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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 16, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm EST

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♪ france's president extends emergency measures as police launch nationwide raids linked to the paris attacks. hello there. this is al jazeera live from london. also coming up: police care out raids in belgium, too, searching for one of the suspects who survived an attack. two palestinians are killed in a raid to demolish a west bank home. >> a battle to recapture taiz.
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♪ >> good to have your company. french president fran with a hollande said he wants a coalition with the u.s. and russia to smash the islamic state of iraq in the levant. he said the state of emergency introduced after last friday's attacks in paris could be extended for three months. bell january police carried out a raid in brussels in the hunt for a man believed to have been involved in the paris attacks. his brother was amongst those arrested released. police carried out 168 overnight raids. officials say 23 people have been arrested and dozens of weapons seized. earlier, people across france and europe held a minute's silence to remember the 129 victims. a french official has identified the suspected mastermind of the attacks isbell jan his brother
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described him as a normal person. >> translator: regarding my brother, we do not know where he is at the moment. we do not know where he is despite the current tensions. he will dare to surrender to the justice. he grew up here. he studied here he is a normal person. i cannot tell you more than that. >> following theents in the french parliament and on the streets of france, neev barker sent us this report. >> in the grand congress room of the palace of versailles members of the upper and lor houses of parliament stood to sing the national anthem. ♪ a rare moment in french politics for extraordinary times. addressing lawmakers, president francois hollande called on them to unite during one of france's
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darkest hours. >> the terrorist believe free societies will be affected. france has come through other tests. france is still here, alive and kicking. those who have tried to change it have been losers. french people are ardent, valiant, core ageous. they don't give up. we are not engaged in a war of civilizations because these killers represent no one. we are in a war against jihadists terrorists who threaten the whole world, not only france. >> reporter: he called for a change to the constitution giving the government powers to prevent further attacks. the current state of emergency will be extended for three months. paris is a changed city scarred by violence but united in grief. a minute's silence to reflect on the worst attacks since the second world war. at the plaza de republic, a s symbol of the values are faces
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of modern france . >> i am touched. i am upset. i wanted to pay tribute to these people and i think it's important. we just want peace. >> the french government's treating the attacks as an act of war mobilizing all security and intelligence agencies despite all of the extra efforts, the government is warning that future attacks could be imminent. it's difficult to make sense of what happened here in paris while the country still remains at risk. overnight, french police staged 168 raids in several major cities across the country. these images show the toulouse raid. in the last two days, more than 100 people have been placed under house arrest. la >> last night across france france, the police carried out about 150 searches at the homes of individuals suspected of various offenses. besides the items seized and the
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interrogations, the searches allow us to speed up our investigation into radicalized individuals. >> the raids came as france launched its heaviest airstrikes on a syria city of raqqa, isil's main stronghold. iraqi intelligence reports this is where the paris attacks were planned. isil have since issued a new threat against france and other countries taking part in airstrikes. as the country pauses to reflect on friday's attacks, the government now says it's taking unprecedent,000 action to saveguard its citizens. neave barker, al jazeera, paris. >> so far, more than 100 of the people killed have been identified. many of them are very young. amongest them was 23-year-old justin roulan at la petite. she later died in the hospital. 3t an aspiring writer, kristof lalush was one of the 89 killed
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at the bataclan hospital. he was a composer and guitarist. 23-year-old design student, also, at the bataclan theatre. davidcha chater is live. does it feel like the city is very much on edge? >> reporter: yes. just a few moments before you joined me, the police had cleared the whole area of the plaza de republic. kept the people away from the candles, the candles you see burning behind me. we asked them why they were doing that. they said they are keeping their radio communications open. they understand what is going on in this city. they might have received a tipoff. we don't know. the people have now gone back, but this is the state of paris at the moment. there are lots of rumors circulating. police are still very aware of the security problem, especially here in the plaza de republic
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because there are so many of the world's cameras trained on that statue and on that vigil behind me. so, it comes in the wake of 168 raids throughout france. they collected in the north, the south, the west, and the east, they collected weapons, rocket launcher, and they arrested 23 people. so these measures are ongoing. there is still a fear that there are other cells of isil capable of operating maybe here in paris, maybe anywhere in france and certainly the vulnerability ask still being felt here. >> david, as you say, the vulnerability still being felt but i notice on twitter that there was a hashtag encouraging people to go back out and to get back to some sort of normality. i use that word loosely, of course. >> yes. that's absolutely right. there was a real pap panel
