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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 16, 2015 3:00am-3:31am EST

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security forces launch raids on addresses across france as the prime minister warns of more attacks to come. paris is a city on inch of false alarm cause is panic among people paying tribute to those kills in friday's attacks. the french investigation is also focusing on belgium, a joint task force has been set up in brussels. two of the attackers lived there. sending a message, france
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launches air strikes on i.s.i.l. strong hold in syria in retaliation. we begin with a chilling warning from the french prime minister who says more attacks are being prepared against france and on targets elsewhere in europe. he issued the warning after confirming that security forces had carried out a series of raids across the country. various locations have been targeted, including cale and jermont on the french belgium border. it's part of an investigation into the paris bombings. an ominous warning from the p.m. what happened? >> reporter: that does seem to be a case. very stark and deeply, deeply
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worrying warning from him who has been speaking this morning. he seems to think that an attack of the style that was carried out here in paris on friday could well be imminent in the coming days. he has confirmed a series of raids across the country, 150 in total in eight different locations as far as we are aware at this current moment in time. we know that a string of raids were carried out were made and several arrests were made and cash and weapons were seized. they felt that the tax were part of a well coordinated cross border cell. the large is it city in the south of the country that is no stranger to so-called anti terror operations after being the scene of some violent
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attacks back in 2012 when a jewish school was targeted and killed several french and musts imsoldiers. further raids in the parisian suburb of bobanee where doors were smashed down shortly after midnight and several items and arrests we believe may have been made there. in the last half an hour we have received word of four other locations in the city of leon where according to local police a rocket laumplyger was ceased. on the mediterranean coast in the far south of france a similar scene, and in the north on the german border. this is no way a series of concentrated raids. it really spans the entire country from the far south to the far north. it seems like the investigation is widening in all directions. we do not know, of course, whether or not these raids would directly linked to what happened
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here on friday, but it does show the deep level of concern, the heightened level of security that the officials are playing at this current stage fear, obviously. how is that affecting people as they head off to work? >> reporter: of course, it's monday morning here in paris. i can tell just by the p sound the car vehicles around us here that people are trying to get back to normal life. there are much more people passing the monument here behind me placing floral tributes on the ground as they have been doing at some other of the locations, sites of the other attacks here in paris over the course of the last few days too. a little later on we imagine that a larger crowds will again gather here as they did on sunday night, but as a sign of how tense the situation here in
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paris was, is exactly what happened here during that gathering late on sunday evening. a moment of desperate panic. reports of gun shots near the area here sent hundreds of people running for their lives. taking cover in nearby restaurants. a false alarm, but a telling sign of the climate of fear gripping the french capital. the government has banned large rallies over security concerns, but as people try to make sense of the mass murder that happened here, this square has become a place of mourning. since friday investigations have been gaining pace in a paris suburb blown glass is all that's left of an abandoned car where the police found weapons. it apparently belonged to one of the attackers that is still on run. a wanted notice has been issued
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for 26-year-old salah abdeslam. they say he is danger and public should not intervening. forensic teams continue to gather evidence at bataclan club. new amateur video captured the moment the killers opened fires on corn certain goers. many thought the gun shots were fireworks. wichlt re enjoying the concert and i thought it was fire crackers from the front. i turned around and saw them. >> i see the bullets hitting the stage and knew it was gun fire and we needed to get out of there. >> reporter: in another video police prepare to storm the building. a push back in a hail of bullets. it was here where one of the killers left a vital clue, a severed finger that has identified him as 29-year-old of omar ismail mostefai one of
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three men who blew himself up. this is on the edge of paris where omar ismail mostefai a french national tall of algerian accident lived until the age of 21. it is a quiet town. he was known to the authorities as a petty criminal but had never spent any time in prison, but in 2010 is the police flagged him up as being a strong candidate for radicalization. he is now one of three french nationals arrested next with the killings. people are now looking at whether he had travelled to syria. at the local mosque we knew someone who knew omar ismail mostefai. >> translation: i'm really shocked. you don't believe it when it's someone you know. >> reporter: he thinks the government has failed to integrate young muslim into french society. >> translation: when we do something that interests them, we're french. when we do something that upstets them, we're foreign.
