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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 16, 2015 4:00am-4:31am EST

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police raid addresses across france as the prime minister warns of more attacks to come. paris is a city on edge, a false alarm causes panic among people paying tribute to those killed in friday's attacks. thissa al jazeera live from doha. the french investigation is also focusing on belgium, a joint task force has been set up in bruise els. two of the the attackers lived there. sending a message, france launches air strikes on
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i.s.i.l.'s strong hold in syria in retaliation. we begin with that chilling warning from the french prime minister. more attacks are being prepared begans france and on target's elsewhere in europe-- against france. 150 raids have been carried out across the country. various locations have been targeted including leon and on the french/belgium border. it's part of the investigations into paris' attacks. neave, what's the latest on the hunt for the attackers and those who may have helped them? >> reporter: firstly, some news that has just come into us. the french media reporting the name of another attacker. he has been named at sam i
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aminou. another french national a suburb of the p paris to the south-east. born in 1987, so 28 years old. another young male french male implicated in the worst attacks. it is believed he was one of the killers that was involved in taking over the bataclan concert halle a bit further down the road here behind me, a man who together with a couple of other accomplices ended up blowing himself up at that location where more than 80 people died. over the course of the night, there have been a series of raids across the country, 150 in all in eight different locations. we know that there were a series of raids that saw weapons and cash were seized. a tip collar one here in the north of france close to the
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border with belgium. we know what the government has said over the course of the weekends that the attacks were viewed as a complex cross-border operation between both belgium and france. similar raids also elsewhere, in teleuse. there, according to eyewitnesses, large numbers of police, possibly as many as 200, accounts also of snipers taking up positions there in the city also. further raids in the paris suburb of bobinee. that's re the latest killer to be named was from. doors were smashed in shortly after midnight. we know of several other locations across the country too in marces, in leele, strasburg and in leon where police say a rocket launcher was found. as you mentioned, the french prime minister gave a stark
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warning this morning such as the state of security concerns here in france at this current time. here is what the prime minister had to say. >> translation: we've known for months that we're at war, that terrorism will hit france and it hit even though we prevented many attacks. all intelligence services are on alert. we know that operations were being prepared and is still being prepared, not only against france but other european countries as well paris still very much on edge. the remarks can't have helped the mood there, the remarks of the p.m. >> reporter: no. absolutely not, but we assume that the french authorities are clearly playing it safe, but absolutely, there is a real sense of heightened anxiety and tension here in paris. it is, of course, monday morning. people are going back to work. people are trying to return to a sense of normality, but this is not a city that is anyway normal
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at all. there are mounting floral tributes for the dead. this is the focus of national mourning. in a couple of hours time we're expecting there to be a minute's silence hemmed across the country. we know that francois hollande met with the het of francis muslim - france's muslim community. france has the largest muslim community anywhere in the european area. france has to concerns that any minorities have at this time. later on in the afternoon the french president will do something that's very rare indeed. he will address both houses of parliament at the palace. we expect him to make an announcement that the state of mensch that is currently imposed for 12 days will now be extended for three months in total. there's a huge amount of concern. not only amongst the population here in paris, but also nationwide after a night of
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raids. clearly the french authorities are aware of heightened security risks and they want to make sure the country also remains tight and united at this difficult time thanks for that. french prosecutors investigating friday's attacks are also focussing on the growing connection to belgium. at least two of the paris attackers had lived in brussels. most of the people joining i.s.i.l. are from a particular suburb of the belgium capital. >> translation: a number of those who went to syria has dim independent issued. a year ago it was 15 people per month. these times it is five a month. we have made progress, but we have a lot of work to do, especially in molumbeek and brussels from paul bran onwho is-- brennan. >> reporter: there is a high alert here in brussels and over
