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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 18, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EST

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follow our expert contributors on twitter, facebook, instagram, google+ and more. >> announcer: this is al jazeera. welcome to the news our, i'm shoedie gosh in doha. coming up in the next 60 minutes - [ explosion ] explosions and gun fire as french police track down a suspect connected to the paris attacks. >> afghanistan is better for me,
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but they take afghanistan from me. >> refugees are trying to reach europe, but what lays ahead as the e.u. tightens its boarders, apec leaders gather in manila, trade is on the official agenda, it's tension over the south sudan that is taking center stage and i have the day's sport, including tributes for new zealand rugby superstar jonah lomu following his death at the age of 40 in france - a police raid and a standoff has been going on for hours. it's still going on. police track down those believed to be connected to friday's attacks in paris, leaving at least 129 people dead. here is what we know so far. police have carried out raids in the northern suburb of saint-denis.
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two are killed, including a female suicide bomber. five arrested and several police officers wounded in the operation. one of main suspects is abdelhammed abbaaoud. one of those arrested was a man who said the suspects were in his flat. >> i found out the people holded up in my flat - i didn't know they were terrorists. someone ask said me to put them up for three days, i don't know where they came from or anything. if i'd known do you think i would have done it dramatic events. let's get from more saint-denis. >> reporter: heavy gunfire and explosions in saint-denis, home
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to one the friday's attacks. the police provision is looking for two suspects across the prejudice capital. abdelhamid abbaaoud. authorities say he's likely responsible. he travelled to syria and spent time fighting along side i.s.i.l. his other brother blew himself up. police believed he was the driver that helped carry out the attacks. continued to be in the area. roads have been blocked off around the rudinary area. suspects are thought to have died. including a woman who blew
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herself up. the mayor urged residents to stay inside saying it's not a new attack but an intervention. people have been subjected to security checks. the area has been checked by the military, shops and schools closed. attacks on bars and restaurants, a concert hall on stade de france left 129 people dead, and wounded more than 400 jacky rowland is live from paris. just bring us up to date with what is happening at the moment. >> well, at the moment the operation is still continuing. it's understood that there may be one or two more suspects still in a building behind this police cordon, certainly the
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security forces are very much in evidence and very alert and manning and policing this cordon, and this vigilant thing. no one is allowed to cross. the whole operation began at around 4:30 in the morning, g.m.t., with a rapid gunfire from a building and special forces. a couple of hours later we saw a series of detonations, and it appeared that the main detonation was over, and there was information that two suspects were killed, and one a female bomber and detonated her explosive vest. three others were arrested. a further two people were arrested, a man and a woman, they were not in the apartment, but close by, and five members of the security forces likely wounded in the attack.
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it's clear the operation is not yet over, since there's a heavy presence of police, special forces, anti-terrorist and military as well. >> if there were people inside that apartment, the police priority will be to take them alive so they can get more information. >> one of the things that has clearly been a huge obstacle to police investigations has been the shortage of live suspects for questioning. we know that seven attackers died in those attacks on friday night. and an eighth attacker has been named salah abdeslam. we don't know whether he was among those killed or arrested in the early hours of when's, and the key figure behind
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organising and plotting the attacks. they are targeted in the provisions. we don't know whether they have been killed. there has been hundreds of raids in france. we know as well. that a number of people have been released. certainly the first of the killers. membe members of ismail mostefai, members of his family were arrested. no others have been arrested. and another. sammy amimour, and we are hearing that they are being released. it seems that the authorities need more people to provide them with information, and so the three that they were able to
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pre apprehend in the department will be of huge interest, and a desire, if there's one or two in the building, to extract them alive rather than be killed. >> jacky rowland, thank you, reporting from saint-denis, where the police operation is still ongoing. well, joining us in the studio is reimi piet. professor at qatar university. the wider ramification of the attacks on friday. francis hollande wanting to bring in a longer state of emergency and constitutional changes, how will that impact. >> in the short term, what that happened is a huge stem forward
