous and the wanted poster that's been circulated tells people not to try to approach him on their own but to call the emergency police number. there is a lot of priority being put on this. >> paul brennan monitoring that investigation which has led french authorities to brussels. paul, for the moment, thank you. >> now, let's go back to jackie roland. she is live for us in paris. she is still in the plaza de republic. we were speaking a few minutes ago. remind us of viewers -- for viewers joining us, what happened in the past half hour or so. >> reporter: yes. i mean our
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satellite truck which we use to broadcast to just about 10 meters away. i was standing there with al jazeera, west jerusalem. >> taxes going up across the greek islands as the government tries to call back cash to pay its creditors. the new rate will be the highest in the european union and ends an era of tax breaks for the islands. they may keep tourists away and that's a valuable source of income. >> cheese imports created an industry feeding hundreds of families. they may now go out of business. a law passed last month abolishes a consumer tax discount for greek islands. >> cattle feeding will be up 14 points. nobody here can make ends meet that way.
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my cost will go up 500 or 600 euros a day. that will be cots traffic. >> cornmeal won't cover all his needs. toe tates will suffer from a hike in fertilizer and seed costs. the farmer's cooperative says there's no room to raise prices or cut costs. >> these are family businesses. you can't cut costs or fire people. people will just leave. >> people here fear that this industry will sink as visitors flee the country to those with lower tax. it was meant to compensate for distance. my back. there were concerns a lot of people massed together in a small place could be a disaster waiting to happen.
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what happened tonight action gladly, there wasn't actually an assailant in the crowd. if there had been, there could have been dozens of casualties. the police were trying to keep people in the square and not have them going in to neighboring streets. they were tension and unhappy about this large gathering, a respon spontaneous gathering. people have come back now. you may be able to see in the square. there are mistaken maybe 100, a couple of hundred people back in the square now. in fact, the circle of candles has enlarged. they are moving beyond the stattew. people are standing around the candles. i have to say there were at least 10 times if not more this many people in the square earlier on the square emptied. within seconds, there was no one here at all. in a way, it's the objective of
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the assailants, if it was to spread terror, if the objectives was to make people change the way that they behave, then unfortunately, that is an objective that has been achieved to an extent, although people have come back out. people that we spoke to earlier, you may recall those who were watching, we spoke to young people who said they wouldn't change their way of living. clearly these attacks have had a deep effect on people. it is palpable. the latest from the the area filling up once again. thank you. friday's attacks across paris have obviously shifted the focus of the g 20 meeting going on turkey. it's been dominated by the crisis in syria. bernard smith has more now from the summit in italia. >> reporter: at the g20 summit, a minute's silence for the victims of terrorism.
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in paris, turkey, and further afield. this is supposed to be a summit about the global economy. the threat from isil is on everyone's minds. from the host, a suggestion that turkey, a reluctant partner might now do more. >> we have to more strongly and determinedly express our cooperation in combatting terrorism obama says the united states will step up efforts to the w the. i am sure each said to president hollande and the french people, we stand in solidarity with them and hunting down the perpetrators of this crime and bringing them to justice. >> the u.n. secretary general said the attacks in paris offered a rare moment of
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diplomatic opportunity to end the violence in syria. >> our response needs to be robust but always within the rule of law respect for human rights. otherwise, we will only fan the fire we are trying to pout. >> then a discrete handshake between barack obama and russia's president was followed by talks that according to the white house centered on ongoing efforts to resolve the syrian crisis. earlier at the summit vladimir putin said a joint effort is necessary to fight terror. in syria, so far, there is no on the ground cooperation between russia and the u.s. let's go live now to the g20 summit and speak to bernard. here in europe especially in light of everything that happened on friday evening, there is a lot of talk about border controls, the agreement in europe, how it was possible
