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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 24, 2015 3:00am-3:31am EST

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frame police in france find what they find think is an explosive belt in the south of paris. from al jazeera headquarters in doha. trying to end a wave of violence. the u.s. secretary of state is in israel, his first visit since 2014. two men go on trial in thailand accused of carrying out the deadly bangkok shrine bombing.
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-- i saw. i don't know selling seoul, using comlish is lost in translation welcome to the program. the police in france have found what they believe to be an explosives belt south of paris. they're trying to find out if it is involved if to any of the people involved in paris. they're looking for details and clues. >> reporter: that's absolutely right. this is rather unusual. so long, more than ten days after the attacks, to find a suicide belt or vest, as they're known. no confirmation that there were explosives in this device, but
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we understand that there were bolts in there of a similar type to those used in bars and restaurants and, indeed, outside the stade de france. so there are intensive forensic investigations going on right now. this discovery was in a litter bin in monreuse, southern precincts or area of paris. this was an area where salah abdeslam, the suspect, one of the main suspects in the attacks, a belgian citizen, who travelled freely across borders. he got away and it is known that he threw away a cell phone in this area. so there is speculation, and it's no more than that right now, that salah abdeslam threw away this belt, this suicide
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vest or belt, either into the bin or somewhere it ended up in the bin. so that is the situation there. furthermore, we've had more air raids on syria and iraq. more details coming through to those as far as this explosives belt is concerned, you've already touched on this, but in theory if they can link that forensically with other evidence they're gathering as part of the investigation, either places or salah abdeslam or somebody he worked with very specifically in a particular location. >> reporter: that's right. there is a massive investigation going on. frying to trace where the suspects were at which time, it's known that the main suspect, who is dead, aboud, was
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in an area of france. he travelled on the metro. he didn't even buy a ticket. he went through the cctv. he got away. he then stayed living rough, effectively, for a couple of days and then his cousin, who was killed in the st denis raids as well, she was actually under surveillance. that is well-known now. it is all basically a patch work quilt, but the investigators are getting to know where people were and we understand many investigators are shocked at the absence of intelligence and that, of course, was raised at the meeting on monday between the u.k. prime minister and, indeed, francois hollande. this issue of intelligence and why there was no warning that these suspects were all in europe not in syria many thanks.
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breaking news for you this hour from al jazeera. we're getting these pictures which we understand show turkish war planes shooting down a jet near the border between turkey and syria. just to be perfectly clear, there are conflicting reports as to whether the aeroplane was shot down or whether it crashed. that's all we know at the moment. there is one news agency saying that what happened, happened because it violated airspace. however, that is predicated on an assumption that it was shot down. we do not know that as of yet. we will get you more on that story as soon as we can. we will just rule that vt for-- roll that for you one more time. certainly if that war plane went through the coming few seconds
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that you're seeing there on your screen, that was definitely something utterly catastrophic happening to the aircraft. you can see there as it goes into flames, its trajectory altered dramatically as it heads down towards the ground. a volatile situation there on the ground in syria. easier, perhaps, when that type of news breaks, to tell you what we don't know rather than what we do know. we will get the information to you as soon as possible. our correspondent on the line. very difficult to predict, very speculative on our part. what do we know? >> reporter: exactly. what we know so far from sources inside syria that they've seen a plane coming down and two pilots
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ejected from the plane and landed using parachutes. we don't know what kind of plane or who is behind the attack. we know that it took place in the mountainous area of latakia on the syrian border with turkey. that's the same area where there has been intense fighting over the last few days. activists on the ground and sources affiliated with the army is saying that the syrian army backed by russian fighter jets have been pounding those areas to take over some strategic positions on the mountain of the kurds. it is a very strategic area which has been taken over by the rebels over the last few days. sorry, the last few years. it's also worth mentioning that a few days ago the turks summoned the russian am was tore
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and told him that they are not-- ambassador-- about the russian strike the turk minority in syria. if this continues serious consequences will follow. we don't know access the circumstances of this, whether it was a plane that has been shot down by the free syrian army, this is a mechanical failure, but different sources on the ground confirm that a plane came down and they saw two pilots being ejected from the plane remind us who has got fighter aircraft in the air in that region. -- a very delicate issue because at the very beginning of the fight against - at the beginning of the - when the rebels started taking over areas in northern parts of syria, we've seen some of the factions, particularly those who have been trained by the americans using some
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advanced missiles and bringing down some syrian fighter jets. that was at the very beginning of 2012, but since then we haven't seen any of those attacks. so the free syrian army has-- more advanced weapons to put an end to the syrian air superiority for the moment, thank you very much. live now to jerusalem because john kerry there. mr kerry is trying to take the heat out of the current situation between the israelis and the palestinians, the inevitable warm shake there. -- thank you for welcoming me here. for me i am pleased to be back in jerusalem, pleased to be back in israel. though i come at a time that, as
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the prim minister has just said, is very troubled. clearly no people anywhere should live with daily violence, with attacks in the streets, with knives or scissors or cars, and it is very clear to us that the terrorism, these acts of terrorism taking place, deserve the condemnation that they are receiving and today i expressed my complete condemnation for any act of terror that takes innocent lives and disrupts the day-to-day life of a nation. israel has every right in the world to defend itself.
