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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 17, 2015 11:00pm-11:31pm EST

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republicans proposing to stop syrian ref device entering the u.s. wild weather, danger in the skies above the mid section, from tornados to snow, no power.
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more is on the way we begin with word that some of the attackers in paris were known to american intelligence, it was revealed in a house security briefing all but one of the identify attackers were on the u.s. no-fly list. and a possible new suspect. surveillance shows a third person in the car with a gunman that opened fire in bars and restaurants. if it was the case, there's a total of mine attackers, seven dead, two on the loose. a search for one takes place in brussels. hundreds of raids are taking place. in a german soccer stadium it was evacuated after threats of an attack. place say they were acting on
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concrete information that an assault was imminent french police are saying they are looking for two fugitives in the attacks on friday. not only salah abdeslam, reportedly in a car that went through the center of paris, and had been involved in opening fire on cafes and restaurants, they say they had obtained a surveillance tape that shows the car on the move. his brother was in the vehicle. there was one other person in the car, they have not identified that person, but it leaves them to believe they have two fugitives on the run. add it together with the seven suicide attackers, and you have nine people that participated in attacks on friday. >> french police are retracing the steps of paris attackers.
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they raided resumes 311 and 312. officials say salah abdeslam that was on the run entered the rooms, inside they found pizza boxes, syringes and drug paraphernalia. significantly police reported d.n.a. for six of eight attackers. police discovered an apartment rented by his brother, one of seven suicide bombers. in the 18th district police subcontracted an abandoned car rented by salah abdeslam. today his brother called on him to surrender. >> translation: the best thing obviously would be to surrender so justice can be brought to the stories, because i remind you salah abdeslam has not been herd by the authorities, so is presumed innocent. >> reporter: two men rast arrested in belgium for helping
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him escape say they didn't know he was involvement. secretary of state john kerry says i.s.i.l. is being pushed back. >> i'm convinced in the course of the next few weeks that d.a.e.s.h. will feel more pressure, we have gained more territory, laesh less. >> russia -- d.a.e.s.h. less. >> reporter: russia confirmed that their airliner was drought down by a bomb, killing 224, the islamic state claimed responsibility. today we spoke to a group of parisians next to the scenes of the attacks. they live in the neighbourhood and agree that a war is fought here. this is a french muslim. >> we are in war, but in war against who? against a ghost. because it's not a state. the war involves two states.
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these people are murderers, serial killers. a tourist guy at the louvre museum says the attacks not only rattled the french, but the europeans too. >> there are a lot that have cancelled trips to paris at christmas time, which is understandable. people are afraid. and i would do the same, i think. >> after reopening on monday, the iconic eiffel tower was closed on tuesday, because staff said security was too lax. president francis hollande said he'd go to washington. two days later he would be in moscow to meet with president vladimir putin, all of that to build a more serious coalition to go after the islamic state in syria. >> house republicans say they are bruising a bill to block syrian refugees from coming to
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the u.s. temporarily. the white house is planning to take in 10,000 refugees, in the wake of attacks on paris, an increasing number are saying they want to close their doors. libby casey reports from washington. >> reporter: despite posturing by governors, several officials point out there's no border checks at the state boundaries, so refugees can pass between states at will. senior officials admit they don't want to send refugees to places where they are not welcome. the debate erupted on capitol hill, where members debated questions of safety and also the american value of wanting to help those in need. >> republicans on capitol hill went to temporarily halt allowing syrian refugees into the country. >> we think the prudent. the responsible things take a pause to verify that terrorists
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are not trying to infiltrate the refugee population. what will happen during that pause is being hashed out. one version calls for officials to guarantee that every refugee from syria and iraq is not a security threat. >> our nation has been welcoming. we cannot let terrorists take advantage of our compassion. this is a moment where it's better to be safe than sorry. >> republicans say congress is the holder of purse strings. for their part. democrats seem open to tightening the refugee programme, but not shutting it down. >> we need to continue to ensure the jetting process on refugees is as strong as possible and make is stronger if we can. the white house indicated that they are looking at this. >> the obama administration is trying to combat republicans political momentum by educating
