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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 16, 2015 11:00pm-11:31pm EST

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good evening. this is al jazeera america. international man hunt, a suspect linked to the paris attacks on the run and the state of emergency in france tonight. refusing to help some politician are now questioning asylum for syrian refugees in the ovulate s. we look at the fears and the facts. state of war, france stems up bombing runs with the u.s. and syria. what is being targeted to stop
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i.s.i.l. french officials have identified a belgian man who fought in i.s.i.l. in syria as the chief architect of friday's attack in paris. abdel hamid abaaoud has been linked to previous attacks. also today during a joint session of the french parliament the president asked to extend the emergency state for another three months. he says french war planes will continue to attack i.s.i.l. targets in syria. one key suspect salah abdeslam remains on the loose. he has been a target of raids in
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brussels. >> reporter: in an session of french parliament politiciansing sing the french national anthem. then a standing ovation for president hollan debrox e. >> translation: france is at war. there have been at least 129 dead and numerous injured. it constitutes ana aggression against our country, against its values, against its youth. >> reporter: over night police executed 168 raids in 19 regions of france. weapons seized, more than two dozen arrests. police in neighbors belgium also rounded up people who may have links to the attackers. authorities describe a belgian based terror cell. who were they? 26 year old salah abdeslam. he is named as an active participant in the attacks. he is on the run.
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another brother blew minimums up in the paris blood bath. today at his apartment a third brother spoke out. >> translation: we could never have imagined that one of my brothers could be linked to this terror attack. we do not know where he is at the moment. >> reporter: police name a man who is now in syria as a mastermind, abdel hamid abaaoud, behind the high speed paris train attack in august which was thwarted by americans and another in paris. france has moved an aircraft carrier into the gulf and continued bombardment of raqqa. persist francois hollandes has extended the state of emergency about by three months. today a moment of silence across europe and around the world for those who died in the attack.
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here dozens stood for almost ten minutes out of respect. >> reporter: to have been here for that moment of silence, you get that sense of deep sadness and emotion that people across france are feeling. there are tourists here but also business people and local residents. it seems that no-one was left untouched from that brutal and bloody violence of friday. >> europe is a good thing in so many ways, that it's a nice dream that has been - that is being destroyed because one failed to cater to common sense things like opening your borders secretary of state john kerry landed in paris today. he made the trip to pay tribute. his trip was not disclosed in advance for security reasons. it is a way to show called art in a key ally in the wore against i.s.i.l. he says.
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>> ultimately we will defeat d.a.e.s.h. appeared all who share their despicable ideology. we are on course to do so. we will continue also to show compassion to those who seek refuge from the violence that the terrorists engender kerry's comments were made in front of the u.s. embassy in paris. like many landmarks around the world, the building was bathed in blue, white and red, the colors of the french flag. this dominated talks at the g20 summit in turkey where there president obama rejected call for more combat troops in syria. the persist also had strong words for his critics. >> reporter: wrong up two days of meetings, at the g20 president obama is rejecting the critics who say he isn't being tough enough on i.s.i.l. at the close of two meetings,
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president obama rescripted calls for a dramatic military escalation. >> we have the right strategy and we're going to see it through. >> reporter: that means continued air strikes now in 15 month. helping groups already taking the fight to i.s.i.l. on the ground. mr obama warned against thinking of i.s.i.l. as a viable state that could be con conferred by a military invasion and once again ruled out american combat boots on the groundsment >> if you do not have local populations that are committed to inclusive governments and who are pushing back against ideologycal extremes, that they resurface unless we're prepared to have a permanent occupation of these countries. >> reporter: french president francois hollande has called the paris attacks an act of war and
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president obama greece. he says critics are talking tough but have no realistic plan. >> if they think their advisers are better than the chairman of my joint chiefs of staff, then the folks are actually on the ground, i want to meet them. >> reporter: his harshest words were for i.s.i.l. itself >> these are killers with fantasies of glory eau. >> reporter: with one of thea sailants entering europe in the flood of refugees from the syrian war. he spoke directly to politicians back home. >> when i hear folks say that maybe we should just admit the christians but not the muslims, when i hear political leaders suggesting that there would be a religious test, we don't have religious tests to our compassion. >> reporter: governors of vowed
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to bar refugees entering their states. mr obama wanders against a back lash. it would play into i.s.i.l.'s hands. >> they will lead, i think, to greater recruitment in the terrorist organizationss over time if this becomes somehow defined as muslim problem as opposed to a terrorist problem. >> reporter: president obama rejected turkish call for a no fly zone along its border. first of all i.s.i.l. is not flying any planes and the safe zone or the no fly zone could become a target one of the attackers may have entered europe by posing as a refugee from syria. now politician are trying to block refugees from coming to the u.s.
