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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 27, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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>> not the intended for the turkish audience but also for the domestic public. >> let's go to ihs. we appreciate your analysis. well now our al jazeera arabic correspondent sent this update near the turkish border where russian jets are supporting the government.
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>> the sound of shelling and airstrikes near the latakia countryside. right here in front of me is the mountain that is part of the turk men mountain that has been under shelling all morning. after they managed to take control of the whole area it has been under heavy bombardment. this area has been witnessing hit-and-run defenses. regimes controlled the area this week. this is when the russian airstrikes started to target the area, then we had the whole situation with the russian fighter jet shot down by turkey. there was heavy artillery and airstrikes that was later taken by rebel forces sweeping the area. they seized two tanks and a number of armor vehicle in addition to various weapons. again, as i said earlier this area has witnessed hit-and-run attacks, and it's difficult to
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predict what will take place and who will be in charge in the next few hours. >> the french president front say hollande has led a ceremony in memory of those killed in the attacks. >> what is a moment of national morning and personal agreeing. in this solemn setting bereaved families and survivors of the attacks came together to remember the people killed. their names were read out one by one. [ reading of victim names ] >> standing alone, president fra fran├žois hollande, he has sought to reaffirm french values while honoring the dead. they're mostly young people in
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this 20s and 30s. killed. >> i salute this new generation. it is not afraid. it is lucid and enterprising. in the image of the innocence we mourn it will know greatness. it will live on in the name of the dead that we honor today. >> to all of you i solemnly promise that france will do everything to destroy the army of fanatics. without rest it will protected its children. i promise that france will remain itself as they would have wished her to remain. >> standing with the families, members of the emergency services who were on duty that night police who hunted the
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killers, paramedics who treated the wound: there are at least two families who chose to stay away. they say that the government has not learned the security lessons from the charlie hebdo attacks from earlier this year. they failed to make good on their promise to keep the french people safe. >> across the country from windows and balconies people displayed the french flag. their way of saying that their personal loss of the families was a strategy shared by the nation. jacky rowland, al jazeera, paris. >> well, belgium police have charged six suspects in the deadly attacks in perries two weeks ago. prosecutors say the man is accused of murder and participation in the activities of a terrorist group. in the capital of brussels the security presence is still very much being felt. the city was on max alert for five days after fears of a
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paris-style attack but now questions are being asked how well the city and the country respond in its linguistically divided purecracy. >> a sign that things are back to normal here. >> incidents like this are a reminder of the demands put on emergency services here in brussels. but for many years there has been another problem. that's multiple players of administration. but this city alone there are six police forces. >> in the district where some of the paris attackers lived everyone is particularly aware of the i don't know going security threats. but the woman who has been living here for the last three years said it's not fair to blame only local police with their limited budgets for
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failing to stop the attackers. >> the state security the justice system and federal police probably did not pay enough tension or do enough to check the radical movements. >> adding to the complexionty there is the country's unique political set up. this place is belgium's national parliament, but it's just one of five parliaments in brussels. there is one for the dutch speaking region of flanders. one in the french speaking community and one for the bruce he wills region. >> some politicians who want belgium to split into two parts has accused the french-speaking south of being too slack. but this brussels-based journalist said that is not fair. >> flanders has not put its money in brussels. it kept its money, and flanders, is a five kilometers from here,
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and so you can't say we're not responsible. it is not a country. it is part of us. >> part of the problem is that deprivation and the lack of programs for immigrants communities. but they're calling for better security administration. >> these people were known. these people were known in belgium by different security forces, but the data we didn't have the manpower to analyze the data. and we see there were difficulties getting the data from one service to another. >> the threat level has been lower for bruce he wills. many feel truly safe al jazeera, bruce he wills. >> well, there is much more still to come here on the al jazeera news hour. >> racist and religious attacks
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rise around europe as the paris killings play into the hands of the far right. how africa is trying to end the long-running practice of child marriage. and those of disrespect, saturday's heavyweight title showdown. we'll have that for you in sport. >> three police officers and some members of the public have been injured during a shooting near a family planning center in the u.s. state of colorado. police say they are still dealing with what they call an active situation, and they believe the shooters. they don't know the gunman's current location and they can't confirm if there have been any fatalities.