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>> reporter: the mayor of the town had this to say. >> translation: sorry for saying it like this, but we don't give a damn that he was born where he was. a kid from our country, a french kid, could have become what he became. that's what we are worry about. >> reporter: his family members have been detained by police for questioning. it is of course the second day of official mourning. we expect as we approach midday for there to be a minute's silence. we expect where we are to be the focus of national mourning when that minute of silence is held. earlier this morning president francois hollande met with the leader of france's muslim community. there are, of course, more muslims here in france than any other country in europe and it's vital that this crucial - at this crucial time for the french government to reach out to all the different minority groups in the company to dispel any kind
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of concern or fear. when i was over in the area yesterday we met with some members of the muslim community who felt that they could well be reprizals that they will be seen in a negative violent after the attacks on friday. a little later on in the afternoon the french president will do something that's very rare, indeed. he will dress both pouce of parliament at the palace where we expect that he will ask for the current state of emergency which is currently lasting for 12 days, to be extend for three months. the last time a national state of emergency was imposed was back in the 1950s. such is the level of fear, such is the level of security concerns that exist in france at this very difficult time we will leave you there n acres eave. we will stay with the story because the prosecution are focusing on the growing connection to belgium. at least two of the french
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attackers had lived in brussels. we can cross now to paul brennan who is in brussels for us. we think one of the attackers police are still looking for was last scene heading towards the belgium borrowed der. >> reporter: that's the information that we have, yes. he has within named a wanted poster has been circulated by the police in farrise and brussels. his name is salah abdeslam. he is extremely difference and people are not to approach him but contact police as soon as possible if they manage to spot him. he has been searched for, been hunted since the attacks happened. in fact, since saturday. it does appear that there were some kind of information mix-up because it has eau mermgd that on saturday-- emerged that on saturday salah abdeslam was stopped in a car near the belgium border by french police
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apparently returning from paris. at the time it appears that they did not have him on the list to be detained. he was checked out, him and two other men in a vehicle, and allowed to go. now, there's a lot of soul searching and gnashing of teeth about this. ita appeared he continued his journey into belgium and then disappeared. a huge man hunt is underway. the police at the time did not have his name and therefore were not hunting him, but it's a missed opportunity and the police and authorities here are frankly kicking themselves that they could have had him in custody. the state have alerted here is extremely high, just as it is across france. we have spoken with the prosecutor's office. they haven't given any further details about any possibly arrests that might have taken over night. i'm here outside the palace. there are belgium soldiers outside all of the main buildings.
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those who have been detained, seven so far, are being questioned as i speak and there's a very high state of security here in the capital the neighborhood that the police have been focusing on, why are they so worried about that? what happens there? >> reporter: basically, it's a central bruise els neighborhood, called molenbeck and time and time again this predominantly musts imneighborhood has been connected in-- muslim neighborhood has been connected with plots, terror plots as the authorities would describe it and there have been, apparently, five plots in the past 18 months, which have led back essentially to brussels and to mulembeck. it's an area of around 500,000 - about 500,000 muslim in belgium as a whole, but this area is an area of concern because of the amount of radical eyesation that-- radicalization that goes
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on there. the minister has spoken of his concerns particularly in relation to belgium's going to fight as foreign fighters in syria. >> translation: a number of those who went to syria diminished. it is less than five per month. those five coming from certain areas. we have made progress pushings we have a lot of work to do, especially in molumbek and bruise els. >> reporter: a lot of work to do, but it's an admission of failure so far. the french interior was met on sunday. strong words were exchanged about the situation here in brussels from the french to the bell junes to say can-- belgiums get a grip on this because people are dying. it is a major priority. it will continue for many days, but the focus at the moment is to hunt for salah abdeslam and any accomplices that he may have