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to having more security. it is a good thing. you have the structural changes, trying to see what is the right balance 2010 free expression and gathering intelligence. there'll be a long debate. there'll be reforms in the way that french gather information. >> that's the domestic impact. france haas - that's not so
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much important, what is important is finding an alliance. that is at stake on the ground. the tragedy will bring an interesting development. we need an agreement on the political solution, because until we agree on what is the roadmap going forward, it's an issue. >> this is what russia, iran and saudi arabia were discussing, and john kerry said because agreements have been finally reached, that there could be a solution in syria in weeks. >> we see things moving forward. france is strong, encouraging the russian navy to cooperate with the french aircraft. we are far away from what we had. communication on trying to find the right gods in case of
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emergency. the right pattern, we are at a basic level of cooperation. we will see the impact on the ground. >> bringing is around to what we can see on the screens, a massive police presence, the military is there, s.w.a.t. is there. is lot of pressure on french authorities to find the suspects that carried out the attacks on friday. >> impactly. we have one, potentially two men at large. they could take lives. it's similar to the situation in 2012. we had attacks in toulouse. in an apartment. being able to contain and arrest salah abdeslam, and making your to get a hold of the two fugitives on the run.
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it will be a blow to i.s.i.s. french authorities have been swift in gathering intelligence and pinpointing the terrorists. the first attack in january, the terrorists forgot the i.d. in their cars, it was easy. in that case there wasn't much of an error. there was a known trying to follow up on this one. the idea is they've within effective in tracking down. and this is inside the apartment. successful for the french intelligence. >> thank you very much indeed. reimi piet there well, as you have been hearing, france stepped up air strikes against i.s.i.l. in retaliation for the attacks. fighter jets intensified their raids. french defence ministry says it was part of operation shamal.
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10 fighter jets were said to have left the base in jordan, syria, where they bombed two command centers. iraq said it struck targets. this video has been released showing military depots hit. i.s.i.l. suffered loss the in men and equipment. still to come on the show. millions of argentinians has been helped. critics say it's not the right solution to tackle policy, and a beauty product that is scarring nigeria's economy. and let's find out if roger federer can upset a rival at the tour final in london.
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france is entering new territory. andrew simmonds looks at the tougher security measures in paris. >> french troops get ready to patrol. this is not mali or the central african republic, it's paris, few would have depicted that the army would have been deployed in the metro. all choose not to use the trapt victim for fear of suicide bombers. why some icons in this city stand for greatness, they are guarded by a watchful soldiers. tourists are notable. francis hollande keeps reiterating his country is at war with i.s.i.l. there are comparisons with george bush, and how he responded to 9/11. measures he's calling for are hard-hitting and coupled to a 3-month extension, and state of
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emergency. they include deporting foreigners, removing french nationalities from those involved in terror activities, search warrants without a judge's approval, refusal to comply. civil rights organizations are alarmed. >> we saw it in the u.s. we have seen extraordinary powers to mar terrorism, because it's discrimination, because habit uary arrest. massive surveillance has been put in place. >> many analysts believe the president has taken a high risk strategy. >> my sense is that there'll be a demand for revenge. people will ask for more than rhetoric. they will ask for results. we have to be very careful with
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this idea of war, also bass who will died when the war is over. >> right across france there's a mood of defiance and anger building up now, that so many lost their lives in these attacks, most young, and that the attackers were aiming at the heart of the french way of life. >> after three days of mourning, part of that way of life tentatively came back. >> i think we should hide or don't go out. it doesn't make sense. >> i will not change my habits. there's something in me. despite the underlying fear, young people returning to the bars and bistro, in an effort to show defines. >> joining us from the bulgarian capital sophia, is the programme