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>> 11:38 we received a call of shots fired. we had officers arrive and they encountered active gunfire. we have three officers who are injured. we don't know the extent of their injury. we have an unknown number of civilians who are injured. we're still working through this situation. we do not have the shooter at this point. >> well, these are live pictures coming to us from the scene. you can see that the police and against services are there to and prepared to deal with the situation that is unfolding. we're getting reports of a shootouted a a planned parenthood center in colorado. tom ackerman is standing by in washington, d.c. and the situation is still not resolved, tom. >> no, the police say it is not contained. it is a very flute situation.
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what has yet to be established is who was shooting the planned parenthood center. there were calls for services from the emergency personnel did come from that location, and those people are understandably apprehensive because planne plan planned parenthood where they do provide abortion services, they have been the target of previous shooting. one man several years ago was convicted of murder by killing an abortion doctor. there are reports that there may be people in shelter in that location in the planned parenthood shelter, but it has not been confirmed that, in fact, any of the casualties were actually located there. again, this is a fluid situation, and the police are not providing very many more details except that the three definite casualties were police officers.
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>> much about the movement or whereabouts of the suspect. >> no, there has been no--only one description of a man in a long coat carrying a gun, and the police, in fact, say that they do not know, in fact, whether he may have an accomplice. it ma may be more than one shooter and they do not know if there are any hostages. >> thank you very much, tom ackerman in washington, d.c. you can see the unfolding situation in colorado where the police are on the scene. ambulance services as well. a number of police officers have been injured along with a number of civilians. it's unclear whether the planned parenthood clinic was actually supposed to be the intended target. nevertheless, we have a situation that is still not resolved. police have not given much information about the suspect. we do not know if he has been detained.
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>> two have been killed. one was shot dead. several hours later another palestinian man was shot dead after injuring six soldiers with his car in hebron. iin a third incident an palestinian is being treated in bethlehem. we have more from the occupied west bank.
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>> there have been more about the plans to execute a number of activists. saudi newspapers have reported that 55 people will be executed in the next few days or from al-qaeda terrorists. it is thought that the 21-year-old is among six shia activists at imminent risk of execution. he was arrested after taking part in protests when he was just 17. there have been international pressure with the british prime minister canceling the contact with the saudi prison service and the united nations and the european parliament, both calling for the execution to be halted. let's bring you more on this story now. i'm joined in studio from the international rights organization and specialist on saudi arabia. first of all, what do we know about this group of 55 who have been convicted of terrorism and may all be executed?
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so these activists we do know that they have been sentenced to death, and they're on death row waiting for executions. it has been awhile. we do know very clearly there are serious concerns about how they were sentenced to death and based on what charges, etc. >> we know all 55 have been convicted of terrorism. how significant is it that the saudis are combining al-qaeda fighters, islamic state suspects with shia activists? >> it is very significant and dangerous at the same time. basically what they're doing is equating terrorism in the form
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accepted by most people around the world that entails some form of violent act with people who have not used violence or call for violence whatsoever. to do that in such a way that tries to balance it sectarian wise is a further indication that this is quite manipulated game. >> among those convicted, given his stature within the shia community in saudi arabia, how might people respond if he is executed. >> there is a lot of fear, and that's what the warning has been if these executions are carried out it's going to lead to
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serious repercussions and a huge reinvolvement in some form or another. we've seen and heard reports of. >> there has been a great deal of activity, and his mother has asked for her son to be spared. so nobody knows if the executions will be carried out. the only thing that will be done is to basically raise the voice as loud and as high as possible
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so that these allies in saudi arabia do something, treat southern california in a way they would any who has such a horrible record in human rights. so this has continued pressure on saudi arabia so they follow their obligations they've committed voltairely in terms of signing up to a number of international treaties. >> saudi arabia typically rejects any criticism, and basically says it is no one's business. is the pressure economic? >> the economic pressure will not work. one of the reasons why they're so immune to international criticism is because of their oil and because they are not depend economically other than on oil markets and prices, so there is no doubt that it has to be combination of factors. no doubt it has to be both
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public and private economic, whatever it takes, basically, to push saudi arabia to follow the line, the international law, which is all countries should be under. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. >> now hundreds of people have turned out in istanbul to show their support for two journalists being held in a turkish prison. the demonstration harass held out by headquarters of the newspaper. the paper's headtier in chief charged with aiding the armed group with espionage. in may it showed turkish trucks bringing arms to syrian rebels. the government rejects the allegations. >> now protests in response to
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tuesday's release of a video showing a police officer killing a black suspect in the city last year. the protesters are aim to go block the main shopping area on black friday. we've been following the demonstration for us in downtown chicago. >> almost every store along what is called the magic mile here in the heart of chicago, the men reach the area and you can see they've been blockaded. hundreds of people have called out in a cold day to protest the death. the video was released just a few days ago, the same day the officer responsible with the shooting was charged with first-degree murder. the idea that hundreds of people here is to make people feel as they've felt the last few days. we'll see more protests of this kind. they insist this will be an
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election issue and the presidential election next year because it is an issue that keeps happening in communities all around the united states. and protesters are calling for a change at the very top of the chicago police service but also calling for a change in the way that the services are organized. they have to do a different job when it comes to policing minority communities. they're very angry. the strength of the anger of community groups, of churches, of trade unions seeing the hundreds and hundreds of people who are here in the heart of chicago on friday. >> there is still more to come. stepping up the fight against child sex abuse. and while the canadian from tester was stopped in china taking part in the pageant, and one of the most prestigious
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competitions of its kind.
