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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 17, 2015 4:00am-4:31am EST

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>> techknow - where technology meets humanity. there's a plane that crashed-- the plane that crashed over sinai was brought down a bomb. president putin vows to find those and punish those responsible. live from headquarters. france launches new air strikes against i.s.i.l. as president francois hollande vows to destrow the armed group after atta attacks in paris. taking aim at syrian refugees. some u.s. say they are no longer welcome. we meet the patient who has
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undergone the world's most extensive face transplant. russian investigators say it was a result of a terrorist act. the bomb destroyed the metro air bus. putin has vowed to find those responsible. aircraft exploded over the sinai desert as it flew from. what do you have for us? >> reporter: a home-made explosive device that's what the russia's security services has been told that brought down this metrojet plain. it was comprised of us to a
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kilogram of some sort of tnt equivalent. this was a strange slightly staged managed tv event. we think it was filmed yesterday, but bragged cast today. the meeting was of putin being briefed and surrounded by the minister and defense minister. they all stand up after the information has been imparted to the president. they have a moment of silence and then they sit down and putin turns to the camera and delivers an address. it is of mourning and defiance, really. he was wearing a black tie. he said our souls are fill of tears, but it won't prevent us from finding the perpetrators. he said the syria campaign would be strengthened, not diminished. he said that russia would be acting according to article ah 1 of the u.n. charter which gives
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member states the right of self defense. individually or collectively, if they've been attacked, and in many ways it was similar to an address that he gave in 1999 as prime minister when the second cechen war was about to happen. he said they would hunt these guys down wherever they were. the message was pretty much was the same, we will mont you guys down i wonder why it would have been stage managed in this way and also will it change the way russia moves forward now. >> reporter: this is something many will be asking questions about. how long has the russian government had this information for because clearly russia's actions over the last few weeks have given the impression that they strongly suspected for
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quite some time that this plane was brought out of the sky by an explosive. they stopped all flights to and from egypt. they even stopped egypt's state carrier, egypt air, from flying into russia. so clearly russia had severe security concerns about what had happened to this plane. it has been said for some time that the united states and the u.k., saying this is a bomb, so how long had russia had this information for and why has it chosen now to give it out thanks for that. french fighter jets have carried out air strikes on i.s.i.l. positions in raqqa. the attacks in parish which killed a lot. francois hollande has called for a coalition to destroy i.s.i.l. he told the french parliament that the country is at war.
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reporting from paris. >> reporter: in the grand room of the palace, members of both the upper and lower houses of parliament stood to sing the national anthem. >> reporter: a rare moment in french politics for extraordinary times. addressing law makers, francois hollande called on the country to unite drurg one of france's darkest hours. >> translation: the terrorists believe that free societies will be affected, but they won't be at all. france has come through other tests. france is still here,a live and kicking. those who have tried to challenge france have always been history's losers. it will be the same again this time around. the french people are ardent, valiant, courageous. they deponent give up.
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we don't engage in a war of civilization because these people represent no one. >> reporter: francois hollande also called for a change to the constitution given the government extra powers to prevent further attacks. the current state of emergency will now be extended for three months. paris is a changed city, scarred by violence, but united in grief. a minute's silence to reflect on the worst attacks since the second warld war. a symbol of the nation's values are the many faces of modern france. >> i am very touched, i am have you upset and i wanted to pay attribute to these people and i think it's important. we just want peace >> reporter: the french government is treating the attacks as an act of war, mobilising all security and intelligence agencies ares despite all the extra effort the government is warning that future attacks could be
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imminent. it's difficult to make sense of what happened here in paris. while the country still remains at risk. >> reporter: overnight french police stapled 1 of 8 raids in several major cities across the city. these show a raid here. in the last two days more than 100 people have been placed under house arrest. >> last night across france the police with the help of the intelligence services carried out about 150 searches at the homes of individuals suspected of various offences. besides the items seized and the interrogations, the samplinges allow us to speed up our investigations-- finches allow us to speed up our investigations. >> reporter: the raids came as france launched fire on raqqa. iraqi intelligence reports that this was where the paris attacks were planned. i.s.i.l. have since issued a new threat against france and other
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countries taking part in air strikes. as the country pauses to reflect on friday's attacks, the government now says it's taking unprecedented action to protect their sit generals. john kerry is in the french capital for talks with francois hollande. theying after his rival kerry condemned i.s.i.l. >> they rape and tort you're and pillage and call it the will of god. they are, in fact, psychopathic monsters. there is nothing, nothing civilised about them. so this is not a case of one civilization pitted against another. this is a battle between civilization itself and barbarism, between civilization and modern fascism, both at the same time in paris right now.
