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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  December 13, 2015 2:00pm-2:31pm EST

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it's time to break this deadlock. it's time to move forward and embrace the future of libya. >> major powers forms a unity government and end the chaos. coming up, an incident involving a russian war ship triggers more tension between moscow and turkey. >> at least two people are killed in the central african
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republic. >> and an invasion in new york's buildings. why you need toe be quick to see it. >> after years of fighting in libya, it's hoped the country's divided political factions are finally on the verge of establishing a unity government. representatives have attended talks in rome. there are doubts that most libyans would accept a single authority. from roam, here's this report. se. >>reporter: they expressed their support of a u.n. deal. it was also in roam where some of libya's rival factions showed their support for the international community. they are now expected to sign the deal on wednesday. but there's still opposition to
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the plan. u.s. secretary of state john kerry addressed those concerns. >> there are still some inside and outside of libya for their own selfish purposes who are uninterested in reconciliation, unwilling to compromise, and who want this process to fail. to those responsible for violence and those who obstruct and underline libyas democratic transition need to be held strongly accountable. >> libya has two governments, the general national congress in the west and the house of representatives in the east. there are splits within the rival administrations over the u.n. deal. the delegates to came to rome represent powerful groups from each side. among them, a delegation -- many arms groups but their forces are among the most powerful and can guarantee the security of a new
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government in tripoli. >> security in tripoli, to bring the government which must be based at the end of the day in tripoli back to the capital. the seat of its institutions and the future seats of the government of national unity. >> there were encouraging statements by leaders here but they also warned that problems still need to be resolved and it could be a long road ahead. libya is in a race against time the u.n. envoy is warning. the military conflict has taken a toll on the population but it's not just that. world leaders gathered here amid certains that isil's strength in libya is a gate way to europe.
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the world is in agreement to prevent libya from becoming another base for isil. >> the stlet that isil poses is significant. it's especially concentrated in the area around turks. >> for now, this is a victory. libyans seem to be on the road to peace. the train has left the station in the words of the u.n. envoy. but years of struggles and divisions mean the road ahead could still lead to a turn for the worst. why does libya have two governments? the country has suffered chaotic division since their form re dictator was toppled in the 2011
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up rising. libyan stournlist easy is -- >> after the paris attack, i believe the european union kind of sensed that this matter needs to be addressed right now. isis having a strong foot hold in libya is a huge danger, a bigger threat than they could ever imagine. they're reletsing there's no time to -- realizing there's no time to waste. >> russias defense ministry has summoned the turkish military over an incident where a russian war shape fired warning shots at a turkish vessel.
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it happened in the agaen sea. the russian military says small arms were used against the boat after it failed to response to radio contract and warning flags. >> the turkish foreign ministry and turkish military were summoned by the russian defense ministry and the turks were not giving any further details. they say they have no command. we know the version of events from one side, from moscow. according to the details of the version of events, the russians are saying that the russian ship was very close with the approaching turkish fishing ship. it was actually about 550 meters between the two. the russians said they tried to establish communications and
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that didn't work. then they used visual signals and other means to persuade this ship to go away. then according to the russians, they have to fire some small arms after that. the turkish ship went away. the russians that have were very angry and imposed economic sanctions on turkish borders. there is heated rhetoric between the two countries and things could escalate. >> syrian and russian jets have targeted and killed dozens of people in the east. it was in response to rebel mortar attacks which hit
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neighborhoods in damascus. is. >> in this moment of sheer panic and desperation, talk of a truce is irrelevant. bloody bodies clutter the floor of a temporary basement clinic. in this rebel-strong hold outside damascus, infants are checked for vital signs. a doctor tries to save another child who has lost his legs. the streets are littered with debris and shards of glass. at least 28 people were killed and dozens injured on sunday. most of the victims were children and women at a market and a school. activists say syrian and russian jets were targeting rebels who shelled damascus from the area. the news agency says rebels launched mortars on sunday
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killing a young girl and injuring three others. this latest exchange of fire between rebels and the government comes as united nations humanitarian chief steven o'brian toured government-held areas including damascus and homs. he's trying to assess the needs of millions of beleaguered syrians. this follows an initiative to unify the political opposition and hold direct talks with the regime. the leader of one of the most armed groups is criticizing this proposal saying syria's government is no longer in charge. >> they only control 20 peer of syria. the army has turned into groups. this is not an army.