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>> at 9:30 - "america tonight" - top investigative reporting, uncovering new perspectives. >> everything that's happening here is illegal. >> then at 10:00 - it's "reports from around the world". >> let's take a closer look. >> antonio mora gives you a global view. >> this is a human rights crisis. >> and at 11:00 - "news wrap-up". clear... concise... complete. >> welcome back. you're watching the al jazeera
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news hour. a recap of the top stories. russian's foreign minister has questions over turkey has real intentions of fighting terrorism in syria. three police officers as well as members of the public have been injured in a shooting near a planned parenthood center in the united states state of colorado. the gunman is still at large. in belgium a sixth person has been charged in the paris steaks. >> reporting a rise of the number of attacks against muslims and other minorities. it's pickerly strong in eastern europe. and in poland they want to make it harder for refugees to enter. from mosul, laurence lee repor
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reports. >> owning a restaurant may be a dream come true for many, but this is a reminder of what this man has lost. the dreams of his native nigeria. but his career was interrupted after a racist attack left him with a broken arm. he gave it all up to run his restaurant and raise a young family. now his son is getting the abuse as well. >> i came to pick my son up from school. one of his friends said to him, alex, monkey is here for you. my son was so embarrassed. he was seven years old. i was looking at the teach for do something. she didn't say anything. >> racism in poland is nothing new, but it is getting worse. they shouted about france here which is hardly sympathetic.
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in this situation last week they chanted, rape, beaten and murders by islamic horde, don't let this happen to you. he said that the attacks in paris have given the far right all it needs to feel morally justified. >> that people who are with refugees feel so broken. they feel that they are invalidated by what happened. all their conversation, their points that they try to make that muslims are peaceful people were crushed by a physical incident proving them wrong. >> this is not only poland. islamophobia and other racist attacks rocketed after the charlie hebdo attack. but what worries many in poland, right wing governments inadvertently saying that
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migrants might be terrorists have given an open goal to violent racists. >> in warsaw as well as elsewhere, they top people putting pigs heads through the windows. in just the same way anti-semitism was growing, the police didn't do anything of this crowd burning an effigy of burning a jew. this is the exact same thing that isil wants to see in europe. >> a vessel was attacked last night on the river niger, well
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a suicide-bomber has blown himself up taking part of troubled town where ten people have been killed. no one has claimed responsibility, but the armed group boko haram regularly carries out attacks in that area. a canadian actress has criticized beijing after she was stopped on her way to the finals of the miss world beauty pageant. she was crowned miss world canada earlier this year, but she was unable to get aves i a visa this week. she says she's being punished for speaking out. >> at a chinese government why is it afraid to let in a beauty queen. what kind of precedence does this set for international events they want to hold. ask them why they would also bar
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athletic athletes were participating in winter olympic games just because they have different views that the communist government does not agree with? what if they support democracy in china? >> the movement combines meditation, exercise, and philosophy, and has gained a large following in the early 1,990th. china's communist government became wary of the practices, and at its height an estimated 70 million people were practicing falongong in china. following a mass demonstration, it was banned. since then thousands of practitioners have arrested, they say they've been abused in labor camps and have.