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presidential senator suspend the. the it would require reef gees to undergo a strict background check before entering the u.s. michael mccall wants to go further. in a letter to president obama he called for the suspension of any plans to allow syrian refugees to settle in u.s. he is the house of the homeland security committee. now officers of 25 states do not want to accept any syrian refugees. they say they are doing it to protect american citizens. more states have been joining the no list throughout the day, but officers of 15 states have renewed their commitment to accept those fleeing con conflict in the middle east. al jazeera reporting from michigan, which was the first state to put a hold on accepting refugees. >> we're going to suspend things until we can talk to the homeland security. >> reporter: reacting to the
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attacks in paris, rick sneider is suspending the state's efforts to take in more refugees. they could pose a threat to u.s. security. >> most people are not terrorist and we have to be thought about helping people around the world. this is being prudent to make sure that some terrorist element is not entering our country. >> reporter: not long after this announcement sunday, several other governors followed suit. the move isn't-- is an about face who previously welcomed plans welcome refugees. >> we have been under the state and we've always been open and welcoming and now he has closed the doors. it's not closing doors but sends a really strong message that puts the blame on innocent people. >> reporter: former state representative is with take on hate hate, a campaign that addresses discrimination against muslim americans. as governor of a state with one
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of the largest middle eastern population in the u.s., she says he missed the mark. >> the he could have displayed some leadership here and took the lead of how we can do it right. syrian americans that are currently here connecting them with family members. that can keep us safe. instead, we took a complete extreme position that i think is un-american. >> reporter: so far it's estimated that more than four million syrians have left the country since the crisis began. 1600 have come into the u.s. the obama administration says the pledge to take in more syrian refugees in the next year still stands. the state department is looking into whether states can block refugees on their own. >> it's incumbent on us moving forward as we strive to reach this target of at least 10,000 for fiscal year 2016 to work with state p and local governments to address their concerns about a resettlement
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program, whether they can legally do that, i don't have an answer for you. >> reporter: this doctor who has family in syria says he's concerned for those who may not find a way out. >> we never give up here. we will lobby the governor, minimum administrator. >> reporter: with the syrian refugee effort on hold, the govern has asked the u.s. department of homeland security for a full review of its procedures and cleernances. in the meantime he says that about 20 syrian refugees now headed for michigan will not be turned away the paris attack and its possible connection to syrian refugees has become an issue in the run off election for governor of loisianna. >> reporter: one terrorist has
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posed here and syrian refugees are being sent in that ad senator david viter is accusing democratic opponent of backing obama's refugee plan that will put americans at risk. edwards has taken a lead. to discuss the effects, the paris attacks are having on politics, we have michael shore. let's start with the governors. it's questionable whether they can stop refugee settlement in their states, but are sending a clear message that they see it likely as politically ex-peed entity. yes >> reporter: yes they can't do anything. it's hard to know if there are criminals among them. however, like you said, it's
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political expedient. there has to be numbers that support. there's some politics behind this and all of these governors and so far you've said 25, 24 are republican, the 25 testes is magyhassan for snit. she would not be on board or not a politically expedient thing to do. it is without teeth. it can lead to legislation in congress. that's something that is probably around the corner then the question is what kind of an impact do the paris attacks will have on the presidential race. do you think they're going to make foreign policy more important? >> reporter: i think it will. going into the debate, i was in des moines for the debate. people were thinking it was a day after the attacks. a lot of us thought this was going to be about foreign policy. they only just touched on it, but there - it was the elephant
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in the room. it was something that the bernie sanders people thought because of the political part of that conversation. he is running against a former secretary of state, a former senator and that was something for hillary clinton that may have been strong, but it will come into place because the republicans are talking about it now to a person on the other side. they're talking about this. when you have a presidential race historically if there's an enemy and we can all unite behind an enemy, even if it was a straw man argument, they go after that and that's what they're going to do does it hurt or help hillary clinton because the questions about her handing various things is terrible. >> reporter: it's hard to say, obviously. first of all, when people are going to be judging hillary clinton if she's in fact a nominee, will be november, almost a year from now, and not to say this will be far in you're rear vision mirror, but it will not be as president as
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it is now t people will look at her, democrats are going to say this is someone with this experience, i'm comfortable with her. the people who have a problem with her are not going to lose that issue that they have with her, but it is going to be an issue in american politics beyond the presidential race very soon because you have ted cruz is going to come out with legislation saying that he is going to fight syrians being allowed here it might be a more interesting issue on the republican side because even though it has been seen as the year of the outsider, the question is could this hut trump and carson because of their lack of foreign experience and others were seen as being more strong internationally. >> reporter: yeah. that's a great point because here you have when things get serious, when problems are really, and you're in the middle of a presidential race, people tend to look at the people who are the problem solvers, who have the ideas and not the people that offer the bluffeder.