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director. good to have you with us. clearly the attacks place. he's given new powers, could be constitutional changes, what do you make of that. this was a turning point for europe. not only was the transit hit. it was the idea of common european space that the hit. it's the shengan system. for good and people. there's more and more european politicians going back to borders, building walls, and this is the beginning of a process which can be very dangerous for you as a whole. >> what do you think the future of europe looked like. are you saying there's not going
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be any schengen agreement. not any travel. >> schengen is suspended for the time being, if we are realistic. this can be the begin of a dangerous process, it's about european solidarity, and how europe goes to this one. we saw president francis hollande embarking article 52. it means all the member states should support him in action against i.s.i.s. we can see how this will play out. and i'm worried that european union will be problematic. >> the problem for france is whereas originally it was thought the attackers were sort of refugees or migrants. they are nationalized europeans, men, who have gone to syria come back and carried out attacks on
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their home soil. how do you deal with that? >> the connection between migration is made mainly for political reasons within europe. this is the response to mounting pressure by the european public to get a solution to the crisis in the middle east that spilled over in europe. people are fed up with not seeing solution or proper managements of borders nor of the road causes of this crisis. to i think this is going to be the big push, and obviously linking migration with terrorism is easy but populistic. more track ownian measures, and a greater backlash places into
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i.s.i.l.'s hands, do you agree? >> i think this connection cannot be made. what europeans fear, in a superior hist is among 1 -- 1,000 refugees, it's bad enough. the qorvis communications should work on the border. and should make sure that this process of getting in the refugees is more structured. and the checks are more thorough. >> thank you very much for that. good to get your thoughts. speaking to us to sophie an in bulgaria. >> the fight against i.s.i.l., and the war in syria conditions to drive refugees to europe. we go to turkey to discuss the crisis, more than 2 million
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refugees have been reported. hundreds continue to attempt the dangerous journey across the mediterranean along the turkey coast, nova scotia is unseasonably mild and calm. but for the refugees heading to the greek island of lesbos, the journey is perilous. already this morning 14 people have drowned in the waters here. seven of them children. most of the people in this group are from afghanistan, a few pakistani. i'm not interested in going to europe. take afghanistan from me. they do not let me. most are escaping from conflict. some escaping from the poverty. >> in pakistan.
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you have american, okay. go to europe. people directly. threats are a deterrent. there are thousands of kilometres to cement. it would take a major operation to stop the dinghies, carries over 2,000, ordering to u.n. estimates. most are syrians, nears were caught hiding in the bushes, waiting for a smuggler. >> they made it their home. they would rather be in their home country. including this man.
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local security says they'll regs scur and check their names, and they are bussed to a reception center. if they are syrian, they'll be set free, many trying to cross to greece. all along the coastline, you see the human capital of syria and other unstable places draining away. most of the people we met were educated and eager to contribute to society, the resolve they've called on will be needed again when they get to europe. >> hundreds of hungry motorists have been waiting across petrol stations since the president took office. it's been denied this they have
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been withholding petrol because of a payment dispute. they lack the capacity to refine it there's a gold rush in niger, more hopeful diggers rushing to the country when word spread of fines. many are going home empty-handed, as caroline malone reports. >> reporter: this man emerges from a goldmine in the depths of niger. it's intense work with basic machinery in scary conditions. >> when you enter you feel fear. it goes away over time. now i don't have much fear. >> he's one of many that come here to make a living. one of the deepest mines is called guantanamo, after the u.s. detention center. because of the fear minors have of being 60 meters under ground. it has not stopped 6,000 people
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that came here to work. some are employed, some work illegally. >> i came from tabatat. i succeeded in finding gold. now i'm going back to my family. before gold i worked in the smuggling business. >> now sites were uncovered. attracting job seekers from companies. such as chad and nigeria and marley. >> i came in search of a job. four months have passed. i have not got one. if i can't find a job, i'll have to go home. >> the mine owners that make the biggest profits say the facilityies are primitive. >> as mine owners we are urging the government to help extract gold with modern methods for the country and its people to benefit from its wealth.
