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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 18, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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>> hello, i'm maryam nemazee in london. you're watching the al jazeera news hour. coming up in the next 60 minutes isil said this is the bomb that it used to bring down a russian passenger plane over egypt. [ explosions ] >> the paris prosecutor said that that an early morning raid
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was ready to act. and taxi drivers in malaysia protest against rivals like uber, who are driving down their income. >> in sports it's been a hair raising night for andy murray. murray cut down by a resurgent nadal. more coming up later. >> isil has published an image of the improvise bomb that it used to bring down a russian plane that killed all on board. it said it smuggled the bomb on the plane after discovering lacks security in the sharm
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el sheikh. >> a detonator, power source and switch. one bomb expert said based on this photo the claim is credible. >> inside the can itself if it's full to capacity, probably 200 to 300 grams of high explosives in there. this is certainly a viable device and the sort of thing if it was placed in optimum position it could breach the shell aircraft which at 30,000 feet will cause it to disintegrate. >> isil displayed the device on its english channel. it said it was in revenge for the russian airstrikes.
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russia said a bomb was to blame, a conclusion that several other arguments had already reached. president putin offered an award leading for information that destroyed the jet. >> it tells you a lot in a isis can operate away from syria, iraq, and the operation happened in the south of sinai. and also the capacity to bring down an airline as al-qaeda has been attempting to do that since after 9/11. >> since the crash russia has stepped up airstrikes on isil and other opposition groups in syria. isil said it planned to target a western aircraft and changed its minds in reaction to a bombardment. is raises more questions for egypt. as of yet it has given no official reason for why the
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plane crashed waiting for an official egyptian investigation. >> let's get more of this now with rory challands, who joins us live in moscow. rory, what has been the general reaction to the release of this image, and whether or not this was the device that brought this russian plane down? >> if this is the device that brought the russian plane down i'm not sure that there is that much information that can be gleamed from this photo that the russians don't already know. that's perhaps why the kremlin has not said too much about it. it has acknowledged it has seen the photo but it has not gone beyond much beyond that. if you look at this picture it's a farely rough and ready looking device. but then they were saying on tuesday that they already knew that this was the homemade device. it looks quite small in this picture, but then again, they
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were saying that they didn't thing that this device was much more than one kilogram of tnt or it's equivalent. there might perhaps be extra information that a bomb expert could glean from looking at the can, maybe, or from the elects trical components. but i think the big question remains who planted the device, how did they get past the airport security of this loophole that isil is claiming to have exploited, and where are the people who did this? where are they now? i think if those questions do have answers they're not yet in the public domain. >> and of course the word from isil is that they did exploit security weaknesses. how much concern is there that something like this is replicated elsewhere?
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>> i think there will be huge concerns for all countries that operate, airlines and airports around the world, pretty much every one of them. i think the airport security will be severely increased after this event. russia has responded to the acknowledgment that this was an attack. what it has done is ramp up its strikes against isil. it has been hitting raqqa pretty hard, and oil r refineries. we should look at the political changes this has brought about. over the next few days we're going to have vladimir putin
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going to tehran to talk with the iranian leadership. then the syrian foreign minister is going to be coming to russia next week, and fran├žois hollande, the french president, is going to be going to moscow, too. there is a growing partnership at foment between russia and france. both of these countries bristling after being hit by isil recently. they want to create some sort of grand coalition. they want the united states to be a part of this as well. this is something for the moment that the united states is wary about. it doesn't want to work too closely with russia because of course these two countries differ very, very strongly on what they think the role for president assad's role is going tis going to be in that country's future. >> thank you very much. rory challenge lanerrorhorrorry
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challands from moscow. >> we have much more to come for you on the al jazeera news hour. into the unknown we immediate more refugee who is risk everything to reach europe. nigeria's president orders the arrest of a man who is accused of stealing million dollars set to fight boko haram. >> now the prosecutor investigating friday's attacks say police have neutralized a terror cell which was ready to act. acting on a tip off, hundreds descended north from the