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belgium. soldiers are now guarding strategic buildings here in the capital. they're here outside and also the prosecutor's office and the country itself has been put on a level 3 alert. that's the highest state of security that there can possibly be. the reason why is because of this one man that they are searching for as a matter of huge priority. salah abdeslam. they know that they missed an opportunity on saturday to take them into custody. he has been named and a wanted poster circulated as the most likely 8th attacker. he was spotted in a car returning to belgium on saturday, stopped by french traffic police, checked out and they didn't have a name and therefore didn't arrest him at the time, allowed him to go on his way and he appears to have van issued into belgium and a huge man hunt is underway. it's embarrassing for the belgium and the french authorities. looking for him is a huge matter
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of priority. they're also looking to try appeared tackle in a wider sense the neighborhood of mulembek where the abdeslam brothers came from. moham ed is in custody, ibrahid is said to have blown himself up. the focus is to work out exactly how to tackle what seems to be a hot bed of rat calisation in that diabetes - radicalization in smei spall neighborhood i.s.i.l. target in syria. the strikes are striped p described as massive. >> reporter: france has taken the war back to i.s.i.l. launching an intense series of bombing raids against a self declared capital of raqqa in syria. they were flown over night from air bases in jordan and the gulf. the french foreign minister described the operation as a legitimate responsibilities to the black friday massacre in
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paris. -- response to the black. >> translation: we have done it in the pasts and also today. raqqa is the center of i.s.i.l. we can't be attacked severely as you saw the drama that happened in paris without being present and active. >> reporter: the raids were against targets supplied and selected by u.s. intelligence. it has been revealed that iraq had warned france that an attack was about to be launched last week and i team of 19 felters had been trained in counts in raqqa to carry out the mission. >> i think it is as much about french domestic politics and being effective. the french have to send april signal to those forces in i.s.i.l. to turn the tables back on them and hit them in the homeland like france were. i'm sure they were given good targets. i think these are largely symbolic, just trying to reach back out to i.s.i.l. and let
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them know that they won't stand for this. >> reporter: the news that french jets were striking back against i.s.i.l. targets at raqqa was welcomed by people here standing vigil for those who lost their lives on black friday. >> translation: we feel that the armed forces were capable of striking far from our frontiers at the root of this evil that has killed in our capital city so many french people. >> before these attacks, i thought bombarding i.s.i.l. would cause problems for france, that it would increase the refugee problem, for example. but now i have no doubt. we can't go on like this. i.s.i.l., we have to eliminate them. >> reporter: the mood in paris is still defiant but there's no doubting an undercurrent of fear exists here. there's a growing realisation in the rest of western europe as well that they all may be vulnerable to this new and dangerous turn in the war. david chater
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top stories here. france's prime minister said that more attacks are being prepared against france and other areas in europe. police have carried out about
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150 raids across the country and french media has reported another attacker has been named, french national born in 1987. french police have released a picture of salah abdeslam who was born in belgium as a suspect, two of the paris attackers had lived in bruise els. the french military has lamplight a series of air strikes against sir. i can't. the strategy to defeat i.s.i.l. is dominating talks at the group of g20 summit in turkey. prime minister cameron due to meet with russia's president putin today. what are they likely to discuss? >> reporter: david cameron has been saying that when he meets putin he is going to ask him to concentrate his fire power in
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syria against i.s.i.l. russia started bombing syria in september, but most of its fire power has been aimed at the forces at bashar al-assad. one thing that cameron says isa we have differences with the russians, not the least because they have done not much against i.s.i.l. opposition. we are told in fact that the u.s. and european partners are coordinating this message with the russians so they have a clear consistent approach towards russia on syria. we also know this morning that merkel has already met putin, so we can assume that syria on the agenda of their discussions and that she was also asking russia to help coordinate more of this fight against i.s.i.l. is there a con especially census amongst the g20 leaders on how to tackle i.s.i.l.? >> reporter: what seems to be emerging from these meetings, of
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course, what happened in paris has completely over shadowed what is essentially supposed to be a summit about the global economy and there are still meetings going on about that, but even before they started meeting previous terrorist attacks by i.s.i.l. in north america and europe, that got it onto the agenda. there needs to be more cooperation. the final communication is coming out at the end of today, obama is having a meeting with merkel and others specifically to talk about i.s.i.l., so perhaps later on in the day we will get more of a joined message of how they're going to increase the fight against i.s.i.l. thanks for that. kurdish fighters who captured the iraqi town of sinjar from i.s.i.l. say that u.s. air strikes helped them succeed. imran khan reports.