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it has an obligation to defend itself. it will and it is. our thoughts and prayers are with innocent people who have been hurt in this process. i know that yesterday a soldier was killed in the mehenday market, jerusalem, and our thoughts and prayers are with his family. and those who were wounded, their families. regrettably, several americans have also been killed in the course of these past few weeks. just yesterday i talked to the family of esra schwartz, a young man who came here out of high school ready to go to college, excited about his future, and yesterday his family was sitting
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in shiva and i talked to them and heard their feelings, the feelings of any parent for the loss of a child. so i'm here today to talk with the prime minister about the ways that we can work to go together, all of us, the international community to push back against terrorism, to push back against senseless violence and define a way forward to restore calm and to begin to provide the opportunities that most reasonable people in every part of the world are seeking for themselves and for their families. we have much to talk about. there is a lot happening in the region as well as those events that are happening here in israel. we are deeply concerned about syria, about d.a.e.s.h., about regional unrest. we all have an interest.
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needless to say, in working against this spasm of violence that is interrupting too much of the daily life of too many nations. so mr prime minimum officer, thank you for your welcome. i'm pleased to be back here to work here with you on these issues we were expecting something there from mr netanyahu, but it wasn't to be. we will talk now to our correspondent in tiaz in west jerusalem. what is your reading of what we were hearing from mr kerry there? >> reporter: i think it's very telling that we didn't hear from the israeli prime minister netanyahu and the statement from mr kerry itself was quite brief. it pretty much goes to tell that both leaders can offer frankly very little to a rather - can
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offer few solutions to the violence that we've seen sweeping it woulds parts of israel, occupied east jerusalem, the occupied west bank and gaza as well. that is really the reading that we can take from this. again a very brief statement from the u.s. secretary of state. he said that "terrorism deserves condemnation", and went on to say that they need to find a way forward. that way forward wasn't articulated by him. again, as we've been saying, we also didn't here from the israeli prime minister. one would imagine that those watching this, paying attention to those that we have seen, violence that have declaimed the lives over 90 palestinians, 20 israelis and has injured thousands over the period of around two months, i think any of those people trying to see if they would hear from those leaders a solution to this current crisis, they certainly didn't get any there is a subtext here as
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well. it's the signals that have been coming out of the state department in washington. there is a reality in the u.s. and it is this, or a realisation, that there isn't an appetite on either side to stop what's going on, on the ground. so there has to be a connection established between mr kerry, what he is saying there this morning, what mr netanyahu is saying behind the scenes and what people are doing on the ground on both sides of this divide. >> reporter: indeed. of course, it is a very complicated issue and many things here are extremely complicated, but i think the added layer of complication is the u.s.'s involvement or, rather, the lack of involvement. we only have to look back a few months ago when president obama made a speech to the u.n. general assembly in which for the first time since his presidency he didn't once mention peace between the israelis and palestinians. it also came at a time when both
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the u.s. and israel were at odds to deal with the iranians over its program with other western allies. all of that plays into the background that if people were looking for the u.s. secretary of state to come here to, as they said, push for peace, well, that certainly wasn't on offer. but, really, in summary the fact is, is that he also wasn't able to offer any concrete solutions for the israelis or the palestinians to try to slow what has been described as a wave of violence many thanks. if you're just joining us here, we will get you up to speed with that story. that downing of an aircraft over syrian airspace. we have the latest pictures. i have to say they're not particularly explanatory when it comes to what you're looking at, but what we think, and i express the word think there, is a
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turkish f16 fighter jet shooting down a war plane of unknown origin because the aircraft that you've just seen there was in invoice legislation of turkish airspace close to the border with syria. it was ignoring warnings. the p.m.'s office has been quoted by reuters saying they to spoken to the chief of minister sfaf about developments in the border. our correspondent telling us that there was a pilot and a co pilot on board. they both ejected safely. there is, of course, lots of hiding places fours anyone who would want to do something anasty to a low flying jet. it is a mountainous area and a mosaic of fighters on the ground. on that side of the border. on the syrian side of the border. you can get more on that story
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at the website we will get you right up-to-date with the top lines coming to us as soon as we can. a bomb blast in egypt has killed three people and injured 12. a judge and a security officer are among those killed. the explosions happened outside a hotel where judges were observing parliamentary elections were staying. no-one has claimed responsibility for the attack so far. two men accused of bombing the a1 shrine in bangkok have been charged by a military court in thailand. 20 people were killed in the blast in august. more than 100 were injured. >> reporter: the two men charged for the bombing at the shrine in the heart of bangkok on 17 august, both from the chingan region of china. they appeared in court on tuesday. in all there are ten charges,