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>> another commodity that is scarce in gold, and as a result highly valued here is water. many minors go without washing for months, a sacrifice they are willing to make in the hunt for a metal that could make them rich. >> let's get the weather with richard, and rain threatening southern italy. >> it doesn't want to go away. we see it affecting many states and proceeding to sri lanka. you can see there's not a great deal of challenge, it's affecting andhra pradesh. 3-day rain full for chennai, about 350 millimetres, you see how intense it is. as we look at the pictures from cheni. you see the severity, as many as 70 people have crossed their lives during the period of heavy
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rain. the forecast doesn't give respite from the situation. more rain coming in. as we move on through into friday, they pulsed across the areas. all looking dry and fine. meanwhile in the arabian peninsula, we see a trough of low pressure, and the shot from jeddah, where several lost their lives in flooding, electric uses. the line, quite a feature, is moving to the east. looking at the latest site imagery with a little bit of cloud. up towards the gulf area. nice weather conditions, 30 in doha. >> thank you richard. more coming up including malaysia's taxi drivers protesting a failure of the government to protect them from competition. >> and a liberian boy who won an
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international award to end violence against children. >> in sport, which member of the nicks upstaged this man. farah tells you next in sport. sport. i just had a horrible nightmare. my company's entire network went down,
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and i was home in bed, unaware. but that would never happen. comcast business monitors my company's network 24 hours a day and calls and e-mails me if something, like this scary storm, takes it offline. so i can rest easy. what. you don't have a desk bed? don't be left in the dark. get proactive alerts 24/7. comcast business. built for business. the top stories. a major operation is under way in the paris suburb. tracking down those responsible for the attacks in the french capital. two suspects have been killed, including a female suicide
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bomber, and five people have been arrested. several police officers have been wounded in the operation. overnight french fighter jets intensified strikes on syria. france's prime minister has gathered an emergency meeting. francis hollande called for an international coalition to defeat i.s.i.l. claiming responsibility for the paris attacks. >> let's go to jacky rowland, who is live for us. we thought we saw movement outside the apartment. it looked like they were going into the apartment. has there been any change. we really are into a holding pattern at the moment. ever since that - those dettinations that we heard after dawn, and that would have appeared to have been the main part of the operation over
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during the paris prosecutor confirming that two people were killed, including a woman in an explosive vest. three people were arrested inside the apartment. also a further two people who were nearby, a man and a woman, all confirmed by the prosecutor. since then, it's been clear that there is still an operation ongoing, we haven't heard any shooting or explosions since after dawn. the way in which the police are enforcing this large cordon, refusing to let anyone past. putting guns at people who may be heading towards the cordon, indicating that there is an operation going on, there's one suspect still holed up in a building somewhere within the cordon. and there's reports by several french media, not confirmed by the police, but a further two people from a neighbouring apartment has been arrested as
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part of the operation. >> it looks like two apartments were targeted by the french police, and the speculation is they were after abdelhamid abbaaoud, believed to be the mastermind behind the attacks, and he is someone the police very much want to apprehend. yes, he is a belgium national of moroccan origin, who initially it was reported was in syria. it was believed that he had organized, plotted, accord kated the attacks on friday from -- coordinated attacks on friday from remote. it appears he was operating more closely to the scene of the attacks and he was the main tart. whether he was within the apartments, whether he was amongst those killed or arrested. we have no idea at this stage. that's because the amount of information we are getting is carefully controlled. the only official information is
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given by the prosecutor, who gave me the numbers shared with you before. and the reason the information is so carefully controlled is because in previous siege informations. information has been got out, broadcast on media in france, which is readily available to everyone, and there are fears that there is a suspect in the apartment. and that individual could listen to live radio, television reports, and getting an idea of what is going on outside. and how they would control na flow of information in order to jeopardise the operation. >> thank you for that. jacky rowland in paris more than 30 people have died in an explosion in nigeria. it happened in yolla in a busy market area, where traders closed up for the day.