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now they have more weapons and that the regime has. >> the u.n. says at least 220,000 people have been killed since the start of the war in march 2011. and for the millions of syrians living in this devastation, there are peers to be no end in sight. now france's national front party appears to have lost a regional election in a poll seen as a test for the groups popularity. the national front has won none of france's regions despite being ahead in two after last the -- after the last round of voting. >> the ruling socialist party is the main center left party in france. it's won five regions.
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jackie roland is live for us in paris following all this. a disappointing night after the success enjoyed last week. >> it's a real reversal of fortune on the national front. although not entirely a surprise for people watching the opinion polls over the last week. it would appear that there were things that played a very important role in this final decisive role in elections with people choosing to place their ballots with the right in those six regions. turnout was an important factor. in the first rounds, only 60% of voters went to the polls. on sunday, almost 60%. so we're seeing now where the
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national front lost the gain seems to be picked up easily by both the socialists and the republicans. >> there was some debate last week that a result like this could emerge, the crucial second round of voting. but there was also much speculation about what all this could mean, perhaps improving momentum for the national front, what it could mean for the 2017 presidential contest >> speculation about that. the national front is very keen to be seen as a main stream political party in france. for many years, we've had this two-party system, the socialists and the republicans. after that very strong showing in the first round on sunday, the national front it was actually saying we're now a serious player. france is now a three-party system. well as we've sfreen the outcome
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in this round, really, the picture is still that go-party system. obviously the national front does have a solid foundation of support. there were other people approximate who voted for the national front in many ways showing their frustration and disa-appointment with the main party be it the socialists or the republicans. however, the fact that they have not won won the region will be a major blow in ambitions to present herself as a viable candidate for those presidential elections in 2017. >> thank you very much. >> there is more to come for you on the program this half hour. we'll tell you about the saudi women making strides for equality and democracy. ty and democracy.
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>> welcome back. a major meeting on libya's political future has wrapped up in rome. western and arab powers are pressing them to establish a unity government. >> a russian surveillance shot fired warning shots to prevent a crash with a turkish fishing boat. >> and exit polls show that france's far right party the national front is in third place following the second round of local elections having won none
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of the renal's. >> brundi's police accused of killing at least 85 civilians between friday and saturday. most of them were young to middle aged men. police deny the claims by a human rights organization in that country. the army says it killed 79 armed men who were attacking three of their compounds in the capital on friday. saturday witnesses say dozens of boyss were found lying in the street. 300 people have been killed in the violence since april when the president of brundi announced he was running for a third term which opponents claimed was un-dons tuitional. >> there are reports that at least two dead and 20 injured in the central african public as people voted in elections.
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>> french soldiers on patrol in the capital. they have been here for two years and are not welcome by everyone. along with locals, french and other foreign troops have been accused of sexually abusing women and children. french commanders at the u.n.
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told al jazeera that those involved have been dismissed from duty and are awaiting trial. the french ambassador denies the allegations. >> when one interferes between two warring sides and attempts to prevent any clashes between them, criticism comes from both sides. we're here of course defending the muslims. we can't let them face massacres. >> in muslim areas, the welcome for the french is guard. >> it reduced the amount of killing and destruction. however, they're on decline. we don't have an army. the country is vast. >> the french force has been cut two thirds to only 900 soldiers. there are fears that number won't be enough to help keep the peace. the change of perceptions is not
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a positive sign. most people expressed their fears if the french were to retreat and the worst here means another massacre. >> saudi arabiaens have voted 19 women into public office during the first public election allowing female participation. it's seen as a significant step for gender equality in conservative kingdom even though the election was for municipal councils that have no law-making powers. >> the doors have opened to a new era in saudi public life with two milestones reached. women gaining the right to vote and to stand as candidates in local elections. >> i feel very happy that king salmon gave us this opportunity to vote. now we're equal to men.
