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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 17, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm EST

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>> france carries out a third night of strikes against isil as the government reaches out to its european allies for help. i'm felicity barr and this is al jazeera live from london. also coming up, russia's president said he's ready to work with france and vow revenge in the downing of a russian plane in egypt. yemen's president returns to his country from exile for a second time and israel cracks down on a pro palestinian group that it accuses of encouraging
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violence. >> hello, following the worst attacks on french soil since world war ii, president françois hollande has called for countries to form a grand coalition to defeat the islamic state in iraq and the levant. that now appears to be a step closer. with russia's leader vladimir putin offering his cooperation. he has ordered the russian navy to work with the french military forces. the president promised punishment for isil which claimed responsibility. french jets are now conducting a third day of airstrikes targeting the stronghold of raqqa in northern syria. france is reaching out to its european union allies. as jonah hull reports are from paris, the u.s. has offered it's
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own message of support. >> as the immediate impact of friday's attacks recede, u.s. secretary of state john kerry met with president françois hollande to does a grand coalition against isil. >> we have to step up our efforts to hit them at the core where they're planning these things, and obviously to do more on boards in terms of the movement of people. but the level of cooperation could not be higher. >> france is rallying it's allies abroad while at home the president continues to strike a consistent cord of defiance. >> they thought by targeting a cambodian restaurant, an american rock concert, and a football match frequented by different nationalities, among
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the drama, friday night they thought they would weaken france's welcoming of the whole world. they have already lost, today by standing up right faced with terror we want to mark our indieour indestructible attachment no freedom. >> france is heavily stretched in operations from north africa to the middle east and now also at home the country has called on its neighbors for help invoking for the first time the e.u. pact. >> taking part in france's operations in syria or iraq or by easing the load or providing support for france in other operations, so lightening our load elsewhere. what i said to my colleagues is
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that france can't do everything. >> the police in central paris have discovered a third car with belgium number plates believed to have been use in friday's attacks and 300 separate raids have been carried out from the north to the south seizing weapons and making arrests. meanwhile live in the french capital is being revived. the city motto proudly painted on buildings. it refers to a ship at sea. she's in heavy waters but unsinkable. and so is paris herself. still very much afloat. paris is a city of light. it is the city of brightest philosophers, the city of freedom. paris is also a multi cultural city where we are all grieving, we're all uniting in front of
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the threat of daesh. >> and with that the city prepares to end three days of official mourning. jonah hull, al jazeera, paris. >> and now let's take you to paris and speak with emma hayward. they're looking now for an additional suspect? >> well, we appear to have a pew problems in our link with paris. we will try to get back to emma a little bit later. well, vladimir putin has offered to cooperate with france in its defense against isil. they reached out after vowing revenge against the group, which claims to have downed a russian plane in egypt. we have reports now from moscow. >> this was a carefully prepared television event recorded the day before his broadcast on russian tv.
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vladimir putin was briefed by security service chief russian's foreign and defense ministers, who lived intentatively. >> according to an analysis by our specialists, a homemade bomb detonated during the flight causing the plane to break up in midair which explains why parts of the fuselage was spread over a large area. >> the men rose for a moment of silence before putin delivered a prepared address. >> we should not apply an any--we'll find them on any spot on the planet and punish them. >> within hours of that prod cast he was briefed on a doubling of strikes against isil and other groups in syria. and signs of an emerging partnership with france. they said that putin and the
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french president agreed to coordinate their syrian strikes. putin has instructed his navy to work with french ships in the med mediterranean. >> i think he has the ability to improve russia's international standing here. he has already got himself a seat at the table over the future of syria by going into syria, but he was regarded prior to the downing of the jet in the airlining in the sinai as something prior because of the way he had gone into syria, and because of what he was doing in there. >> isil's early claim that it killed the 224 people inside this plane was initially scorned, a technical fault was considered more likely. but in the days following the disaster, more and more countries started to doubt the malfunction theory. the u.k. suspended flights to sinai, the u.s. said it was pretty much certain that the plane was brought down by a bomb. but although russia, too,
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suspended flights to egypt giving every impression that it was working to the same assumption, it's still publicly insisted that there might be other explanations. but that was before following the attacks in paris at the weekend hollande is now calling for the very thing that vladimir putin has been requesting for some time, a grand coalition to take on isil. acknowledging that russia has also been hit gives moscow a chance to repair tattered relations with the west. rory challands, al jazeera, moscow. >> let's go back to emma hay word. we were asking earlier about the police in the last couple of hours or so say they're looking for an additional suspect in the paris attacks. >> well, french media railroad only quoting french police sources at the moment, felicity saying there could have been a ninth attacker involved in the
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attacks from the cafe not far from where we are. of course that means that there could an succeed suspect on th the--a second suspect on the run. this is a knew dynamic on this situation. the focus has been trying to find the main suspect the police have issued two new photos of him, and a car which is thought to have been used by the attackers was found about a kilometers away from where we are now. >> the investigation still continuing. what about people in paris. tomorrow ends the three days of mourning. is there a sense that the city will get back to normal quite quickly or not?