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capital. a wop is said to have blown herself up, and another suspect was shot dead in the early morning stand off in the capital, but none have been identified. a police call was killed during the dramatic early morning trace during which 5,000 bullets were fired by police. the target was the man who the police say played a key role in organizing the paris attacks. the paris prosecutor say that he was not among the eight arrested. andrew simmons has more from paris. >> this sounds like a war down. this is a super suburb of northern paris. the gunfire shattering any illusion that things will be
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returning to normalcy in france. one of the dead suspects was a woman wearing a suicide vest who blew herself up. on your knees they shout in english. in a second arrest the suspect is seen on the ground with two policemen having to restrain him. fungi and explosions waking people up from the early hours. everybody thought this was another attack. no, it was a pro longed fire fight between the heavily armed group holed up if in an apartment at the bottom of this street and the police. the police operation is believed to have been in seven of one of the suspects accused of planning last friday's attacks. originally french authorities
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maintained he was still in syria with isil. but there is no indication that he has been killed or captured. >> we took note of the various arms used, the partial destruction within the ceiling of the third floor and there will be a whole number of forensic police investigations that need to be conducted further. >> as operations carried on this man spoke of how his apartment had been taken over. >> i found out that people are holed up in my flat. someone asked me a favor and i did them a favor. someone asked me to put two people up for three days, and i did them a favor. i don't know where they came from. i don't know anything. but could they have done it? >> not surprisingly people in this district were frightened and confused.
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>> the scale of this operation was huge. it ended up more than seven hours with a motorcade of police special forces speeding out of the city, leaving behind the chilling prospect that this could have been a previous unknown isil cell planning another attack. as people return to their homes there are more questions about the effectiveness of intelligence and whether there could be plans for more attacks. andrew simmons, al jazeera, paris. >> we're live in paris. mohammed, this is a superb tha suburb that must have been completely transformed by events in the last 24 hours. how are people feeling there now? >> well, mariam, the situation has really calmed down in the
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last three or four hours. there are still police fans not as many as we first arrived. there are parts of this why that are cordoned off that people can't walk through. it's unclear at this hour how many forensic investigators are here. we've not heard any more controlled detonations or explosions, so it's quieted down and people are coming out more. but over all, of course, it is a very tense scene still. as you said, it has been transformed. you can see that people are quite concerned about what may happen here next especially in the wake of those remarks from the prosecutor general saying that the cell that was busted up here today, the information was that they were ready to acted on another potential terror plot. so there is a lot of concern about what is going to happen in the days to come. there is more concern this evening because of other incidents that have happened in other parts of france. in fact, it's emerged in the last half hour that, in fact, in
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marseille in the south of france that there was a jewish school, a teacher was attacked by three men who claim to be supporters of isil. they came up to the teacher. three men on two motorbikes. they stabbed the man repeatedly in the arm and leg, but thankfully the man was not injured too badly, and he's doing all right at this hour according to the prosecute center marseille. those three men have fled the scene. it's things like this that is really ratcheting up the tension making people worry that perhaps there are more attacks more plots in the days ahead. the prosecutor in paris said that everybody is working over time to insure any potential plots are foiled. but the fact of the matter is the prosecute center paris said that the two main subjects they were after in this plot here today were not arrested. were not found, and that's causing great worry as well for the days to come.
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>> mohammed. french capital of paris, thank you. >> as you heard the fate of the suspected orchestrater of the paris attack is unknown. >> jonah hull reports now from paris. >> this is the man that french security officials believe planned and organized last friday's attacks. belgium born 27-year-old seen here in video footage filmed perhaps in syria where he spent time fighting for islamic state. date unknown. >> i would like to send the message to those who stayed. stand up, spring, rush for the victory. are you satisfied with this life you have? staying home? sitting at your place. this humiliating life whether it's in europe, arabic, african
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countries. this humiliating life where you are muslim, you still dare to be called muslim. >> the main target for wednesday morning's raids in the paris suburbs. >> in the context of the inquiry we've done a lot of work, which has allowed us to obtain through telephone surveillance and witness statements elements that could mean that they are in the apartment in the city. >> according to reports, he was among a number of european citizens fighting for isil in syria now making their way back to the continent to plot attacks and recruit fellow fighters. security agencies became aware of his presence in athens last december because of a phone call he made. he then escaped to police raid in january at an address in eastern belgium before traveling back to syria. >> look for pride and honor.