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including premeditated murder and possession of unauthorised illegal explosives. there are no terrorism charges. the police believe it was an attack not motivated by religion or politics but on police crack down on human trafficking. there was technicality over the fish translations for the two men in court on tuesday. the defense lawyers must report back to the court within 15 days, but there will be no pleas entered by the men until february next year turning our attention to mali showing suspects who killed. 19 people were killed during the more than seven hours of siege. details are still emerging of exactly what happened. our correspondent gained access to the hotel in the capital >> reporter: a handful of staff arrived back at the hotel where
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they work. most for the first time since the attack on friday. they were not allowed in. a waiter who was on night-shift. he is still shaken after coming face-to-face with the attackers. >> translation: i hid in the kitchen after the gun fire became intense. two men came in. they saw my leg and shot at it but missed. i came out of hiding and prayed. i heard them speak. it wasn't french, malian or english. >> reporter: the malian president said the militant mecina may be responsible. a group called al-mourabitoun which is allied to al-qaeda insisted it carried out the attack and identified the two gunmen. evidence of what transpired here between the attackers and security forces. they walked through here and started firing on guests resulting in so many tragic
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deaths in this hotel. >> reporter: another head of state has visited mali to show solidarity. the group is to discuss strategy. other countries will be reviewing open border policies which allow the free movement of citizens. the instability in mali is largely a consequence of the take over of huge area of the north by rebels in 2012. the coup followed and the rival of french peacekeepers. if the french leave, it is uncertain whether the mali forces will be able to man the borders, keep the peace and the nation intact. mali's president said the army is in a good position to do that. >> translation: the siege demonstrated the ability of malian special forces, but we need more investment in all of this. >> reporter: the attack last
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friday shows things can go wrong even with the best thoughts the united states has sanctions on former and current government officials in burundi. assets were frozen and visa restrictions. one member affected is the public foreign minister. they're linked to violence that killed 240 people. people living in crimea are spending another day without electricity after power lines with sabotaged on friday. many hospitals are using generators. on the weekend governs service men were . a state of emergency is claimed
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in the region >> translation: of course it's not convenient. we're having to light candles. we currently have power here for three hours and then lose it for the following six. so we check what district has power at a given time and visit friends there a cease fire agreement aimed at ending 14 months of fighting in southern libya was signed. the agreement was struck between the leaders of the tribes. since the gadafi was topped, there has been lots of unrest. hundreds of people have stormed a magistrates court in nigeria's capital. they were protesting against the arrest and detention of the indigenous peoples and the leader who was contained on charges of promoting hate near his radio. the suss sayings of state sought a war of independence from nigeria in the 1960s. the country's oil sector has
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lost almost 30 billion dollars over the last three years. the government is aappealing to the citizens to report corruption. he has made cleaning up the country his top priority. what has been done? >> reporter: the president promised voters he would fight corruption in the oil industry. billions of dollars have been lost in the past three years, most of it by the government run oil company, the nigh engineerian national petroleum corporation. the new minister of state. -- there was corruption, the level of volume of it i can't tell, but just looking at the lack of accounts, the number that are bandied in the press, it has lost profitability, service ability and transparency. >> reporter: last month the former minister of petroleum was
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detained in london. she denies allegations of bribery and money laundering. 20 billion dollars was missing from the stoat oil company. that way was revised down to 1.5 billion by auditors: in 2012 the government despited 7 billion dollars in fraudulent transactions was paid out by the company. the government tried to increase the price of subsidised fuel. >> translation: no translation. translation.
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-- the bottom line is still very low. you've got to provide reasons. >> reporter: one of the main anti groupincorruption communits it has a solution. tens of thousands of barrels of oil are stolen. >> reporter: government leaders say they're depending on citizens to report corruption to government agencies. they also say corruption has been substantially reduced since the government took over six months ago let's get more on the story that has broken since we have been on air this hour. looking at this, it is a fighter plane being brought down on the
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border area between turkey and syria. we're not quite sure which side of the border it came down on. we will rerack these pictures. between technical difficultie-- difficulties)
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>> reporter: warning that serious consequences will follow if the russians continue pounding those villages do we believe that the people on the ground have the whe wherewithal to down this aircraft flying at that speed and at that altitude? >> reporter: they have those
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capabilities in 2012 and they shot down many russian fighter jets. we haven't seen any display of those weapons since 2012. they have been saying in the past they have been betrayed by the international community and that they had received some of those advanced aircraft batteries. we're talking to syrian military commander just two days ago. this was someone just arriving from aleppo. he has been involved. he said for the time being they don't have some of those advanced weapons you will keep us right to date, but in the meantime many thanks. lots more on that story on
3:30 am it looks like a military aircraft has been downed by somebody on the ground. that is a supposition on our part, of course. it could have had a technical problem as well. lots more news here on al jazeera. jazeera. unique way. this is a show about science by scientists. tonight: technkow in search of the great american prarie. >> we're in the prarie state yet ironically, we have such le


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