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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  December 5, 2015 9:00am-9:31am EST

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iraq under scrutiny, the prime minister says he doesn't need foreign troops to fight i.s.i.l. others disagree. hello and welcome. you're watching al jazeera live from our headquarters in doha. also coming up, an al jazeera exclusive. we meet the armed vigilantes in burundi who say they are preventing their community. >> we are now investigating these horrific acts as an act of
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terrorism but the f.b.i. says there is no hard evidence that the couple behind the mass shooting in california acted on instructions from i.s.i.l. our top story. the debate is intensifying about foreign nations contributing to a ground force to combat i.s.i.l. in iraq. the prime minister says his forces are able to push i.s.i.l. fighters out alone but there is increasing scrutiny about the way they operate. imran khan. >> reporter: peshmerga keep watch. they have squeeze of getting the sin yahr back. they have help from their allies. >> translation: until now the international coalition has been using air strikes. as a former officer i can tell
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you won't win the war from the ground. you need troops on the ground. >> reporter: prime minister disagrees. he says we reaffirm that we don't need foreign ground troops. we did not ask any country to send any such troops. the united nations says it is concerned with what it calls the iraqi army what it calls the human issues. it goes on to say: one of those groups accused of abuses is the popular mobilisation forces, a shia militia operating as part of the
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iraqi arm. president obama says he won't issue air strikes to support them. it goes back to the occupation of iraq. that's when paul brenmey was sent to over see the government. he made a series of decisions, including disbanding the iraqi army that many say have contributed to the rise of i.s.i.l. and other groups in iraq. speaking to my colleague, he denied those allegations. >> i did not disband or destroy the iraqi army. there was not a single member standing to arms on april 17 as general has testified himself. the question wasn't to deband. it was to recall the army >> reporter: hindsight is useful for understanding the future of iraq and syria. the only debate is whether ground troops are needed whether they be western, arab, turkey
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and that debate is still raging international coalition meanwhile is continuing air strikes against i.s.i.l. held territory in syria. military analysts say air strikes alone won't destroy i.s.i.l. they say groups on the ground are required. is their main agenda is to fight i.s.i.l. a closer look. >> reporter: it is estimated that there's as many as one thousand armed opposition groups in syria. they command an statemented 100,000 fighters. the british government as part of the international coalition says up to 70 thousand fighters are moderates. they include the northern free syrian army with around 20,000 fighters operating near idlib. the southern front an alliance operating around damascus with
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an estimated 25,000 fighters. a number of other groups surrounding aleppo totalling around 14,000 fighters of the all of them have so far been fighting the syrian army which is battling to keep president bashar al-assad in power. around 20,000 fighters from the kurdish popular protection units or ypg have been battling i.s.i.l. for control of their territory in the north. the russian air force has bombed oil facilities controlled by i.s.i.l. oil revenue is vital to i.s.i.l.'s finances. the institutes for the study of war a think tank says the russian air campaign has mainly hit syrian opposition groups in the countryside south of aleppo and another province. bashar al-assad's army is supported on the ground by fighters of various militias in iraq, iran and afghanistan. high ranking iranian army officers says to be leading the
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militias in syria. 76 iranian soldiers have been killed in syria in last two months. they were advising troops on their battle field tactics against i.s.i.l. among those killed was a general from iran's revolutionary guard the co-ed tore of an online magazine focussing on middle east politics and culture, he says that those in the coalition fighting i.s.i.l. have conflicting objectives >> this is not an issue that can be resolved solely through military means but also requires sustained political engagement. primarily in terms of reconfiguring the state and the regime in both iraq and syria and here the issue is that if you look at all the parties that claim to have the defeat and destruction of the islamic state movement as a priority, they have very different and more often than not contradictory
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objectionives-- objectives with regard to the regimes in iraq and syria making cooperation between them virtually impossible. that means a continued weakened state and zones without effective government authority than eastern syrian and western iraq. under such circumstances, a movement like the islamic state movement, which is not particularly powerful militarily can, nevertheless, thrive and at times continue to expand in lebanon three people have been killed at tripoli after the army raided the home of a suspect who blue himself up and two female relatives. he had been wanted for taking part in fighting in tripoli. there are reports coming through to us that at least 27 people have been killed in a suicide attack in the lake chad region.