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lawmakers about the programme to resettle 10,000 syrian refugees, saying refugees from syria and iraq under go extra screening in a process lasting 18-24 month, potential refugees are interviewed in person. half of syrian refugees in the u.s. are children. a quarter are over age 60. 2% are males over combat age. democrats say there are more oppressing threats like banning people from buying guns. democrats criticise republicans from reducing funding from the agencies that secure the borders and vet refugees. >> the homeland security, the state department and the c.i.a. should not have to comb through the couch cushions to find loose
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change. because someone proposes a sequester. >> it was announced that a bill will be brought to the floor on thursday. democrats are waiting to see if this will affect the changes in the programme, or if it's an attempt to stop it in its track. house members were briefed on the detail. the senate will hear more form. >> libby casey in washington. the kremlin confirmed it was a home made bomb that destroyed a russian passenger jet over egypt. all 224 people on board the metro jet flight were killed. the bomb was made with two pounds of explosives. the kremlin is offering a $50 million reward. i.s.i.l. is taking credit for the attack. >> a suicide bomber is blamed for the deaths of 22 people in north-eastern nigeria, blowing himself up in a crowded market. the bomb went off in the city,
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and no one has taken credit, but authorities suspect boko haram. the explosion coming four days after the president was in yola declaring boko haram was close to defeat. >> thousands along the colorado-kansas border are barrelling down. now, much of eastern colorado i 70, the east-west highway is closed because of driving conditions. more than 150 flights are cancelled. delays are in effect. the meteorologist - it's been a couple of rough days. >> it's been a big storm and the blizzard conditions have gone on for the past 26 hours. when you see the snow, you notice it's not moving, that's where the blizzard warnings are in effect. we see a breakdown.
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we believe the warnings are going to be dropped. that's not the end of the story, we are dealing with the front side of the storm, and the storms pushing through louisiana, mississippi, and to arkansas, and up to parts of illinois, as well. take a little closer look, and i want to show you the warnings in effect. the large area of red is a large tornado watch box. we have not seen a lot of tornadic activity, we saw 39 yesterday in parts of texas, where we see the lighter areas in jackson, they are warnings, and we expect to see the conditions for tornados or fornds are on the ground -- tornados are on the ground. we watch that. we expect the active weather to make its way to the east through the evening and into tomorrow. once we get to tomorrow afternoon, things will be better. the other big deal the flooding which will continue through the
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next 48 hours. >> french law allows more intrusive surveillance than most countries, but it did not prevent the attacks. how the french system compares to the u.s. and how plans to shut guantanamo bay are on hold. on hold.
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the closing of the guantanamo bay prison, the plan
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to close the camp has been put off for weeks, possibly longer. for months the white house is in the final stages of shutting it down even though congress passed legislation designed to block detainees from transferring to u.s. soil. president obama planned to send it to congress. >> since the paris attacks, intelligence agency suggests are planning to take a hard look at the elebbing troning capabilities much many want spy laws, as jake reports, you would be hard pressed to find a country with laws of more pass surveillance. the public made a decision, that is a radical change. >> edward snowden embarrassed the states into backing away. >> for instance is going the other a.
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lawmakers passed the law of intelligen intelligence forralizing powers. it earned objections. provisions are broad and powerful. reaching into modern life. it's helping to contrast provisions. the french law allowance the state to eaves drop on the digital and phone communications of anyone linked to a terrorist inquiry. no matter how tenuous a link it allows recording devices. 2 hearts from the suspect. only a warrant gets authorities
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in a home. it is widely and federally used and the legal status is unclear here. france requires internet and phone companies. it allows for the bulk collection of phone and online mete data. in the u.s. private information remains with the company that collected it for the most part. and new laws restrictable. it established an advisory panel of politicians and not judges. it makes them the final authority on all matters of surveillance. >> the secret court must consult a panel of advocates. france makes few provisions for protecting which isle blowers, more for whether they are or
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have been under surveillance. but recent legislation allows companies to report when they've been asked for information by the government. and declassified many provisions. under the provision france could be the most surveyed territory jim walsh is a research associate with m.i.t. security of the studies programme. he joins us. good to see you. good to see you. >> clearly increased surveillance in france failed to stop the attacks. some argue it's not with surveillance, but how it is seen. and more sophisticated algorithms are needed. >> do you agree? >> it would be great if we gave it more than 48 hours before we make sweeping policy proposals. you'll remember the 9/11 commission looked at this.