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difference, a change in the atmosphere on the streets as i came to this live point. it was full of color again, if you will of people. >> lovely golden glow that comes out of the roadside cafes, the bestros and the brasierres. they are asking people to go back to the roadside cafes to actually show that they are not afraid any more, to try and ref val the economy, revive the businesses here in paris, to show that they remain de and they will carry on with their liv lives s their lives will not be stopped by the awful scenes of the massacre we saw on black friday. so, yes, there is a great feeling here that they want to gi get back to normal. the lights, the tri color lights now shining on the eiffel tower and the secretary of state, john kerr has switched on the tri color lights on his own embassy. so, yes, there is a great desire to get back to normal. these occasional sort of ripples of fear do spread. we just saw one here in the
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plaza de republic. they are trying to get back to normal. but it's still not quite the paris we know. >> david chater joining me live from the center of paris. david, thank you. a growing number of state governs in the united states said they have refused to accept refugees from syria. alabama, texas, louisiana and michigan are among 16 states which insist they are taking the action to product the safety of their residents. but the federal government says it still intends to allow up to 10,000 syrian refugees into the u.s. in the next year. from washington, al jazeera's alan fisher reports. >> a moment of silence in texas for the victims of the paris attacks, but here and elsewhere in t in the u.s., there is growing concern about who was to blame. a syrian passport was found near the body of one suicide bomber. for some u.s. governs, that's enough. they are insisting they will accept no more refugees from syria. not here. not now .
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>> i am now requesting that the president and the federal government cease sending refugees from syria to north carolina. >> as governor of the state of texas, i will not roll the dice and take the risk on allowing a few refugees in simply to expose texans to that danger. >> it's not clear if the governors can block resettlement. the federal government makes the decision who to admit. once here, people, even refugees have freedom of movement. >> the u.s. has one of the best resettlement program in the world. it has a very strong vetting system. it receives people on the basis of vulnerability, which means people have been tortured, women heads of household. by definition, not the sort of person one should fear. >> the very simple principle -- >> one candidate for the nomination has backed the governors. >> president obama and hillary clinton's proposal to bring to america tens of thousands of
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syrian muss let me see is nothing short of lunacy. >> on the humanitarian front -- >> in his closing remarks to the g20 summit in turkey, u.s. president barack obama said there was a moral obligation to help. >> when i hears folks say that, well, maybe we should just admit the christians but not the muslims, when i hear political leaders suggesting that there would be a religious test for which a person who is fleeing from a war-torn country is admitted, that's shameful. that's not american. >> up until the end of september, the u.s. had admitted 1,682 syrian refugees in the previous 12 months. the governors for the department of homeland security to the review clearances and procedures. some states have ordered all of
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the departments to end all assistance to those who arrived in t in the u.s. looking for a way out of violence and hatred. alan fisher, al jazeera. ♪ efforts to defeat isil have dominated the agenda of the g20 summit in turkey. it is from britain, german and the united states called on russia to intentionfy the airstrikes against the armed group. bernard smith reports from antalia. >> as europe's g20 leaders stood in silence, there was a call from everyone here not to associate terrorism with refugees and a religion, nationality or ethnic group. >> to make a connection between terrorist activities and refugees is irresponsible.
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we need to fight together against terrorism. >> but how? from a country leading the fight against isil, a recognition of the limits of what it can do militarily. barack obama ruled out any ground offensive. >> that would be a mistake. we would see a repetition of what we have seen before, which is if you do not have local populations that are committed to inclusive goverance and who are pushing back against ideological extremes, that they resurface unless we are prepared to have a permanent occupation of these countries. >> reporter: airstrikes are intensifying and europe and the u.s. have pushed russia to do more to target isil rather than just forces opposed to bashar al-assad. >> we have established contact with part of the syrian
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opposition which have asked us not to strike territories under their control. we came to this 2k3wr50e89 and we followed it. at this armed opposition starts active it ively targeting terrorist groups, first isil, then we are prepared to provide air supports. >> while all g20 members said they would do more to try to cut isil's access to money and new recruits. >> the pressure now is to act quickly. isil is not a traditional military opponent, as barack obama pointed out. ultimately, as everyone agreed, the key is to resolve the political crisis in syria. bernard smith, antalya. >> still to come this half hour, myanmar's government returns to parliament since a landslide victory in the elections. >> ash and smoke sent some 3,000 feet into the air as mexico's fireball volcano erupts.