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boko haram have taken out attacks in that area. and other areas the stand off between russia and turkey over the shooting down of a russian jet continues. the turkish authorities have stopped russian ships in the black sea port. it has been prevented from leaving the port. it comes from another incident after a port earlier this week. the officials didn't allow a turkish vessel to approach the port. >> reporter: we understand from turkish officials that there they are inspecting four russian car go vessels in the port there. they're merely exercising their right they say to do this. they don't delay vessels from
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leaving the port. the suggestion is this is some sort of tit for tat action in response not only to russia inspecting and delaying a turkish vessel but also because of the economic sanctions that russia is going to impose on turkey. they're not supposed to kick in until january 91 but already we are hearing reports of car gos and trucks containing fruit and vegetables being sent back, being turned back from russia and they will have to come back here to turkey in the capital of burundi three gunmen wearing police uniforms have been killed after attacking a car belonging to a police commander. it is the latest incident in a number of matters. the men say they are protecting their neighbour hoods. >> reporter: when the sun sets work begins in a suburb of
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burundi's capital bujumbura. pierre an a few others are on neighborhood watch. they say they're protecting their homes from security forces and members of the ruling political party youth wing, which they blame for the recent spate of random and regular killings in the city. if attack us, we will defend ourselves this man says. a little earlier we met two other young men. they dressed like police and dig out a hidden grenade. he tells us he will use this today. they wouldn't say whether they're an organized unit, have a leader or where they get their weapons from. >> translation: police have been coming to our neighborhood to arrest and kill us. at night we go to where they are and fight them. >> reporter: what started out as peaceful protests in april against the bid for a they ared term by the president has - doctor third - doctor people
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have been killed every night and their bodies left on streets or dumped. government and opposition factions blame each other. >> they felt or they found they tried to negotiate with the government, but this is not, you cannot negotiate with government when you are committing homicides like this one. >> reporter: the united nations, african union and human rights groups are concerned about the killings which they all say have an ethnic dimension to them. it's a disturbing trend for those who follow burundi affairs closely. there are also killings following the 2010 presidential election but more people now seem to have weapons. >> if they would decide to combine forces, the vigil dante and the more organized armed
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groups, we could find a rebellion that is much more dangerous, much more sophisticated and they will have more resources to challenge the state. >> reporter: the armed men told us they won't give up until the president steps down. government forces insist that they will hand down each one of them. many innocent people are caught in the middle. catherine soi rescuers are trying to save workers stranded on an ill platform that caught fire in the caspian sea. it erupted on friday during a storm. 25 people have been saved. multiple casualties are yet to be confirmed still to come here. hundreds dry in flooding in southern india, including 14 patients after rising waters cut off the power to their life support machines. plus the brazili brazilian area
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>> "inside story" takes you beyond the headlines, beyond the quick cuts, beyond the soundbites. we're giving you a deeper dive into the stories that are making our world what it is. welcome back. you're watching al jazeera. the top stories. the turkish authorities in the black sea port are searching for russian car go ships. the vessels have been prevented from leaving the port. violence continues in burundi with the president's third term of office. a group in the capital has told jails it won't give up until the president steps down.