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>> i think it will take a long time for france to come to terms when 129 people were killed. but you look at the streets, and it is fairly busy. people are trying to return to normal. you go to restaurants, cafes. they're fairly busy. people are nervous. they're very worried about what happened. they're watching closely what their leaders are doing to try to protect them. and you do see more police on the streets. when you go to big shopping center, your bag is checked. you do feel that more is being done to try to secure paris at this moment in time. >> emma live with the latest from the french capital, thank you. well, earlier police in german evacuated the stadium over what they call concrete information about a bomb threat. the germany international team were due to play a friendly against the netherlands. chancellor angela merkel had
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been expected to attend that match. the police have since confirmed no explosive device was found at the stadium. well, joining me now on the phone, a football journalist who was at the stadium when it was evacuated. tell us what it was like, what happened? >> well, the police made an announcement, but they have found some questionable objects inside the stadium, and they felt there was a planned terror attack, that all the fans should leave the stadium and go home. afteof course, everyone left the stadium. we were all asked to walk back to our destinations, and the police took absolute control of the stadium searching every car, searching every bag, later on we
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were told that no explosives were found. but all that was after the minister of interior and of course it was shared that nothing of an explosive was found against the reports that there was concrete terror attacks planned. >> omar, thank you very much, indeed, for that update. joining us live. thank you. >> now to a developing situation in nigeria. after a suicide-bomb attack, let's go straight away live to the capital of abuja. what more do you know about this
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latest attack? >> well, the emergency worker confirmed the attack in northeastern nigeria, and more than 30 people so far have been confirmed dead, and more than 70 are also injured receiving treatment at hospital. this is a preliminary treatment that they have at the moment. of course, this is the second attack. the first attack happened just a few kilometers away. >> presumably the fingers of suspicion are going to be pointing at boko haram. >> exactly. for a while boko haram had been up in the northeast. but these attacks where boko haram has carried out atrocit atrocities. >> we're live there in the capital of abuja.
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we'll keep you up-to-date on the attack in yorba state. following the paris attacks, leaders around the world are trying to protect their citizens. the focus has been on syria where isil fighters are trying to retain control of key areas they have seized. john kerry said he's confident that the u.s. will be able to help turkey seal off the last section of its border with syria. isil fighters have been using the northern syrian border as a lucrative smuggling border. >> the turkish authorities are normally much more reticent to talk about military operational matters than the americans, however, the morning minute city has confirmed that there will be new steps that they're intent working with the u.s. to defeat isil. we understand that the area of border we're talking about is about 98 to 100 kilometers west of the euphrates. the other side is controlled by
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isil. it is perhaps the weak link along syria's border with turkey. turkey has for quite awhile worked to strengthen it's once porous border. it is much harder to come and go than it used to be, but it is still possible if you're intent on getting across there. the border area we're talking about is already being secured with a mixture of concrete blast walls, trenches, fencing, and patrolling. it is not a particularly arrested do youous difficult terrain to get through, it's not mountainous. it's flat and hilly in part. we understand that the work that will be going on will be to strengthen already existing measures that have been taken along there to make it much harder for people to come and go freely across that part of the border. >> all right, still to come on the program, claims that islamphobia is on the rise in the united kingdom.
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and a twitter account dedicated to every person killed in the paris attacks.
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>> a reminder of the top stories. the french police say there is a second man on the ruin following friday's attacks in paris. it comes as the russian president orders his navy to establish contact with the french as he looks to step up the fight against isil. well following the attacks in paris, france invoked a never
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before e.u. clause to help support its fight against isil. and at least 32 people have been killed in a blast in northeastern nigeria city. yemen's exiled president has returned home from saudi arabia. he arrived in the southern port city of aden. his second visit there since the coalition started an offensive there in march. the forces that hav remained loyal to him are overseeing a campaign to retake the city of taiz. it's the second visit by abd rabbuh mansur hadi. backed by troops, the youthy rebels out of the city in july. it's not clear how long he intends to remain in the country. his arrival from self-forced
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exile. after the saudi arabia campaign to reinstate him. the offenses on the ground, after landing yemen, he went to the palace to supervise the offensive overtaking of taiz. >> the houthis right now are in anger because they did not want him to be part of the political scene of yemen's future. he's now in aden, showing that he is the president of yemen, whether the houthies and it's allies like it or not. >> the coalition forces on the ground and air launch offensive on monday with the support of local militias. >> this young boy was hit by a stray bullet.