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those kinds of weapons could have found their way to france. what is being said about border controls in italua. >> reuters got hold of a draft communique that may be released later on this evening. in it, the g20 leaders say they have agreed to tighten border controls. turkey has perhaps two of the most important borders within the g20s, border on one side with syria and its border on the other side of the country with the european union. >> border with syria is pretty tight. people seeking help, sirrians are allowed to come through. the border duringey says it will
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be harder for people to cross. at the moment it's technical to travel all the way from grease across continental europe to france without anybody checking your papers or checking your vehicle we are waiting for more clarification on that for a lot of people, the attacks in paris were sort of declaration of war from being at the g 20 and listening to the leaders, you get the sense that it's being seen there by those leaders saz a game changer in the battle against isil? it wasn't the attacks in paris that got the threat from isil on the agenda here it was on the
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agenda because of the killings of british tourists, maybe, not on the beach. the suicide bombings in ankara, the downing of the russian passenger jet it was at the forefront of everybody's minds here we are hearing the suggest there might be further cooperation to combat the threat of isil. bernard, thank you. going back to go paris. police say they found an abandoned car. inside were several ak-47 rifles, the sort used in the attacks. neev barker. . >> reporter: french military on
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patrol sergeant the streets outside the connell cert haul where more than 80 people died r5i78d sealed off as forensic teams gather evidence. new amateur video captured the moment the killers opened fire on concert goers. police prepare to storm the building. the push back and a hail of bullets as well as the blood shed. one of the killers left a vital clue. a severed finger allowed investigators to identify him as 29-year-old french national mustafai. his family and brother have been arrested. from 2004 to 2010, he was pronounced guilty eight times but was never in prison n 2010, he was black listed by the
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police due to extreme behavior but was never classified as part of an illegal extremist group. t's used by someone claiming ref eugenia in october. several men have also been arrested in belgium. investigators say they are connected to a car found near the bataclan concert hall. >> multiple arrests and search warrants have been executed. these operations rigs still ongoing as we speak. >> in german, authorities say they believe a man arrested in bavaria earlier this month in a car loaded with ex prosives may be linked to the paris attacks. maim injured remain in a critical position. after attacks on the offices of charlie hebdo, a gathering but now the authorities are warning against large rallies.
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they are worried about execute. investigators say the attacks were part of a well-coordinated cross-border operation. they are looking beyond france for more clues. this colorful, cosmopolitan city is struggle to go understand the mass murder that happened here the french government is calling for unity. neev barker, paris. >> still to come here on the al jazeera newshour. >> i think that was one of the worst foreign policy blunders in the history of the united states. >> while the legacy of the iraq invasion has again come back to haunt u.s. presidential hopeful hillary clinton and: taxing times for the greek islands as athens digs deeper to pay its debt. in sports, hungary's footballers are on the brink of qualifying for their first major tournament in 40 years. we will have the latest from the year 2016 playoffs coming up.
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the paris attacks have provoked reactions from democratic contenders. >> reporter: they came bearing signs of support to those still reeling from the paris attacks. and now, wanting answers. >> my heart goes out to everyone in paris. i feel a lot of their sense of loss. i wanted our presidential candidates to talk about what are we going to do to protect our country. >> vermont senator bernie sanders saying hillary clinton contributed to regional instability as a former u.s.