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you'll only find it in your religion. you'll only find it in your religion. andand jihaddism. >> enjoying the life of privilege in the city where the police raids took place. his moroccan father owned a clothing business. he attended an exclusive school. among his friends, some of the other attackers. he's thought to have first traveled to syria in early 2014 where he quickly embraced isil's propaganda, calling on muslims in europe to rise up. he also bragged online about the ease with which he was able to travel between europe and syria, and, indeed, that appears to be a major security lapse by the intelligence services.
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if. >> it suggests a man not just with personal passion for isil's ideologies, but a man searching for meaning, and it seems that they were able to offer him some. >> well, earlier belgiums gathered to hold a vigil for the victims of the paris attacks. in an act of solidarity candles were lit as people pay tribute to the victims. the police carried out earlier raids looking for suspects: well, french government has announced that no demonstrations will be authorized in public places during the climate change talks. they won't be able to go ahead now because of security reasons. >> the french defense ministry
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sent 10 fighter jets from bases in jordan and the united arab emirates. they targeted the town of raqqa in northern syria. france said it would air raids in the coming days to raqqa and to its south. france's only aircraft carrier has left to join anti-isil operations. it left for the eastern mediterranean on wednesday. the vessel carries 20 aircraft allowing france to increase the number of raids its staging against isil targets. and the u.s. has released dramatic pictures of airstrikes against isil-controlled oil infrastructure in northeastern syria. it says more than 100 trucks were destroyed in monday's campaign. let's bring you more on this situation in raqqa now. joining me on the line from turkey is a member of a media organization that covers raqqa. it's known as the sound and
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picture organization. and thank you very much for speaking to us. we know that raqqa has been facing heavy bombardment over the past few days particularly since the attacks in paris. what are people telling you about at the moment? what are you hearing? >> there are a lot of airstrikes. there are a lot of airstrikes, but there are no civilians killed by the airstrikes. just about two hours ago there were strikes over raqqa, and there were civilians killed.
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after the strikes the french they are afraid there might be a lot of civilians killed, and to be honest isil numbers don' don't--they don't care about that because the targeting tam tamps. >> you now it's been awhile since you were there. it's been about six months.
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when the city has been under heavy bombardment has been under airstrikes for a while now what can you tell us about the way isil daesh fighters respond when this sort of activity is happening. today, how do they sort of change their position? do they have safe houses they can go to? how do they protect themselves? >> there are check points but now there are field members that have building. they're trying to hit we don't
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see them on the streets any more. many of the isil members and their families stay in raqqa, and they say that they'll stay in raqqa and they will not go out. >> thank you for giving us insight into a city that we know
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a lot is going on in the city. tsipras said that greece and turkey need to do more to fight human smuggling rings. well, turkey is home to 2.2 million refugees most of them from syria. and as bernard smith reports, hundreds continue to attempt the dangerous boat journey despite the approaching winter. >> november so far is unseasonbly mild and calm. for these refugees the journey is perilous. already this morning 14 people have drowned in the waters here. seven of them children. most of the people in this group are from afghanistan. a few are pakistani. >> i'm not interested in going to europe. europe is not better for me.