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forced in organ harvesting, something that has been denied. so why was anastasia lin preve prevented from entering china? >> anastasia lin has become a povert poster child, and she announced that she would use t the miss world beauty pageant to talk about religious freedom in china. not surprisingly she was denied a visa by the chinese government. it's damned if you do, damned if you don't situation. if they had allowed her to join this beauty contest, and if she had made those statements, that would have sent quite a powerful
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message to quite a lot of practitioners in china that the government is becoming more lenient towards them. but that is clearly not the case. >> but desemiing her in the country has backfired. if anything it has drawn attention to falun gon movement in china. >> yes, they have engaged in a propaganda war. they have not said nice things about each other in anyway, shape or former. in th--form. in the way they have dehumanized each other has been similar. i don't know if the case of anastasia lin is a straight human rights case. it's more about religious freedom in china.
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but also a story about the very troubled relationship between falun gong. >> it's a troubled and complicated relationship, and the government has viewed this movement with a great deal of suspicion. is that reflect the majority of the people in china? do they have much sympathy with the falun gong movement? >> well, it's hard to tell. the type of propaganda in china has been hostile towards falun gong. but we do does religious freedom here at the school of contemporary china studies in nottingham. while i think a lot of people have sympathies for the cause for greater religious freedom in china, my sense is that most of the colleagues that i talk to about falun gong, whether they're from china or non-chinese is highly critical.
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one reason is that the spiritual leader of this organization, who resides outside of china in the united states, he really advocates a crude mix of visions. he has this idea that some aliens have started controlling human beings since 1900 and other disturbing views. he seems to be very anti-gay. he has espoused some racist views, and that is not often talked about in the western media. so in the sense i wouldn't buy into the chinese government's narrative all together, but i think we should be a little bit critical about falun gong. >> thank you very much. we appreciate your analysis from the university of nottingham. >> thank you for having me.
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>> now pope francis is in uganda on the second leg of his tour in africa or the continent of hope, as he called it. [ cheering ] the head of the conflic of the catholic church delivered a speech and gave a reminder of morals and faith. he visited a shrine dedicated to the missionaries known as the ugandan martyrs. the pontiff told thousands of young people who came to the capital to hear him that corruption is an obstacle to progress. we have this report from nairo nairobi. >> you would be forgotten if you thought this was a political rally, but it was a rock star
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welcome for the pope. [ cheering ] the day was a highlight of history, the day you got to meet and listen to young people and the poor. they have been focusing on unity, reconciliation, and family values. >> the message that touched me was protect the family and dignity of life. >> it is here where he gave his most political message. the pope spoke out very strongly against corruption, tribalism, and he said young people are the backbone of any country, and asked leaders here not to ignore the youth he said that the fight against corruption goes hand in hand with economic empowerment for young people. >> tribalism can destroy. it can mean having your hand hidden behind your back and having a stone to throw. you won't be able to have a dialogue with each other if you don't listen to each other.
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then you're going to have division. >> i think the kenyan leaders are listening. >> he called not to forget the needs of the poor and to make sure that all members can lead a lignified life. he delivered a tough message in his scent way. catherine soi, al jazeera, nairobi. >> conditions being challenged at the first african summit which aims to end child
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marriage. four in ten girls are married before they turn 18. the u.n. child agency unicef said africa will surpass asia with the most child brides b by 2050. >> the girl is about to be forced into a marriage. she's crying because it's the end of her childhood, but soon she's saved. but most of the time there is no rescue. while marrying someone under 18 is illegal in many african countries, most have customary law where it is allowed. but soon zambia may not have a system. >> with zambia, they decided to have just one law. >> yet on current trends unicef said the number of child brides
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in africa will double to 310 million. at the first african girl summit in ending child marriage, they're trying to combat it at every level of society from encouraging governments, and urging villages in the rural areas to combat it because that's where the problem is greatest. >> child brides are more likely to be in abusive relationships, to contract hiv, and to die in child birth. but they're trying to keach girls about their rights and provide a way to earn money. this is a sound of opportunity for these women. they could earn a living selling ground maize. >> i had no choice because my parents couldn't afford to take us to school. i was just at home doing nothing. i didn't want to get married.