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what are we expecting to come electric this meeting between kerry and francois hollande? >> reporter: the secretary of state flew in to paris on monday evening on a completely unannounced visit. it is the first time, in fact, that a secretary of state has flown into ia european capital under such secrecy because of security concerns. the journalists on his plane weren't able to give a hint of hissa rival. he will be meeting in the course of an hour. mr francois hollande meeting later with the katari amere. he said in the coming days, mr francois hollande that is, will speak to president obama and president putin. what is happening here is the beginning of earnest conversations aimed, i think, at what president francois hollande discussed on monday in his historic speech to both sessions of parliament. the idea of a grand coalition being formed bringing together
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all the actors in this syrian drama to tackle i.s.i.l. on the ground in syria. so he will be trying to reck con sill the differences between the u.s. and russia, for instance. he will have to hope to reconcile the difference between the hikesment saudi arabia, the gulf war states and iran. it is an extraordinarily tall order, but meanwhile, of course, he is following through mr francois hollande with his threat to hit i.s.i.l. without mercy, more air strikes taking place on raqqa, the i.s.i.l. strong hold in syria, over night on tuesday what is the mood in the capital now? what's the mood in paris as we look in from the outside. you get a real sense of defiance. >> reporter: defiance, i think, is xing that we've come to expect from the french. this is, of course, the second dreadful attack in a year. we heard the same sentiment after charlie hebdo attack.
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they won't give in to fear. three days after those attacks after a dreadful weekend, this is a city beginning again to becoma live on monday night, the colours of the true color were lit on the eiffel tower which had been dark for saturday and sunday. there is going to be a movement to encourage people back onto the terraces in paris in what is really very mild late autumnal weather and a sense that life slowly, everything is opening, slowly beginning to return to normal thanks very much indeed. the police carried out 128 overnight raids on addresses linked to suspected i.s.i.l. members, a total of 23 people tv been arrested and dozens of weapons including a rocket launcher seized in a series of
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raids in france and belgium since friday. britain plans to recruit 1900 new spys in the wake of the paris attack and others where 30 people were killed in june. the u.k. pass thwarted potential attacks. it is anticipated to spend three billion dollars in high technical equipment for the special forces. >> you conduct conduct foreign policy by press releases and pious statements in parliament. you have to engage and build the alliances that can make a difference. a deeper partnership means a deeper deeper conversation and a greater ability to discuss the issues that concern us still ahead, we report from one muslim community in france where people feel they will be under more scrutiny after last week's attacks.
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s top stories now. russia's intelligence chief says the crash of the airliner in the sinai was as a result of a terrorist attack. it was flying from sharm el-sheikh. putin has vowed to find and punish those responsible. french fighter jets have carried out air strikes on i.s.i.l.'s syrian strong hold of raqqa for a second night. the group claimed responsibility for the paris attacks. francois hollande has called for a global coalition to destroy
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i.s.i.l. more than 160 police raids have taken place across france and belgium in the certainlying for suspects linked to those attacks. at least 23 people have been arrested and senior planners have been identified. following those attacks, the government has stated that it aims to shut down radical mosques and expel their religious leaders. muslims livelong in a small french town say they've always been under scrutiny, but they fear it will now only get worse. >> reporter: a mournful gathering meant to showcase unity, but in this tiny town in south yearn france, even this small crowd had difficulties. >> not all muslims are terrorists. they want power. i do have a problem with migrant. they're like a trojan horse.
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they are trained and can get weapons. >> reporter: for the victims, attendees weresome behr for more than the obvious reasons. many muslims in the crowd had been worried about worsening attitudes towards them before the horrific attacks in paris. they say they are scared as they are sad. every time someone looks at me in the street, i feel they think we are at fault, but we have nothing to do with what happened in paris. we are heartbroken for those who are living this tragedy. >> reporter: 2 ah year old tells me islamphobia came in last year. several men from here had gone to wage war in syria. >> translation: there are many young people here from my generation who joined up to fight with terrorists. we don't under why they did that and we don't want to be
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associated with them-- understand why they did that. we want people to know we are above all else french. >> reporter: they can't understand why a community of 30,000 people and full of views like these could have become a possible breeding grounds for radicalization, but the growing confusion doesn't diminish the rising anger. >> reporter: with the french government stated aim of both expelling radical imams and dissolving mosques, places like this which had been under investigation, will almost certainly come under even more scrutiny. six men who died fighting in syria in 2014 in attended this mosque. now another four wore shippers tell us they've been instructed by police not to leave the town and to report to the local police station several times a day. it's why so many of the faithful here continue to pray for guidance even though mosque
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officials are at a loss on how exactly to proceed. >> translation: i am concerned about how to follow our religion here. it's not important for wins elections, the right or the left. we are all french. >> reporter: but during these times of deepening polarisation, many muslims here wonder if that one commonality will ultimately continue to be enough to get them all through this many politicians in the united states now say they don't want to admit any syrian refugees. new jeer see governor says he is opposed to taking in syrian infant orphans. president obama says he will allow 10,000 refugees into u.s. in 2016.