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80 others were injured. more from akmed who is in abuja now. tell us more about the attack. officially the number of deaths stands at 32, and 80 injured. this is what the officials are saying. some of the injured are critically affected by the blast yesterday. and according to eyewitnesss, they said the numbers could have been higher than the ones registering now. the suicide bomber can take as many lives as possible. they started sharing money or dishing out money to people, mostly women and children who are in that market area. when a huge crowd gathered they detonated the device, killing those people.
5:35 am
a few kilometres from where the suicide bomber attacked a mosque. killing dozens of people in the state cap stam. tall -- capital. >> the battle, president harare is close to defeat. is that the case? >> well, the military has driven boko haram. they have claimed victory after victory on boko haram. what the military failed to do so far is stop the spate of bombings happening across the country. we have seen over the last five or six months, hundreds of people have been killed by boko haram, and a vast majority of those that are killed in these attacks are actually killed by suicide bombers, and i.e.d.s planted at the markets, mosques, churches and other places where
5:36 am
people patronise in large numbers. virtually, we can say boko haram is on the bad foot. what the military operation failed to do is to stop the spate of bombings across the under i. akmed idris in abuja. thank you. >> u.s. president obama is in the philippines for the apec summit. he addressed a meeting of business leaders and policy makers. the most important challenge is climate change. president obama said the time to pact is now. >> the urgent and growing threat of climate change. >> a challenge, and also, i would argue an opportunity. no nation is immune to the consequences of changing clients. when it's many low-lying islands in, coastal regions, flooding
5:37 am
and land loss. few have more. >> al jazeera's scott heidler is in manila, and sent us this update. >> there was a similar theme in the president's speech on the first day of all the leaders being here at a.p.e.c. that was the environment. both of them talked about how that is tied to the economy and trade deals. this reason accounts for 60%. of global g.d.p.s. they'll be meeting to carry on. on thursday, the last day at the summit. >> there'll be something attached on the sidelines, that is the dispute over territory. the united states visited a frigate, a ship that it gave to the philippines. that is used by them to control the areas, and it's president
5:38 am
barack obama's way of saying they are supporting the philippines and freedom of movement in this part of the world. >> we'll hear on the sidelines a discussion about attacks around the world. that could be part of the agenda, there's some reports saying the communique, the document coming out of this meeting might make a mention of that. there'll be a paragraph about those attacks. it has not been confirmed, the focus, the main agenda is the economy and trade deals, because we have so many world leaders, geopolitics will be brought up as well. >> the threat from i.s.i.l. is one issue dominating the apec summit in manila. the prime minister confirmed that a malaysian man held by i.s.i.l. has been murdered. they have promised to take action after it was confirmed they could be beheaded.
5:39 am
bernard was held captive in the phil penals. >> a woman -- philippines. a woman abducted with them has been released thousands have been angry to those that issue bulk permits. the drivers say they are losing business. we go to kuala lumpur. >> the organizers hoped that several thousands taxi drivers from across the capital would gather in areas around the parliament building to get their voices heard. they were angry at the way the licensing authorities has to insist that they are there. they are verified and companies such as uber are not. and, therefore, they want the companies deemed illegal. it's an angry demonstration. the men and women feel that their livelihoods are
5:40 am
diminished. >> the taxi driver cannot survive because my customer all go to uber. >> what would you like the government to do. the government must reform the transport system and control the licensing to ensure that the taxi drivers are not exploited. >> the organizers said that they'll give the government two weeks to address the concerns. if not, they'll take the demonstration on to the streets of kuala lumpur, bringing the capital to a stand still. >> a run off will decide who will be the next president. both said they'll continue a government scheme aimed at helping the boar. they seemed to agree it's money well spent. >> this woman has been receiving
5:41 am
economic help from the government. shes receives the universal child allowance giving the money to a child. and i think the government has given us many things, the universal child allowance is one of them, it's not much. most parents bringing the personalities, located in one of the purest areas in the province of venezuela, where many depend on the government programme to exist. it is one of the most popular policies implemented. both candidates have vowed to continue to implement it. it has helped millions of poor people around the country. >> the universal child allowance is one of 60 social plans in place.