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been working with thank you paul brennan. french planes have been carrying out air strikes on i.s.i.l. they are describing the strikes as massive. david chater has the details. >> reporter: france has tape the war back to i.s.i.l. launching bombing raids against the self-declared capital of iraq. they flew over night from air bases in jordan and the gulf. the operation was described as a legitimate response to the black friday massacre in paris. >> translation: in we've done it in the past and again today because raqqa, as you know, is the center of the i.s.i.l. you saw the drama that happened in paris. >> reporter: the raids were against targets supplied and selected by u.s. intelligence. it has been revealed that iraq
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had warned france of an attack about to be launched last week and a team of 19 fighters had been trained in camps in raqqa to carry out the mission >> i think it is as much about french domestic politics as about being effective. the french have to send a signal to those forces in i.s.i.l. to try and turn the table back on them the way france was hit. i'm sure they were given good targets. from what i've read, u.s. intelligence has been coordinating with the french, but i think these are largely symbolic, trying to reach back out to i.s.i.l. and let them know they won't stand for this >> reporter: the news that french jets were striking back against i.s.i.l. targets in raqqa was welcomed by people here standing vigil for those who lost their lives on black friday. >> translation: we need to feel that the armed forces were capable of striking far from our frontiers reroot of this evilly that has killed so many french
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people. >> before these attacks, i thought bombarding i.s.i.l. would cause problems for france, that it would increase the refugee problem, for example. but now i have no doubt. we can't go on like this. i.s.i.l., we have to eliminate them. >> reporter: the mood in paris is still defiant but there is no doubting an undercurrent of fear exists here. there's a growing realisation in the rest of europe that they all may be vulnerable to this new turn in the war still to come we are in northern iraq where kurdish fighters are beginning to look to their next battle ground after pushing i.s.i.l. out of sinjar.
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the top stories. the french prime minister says more attacks are being prepared against france and on targets elsewhere in europe. an issue has been warned after 150 raids across the country. it's part of an investigation into friday's attacks in paris. french police have released a photo of one of the suspects, 26-year-old salah abdeslam who was born in belgium. at least two of the french attackers had lived in brussels. the french military has lamplight a series of air strikes against i.s.i.l. positions in syria. fighter jets targeted positions in the group's self declared
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capital of raqqa. the strategy to defeat i.s.i.l. is dominating talks at the group of 20 or g20 summit in turkey. bernard smith is there. a lot of new lines today, bernard, particularly david cameron saying that he is looking for more involvement by the u.k. in targeting i.s.i.l. tell us more about that. >> reporter: particularly interesting about what britain's p.m. has been saying is that he's going to meet the russian president putin today and he's going to tell him or ask him to focus russian air strikes in syria on i.s.i.l. targets. russia started its bombing campaign in syria in september, but a lot of it iss fire power has been directed towards forces opposed to president bashar al-assad. one thing that david cameron said in terms of the russians,
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he said we have our differences and not least, he says, because they've done so much to degrade non-i.s.i.l. opposition. also, of course, yelled putin and obama metaphor about half an hour on the sidelines of this summit where syria was top of the agenda. we know that the americans also want the russians to do more to coordinate with this fight back against i.s.i.l. another thing said is there has been a clear strategy to maintain a clear consistent approach from the u.s. and european union partners towards russia about syria. putin himself has said yesterday that we need to work closer together to fight terrorism. so perhaps more pressure on the russians now from other countries involved in syria to work more closely together to fight back against i.s.i.l. thank you. occurish fighters have captured the town of sinjar from i.s.i.l.