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their disagrees is not that they needed more information. but were unable to connect the dots. we need to give this a little time here before we have a knee jerk reaction. >> on the other hand, fbi james comey has sounded the alarm on unreasonable limits. more than 900 in the u.s. were suspected of terror ties, and social media and communication truce that have strong encryption is a serious issue, does he have a point. he's not the only one, mr brennan at the c.i.a. made a case that he wants more powers. bureaucracies, the social signs on this is clear. jurisdiction dictions increase
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authority and budgets and use crisis to expand that. it would be good if we had a diagnosis. where lawmakers who made the threat found out later. there could be the argument that the bureaucracy is functioning. the associated press reported ta some attackers were known to the intelligence, all but one attacker was on a no fly list. is that an indication that american intelligence gathering is gathering information and taking action on it? >> i think you are right about that. and i think there's the tendency to think, and we have gone through this, you and i have gone through this. something bad happens because it didn't know what was going on. there's a bunch of ways in which the stam can fail.
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you -- the system can fail. the left hand is not talking to the right hand. there's a lot of ways to fail. before we go off. before it makes big changes in policy, no doctor have you prescribe. let's let the investigators conclude the investigation. absolutely. it's always about figuring out the balance between freedom and privacy, security on the other. a lot of confusion from american people. authorities think there's no need to sacrifice civil liberties, and say anti-terrorism policies.
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as individuals we have conflicting feelings, we want safety and civil liberties, especially in the moment after a crisis, which is one in which it can be a dangerous moment for democracies, where they can make bad decisions. we have seen it here, where emotions have taken over and let us into bad decision, the war in iraq one of them. the irane is that someone has to be the acalls in the room and say let's pause, look at the evidence and be loijic am. we want to go as much as we can and have to be careful and considered in this. >> good to have you with us, thanks. >> thank you, my friend. >> victims of sexual abuse filed the largest single lawsuit.
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17 min and two women filed in connecticut after the death of a former scout master, saying he abused them when they were children. the suite alleges national and local organizations failed to protect children, one scout was abused more than 1,000 times. the mayor of miles per hour asked the justice department to look at a police shooting. new developments in the investigation and reaction from the community. >> after researchers suggested less festing for prastate cancer now that advice could have serious consequences. onsequences.
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comcast business. built for business. two sheriff duties in california are on paid administrative leave after being caught on video baing up a suspect car thief. it happened after an early morning car chase that ended. one tackled him and punched him twice. the second deputy arrived and beat the man. petrof was hospitalized with broken bones in hands and arms. the public defender said that this is clearly a case of police using excessive force. the death of a black man shot by police in miles per hour was ruled a homicide. the mayor is asking for a
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federal civil rights investigation into the shooting. it sparked protests leading to dozens of arrests. >> al jazeera america clark died as a result of the injuries sustained in the incident involving the miles per hour police officers. >> state officials announced clark's death. shot on sunday. witnesses say clerk and his girlfriend got into a fight. after a confrontation he got into a physical altercation with police. >> next thing we know, maybe a minute or whatever after watching it, the gun went off. so that's what i saw. the guy was not fighting back. >> some witnesses say he was restrained this handcuffs. miles per hour say he wasn't. >> we need to know what happens, we need to know the druth.
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everyone involved needs and deserves that. >> activists are calling for justice for clarke. >> monday night protesters blocked the traffic for hours. >> 51 people were arrested. the mayor made a request to the department of justice to open an investigation. >> we understand people are expressing frustration, we are doing the best we can. family members say clark was brain dead and taken off life support. >> i informeded that getting shot like that is bad. >> tuesday afternoon, cold, wet and weary, a few dozen protesters kept up their vigils outside the precinct not far from where clark was shot, and are demanding police release video. >> we feel that there's
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important information on there. we feel like the family has a right to know. >> some at visits say the -- activists say the family has not done a lot. it's time for the government leaders to step up to the plate and stop making excuses and take action. the investigation into the shooting has been handed over to the minister bureau of apprehension. the b.c. a says these investigations into officer involve shootings takes time. and expect the investigation to last between 2 and 4 months. for the time being they are on unpaid leave new studies indicate fewer american men are screened for prostate cancer, and that affects the number of early stage cases. researchers warn the numbers are falling not because the disease is less common, but less effort is made to find it.
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in 2012 a federal health task force said the risks associated with psa screenics far outweigh the benefits. i'm antonio mora, thank you for joining us. luis suarez is next with "inside story", have a great night. night. >> there are thousands of troops on the streets of paris, heightened states of alerts in western capitals, and u.s. governors telling refugees fleeing syria, you can't come here. can you stop terror attacks by clamping down? are you ready to trade liberties for greater safety? is there a point where free societies give away more freedoms than the security that they get in return? a delicate balance. it's the "inside story."


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