5:42 am
budgeted data indicates that over 18 million cash transfers will be made this year at a cost of $17 billion. he is a social leader in the area. for years he's been fighting to help the unemployed and criticises the government for using the plans to win supporters. >> they say it's a benefit, and if there's a benefit. it's a ben factor. cristina fernandez de kirchner made it believe that it's her. the plans are a right and a government aid. many here believe social plans were a good first step to help people recover from the economic crisis of 2001. that is it not a permanent solution to poverty in argentina. i think that those families that receive a benefit should be followed by social policies, policies that bring equality.
5:43 am
where the dependency is no longer necessary. elections are a few days away. most economies agree that argentina's economy is in trouble. social plans are so popular, that it's something neither candidate can touch you're with al jazeera, still to come, all the sport for you. [ ♪ ] englands wembley stadium becomes a home from home for the french team. stay with us. us.
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welcome back. if you use skin moisturizers, the chances are that it contains an ingredient that comes from nigeria, it's half the world's trees in which oil is made into shay butter. nigerian producers say they are not making enough money, and takudidzwa ngwenya explains why. >> women that depend on the trees say they should make more money from the nuts that fall from them. the nuts are made into oil in shay butter, it's an ingredient in many product. the women process the butter mainly by hand, because they can't re gin, payingage and label it. it's sold for $1.5 a litre. >> those are the challenges. the middlemen buy from there at
5:46 am
a cheaper price, and take it and sell it at the highest price. >> an industry body called the global share alliance says the trade was worth $50 billion. nigeria has thafl the sheer butter trees. the sheer butter has been sold to a nigerian who plans to export it to the united states. every year nigeria losses 1.7 million in profits from the export of shia butter. >> that's according to the export council. the agency says local producers don't have the skills to meet rules in the markets. the u.s. and europe. >> equality is a main challenge we do have. we looked at it. it's training, you know. first. through best practices. this trade fair in lagos was organized to showcase the best
5:47 am
in butter. industry says quality is approved. >> we have loads of processing centers, but we need quality in place. and working on putting on a mini lab. and we are able to process and at the same time check the quality of the butter. before it's exploited. >> small-scale shale producers hope to have more money in their pocket. >> industry leaders say they need $2 billion worth of investment. not easy to find with the economic downturn. >> time for sport, and we start with sad news. >> that's right. fans, team-mates and former rivals have been expressing shock and sadness at the
5:48 am
unexpected death of jonah lomu, dying at the age of 40, playing 63 times between 1994 and 2002. and have battled kidney problems. >> reporter: jonah lomu was one of rugby's greatest. he made his new zealand debut at the age of 19. it was the world cup the following year that he became a star. with his strength and speed, he scored seven tries in the tournament. his performance one of the most icon yick moments history. ultimately the all blacks could lose the final in front of andrija mandi. a yearator rock) black nanned -- nelson mandela. a year later he took a year off from sport. when he came back he played at a
5:49 am
lower level. eventually he scored eight tries in england taking the total to 15. health problems ended the career in 2002 after 63 gaps and 37 tries. lomu tried to return to sporting cardiff, a year after a kidney transplat. it was needed in 2011 and was awaiting a third. lomu faces the last part of his life winning the world cup. he may not have achieved that feet, but would be remembered as the sports superstar let's move away from sport to bring you an update on the security situation in france. in is stefan, a french government spokesman.
5:50 am
>> translation: europe has had the big debate, special session about this. and the article 47 of the european treaty has been evoked. he also noticed all the other expressions of support from other nations to france and, of course, france on the basis of that will be putting forward a number of proposals. depend of course, of course, on the resources available to each and every country. he has also said that france made three raids on raqqa. and more in days to come.