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afghanistan is better for me. but they take afghanistan from me. they do not let me be hearin living in afghanistan. >> in afghanistan we can't work freely because of you and americans. okay? >> go to europe. >> europe is better. >> threats from the coast guard are a brief deterrent. but there are thousands of kilometers of coast line to patrol. some will always get through. it will take a major naval operation to stop the flow of rubber dinghies that carry more than 200,000 refugees in october alone. that's according to u.n. estimates. most are syrians. these were caught hiding in the
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bushes waiting for their smuggler. >> he says what everyone we talk to says. they would rather be in their home country than crossing the seaing including this man and his 16 day-year-old son. the security forces tell us they're involved in this endless cycle. if they intercept any refugees they'll register them and check their names against a list of wanted people and then they're bussed to a reception center. if they're syrian they'll be set free, and many of them will just come back down here and try again to cross to greece. all along this coast line you see the human capital of syrian and other unstable places draining away. most most of the people we met were educated and eager to contribute to society.
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bernard smith, al jazeera, on turkey's aegean coast. >> well, there is more to come for you this hour. we'll tell you how many of poor argentinians have been given a financial helping hand. and how some u.s. restaurant are trying to help their staff by doing away with tipping. and in sport we'll hear from rory mcilroy on chances of topping the european tour money list for a third year. >> ali velshi on target.
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>> at 9:30 - "america tonight" - top investigative reporting, uncovering new perspectives. >> everything that's happening here is illegal. >> then at 10:00 - it's "reports from around the world". >> let's take a closer look.
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>> antonio mora gives you a global view. >> this is a human rights crisis. >> and at 11:00 - "news wrap-up". clear... concise... complete. >> you're watching al jazeera news hour. islamic state in iraq and the levant. >> the operation ended with at least two people dead and eight arrested. can the paris attacks be considered a victory for isil or could they prove to be the beginning of the end for the
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group? joining me now to discuss this is the muslim council of britain, and in washington, d.c. we have christopher swift a terrorist analyst. christopher, why don't i start with you. if we look at the full spectrums of attacks, the russian plane crash in egypt, attacks in beirut, and of course, the attacks in the bombings at a took place in paris, you have here a combination of different attacks targeting different regions in groups of people, what could this potentially reveal about isil's capability? >> there are two things we need to keep in mind. we're looking at an adversary who is waging war cross several different fronts using different tactics and tools in different theaters. in syria and iraq in the areas they control they tend to use conventional military means. on th the streets of paris they
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use asymmetric means like terrorists against civilians. it should not surprise us very much that they're going to pursue their objectives outside of the area on an opportunistic basis using tools at their disposal. that will be mainly terrorism. it is important to note that organizations like isil tend to lash out or tend to globalize their problems when they become weaker and less effective in the place they actually control. part of this is because they want to show shah they inflict pain on adversaries. >> that's a really good point. when a group like isil comes under pressure in areas where it does have territorial control, chris was just saying they're more likely to lash out given that they're coming under intense bombardment, could that mean that we'll see more such attacks in europe and possibly
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elsewhere? >> i think it is true. they're trying to divert attention. it's not just in syria, they're coming under attack from a regrouped iraqi army and others. they have not made significant territorial gain for some time. it is probably fair to say that they're under pressure. what they want to do by attacking in paris they want to get two messages. a, they want to show that they're strong and they can recharge. and they are revoke into a harsh response so they can draw many within their own territory and people who are disillusioned, to draw them to say that isil is the vanguard of anti-imperia anti-imperialist, anti-western hegemony. i don't think they're wrong. they're nothing more than a cult and desperate to inflict as much harm as they can. >> that's exactly right. >> when we see these indiscriminate attacks, how
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successful is isil in potentially changing the terms of the discussion when these things happen from it being a group that appeals to certain individuals to one that tensionally draws 1.6 million people with the same brush? >> it's difficult to paint 1.6 million people with the same brush. there is as much diversity in islam as there is in christianity. >> is that something that is widely understood? >> no, not in the--yes, not in the west. part of the difficulty is what groups like isis and al qaeda before it tried to do is they tried to hijack the narrative of a civilization, and sort of hollow out the middle and discourse between civilizations by saying we represent the ideal type for our civilization. you represent the adversary, and
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anyone who falls in the middle needs to be eliminated. you see that in their recruiting, their messages, and the use of provocation and reprisal strategies, provoking people to react against this militarily. on a certain level that's necessary, but we need to be very careful, and my colleague is right about this, about not playing into their narrative and their strategy. we have to have our interests in mind as we confront this issuing adversary. >> we see them waging an ideological battle in the west now do these goals compliment or clash with each other? >> i think to understand that, the heart of it is to recognize. i do not recognize isil as an ideally inspired force. i look at isil as an militant group, militia, which is