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well, back. a remindser the top stories here on al jazeera. the french president has told both houses of parliament he wants to extend a state of emergency in france for three months. police have carried out raids across france and belgium. 27-year-old belgian has been identified as the suspected mastermind. the attacks and the battle against the islam youic state of iraq in the levant topped the agenda at the last day of the g20s summit in turkey. more now on our top story.
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the u.s. secretary of state john kerry has arrived in paris for an unscheduled visit. he condemned the attackers. >> they rape and torture and pillage and call it the will of god. they are, in fact, psychopathic monsters, and there is nothing, nothing civilized about them. so this is not a case of one civilization pitted against another. this is a battle between civilization, itself, and barbarism, between civilization and medieval and modern fascisf, both at the same time. >> wilson jordan filed this update on that later reaction out of the u.s. >> reporter: the obama administration says it's not going to change course on its efforts to counter and to defeat isil. >> means airstrikes against isil targets in iraq and in syria will continue. >> means that going after isil's finances and trying to counter
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its message with its own version of pro pa began a wi -- propaga will continue. the u.s. is stepping up intelligence sharing through military and intelligence chajdz. members of the military stationed in europe have been told that for the time being, unless they have official business in france, they are not allowed to visit. that's for their safety and to make it easier for french investigators to continue their work without having to deal with any passport issues from people who might be trying to visit the country. but at the end of the day, what matters is that the u.s. is trying to show a lot of moral support for the country that supported it during the merge revolution. they say that whatever the help is required by the french, the americans are going to be there to provide it. >> two palestinians have been killed during an israeli army raid near ramallah.
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troops came under attack at the calandia refugee camp. they were demolishing the home of a man they say killed an israeli. there was another small outbreak of violence on monday when palestinian protesters threw stones attisi troops who retaliated with tear gas and rubber budgets. the clash followed a funeral for theisitioni raid overnight. >> saudi led coalition in yemen intensified airstrikes in taiz. some parts of the strategic city are controlled by houthi rebels thasha mubara reports. >> government, reinforcements in the city of taiz, a major battle is underway to repel a houthi advance. tribesmen are joining the fight to recapture taiz, yemen's third largest city.
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>> we are ready for the fit. we are waiting for orders to launch the final assault. >> the military commander has been ordered to prevent the houthis taking over taiz. recapturing the city is crucial for government forces. it's on the main road which links the south to the capital s sanaa. taiz remains a divided city. the houthis backed by the former president still hold ground. if taiz falls under government control, the government in ex e exile. spent some time in the southern city of aden but was forced to relocate in saudi arabia after he was targeted in an isil attack. al jazeera. five yemeni prisoners have been freed from guantanamo bay to be resettled in the united
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a arab emirates. described as low-level fighters, they were arrested in afghanistan. following september the 11th attacks on the united states. they are starting a new life in the uae because of fighting at home in yemen. sglooifrnl despite being voted out of office t it has the authority to change laws which could make things difficult for ang su chi. her national league for democracy colleagues took the majority of votes in the first openly contested elections in 25 years. she is constitutionally bafrd from top political office but says she will choose someone to lead by proxy. florence looi has more now from myanmar. >> this parliament session is attended by members of parlorpal elected not in the most recent poll but in the 2010 general
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election. many of them would have lost their seat in the most recent elections, but they are still able to debate issues like the budget and pass laws because their terms only expire in january, 2016, and it won't be another two months after that that a new government will be formed because the current government's term only expired at the end of march. the president, however, has promise add smooth and peacefully power transfer. the military said the national league for democracy also wanted a general election -- won by a landslide about but were not allowed to govern. many leaders were imprisoned. ang son su chi led to victory in 1990 and said she wants to meet the president, the nilt chief and the speaker of parliament to discuss the transition of power. she met the speaker on sunday. she will meet him again on thursday. no date has yet been set for a