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>> the journey to gender equality has been a slow one as well as the overall case of political reform. the month farky often -- and so far saudis have voted in just three local elections. >> i want to see the woman to be more involved in every institution and the government in the private sector. okay. to be part of the planning, part of the execution, the performance, evaluation. she has to be all of the that. behind the scene within the meaning of penal code section, saudi women already do have powerful positions. they sit on the country's top advisory body and most university graduates are female. yet, even with such strides, women still can't drive themselves to the polls on saturday. a freedom women elsewhere enjoy.
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>> an explosion in pakistan has killed 26 people and killed more than 70. it happened in a busy market which is about 200 kilometers from the afghan border. some suffered injuries due to a stampede after the explosion. >> israeli police say a palestinian woman has been shot after allegedly stabbing an israeli. the incident happened near the settlement in the occupied west bank. sings october, 119 palestinians and 12 israelis have dieded in a wave of attacks ai don't say israel and the palestinian territories. the supreme court judges in israel are considering an appeal from a palestinian family being threatened with eviction. they live close to the al-aqsa mosque compound. in the shadows of the dome of
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the rock, they have been renting this house for more than 60 years. now she faces eviction to make way for israeli settlers. >> they are doing this to bring settlers. they talk about it but the reality is they're taking the land. >> based on a court appointed judicial principle called abandonment, a family can be evicted if they don't continue to occupy the property. that's been proven by the jewish trust. it's a complicated legal story but boils down to a wider israeli law that says any property owned by jews before 1948 as this building was should be returned toe its historical
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owner. >> they usually use this loophole to take over property in east jerusalem and to evict the tenants that live on such property. or that property cannot be returned. >> this area is what's known as the muslim quarter of the old city. we're on the roof of nor a's house. the fear among palestinians living here is that over time they will lose their homes to more israeli settlers. >> she breaks down during our interview. it's not fair she says. her mother died in this house. all her memories are here.
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over the years, there's been an increase in settlement activity here. while we were filming, a young girl under armed guard comes to tell nora why are you still here. this is ours. you are delusional. when i asked her what the problem is she says the court has already kicked her out. at least 23 people have died in a fire at a russian mental health clinic. many victims were bedridden. of the 50 people rescued, 23 are badly injured. it happened in a village about 600 kilometers south of moscow. >> campaigning is underway in spain ahead of a general election next week. opinion polls predict no single party is likely to win a majority and that more ah of 40% of voters are still unsure about who to vote for there is a break through in the deadlock case of julian
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assange who is wanted in sweden for question se on sexual assault allegations. barack obama describes the climate deal reached in paris as our best chance to save the one planet we have. they plan to keep global warm to less than 2 degrees by tend of the century. but just what is the governments plan to cut emissions? expect to the shrinking coal and steel industry. they've been the drivers of the
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economy. the mill closed nine months ago with the loss of some 16,000 jobs. why? well, the government labeled it a heavy polluter. the question now is whether this former mill is going to be an attempt plat for what's going to happen for other industries in other parts of the country. china has given a commitment that it will ensure that its green house gas emissions peak by 2013. that's significant because china of course is the biggest emitter of those gases. it also says that it hopes that at least 20% of all of its energy needs come from renewables also by 2030. china is in a unique position not only sit a heavy polluter, it's also possibly spending more money on efforts to combat pollution than any other country.
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he faces impeachment p sister breaking -- she denies the allegations. >> it's a movement made famous by the likes of artist bankcy and now street art is popping up all over the world including new york where video games are catching people's attention.
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# aktsdz sphere. >> street art is growing up in a different moment. where the experience that people have on the street is of ads and brands and people come along doing this more ironic, image-based stuff that's creating their own brand and taking back space in that way. >> classic art collectors may
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look down on street artists, people here continue to look up to the next piece of art to appear. for more on everything we're covering right here, i'm in for ali velshi. pills and profits, a wave of drug price hikes is a prescription for trouble. a long way from home, the people in donald trump old neighborhood has something to say to the republican front runner. it's no surprise that more americans are outraged by rising prescription drugs.


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