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the government says it's fighting insurgence. debating is intensifying for foreign nations to fight i.s.i.l. in iraq. the president are says its forces are able to push i.s.i.l. out. he says turkish forces are in their country for international law. they are demanding the immediate withdrawal of the forces that coughed over on friday. several hundred turkish soldiers are said to be deployed in mosul which are under turkish control. they have already been on a training mission since last year. the turkish prime minister has denied expanding military operations. the chinese president xi jinping and african leaders are wrapping up the two day africa china
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summit. chi that will invest 60 billion dollars across the continent. >> reporter: it is of course as you mentioned the final day of the summit. it has been quite a response from african leadership here. so far. of course linked to that 60 billion dollar pledge to africa mostly to do with loans and infrastructure, development and leadership, including the president, has said that relations with chi that and south africa in particular are at their best ever and we've also heard from the zimbabwen president and chair who has also dispelled criticism against china and their presence and interest in after road accidentry ca. he has expressed his gratitude for china's involvement.
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a lot of symbolism behind this conference in this conference this week >> yeah. definitely we had more questions than answers. it centerd around the relationship being at the cross-roads between china and africa. i think what we've got here is a really big statement of intent from the chinese administration. it was an economic offensive and they're sent out a strong message to say that africa will be a strategic partner. they've said that africa can play a rule in the growth parodists for chi athat. >> reporter: we've also seen the importance of reassuring africa about relationship with china. >> we need to recognise that the relationship does need to change. previously it has been quite complimentary. china has been industrialising
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investment led kind of growth. africa has outsourced a lot of its growth to china. that has changed. chinese economy is balancing, moving from investments and manufacturing towards consumption. that means appetite for commoditys has also gone down significantly. i think what african governments mean they shouldn't waste a good crisis. it means that in the early stages of their development as they move from raw materials to secondary and tertiary sectors, that they should use chinese expertise. >> reporter: of course, there's also concern about around this idea that if the dragon sneezes, it catches a cold. >> unfortunately, it is true. if you like at nigeria, angola.
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zambia, primary revenue is going down significantly. it has meant that there are pressures in the economies. i think the key is diversification. i think china can help in terms of its investment in infrastructure which it has been doing, but also soft infrastructure, health care, education, skills and knowledge transfer. i think the new dimension that i would like to see in this relationship going forward. >> reporter: thank you for your time there. the emphasis here at the summit is very much one around strengthening and extending ties between china and its interests here in africa thanks very much. to the u.s. where the f.b.i. is investigating the mass shooting in the u.s. state of california as an act of terrorism. there are reports of the woman involved in the attack had pledged allegiance to i.s.i.l. on her facebook page. the f.b.i. says it is unlikely
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the couple were ordered by i.s.i.l. to carry out the shooting. >> reporter: a dramatic turn of events, just 48 hours after a mass shooting that killed 14 people. investigators now saying it's a terrorism investigation. >> based on the information and the facts as we know them, we are now investigating these horrific acts as an act of terrorism. we have uncovered evidence that has led us to learn of extensive planning, obviously, we have uncovered evidence of explosives >> reporter: the first picture of tashfeen malik, the 27-year-old investigators say was the second shooter. the f.b.i. saying a number of pieces of evidence have informed their decision on terrorism, but offered few further details of what that evidence is. the investigation is now likely to increase its scope and
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urgency. despite rampant speculation in the news media, there was no evidence released by the f.b.i. that i.s.i.l. directed the attacks carried out by tashfeen malik and syed farook. it's a complex case and neither of the two suspects appeared to be on any f.b.i. watch list and neither had criminal records in america. the f.b.i. urged patience saying it might take a long time to get to the real motive >> there's a lot of evidence in this case that doesn't quite make sense and so we're trying to be very thoughtful to understand it and to make sense of it. so we understand the full extent of what we have here. >> reporter: officials did say they don't think this was part of any larger plot but that will do little to ease the worries of people here who are anxious after it has been called terrorism thousands of people have been protesting in the south korean capital against the