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desperate to gain territorial control. it is crying out for legitimacy. it is calling for the scapegoat to give themselves legitimacy. if you look at what they're doing none of it fits within the fundamental message of islam. >> how is it that they have the hold over the individuals who perpetrated these attacks in paris and elsewhere? beirut and all the places? >> if you look at it, one of the groups was said to be dealing with drugs, not behavior you would expect a devout muslim to have. some are thinking that they are, but most of them i don't think so so. the ring leaders, they find islam in the current context in the west who do not understand islam. you've seen in u.s. governors are calling for refugees to be stopped. what do the refugees have? if anything they're fleeing from the violence and persecution of
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the likes of isil. if anything the refugees understand the agony and pain that the victims of the paris attacks feel. the last thing we want to do is make life harder for them. i think what is crucial and really important is how we react. and in reacting we must not make people who are marginalized, to believe that some how isil will provide an opportunity for them to air their grievances. we need to put an united front where we recognize isil as nothing more than what they are. a terrorist organization desperate to cling onto their territory gains. >> well, thank you very much we appreciate your thoughts and insights on this as well. thank you. nigerian police say two female suicide-bombers have blown themselves up in northern nigeria killing 15 people.
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it happened in the northern city of kono and comes less than 24 hours after an attack at a vegetable and fruit market. we have reports now from abuja. >> these are the latest victims of a six-year cycle of violence devastating nigeria. their attacker was looking to cause maxi maximum damage. >> we went to eat. after eating we went for tea. the blast killed two of my friends. >> the hospitals here are struggling with the injured. some are in critical condition. although no one has claimed responsibility, the attacker resembles attacks carried out by boko haram. the last attack just a few kilometers from here. dozen mrs. killed. boko haram may be on the back
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ground as military step up their operations, but they've failed to stop the deadly attacks in markets and places of worship. >> this plac year alone hundreds have been killed in such attacks. they have been warned that attacks will increase. al jazeera, nigeria. >> meanwhile, the nigerian president has ordered the arrest of a financial vicesser who has stolen $2.5 billion which was supposed to be used to fighting boko haram. the president's office said that they want $140 million to be transferred to accounts in the united states and elsewhere. >> bangladesh's supreme court has upheld the death sentence given to two opposition leaders convicted of war crimes.
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unless they seek presidential clemency, they can now be hanged. after the verdict was announced, they blocked social media sites to stop anything from triggering violence. they have called for a general strike on thursday. u.s. president barack obama has put pressure on china to stop building in the disputed south china sea during the apex summit in the philippines. president xi jinping has made it clear he won't be discussing it during the forum. >> well, malaysia's prime minister confirmed that fighters have beheaded a malaysian
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fighter. they gave more detail saying that a woman kidnapped at the same time has been released. >> there were efforts being done to rescue them. we managed to get one hostage out, but in this case we were unfortunately unable to retrieve the other one. >> now taxi drivers in malaysia have taken to the streets who protest against wide sharing app services like uber. they say they're losing business and say the government should protect them from what they say is unfair competition. >> the organizers hoped that several thousand taxi drivers from across the capital would gather in areas around the parliament building so they could get their voices heard. they're very angry at the way the licensing authority here in this country have to insist that
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they are verified only taxis, that they're verified and yet companies such as uber an and others are not, and still deemed legal. these men and women feel that their livelihoods are being diminished. >> we cannot survive because my customer go to uber. it's illegal. >> what would you like the government to do? >> the government must immediately refund the system and the government must control their licensing to ensure that the taxi drivers are not exploited. >> the organizers of this demonstration say they will give the government two weeks to address their concerns. if they're not they'll take their demonstration on to th the streets of kuala lumpur pressur, bringing the city to a
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standstill. >> three people have been killed in bush fires in australia. another man understood to be a local farmer was found dead in his vehicle. the bush fires are thought to have been sparked by lightening. strong winds are hampering efforts to bring them under control. >> unrest can kosovo's former rule of serbia are in their second day of throwing stones and molotov cocktails at police. those who were against the e.u. brokered accord disrupted parliament, fired tear gas and pepper spray inside the chamber. >> anger in athens as well where police fired tear gas at farmers who tried to storm the greek parliament. they through stones and oranges at riot police trying to hold them back from the building.