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senate voting for the invasion of iraq in 2003. >> i would arrest something i oppose has unraveled the regionton completely. >> i have said we need to understand it. >> it was an exchange that dominated the debate. immediately following h clinton's team struggle to go spin. >> she said that her vote in iraq was a mistake but -- and the lack of leadership in the bush administration and how they managed. >> it wasn't just to acknowledge the mistake, does that go far enough? eye wan's will get their chance
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when the state holds the first nominating contest there were domesting issues it comes one day after the attack. the conditions on combatting isil are what are making headlines. kimberly halkett, des moines iowa. >> police found bodies of those shot in the sinai "penguins of madagascar." officials say police opened fire when they i could in order warning shots. eight other people were found injured. police have arrested seven sirrians and two lebanese on suspicion of being involved in planning the blast or helping to smuggle stackers into the country. the bombs killed 43 people in a southern suburb of the city controlled by hezbollah. the group has been fighting
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alongside bashar al-assad. isil has claimed responsibility for the attacks. it was planned to happen at the hospital but the security measures there made them change the target to a busy area during russia hour. the investigation is still ongoing. syrian opposition says the talks are taking place only between western powers and russia they have worked in the favor of the assad regime and isil. more. >> another airstrike in a rebel-head part of syria more people buried as one more school and house is destroyed. many including children did not survive. more than a quarter of a million
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sir yapz have been killed. bashar's regime tried to silence everyone, enemies he describes as terrorists. he reiterated his message after the attacks in paris. he told visiting french diplomats syria warned what would happen in europe if the west continued to support terrorist groups in syria the grand mufti sponsored attacks four years ago. >> i say to all of europe. >> since then, half of syria population has been forced though leave their homes. the government has lost control of more than 80% of territory which has helped hard line groups such as isil to flourish. the syrian opposition in exile has warned the longer the conflicts carries on, the more
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will leave and only hard liners will be left. the west has been criticized for staying silent too long. >> when the americans and the russians and the french and saudis and turks says this is the roadmap, what do you expect the opposition to say? they are dependent on regional and global powers this this war in syria is more about regional war by probationies and global war by probationies than the futu future. hezbollah forces on the ground, the syrian regime says its stanchion has been vindicated after the paris attacks. isil supporters are celebrating at least a propaganda victory as they claim to have carried out the attacks. many don't agree.
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imran khan says that is proving to be a hallmark of the continuing fight against the armed group kurdish peshmerga fighters captured sinjar without would you much resistance. they celebrate on the streets or what's left of them. air power was a major reason for the victory on the ground. in the days leading up to the offensive, u.s. led coalition ausch strikes. >> we cult the road and coordinated efforts with our coalition pez. we didn't see any residents from isil. airstrikes played a crucial role isil fighters were retreating to perhaps reinforce mosul.
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>> what gave the advantage was u.s.-led coalition air strooiningz. this building was likely to have been hit by one of those airstrik airstrikes. what the peshmerga are saying is they need to go around and clear the buildings before anybody can go back in taking over the town was just a first step the air strakz will be a useful tool in future operations. >> the coalition airstrikes are the most important factor against isil. the coalition bombed the main roads and the main supply line between raqaa and mosul. without airstrikes, a ground offensive will stall. other areas remain under isil control. the peshmerga want more u.s. help.
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after sinjar, they are likely to get it. but it may be a different story in anbar where a main fighting force is the shia militia called popular mobilization forces isil remain entrenched in anbar. em irancan, al jazeera, sinjar. >> much more still to come here on al jazeera including as police release details about one of the suspects in paris, we speak to criminalnologist about the investigation. plus, plus. >> reporter: i am john hendren where habitats like this are increasingly under thet. >> arguably the toughest woman in sports suffers her first career knock out. raoul will have all of the details. the only way to get better is to challenge yourself,
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and that's what we're doing at xfinity. we are challenging ourselves to
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improve every aspect of your experience. and this includes our commitment to being on time. every time. that's why if we're ever late for an appointment, we'll credit your account $20. it's our promise to you. we're doing everything we can to give you the best experience possible. because we should fit into your life. not the other way around. >> shot dead and the government does nothing.