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u.s. air strikes helped them succeed. as from inside sinjar, that cooperation is becoming crucial in the ongoing fight against the group. >> reporter: kurdish peshmerga fighters captured the town of sinjar without much resistance. they celebrate on the streets here, or at least what's left of them. air powers was a major reason for the victory on the ground. in the days leading up to the defense, strikes hit several targets. >> translation: we cut the road into sinjar in the days before and coordinated efforts with our coalition partners. we didn't see any registers from i.s.i.l. air strikes played a crucial road. >> reporter: i.s.i.l. fighters were perhaps retreating to enforce the site of mosul which they control. what gave them the advantage was coalition ache strikes. this building is likely to have been hit by one of those air
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strikes. it's almost convertined in. they need to go around and clear all of these buildings before anybody can go back in. taking over the town was just a first step. that first step took months of planning. peshmerga commander says the air strikes will be a useful tool in future operations. >> translation: the coalition air strikes are the most important factor against i.s.i.l. the coalition bombed the main roads and the main supply line between raqqa and mosul. without air strikes a ground offensive will stahl. >> reporter: it has made a damps in sinjar. other airs remain under i.s.i.l. control. particularly in northern iraq. there the peshmerga want more u.s. help. after sinjar they're likely to get it, but it may be a different story where a main fighting force is called
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population mobilisation forces. the u.s. won't provide them with air support so i.s.i.l. remain entrenched there two palestinians have been killed during an israeli army raid near romali. israel's military say they came under attack at a camp. the army was demolishing a home of a man who killed a man in june. 20 palestinians were wounded. since october 86 palestinians and 12 israelis have been killed in violence. japan has fallen back into recession. government data released on monday shows the economy shrank for a straight quarter, slowing overassess demand, notely in china thought to be behind the decline. aung san suu kyi has returned to parliament in myanmar following her pro democracy part land slide election win. she is backyard from good behaviouring president so will choose a proxy instead.
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the ruling union salad art and development party, which is backed by the military will remain in power until the end of january. it is promising a smooth hand over following the first openly contested election in 25 years. aung san suu kyi will have to tackle the many problems facing myanmar. in the second part of our series on child labor in the asia-pacific, wayne hay tack take a look at why a third of children in myanmar are forced to work. >> reporter: like many children in myanmar, james has done his growing up out here on the streets in the workforce. he is one of the characters of yangon street lie greeting tourists in seven languages and trying to sell them post cards. he is 15 now. he says he left school when he was seven to earn money. >> for my family, yeah. i help my muma and younger
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sister and brother. i need to take care of my family >> reporter: under the rule of myanmar, there was no free education. his father died many years ago leaving him as the main earner for the family. his mother knows the dangers but says there's no choice. >> translation: when he goes out selling late at night, i feel so worried that he might get into a fight or get arrested. >> reporter: children at work often in hard labor is a common sight in this improvished country. for many years the united nations has estimated that around a third of childrena myanmar aged between seven and 16 are working. clearly that's a statistic that needs to change if this country is to real and sustainable developments. the country is emerging from the shadow of military rule. with the n.l.d. winning the general election, there is greater hope for children. long time campaigners hope the
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party's leader aung san suu kyi will place more importance on education than her predecessors. >> to give the education, free education up to the secondary level and also encourage the ngos to give the non-formal education because i do sincerely believe that a formal education is not enough to cover the whole population. >> reporter: it will come too late for james. he will continue working so his younger siblings will have opportunities that he didn't. wayne hay al jazeera yangon two contenders hoping to win are gen teen's policy. it is daniel scioli and mauricio macri. reporting from the capital. >> reporter: it was a historic night.
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the first time that two presidential candidates faced off in a debate in argentina. daniel scioli said that these elections are about two competing ambitions for the country's economy. he warned that his competition mauricio macri will take argentina back in time. >> translation: your proposals are a threat to society as a whole. you talk about lifting the restriction in the economy. it is a danger for every family, every worker whose jobs are at risk who is going to pay for this? >> reporter: mauricio macri said it's time to put an end to 12 years of kirchenerism. >> translation: you say that the argentinians are afraid, but i see them happy. we see hope that we will grow once again and there will be work. the only ones afraid are those with government positions because you have abused power and don't want to lose privileges
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>> reporter: he has vowed to lift trade and currency restrictions and take the government away from the left leaning pop laws policies of the current legacy. on the other hand, infrayings is running about 25% and the swing vote is the middle-class. presidential elections are happening in run week. this debate was crucial because many people remain undecided about who to vote for >> reporter: even there was no winner, everyone agreed on one thing. >> translation: today more people were watching the debate than football. this is historic and about it speaks well of how these people are dedicated to this. >> reporter: for a decade they have thanked kirchener from helping the country. they need to stick whether to stick with that legacy or make a
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dramatic change we will have more editorials and blogs regarding the elections there in argentina and also up-to-date developments of any movements on the ground as far as those horrific attacks in paris are concerned, and the raids to get the attackers. stay with us, you're at the listening post. these are some of the media developments we're looking at. one new story, various interests, multiple


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