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>> reporter: kurdish peshmerga fighters captured the town of sinjar without much resistance. they celebrated on the streets here or at least what's left of them. air power was a major reason for the peshmerga victory on the ground. in the days leading up to the offensive, u.s. led coalition air strikes hit several targets. >> translation: we cut the road into sinjar and the days before in coordinated efforts with our coalition partners of the we didn't see any residents from i.s.i.l. air strikes placed a crucial role. >> reporter: a journalism said i.s.i.l. fighters were pretreating to reinforce the city of mosul which they control. what gave the peshmerga advantage was u.s. led coalition air strikes. this was likely to have been hit by one of those. they're saying they need to go around and clear all of these buildings before anybody can go
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back in. taking over the town was just a first step. that first step took months of planning. peshmerga commander says the air strikes will be a useful tool in future operations. >> translation: the coalition air strikes are the most important factor against i.s.i.l. the coalition bombed the main roads and the main supply lines between raqqa and mosul. without air strikes a ground offensive will stahl. >> reporter: certainly it has made a difference in sinjar. why these are painted over, other areas remain under i.s.i.l. control, particularly provens in northern iraq. there the peshmerga want more u.s. help. after sinjar they're likely to get it. it may be a different story where a main fighting force is the sheer militia called popular mobilisation forces. u.s. won't provide them so i.s.i.l. remain entrenched there
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two palestinians have been killed in an israeli army raid. it happened at the refugee camp. >> reporter: israeli forces moved into the area refugee camp under cover of darkness to demolish the house of a palestinian who is now held in israeli jail and who is queuesd of killing a-- accused of killing a jewish settlor back in june. according to the statementise the forces came under fire as they entered in the camp. they responded in the cross fire. three palestinians died. however, people we spoke to at the refugee camp say that only two palestinians have actually died and they do deny that there was any gun fire coming from the palestinian direction towards the israelis. they actually say that one of the victims was actually a young man who stood on the roof top of his house to check on what was
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going on. certainly relations between the israeli military and the youth in the refugee camp has always been tense. this is not the first time israelis have moved in to demolish. they tried it twice before and didn't manage to get in. they were met with fierce resistance. that comes on the back of other demoliti demolitions since friday the u.n. has called for talks to stop widespread killings in burundi following the controversial elections. there have been accusations over who is responsible for the deaths. catherine soi reports from bujumbura. >> reporter: from his hide out in bujumbura, this man tells police arrested and tortured him. he won't give his identity for security reasons. his hands and feet with bound
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for the three days he was kept. they also wanted him to admit that he belongs to a rebel group. >> translation: the police seemed to have their intelligence. they have their target. they seemed to know what the points were, but i don't have guns. >> reporter: many people are worried about the systematic murders that have been going on for months how. what started out as peaceful process has evolved to armed violence. people are now being regularly killed and their bodies dumped on the street and in trenches. it is unclear who can carrying out the killings. on saturday night gunmen shot and killed a young man on this street. this woman's husband was killed by unknowna sailants. you must be afraid because until now i don't know who has killed my husband.