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>> they teach you how to eliminate people? >> ya. >> we've done it and that is why we are there. >> my life is in danger. >> anyone who talks about the islamic religion is killed. >> don't miss the exclusive al jazeera investigation. >> i can't allow you not to go into that because that is your job. >> only on al jazeera america. >> the only live national news show at 11:00 eastern. >> we start with breaking news. >> let's take a closer look. now a reminder the top stories here on al jazeera. there have been chaotic scenes in central paris where hundreds suddenly fled the plaza de republic. reuters is reporting some people
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believed they had heard gunfire. it could have been fireworks, but there is no confirmation yet. french police noticed a warrant. they believe he was involved in the deadly attacks in paris where at least 129 people denied. unsurprisingly, security has dominated the talks of the g20 summit in turkey following friday's attacks. it has prompted world leaders to implement stronger border controls. jackie roland is live for us in paris it was an education of the degree -- an indication of the
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degree of fear. people had not taken notice from authority saying there is a ban on public gatherings because did could print a soft target. wran for their lives. within a matter of seconds, people had emptied the squares. see they are back now, not as many as before the founder of
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the he can'tnic understanding, the events of the last couple of days trying to help understanding in europe not just if france, what doimpact does ts have on the work you are trying to do? sdro destroying our long-term work in a second, in a minute, what we have tried to build, day after day for decades, they are a huge impact at the same time. it's people are coming together saying we are united. you will see them after tomorrow. but at the same time, we are expecting and we are fearing inter faith and back lashes on the muslim community, itself, which is one of our great worry
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today and tonight. >> say they were too scared to take the metro. in a way people from these communities have got two fears, the fear of being a victim like the rest of us but a fear of being some other kind of violence. >> the terrorists have attacked and sents a letter -- sent us a letter oftary and attacked french in diversity we are potential victim and at the same
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time we could be victims of terrorist attack how childrened about some of the comments we have heard already from right-wing readers who say we need to look at our immigration policy? how concerned are you that it can fuel that kind of discourse in france and europe? >> after charlie hebdo we have seen a rise of islamophobia. it has rise today a climax. i think it's going to be even stronger for a muslim community we need to speak up, be here today, be here tomorrow. go to speak up and go to communities, schools to inform people about islam and what is being muslim today in france.
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>> a difficult time for sami samia harubi here working for the foundation for ethnic understanding, a difficult time to be trying to do that in france. thank you for joining us. back to you. >> thank you for joining us. >> the investigation into the paris attacks is widening across europe. as we have been reporting, police have now arrested 7 people in belgium. the attacks were claimed to have been largely planned in brussels. german police say a man arrested last week with explosives and high-powered weapons in his car was on his way to paris. authorities have yet to make a link. the discovery after syrian passport near the body of one attacker has raised suspension some of the assailants may have entered through greece among the waves of refugees in the past
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month. >> the program direct offer for terrorism studties joining us in the studio, thank you for joining us here. wir seeing the pan european element. how difficult will it be for french authorities to try to pull all of these links together? the violence may have happened in france. see the organization happened overseas. there are links stretching against several different countries. have you noticed a step change in the way that isil is operating bike looking at this thing these people hadn't just been handed the guns a few
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minutes before but they knew what they were doing? >> it doesn't seem like a bunch of complete amateurs which has been the hallmark of some attacks in the west where inexperienced people were trying to carry it out how much they had is open for debate. they had access to a lot of spots where the terrorists have struggled. they have been able to get explosives but not automatic weapons this has set back the dialogue because of the force of these attacks.
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if they can get policies introduced social norms introduced they can try and exploit that with that community and make them appear more like the goodgize, more like people who are actually fighting and we have to be careful not in a way that works to the ad vantage of the terrorists. one of the things that has been discovered is the syrian passports near the body of one of the attackers. there is a lot we don't know. syrian passports can be bought. there is the possibility that this is someone that came in one of the migrant waves from grease
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a opposed to someone who has come in through an immigrant way? >> it may turn out that we do indeed have someone who god involved that way. it seems equally clear there were home grown people. >> i guess my question is: what is the difference in the investigation? >> it puts pressure on the international development. you will need to look at syria, the transit countries and try and identify what happened in that way. i think one of the consequences of it as well is that it puts pressure on different countries in terms of what do you do about refugee movement in general. and we need to remember here as well that isis do not want people leaving syria. they want people to remain in syria. they don't want them to flee to other countries and so it would suit isis for the west in particular to view refugees as potential terrorists and block them and force them to go back. >> actually is what they would prefer. >> professor andrew silk, head