5:51 am
and these strikes are precision strikes on the area and the capabilities -- capabilities of the french air force are being reinforced and, of course, we are acting in concert with russia. the secretary of state put forward his state strategy. and he also outlined his ideas for green growth. and he talked about the carbon dioxide, carbon gases. and reiterated the equipment to
5:52 am
no carbon, and france is making every effort to make sure the strategy is going forward. she had discussions on the situation, the prime minister applauded the action taken by the security forces and all the services which had been mobilized... >> the french government spokesman following the attacks in paris on friday. let's go to jacky rowland, who is on the ground in saint-denis, where a police operation is going on. some speculation that the operation may be over. it's hard to tell. what do you know? >> more than speculation, i
5:53 am
think you were listening to the tale end of his comments. he confirmed that the operation is over. as we know, the important information was na two suspects were killed, a man and woman, a bomb jj wearing a vest packed with explosives, which she detonated. in the same apartment. three men were taken out. stripped naked. security was concerned about explosives on the body so they had to strip. two men and a woman - we don't have confirmation from the prosecutor's office that two further people were arrested in a neighbouring apartment. it appears that the operation focused on two suspect
5:54 am
apartments. the government spokesman confirming that this operation is over, although the police are present in large numbers and vigilantly pleasing this security cordon that has been thrown up around the area. >> do we know who any of the suspects are. they were looking for abdelhamid abbaaoud. i'm assuming they have not confirmed identities as of yet? >> no. we don't have any names, neither of those killed nor of those detained. the authorities have been keeping tight control on the information that's been coming out, and not only on the raid on wednesday, but earlier. for example on tuesday when they announced that a suspect was
5:55 am
searched for, it was only when news is made for the early hours on wednesday broke, that we were informed the tart of the raid, it could be that the security forces distant say that that was the name of the suspect. they didn't want anyone to know. he was in syria, and he organized and coordinated the operation by remote. we don't know if abdelhamid abbaaoud was among the suspects arrested or killed in this operation in the early hours of the morning. another important name is that of salah abdeslam, one of three belgium brothers. one of him, and his brother ibrahim abdeslam was among the dead attackers. another brother mohammed was
5:56 am
released without explosion, and the third was mentioned to be on the run, and his photograph circulated in europe. we don't know if either were in the apartment. as yet we have no names of those arrested and killed. jacky has been reporting on this since a series of attacks on friday. francis hollande is looking at bringing in tighter national security measures. do migrant communities in france feel that they are going to be the subject of a backlash? >> well, the first of those measures is due to be debated and quite possibly voted later on wednesday. the national assembly is asked to consider the proposal to extend the state of emergency for three months.
5:57 am
members, young people that i have spoken to in the last couple of days feel fear on two fronts. the first that they, themselves could be victims of the kind of attacks seen on friday, since the attacks were random and wide-ranging. a football stadium. a restaurant, a concert hall. they were wide-ranging. routine nationalities among the dead. when the operation broke out for the early hours of wednesday, some of the beam prl afraid that it might have been an attack rather than a police operation. you can see the level of fear. >> thank you for that. confirming that those police raids, that police operation taking place in a non-paris suburb are over. we'll have more news coming up after the break. break.
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>> billions spent training afghan forces. >> there was a bang... i said, "get down". >> after 15 civilian deaths. >> according to the sources that we spoke to... the civilians that weren't killed in crossfire... >> "faultlines". >> what do we want? >> al jazeera america's hard-hitting... >> today the will be arrested. >> ground-breaking... >> they're firing canisters of gas at us. >> emmy award-winning, investigative series.
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explosions and gun fire as french police track down suspects in the attack. french officials say the raid is now over i'm shiulie ghosh in doha. also on the programme. >> afghanistan is better for me. they take afghan from me what lies ahead as


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