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while candidates in elections usually try to set themselves apart on key issues, welfare is providing a unified platform for the argentinian wiped off. despite a crippled xi jinping, both candidates said that they'll maintainel welfare. >> this woman has been reefing economic help from the government since her daughter was born three years ago. she receives $50 a month for each child. >> the universal child allowance is one of them. it's not much but it helps to cover the cost of having a child. >> and as parents bring their children in. one of the poorest areas in buenos aires where many depend
4:45 pm
on the government program. >> it is one of the most popular policies implemented by cristina kirchner. both presidential candidates have vowed to continue implementing it because it has helped millions of poor people around the country. >> the universal child allowance is only one of 60 children programs in place. >> a social leader in the area, for years he had been fighting to help the unemployed and criticizes the government for using the plans to win supporters. >> they say it's a benefit and if there is a benefit there is a benefactor. who are they? the government. cristina kirchner may believe that it was her getting money, and it was not her but the
4:46 pm
states. the plans are a right. not an economic right. . >> i think that those families that receive the benefit should be followed by social policies of second generations inclusive policies that bring equality with the defendcy on social plans are no longer necessary. >> elections are only a few days away. even though most economists agree that argentina's economy is in trouble. so much plans are so popular that there is something that neither candidate will touch. >> still ahead for you this news hour, the world remembers one of rugby's greatest ever players.
4:47 pm
jonah lomu, who has died at the age of 40. more in sport.
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>> welcome back. now in the u.s. leaving a tip in a restaurant is more than just showing appreciation for good service. gratuities make up a significant part of waiters' and waitresses' income. now there is a way to change that. >> new york's dirt candy is a restaurant specializing in fancy vegetarian cuisine while
4:49 pm
customers may come here for the unique decisions, by law the chefs can't share in the wait staff tips. it was making it hard for owner amanda cohen to find and keep good chefs until she decided to do away with tipping all together. >> the only way i know to keep a cook is to keep them more.
4:50 pm
>> tips workers make a lower minimum wage of $2.13 an hour. while servers can pocket hundreds of dollars in tips in shifts, but the average is $9 an hour. >> when you go to anywhere in the country or anier is, you don't tip. >> celebrity chef danny meyer announced a no tipping policy at his 13 restaurant. but the national restaurant association said that most restaurant are worried about raising prices. even though customers at dirt candy found it easier to have
4:51 pm
the tip incorporated into the bill. >> i think it takes the pressure off the customers and it's the wave of the future. it will be good. >> still it may take a while before other restaurant decide to take tipping off the menu. al jazeera, new york. >> time now for your support with andy. >> thanks so much, raphael nadal has made it two out of two in the world tour finals in london this time beating andy murray, murray is doing all he can do to keep him in his sights but he has made 29 unforced errors. they have reached the final twice. the 14-time grand slam match in straight sets, 6-4, 6-1.