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>> reporter: some of the body being found have their hands and legs bound together. burundi human rights commission said it's retail tree killings. nobody has claimed responsibility. both sides have accused each other. >> translation: there are a number of people who live in some neighborhoods of the capital city mostly, but, of course, in some other areas as well who own guns and who actually continued to them either against the police-- continued to use them either against the police or their neighbours. >> reporter: in response to all this, police are carrying out a major security crack down. many people have been arrested in neighbourd regarded as opposition strong holds. >> i don't know a place where people from opposition. in this country or a place where live only one ethnic group in this country. to me, that people are targeted
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are people who have arms illegally. >> reporter: sympathy continues to mourn or relatives and husband. she says he was not a political man. she just wants to know who killed him and why aping has returned to parliament in myanmar following her party's land slide election win. the military backed part will remain in power until january. it is promising a smooth hand over power following the first openly contested election in 25 years. >> reporter: this parliament session is attended by members of parliament who were elected not in the most recent polls but in the 2010 general election. now many of them would have lost their seat in the most recent elections, but they're still going to debate issues like the budget and past laws because their term expires in january
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2016. it won't be another two months after that, that a new government will be formed because the current government's term only expired at the end of march. the president, however, has promised a smooth and peaceful power transfer and the military chief said there won't be a repeat of 19 the 0. that was-- 1990. that was the year when the n.l.d. party also won the general election by a land slide but were not allowed to govern. instead many of their leaders were imprisoned. aung san suu kyi who led her party to victory in 1990 as well as in the 2015 general election has said she wants to meet the president, president military chief and the speaker of parliament to discuss the transition of power. she has already met the speaker on sunday and she will again on thursday, but no date has yet been set for a meeting with the president and the military chief. it is these discussions that will be crucial to the transition of power in the months ahead the two contenders hoping to
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win are gen teen's won. voters face a choice between daniel scioli and mauricio macri who running for the conservative republican proposal coalition. >> reporter: it was a historic night. the first time that two presidential candidates faced off in a debate in argentina. daniel scioli said that these elections are about two competing visions for the country's economy. he warned that his competition mauricio macri will take argentina back in time. >> translation: your proposals are a threat to society as a whole. you talk about lifting the restriction in the economy. it is a danger for every family, every worker whose jobs are at risk. who is going to pay for this? >> reporter: mauricio macri from let's change party it's
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time to put an end to the movement created by kirchener. >> translation: you say that argentinians are afraid, but i see them happy. we see hope that we will go again and there is going to be work. the only ones afraid are those with government positions because you have abused power and don't want to lose privileges. >> reporter: he has vowed to lift restrictions and take the government away from the policies of the kirchener legacy. on the other hand, inflation is around 25% and the swing vote is the middle class. the elections are happening in one week. this is crucial to the people here-- debate is important to people here because they not sure who they will vote to. >> reporter: most people agreed on one thing at the skit. >> reporter: today more people were watching the debate than football. this is historic and it speaks well on how committed these
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people are towards this democratic process. >> reporter: for the last decade, many argentinians had credit kirchener from res cuing the country from economic crisis. on sunday they will need to decide whether to stick with that legacy or make a dramatic change cuba continues to normalise its relations with the united states for more thankers are visiting the island. this is reflect in the annual run through the streets of havana. this year it attracted more foreign runners than before. >> reporter: they came from in the remote far east of cuba to run. tourists for a few days while they wait for the start of the island's biggest race. most just want to take part. this ladies have finished third in the half marathon four years
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in a row. >> translation: my goal on sunday is to improve my best time between one hour and nine and one hour and ten minutes and to finish in second place. >> reporter: the cuban athletes face a number of obstacles when competing against those from wealthier countries. >> translation: the main reason running is not more popular in cuba is because of the shoes. the ropeing shoes need to be-- running shoes need to be better. >> reporter: they can only look and admire the shoes worn by visitors like this man who ran the new york marathon two weeks ago and he is back in action. >> i'm running the race to experience the city, the culture and the people and that's the most important thing. >> reporter: an early morning sta start. some are running to win, others in the spirit of solidarity. we will all be pounding the same
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streets t all suffering the same havana sun. 4700 entered to run the races. taking in some of havana historic monday ewe meant. 1500 were foreigners of which a third came from the united states. the relationship between the two countries were reestablished earlier this year. most people were happy to finished. the ladies pushed a bit harder and finished second. >> translation: i won bronze four years in a row. i wanted this triumph. i trained for it and i did it. i felt good the first 15 kilometres and now i'm exhausted. >> reporter: running is an individual sport but there's nothing like the solidarity of
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pounding the streets to bring people together for the latest on the investigation into the paris attacks and the ongoing man hunt along with the latest news, analysis and comment and plenty of video, take a look at our website at >> we're in the eastern part of the democratic republic of congo. it's one of the least developed countries in the world, but there's an estimated $24 trillion worth of minerals here. tantalum, tungsten, tin, and gold have all been linked to violence in eastern congo by rebel groups and the congolese army. >> millions of people have been killed in the congo over the past decade.


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