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>> education is key. she now wants to teach her daughter about girl power. >> girls coming together with energy. not the old ladies. just us. because we have the power to change our lives. >> she's trying to take control of her life by breaking the cycle of poverty so her daughter can stay in school, creating a new tradition for her young family. taunya page, al jazeera, zambia. >> venezuela's government is hitting back after being blamed for the murder of a leading politician. the shooting of luis manuel diaz has many pointing the finger at president maduro's ruling party. so does the united states and other south american nations. but the government said that he
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was a gang member killed in a dispute. >> i express my condolences of the family of the deceased. the investigation has to be hope and the interior ministry has indications that it was a group of gunmen looking to settle scores. >> in guatemala one case of sexual abuse against a minor is reported every single hour. and the country has the second highest rate of child murder in the world. only in el salvador is worst. >> behind the steal door in guatemala city, a safe house for young victims of violence. >> all of the girls here have been sexually assaulted. some as young as 12. now some have babies of their
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own. we can't show their faces and only with the help of trusted psychologists are the girls able to talk about their past. >> it's really hard to hear the girls' stories. they arrive with low self-esteem and behavioral problems. many are depressed with suicidal thoughts. they lost their childhood because of this abuse. >> guatemala is one of the world's most violent countries. a reality that young people cannot escape. every hour a child in guatemala is beaten or raped, and each day 15 children disappear. many turn up dead. some horribly disfigured. brutal acts deeply rooted in the country's history. >> a 36-year civil war ripped gall mala's society apart and left a culture where violence is an every day part of life. now the challenge is to strengthen institutions and to reinforce the rule of law.
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over the past few years guatemalan authorities have tried to stop violence against children. while a more focused approach has led to more arrests and prosecutions, government advis advisers insist much more needs to be done. >> we should not tolerate these kinds of things. we need to show congress that stricter laws are needed. we need to show that we can protect kids and whoever hurt the child will go to jail. >> they believe that guatemala has reached a crisis point. but they say that guatemalans could make children's rights a priority with help from the international community. >> international pressure could help the government and the people recognize the severity of this violence. every day life here has normalized it. and we need people from the outside to show us that it is not normal that children are murdered and sexually abused.
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>> guatemala's attorney general wants to create specialized teams with dedicated prosecutors and investigators to fight crimes against children. for the country's most vulnerable, those changes cannot happen soon enough. david mercer, al jazeera, guatemala city. >> the u.k. coast guard off the southwest coast of england. it thought that the wreckage was from a rocket. the unmanned rocket was carrying cargo to the international space station when it blue up minutes after take off in june. the ten meter long piece was mistaken for a dead whale. there is more to come for you in the program. all the latest sports news. cricket played at night for the first time ever. we'll have details coming up very shortly.
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>> it's time for your sport. >> thank you very much. andy murray in the davis caught finals. britain one nil down. making short work of the first two sets.
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the two-time grand lam grand slam on saturday. >> always tough. never easy. just because of the way doubles are played and can be so you know, i believe we can win the title, obviously, otherwise there would be no point of us being here. >> belgium's win comes thanks to an amazing come back they turned around the deficit to win the five-set match. and we'll get you up to speed on the latest cricket.
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the win of a pakistan beating them for a second time in consecutive days. england scored 172 in their 20 overs, and leading 47 from the last three overs. 24 just eightballs from pakistan very, very close. england hanging on to win this contest. >> a total of 12 wickets have fallen in the first bail out lest between australia and new zealand. this matter comes just a year after australiaen player hit by a cricket ball. australia ending the first test. the third test wher getting 185 on day three to win by 124 rounds.
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>> the contributions are more important than the team winning an. >> i think its difficult for the indian team, it has been difficult. given the quality of players that the indians do have, it will be tougher for us. >> football. argentina, reaching the copa americanna final. hosting reigning champions for the lead from the first leg of this america america americana
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final. this encounter appeared to be over when they came in for the fifth goal of the campaign. that put them up soon on the night, 3-0, and soon after they would have the chance. mora would score twice to make it 2-2. 3-2 on aggregate. they tried to get more, but one player was sent off because of an altercation. they would hold on to reach the final for the third time. they'll take santa fe over colombia. >> rosberg was fastest in formula one season. the german just a tenth of a second faster.
4:57 pm
hamilton quick on the day. to boxing now. klitschko will be one pound lighter when he defends his four-year world titles. initially he refused to shake hands with the ukrainian. the englishman is unbeaten in 24 fights. klitschko has not lost in 11 years. that's your sport. back to you in london. >> thank you very much. today you'll find all the comments, analysis and video on demand. we'll be back in just a couple of minutes' time for the latest of news on the situations that are still unfolding in colorado. another shooting in the united states. the suspect is still at large. that situation has not been resolved. more on that in a few moment's time.
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>> anti-russian protests where they say that russia is playing with fire in syria. >> hello, i'm maryam nemazee. you're watching al jazeera live from london. also coming up. >> france remembers the victims of two weeks ago as another man is charged with in belgium over the paris attacks. >> protests in the heart of blicago overthe shooting of a


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