4:52 pm
>> he's having an amazing season. it is a great day for me. i'm very happy. >> right now french open champion is facing david ferrer and the other group player the swiss player on the verge of a victory. and that would seal nadal's place in this series. russia has been named one of six countries that is failing to comply with world anti-doping rules. the world anti-doping agency revealing the non-compliant countries meeting in the united states and independent report published earlier this month said that russia is guilty of widespread doping and the athletes have been banned. but it says that russia could still reform itself in time to be competing at next year's olympics. >> listen, russia built sochi in seven years. so this is--this is child's play. all you need is direction from
4:53 pm
the political authorities. they are independent, the lab is independent. anybody who doesn't make that happen is in trouble. >> tiger woods has been named a vice captain for the 2016 ryder cup team. cap tan david love th iii, right now woods is recovering from a victory, but they'll get under way for minnesota next september. >> tiger wants to be a playing assistant. that's his goal. with five guys we can--we have the luxury of letting him do that. jim and tom and i and steve, we want to make the team, but we're realistic. if we make the team somebody else will have to take our role. i think tiger is so excited about it. >> rory mcilroy has a chance to finish for the top player for the third time.
4:54 pm
he leads the rankings going into the season-ending world tour championship in dubai. he's still ahead of his rivals despite missing much of the season with an ankle injury. seven players have a chance of winning the race to dubai. >> i find myself in position where it's totally in my hands. if i win the tournament i win the over all thing, and that's a nice position to be in. that's the main objective this week. i feel like i'm playing well enough to do that. >> the rugby world comin coming to terms with the death of a player. jonah lomu dying at age 40 after a battle with a rare kidney disorder. he brought rugby to a whole new level. >> the students at the new zealand school where jonah
4:55 pm
lomu. lomu was fast, powerful, at his best close to unstoppable. >> we should reflect on the major contribution that jonah made. i think it's fair to say that he took the game to another level, and was probably an important spark for the game getting the opportunity to go professional. >> lomu became the youngest ever all black in 1994 when he made his new zealand debut at the age of 19. his big break through was the world cup the following year. he scored seven tries in the tournament running past and at times over any who dared to try and stop him. >> the way he played that role so superbly and with such power, with the ability to shake the earth, shake the rugby world
4:56 pm
will be his legacy now. >> there is no one like him. >> the only opponent that could slow lomu down was illness. the rare kidney disease was diagnosed in 1996. he managed the condition well enough to continue playing and despite never winning the world cup he's the joint top try scorer. >> he'll be remembered for sportsmanship. someone who shook the hands of the players. also 1999 and france semifinal when we lost that game. >> lomu underwent an unsuccessful kidney transplant in 1994, but all times he was upbeat about his prospects.
4:57 pm
>> i knew i had this problem, and i would have to cherish everything day by day. it's just the opportunity that is out there now. >> he spent his final weeks in england watching his team win the world cup, a tournament that forever will be associated with his name. >> the life of jonah lomu who died in auckland at age just 40. that is your sport for now. we'll take you back to maryam in london. >> an impressive man. thank you. a new exhibition is shedding new light by british explorer earnest shackleton 100 years ago. the show shows dozens of pictures taken by the expedition photographer. they've been digitized and enlarged for greater resolution. that's it from me at in news hour but we have a full bulletin
4:58 pm
of news coming up in a few minutes. stay with us. >> the only live national news show at 11:00 eastern. >> we start with breaking news. >> let's take a closer look.
4:59 pm
>> this is al jazeera america live from new york. >> at 7:00 - "news roundup". tony harris gives you a fast-paced recap of the day's events. >> this is the first line of defense. >> we have an exclusive story tonight. >> then at 8:00 - john seigenthaler brings you the top stories from across america. >> the question is, will these dams hold? >> and at 9:00 - >> i'm ali velshi, on target tonight... >> ali velshi on target. digging deeper into the issues that matter. >> i'm trying to get a sense for what iranians are feeling.
5:00 pm
>> a bottl bomb in a can of soft drink. this is the bomb that brought down an airliner killing 224 people. hello, i'm maryam nemazee in london. you're watching al jazeera. also coming up. paris prosecutor said that the terrorist terrorist cell neutralized in their raid was ready to act.


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