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>> the thought houthis and forces against president hadi, god willing in the coming days we'll be more decisive. >> saudi arabia and it's allies averaged a war in march. when hadi left aden. although the war began with airstrikes, the coalition has provided ground forces. the u.n. said that 5,000 people, half of them civilians have been killed in yemen since the saudi-led campaign began. al jazeera. >> israel's government has banned a group called the islamic movement of israel after accusing it of inciting violence. the police searched more than a dozen officers around the country and seized files and computers. we have reports from west jerusalem. >> the overnight raid targeted
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17 officers. >> we're looking for digital materials, damaging information and material that is inciting. >> computers and funds were confiscated and premises sealed off. the security cabinet decided on disclosure of the movement two weeks ago but it was only made public after the raids took place. israel's prime minister said it is an essential step in maintaining public security. >> democracy must defend itself and those who undermine it. the islamic movement undermine the state. the movement incites violence against innocent civilians an has close relations and undermine the state with the aim of replacing it with an islamic caliphate. >> the islamic movement has
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grown substantially over the last decade. it's main slogan is al-aqsa is in danger. it has young men and women who protect the al-aqsa mosque and the compound surrounding it in jerusalem. but the israel >> at the core of the current wave of killings and unrest in israel and the occupied west bank, palestinian anger as what they see continuous provocation by far-right jewish groups who have recently breezed their access to the compound. the movement leader was summoned for questioning an was released a few hours later. no arrest warrant have been issued, but he does face jail time from a previous conviction where he was found guilty of incitement. al jazeera, west jerusalem.
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>> rwanda's president has moved a step closer to seeking an unprecedented third term in office after approval from the senate for a change in the constitution. he has been in power for the past 15 years and wants to change the current rule at the next election in 2017. the proposed change to the constitution will now go to a referendum. some of it has led to violent demonstrations but he's facing little opposition to his plans. south africa has been forced to reverse new visa rules created to combat child trafficking. too many young tourists were caught up in the resulting bureaucracy. we have more from cape town. >> traveling with high school classmates in the first visit to south africa. but it was not easy getting to cape town from scotland.
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the new visa rules require all minors leaving the and entering the country must have written permission from their parents an and a birth certificate that states both names of their parents. >> i don't have much contact with my dad. i found him in sweden and i managed to get him to sign it. >> the laws are designed to top child trafficking. >> we've seen a 44% decline of children traveling in june, july and august. from 158,000 lost international tourists coming in by air and if we extrapolate that to learn it's half a million tourists that we lose. >> while the government has had to reconsider its laws, minors traveling from countries that need visas to enter south africa still have to provide the necessary documentation. for those who don't need visas,
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carrying a birth certificate is no longer mandatory but advised. the green market square is one of the most visited tourist destinations. while it may appear busy, traders say that numbers are down lower for this time of year. the bureau cratic delays mean that she's been waiting for a birth certificate for a year. without one she can't apply for a passport. with her father gravely ill in australia she chose to stay in south africa with her son. >> but not to be able to bury your father is something that i just--i just can't imagine would happen to me. i think that the frustration is all come out in my arguments. i'm head-on, i'm pushing forward. i'm not giving up. >> when the new laws were implemented the department of
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home affairs said this it had a backlog of 4,000 applications for detailed certificates. but there is working to clear it. for people like injury dean it's more than just an inconvenience. >> the number of muslims in the u.k. have experienced islamphobia has gone up. a report on the human rights commission found an increase in anti-muslim discrimination in the past five years. the complaints range from negative stereotyping to verbal and physical abuse. demonstrators have gathered outside of the headquarters of the mining company in rio de janeiro. protesters are calling for justice after two dams burst that are owned by the company. now the oxford dictionary has announced its word of the year for 2015.
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and it is not actually a word because for the first time a simple picture called an emoji has been chosen. officially known as face with tears of joy, it and others like it are shared between people as they use online messaging services. this was the most popular in 2015. and people at oxford university press give the word of the year. we asked a few people what they thought. >> let me show you a picture and ask you what it is called the generic term. >> an emoji. >> what do they denote? >> they denote feeling. >> would you use this? >> yes, i use them. >> it's an emoji. people use it on in phones, on facebook, and online, really. >> can you just tell me what you think that's called, and how you might use this? >> that would be cheery, not
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cheery, you but cheerful. >> what is the generic name for the icon. >> that's the smiley face. >> but they're called a? >> a zuch. >> emoji. >> emoji, yes. >> would you use it? >> would i use it? i use my sms and stuff--maybe. >> england and france went ahead with their friendly football match at we wily stadium tonight. heightened security surrounded the fixture in london. 90,000 strong crowd was encouraged to sing the french national anthem together in a show of solidarity with the victories. and ended with england beating france 2-0. well, friday's attacks have prompted a widespread ou outpowering of sympathy on social media. a twitter account has been dedicating one tweet to every person killed in the attacks in
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paris. the tweets include a victim o picture of each victim, their age. >> you can find more about the paris attacks and all the other news at our website. the address is >> taking risks, sometimes it's, you know, doing that, i find something that didn't exist for me. or i can create something that nobody else will. >> she's best know for being one third of the famed group labelle. lady marmalade was their biggest hit. but it was just one of many that topped the charts. she grew up in new jersey, influenced by gospel music. she was cr


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