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it's not to say that only bluffeder is coming out of donald trump and carley, but people have to pay close attention thanks for that. as we reported, france's military has responded to the attacks by stepping up in their air campaign against i.s.i.l. but pentagon say the strikes may be more symbolic than strategic. dozens of tornados have been spotted. a look at the storm system next.
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>> our american story is written everyday. it's not always pretty, but it's real... and we show you like no-one else can. this is our american story.
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this is america tonight. a very large and dangerous storm system is moving across the middle of the country tonight. you've got reports of 36? >> that's right. we have a preliminary total of 36 and that number is going to be going up because we're going to be seeing at least until wednesday morning before we finally get some reprieve out of this system, you can see just this afternoon this line of thunder storms have developed. four states right now have reported tornados. right here are the 36 being reported. that line is very dangerous this evening because we're not going to be seeing any weakening of the storms. a lot of people going to bed, a lot of dangerous situations pushing through this area. they're not going to be listening to the reduce. we do have four countys in
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oklaomaa and kansas that are under warning. the other part of the storm is the winter part of the storm. we do have blizzard rains. over 12 inches of snow. visibility going down to less than a dar terre of a-- quarter of the mile. on the front side, we're talking about flooding along the mississipi valley. ah 6 inch es of rain is expected here. snow in the west and thunder storms in the south and flooding in the east french president francois hollande reiterated his country's determination to limb night i.s.i.l. over the-- eliminate i.s.i.l. sites were bombed in syria. the foreign minister described the air strikes as a legitimate
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response to what happened in paris. more on how the move is being viewed by the pentagon. >> reporter: france's new mass cue lair contribution to the air war against i.s.i.l. is certainly welcomed here at the pentagon, even as officials quietly admit it's more symbolic than strategic value. jets launch from bases in jordan and emits and drop 20 bombs on the syrian sit of raqqa. it is a training facility, command center andam mo depot picked by the french based on intelligence newly shared by the u.s. >> speaking to the french president, he continued to step up the strikes and said deployment of the aircraft carers before the attacks would trim france's air strike capability. we will give no rest or let up he vowed.
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after the united states france has conducted the most coalition strikes since the bombing of iraq and syria began over a year ago, but that's not saying much. as of last week the coalition conducted a lot of strikes of which 2600 were u.s. and 146 by other countries. only a handful were french. the bombardment of raqqa was one attacks, including one along syria's eastern border with iraq where u.s. say 116 fuel trucks were damaged. in washington john brennan warned that the paris attacks were not a one-off event. >> i would anticipate that this is not the only operation that i.s.i.l. has in the pipeline.
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security intelligence services right now in europe and other places are working to see what they can do. >> reporter: as if to underscore a threat, a knew i.s.i.l. video sawing as we strike france, we swear we will strike america in washington the pentagon says u.s. military bases are already on high alert, but it did issue a temporary ban on u.s. military travel to france. meanwhile the u.s. and france will share more information faster. pentagon officials have ordered an end to some review procedures that were delaying the rapid sharing of time sensitive intelligence. >> reporter: c.i.a. director says attacks in paris are not a one off event. he told the global security forum in washington that officials had a warning about the attacks.
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he says i.s.i.l. is planning to carry out more attacks in europe and elsewhere. >> it is clear that i.s.i.l. has an external agenda, that they are determined to carry out these types of attacks. this is not something that was done in a matter of days. this was done that was deliberately and carefully planned over the course of several months. in terms of making shire they had the weapons, explosives with the suicide belts. >> reporter: it was said that new privacy protections have made more difficult to monitor terrorists. a few doctors have said they have performed a face transplant. one of the biggest for profit educators agrees to pay tens of millions of dloors in fines to the federal government. -- dollars in fines.
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the second large efalith for profit college operator in the united states has agreed to pay more than 95 million dollars in fines. the deal was announced with education management corporation today. the company violated a federal law and at schools that participate in federal financial aid programs. the law bans schools from paying employees based on how many
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students they enroll. >> beginning in 2007 two edmc employees said it was running a high pressure recruitment million. the more students enrolled, the more money a recruiter would receive education certificate says this is a clear warning to other colleges. edmc has schools in 32 states and canada. a volume fear firefighter has been given a face transplant. he was badly burned while battling a house fire in 2001. it was announced that in august a surgical team gave the 41-year-old a new scalp, ears and eyelids. the done ya was a 26-year-old bmx rider who died in a cycling
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accident. >> we will see how it goes he says he is able to sleep with his eyes closed for the first time since the fire that left him disfigured. have a great night. for a long time, but especially since friday, people around the world who want to see isil defeated have agreed something has got to be done, they just don't agree on what. france is already responding to the paris attacks with air strikes on isil's self proclaimed capitol in syria, the city of raqqa. how to fight isil? it's the "inside story." ♪


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