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of criminology at the university of east london. thank you for sharing your views and thoughts with us. thank you. >> taxes are going up across the greek islands as athens implements new measures to raise cash to pay its creditors. the new rate will be the highest in the european union. it's likely to harm the island's most valuable source of income, tourism. john taropolus reports. >> cheese is the sitting export, created an $11 million dairy industry feedings hundreds of families. but farmers here are worried that they may now go out of business it is among the first to enforce the new tax law. >> i estimate cattle feeds will go up by 14 points. nobody here can make ends meet that way. my costs for feeds and medicines will go up by 500 or 600 euros a
1:42 pm
did a day. >> means my total costs will go up by a 5th. >> marifis questions he groans his cornmeal. the farmers cooperative says there is no room to raise prices or cut costs. >> it's difficult for us to pay farmers more. everyone is already pitching in. we can't cut salaries or fire people. i think people are just going to leave. >> tourism doesn't offer a safe harbor either with the 23% tax on ferry tickets and restaurants, people here fear that this industry will sink as visitors flee. the tax discount was meant tom compensate for distance islands
1:43 pm
are losing their videotape. they are left defense liveless against a series of hooikz being levied across the hunt treeikes levied across the hunt tree. >> the mayor says municipal casts alone will go up by almost $3 million. he is bringing more islands into a class action lawsuit to challenge the tax height in the supreme court and is prepared to go all the way to the european court. meanwhile, some here are preparing what they see as necessary disobedience. >> they will abandoned their sheep and goats and find illegal ways to survive that won't put money in state coffers they will smuggle by sea or cut down their herd. for the state to survive, they must survive. for them to survive, they must cheat the state. >> still to come on the al jazeera newshour, we are in argentina with the first-ever
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presidential run-off triggering unprecedented political fervor among young people. why these beautiful creatures are at risk in one of the most remote places on earth. in sport, the world number 1 cruises to victory in his opening match in london. raoul will have more.
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one est most remote places on earth is under threat along with the wildlife that thrives there. according to conservationists who say the forest of central africa's triangle are being lost
1:46 pm
at an alarming rate john hendren reports now from the wildlife reserve, the home of many en dangerred. >> these are the eyes of an endangered blood line. >> buka right there. >> gore illas like buka can relax in the wild life preserve where they are protected from logging and hunters. >> it's down time. down time for most right now. since 1988, they have gone from vulnerable to endangered to critically endangered. in the past sixty years, hunting and ebola have by one estimate slarpd their numbers by 80%. scshed their numbers by 80%. >> disease has been a defendant major influence in certain areas not ally areas. hunting is certainly the most dangerous threat to them in that you can exist] right now. the spread of logging, ag culture is having an impact on their environment.
1:47 pm
>> the rest of the group is coming up from behind here he. >> he has helped turn animal hunters into wildlife trackers who protect their former pray. >> this is the type of job i feel good about and i can make a living from it. >> this is emily and her first baby, enos. we have to wear these masks to make sure there is no exchange of disease either way. they are habit waiteduated. despite the fact they are threatened by logging, ag cultural encroachment and people hunting them for their meat, they are comfortable having us this close. they can turn a termite meal. there were a million 50 years ago and 170,000 today. chimps are more territorial than
1:48 pm
gorillas and less likely to survive a forced move. >> logging, you effectively force one to be displaced right on top of the other. you see carnage. >> to protect chimps and gorillas, researchers get to know them through daily contact. >> can be terrifying. >> they will start charging. people get bitten a few here so we can learn more about them and educate people about them. >> per swaeding people republic
1:49 pm
of the congo. >> such amazing pictures. now, let's get more sports news. here is raohul. >> thank you very much. tennis first. russia are taking on defending champions in the fed cup final now. sharapova came from a set down to give russia a 2-1 lead. the former to put one win away from a 5th title. thankfully for the crowd in prague, the final would go down to a deciding match. chenkova 6-3, 6-4 to score there. so to the deciding doubles. once again, the czech republic are up against the russian pair
1:50 pm
the opening set. the czechs are leading, serving for the fed kru cup as we speak the sunnied season ending atp, 6-1, 6-1. the serbs 16th victory at thissent, 38 indoors. the other group techs place in an hour. >> the brazilian grand prix. the german mercies driver from start to finish bessel for third for ferrari. >> the friendly against england will go ahead at wembley despite the attacks in paris. french organizers say event
1:51 pm
should still go ahead in the country. hungary or norway to book that i way. the second leg of the play-off kicks off in under an hour. hungary have a 1-nil lead after the first leg from friday at oslo. the hungarian haven't qualified in nearly 30 years. >> i think my defense make a good job. i want only one thing fofind the way to the other goal when with us score, unbelieverable. >> zambia taking a step closer. through to the group stages of african qualifiyinqualifying. 2-nil on sunday and 3 hill nil on aggregate. morocco qualified despite losing to guinea.