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meeting with the president and the military chief and it is these discussions that will be crucial to the transition of power in the months ahead. >> heavy rain in northern iraq has caused flooding in camps of people displaced by violence. those in the camps are vulnerable to disease. from the city of erbil, imran khan reports. >> winter has arrived at the harka camp in northern iraq. a few days of rain have turned makeshift streets into muddy parks. jabar is desperate. she lived here for 18 months after escaping isil fighters who seized her home in mosul. now she and her family are freezing in this camp. >> translator: sometimes, we sleep in the kitchen. other times, in the bathroom. we have no place to go because of the rain and the storms. the other day, our tent collapsed on the kids. when it rains, the power goes off. >> this camp is typical of many
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others across northern iraq which are struggling to cope with the winter weather. the u.n. refugee agency, unhcr has a cash crisis and cut back on the services it provides. winter is making the crisis worse. money is scarce and falling oil prices mean the regional government is struggling to provide basic needs. the rain came down ver heavily. children, this is a real challenge. if disease takes a hold in this camp, it can spread very quickly. >> the general manager of the camp doesn't have enough funding or infrastructure. >> we are much concerned from rain storms. we are doing our best to overcome such harsh conditions by providing water proof covers for these tents. but frankly speaking, these tents can't survive strong rain storms. >> reporter: it's been eight
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months since the head of the u.n. refugee crisis said the crisis was at a tipping point and more money was desperately needed. >> money still hasn't arrived. so these people continue to face misery every day under the canvas. imram khan, bahraka camp, erbil. >> rescue yours are searching for survivors following friday's massive landslide in eastern china. 25 people died after heavy rain swept mud and rocks over holmes. at least 12 others are missing. japan has fallen back into recession for the 5th time in seven years putting more pressure on the government and central bank to stimulate the economy. slowing overseas demand notably in china is thought to be behind the decline. an unlikely relationship between the logging industry and conser conservevationists is helping to save wildlife in the congo. natural has been tight close to the northern borders is being lost at an alarming rate. john hendren made the difficult
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journey to this remote region to find out more. >> reporter: the lush tropical forests of central africa are shrinking. in the past few decades, the machinery of the logging industry has slowly rolled into one of the most isolated areas on the planet: home to endangered chimpanzees and gorillas. as each day brings more lumber from the pristine woodlands, conservationists from chicago's lincoln park zoo are work to go save these untouched woodlands. they are doing it by working with an unlikely ally logging companies, themselves. >> if wild life is going to exist, particularly until countries with a lot of very poor people, a lot of the wildlife in the world, the richest wildlife in the world, the most bio diverse areas are often in the areas with the most marginalized, poorest people. we have to find a way to balance their needs with the needs of the wildlife. >> instead of clear-cutting whole forests, the biggest
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logging company in the republic of the congo is voluntarily limiting the number of trees it cuts per hechter. that's paying off in northern europe and the u.s. where buyers and some governments now demand wood from still prospering forests. >> it can be a good business. >> you can sell that as a premium product, too? >> you can sell it at a please ium. >> in parts of asia, logging has gone on intensively for denying aids. here in central africa, that only picked up at the turn of the century. conservationists hope by using sustainable logging practices, companies will be able to log here for decades. the problem is, only about 15% of the forest being logged is certified saz sustainable. some wildlife officials remain skeptical. >> in theory, sustainable use and sustainable development are possible, but only under rare circumstances where adequate measures and scientific background and monitoring take place. there are very few places where
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it's carried out well. but in theory, it's possible. >> there is no reason to believe that at least here in the congo, it's working. the nonprofit forest tree stewardship council certifies logging operations as sustainable if they can show the forest can sustain the trees, wildlife and the local people. >> we still have wildlife, he will elephants, close to a national park. yes, it's working. >> the forest tree stewardship council predicts as customers demand wood from for thaefts keep growing, the number of logging operations they can call sustainable will grow, too. john hendren, al jazeera, republic of the congo. >> mexico's fire volcano has erupted shooting mrooumz of smoke and ash 3,000 meters into the air. the situation in the southwestern state of kalima, the volcano has showed signs since early july. it prompted several evacuations
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