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>> reporter: a moment of silence in texas for the victims of the paris attacks. reports of syrian passport was found near the body of one suicide bomber. that's enough for some u.s. governors. they say they will not receive any more refugees from syria. >> i am now requesting that the federal and the federal government cease sending refugees from syria. >> i will not roll the dies and take the risk on allowing a few refugees in simply to expose texans to that danger >> reporter: it's not clear if the governors can block relittlement. the government makes the decision. once here people, even refugees, have freedom of movement >> the u.s. has one of the best resettlement program in the world. it has a strong vetting system. it reefs people on the basis of
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vulnerability, which means people who are in danger. not the sort of people one should fear >> reporter: one candidate has essentially backed the governor. >> the proposal to bring new morcombe tens of thousands of syrians is nothing short of lunacy > his closing comments obama said there was a moral obligation to help >> when i hear folks say that well, maybe we should just admit the christians but not the muslims, when i hear political leaders suggesting that there would be a religious test for which a person who is fleeing from a war torn country is
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admitted, that's shameful. that's not american up until the end of september the u.s. had admitted 1682 syrian refugees in the previous 12 months. the governor wants the department of homeland security to review procedures. some states have ordered all the departments to ends all assistance to those who arrived in the u.s. looking for a way out of violence and hatred ise really has banned the islamic movement party accusing it of inviting violence. also search more than a dozen of group's offices around the country. this update from west jerusalem. >> reporter: it's a decision that security cabinet took two weeks ago but made public last night. according to a statement issued by the office of the prime minister, the islamic movement is now outlawed within israel. its offices have been shut down
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and the property could be confiscated. any person or organizations that collaborates with islamic movement could face imprisonment. at the source of all that as israel considers this as an offshoot, that it is a movement that has grown substantially over the past decade here in israel is behind a lot of incitement, especially when it comes to the problematic around al-aqsa mosque compound. one main slogans is al-aqsa mosque, is in danger. the movement accusing the status quo wanting to be changed. which is part of the unrest that began in october. p.m. netanyahu has denied self-times that israel is looking at changing that status quo. the leader of the movement is
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already facing jail time. he was sentenced for an inciting speech. that was supposed to start-- sentence was spoofed to start and an appeal was put forward and that was been heard. he will start his sentence in two weeks time. the islamic movement will continue operating and will not be bent by any pressure so an estimate said police in haiti moved in to stop protests in relation to allegation of fraud. a small group of protestors reached the elector alquarter tars. some people met with the council to address their concerns with the election results. >> translation: today was an occasion for me to tell the council in person that they are the ones that caused all the fraudulently election. they are they're take time to resume the responsibilities, the
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destiny of the nation is in their hands in brazil protesters want the government to restore the city after it was flooded. a wave of mud destroyed obviously applings and contaminated a river. the company said it's not toxic to humans but experts say high levels of iron and aluminium could harm animals. crossing to the palace in paris where you can see the u.s. secretary of state john kerry. it looks as if he is going to step up to the microphones and address the assembled media there. >> i expressed the condolences of president obama and the united states to the president and thanked him for the extraordinary response of the french people, the courage that
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they have exhibited. we talked about the significants steps that we believe we can take together in a number of different areas to increase our efforts and be more effective even against d.a.e.s.h., and we already are doing that. francois hollande will be visiting washington in a week. the pretties will meet and we will have further discussions. we're absolutely committed to investigating the issues. my sense is that everybody understands that with lebanon's attacks, with what's happened in egypt, with ancheror, turkey, and the attacks now in paris, we have to step up our efforts to
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hit them at the core where they're planning these things and also, obviously, to do more on borders and in terms of the movement of people, but the level of cooperation could not be higher. we've agreed even to exchange more information and i'm convinceed that over the course of the next weeks d.a.e.s.h. will feel greater pressure. they have felt it today, yesterday, the day before. we have more territory, d.a.e.s.h. has less. we've taken out leaders. communities in syria, the three-quarters of the border of northern syria is now under the control, is taken away from d.a.e.s.h. we will be working with turkey to close the last portion. so there is a clear strategy in place and step-by-step i'm confident that the momentum will pick up.
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so i thank you all and particularly again am confident that over the next days paris, which knows how to rebound, will do so, and i look forward to being back here for the co p231 with president obama and that i will stay for even longer, and i think that will be an important statement by the world that no-one will interrupt the business of the global community, certainly not despicable, cowardly acts of terror. thank you all very much that's u.s. secretary of state john kerry addressing thea embelled media following a meeting he has had with president francois hollande in paris. he talked of how everybody understand that attacks that has occurred, we have to step up.
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we spoke of territory i am gains and strategy and how a step-by-step momentum will pick up. he also confirmed that he will go to washington to meet president obama next week. also finally confirming that the climate change conference that takes place right at the start of november, november 3, at the end of november 30, will take place at more than 100 world leaders are due to come to paris to attend that conference and john kerry saying that that conference will go ahead as planned. well, a new york hospital has declared the world's most extensive face transplant a success. had 1 year old too firefighter suffered burns to his face. the donor was a 26-year-old artist who died of injuries from a cycling incident.
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150 staff worked on his face for 26 hours. >> we will see how i do extraordinary story. more on that on our website. >> this week on talk to al jazeera - actor, playwright and professor anna deavere smith >> we have lost a generation and we're losing more. and it's-- kind of a moral crisis. can we really afford to just throw people away on the basis of their color. >> smith has been using theatre to examine race relations for decades. her works draw from hundreds of real-life interviews.


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