1:52 pm
they go over the games. russia have agreed to a 3-month plan to ensure that the doping scandal doesn't present its athletes from competing at the rio olympics next year. the russian athletics federation was suspended on friday following allegations of state sponsors doping we adopt all of the standards offered to us. in 60 days or three months, welcome again top present ourselves as meeting the
1:53 pm
standards. something tent with australia, the first kiwi to score a double hundred against the partnership. williamson, a record between the two countries. cop firmation finishing 49 rungs 5-59. unbeaten on 235 at the close of play. >> the first european tour title at the bmw masters in shanghai patrick read in a play-off on 17 under par. read found it sunk this birdy on the 18th victories will now compete in the last he want of the season in dubai next week. ufc range is over. the sports first banter weight
1:54 pm
championship. unbeatnen 12 fights going back to 2012 up against meeting former world boxing champion. managed to knock her out with a powerful kick to the head to win the belt. russia has been beaten in the fed cup final. the doubles pair winning the final doubles to win the fed cup. that's your sport for now. >> political history is being made in argentina with the presidential run-off taking place for the first time two candidates are set to go head to head, live on t.v. with a huge audience expected. the political battle has electivefied the whole country, especially the young. you don't hear that often. a report now from buenas aires.
1:55 pm
>> heart of the presidential palace, thousands of young activists chant their support for christina kirshner. they say they are the foot soldiers. current government. >> you are not troops. you are activists. go and take the message to every house that people have to defend their rights. them before one of the strongest moments in the country. young people who instead of fighting the government are part of it they are in key government positions. >> part of a campaign to show his support for the ruling party's pensiresidential candid in, in the last years under this national lift government, political debate has been at the center. we are a group of why unpeople who believe this government started a process that needs to
1:56 pm
continue. >> during the dictatorship thousands were killed in a fight for social justice. when argentina returned to democracy. young people stayed away from politics. there is a reason young people have been interested? >> the parents that suffered the dictate theorship did not want their children to have a social or political commitment. they did it out of love and fear. the message was political commitment could cost you your life. >> during the 1970s and '80s students were the heart of the opposition against the regime. in the last 12 years political activism has increased among judge people. universities are filled with political groups who are working to get their candidates elected. >> even though political
1:57 pm
activism has bin historically associated with the peronist party t hundreds of young people are going house by house trying to take a mention out. >> one of the leaders and claims young people want to be part of the political future. >> the young people are not combative because they were part of an elite. >> has changed. yuk people come from many sectors to help our party get to the presidency. people want to get involved. >> in one weeks, arrange en tinnians will head to the polls. young people from all political sides have played a crucial role in this race al jazeera, buen aus air buenas aires. >> julie mcdonald will have more of the day's news in just a few moments.
1:58 pm
thank you for watching. bye-bye. >> lead paint... plaster that is falling... rodent infestation. >> if it was your own children, you'd have the money to take care of it. >> who does the buck stop with?
1:59 pm
>> al jazeera america brings you independent reporting without spin. >> not everybody is asking the questions you're asking me today. >> we give you more perspectives >> the separatists took control a few days ago. >> and a global view. >> now everybody in this country can hear them. >> getting the story first-hand. >> they have travelled for weeks, sometimes months. >> what's your message then? >> we need help now. >> you're watching al jazeera america. >> we're here to fully get into the nuances of everything that's going on, not just in this country, but around the world. >> what, as if there were no cameras here, would be the best solution? >> this goes to the heart of the argument. >> to tell you the stories that others won't cover. how big do you see this getting? getting the news from the people who are affected. >> people need to demand reform... >> we're here to provide the analysis... the context... and the reporting that allows you to make sense of your world. >> ali velshi on target. arah
2:00 pm
mcdonald arah panic scenes in central paris, people in the bataclan thinking that they had heard gun fire. this is al jazeera live from london. french officials say one man is on the run after the parisa attacks. the death toll rises to 132 t i.s.i.l. must be limed


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