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president. the demonstrators say new policies seek to undermine workers rights. >> reporter: determined to be heard for the second time in less than a month thousands of people marched to express their anger at the government. it's not just about history books that have been written by the state or unpopular labor reforms. >> translation: the government has ignored public opinion. we have frustrations in our doctor - frustrations in our mind. >> reporter: there was mistrust of the president, a conservative politician elected three years ago by a small majority on the promise of being more progressive. her father was president for nearly 20 years after a military coup in 1961 and he is credited with driving the country's
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economic growth. when his daughter made promises, many say they believed her. this woman is worried that she has other traits in common with her father. he put these anti-government posters up on his shop. police dropped in announce and accused him of spreading lies. >> translation: if a round temple it is fit for a matter, it is serious. the freedom of expression and the values in the constitution are being undermined. even important serious if they do this to ordinary people. >> reporter: these so-called ordinary people will not be deterred. people here feel things haven't been going well for a while now and anything could have triggered this anti-government back lash. beyond politics, frustration being expressed here is over economic realities, a widening wealth gap and the erosion of the middle-class. analyst says say such
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demonstrations would have happened regardless of who was in power. >> we do seem to see a growing polarisation in the society for sure, and that is increase political tension and unhappinessness in this the society >> reporter: it isn't just the streets they're going to. with more people feeling worse off now than they have before they hope change comes between their silent prayers and the angry chants rains in the southern indian state of chennai have eft. the airport has opened for some flights carrying relief supplies. at least 280 people have died in the flooding. that includes 14 patients who died at appear intensive care unit after flood waters damaged generators running their life machines. many residents have spent days stranded on roof tops. around 4,000 soldiers have been
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sent to help. yemen, it is the first visit that is controlled by government forces. he is there to press for the participation in peace talks due to happen next week. the u.n.'s world food program says yemen is at risk of slipping into famine. aid workers say nearly half of the population is at real risk of going hungry. global efforts to reach an agreement to tackle climate change have crossed another hurdle. >> without objection, we have decided negotiations of talks in paris have drafted a deal that will be passed to ministers that will be passed to leaders on monday. sticking points are how developing countries will reduce their emissions three bombs were hurdle and
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attackers haven't yet been identified. there have been a series of other attacks in bangladesh. groups linked to i.s.i.l. have claimed responsibility for some. the brazilian president described impeachment proceedings against her as a coup. she says she is determined to fight for her political survival. she is accused the manipulating accounts. many of those grass roots supporters are turning against her. >> reporter: this man and his wife say they are struggling to make ends meet. they live on the outscissors the brazil, the city where congress is debating whether to impeach the president. >> translation: i think that the previous government is better than this one.
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i'm not sure what will happen, but we're worried about other things. >> reporter: his wife has a small beauty salon on the house. they voted for dilma rousseff but they don't export her any more. >> reporter: people here say that they're not worried about the impeachment process of dilma rousseff but only of the economic situation. after years of economic growth and stability, people say that they feel the contraction of the economy. i am told that in the past shops like this were booming with business but now they're almost empty. it has been a difficult year for the president. the economy is in recession and there are several ongoing investigations involving politicians close to her. now the impeachment effort by a political enemy. people have taken to the street in their hows to protest against her government. we're told that more demonstrations are on the way.
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>> translation: we are planning to carry out more demonstrations to pressure congress, to continue with impeachment and show the politicians that they cannot suppress the government. the impeachment is not only by congress but by the people too. >> reporter: they say the president is facing a real challenge >> there is a great resistance or rejection because we're in a severe political crisis and a very bad economic crisis that has gone from a recession to a depression. the country is in a very bad shape. if she continues, there's no way she will get us out of this situation. so the cards in the dac on the table are somewhat stacked against her right now-- deck. >> reporter: the impeachment process is going to be a long one, but people say they want it to be over for soon for better
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or worse so that the country's leadership can tart focussing on how to get the country's economy going once more lots more news for you when you want it on the website at welcome to panama. i'd heard the stories of a rich and diverse forest. >> hi, buddy! >> i'd be lying if i didn't admit that i was psyched to be here. i'd find plenty of butterflies and a heck of a lot more. >> did you see that guy? >> that's what i could count on. but then, panama surprised me.


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